Sir Bobby Robson – One year on…

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One Bobby Robson...
One Bobby Robson...
It was exactly twelve months ago today that the world unfortunately lost a special man. I’m not just talking about the football world, I mean the broader world aswell.

Sir Bobby Robson touched the hearts of many people the world over, even those who never had the good fortune to meet him.

His enthusiasm and zest for life was contagious and he brought out the best in people. That is continuing even though he is not here in body to see it. His legacy is most definately living on.

The sheer outpouring of grief after the news that Sir Bobby had passed on broke has provided me with images that I will never forget. In the midst of the utter turmoil his beloved club was going through last summer, Robson managed to get us all pulling together again. He made us Newcastle, United once more.

Bobby is one of our own, a Newcastle fan, although we shouldn’t forget that there will be others who will be reflecting on the joy he brought to them. Ipswich, Barcelona and PSV Eindhoven are just three of the clubs who will also be remembering him, in fact PSV will be joining us at St James’ Park in just a few hours time where both sets of fans can celebrate the life of a legend who had a tremendous impact at both clubs.

Legend. It’s a word that gets thrown around far too often nowadays, and realistically there aren’t many people who have earned the right to be called one. Sir Bobby had, numerous times over in fact. He was the ambassador for the North-East, he done it the world over, and he never let us down.

Bobby Robson has provided me with many great memories over the years. Italia ’90, taking Newcastle into the Champions League, 3rd placed finishes in the league, some of the results we achieved, all of them are memories I hold close to me, all of them are memories that Sir Bobby Robson helped to create.

It’s not just about football though as Bobby Robson was more than just the ultimate football man. He lived and breathed the game, but it didn’t stop him having time for people around him, for his family and friends, for his people. This video demonstrates that brilliantly. Sadly, he died a few days later.

The spirit of Sir Bobby lives on though and was prevalent through all of last season. Newcastle fans at grounds up and down the country sang about Bobby Robson, other fans joined in and applauded. You get the feeling that Bobby is still keeping an eye on us, looking over his people, the cathedral on the hill, his neck of the woods. Long may that feeling continue.

They just don’t build them like Bobby anymore.

RIP Sir Bobby Robson 1933-2009

Gone but never forgotten.

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26 Responses

  1. brilliant piece of journalism toonsy. sadly, had to refer to it as journalism, but merely used the word for want of a better term. also maybe to remind any journalists reading this that maybe this is what they should be focusing on writing. things of substance…

  2. brilliant piece of journalism toonsy. sadly, had to refer to it as journalism, but merely used the word for want of a better term. also maybe to remind any journalists reading this that maybe this is what they should be focusing on writing. things of substance…

  3. sorry about the duplicate comment…no idea how that happened…& one more thing…COOLDJ…quite miss having him around to post 1st. wonder what happened to him…

  4. Lovely piece Toonsy, reduced me to tears.

    I am getting ready to go up to Newcastle for the match and I am expecting it to be a poignant day. The only disappointment is that from my understanding, the proceeds from the match or even a percentage of this gate money, is not being donated to the SBR Foundation.

    Like you I am filled with memories of a very lovely man. Indeed GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN.

  5. SBR legend and what humility he showed by coming back to the club to watch games after all he went through with a certain group of young players letting him down big style on and off the pitch.
    I still have the Partizan Belgrade game burnt into my head where Dyer, Jenas and Shola seemed to be just going through the motions missing chance after chance, it was all down hill for Bobby after that game and i will never forgive them for what they did to this great man.

  6. Mags-I was just about to ask how much of today’s game is going to SBR foundation. If it’s indeed true that the answer is not a penny, then that’s a real shame. Hopefully there’ll be collection boxes outside the ground or something but there shouldnt have to be. A shame. As for Sir Bobby, can only echo what others have said. An absolute legend, a true gent. Always missed, gone but never forgotten.

  7. Great piece Toonsy,brought a tear to my eye.
    Sir Bobby Robson,true gentleman, true legend never to be forgotten.

  8. Ross…….I’d asked the question a while back about proceeds but havnt been able to find any statement from the club to say anything to say a percentage would go to the foundation.The club may well do anyway but surely if they publicised it,it would make the gate bigger…..oh well.

  9. Loved Bobby Me-A gentleman of the highest order-a real rarity in the modern game and the modern world for that matter.

    RIP Mr Robson.

  10. Great piece toonsy. I watched that gazza with tears thing bout italia 90 last night and I was a bit upset! Fantastic man. Does anyone know if there’s still a petition to get a stand named after him? If not we need one starting

  11. If the world was full of people with the values and character shown by Sir Bobby Robson, it would be an infinitely better place.

    Unfortunately he was one of a kind, but the memories of a genuinely great person will live on.

    Rest In Peace.

  12. when they made sir bob,they smashed the mould,when he passed i think the last remnants of what football used to be,went with him.
    i’ll never forget the memorial from durham cathedral,there was not dry eye in our house.
    now that bobby has departed for pastures new,we are left with the corporate crap that football has become,it will never be the same.

  13. Toonsy for once I cant disagree with what you have said mate. This is one of the best articles you have done and seems as if it was penned from the heart.
    Rest in Peace
    Sir Bobby

  14. OFF-TOPIC.

    Anyone here know the reason how come Javier Hernandez can play for two sides in each half. 8O

  15. such an emotional video and great piece toonsy, you deserve the plaudits people are giving on here.

    Anyone notice how the players nodded/bowed when they shook his hand, almost subconsciously like meeting royalty. The man never asked for, but received the respect of the whole world.

    Lest not forget how much his foundation has raised, and carries on raising, for cancer research, giving hope and life to those who without it, would have not lived to see today. He has touched the lives of so many, from so far, and has not asked for anything in return. An inspiration and the world is a lesser place without him.

  16. Angel Of Death I think its the club he came from and they put a clause in hs contract about him playin a half for each team in a pre season friendly so he could give a kind of farewell to the fans

  17. Have to admit, I choked up part way through Nessun Dorma.

    Sir Bobby – Our one of a kind guy.

  18. Ok,thanks for the clarification.

    Anyway, Man City sign this new player,the most fantastic player ever. :lol: :lol:

  19. Well,he produce that sort miracles that none of the players in the world can. Messi can’t win him. :lol: :lol:

  20. Smashing piece of writing kidda.

    When this world sadly lost an indispensably great man, Heaven Utd gained it’s most gracious, brilliant and likeable manager and no doubt he continues to inspire both up there and down here.