Toon allegedly after left-back Neil Taylor

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Newcastle will allegedly take advantage of a £1m buy-out clause in Neil Taylor's contract.
New left-back?
Newcastle United are allegedly set to take Swansea’s Neil Taylor via a £1m buy-out clause in his contract.

Allegedly (and don’t you just love it when I start an article with that) we have no less than ‘swooped’ over to Welsh Wales and are about to complete the signing of newly promoted Swansea’s Neil Taylor.

I can’t personally be having with this. Forget the speculative aspect of this for a moment, but we simply can’t employ any more Taylors. We already have Saylor and Raylor – do we really want a Naylor too?

Anyway, the 22 year-old is listed as a left-back or left-sided midfielder and has spent his senior career at Wrexham and Swansea after leaving the Manchester City youth programme at 15. Being a Taff, he has also figured in the Wales youth squad a few times and has now stepped up to senior level with 3 caps to his name.

Swansea bought him for £150,000 from Wrexham in 2010 but apparently he has a £1m buy-out clause in his contract, the finding of which by Newcastle has supposedly ‘baffled and infuriated’ Swansea.

We are supposedly fixing him up on a four year deal within the next two weeks.

Now, beware! As far as I can tell this speculation started in The Mirror (the newspaper that is, not the bathroom one where I make myself beautiful) and is backed up by “someone having heard from Neil Taylor’s best mate” on various forums, so treat it as cautiously as you would a bag of angry vipers.

I suppose the one bit that makes sense about it is that a left-back is what we’d need if Enrique is off this summer, but I guess we’ll find out if there’s any truth in the rumour in due course.

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9 Responses

  1. i think this one will be true as it fits the blue print perfectly. sell one of the prems top three left backs and get an ‘el cheapo’ in and hope he works out to be a cracker. Another gamble by cashely.. lets hope it pays off.

  2. If this is true then this would suggest to me that jose stays and that this lad is being brought in as one for the future and cover. From everything I’ve seen off Shane Ferguson so far leads me to the conclusion that the lad is a left winger and not a left back. I’m told that he has spent all his youth and reserve team football in midfield and in my opinion he’s far to slight and little to be a left back. If this news is true then its another great bit off scouting by the club.

  3. Right. Remember what happened to perch? This guy has just about the same amount of aggression in him.

    Then again, perch was picked out by chrissy. I think pardew will get it right. HWTL

  4. Pardew will get it right? yes if Ashley considers the players cheap enough to buy.

    Just another Perch IMO. Another cheap replacement.

  5. Save a million quid and play Ferguson for christ’s sake… isn’t Rocket Science!

  6. If Enrique stays then this guy could be the cover we need at left back. I haven’t seen him play but I’m slightly dubious when it comes to championship players. Ferguson looks like he has the flair to be an able attacker, he might be wasted in defense.

  7. DeeJay says:
    June 5, 2011 at 9:06 pm

    “Ferguson looks like he has the flair to be an able attacker, he might be wasted in defense.”

    DeeJay, If he has the abilty to defend, then why would he be wasted there? There is nothing wrong with being a good defender.