Newcastle allegedly interested in Ryad Boudebouz (+ video)

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Toon interest in Algerian midfielder.
Another Barton replacement?
Newcastle United seem to be speculating in France in terms of transfer targets with the latest one allegedly being Ryad Boudebouz.

The latest on the rumour-mill is that we’re interested in Ryad Boudebouz who I will confess to never having heard of before. He’s a midfielder who currently plays for FC Sochaux-Montbéliard in France’s Ligue 1.

He has 7 full caps for Algeria, switching his allegiance to them after playing his youth internationals for France. He’s 21 years-old, 5ft 9in high and has scored 14 goals in 94 appearances for Sochaux, but was particularly good this season with 8 goals and 7 assists in 38 games.

Allegedly Graham Carr has been lining Boudebouz up as a potential replacement for Joey Barton on the right of midfield.

The player has also attracted interest from Saint-Etienne, Lyons and Liverpool, but the French press speculates that Marseilles lead the chase with the club’s Sporting Director Jose Anigo supposedly due to meet the player very soon.

About a year ago Arsene Wenger was singing his praises, saying:

There are some good individuals in the Algeria team and I think they will get through the group with England.

I know the youngster Ryad Boudebouz, who is a very good player.

Rightly or wrongly, I tend to trust speculation from the foreign press a bit more than speculation from our own rags, although bear in mind it is just speculation about our potential interest in the player.

I generally like to try and include a video of potential transfer targets, so here’s a montage of Boudebouz’ skills:

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13 Responses

  1. woah!if we go on adding french players the way we’re being linked with them we might end up being more french than arsenal!nonetheless,as long as the team does well.
    seems like all the players we seem to be linked with are replacements for our established stars.i hope they end up being worthy additions to the squad.
    oh,and did anyone see how well tim krul did against Brazil of all teams on his first ever international cap?well done to him.seems he could end up being our number one for a long time to come.

  2. Necastle?? is this the new name for liverpool as they are linked with every player we are after

  3. just noticed the spelling mistake.quite unusual of hugh.
    umm,is it me or has our second strip for next year not been released as yet?i can find the 1st and 3rd but not the 2nd.
    shouldn’t we add defensive cover given that we only have 3 top centre half’s namely taylor,williamson n colo,of which one of them is out for quite some’d be nice if we could bring in a decent cover for that position.
    i don’t know any names who’d be available at our sort of price though.

  4. Paul, arka. Sorry for the spelling mistooks (which I’ve corrected). I was half asleep when I wrote it.

    arka, I think you’re right about the 2nd kit. I must admit I had thought that this was official for some reason, but it isn’t.

  5. is there anyone in france we are not buying? I hear we have chirac coming in as chairman too…. wake me up when we actually get anyone lol lol
    I am a little more tyhan interested in how thigns went with Jose…. the club’s and his silence in deafening! Padrew said him and Deckka were sitting down with Jose and his people in the early part o fthe week…and now its er… sunday and not a single whisper. Thats godda be bad news and i think Jose is a gonna.

  6. Thought we had Yohan Cabaye as Bartoon’s replacement-by the way, has anyone actually seen him yet? I don’t mean playing I mean actually seen him since he said he was signing for us then dropped off the face of the planet a couple of days ago.

    Thought that would have been officially announce by now.

    Plus when are Gervinho and Gameiro going to pull their fingers out and just say yes or no as well?

    Could really do wish us announcing we’d bagged a striker. That would just temper my fears of another crappy transfer window. Show a bit of proper intent!

    Come on Ashley! Fat hands in shallow pockets time!

  7. I hope he doesnt replace Barton. Barton has enuff flair for me but its the other aspects of Joeys game that will be hard to replace.

    been away for a week or so, have we actually signed any1, I’ve read we’ve got 2 players already??

  8. mark……nope we have signed no-one other than a fresh faced 18 year old on freeby as pne for future. Other than that.. no, no-one has signed and that includes this cabaye chap. everything just waffle at the minute. as with al lthings ashely, it wil be a gamble and i am sure he will want to sell before he buys and will also wantto contunue lowering the wages as he goes. Shame we cant off load smith and xisco as that alone would free up 125k a week ffs.

  9. cheers Craig.

    I’d be happy if we paid off their contracts in full. Their high wages will result in nobody being interested.

    I know its only been a few weeks but thes weeks soon go by and if we don’t show real interest soon it may be too late.

    Season tickets on sale soon, Ashley should show the fans we’ll be pushing on next season, instead we have knocked back Joey..hmmm not v good for confidence.

  10. The transfer window hasn’t officially opened yet and some people are complaining that we haven’t signed anyone… Give me a break.. What a pack of whingers (you know who you are!)

  11. Does anyone know what’s happened with Ranger looks like he has been told to look for a new club. Something must have happened behind the scenes as it wasn’t long ago Pardew was raving about his potential.

  12. My best mate and I took Souchaux to the top of league Un and dominated the champions league in FIFA 07. This guy must be excellent. Sign at whatever cost.