Do Newcastle United need a 20 goal striker?

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Carroll: Could be the key to survival.
Carroll: Could be the key to survival.
The coming months are sure to be full of speculation about transfer targets and new arrivals on Tyneside as Newcastle United prepare for their return to the top flight of English football.

We have already noticed the keyboards and printing presses of various news outlet cranking up their output in the past few days as the clamour to be the one to get the holy grail of all press reporting – the ‘you heard it here first’ exclusive – increases. Of course much of what is reported will be false as the media adopt the ‘scatter gun’ approach in the hope that one of these rumours will come off, but that shouldn’t stop us fans speculating on targets and there has indeed already been some healthy debate and some great players mentioned that could improve the team. People have their own ideas about which areas of the team need strengthening, and there has already been some form of concensus as to which areas are a priority and which ones aren’t.

It has been mentioned a few times that a 20 goal a season striker will be needed if we are to indeed avoid relegation, and that sort of player would obviously be a very welcome addition. Unfortunately, these kind of players are not easy to come by and those that are around are more than likely outside of our much speculated about budget. In fact a quick look at the top scorers table will reveal that only Wayne Rooney, Didier Drogba, Darren Bent and Carlos Tevez have hit the magic twenty goal barrier this season, and of those only Darren Bent plays for a side outside the top four teams.

If you look a little deeper, you will find only one player outside the top half of the Premier League table that has hit double figures from their goal return this season, Hugo Rodallega at Wigan with precisely 10 goals to his name.

This is where Andrew Thomas Carroll could come in handy for us next season. The controversial local lad could be the surprise package for next season, especially if he continues to demostrate the improvement we have seen since Christmas which has yielded a return of 15 goals in 22 games since the turn of the year. I know people will say that the Championship is easier than the Premier League, but Carroll also came out of last season with some credit and the exposure to sustained first team football this time round will only have helped him.

So lets look at last season. The stats say Carroll made 13 appearances and scored 3 goals. Not impressive really, but it’s only when you look deeper that you get the opinion that maybe Carroll could cut it in the Premier League. Of those 13 appearances, he only played the full 90 minutes four times and came on as a substitute for the last ten minutes on six occasions. In total, his time on the pitch was roughly 620 minutes in total, an approximate average of 47 minutes per appearance. His return of three goals doesn’t seem so bad now does it?

I think that Carroll can easily match anything outside of the top half of the table next season, and if the supply can be kept up and he can remain injury free, then I can see no reason why he won’t be able to surpass the efforts of players such as Rodallega at Wigan.

Food for thought, eh?

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120 Responses

  1. Although I think Carrol will become a really good PL player I think it would be very unfair to put pressure on him to score the goals to keep us up – He does have issues with his movement in the box at the minute so he will have to improve and we cannot expect that to happen overnight.

    Ameobi – Too many chances, if he’s not injured he’s strolling around the pitch looking for things to do – Too unreliable after all these years.

    Lovenkrands – Will probably be our best bet to get us goals but I do worry he only ever seems to score at home.

    Best – ?????

    Although the question should be: Do we need a goalscorer? Every team needs or wants a 20 goal a season player but they cost minimum £10m – We ain’t going to be spending that on just one player.

    So in my opinion – Yes we need a goalscorer.

  2. I think Carroll will be a handful for any premier league defence, although i would like to see another pacy striker brought in.

    (Also, Peter Whittingham to bolster our wing options)

  3. Absolutely right.

    Every team has fans who will say we need a top class striker, but when you ask them to name a realistic one they can’t.

    20 goal a season strikers are rare…to stay up next season we dont need a player who gets 20 goals a season, we need probably 5 players who will contribute regularly with goals, something we have had this season.

  4. Oh and I must add that even if we had a 20 goal a season striker – He will need chances.

  5. yes we need another good striker why?,do we really think we can go a full season without carroll missing a few games who do we put in front line in the mean time,shola no way,best not proved,ranger lacks exp etc

  6. i would carroll to score 10 maybee 15 but if you dont have the support you dont have a striker that can score simpls darren bent is one in a few players who can score bags with out having the supports as sunderlands first team minus bent is shocking they play well togeather an odd few games but thats not good enough.. come on the mags stuff the makems next year to push our pride to the limit…

  7. I love it when people say we need a 20 goal a season striker… We havn’t had a striker score 20 goals for us since Shearers penultimate season.
    And thats with Luque (10M), Owen (17M pathetic and always was from the age of 24), Martins (Best we had since Shearer but still no 20 goal a season man).

    Plus if you offered me a striker that can score 12 goals a season, and offer something else like assists or workrate or agression of leadership, I’d take it over a poacher like Owen who will get goals but probably hinder the rest of the team by offering nothing else on the pitch leaving us with 10 men for 80 minutes.

    So to some up, I’d rather not spend huge on a potential flop, and take a chance on a speedy youngster with good potential.

    We’ve had way too many expensive flops up front. Tomasson, Andersson, Guivarch, Luque, Owen, and even Martins to a degree.

    I’d be looking at Carlton Cole, Jason Roberts.Or even better, someone with a point to prove like Macheda or Vela on loan.

  8. I’ve also worked out why Barca want Taylor…

    They reckon if they can get him to grown a bit of a beard they can use him as a stunt double for Pique… :-)

  9. I say we try and get the crop of the championship, the best of those teams relegated from the premiership and a few more experienced premiership players. that would be a good balance and would not be overly expensive.

  10. We need to be banging them in from all angles, like this season.
    While it helps if one player scores a job lot, it’s a lot to expect one player to do it all, without getting injured or losing form.
    It’s gonna be a long time before we have another Shearer.
    All of our strikers & a bunch of midfielders have chipped in this season, more of the same please.
    But it’s all about service, fitness, rotation & keeping the opposition guessing where the next one’s coming from.

  11. toonamy
    A 20 goal a season striker is very unrealistic in my opinion there are only 4 or 5 in the premiership and as stated only one is not at a top 4 club. Success won’t come overnight. we need to build up to start to :
    1. Establish ourselves in Premiership again
    2. Start to break into the top half.
    3. Push for European places.
    4…….. Who knows.
    But we almost need to earn a 20 goal a season striker, because there aren’t any at the moment who would want to come to Newcastle until we have secured a premiership status and are pushing up the table. In my opinion

  12. Agreed Clint.

    Only players I’d take from the Championship are Dorrans, Adam and Whittingham and Gunter.
    And the only player I’d want from the teams going down is Stephen Hunt…
    The rest wouldn’t strengthen our squad in any way.

  13. We dont need a striker.
    I think Carroll could get us 15 goals next season, on one condition, that he is treat as the focal point of the team and everything is based around him. The problem we have to address is getting the players to provide him with 15 goals in a season!
    Lets be honest, watching Shearer’s movement in the last few years of his career was painful, however he never stopped scoring goals because he was always provided the opportunities to score, Carroll needs to be treat in the same respect I believe.
    Give him the opportunities, he will score the goals.
    Buying a couple of players who can provide these opportunities should be the priority, not buying a striker, gutted we didn’t get Moses, he would have been perfect as one of them.

  14. The teams we should finish above next year are:

    West Brom, Wolves, West Ham and the other promoted team.

    Which means anything higher than 15th and we’d have done well our first season back.
    Then the next season we push for a top 10 place. Hopefully by then we’d have strengthen the squad enough to be a solid premiership unit again.

  15. Look at Everton…

    They invested in a good championship player = Cahill of Millwall.
    Then a good Scottish play = Arteta of Rangers.

    And those two players now make up a very very handy midfield.
    I could add in Pienaar and thats three players on the cheap for a great midfield full of goals and creativity.

    Dyer and Jenas weren’t huge names when they dominated our midfield. Neither was Bellemy. We have to put faith in some Championship players that they can make the step up…

  16. If you put all your ‘goals in one basket’ you get found out.
    manu’s 2nd or 3rd top striker this season has been owen…
    ………..ow(e)n goals.

  17. excellent point JJ, irritates me when people become almost bigoted (hahahaha Gordon Brown) towards players from different divisions, the past is littered with examples of how little known players have gone on to be a success at the top level.

  18. Mick,
    they’ve gotta start somewhere, hey?
    Cole-Bristol C
    Sir Les-non league
    etc etc.

  19. ice,
    aye mate, it’s the only way.
    manu had no defense for part of the season & they’re still in it.

  20. We know the Ashley blueprint is young cheap players with re-sale value. Here’s a list of realistic quality players I think we should try to sign:
    Jack Wilshire (loan)
    Jamie O’Hara (£3-5m)
    Alan Hutton (£4-6m)
    Jermanie Lens (£2-3m)
    Nadum Onuoha (£3-4m)
    Robbie Keane or Carlton Cole (£6-9m) (maybe optimistic but worth a try)

  21. good strikers these days are as rare as rocking horse would probably be an easier task to get a man on kd lang.

  22. MICK,i agree were do people think a lot of epl players come from,there not all from o/seas,

  23. Wouldn’t have carlton cole, gets hype cos he plays for wham, but he ain’t that good.

  24. Best striker I think we could possible attract is Gervinho.

    Great pacey striker. But would probably cost a bit.

  25. Unearthing someone ‘on the up’ is probably the best bet at Newcastle. Trying to buy ‘ready made’ can be too much pressure at the Toon & can break a good player before they get into their stride.

  26. if we were to get a new striker, which as i said in my post above, i think we dont need, bu if we did, i thinks its imperative we go for a different type of striker than what we already have, some in the Bellemy mould, pacey, someone who works the channels, pulls defenders out wide, a real nightmare.

  27. Mick, I was gutted when the little sh1tehawk fell out with Souness, it sort of started off our Prem downfall really. No chance of reclaiming him now but I hear ‘David’ Bellamy is going cheap, inside a bush somewhere.

    …why spoil a god thing

  28. …or ‘good’ even, depending on your tilt.

    Tilt, totally tropical ta-aste, it’s a totally tropical taste


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  30. …salreet anyway. I hold the key to the future. Spent all last week fighting off fkn foppish timelords. They know sh1te.


    (there’s nobody I’d rather beetroot)

  31. ….fantastical borthday ti ye bairn anyway mate!

    Haway the bairns – tha thi fyootcha!

  32. She already sings ‘kenny kenny sit on the ball’

    Black n’ White daddy, like the Toon.

  33. WEY!!

    …it’s in the blood.

    God bless mate.

    (anam not reelidjoos)

    …neet neet, heedferns on fomee noo, got the calm before the storm.

    ….check thee later C*nt


  34. ….note to anyone skimping. I’ve always been one for buying the best, lasts longer. Quality holds no bounds.

    …don’t make the same mistake as me in buying Wilkos fkn deodorant. unless you like the smell of cheap hairspray unda ye pits.

    …feel like a 2-bit crack-whore.

    ….noo where’d a put that Lynx?……

  35. Id be whacking in a cheeky low bid for jozy altidore! Always liked look of him when he played despite the frustrated headbutt!

  36. “Mick says:
    April 28, 2010 at 11:05 pm

    if we were to get a new striker, which as i said in my post above, i think we dont need, bu if we did, i thinks its imperative we go for a different type of striker than what we already have, some in the Bellemy mould, pacey, someone who works the channels, pulls defenders out wide, a real nightmare.”

    I actually think someone like Ricardo Fuller would fill that role pretty well. He does a fair job for Stoke playing by himself up front.

  37. “Geordie Gay Boy” em – you coulda picked a better name mate!!!

    Even if you are gay and proud of it, its still not normal! I mean, you don’t see the others and myself with the usernames: “JJ straight and narrow”, or “Hetrosexual Rodz”…

    Get my point?

  38. Caroll will score 10-15 goals next season for sure. What we need is 2-3 other guys who can score say 5 goals each. I think Nolan will also score 5 goals atleast next season.

    But yes if we can afford to buy a good striker that would be great.

  39. i reckon caroll wil struggle in the prem.
    we need a goal scorer thats for sure,but it all goes on how much is ashley willing to spend.

  40. Yeah I think a new striker is a must , I think Carrol will develop into a top class striker but he is young and be unfair to burden him with the expectation of 20 league goals next season , Mclovin N ameobi will hold their own next season but dont think they will score as much as they have this season , Ranger is still raw and rumors has it his attitude aint the best and last Leon Best is not up to it imho ,

    So yeah we need a new striker , id go for Kevin Doyle but i dont think we could afford him

  41. Anybody else think morten gamst pederson would be good compition for jonas? Available on a free.

  42. Yeah that isnt a bad shout Jay Jay , proven player in the premiership and great left foot

  43. JJ @ 58

    He gave himself away with use of the word “gay” mate.

    Thats cockney for a puff.

    Obviously a Spurs fan ;)

  44. Just a silly random thought.

    If either of the back-up goalkeeper intends to leave,be it Krul or forster,we can bring kasper schmeichel from Nott.County for free.He Might be as good as his father in future.hahahahas. :lol:

    Heard the club is ready to let him off for free. ;)

  45. Wouldn’t Pep G liked to have Bigger Lad to throw crosses into with Inter down to 10 men yesterday?

  46. Marnin’ all.

    Hung over. Boss insisted on a pub crawl last night, then announced at shit-o-clock this morning over yet another scotch that he had today off. Bastid.
    I think Toonsy’s got it spot on. To work out what you need, decide what you’re aiming to achieve. In our case, that’s to survive, which to be safe means being able to compete with a handful of the teams in the league and reliably beat at least 3 of them. Nobody we’re up against has anything like a 20-goal striker, and I believe most would love to have Carroll, Shola, Loverboy and Nolan in their ranks.
    So I’m not too concerned about strikers, but if CH and Ashley see a good opportunity to get a goodun within their agreed constraints I expect they’ll go for it.
    I also believe that, once again, Shola will score a lot more per minute played than anyone else. That’s what he does – turns up, scores at crucial times (like a brace against the Mackems a couple of years back) then gets crocked. 6 weeks out, then does it all again.

  47. BeeGuy, he took off Ibra so I doubt it… That was a mistake in tactics. He should have pushed Pique up front soon too…

  48. bad news andy carrol going to crown court for a trial. newcastle players seam to end up in jail. i hope not it will reck are season and he must buy a striker in place it does happen.not another leon best.

  49. We need a striker with pace and skill, something we don’t have at the moment. If we got someone like Jason Roberts on top of that then I’d be even happier, a solid Premiership player with a year or two left in him to compete with Carroll. Stephen Hunt is another player I like, and again is another experienced Prem player at a decent price.

  50. jason roberts isnt some thing we should be looking at we have enough strikers who are the same as him. he doesnt score goals and never will. we need midfield players in central midfield. then what ever comes are way then good. ranger and airey are better then roberts! what have we got a good youth for if they are not giving these guys chances going for old will only put these players back and ashley did say we wont buy players over 28 and i hope ch sticks to that.

  51. asim
    He wont be going to prison man, keep your knickers on! He’s is only going to the crown courts as he pleaded not guilty and wanted to be in front of a jury where his case could be assessed.
    Probs a fine and community service i would say.

  52. Asim – don’t worry fella.

    What’s happened with Carroll is exactly what you WOULD hope for. The only reason it’s going to a crown court is because he’s obviously been advised that he should defend himself to a jury. That suggests the defendant is probably some money-grabbing arse trying to extort money.

    If Carroll had glassed someone, it would look very different. Literally. There would be pics of the victim with a face like a bucket of smashed crabs for a start, and this would be a GBH case which would have gone straight to the crown court some time ago.

    I’d lay good money that this won’t lead to any conviction for Bigger Lad. It could even be exactly what he needs to learn to just stay out of trouble from now on.

    This is GOOD news in my view, so let’s not worry.

  53. take it u have never been to court then! u havnt got a clue then. u dont have to go to crown court if it isnt serious u daft he didnt even say anything they just said it has got to go to crown court becasue it is stop talking about something u dont no

  54. Back on the ‘new striker’ thing, I must admit I’d like to see a young, british version of Martins come in – someone small, quick and aggressive to play off one of our big frontmen. But if we don’t find one, we’ll be fine with what we’ve got.

  55. Asim – Roberts has played in the Premiership for years, Ranger and Airey are very inexperienced players who have yet to prove their worth. I know who I’d rather have in the squad next season. But I agree a creative midfielder is our priority, and we also need someone to replace Butt who can help protect the defence.

  56. No, Asim; that’s what the PRESS said to try to get a story (and a sh*t-stir) out of a 2-minute non-event. It’s not what was said in court. Can you honestly imagine his Honour Justice Hugo Pfwoarr saying “this is really serious so I’m sending it to the big court”?

    It’s gone to Crown Court because Carroll has decided to defend and has the right to trial by jury, which doesn’t happen at county court level. If it had been GBH it would have gone straight to full trial by default due to the grading of the offence.

    Fair to say that a man earning his salary has good lawyers who clearly think he’ll be successful if he defends. It all points to the prosecution’s case being very weak.

    (And try and stay off the insults, fella – it really doesn’t put a good light on you.)

  57. I dont think we will have anybody on 20+ goals next season. The top teams have people on 20+ goals because they have the best stikers in the world who recieve the best service. I think even if we had someone like Rooney or Drogba they would struggle to get 20+ here because in the prem we simply dont create many chances. Lets be honest most of the bottom 10 only create 2/3 chances in a whole match.

  58. What we desperately need is a right back, and a work horse forward up front with a bit of pace to spread the defence by running down the channels.
    We get those two players, the goals will come.Then we just need to improve on our depth in certain areas.

  59. Whumpie 78
    I agree with you. Our best strikers have always hunted in pairs.Dare I say it on there day people like Owen Bellamy Defoe.I still think Ranger might do it.

  60. Owen = puke, pathetic. He couldnt play with anyone because he’s too selfish and does FA off ball or outside the small box, and can only finish sitters.

    Bellamy = great player, workrate of note, made space with is pace and running, great foil for any striker but an gob that needs to be sown shut.

    Defoe = A better version of Owen in that he is selfish, but unlike Owen can create his own chances, and strike with both feet from long range, also far more pace.

    I havn’t seen a lot of Ranger. How is he off the ball and is he as quick as the likes of Defoe?

  61. I think realistically, we’d be looking at a Rodellaga, or Fuller, or that kind of workman like pacey forward.
    The best proven examples of this kind of striker are Tevez, Rooney, and to a lesser extent Bellemy, but we can’t afford those, so we need to look at players with potential to be those kind of strikers. But who?

  62. Yeah, lets get Bellamy back, great little player, understand he`s for sale.
    Could play the mutt and jeff role with Carroll or on the wing.
    Wonder what Citeh would ask ?
    Looks like Ireland is going to be sold also, great playmaker and gets his share of goals, probably a lotta teams in for him.
    Then theres Johnson and Onuahu, Johnson`s not getting games and needs regular first team football, Onuahu could solve our right side defender role, plus he can make attacking foreys.
    But none of that will happen, ah well!

  63. i like the looks of altidore. young kid (only 19-20) big, strong, with good pace and can finish pretty well. good potential. thing is, that description sounds very similar to ranger, so i doubt we’d make a move for him.

    looking at the scorers table in the prem this season, the top names from bottom half clubs include fletcher (burnley-8)alexander (burnley-7), dindane (pompey-7), doyle (wolves-7), klasnic (bolton-7), nugent (burnley-6)

    given those names, and those teams, i’d argue we have a better caliber of striker and midfielders and should expect the likes of andy, loven, shola, and nolan to be able to be at least on par with those totals, if not slightly better. hopefully the likes of jonas, routledge, guthrie, smith and barton can create the necessary chances and chip in with a goal here and there as well.

  64. eastcoastmag-

    I agree about Altidore. I’d love to see one of my fav US internationals playin’ in black and white. Would be over the moon if we could bag Landon, but that’s a pipe dream like.

  65. With all the excitement of this amazing season over, I apparently have two things to look forward to:

    1) All the transfer activity this summer, and

    2) Seeing the US manhandle England in a 3-1 defeat in the World Cup :D

  66. U S A
    U S A
    U S A
    U S A


    On topic though- I think AC will be a big influence on the pitch next season. Let’s hope he can bag us 20. We DEFINITELY need another striker alongside him. Maybe Lovenkrands can step it up, but I see him as support on the left wing and support as a back-up striker.

  67. Chuck says:
    April 29, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    Yeah, lets get Bellamy back, great little player, understand he`s for sale.

    Could play the mutt and jeff role with Carroll or on the wing…….

    Chuck – given Bellamy’s less than passive personality and sometimes erratic behaviour, it could turn out to be more like Beavis and Butthead!!

  68. lesh – I think now would be a good time to sit young Haris down and give him a longer term contract. That would push up his price for a start and give an indication that he is not for sale.

    Off topic, was round Joe Harvey’s neck of the woods last night.

  69. OHurley says:
    April 29, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    “2) Seeing the US manhandle England in a 3-1 defeat in the World Cup”

    Was wondering where you had been hiding :)

    Your right about the World Cup probably. Our players will be too busy screwing each others wives or such to concentrate on football.

  70. ttonsy,

    Would you sign the contract if you were him? Especially if you thought the top 3 or 4 clubs in the country were after you?

    The fact remains if we get a good offer, he will be off – He will want to go and we will want the money.

    That is the club’s business model.

  71. toonsy-

    HAHA, nothin like a bit o’ wife swappin to take the mind off what REALLY matters… puttin’ the Colonies in their place, right?


  72. Dadgummit, where the heck’s everybody at today?

    Ahm goin’ down-home southern on y’all today!

  73. Stuart79 says:
    April 29, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    Is £1.5 million a good offer for him them? That is what has been reported.

  74. Toonsy – agree 100%.

    Get Vuckic tied down to a long-termer and in doing so, ask some of the players to convince him that he could be a big player at a big club rather than warm the bench at the likes of the bug spenders.

    Around Joe Harvey’s neck of the woods last night? Where, Workington? So, we’ll see you on TV as a one of the Secret MillionaireS?

  75. lesh says:
    April 29, 2010 at 5:03 pm

    “Get Vuckic tied down to a long-termer and in doing so, ask some of the players to convince him that he could be a big player at a big club rather than warm the bench at the likes of the bug spenders.”

    Just looked and he is under contract until the summer of 2012 at the minute.

    “Around Joe Harvey’s neck of the woods last night? Where, Workington? So, we’ll see you on TV as a one of the Secret MillionaireS?”

    Secret Millionaires? LOL I wish. Nah, a place called Edlington, just outside Doncaster. I was cleverly combining work with a tour of football grounds and just happend to end up in Edlington ;)

  76. toonsy says:
    April 29, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    Well they will say it is because he is unproven and just potential, without any first team experience. We on the other hand would want more.

    We do need to try and tie him down though. But he will be watching what happens closely at the club over the next year I’m sure.

    Would he want to see some ambition on the clubs behalf, to match his own?

  77. Thing is though, how would the club ambition help him? If they go out and spunk money on a better player that can play in his positiont then he may decide to upsticks and leave.

    If they don’t then he may think he will get his chance as there won’t be too much in front of him with regards to a first team place.

  78. haha cheers hurley. 3-1 to the yanks! ;) think it’ll just be a matter of time before we’ll see another us international in the black and white (again) with the likes of landon, dempsey, gooch, and now some of the other younger guys – holden, bradley, and a recovering davies showing decent form with other european clubs, the US i think will turn out some solid players looking to get their heads down and work hard.

    on to vuckic – he won’t start for us next season, i think we can all agree that’s a given, right? he definitely won’t start for any of the man u, chelsea, liverpool, or the other bigger clubs mentioned, so whats it to come down to? money, yea. but depends on the kids ambitions. does he want to collect a fat paycheck wasting away in the man u reserves and getting playing time during cup games?
    i think the coaches and senior players should have a chat with him and make sure his heads on right. he’s got a better chance to break into our first team sooner than anyone elses, i’d argue, so hopefully that’s what will motivate him to stick around.

  79. I agree we need another striker (maybe sell Shola to a Championship side?), but Owen Coyle today let it out that he’d let Gary Cahill go…now he would be a lovely replacement for One Size.

  80. toonsy,
    i sincerely hope you were jokin when you asked if 1.5 million was a good price for him! what the hell is 1.5 bloody million gna do for us in all honesty, buy us someone lik fitz hall?? we should not sell our good players regardless of price as we dont not have the bargaining power to buy quality players( and that if,a big if, ashley re invests that money into the first team)

  81. buddy – That is what is being speculated as a potential price for Vuckic. Not by me, which is why I asked if that was a good deal

  82. never mind striker a creatave midfielder a right back a must as simpson not good enough for prem a big centre back and cover left back our defence no good for prem

  83. does any one agree with me the defence is week its worse than last year chelsea would relish playing us the teams they have hammered

  84. CHRIS,yes defence needs work done on it,but we wont be playing the likes of chelsea,m/u etc every week like,you dont expect toon to be on there level for a few seasons m8

  85. yea fair enough toonsy but how on gods earth would it be worth it? not saying you think it is but if we did sell him for such a price, then it would signal to me that this club is going nowhere very very very slowly

    a talent like his should be kept and nurtured at all costs, if he is as good as we are told then a a player of half his ability would be out of our current transfer range(price and ability wise) and if he turns out to be average, whats 1.5million in fairness!! like what on earth has the 5 million from selling given got us…..its saved ashely a few pound maybe but its done little for the club itself

  86. buddy – my point was that 1.5 mill is nothing. Stuart79 said that if we get a decent fee then he will off as that is our business plan. I replied with the speculated figure, and was in a round about way asking Stuart79 if 1.5 mill was decent.

    It isn’t, in my opinion ;)

  87. i agree, probably wouldnt sell him for anythin under 10….not saying he is woth 10 but it would be meaningless selling him for only a few million