Neil Taylor deal hits legal dispute. Gibson alleged Toon target.

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Legal dispute puts a hold on Neil Taylor's move to Newcastle United.
£1m clause confusion
Newcastle United’s bid for Neil Taylor suffers a legal hitch and apparently Darron Gibson is Pardew’s choice if he can’t get Sissoko.

Newcastle’s signing of Neil Taylor from Swansea appeared to be virtually done a week ago. The fat lady had not only sung but she’d retired, had three children and was now working in a kebab shop.

It seems that solicitors have braved daylight to get involved now though, which is rarely a good sign.

The dispute – as far as I understand it – is about the £1m clause in Taylor’s contract. Newcastle seem to think that this is a pukka release clause, allowing us to get the player if we bid that amount, whereas Swansea seem to think that the £1m bid simply gives us the right to talk to the player.

I find it odd that such a thing can be ‘in dispute’ as I would have thought that even solicitors can render such a clause in a format that humans can understand. Surely the difference is between ‘talk to’ and ‘buy’, linguistically. Pretty basic really. I would be fairly upset if I went down to my local shop and paid for a loaf of bread only to find that my payment has simply given me the right to have a conversation with said loaf.

Everton allegedly tried to hijack our bid for Neil Taylor anyway but apparently we brushed them aside in the end. Then it was thought that various holidays taken by those involved in the deal were causing the hold-up. Now it’s apparently this legal wrangling.

So, who knows how that will turn out.

Another rumour that appeared over the weekend is our alleged interest in Man Utd’s Darron Gibson who – supposedly – the Mackems have all but signed anyway. The story is that Pardew is eyeing him up as a potential second choice if our bid to get Sissoko fails, although I think there’s a fair gap between the two players in terms of experience.

I don’t think there’s a lot of mileage in the Gibson rumour to be honest, although you never can tell with these things.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

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64 Responses

  1. If you would like to speak to Mr Taylor, the privilege will cost you 1 million pounds, but you may not sign him, unless one parts with some extra millions.

    Good luck with that one swansea, very crafty though.

  2. haha, I reckon I’d pay a few quid to have a conversation with a good loaf. Apparently wholemeals can tell a tale or two, I’d avoid plain whites though, they’re a bit thick.

  3. Man Utd got Phil JOnes cos they paid 16.5m RELEASE CLAUSE (even tho B.Burn then tried to say his value was 23m and they wanted that) – but you pay the RELEASE CLAUSE ONLY, Swans should take a look there before wasting any time/money on lawyers…

  4. Norwich preparing 2m bid for F.Forster…

    Arsenal supposedly want Jose and maybe Barton…

    Sturridge linked with Stoke (6m bid put in), Bolton, Wes Brom and us….

  5. They will let sturrige go I reckon because the new Chelsea boss has vowed to make Fernando Torres twice the player he was last season.

    I can’t wait to see his two goals.

  6. Gibson ?
    Scored a few screamers, but in general inconsistent.

    As for a 57 Gibson, think we need a d’Fender more!

  7. Seems we have’nt given up on Ireland and could possibly get him for a cut rate price.
    Think the guy would fit in well with our “legion etranger”, playing football not hoof it up their end stuff.
    Put a bid in, we could end up with great buy !

  8. Aint Darron Gibson abit sensitive, he only lasted 20 minutes on twitter. Think Mel Gibson would be more of a laugh than Darron, dunno if he would get on with Pardew though. Two gob shites vying for attention would be interesting I suppose.

  9. Gibson every time chuck!

    When, recently, before he died, Les Paul was doing his usual weekly gig in NYC, Steve Miller got up to jam. When he got his roadie to pass his guitar, Les Paul laughed exclaiming: “a Fender?..a Fender?….A FENDER?

  10. I would rather have Mel, I thought Ransom was a top film, and the Lethal Weapon films.

  11. Get Mel in to do a feature film about Newcastle, it will be much better than that soppy Goal film.

  12. Didn’t know we were in for Sissoko, hasn’t his career been something of the “curates egg” so far. I’m happy to be told otherwise.

    Some of Mel’s films have had a real anti English slant, so he could do a decent Geordieland one. :)

  13. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    June 27, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    “Didn’t know we were in for Sissoko,”

    According to his agent for what it’s worth, along with Lyon, Liverpool and Inter Milan, allegedly,

  14. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    June 27, 2011 at 3:02 pm (Edit)

    “How worky,

    i’ve put the kettle on mate!”

    Is that some kind of euphemism Clint?

    I’m just studying the history of Ba’s knee ATM.

  15. worky,
    aye mate,
    you be mam, as it were, so to speak, to coin a phrase, you do the honours mate.

  16. Demba, demba,
    Demba, ba ba bangs em in !

    To the old standard

    We think your marvelous
    We could be wrong, but,
    We think your swell

    To Frere Jacques

    Hatem Ben Arfa, Hatem Ben Arfa
    Comment allez vou
    Bienvenue, Nouvelle-Chateau
    Bienvenue, Nouvelle-Chateau
    Merci beaucoup, merci beaucoup.

    Cabaye! Cabaye!
    Ye hear us Geordies cry
    Whey aye!,whey aye!
    We kna he,s wor main guy !

  17. Spinal Tap the ultimate rock comedy, was that directed by Rob erm! Whasisname, oh yeah Reiner ?
    It’s a film that relies as much on expressions and the physical, as opposed to a verbal predominance.
    Much like the series “The Office” and movies like “The Full Monte” where the funniest scenes were the non verbal ones.
    Unfortunately, There are few if any decent movies being made these days, a lost art form, whch is dominated by
    telentless technology freaks.

  18. chuck,
    i tend to agree with that synopsis mate.
    Dave Fincher’s ok though.
    Love Dave Lynch too.

  19. Check out ‘Bad News’ by the ‘Comic Strip’ guys.
    2 episodes that make it movie length, it may even slightly pre-date Spinal Tap.
    I’ll have to check now.

  20. In production at the same time as spinal tap, but actually pre-dates the showing thereof.

  21. Yeah, chcked both out, no doubt there has been a number of good non documentery stuff done on the music scene over a period of time.
    But it’s all about decisions made by suits and distribution, based on the lowest common denominator.
    hat blows my mind is that at present some of the best films are being produced by places like Iran and China, real quality stuff, while the US which dominates the industry and distrobution world, has absolutely nothing to offer but for the most part mindless garbage.
    Though in reality the US has never produced much on film that could be considered art, a few tha slipped through the cracks and some post WW11 film noir movies.
    Hey, same old problem, there’s a limited audience and to-days viewers having for the most part never experienced say a Carol Reed film, would’nt recoqnise quality stuff, too bad!

  22. chuck says:
    June 27, 2011 at 5:14 pm

    “Yeah, chcked both out, no doubt there has been a number of good non documentery stuff done on the music scene over a period of time.”

    Ate Chuck, this one was a great favourite of mine.

    Seriously though, you Yanks have knocked oot the odd canny fillum down the years. Kubrick will always be one of my favourite directors, though he did get a bit sick of the American movie system and moved over here.

  23. I wonder how much Neil Taylor is really worth. 3m? 5m? The fact they are willing to go this far is something to think about. They are grasping at straws regardless.

    Gibson would be a decent signing, his passing is improving and his shooting can make up for the goals we are losing from midfield. Not sure how much he would cost though. A free alternative would perhaps be Hitzlsperger, he has always been a cannon and can probably pick a pass better than Gibson. He’s 29 but being free, it’s all profit if we sell him on. He had a good run towards the end of the season and set up a few of Ba’s goals.

  24. Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, Raging Bull, Erazerhead, Apocalypse Now!
    There’s few class American movies

  25. and, unpopular though it may be, on the subject of Neil Taylor………………..

    Did we only get involved with him because we learned of his “buy out” clause ? Just as we did with Cabaye ?

    I wonder whether Fatman has instructed people to scour Europe’s contracted professionals to find the lowest buy out clauses so we can suddenly say “We’ve been chasing this player for ages, honest”

    Fatman – once a cheapskate always a cheapskate :)

  26. Andy,
    this is just a tardy report on the Naylor thing.
    We’ve known for days they didn’t wanna let him go for £1m.

  27. Understood but if there is a “buy out” clause then just as Cabaye’s it should be enough to send him on his way.

    “The Frenchman has played a key role in Lille’s recent league and cup double, but has opted to trigger a buy-out clause in his contract that enables him to leave for 5m Euros (£4.3m).

    Newcastle officials tabled a bid of exactly that amount last week, and Lille boss Rudi Garcia confirmed late on Sunday evening that Cabaye had agreed personal terms with Newcastle.”

    So, regarding Neil Taylor, is there a buy out clause or isnt there ?

    If there is are we looking at hime because he comes cheap ?

  28. So far we’ve got two free transfers, one low cost “buy out” clause transfer with another one on the way ?

    Since when have we become Shylock United ?

    Frugal, Careful or even Tight Arsed but when are we ever likely to see the AC transfer money or the Sky TV money for that matter ?

    If I had a sharp, stabby thing I’d be honing it right now just so I could use it on the Fatman arse !!!

  29. I would imagine Taylor will be handing in a transfer request to get his move here, then swansea can say that they tried their best to keep him at the club.

    It’s the way forward when you don’t want to sell a player.

  30. It was widely reported days back that the ‘clause’ was ‘only’ a trigger to talk to him, though i suspect it is a ‘buy out’ clause & swansea are trying to renage on the ‘deal’—Puffs!


  31. Andy,
    it just goes to show who the media class as big, 16 live games last season. 7th!

  32. Eraserhead was a really strange film by David Lynch.

    I also loved Twin Peaks, another of his masterpieces.

  33. Jimbob I agree that is a likely solution but I’m concerned enough to ask “Does Taylor warrant the bid from us because he’s deemed good enough to replace Jose or just because he’ll only cost £1m ?”

    Two entirely different reasons for buying a player.

  34. AndyMac, if you look at it in a really negative way…

    We sign Taylor, tell everyone he is an understudy to our senior left-back. Then sell Jose and ‘fail’ to bring in another left back making Taylor first choice. 8 Mill for Jose, replaced by a couple mill for Taylor.

    Or more positively…

    We sign Taylor and he is an understudy to whoever we have at left-back and learns his trade along a more experienced defender.

    So it’s up to you mate how you wanna see it? Personally I get your point, if he were that good loads of clubs would be after him and he is very cheap. BUT I wouldn’t worry on how much he is worth, some of the best players we have bought in recent times have not cost the earth.

    I have never seen him play, we need another left back so I would welcome him. Don’t let your fear of Ashley ruin your summer :-)

    It’s 45 degrees here!

  35. I dont fear the Fatman JB, I just think he’s playing at Football Manager but with real people :(