Enrique definitely wants out says Pardew as Neil Taylor pursuit goes cold.

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Enrique: Showdown talks break down.
Enrique: Showdown talks break down.
Alan Pardew has now confirmed that Left back, Jose Enrique, is refusing to sign a new deal at the club.

Meanwhile, Newcastle United’s pursuit of Swansea’s Neil Taylor, who was, reputedly, being lined up as a replacement for ‘El Toro’ seems ever more doubtful as the Swans’ manager, Brendan Rogers claims that Taylor is “very very close” to signing a new deal at the club.

Speaking of the Enrique contract imbroglio after seeming breakdown in previously reported showdown talks on a new contract, Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew said this:

“He’s made it pretty clear that he still won’t sign a contract and that his future may be elsewhere.

“I’m not really comfortable with that, but we will have to deal with it.”

However Pardew refused to give up hope completely on keeping the player at the club adding:

“We are still hoping that he signs a contract with us.

“There has to be doubt over that situation.”

On Neil Taylor signing a new deal with the Swans rather than making the move to Tyneside, Swansea City’s manager had this to say:

“There’s absolutely no question, he’s very, very close to a new deal.

“There’s been a lot of stuff written about Neil and I felt really, really sorry for him.

“Of course the interest from a club of the status of Newcastle United, and of course the wages also, I can understand maybe a young player having his head turned towards that.

“None of it has come from him and we’ve had lots of conversations over the ‘phone, because we were in various parts of the world, over the course of the summer.

“He always made it clear that this is where he wanted to be and eventually him and I had a good face-to-face conversation last week.”

When asked what would happen if Enrique did leave the club in a recent interview for BBC Radio Newcastle, Pardew did suggest that there was a backup plan saying:

“Well of course, you know it would be foolish of us not to have a backup plan, which we have, and that will kick into operation if Jose does leave.”

However he didn’t say whether this would be signing of Taylor, the elevation of young winger and leftback, Shane Ferguson, who has recently moved his kitbag in with the first team squad at the club’s Benton training ground after a few impressive cameos with the big lads last term, or the signing of another player entirely.

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44 Responses

  1. a love jose hes class but no 1 to good for the club let him go bt bring in sum1 that is half decent not a player worth 1 million and get a good striker ha

  2. Rumour mills been a bit quiet today.. this Naylor things getting a little bit boring now. Definitly think we need to sign a new left back if Enrique leaves.. dont think fergies a leftback. I’d like to see us maybe try for van aanholt again

  3. barton & enrique’s contracts – 1 can’t & the other 1 wont.

    it’ll be heartbreaking for ash if these 2 run their contracts down & leave for a combined big fat zero.

    – & it now looks like we can’t compete with the massive wages swansea are offering neil taylor!!

    never mind there’s still plenty time left for them to continue scratching around the bargain basement & sign a few gems before the window shuts.

  4. @Roy Cropper, You say it will break his heart when they leave for a big fat zero. But if you think about it…. We signed a couple of free transfers and managed to spend the full £35m apparently. We not gain much but the clubs that sign them will be out of pocket

  5. no doubt we’ll be giving freebie Olly Bernard a call.. so much for our scouting network when we put all our eggs in Jose basket, Ntaylor wasnt a direct replacement so lets just sack it off and move forward..

  6. New poster on here!
    Some right pricks on the yank blog!! All Cashley rent boys! And THICK!
    Hello btw!

  7. 4get bout them, get rid ov Enrique now so we can get sum1 in soon,, obviously he dosent want 2 b here, but by the sounds ov it he hasn’t got that many options open 2 him,, but I hope 2 god he dosent go 2 fkn Liverpool,,,

  8. If we didn’t have such an incompetent dick cheese in charge, I have no doubt we would be holding on to all our big hitters and adding to them!!

  9. Angryman the sick of yank blog fan says:
    July 13, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    “New poster on here!
    Some right pricks on the yank blog!!”

    You mean Ed Harrison’s ‘blog Angry?

  10. Yup!
    Ed us cracking, but the chubby chasers on his blog are unbelievable!

  11. Angryman,, defo mate, he,s a fat c**t that needs 2 Fk off, we,ll neva b able 2 keep the big names while he,s here, any1 who no,s anything bout him won’t cum here,

  12. I reckon Jose will see out this season at the toon, then him and JB will both leave for free….genius move by the toon…

  13. Angryman the sick of yank blog fan says:
    July 13, 2011 at 9:37 pm

    “but the chubby chasers on his blog are unbelievable!”

    chubby chasers :lol:

    They usually sound pretty radged about Ashley when I go on there, but I don’t as much as I used to.

  14. Angryman the sick of yank blog fan says:
    July 13, 2011 at 9:26 pm

    “If we didn’t have such an incompetent dick cheese in charge,”

    Which incompetent dick cheese Angry? Ashley, Llambias or Pardew?

  15. All three worky! All just llie lie lie! Pardews latest.. If Jose doesn’t sign we have a plan that will swing into action when he decides! Yet he says if we don’t get erdinc we have three targets already in place? He’s full of cak! And he sleeps with mike!!

  16. heedmag @ 4 – aye the clubs that take them better tread very carefully or they could find themselves in a reet financial mess.

    it’s a reet load of f@cking shyte like! if wide-load paid more than 500k per freebie then i’ll do a bobby shinton.

  17. angryman – eddie’s blog is infested with bulls knackers.

    the biggest one being davyboytoon who tells lies & dreams of anal torture being performed on him by his fat hero.

  18. he was a nobody wen we signed him now he thinks he is bigger than the club well let him go and we can find another nobody who will be somebody and be a great player for the toon

  19. Nowt like a Toon fan scorned is there. Agreed it is a b*gger when one of your heroes decides he is too good for the club, problem is we have little to offer the wannabee Champions League players. Until we can offer the top of the pyramid games then we will never keep the likes of Jose. Sad fact of football live lads, we just have to wait for our super management to lead us into the promised land. The glorious Mr Ashley’s wise and shrewd investment policy will surely prevail. Anyway Ed as I was saying earlier, hang on, oh sh!t wrong blog.

  20. I say bollocks to Enrique if he is waiting for better offers. Not like he done much in the last quarter of the season the lazy ghet.

  21. why is Pardew telling us all this? does he think that by publically slagging the player off this will motivate him to stay? or is it the usual BS of “oh its all the players fault/we did everything in our power”

    his energy should be put into trying to convince the lad to stay here, not pissing him off!

  22. The club has had months to sort out his deal “when we are safe we will sit down with Jose”
    Ring any bells?

    He has been sold already in my opinion they are just winding down the clock until just before the window shuts to announce it….then promise spending in January….YAWN.

  23. Jose started all this months ago, he said he wouldn’t sign cos he wants a ‘champs league’ team to ‘come & get him’.
    So i don’t see how anyone can ‘blame’ anyone but Jose.
    He knows he’s in a position of power & he’s milking it.
    We’d be better served actually finding him a club & scoring some top cash, cos even if he stays now this is gonna leave a bad taste.
    His stay is becoming untenable.

    I’m losing interest & i can see fans losing patience, the window will still be open when the season kicks off, so it could all overlap. That wouldn’t be good.
    Also, it may be that no team that he would go to will come in for him, then he’ll look silly.

  24. I said wks ago that Enrique would leave on th last day ov market, & Fatcash & pards will say we couldn’t do owt bout it, oot ov time blah blah cough bullshit

  25. Same rhetoric every window…either that or MA sticks the club up for sale to avoid reinvesting the cash :lol:
    The amount of spin coming out the club is just boring…….

    Pardew told The Journal: “I’ve been delighted to see Hatem Ben Arfa out there running – he looks in excellent condition. I’m really pleased in him so far. Hatem gives us that X factor that we need”.

    He has played a handful of games for us…nobody can say if his leg will stand up to a hard season but he is our X Factor because Partridge has seen him running around a training pitch quite fast.

  26. Talk about a glass half full outlook on life, this is the only blog I bother to read or comment on as I have lots of other stuff to fill my time. There are times (not always to be fair) when I feel like Marvin the Paranoid android after logging off, it’s just so depressing.

    Things could be worse, we could still have Fat Freddy or Mckeag in charge, we could be heavily in debt and sliding down through the leagues. I reckon there are a few clubs looking with envy at the state of our finances and heading for trouble if their playboy sugar daddies decide to pull the plug. Love or hate Ashley and I do neither, he (at least) appears to be stabilising the good ship Toon.

    If we can keep Joey, Collo and Tiote, which I think we will. Plus Jose which is a big maybe but one lives in hope. Add to them the new signings and the fit again players, chuck in the good youngsters not to mention the hope of at least two new good signings (which I think will happen) then we have a reasonably good squad.

    Ever the optimist me, even after 50 years of hurt, my glass is half full and will be till the club folds or I pass into the great stadium in the sky. Top four finish next season, HWTL. :)

  27. Grumpy,
    that’s not unreasonable mate, in fact, maybe you should hire out or even sell ya’ moniker to one or two other of our fellow bloggers, just for a laugh mind.


  28. Might even change to “Marvin The Paranoid Toon-Droid”

    Anyway off to play with the missus for a couple of hours!!

  29. sirjasontoon,the mug is in the “chronicle”,supposedly allaying the fear of fans,by saying he’s never had a bid for tiote.he was also asked about the 35 million carroll money,apparently he wouldn’t be drawn,but did say,”our wage bill has shot up recently,the finances are well documented,all the money will go back into the club,we cannot compete with the big boys,at this time”.
    the bloke has no credibility what so ever,all he has become is a front man for fat boy,just because he hasn’t had an offer for tiote,doesn’t mean he wont be sold.
    does anyone remember after the january window,he more or less said,it”would not be the end of the sales”,and he would find it hard to turn down a good bid for tiote.

  30. Roy Cropper says:
    July 14, 2011 at 5:10 pm

    “trojan – he’s our very own….”

    That’s a little unfair on Mohammed Saïd al-Sahaf Roy.

  31. Roy are you saying that AP is actually Chemical Ali? Does that make MA Sadam H? Well a lot of the Toon fans wanted an Arab benefactor!!

  32. roy,the similarities are frightening,doesn’t matter whether people like him or not,the fact is,he is deluding himself.there’s a hurricane brewing around him,but he thinks everything is “hunky dory”,and his constant crap will somehow pacify the fans,and get them onside.somebody needs to take him to one side,and tell him to be quiet,all he is doing is digging himself a bigger hole.
    for a bloke who a lot of people think,took a job behind a fellow manager’s back,six weeks in advance some believe,you would think he would be more tentative in his approach.the man has been beyond cringworthy in his efforts to tap up the fans,his insincere flattery and jingoism,are laughable at best.he really does need to pull his head in,and take a few breaths,before he does any more damage to already dodgy reputation.

  33. grumpyoldtoon,chemical ali is a choirboy compared to our second hand car salesman “parnocchio”.