Step Forward Captain Colo!

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Fabricio Coloccini.
Give Colo the armband!

With Kevin Nolan’s recent backslide to the Championship with West Ham, there’s an opening in the job market down at Barrack Road.

That job being team Captain.

Obviously, at this point it’s difficult to call who’ll get the shout and become the man to do the boss’s bidding on the pitch. What with the transfer window still yet to ‘officially’ open, there’s still a long way to go before we know who’s staying and who’s leaving. The honour usually goes to a, shall we say veteran or long serving player. A bit of a stalwart, someone who is rarely out injured, an ever-present, if you will. Taking all that into consideration, it doesn’t leave us with a lot of options.

Let’s take a look:

Of those still at the club, for now at least, we have Joey Barton. He’s been played as Captain recently, after making a strong comeback from injury and ‘other’ things. Moving up from Vice Captain when Nolan was out through injury or suspension. But will he still be around come August kick off time? Will he be getting regular games with his contract running down over the next season?

Next we have Steve Harper our longest serving player, goal keeper and all round good egg. I’m not really a fan of ‘keepers being given the armband, but still a good shout if required. Although he did miss a few games through injury himself last season.

Next up is Shola Ameobi, yes, I know, but he did take the armband last season too and to his credit, didn’t let us down. He’s a ‘dyed in the man-made fibre’ Nigerian Geordie and long time Toon player, though, again, he does spend a bit of time on the bench.

Maybe it’s a bit early for the likes of Tiote, though he does seem to have the respect of the team. His time spent suspended would certainly have to be addressed though, hey?

Then there’s parennial crowd favourite and ‘Oh so very nearly’ Geordie lad Steven Taylor, Saylor to his mates. He’s just coming back to form after a few months out through injury himself. He always gets stuck in and is clearly very vocal. Again, there are a few worries about time out through injury, but it’s patently obvious what Newcastle means to him. Is he ready?


This is heading towards the man I feel is not only ready for the job, but deserves it – Fabricio Coloccini.

Not only for his great work on the pitch over the last couple of seasons, but for his longevity, his ever-present appearences and more especially, his attitude of wanting to make Newcastle a force again.

He never complains, he’s a consummate professional, always ready to lead from the back. He also likes to pop up with the odd really important goal too, and when he does you can see, feel and almost taste what it means to him.

Do we need someone who just does it on the pitch?

Or, do we need someone that talks to the press too?

For me it’s Colo all day long.

I feel he has the clubs interest at heart, he’s got stuck in and hung around when things went bad. Never once moaned in the press about…well, anything! He doesn’t go missing, he’s an international level player with loads of experience. In fact, just the sort of player you can happily hand the armband to and know full well that it won’t go to his head or phase him in any way. He’s grown into the position throughout his time at Newcastle.

He’s the man for the job!

Step forward Captain Colo!

Howay the Lads!


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44 Responses

  1. Good to see you not sitting on the fence with this one.
    Good choice n all.
    Wasn’t much impressed by Barton when he was captain last season, plus could well be off at the 11th hr.
    No Colo is a good choice and a fans favourite. Only downside is that he isn’t very vocal during games.
    Defo dont think saylor is ready for it yet, could go to his head, but maybe one for the future.
    Tough call tho, maybe one of the Froggies will stand up during pre season.

  2. hmmm. On the pitch he has never came across as a leader to me but I dont know what goes on in the dressing room, he might be grabbing em all by the balls and firing them up but he just doesnt seem the type.

    The captain armband is important but equally whoever has it, needs players with character around him otherwise it is totally reduntant. I think there is a lack of options to be honest, I wouldnt go with Barton, I doubt he will get it since it looks like he is off soon anyway.

    So, I suppose colo is the fave choice, its who I would go for looking at our squad. I dont really know who else in the team would warrant it. but as long as all eleven on the pitch work for each other and show commitment, then I dont care really.

  3. Can he actually speak much English now? If he can then he should get the armband.

  4. I think my favourite thing about Colo is not the obvious qualities he has as a centre back, or a potential captain, but, as mentioned above, his reaction when he scores. I know it’s a bit of a rarity, but when he does it he looks like he’s going to burst every vein in his head with joy. The man’s pure class.

    I really hope he doesn’t become one of those who get shipped out when he starts to tick on a bit. He’s a player I see as being consistent well into his thirties. An absolute rock.

    I’ve voted for him for captain, but there could well be more suitable alternatives come the first kick of the new season.

  5. Davies says:
    June 27, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    “I think my favourite thing about Colo is not the obvious qualities he has as a centre back, or a potential captain, but, as mentioned above, his reaction when he scores…”

    I thought you were gannin’ to write ‘his perm’ there for a moment Davies!

  6. he doesnt talk to the press a lot – this to me is a MASSIVE bonus. Pardew talks to the press enough to cover everyone at the club, a captain is a players leader – not a boardroom mouthpiece

    I think he would be a good pick – strong and dependable, plus with a barnet like that he’s clearly well versed in the “hair-drier”

  7. i honestly think ahsley should get somone in just to look at blogs and forums to see what the fans whant

  8. Speaking of her perm. Wish we had Puyol in defence next to Colo. The perm twins. ;)

  9. Lovely player Colo, nice touches but too often bossed by the opposition – ref Blackburn, Bolton, Stoke etc. expensive too.

    saylor needs pitch time and if he is Ok after injury he would get my vote.

    I do not see another candidate

  10. Good shout, he does seem to really care for the toon. Not sure how vocal he is but comes across as a real pro.

  11. The more i think about it the more i like the idea of Colo as captain. He’s experienced and i think would have a calming influence. Besides, with Elmander off to Turkey there is no one left to bully him off the ball.

  12. He reckon, given the armband, we’d see a new level of responsibility & vociferousness yet unseen.
    Partly because i think the guy respects the captain of the days position so doesn’t try & over-ride him.
    He come into his own as captain, it’s been a slow build & i see him as the logical appointment.

    Someone else then, hey?

  13. I would definitly give it to Colo but then give Tiote vice. . . If those 2 can work well into the back half of the pitch and get the sorta relationship that Jose/Jonas have on the left wing then that would be a force!!!

  14. Rob,
    good call mate, i shoulda put forward the idea of Vice Captain in the post…Der!


  15. I hope no one makes a bid for him, logic would tell you to give him a new contract now if he is to become captain but no way will he get one. He is on massive money as it is and he is 29. Ashley thinks your knacked at that age and as wrong as Ashley is about that, he would be especially wrong about Colo, who is in good shape, never injured.

    But I think if the alledged interest from Spain is true, it will be hard to keep him, even if he wants to stay. He is on a massive wage.

    The biggest intent/sign of ambition Ashley could make this summer is to tie up players like Colo and Jonas, who both want to be here. I just hope that if certain players do leave, they go now and not 20 minutes before the window closes.

    The last couple of transfer windows has depleted my serotonin levels drastically…

  16. jimbob,
    is it really all down to ashley?
    Or is it the ‘system’ put in place.
    If Colo is on ‘massive’ wages, there’s no way a spanish club will match them.

  17. No but in some cases the club are only offering 1/2 year extensions, as I have said before if I were to sit down with my mum/dad/gf/ and had a contract infront of me for one year or one infront of me for 5 years, no matter how much I loved Newcastle etc, I would be MAD not to take the bigger / best deal. My family etc would all tell me to go for the security, the biggest insurance.

    What would you do? Honestly?

    This is the problem with football/agents etc.

    Spanish teams are not as poor as people will have you believe, especially if the have ‘Real’ at the beggining of there name. The Spanish royal family will look right after them.

    I doubt Newcastle will offer him a new contract because I would imagine, a top player like that, would already been offered one by now.

  18. Who installs the system? Ashley has said in previous statements, he has the final say on players.

    Did Nolan deserve a new 5 year deal? I don’t think he did.

    Does Barton? I can see him playing well at 33 still.

    Colo is the same, of course I could be wrong but I really don’t see us giving him a new contract, though I hope we do!

  19. I guess it’s all a matter of personal confidence too though. If you know you can do the job, believe in your ability etc. Other work will come up. If you just go to the highest bidder then one can truly be called a prostitute & there can be no argument.
    Which is ok as long as one admits it & is happy with that.

    Ashley obviously has final say on signing the cheque, but he certainly can’t possibly ‘choose’ the players coming in & out. In all of his businesses he pays managers to do that, if they F*** up, he sacks ’em.

  20. jimbob,
    what i’m saying is: If a player has the nuts to go year to year after 30 it’s cos they believe in their own ability.

  21. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    June 27, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    “Ashley obviously has final say on signing the cheque, but he certainly can’t possibly ‘choose’ the players coming in & out. In all of his businesses he pays managers to do that, if they F*** up, he sacks ‘em.”

    If they don’t fuck up, he sacks them too.

  22. What we have to get out of, & the press is as bad as some of our fans on this, is just saying things like ashley says this ashley does that, when we should, like all clubs, be saying ‘the club’ will listen to offers etc for players.
    All clubs owners have the final say in transfers, especially where top cash is involved. We have got into this dumb rut of ‘blaming’ instead of taking responsibility.
    It’s puffs game, that’s why the press use it as a device.
    Puffs, the lot of ’em. It’s just a soppy story for those divs, we have to rise above it.

  23. worky,
    isn’t owt less than nailed on success failure, really?
    It’s a sliding scale, it’s all relative ain’t it?

  24. Yeah im sure they do, but remember your only one serious injury away from ending/ruining your career.

    Not only do these big long contracts assure you of stability, they also incorporate massive insurance policies. I think you would be mad not to take the longer deal, regardless if your ability can see you go year to year comfortably, it is a risk, and in football, anything can happen.

  25. I want to get Colo on the back of my shirt, but I’m slightly cautious of the fact he could be gone tomorrow due to his age and wages. I don’t think it will happen as he was clearly an MA signing and his form over the last few years is proof he knew what he was doing when he sanctioned the transfer back in 2008.

    If he is names captain I will be absolutely over the moon. Would love Colo to end his career here in truth. Awesome player who will be good for years to come seeing as he relies on intelligence and technical ability, not speed and strength.

    BIG mistake if we let him go.

  26. jimbob,
    it also encourages apathy, laziness, complacency & bad attitude in equal measure, doesn’t it?
    I know what you’re saying though mate. But i have a point too, hey?

    El Toro,
    fully agree mate.

  27. yes mate I get you, but it’s the way it is. I’m sure you would take the assurance as well though?

    And yeah I get what you mean with apathy, laziness etc, but the player can always be sold if they don’t perform. Not all players will stop playing well just because they got a new long contract, they will still want to impress the club, fans, other clubs and if there right in the head, themselves…

    It’s just the way the game is I think, but I don’t blame someone at the latter stage of their career going for stability.

  28. I’m a bad consumer & a bad example mate.

    Most players around 30 have already got a well healthy bank account mate.
    That’s why i think it’s down to belief, drive & balls at that point.

  29. :-)

    Clint, I hope one day I get the chance to decide between a five year deal or a two year deal at 50k per week.

    Heres hoping.

  30. Colocinni for capt. why cause hes got longevity ?
    What have any of you seen in him to suggest he either wants or can fulfil
    the job ?

    Seems like a nice guy, never raises a fuss, then does’nt have a lot to say, other than the usual stuff most pro’s have to make comments on.

    And behind it all, i have always thought, it’s probably about £80k per week init ?
    Not to say he hasnt given his best, in fact a real pro as were both Enrique and Jonas
    Captain ? nah !

    Captains are alpha males, who set the standards, any smart manager can spot them, boh Nolan and Joey were of that ilk, but lets wait and see when the dust clears.

    Tiote is an alpha type but an unlikely candidate, it’s a bit more than putting people in the stands.
    Trut is if Joey stays and it’s really up to hom, no one can force him to make a move.
    Then he would be the candidate, no question.

  31. I like Colo a lot, and I think his level of professionalism and attitude really are second to none at our club.

    While both of these are really great characteristics in a captain, and we should only be more lucky to have fine pros like this guy in the team, I don’t think that his excellent attitude alone is enough to make him into a great captain.

    Although a top top pro, the sort a team would like a whole squad of, I think he is lacking in the real leadership qualities on the pitch to be a great captain. As Jimbob said in post 2, I don’t know what he’s like in the dressing room, on the training ground etc, cos none of us do really, I don’t really think he exhibits the true levels of influence and leadership to be a real voice on the field.

    I would agree that due to his levels of experience and playing time, he may well be the best option we have at the minute, but if you’re looking purely at captaincy material, I’m sorry to say I think he may just be the best of a bad bunch.

    Barton is a total no-no, attitude utterly stinks and too much of a walking time bomb.

    Saylor I don’t think is up to the job for both time spent injured (I’d like as close to an ever-present as I can get please) and I just don’t see him as being a good enough player, truth be told

    Harper is far too old to be named captain now as he probably hasn’t got long left so I wouldn’t waste my time, and Shola can’t get enough games. You can’t captain the team from the bench.

    Tiote possibly, I’d prefer a central midfielder most of the time, as they cover more of the pitch and generally influence a game more, just look at the likes of Vieira at Arsenal or Keane at Man Utd, however I’m not sure Tiote is vocal enough and carries enough weight with the squad YET to step into the armband, maybe when he’s been here a little longer.

    I think one for the future COULD be Cabaye. Plays in the perfect position, works box to box, has an influence at either end of the pitch, and I think will only continue to improve as a player, so would have no problem in garnering the respect of the other players, however I confess I’ve only seen him a handful of times, so not sure how vocal the lad is, or what his leadership is like at the moment.

    So yeah, I’d probably give the armband to Colo, because he is rarely injured and you need continuity in a captain, his attitude is exemplary and I only wish we had more players like him, a top pro in every respect, and undoubtedly a great presence and role model around the club as to how the young’uns should behave (maybe Nile Ranger should’ve taken a bit more notice) but these qualities, as desirable as they undoubtedly are, don’t necessarily make you a great leader.

    So yeah, el Capitan Colo now, but only til someone more suitable can stake their claim and make it theirs.

  32. Will they go or will they stay ?
    Whats the odds of los tres caballeros leaving.
    Does anyone think for a minute if Carr presented three signable players, both younger and cheaper than and for arguments sake as good as Los tres caballeros, he would’nt do the deal.
    Hey in a heartbeat ?
    One problem is , as things stand, there are so many irons in the fire, with a total clearout time is of the essence, it’s a bit like when we were relegated, action had to be taken and quickly.
    The board must be pissed, here they are bustin their balls when they should be sipping Pina Clladas
    in the sunny places of the world.
    Ah well, and do we sympathise, not one bit !
    Just a bit curious to see how it works out, curious and hopefull.
    Hell i would’nt in anyway enjoy watching our team from last season, bunch of boring wierdo’s wondering what kinda team was going to show up, with a bench mostsecond tier teams would be ashamed to turn out.

  33. Mornin sports fans!

    chuck says:
    June 27, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    Colocinni for capt. why cause hes got longevity ? … NO, long hair!

    I totally agree with Hoy at #37… I can’t see anybody’s arm except Joey’s that truly deserves to don the captain’s band.

    Imo, he’s head and shoulders above them all in the leadership and department.

    Speaking of shampoo, mebees others might think differently if he grew his hair and had lovely curls, eh? – Hmmm… I thought he did look quite fetching with that ‘tache though.

    Danny @9…
    Ashley doesn’t give a monkey’s chuff what we think. It’s not just fat that he is covered in, he’s made mostly of f*cking thick skin!