Crouchie backs Carroll.

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More backing for Andy Carroll.
More backing for Andy Carroll.
This is a very important season for Andy Carroll. He proved last season he is a good Championship striker, but now he gets the chance to prove himself at the next level in the Premier League.

The lanky Avatar look-a-like plundered nineteen goals last season and showed some rapid improvement in his all round game towards the end of the season, and if he gets the service this season then there is no reason why he can’t continue his scoring form and all round improvement.

Current England striker Peter Crouch has been talking about Carroll and has offered the rough diamond some advice for the forthcoming campaign. In fact Crouch believes that Carroll has enough about him to make it all the way to the top, to the point where he represents England on a regular basis.

There has been a rumour that Fabio Capello has instructed his staff to keep an eye on Avatar to see how he is developing, and after England’s disastrous World Cup campaign the door seems to be open for the next generation of England stars to step up to the plate and stake their claim for international recognition.

Speaking of Andy Carroll, Crouch had this to say;

“I know he had a fantastic season last year. Hopefully, he can make the step up because he looks like an exciting talent. Hopefully, he can show that this season.”

Carroll has limited experience in the Premier League, but he does have some. He also has the backing of a myriad of ex-pro’s and former managers to run along side that limited experience. Glenn Roeder and Alan Shearer are just two of examples of people who have backed the new number nine to make an impact in the Premier League.

Crouch went on to offer some advice for young Carroll;

“I think it is important for him not to be too disappointed if he finds it tough next year in the Premier League.”

“For me, it is always difficult making the step up to the next level. It is important he is not disheartened if things do not go his way at first.”

I don’t think that will be a problem for Carroll as he seems to have a mental toughness about him, a tougness that I haven’t witnessed in a Newcastle shirt since back in the days when Alan Shearer was strutting his stuff in the black and white.

That mental toughness shone thorough at Doncaster last season, in my opinion anyway. Amidst all the furore over the alleged Taylor/Carroll bust up, Carroll ignored the distractions and the pressure and nabbed the all important winning goal of the game to claim all three points for his hometwon club. That took balls!

I happen to think that Carroll can make it in the Premier League, but like all strikers he is going to need service. We have that at the minute with Wayne Routledge and Jonas Gutierrez, and if they can stay fit and provide the loaded gun, Carroll can fire the bullets.

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199 Responses

  1. I had a look back over his goals and what struck me was the variety. Scrappy tap-ins, bullet headers, looping headers, solo dribbles, taking it past the keeper, chipped finishes, quality volleys with both feet.

    In terms of finishing he has shown that he’s got it all but it will also be a big test of his mentality when his chances are limited in a relegation battle.

  2. Avatar that daft computer thing with Blue people dont start me, I like Carroll and i hope its not a nickname that sticks because seeing him will remind me of easily the biggest waste of £30 since i had Smiths name on the back of me shirt… ;)

  3. your questions a hard one toonsy, whether he will be a success, he may play well, create load of chances for others, bring others into play, but not score, would that be a successful season? He is a striker after all and will be judged on goals, so how many is a success? If he plays crap, but score 12 goals, is that a successful season?

    Hard one, in a nut shell, anything over 10 will be a success for me, he will score at any level, just depends on whether we can provide him with the chances we did last season.

  4. Double figures I would suggest would be a success for Carroll, but that is only going by what other strikers outside the top 6 score, Darren Bent aside of course.

    Apart from that, Rodallega was the next highest with 10.

  5. I love mike: a lot of people rate Rodallega at wigan and he’s not exactly a goal machine (13 goals in 2 seasons)

  6. CC–you regret the Smiths shirt as much as seeing Avatar? I regret Avatar much, much more than that.

    By the by, I just saw the documentary “New York Doll,” about, uh, the New York Dolls’ bass player, Arthur “Killer” Kane. Highly recommended… and without Morrissey, it wouldn’t have happened.

  7. No point in asking for Links now that chubby spiv has withheld all the rights, Does he really expect people to spend £40 a year on NUFC TV to watch shite like see Colin Calderwoods video diary FFS… :x

  8. 10 goals from Andy… Hmm, what’s the highest number Shola scored for us in the prem in one season? My gut feeling is that it was around 7. Anybody know off hand?

    Andy should do better than that, I think. I’m not a Shola hater, mind, but Andy’s clearly better in my mind.

    If Shola got 7, we should expect at least 10 from Andy maybe.

  9. Beatski – I agree, completely. I think Rodallega is hugely over-rated. Not only is his goal record poor, he doesn’t seem to do a lot for the team. Mind you, I have only paid half attention as the PL didn’t interest me at all last season :)

  10. Is he going to be made the penalty taker now he is number 9?

    He is the one who will be judged most of all by his goals to game ratio but he didn’t take many penalties. Thats 5 goals over a season that may turn an avergae season of 10 goals into a great season of 15

  11. FSTOC – No video, but there was never going to be any anyway. The radio is being broadcast exclusively by the club itself through nufcTV, which costs £40 per year.

    The only chance of getting hold of a stream is if someone who already subscribes decides to stream it for everyone else. I would do, but I ain’t willing to spend £40 on something that only works from time to time ;)

  12. 9 from Shola? Let’s say… 12 from Andy!

    Avatar was just kids’ stuff. It’s nice to preach tolerance for the indigenous culture… now that we’re on the verge of taking over another planet inhabited by sentient beings. (???)

  13. Team v PSV

    Harper, Perch, Colo, Williamson, Enrique, Guthrie, Nolan (c), Smith, R Taylor, Lovenkrands, Shola.

    Subs: Carroll, Xisco, Best, LuaLua, Krul, Vuckic, Ranger.

    Edited, missed Loverma out :lol:

  14. Beatski – Exactly ;)

    At least I think there was, although all I saw was a load of people on telly trying to convince themselves that having 4 or 5 top teams makes it the best league in the world :lol:

  15. FSOTC – I have edited it. I missed Lovenkrands out, well Lee Ryder left Lovenkrands out :lol:

  16. Have they really not let local radio into this one? With the extra sentimental edge of Sir Bobby’s anniversary? Scandalous if thats the case.

    When we pitched to redesign the site and re-scope their ecommerce, we insisted that they provide free coverage via the official site but they were having none of it. They loved the creative side of our pitch and we were close to getting it but didn’t want to commit to bringing in guaranteed revenue and potentially conceding elements of positive user experience.

  17. That is a strange line up.Perch and Taylor on the right and nobody on the left. i hope they have narrowed he pitch to twenty yards width. Glad i haven’t bothered to go and watch. playing for the draw in a friendly doesn’t augur well for future matches

  18. Bowburn – That’s what I hear. Lowes and Ando have been abducted for coverage at nufcTV.

  19. Aye, well I can confirm they ain’t on Radio Newcastle. I’ve been waitig patiently but old Marvin is banging on about his grapevine at the minute.

  20. So we have no wingers again!! WTF? I hope to god we arent going to go to old trafford with this one dimensional thinking.

    Wheres jonas and routledge? My point that have been making for weeks is perfectly illustrated here. Take them out and there is NO width. Guthrie will be wasted on the wing.

    Not a suprise to see Vuckic and Ranger on the bench after last night though

  21. get ya arses to the match ya fat lazy bastards! 10 quid a ticket is cheap as you gonna get it at a toon match! Attendance is supposedly lower than smoggies attendances today, they’ve only opened the lower tiers I think. Carroll will do well next season, he’ll be knocking the two shits out of every defender in the premiership.

  22. I’ve overrun on grafting to make my auntie and uncle’s house more accesible in their old age. I was meant to be taking my old man to the match but we’re both covered in cement, plaster and paint (it’s a canny hand rail…). Decided to crack on and listen to the game. Now we’re going to be restricted to getting updates off you boys and my phone is dying on me…


  23. Mag_Laad – £20 a shot isn’t it? I know I can out my foot down, but to travel at 600 mph by road is asking a bit much like :D

  24. Na I paid a tenner at the club shop when I was at the metro the other day, taking me little brother.

  25. Toonsy the page for footy mad ain’t loading for me on the iPhone doin me nut in like.

  26. 20 adult (including a kid if you get in advance), 10 for OAPs and students, 5 for bairns.

  27. Mag_Laad – Thought it was you ;)

    Wonder if that is the real baboon aswell? :lol:

  28. :twisted:

    Good lad.

    Get me Wolves ticket Monday. Mmmmmm, covered in piss goodness ;)

  29. Am a student hehe no wonder mind my kids only a bairn like sooo… Think it’s Billy like, there’s no other person called Baboon on toon sites.

  30. What’s everyone moaning for about not seeing or hearing the game?

    It’s not as if we’ve got lots of new signings to see – Who the fck wants to see Perch play at right back and Guthrie play on the wing?!

  31. Don’t like the fact we are without Routledge and Barton. Although on the flipside we have Carroll, Routledge, Barton, Jonas and Campbell to all go into that starting line-up.

  32. Aye Toonsy – but it just shows the lack of depth in certain positions. I think those 5 mentioned would walk straight into the team too.

    Baboon – no mate its a nickname from my surname

  33. We have a squad that is very low on quality underneath the actual first team.

    If we lose a winger we have to play Barton or Guthrie – Totally dis-joints the team. If we lose a defender we have to use a kid.

    Not to mention our lack of pace in midfield – Do they have calipers on?

  34. interesting Nolan has the armband on and is on the same pitch as Smith hmmm…

  35. I hope Perch realises he won’t get away with that crap in the EPL.

    …good break but nothing :(

  36. 1-0. doesn’t sound like perch is having the best of days. First touch is a clearance to one of their lot, the second a foul and they score from the free kick, lol. Chin up son.

  37. Stu – Free kicks happen mate, one of them things. Depends on the type of chance that Perch stopped to give it away. I never seen it so can’t really judge.

    Hell of a free-kick though, just seen it on Sky!

  38. Where would PSV fit in the PL? Where would their place be? Top 6? Top half? Just looking for a comparison really.

    Let’s not forget that PSV are at the end of their pre-season whilst we are just beginning.

  39. get a grip lads!perch is going to be good player.colly had a shocker in the prem and we think he is a good player after cc.

  40. thump – the (/s) was to denote the end of my sarcastic comment. having a bit of a sly dig at stuart with his premature “looks like he’s a top defender” comment

  41. Anyone think darius vassell would be a good signing? hes fast, free agent, and has plenty of top level experience, would do well alongside carroll and would give us well needed back up for lovenkrands

  42. Perch jumoed in to a tackle that would have been a yellow in the PL, so I presume it wasn’t pretty.

    Defenders shouldn’t jump into to tackles around their own area – Stay on your feet, that’s what every coach says!

    Regardless of that, he’s going to be under pressure to prove he can cut the mustard at PL level. Like 90% of our squad!

  43. @Toonsy: Aye mate. He wanted me to do the layout for him so I’m working on that on and off and occasionally writing an article or two when I’m bored.

    @beatski: lol I didn’t even see the (/s), sorry about that mate!

  44. I hope when the wingers come back Hughton will give Guthrie a chance in the middle, because we will be bossed by any team if we have Nolan and Smith in the middle – sorry to go on about it but they just can’t play together.

    I’d like to see Cleverly and Whittingham to complete the midfield options.

  45. Am I going to need to do one of my “perspective needed it’s only pre-season” rants in a bit? :D

  46. They are, baboon. I think people are seeing this as the biggest test before Man U, and if they’re going to be playing like this come the 16th then we’re going to go 4-0 down if any of the Manure players have a point to prove.

  47. Lee Ryder reckons that Routledge’s absence is really showing!

    That’s not a great feeling, he’s saying we really rely on him!

    That would mean were relying on a player who has never produced anything in the top flight!

  48. @toonsy: What you have to remember with forums is that you’d be splitting your community. You’d have the lads and lasses wanting the banter on the comment feed and the lads and lasses wanting to just chill on the forum and post their own stories. If you want a totally customisable one, there’s a load of canny php based forums knocking about the internet you can throw into a folder and run a few SQL commands for installation. Alternatively grab Vbulletin and just throw that on, quick, easy, and easy as all hell to use.

  49. Well we do have Campbell, Routledge, Barton, Jonas and Carroll to come back into the starting XI in fairness. Arguably 5 of our best players.

  50. I’d be a bit whingy too if i’d paid £20 to turn up to the match, only to see that the team hadnt

  51. Thump – It wouldn’t be for here as what we have works well. Just something that is being looked into really although it’s more to with something else.

  52. I was going to go but my credit card told me where to go.

    Sounds like I’m not missing much so quids in for me.

  53. Hooper just knocked one in for celtic with a cool finish. We should have made more effort to sign him. Would have been a better option than Lovenkrands

  54. @toonsy: Ah alright, that makes sense. Are you going to host it on a separate server or chuck it on here with a domain mask?

  55. #sigh#
    PSV are a good side mind

    I reckon Vuckic on the left at half time, and shift guthrie into the middle with Nolan (being an armchair fan, i know best obviously)

  56. Thump – Worky deals with that serving malarkey mate. I would need my own serving space.

  57. Wonder what the heart monitors are saying about Nolan? Reckon they are saying he is about to keel over yet? :lol:

    2 x 25 yard goals conceded :(

  58. @98 WhotheHarrisVuckic

    Agree Smith and Nolan will struggle but Guthrie I couldn’t have him.
    Cleverley and Whittingham would be good additions.

    As for Jacka suggesting Darius Vassell I haven’t stopped laughing. The guy was finished years ago. He is another marlon harewood had one good game ten years ago and has made a living on the back of it

  59. Thump – I heard it’s now the most tricked out set of wheels in the Post Office :lol:

  60. Harper beaten twice from twenty five yards.
    have they been screamers
    Or are the knives gonna be out?

  61. No. 8 Engelaar and No.22 Balazs Dzsudzack seem to be the players we are missing from our team. Engelaar quality he is just playing his short simple passes and creating havoc from defensive midfield. Dzsudzsak is what we need in our wings speed, goals and assists. PSv are playing some lovely football short simple passes and they are creating space for each other. But we are playing absolute shit, some boos from my end at gollowgate when whistle went like.

  62. Mind psv’s goals both crackers harper didn’t have a chance especially dzsudzsaks goal absolute cracker

  63. essentially, none of our players are good enough, need loads of signings, the world is going to end kind of stuff.

    It’s one half of football ffs, and as has already been said, we’re missing some of our top players, PSV are good and theyre further into their preseason.

  64. when u play central midfielders with no pace and out of postion this happens.i have said this for 2 years ch keeps playing that way when he doesnt have wingers and sometimes with this crap away from home.i had a go and people slagged me off becasue of that.u only play players in those postions with legs we have got any.the way forward is he is injuried gosling.stuart all u talk about is every player is unproven.thats why when u all say these young players should go on loan.the fact of the matter we havnt got great players to let them go on loan becasue these are better then these players plus mobile. ch is wasting his time to give these players the legs for the prem.facts of the matter are youngsters should be playing 90 minutes becasue we no what these first teamers can do.r.talyor with a slow team we are beat b4 we started.we knew that from the start and we still have a go.

  65. Thump – Basically they are saying that the world it going to end.

    Let’s look at the facts though.

    PSV are a European side, regular CL qualifiers, and have been for years.

    They are weeks ahead of in the fitness race as their season starts next week.

    We are missing important player, first choice players. Simpson, S Taylor, Campbell, Barton, Routledge, Carroll would all be in and around the startin XI.

    I agree we need strengthening, and hopefully these games highlight that fact, but some of the reaction is ridiculous.

  66. Typical BotT, then.

    I’m not buying into this too much. I think Chrissy is probably keeping our main wingers on a rest just to assess exactly how much we need cover and pace.

  67. toonsy not slagging off the team mate just facts. if he doesnt play 5 man midfield with carrol up front.then we will be in trouble. if he doesnt buy a central midfielder with legs then i cant see any other way then to play like that.smith must leave he cant be serious to keep him to much of the same mould of players we have got.

  68. I’ll tell you something, I’ve missed hearing the noise of SJP in the past few weeks.

    Can’t wait for the season to start!

  69. hahahah, Lee Ryder blocked the comments, good, was tired of reading endless whining…

  70. asim – agreed that Smith-Nolan is not a viable midfield, they need either Barton or Guthrie in there to spray the ball about

  71. Don’t know what to say….

    Being a supporter of Newcastle is seriously bad for health. ;)

    When everything seems so down,blood pressure about boiling to max,then suddenly a goal comes…..

  72. good to see Hughton’s got some krul intentions (apparently Krul’s an Ajax fan), we still need to make some changes further up the pitch though

  73. All together now:

    It’s only a pre-season friendly.
    It’s only a pre-season friendly.
    It’s only a pre-season friendly.
    It’s only a pre-season friendly.
    It’s only a pre-season friendly.
    It’s only a pre-season friendly.
    It’s only a pre-season friendly.
    It’s only a pre-season friendly.
    It’s only a pre-season friendly.

    This is the only way to calm our nerves and maintain sanity and mental health today.

  74. Asim – Don’t be sorry dude

    Just don’t do the fecker again lol

    Kidding, kidding :)

  75. I seem to remember getting humped in a pre season last year……….how did the season go after that?? ;-)

  76. not the best of subs, would have preferred to see Ranger on for Best, Perch given the full 90 and Someone to play on the left so guthrie could switch into the center (for smith) but that’s just me.

  77. Haha – Raylor and now Best. Good confidence boost for some of the less popular players.

  78. @Beatski: Remember that Ranger played last night with the reserves, so did Vuckic. I reckon he’s there just to make up numbers imo.

    Xisco on for somebody, apparently.

  79. Guthrie into the middle, and Smith off. Hopefully Xisco can show some talent on the left

  80. haha beatski

    Maybe the season in Spain has given him a good confidence boost, that was bloody close apparently.

  81. and it seems perch capitalised to set up the second goal.the players wit something to prove are having a field day i guess:)

  82. Best and Carroll to be our strikers?
    I haven’t checked this out but if some sad person did have time I think you will find when Best is on the pitch we score more goals than when Lovenkrands is playing. Swansea away sticks in my mind Lovenkrands was useless that day Best came on and set up the goal for Carroll. Maybe Best is another Heskey a foil for others

  83. good to see that the never say die spirit hasnt deserted our players. It will be invaluable in the prem

  84. Yeah, good comeback from a shaky start. good sign.

    And Perch: His first home game at SJP. Let’s not go overboard with worry–the kid was probably a little nervous. Give him some time.

  85. definitely a good start coming back from 2-0 down.

    that team hardly looked like the starting 11 tho, particularly in the second half when it was a better display.

  86. well the most important thing (irrespective of result or performance) should be Hughton learning where we come up short without a few first teamers (the wings!) and that Smith and Nolan should only be played as part of a midfield 3.

  87. Fans Should Own The Club says:
    July 31, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    “Hmm, what’s the highest number Shola scored for us in the prem in one season? My gut feeling is that it was around 7. Anybody know off hand?”

    It was nine if you just count Premiership goals. His best overall total was 12.

  88. the good thing we have got going is are fitness levels should be better then anybodys in the prem! having finished early then every team in england last year plus other teams players all played in the world cup! we should be fresh and strong for the secound half of the season were it will be vital.

  89. Coming back from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 shows signs of a strong morale in thge team…well done I say. PSV are a good team, and close to the start of their new season, so they’ll be fitter and better prepared than us. All the cloggy teams try to play total football, which is based on keeping posession and getting the opposition knackered or chasing shadows…However, our own concerns are still valid..a static central midfield for example.