Striker rumours: Erdinç, Long and Petric

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Mackems to pip Newcastle to Shane Long?
Are we interested?
Newcastle United continue pursuing Mevlüt Erdinç with a £6.94m bid and the Mackems are allegedly about the ‘pip’ us to Shane Long.

According to the French press, our current bid for Mevlüt Erdinç stands at €7.75m (£6.94m) but it is reported that Rennes has now also entered the race to sign the French-born Turkish striker. Rennes have been on the lookout for a striker since Moussa Sow left for Lille last year.

The French press says that the €11m PSG are asking for Erdinç is likely to price Rennes out of things, but they might be able to match the €7.75m we’ve asked and provide Erdinç with an option to remain in Ligue 1.

Galatasaray and Lille are also said to be interested in the player although, from what I can gather, those clubs are less likely destinations for Erdinç.

Given how much more careful the French press seems to be than ours about separating conjecture from fact, I’m inclined to believe that we have indeed bid £6.94m for the player and are most certainly in hot pursuit of him.

Some press reports are suggesting that the Mackems are going to ‘pip’ us for the signature of Shane Long with a £7m bid. Personally I think that sounds more dramatic that it really is. I know we have been linked to Shane Long before but it seems to me that our attentions have been elsewhere recently with the likes of the Banguras.

Croation Mladen Petric, who plays for Hamburg, is another striker who is apparently of Toon interest, although I should say our alleged links to him seem to be mentioned only as an afterthought in most press reports I’ve read, so I’m not sure how serious that interest is assuming it even exists at all.

He has scored 31 goals in 69 games since he joined Hamburg in 2008 and has 12 in 44 for Croatia, but he’s 30 years old and that alone makes me extremely doubtful that there’s any mileage at all in this particular rumour.

Apologies for the bland demeanour of my article but I’m feeling sleep-deprived and still suffereing from the horror of having to watch Bon Jovi live last night.

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40 Responses

  1. Good lord! You HAD to watch Bon Jovi live? Just what had you done to deserve that Hugh?

    I can see that idea being floated by the Tories as an alternative to custodial sentences!!

  2. Under this current regime, the only players Newcastle will get on players on the cheep and on free transfers. So players valued over £5m we can forget? As anyone noticed we have yet to spend any of the AC £35m fee, after selling Nolan that offsets the Cabaye purchase!

  3. And what is wrong with Bon Jovi???

    As for strikers, it’s only crap-loid rubbish thats linked us to Shane Long, as every journo out there seems to think that because we sold Carroll, we want to replace him with someone who is similar in style, so yet again its 2+2=5!!!!

    I think we may lose out on Erding if we don’t pull our finger out soon, as it seems the longer this goes on, the more clubs are becoming interested in him too, so get it sorted Pards.. :)

  4. I have seen the Carroll Money….pi55ed up the back of a casino wall by Mike and his Muppets.

  5. We played the second half of last season with a strike force of Shola, Lovenkrands ,Best and Ranger. Only Best was good enough for premiership and we’re trying to sell him! We have now signed Ba and need another 2 strikers in asap, 3 if we sell Best. We can’t go for African internationals – we will lose Ba to the African cup in mid season and cannot afford to lose more. We have to bring in players like Erdinc and Sturridge and pay the price – or stay with the likes of Shola and struggle for survival.

  6. If you look at previous quotes from pards you’ll see that the judas money is already being spent. It was said months ago that the money would be used for transfers AND wages. These “free transfers” have signing in fees and players on “a free” usually comand higher wages.
    We’ve started getting rid of high earners and there’s more to follow ( Smith £60k Xisco £60kish and Nolan is already away ) if we get rid of high earners we will free up more cash for transfers and wages.
    Very rough guess from me on the figures but this is how I’m breaking it down

    Judas £35m
    Nolan £4.5 saving £60kpw total profit £10.7m
    Ranger £2.5 £10k profit £40
    That’s about £50m to play with.

    Hoping Barton, Jose, collo and jonas stay

    Marvueax Signing on fee £2m £35/40kpw total £12.4
    Ba I would say would be very similar £12.4m
    Cabeye £4.5 £35/40k total £14.9
    “spent/spending” £38m ( very roughly )

  7. This is starting to drag on without a new signing. How long has it been since we signed Marv now? Hoping we get either Sturridge or Erding in soon so we can go for another striker.

  8. still waiting for this mob of ashley and co,to make a much for the patter they spouted last season,”there will be more money available,the second season is the one,we have to have a go at it,etc,etc,etc”.thus far appears like a typical mike ashley window,it also mirrors our relegation season.
    you get a couple of quick angle signings ie jonas came in after he allegedly bought out his contract,then guthrie arrived for a million quid,then the trail went cold,until the last throws of the window,and we all know how that went.
    now here we go again,a lad brought in from the proceeds of nolan going out,and two angle signings,that cost very little,”de ja vu” anyone?.well the trail has now got cold again,for a club that said they wanted to hit the ground running the coming campaign.
    obviously there is loads of time remaining this window,to strengthen,but so far i’m less than impressed.
    i know some fans will point to the fact,that it’s not the ammount you spend,but getting in quality.
    okay chiek tiote was a revelation last term,but we’re not always be that mike ashley becoming obsessed with this “bargain basement mentality”,that he thinks graham carr can tap into and endless stream of cheap quality signings?.
    the trouble is,if it was that easy,every club would be doing it.the few words mike ashley should take heed in is,”you get what you pay for”,and scraping the barrel on a regular ocassion,will not have the desired effect long term.the old saying will apply in the end”you cannot polish a turd”.yes it’s fair to say i’m not impressed so far,but plenty time to go in the window,but i’ll take the same standpoint,as i’ve had since ashley waddled in to st james’ park,”dont expect anything,and you wont be disappointed”.

  9. I wont take credit for this as I read it on a blog yesterday, but one reason the transfers may have slowed up in the last week could be that we have 24 players on the books that would need to be registered in the EPL squad list as they are over 21 on 01/01/2011. And as it looked likely until yesterday that we’d be signing N.Taylor, that would have been 25. So Pardew may need to move people on before signing any as I cant see FM Ashley having a player on the books that couldnt be called on in an injury crisis.

  10. I sound like I’m defending the management but we have signed manly frees at the minute because this is the tim when you get free agents at the start of the window before anyone else bags them. If we are spending big doe it will take time. There will be a domino effect once a big player moves the club reshuffle and sell on, and so on. We need a little more patients. Who else in the prem has brought in three very good players so far?

    Don’t get me wrong if we get done over AGAIN I will be the first calling for heads to roll.

  11. …apparently cabbage-heed has had a 13m offer accepted for Connor Whickham as well as 7m for Shane Long. Can’t have those dirty bstards doing us in the transfer market.

    It’s probably bullshine like. Unfortunately for us though, because the whole world saw us get 35m for Carroll, they all think we’ve got money to burn on a world class centre forward. I’ll eat my own head if we spent double figure millions on one player.

  12. We should be signing Shane Long. The boy is class. Good hold up play, pacy, decent in the air, young and only going to improve. If we can get him for £7-10m I am confident he would add more to the team than Erdinc.

  13. I will stay patient but got to admit that I am worried. Three players signed, two free agents with very bad injury history.

  14. …know what you mean Widowmaker. We usually top the Premier League Injury Table on too. I just hope they’re not accidents waiting to happen. Hoping we haven’t signed Carl Cort and Nacho Gonzales mk2.

  15. 13m sounds like double the true value of Connar Wickham, what’s his goal record? i remember seeing him play with quick, sometimes poor, decision making…

    Long might be more realistic – replacment for Best.
    Ba – replaces/subs Ameobie.
    Erding – replaces McLoven
    Abeid – replaces Ranger

    Wickham..?.surplus and hopefully going to Sunderland for twice his value.

    Be very happy to get Long and Erding, assuming Sturridge is not for sale.

    I see Liverpool have made a 7m bid for W.Bridge – i guess they’re not on Jose’s case now??

  16. It is odd how the club have known they need a new striker for the last 6 months and yet there doesn’t seem to be a plan b if all goes wrong, eg Gameiro.

    Suppose it’s all just rumour and speculation, I doubt we want Long, it’s just the Dail Mail had to include us as interested because Sunderland probably are, it’s gotta be dramatic aint it? They have to ‘pip’ us to the signing, even if were not interested.

    Basically it’s all bollocks, and I wish I got excited by speculation like I used to, but I don’t anymore.

    Hugh, what was the encore?


  17. Milner, apparently Whickham has a clause in his contract that says he can move to another club for a particular fee. This was rumoured to be 15m, but looks like it could be a little less. Admittedly it’s a lot of cash for a nipper still wet behind the ears.

  18. Apparently Pards might be stepping up his efforts to land Gibson in next 24 hrs. Although Sunderland have supposedly had 13m bid for him, plus wes brown, and j.o’shay ACCEPTED.

    i’d be happy to stay out of those dealings, Gibson only worth splashing 5m on if Barton or Gutherie was leaving, for like 3m…

  19. Rodzilla – Conor W has 13m release clause in his contract -and Neil Taylor has 1m release clause in his, but we’re not allowed in, whats the crack here?

    Any chance we’ll push a legal call for the player?

  20. OK Milner, must be in the paper, can’t see anything online yet, prob come up later.

  21. Taylor will hand in a transfer request I would imagine, well, if he wants to come here anyway.

  22. Milner, who knows, it’s all a bit confusing. From what I can gather it’s now the Swansea chairman who’s decided Taylor’s not for sale. WTF the contract clause is doing there in that case, I’ve no idea.

  23. I think if N.Taylor puts in a transfer request, then the 1m release clause can’t come into effect – meaning we would have to enter an official 1.5/2m bid, and maybe higher bids would follow from other clubs:

    Swansea clearly dont want to lose a great asset for only 1m.

  24. Swans chairman has come out and said he doesnt think its right time for Naylor to leave, get more 1st team games with them, they’ve rejected our 1m and now just wait and see what happens…

  25. Man Utd also interested in Izagurre now, plus Liverpool on Bridge, MOusaSossoko chased by Lp, Ars, City and now Chelsea…

    However: Paris St Germain have made an audacious attempt to sign QPR skipper Adel Taarabt.

    talkSPORT has been told that the French side, bankrolled by Qatar Sports Investments (QSI), have made a £10m bid for the current Championship player of the season.

    If PSG get Taarabt for 10m, surely they’ll be happy to get 7m from us for spare man Erding?

  26. hey just a thought any chance of a article of the juniors of newcastle who are coming through the ranks and can make it to the firt team(thats if we can keep them with all the transfers coming in)

  27. I just heard on the radio that there is a broken down coach obstructing the Uttoxeter by pass, just wondering if it was Joe K.

    I mistakenly called Collo Italian yesterday, of course we all know he is actually Spanish, alright, Argentinian.

    The Mackems seem to be splashing out on a lot of players, I know they got a fair bit for Jones and wotsisname (bl**dy memory, although I never remember names, I know a lot of err, errs! :) Just got it Bent. Sorry that should read “just got it, Bent”.

    Are they doing some big time Leeds style gambling.

  28. I don’t think Amoebio, Best and Ranger to be as poor as some think – it’s partly to do with the service they’d get, and with our mf looking stronger more chances will come. Amoebi is too often sloppy and lazy though (if good at holding the ball up).
    We absolutely do need at least another top striker – personally I’d like Sturridge (don’t know anything about Erding) and I think that we underrate Bendtner though not sure about his attitude.
    I’ve seen Long 2 or 3 times in televised games though he always seems to be chewing gum and not doing much else.

    A combination of 2 top strikers (Ba plus?) with 2 or 3 of our current ones might be good enough, so I was surprised we’re ready to sell Best and to a lesser extent Ranger. Loaning out Airey til January would be a good thing too.

    On Neil Taylor, we should up our offer to 2.5. I think one million is an insult and any Swansea fan should consider it so. I also think 1M for Ranger an insult. It seems sometimes that fees can be either ridiculously low or through the roof (e.g – Man City etc)!

  29. nufc337 says:
    June 28, 2011 at 12:53 pm

    “hey just a thought any chance of a article of the juniors of newcastle who are coming through the ranks and can make it to the firt team(thats if we can keep them with all the transfers coming in)”

    Funnily enough, I was just writing something on our latest youngster, Mehdi Abeid nufc337. I’ve always wanted to write about Haris Vuckic more as he develops too as he really is a very talented player, however he’s been crocked most of the time.

    Have you ever read the blog of NUFC academy lad, Patrck Nzuzi?

    Judging by his last ‘blog, it looks like he’s packing it now though.

  30. taylor will come here when swansea wake up they aint got leg to stand on a 1 million release clause means he leaves if some1 offers 1 million.Its dos not mean you just allowed to talk to the player, but we want 10 mil for him,run by idiots are swansea, he will be here before the end of the transfer window for 1 mil.

  31. Forget the so called juniors, the days of creating a side a’la Man.U’s side of the last decade is no longer possible.
    If we are to sign youngsters loan them out to the lower divisions, not unlike the minor leagues in the US.
    If they progress fine but the figures show for the most part, we (the EPL) would rather import cheaper foreign players who are proven pro’s.
    What happened to the country that invented the game Scotland ? and later England, who’s league because of the revenues from tv and because of the ninety mile an hour pace of the game, makes for a more entertaining style (not technically better)but is stocked for the most part by foreigners. (old Johnny foreigner)
    Thats how it is and untill the home countries set up academies based on those in place in “la belle France”, they have little chance of ever winning enything on an international level and will continue to depend on imported players to stock the EPL.
    This in turn has to change the way the game is played here, as it already has, with English players now diving with the best of the imports, that and the way the game is played.
    Is this a good thing ? probably inevitable, but until there’s a decent youth system, plus coaches who can impart a modern technical and tactical understanding, both at youth level and the various International sides from full international to sixteen year olds.
    For Christ sake what country in their right mind would put Stuart Pierce in charge of the next full England side ?
    Got nowt against Stew. like, Great player n’all, but did anyone watch the U21 games, good young players, without a clue as to tactics, just embarrasing!
    It’s all about the dosh i’m afraid, the FA are fat and happy, coining it in, why rock the boat!
    Acadamies you say ? nah we’ll leave that to other countries and import the finished product, more dosh for the boys, who cares if we never win another international match.
    Ah well !

  32. Petric, forget it !
    Long, not much of an improvement on Best, if in fact better?
    Erdinc, decent, but the club has to make up their minds, do you want him or not ?
    Though we did’nt get our first choice Gameiro, is this guy the next best striker out there ? or one we can corner for a decent price ?
    What about Sow, would cost a few quid more but a real quality buy, no doubt we would be flogging him for a profit to Liverpool or Man. Citeh, soon enough.
    Yeah following the initial burst at the start of the transfer window, we seem to be slowing down, whereas Sunderland have picked up momentive, getting in some players who were associated with the Toon (they can have Gibson IMO and Gardiner)
    C,mon Ashley there, gotta be a few players left in “La Belle France” get em signed !

  33. @ people saying e35mil be spent on wages, wake dumb asses. Wages a part and parcel of a football team, players are being let go their wages leave with them, same as when u bring in players they have to be paid by yearly income from sponsors and gate receipts and should be comfortably covered as our wage bill is gone so low!!! If we had’nt sold the Useless long haired buffoon would we not have spent money on new signings. Not saying the fat b+++++d will spend the e35 mil but if he doesnt it will be a clear indicator he is merely trying to recoup as much cash as possible before he buggers off. I say sign free players let him keep the money and then he can f++k off!!! Rant over ha.