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Do Newcastle United need a 20 goal striker?

April 28th, 2010 | 120 Comments |

Carroll: Could be the key to survival.
Carroll: Could be the key to survival.
The coming months are sure to be full of speculation about transfer targets and new arrivals on Tyneside as Newcastle United prepare for their return to the top flight of English football.

We have already noticed the keyboards and printing presses of various news outlet cranking up their output in the past few days as the clamour to be the one to get the holy grail of all press reporting – the ‘you heard it here first’ exclusive – increases. Of course much of what is reported will be false as the media adopt the ‘scatter gun’ approach in the hope that one of these rumours will come off, but that shouldn’t stop us fans speculating on targets and there has indeed already been some healthy debate and some great players mentioned that could improve the team. People have their own ideas about which areas of the team need strengthening, and there has already been some form of concensus as to which areas are a priority and which ones aren’t. (more…)