Is Toon interest in Pieters now finished?

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Does new foot injury mean Newcastle are no longer interested in Erik Pieters?
Deal dead in the water now?
Does the latest injury to Newcastle United target Erik Pieters scupper any chance of a transfer?

23 year-old PSV left back Erik Pieters has been an alleged target for Newcastle United for quite some time now. Last summer we reportedly offered PSV €7m for the player and PSV went so far as to say the offer was ‘good’ in terms of amount but they withdrew from negotiations when they couldn’t be sure of getting a replacement for him before the transfer window closed.

The idea that we might still sign him has been bubbling under ever since and back in April The Mirror reported that it was pretty much a ‘done deal’.

If you remember, Pieters suffered a foot injury back in October which kept him out of action for four months, and he suffered another foot injury last month the puts him out for the rest of the season and scuppers his chances of playing for The Netherlands in Euro 2012. The first injury was a broken metatarsal and the second injury is a hairline fracture, but I can’t find anything to say whether the injuries are related or even if they’re to the same foot.

Back in mid-April Pieters still hoped to be fit for Euro 2012 when he said:

It is very disappointing news. I will strictly adhere to the medical team’s rehabilitation programme. The gravity of the injury will be known in three weeks. I will give 200 per cent to get back to match fitness.

But on Monday the Netherlands’ equivalent of the FA confirmed he would not be fit for the Euros and Netherlands manager Bert Van Marwijk said:

Pieters’ metatarsal injury has not healed in time. It is unclear how long he will be out for and what the next course of treatment and medical prognosis is. This is a real setback for us, but for Erik himself it’s obviously the hardest blow.

Up until the injury, press reports seemed to suggest that Pieters himself was keen on a move to Newcastle but yesterday he seemed to indicate that a transfer is the last thing on his mind. Pieters said:

I did not expect that it would be broken again.

You know there comes a European tournament, you play all the qualifiers, you want a whole season with PSV play for the championship … and you become injured in October.

So you get better and then in your mind that you think you can finish the season with PSV and then have a European Championship. And it sucks that a few weeks before the end of the season happens again.

I’m going to get my head empty, then operate and then focus 100 percent on my recovery. I think it’ll take four months.

In terms of getting his head empty, he might like to try supporting Sunderland for a spell as I’m sure that would help. Anyway, when Pieters was asked about his hopes for a transfer to Newcastle he said:

That really does not interest me. I’ll see again when I am fit.

If Pieters is going to be out for 4 months that would take us to mid-September, so in the event of any transfer he’d miss at least a month of games. But I suppose we’d also have to wonder if this is a recurring injury as that could be a concern. As I said, I have no idea if his two foot injuries are related but it would be a very unlucky coincidence if they’re not.

I’m not sure what the implications of this are but I’d be very surprised if he’s still a transfer target for us this summer.

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164 Responses

  1. Some players are unlucky when it comes to injuries and get labelled “injury prone” – I’m just beginning to wonder if Pieters is one of these and that perhaps there are better options out there?
    One thing’s for sure – Graham Carr will know!!

  2. I’d still have him, only even cheaper!..

    Get him at a knockdown price, it’s common practice, huh?

  3. By the way – I don’t know if there’s any truth in this but I heard this morning that after John Terry’s laughable performance at Liverpool the other night – Bayern Munich are appealing that he should be allowed to play in the CL final ;)

  4. I doubt we’ve been looking at Pieters these past few months anyways, he’s been linked to us way too often for us to actually get him, as we all know, our transfers are done in total secrecy, so this ain’t gonna happen imo… :(

  5. :)

    It’s all gone wrong for old jt this year, just lile it did for punchy gerrard last. Couldn’t happen to 2 ‘nicer’ lads/crims.

  6. Toon69@4
    Aye – think you’ve got a point there. The only alternative to that is that United don’t care if it’s in the papers because they’ve already got a deal?

  7. I see we still can’t get rid of Xisco – we may as well bring him back as cover for the cups. Also Foster.

    Incidently – I know we can register a max of 25 players – but is that just the PL ? or does it include FA cup League Cup & Euros as well?

  8. “Last summer we reportedly offered PSV €7m for the player and PSV went so far as to say the offer was ‘good’ in terms of amount but they withdrew from negotiations when they couldn’t be sure of getting a replacement for him before the transfer window closed.”

    Didn’t Alan Pardew suggest that we’d put in a €7m bid, then PSV denied it, saying that we hadn’t?

  9. Hmm…what’s the reason Simpson won’t accept the new deal? I’ve heard its to do with how It’s structured but surely not. If that’s all it was surely the club would sort it or negotiations would continue & it wouldn’t come out as a rejected story.

  10. Sammy J.

    Who knows perhaps he’s been tapped up ?
    Apparently the deal on offer is i believe, a low ball contract and the guy has until recently been one of the lowest paid in the side.
    Certainly for a constant starter and a much improved player over the last two years.
    I dont know if Ashle/Llambias are trying to appear hard nosed in negotiations or they have another agenda, but i think they should make an effort to try and keep him @ St. James’ Park.

  11. Maybe we have a replacement lined up & don’t care for his agents tactics?

  12. cyprus says:
    May 10, 2012 at 3:25 pm
    Not sure about buying injured players. Look at Marveaux…

    And Demba Ba and Ben Arfa…….. im not sure either Cyprus

  13. Clint Flick sez,

    Maybe we have a replacement lined up ?
    We would be considered incompetent if we did’nt.

    ..and dont care for his agents tactics..
    And on the other hand, perhaps he and his agent dont care for either Ashley or Llambias’ tactics, mainly lowballing him on a contract, the more likely of the two IMO.
    A clear case of slanted writing, “his agents tactics”
    indeed !

  14. Chuck we have a young lad who has been on loan for the last season or two.

    a guy called James Tavernia who apparently is going to be the next “big Thing”

    he was out on loan at Shef Wed but was recalled as they were using him as a winger, the loan agreement stated he was only to be used as a right back. he was that good on the right he made a few good assists and got himself noticed, when pardew found out he recalled the loan and back he came.

    i think he moved onto MK dons after that.

    as it happens we have Perch and Raylor who could do far better than the “untility player” tag they have.

    not playing Raylor misses out on key passes. as a defender Raylor had one of highest KEY PASS rates of all the defender, second only to leyton Baines. so i would simply say.

    saton right back, Raylor left back. with perch as back up when needed.

    and if we sell Simpson that would pave the way for Peiters to come in, Inured or not.

    just please dont let me hear the word DOUGLAS mentioned. ive seen him play. all be it twice but both times made me feel like we could better with a player like Titus Bramble

  15. Stephen C
    Never seen Tavernier, so no opinion !
    Got definate opinions aboot Raylor, a mediocrity as a footballer.
    Perch is not going to be picked by the new Engerland manager any time soon, though he has been surprising lately.

  16. Chuck Perch has come on leaps and bounds.

    he has went from recieving moans when we see him warm up to “weve Got Perchinio”

    he has upped his game in 10 games or less.

    being a non-regular it hard for fans to adjust when a player makes so many mistakes, credit to pardew who gave him the confidence the fans didnt have in him.

    he will be a top performer next season im sure no matter where he plays.

    although he was a little slow down the right for those goals we conceded againt Man C he has improved

    and i hope he does well. ive been defending him all season and im pleased he has come good.
    im a big fan of simpson and i dont know what he has done to accrue all the abuse. IMO he is a top class defender playing out of his skin, lacking height and build he has taken on some big players. Heksey being one of them. although Pards brought on Amiobi after a few minutes.

    although i dont think the club will risk Tav this season i do think he will be prominent next season.

    if you ever get any League cup games in the USA he normally gets a run out for them.

    he played in Shef weds 1-0 win over west ham in the FA cup

  17. Stephen C
    Look i think Perch has been ok and he gives his 100% each game.
    He’s gotta bit of pace, but frankly i just dont rate him as a starter.
    You wanna keep him around as a fill in sub, fine, i’m ok with that !

  18. I can’t believe how short-sighted some Toon supporters are about Simpson. Honestly still can’t believe it. The guy starts virtually every game in our best season in a long, long time. But hey, if he won’t take the 15K/week generously offered then we’ll just throw in the completely untested kid we have because there’s no way that cold go wrong…short, short memories people have. Right, Raylor is great now. Perch can be cover at CM and CB and RB, apparently. Wow. I’d like to keep all of them and add. Apparently that’s like wanting a pony for xmas…

  19. Tuny

    i agree with you on most.

    the guy has worked his socks off, but you cant blame you the guy for leaving. i follow him on twitter and he has endured a huge amount of abuse from people he has now left his account untouched since march.

    the kid deserves better than this. he treatment by some, not only the club has been disgusting.

    perch will do well given the chance. or switching santon to RB and Raylor to LB will work.

    but yes i would love him to stay, but he is into his last year of his contract and will leave for free next year.
    come january he can start to negotiate a transfer with another club and leave for free next summer.

    its better he was sold now rather than leave for free next year. IMO if he had signed a new contract he would be worth £3-5 million. more than the few hundred thousand pounds we paid for him.

    i would have loved him to stay as i think these idiots need to bet a grip, some young lads need a decent smack put parents dont seem to want to be the one who does it, as most of them need a bigger smack.

    the best we could hope for is that he goes to a group of fans at a club who appreciate him for being statistically our best defender in 2011/12 season

    our loss completley

  20. From rumor it appears both Simpson and Best will be heading for new clubs ?
    Hell i think they are both decent.
    But dont rate Raylor and Williamson, but ……

  21. Chuck unfortunately the exit door beckons for more than just best and Simpson, Guthrie seems to be on his way to Aston Villa with Best.

    Guthrie is on a free and Best is supposed to be costing them £1.5 million.

    shame losing two top players to a team we hate just as much as the scum

  22. Stephen-I get your points and agree. I can certainly understand why he’d leave.

    On the other hand, I worry about what this implies about how our front office is going to deal with our players. In all seriousness, what more could Simpson have done to get a standard payraise for a young man who’s established himself as a week-in, week-out starter (however good Perch is doing, AP chooses Simpson over him ever time) at a shallow position?

  23. completley agree tunyc

    things just arent fair on everyone.

    IMO how can you outcast one of your ever strong players and pay Xisco, Smith etc for not even being on the bench.

    i know the club are doing something about this but its still doesnt seem fair on the young guy.

    i think the fact he is small, reletively unknown they think they can play him around like a kid.

    i think at times you need to stop the bully boy tactics and get your hand in your pocket otherwise you lose the best things you ever had. dont get my wrong we can probably find better players to play right back.

    but can we find a better dedicated player? how many right back have we had in the last 10-15 years.

    and how many have stuck around for any longer than a season or two.

    £25 grand per week is not bad but i would say £30-35 grand is what he deserves.
    Good football isnt everything in football, loyalty is more important to the progress of a club IMO, but when the powers that be and the fans arent loyal to you why would you stay when you can get more elsewhere with less agro?

    i wish him luck because i know full backs arent easy to find and good cover certainly isnt either.
    and a full back that wants to stick around longer than 2 season is a tough task for any club to ask for.

    I know for a fact this will bite Ashley on the arse, right on the Lamearse

  24. Madness to let both Simmo and Guthrie go. As we venture into European waters next season, we’ll need a decent sized squad, with reasonable quality in reserve. Given that, both these players have a part to play.

    Replacing Guthrie with, for example, Maher would cost us £3-£4m and we’ve then got the problem od assimilation. Similarly with Simmo (whose agent knows the value of a top four right back) if he left we’d then be bedding in another player who’d take time to fit in.

    Yet looking at the current squad Raylor is, at best, a member of the 25 and probably Tavernier as well for next season.

  25. Stephen C @22:

    You’re pretty media savvy and I am not. Can’t Simpson filter the idiots on Twitter?

    I don’t know what is worse, people abusing people on social media or the authorities taking people to court, fining, banning people for things that are said in the Pub every day.

    I am totally against racism, but I think I am more against the invasion of Government and Big Business into our lives. For all the faults of the US there isn’t CCTV on every corner.

    Last time I was in London, I was thrown against the wall by the British army and surrounded by about 20 of them in Leicester Square. My crime was that I “looked” like someone who had pulled a gun in a pub.

  26. Stephen C says:
    May 10, 2012 at 9:30 pm

    “£25 grand per week is not bad but i would say £30-35 grand is what he deserves.”

    Who says that Simpson’s been offered £25,000 per week, Stephen? That sort of thing is usually supposed to be confidential.

  27. Stephen, was it some crock like Lee Ryder, Luke who’s talking Edwards, or someone else from Llambias’ favourite media house, the Mirror group?

  28. it was reposted over the last few days.

    apparently it wasn’t as issue of the sum it was more how they paid the sum.

    makes this look a little bizarre how many ways are their to pay a footballer?

    im thinking they have given him a a great offer ridiculous strings attached.

    after all our players dont even get paid bonuses for scoring goals or assists like they do at every other club. paying a flat wage seems fair enough if its a half decent wage. but wrapping it up with strings that makes it difficult to earn anything seems like what Ashley does best.

  29. Worky it has been plastered all over the local news for the last few months.

    im not sure where it came from but i think ran it as well as a few other outlets. even Skysports news.

    the thing is Pardews daughter works for sky as far as im aware.

  30. Just saw on Ed’s blog that Newcastle are only 11th in ‘average of home crowds as a percentage of capacity’.

    Spurs, Chelsea and Man City are ahead of us…

    Dun Dun Duuuuun…

  31. AndyMac

    they have agreed not to pursue the route of re-branding………..

    where have we heard that one before?

  32. Nobody knows how much Simpson has been offered. Lee Ryder doesn’t know his arsehole from his elbow. Mark Douglas and Luke Edwards know nothing either.

    The media knows nothing. Could be the length of deal that’s the problem. Who knows?

    Papers such as the locals or Mirror lot just muse like we do, but they need to sell their ramblings obviously.

    Read this:

    That is number one on ‘Newsnow’ for Newcastle United feeds and there is nothing concrete in it at all.

    Just conjecture and assumptions.

  33. Stephen C says:
    May 10, 2012 at 10:00 pm

    “Worky it has been plastered all over the local news for the last few months.”

    Oops! I forgot, Luke Edwards moved to the Torygraph very recently.

    So? That doesn’t mean it has any veracity. All it takes is a journalist making a guesstimate, or Llambias slipping one of his little “very high source at the club” quotes to the Mirror Group, and then everyone else just copies it.

    One of the most recent examples is that most journalists are still reporting that we paid £10 million for Papiss Cisse, when we actually paid something like £7.5 million rising to £9 million.

  34. Worky I just posted a comment but I keep getting a duplicate notification, yet it’s not being held in moderation… Dunno where it’s gone.

  35. Andymac @27:

    I think Guthrie and Simpson are easily good enough to be in our squad but neither are guaranteed starts if we have ambition to be in Europe every year.

    The question then is their ambition and their view of their own quality and/or limitations. We know that both could start for Villa, West Brom or Fulham. Will they be happy with that or would they prefer to prove that they can start in a potentially very good Newcastle team? It is sort of the Steve Harper conundrum.

    I would leave if I was them. By the looks of it they will always be overshadowed at SJP and could have very good careers elsewhere.

  36. Jimbob says:
    May 10, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    “Worky I just posted a comment but I keep getting a duplicate notification”

    It was being held in the spam for some reason. I’ve sorted it now.

  37. Jimbob says:
    May 10, 2012 at 10:28 pm
    Right thought it was something I said.

    Aye Jimbob – it was when you said “5under1and” LOL!

    Evening all :)

  38. Jimbob says:
    May 10, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    “Papers such as the locals or Mirror lot just muse like we do, but they need to sell their ramblings obviously.”

    They’re the same thing in Newcastle’s case, Jimbob. The Chronic and the Journo ARE Mirror group titles. Sometimes it does actually come from the club too (read llambias), but it’s usually disinformation to turn fans against ex managers / players who leave. If Simpson leaves, expect stories about his / his agents outrageous demands and so on.

  39. I know Worky, which will be a shame because even though Simpson isn’t Cafu, he has improved a lot this season and been a big part of our success.

    UTD, Pardew has a daughter but don’t think she works for Sky. Not heard that anywhere before.

  40. I wonder what Danny Simpson will put out if he leaves?

    It won’t make ant difference what either party says, if he stays, good, if he goes, he’s gone!
    Footballers come & go, usually in the transfer window.

  41. Strangely it seems that the Daily Mail seem to have the inside knowledge of Newcastle regarding info, transfers etc.

    The Chronicle etc just feed off them, which is odd considering they should be the clued up ones.

  42. UTD, no worries mate. Worky seems to think he’s got two daughters. I think one is called Ellie or Elsie… Something like that.

    I dunno how I know this.

  43. he does have two daughters.

    and he is still married to the same women.

    she is swedish.

    he was the first person to be granted a Super Injunction.

    beleive it or not he was the one who started the trend.

  44. Jimbob says:
    May 10, 2012 at 10:45 pm

    “Strangely it seems that the Daily Mail seem to have the inside knowledge of Newcastle regarding info, transfers etc.”

    Not really, Jimbob. I seem to recall that they got one or two stories right a while back, but people tend to forget all the twaddle.

  45. One things for sure, It’s going to be an interesting summer of speculation for the toon. Maher looks great. Only question would ne his ability to adapt to EPL. Remember Tomasson. Simpson has done enough to be offered a fair deal we can only speculate, but I suspect they’re undercutting him. Very easy to become complacent about the quality you have if it’s been previously underrated or hasn’t had time to show its pedigree. But I don’t think that’s what this is. His natural attributes are deemed to fall short & ultimately the club feel they csn get better for the price and they’re probably right…upto a point. The commitment and determination the lad has shown in the face of appreciative fans and employers demonstrates to me he is more than the sum of his talents & worth keeping hold of.

  46. this is allegedly the source close to the toon.

    im not sure if it is his Daughter or Neice or someone else. but they are definitely related and the “currently supporting Newcastle United is a bit of a give away to the family link”

    DO you guys not believe in conspiracy theories?

    Keep up lads

  47. Super injunctions have got to the point where if one is taken out it immediately becomes the subject of internet gossip, thus raising the profile of the very thing the (usually) celebrity wants to keep quiet.

    What they need are lower profile, not-so-super injunctions if they want to keep things quiet.

  48. Is it true Pardew had the injunction out for visiting certain establishments? I read that on a West Ham forum ages ago?

    Probably just rubbish though.

  49. workyticket says:
    May 10, 2012 at 10:58 pm

    “Not really, Jimbob. I seem to recall that they got one or two stories right a while back, but people tend to forget all the twaddle.”

    Just trying to focus on the positives. Which is very hard to do when it’s the Daily Mail.

  50. that was Avram grant.

    he was caught visiting thai Massage parlours.

    he was chauffeur driven to and from the parlor using the club car. it was in a industrial estate.

    he was given the injuction on grounds he had a happy family.

    pardew was given the injunction due to Tina have cancer at the time.

  51. Well,

    it’s either Simpson & his team want more than the club wanna give ‘cos he thinks he’s worth more than they do or the club are prepared for him to go ‘cos he’s not as valuable as Simpson wants to be.
    If both sides were on the same page there’d be a deal by now.
    Is Simmo holding out for a bigger pay day move?
    Do NUFC undervalue him?

  52. Sammy J says:
    May 10, 2012 at 11:00 pm

    “Maher looks great. Only question would ne his ability to adapt to EPL. Remember Tomasson.”

    Sammy J, Tomasson is Danish, not Dutch, and he was young and used as a striker by Dalglish due to Shearer’s injuries and Ferdinand being moved on. It wasn’t really the right place for him and he could have been a really good player in England, as he was elsewhere.

  53. Clint, could just be the tos and fros of contract negotiation. Or it could be he’s asking for more than the club thinks he’s worth, in which case he’s for the exit.

  54. Hugh,

    my thoughts too, mostly it’s just one of them things, it’ll all come out in the wash, eventually.

    Thomasson coulda been a legend at Newcastle, not afforded enough time, for me.

  55. GS

    i hate to tell you but…….

    the toon fans have been singing that about Cisse for the last two months.

    Papiss Cisse he scores when he wants.

    you can ask clint to confirm that one

    but i must admit we tend to change the lines now and again.

    Carlos Tevez HE plays when he wants, he plays when he wants…….

    Didier Drogba he dives when he wants.

  56. Robin Van persy he cries when he wants, he cries when he wants robin van persy he cries when he wants

  57. Spurs fans sang it in the same tune ‘we want you to stay, we want you to stay, Harry Redknapp we want you to stay’…

  58. Jimbob: don’t get me started on Spurs. I have to turn the sound down when they sing the pathetic “when the Spurs go marching in”.

  59. GS,

    Some chants you hear are proper crap.

    The worst I ever heard was at Highbury when Kanu was there…

    Kanu Kanu….. Kanu Kanu…. Kanu Kanu Kanu. I think it’s originally ‘come on come on’ or something like that.

  60. jimbob

    that was the pink panther

    Kanu Kanu, Kanu Kanu Kanu Kanu Knau.

    get it now?

  61. ‘Ha Ha Ha, He He He, Let’s all laugh at 5un1un AFC!

    To the tune of Laughing Gnome by Bowie!

    Ya’ Fatha is ya’ brother,
    ya’ sister is ya’ mutha,
    you all f*** each other,
    the mackem family!

    Their grounds a mausoleum,
    ‘cos no one gans t’ see ’em,
    they’ve got a shitty te-am,
    the mackem family!

    To the Addams Family.

    2 of my personal faves there.


  62. Stephen C says:
    May 10, 2012 at 11:54 pm

    “if you are interested in conspiracy theories i have a blinder for you”

    Go on then, what is it, Stephen?

  63. GS says:
    May 10, 2012 at 11:56 pm
    Go on then, go on, go on, go on.

    was that to my conspiracy theory?

  64. well its more to do about sports finance and hiding or chaneling cash elsewhere.

    and ill need more the Tea ill probably need pills or something when you read this,

    its just a theory not meant to reflect my true beliefs. so be warned……..

    here goes

  65. mr. A has an Alleged afair with Mrs. B

    Mr. A is a wealthy man dealing in lots of differnt businesses.

    Mr. A is also know to traffic humans all over the world. legally.

    when Mr. A moves a person into one country he needs to also move everything that person owns as well.

    so Mr. A asked Mrs. B to start an business.

    Mrs. B starts a business importing and exporting.

    Mrs. B imports anything, Cars, Cupboards, house hold goods. even an entire interior of a house as Mr. A clients are richer than her wildest dreams.

    Mr. A has lots of clients, Some stay, some dont. some only stay a week or two some stay longer. some stay a year some stay two, three even four.

    Mrs. B imports all their posesions into the country when they arrive and out of the country when they leave.

    not only does Mrs. B import Mr.A clients goods but the families and close friends of Mr. A. clients also.

    Mr.A privately in a hotel in USA asks Mrs. B to charge way over the going rate for her service.

    Mrs. B doesnt mind.

    Mr. B finds out that Mrs. B is meating Mr. A in secret and think his beloved Mrs.B is having an afair.

    Mr.A and Mrs.B would face years in prison if this got out. its its better the let people think Mr. A is having an Afair with Mrs.B.

    when in reality Mrs. B is only a front and is actually laundering and channeling cash to avoid Tax that would be paid to Mr. A clients if they werent charged so much for import export fees.

  66. Mr. A has friends in the Entertainment industry(Mr.L), he also has friends who own a football club(mr.M).

    Mr. M is as dodgey as they come. so he creates lots of fronts to help Mr. A. channel as much cash as he can.

    Mr. A says he can only channel as much cash as one person would realisticaly bring into the country.

    so Mr.M hatches a plan, do a deal with south american football scouts to get the cream of the crop talent from across the atlantic. the more people imported into the country the more items. the more cash being charged

    Mrs. B wins, Mr.A wins and Mr. M wins.

    Mrs.B gets paid, pays her own taxes(far less than Mr.A. and MR.M would if it wasnt being channeld through Mrs.B)

    Mr.A pays less tax and ships lots of earning off to reduce his tax bill


    Mr.M uses Mrs.B to bring in more items than he declares and also chanels more cash through her.

  67. Mr. K is managing Mr. Ms football team.

    he doesnt like being overules by Mr.Mand doesnt likethe idea of south american talent either.

    Mr.K walks out

    Mr. A and Mr.M agree its not the right time for Mr. A to become manager of Mr.Ms football club so Mr.H unwittingly steps in from Mr.K

    a year later after a great run of games Mr.H. is saked.

    no one understands why.

    Mr. A take job managing Mr.M. football club

    job done mission a complished

  68. Is Argentina involved, and a certain Armenian super-agent and the fish rotting from the head down?

  69. I thought it was all about the Xisco Kid and Dennis Wisenheimer? I can never follow these sorts of theories.

  70. One of her business interests is Chione Investments Ltd, through which she owns a shipping company – giving the river a particular appeal to Natalie.

    She is also business partners with Bruce Stimpson, well-known businessman, and has several projects on the go – developing educational board games, liaising to put on football friendlies between South American and English teams, and introducing Rocket Fuel, a South American energy drink, into the UK.

  71. its all to do with the front.

    in my theory all the south american deals were only afront to channel cash through a shipping company.

    obviously it is a theory and not fact. not meant to represent actual events

  72. Mr. A was played by Alan Pardew

    Mrs. B was played by NAtalie Reeves

    ive gone down the ridley scott road to factual events

  73. As I said, you totally lost me, so I’ll stick to easier stuff like talking shop with Stephen Hawking

  74. i think you have more chance talking NAzi Germany with the pope than talking shop with hawking

  75. The Pope was in the Hitler Youth. But my point is that I understand about as much about Stephen Hawking’s theories as I do about this conspiracy.

  76. Stephen C @116: it is real people and real articles so you must think there is something to it???

  77. well yeah i do. but like i said it is a theory.

    and every theory is usualy wide of the mark.

    im not saying that it what i think has happened im saying that i think it is possible.

    anything is possible in this day and age. the more grandiose a thing seems the more likely it is true

  78. Stephen C,

    I’m not really saying anything against the theory, I’m just saying I don’t know enough of the facts to figure it out one way or the other.

    All joking aside, honestly, your posts were too cryptic for me to follow. I got a bit lost and I am not afraid to admit it.

  79. mate i got lost just thinking of the F**ker so reading it is going to be a hell of a ball game

  80. Possibly the most boring shit i have had the misfortune to go through (the last 50 posts)

    Clint Flick @ 90#
    Thats pretty disgusting stuff, better left to macho 12 year olds who know no better !

    Stephen C
    Could ya try and bore us with just one sentance, instead of War and Peace length rants.

    GS sez
    For all the faults of the US, at least their aint a cctv on every street corner.

    Dont know where you live buddy, but there is in NYC !

  81. Also, Chuck:

    the interesting thing about this blog is that it sometimes goes off on a tangent that may not appeal to everybody – daily essays on Hatem Ben Arfa for example.

  82. chuck says:
    May 11, 2012 at 4:22 pm

    “Clint Flick @ 90#
    Thats pretty disgusting stuff, better left to macho 12 year olds who know no better !”

    Not as bad as the one which made certain assertions about the nature of Roy Keane’s relationship with his Labrador, Chuck. That’s English football though.

    Oh, and on the subject of NYC, thanks for “zero tolerance” policing BTW.

  83. Workey

    Niether a fan of “The Met.Police” or their NYC counterparts “NYPD”, both seriously bent organizations.
    Following a tv expose on CCTV in the UK, there was a documentary done on how much actual coverage there was in NYC.
    As it turns out one of the people making the documentary found he was constantly on camera from his apt. in Soho
    (yes we also have a Soho) to his job in mid-town, while cycling to work.
    Strangely enough, for the most part the cameras were privately owned, though there are plenty of city owned CCTV cameras around.
    If my memory is right this all took place prior to “9/11” in which case god only knows how many there are now ?
    There’s also a policy of stop and search, (Mainly people of color)where hundreds of thousands of people are randomly searched by the NYPD.
    Big Bro. is firmly in control, with the ability to trace those with a GPS or smart phone, at any time they please.
    Phone tapping ? you would’nt believe how much !
    Even Blogs like this.
    Fatherland Security has created a monster, but on saying that no where close to the control you have in the UK.
    I still think about that poor Brasilian kid, who was executed by mistake on the Tube.
    Of course there’s always a whitewash by the Met. Police, following a death or execution, who after all does the investigation ?

  84. What about zero tolerance ?
    Are you suggesting something ?

    No ! thats nothing to do with English football, it’s to do with people who need professional help.

  85. Hang on Chuck. Some interesting questions there, but I’m just trying to get something done on the blog front here.

    UTD111 are you out there?

  86. chuck @125

    that my friend was the conspiracy theory of the year.

    unfortunately im taking a leaf out of the ridley and tony scott book of elaboration.

    if you have ever seen the film Unstoppable and see the actual “true events” they are based on you will see where i get my inspiration from.

  87. maze202 says:

    “Pards Barclays manager of the season :)”

    Well at least the SHS has won something at last :lol:

  88. BTW the Pardwho tales are all borne out by Wet Spam and Southampton fans/mb’s.

    Let’s not forget he was sacked from Saints because of “concern over staff morale”. Hardly surprising if the SHS was rooting around your missus :lol:

  89. and taking Smudgers weekly hit off the wage bill surely frees up another £200k a week or so ? Enough to pay for at least four decent Frenchies !

  90. @ Stephen @ 122:

    Ah. Goebbels and the Big Lie.

    I don’t find this unbelievable at all. Tax scams-huge ones-are far more common than most think.

    @ Chuck @ 125 re: NYC. That’s not true (for the record, I do live in NYC, have for a decade). I mean, our civil liberties are being flushed down the toilet and we’re sliding into a fascist state run by financiers, and the cops here spend their time busting people for smoking pot and parking illegally while Wall Street loots the economy but there’s no comparison between the CCTV coverage in London and anywhere over here. There was an article in Harper’s about this early this year…let me see if I can find the reference.

  91. @ AndyMac @ 147: there’s not one source cited in there. Pure speculation, based on Lennon’s assertion in January that they were close to signing him. He may go, but…

  92. tunyc says:
    May 11, 2012 at 8:00 pm

    “@ Stephen @ 122:

    Ah. Goebbels and the Big Lie.”

    It was Hitler first, in “Mein Kampf,” tunyc. Goebbels just rephrased the same idea years after.

  93. tunyc says:
    May 11, 2012 at 8:00 pm

    “I mean, our civil liberties are being flushed down the toilet and we’re sliding into a fascist state run by financiers, and the cops here spend their time busting people for smoking pot and parking illegally.”

    Tunyc, did you know that the claimed “success” of Noo Yoyk’s “Zero Tolerance” policing (newspeak for “total intolerance” which doesn’t sound quite so acceptable), is based on a complete lie.

    It was exported all over the world on the grounds that it reduced crime figures markedly in New York. Though crime figures did fall by alot, it was subsequently found that this was actually due to marked demographic changes in the population of the New York area and not fascist style policing after all. But they kept very quiet about that and still persist with the lie that tasering people for dropping litter and shit like that is a good thing.

  94. WORKEY
    Zero tolerance is bullshit, NYC cops may stop and search people of color hundreds of thousands of them.
    They got a quota to meet!
    But in general that was political propaganda put out by various Mayors and the Comish. (Kelly)
    The truth is when everyone has a job, there’s less crime.
    However the elected and appointed officials like to use statistics to make themselves look good.
    It’s just bullshit!

  95. Chuck, calm down, I agree with you completely!

    The point I was making though was not just that it is “bullshit,” but that it was categorically PROVEN to be bullshit.

    The most interesting word in your last comment though was “quotas” or “targets” That has been one of the biggest curses of “Blair’s Britain”.

    It isn’t an incentive for people to do better, it’s an incentive to cheat. In the UK, hospital adminstrators were under constant pressure to make waiting list figures ever better, so they put everyone with easy to treat, none life threatening ailments to the front of the queue, and people with with more serious problems which were highly complex and more difficult to treat suffered as a consequence, and sometimes died. Small children were arrested by the Police, forcibly taken into custody and DNA fingerprinted for heinous crimes such as throwing a slice of cucumber at another child, or drawing hopscotch squares on the pavement in chalk so Police could meet targets (they were actual cases BTW). Exams were made easier so Education chiefs could say that educational standards were improving and so on. It’s a road to hell.

  96. I am shocked at how much worse things have got since I left the UK. I watch that Inspector Morse/Lewis and just can’t believe the number of murders there are in Oxford.

  97. Seriously though, I see cops with guns all the time here but I was pretty scared when I had the Army pointing machine guns at me.

    The amount of crime and civil unrest in Britain in no way justifies the amount of intrusion of Goverment into people’s lives. Where do you draw the line though? That’s a tough question.

    I do know that if you give people in authority the power to take away your liberties they probably will, especially when supported by an extreme right wing press.

  98. Worky: I can’t imagine what it will be like for the Olympics. We have a World Summit here in Chicago soon and I am already hearing stories of a massive Police overreaction.

    Remember, there is precidence from the ’68 Democratic Convention.

    A few years ago, I went on a march in Downtown Chicago against the Iraq war. Probably only 4,000 people, middle-aged schoolteacher types for the most part. Not an anarchist in sight, maybe a few peacenics.

    They had at least 2,000 police shoulder to shoulder along the route in full riot gear, with Kevlar vests and shin pads, 3 feet plus riot clubs as well as their guns.

  99. GS,

    crime in britain ain’t nowhere near as prevalent as the british media would have you believe mate. A good clue is the fact that they always feed us with percentages rather than actual numbers, % can always be made to sound worse than numbers.
    I doubt the numbers over here even register compared with the good us of a?

  100. GS says:
    May 11, 2012 at 10:11 pm

    “A few years ago, I went on a march in Downtown Chicago against the Iraq war. Probably only 4,000 people, middle-aged schoolteacher types for the most part. Not an anarchist in sight, maybe a few peacenics.”

    GS, when the “Cold War” ended, power required a new mechanism of social control, another war as a pretence to curtail personal freedom. This a part of what is known as a “propaganda model.”

    Perhaps it is other parts of this propaganda model which made you write “Not an anarchist in sight” as if it would have been justified if there had been. Perhaps there were, as many Anarchists ARE “middle-aged schoolteacher types.” You just didn’t recognise them when they weren’t filtered by a government controlled media.

  101. Even in the US the perception of crime is far worse than the reality. The meida have become entertainment rather than a source of real information and as such they distort to entertain. It’s a sad state of affairs. I have no idea what the cure is.

  102. In answer to the question… I’m not sure if interest in Pieters in now finished. No idea. But I bet they’re out there lookin’ for someone.

    HWTL and here’s to a glorious finale at Goodison with Arsenal and the Spuds slipping so that we can take 3rd spot and take the Champions League by storm!

  103. Paul, there’s no telling with these two sides aboves us. Arse have been all over the map and WBA has been a bit of a thorn in their side the past couple of seasons. Spuds play Fulham, who have been pretty solid of late. I think they both have home games though. Who knows. Lets just win on Sunday and let the chips fall where they may.

  104. At start of posts you talking about tavernier he was at carlisle for a while. seen him play for them quite a few times as i live over there. he good but wouldnt go as far as being the nxt big thing