Is Vertonghen too pricey for us?

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Jan Vertonghen - alleged Newcastle United target.
Vertonghen - too expensive?
Newcastle United are allegedly interested in Ajax’s Jan Vertonghen but is he a realistic target given the interest of some fairly big clubs?

According to The Chronicle the latest player of interest to Newcastle is Ajax captain Jan Vertonghen but, personally, I reckon he might be a bit pricey for us.

The 6ft 2.5in, 24 year-old, left-footed Belgian international is estimated to be worth £10m+ and the Dutch press seems to be reporting interest in him from Arsenal and Man Utd rather than us. Furthermore, one article suggests Arsenal’s interest stretches to €18m, which is nearly £15m and, I would suggest, well outside what we’re likely to pay for a player.

If there’s any truth in it though, we’d be after a fairly experienced player with 233 club games and 30 goals to his name, and 36 appearances for Belgium in which he’s scored twice.

His preferred position is as a centre-back but apparently he can play as a defensive midfielder too and pretty much anywhere on the left side. This sort of versatility does seem to be the sort of thing Alan Pardew likes and at 24 he seems to fit the profile of the sort of player we employ these days.

According to The Chronicle, Vertonghen favours a move to Arsenal, which, I think, they based that on what his agent said, which is:

I have instructed my agent carefully. He knows which clubs I want to join and Arsenal are one of them.

The Dutch press suggests that AS Roma, AC Milan, Juventus and Malaga are interested as well as Man Utd and Arsenal, and I reckon if he really is attracting such interest it’ll drive the price up beyond what we’re prepared to pay. So I have serious doubts about the rumours of our interest but I guess time will tell.

I wonder how many central defenders we’re after. Or indeed how many players we’ll be after in total this summer. I suppose it will depend on who leaves to a certain extent but I would have thought we’d be looking to recruit at least one central defender and possibly another player somewhere in defence. We could be looking to recruit a goalkeeper if events transpire as reported by my esteemed colleague yesterday.

Whilst perusing the Dutch press I found an article relating to our continued interest in Douglas and running it through Google Translate came back with a surprising translation that said: “The temperamental basket socket is already indicated that he would like to make a step higher and aim for a European league table in a top competition.“.

What, I wonder, is a ‘basket socket’ and do we need one? Perhaps it’s a new position just in front of central teapot and to the left of flailing armadillo.

Cruyff favourite Vertonghen should be Newcastle United’s top defensive target.

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48 Responses

  1. I reckon a “Basket Socket” is exactly what we need! Man Utd & Arsenal are unlikely to compete with us for a Basket Socket (BS). Graham Carr has a great track record in the identification of BS’s, and the coaching staff have proven they can turn a BS into a right winger who scores spectacular goals.

    All we’ll need is a basket case to keep them in….oh, that’s Ashley’s job!!

  2. “If in doubt, yes he is” is the answer I’d generally give to these articles. But to be honest I find that the Carr and co are very good at keeping the press from reporting the signings we’re actually interested in getting. Look at all the hullabaloo over Maiga and then we get Cissé :-)

  3. TBH, I doubt we’re after any of the players mentioned above or in the papers as thats how we work these days, tho I can bet Carr has a whole host of sports news reporters following him all over Europe as they try to get one over on each other as well as try to work out who we’re really after… lol

    As for this gadgie, yeah, I’d say he’s out of our price range, which I suspect won’t be anywhere near the £10m mark per player, especially if we’re after 4-6 players as is being reported everywhere… we’ll pay between 3-7m per player is we’re lucky & make 20-30m profit on any sales.. lol

  4. I reckon chief scout is well aware of the “rabbit garden” principle….

    The way to keep rabbits from eating your garden is to surround it with things rabbits like to eat. By the time they’ve munched through it on their way to your real garden, they’re too full to do any damage….

    So give the press a rabbit garden – ie plenty of false leads to munch on, whilst in the background quietly line up the real targets without alerting your rivals…. :)

  5. Worth every penny, or gilder or euro.

    Some players cost what they are worth, this is one of them.

    All depends on whether we cash any chips in first, i suppose.

  6. I reckon the club have already lined up who they want and as soon as the transfer window opens they will conclude the deal.

    The club will want to get the new players onboard and bedded in as quickly as possible especially as it is looking increasingly likely that we will be playing European football. If it’s the Europa League then there could be some early season games.

    This chap looks a bit expensive.

    Following on from the ‘rabbit garden’ principle it wouldn’t surprise me if Mr Carr pulls one out from his hat.

  7. Actually, UTD, the way to keep rabbits out of your garden is to sprinkle crystallized coyote urine all over.

    Perhaps Carr’s doing the same.

  8. Hmmm ! quite a few defenders rumored to either be on their way here, or at least considered.
    Doubt if Vertonghen is one, too pricey and has voiced
    his choice for Arsenal, who it’s rumored are about to get rid of Mertsaker, the German defender being considered too slow.
    The side certainly need defensive help, but where will the funding come from?
    Knowing Ashleys business plan, younger, better and most important, Cheaper.
    Got a feeling someone will have to be sold, either or both Tiote and Ba.
    If we could get as rumored around 20m. for Tiote, grab it !
    Though Ba has expressed his willingness to stay, the release clause is a problem and if PSG come in for him, he’s gone IMO.
    So that leaves us looking at younger better and cheaper again, how long can this assembly line of new talent last?
    Cause if we are to compete in next seasons European playoffs, we will need at least five or six in and possibly the same amount out.
    But hell what do i know, have to see what happens.

  9. Can’t see us getting 5-6 in or out chuck, but hey, stranger things have happened.
    We may lose/give up 1 or 2 like.
    Couple of defenders (cb, lb) would be nice, then cover whomever leaves, though that said, some of the youth may come through as cover.

  10. I see no Newcastle players made it onto the lists for player of the year.
    Who compiles this shit?

    oxlade-chamberlaine has only played a handful of bits of games & is on there.

    Would ya’ dare?

  11. Nominees for Player of the Year include Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney, David Silva, Sergio Aguero, Joe Hart, and Scott Parker (!).
    The Young Player of the Year nominees, which honor players under the age of 24, are a collective joke. Nominated are Sergio Aguero, Danny Welbeck(?), Kyle Walker(?), Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain(?), Daniel Sturridge(?), and Gareth Bale.

    In the immortal words of victor meldrew & alan hansen: Unbelieveable!

  12. I presume we’ll lose at least one player for big bucks and poss ba as well.
    Would imagine there will be quite a few offers for other players such as cabaye, HBA and cisse – it then depends if they start demanding a move in order to double thier wages ……. This summer might not be pretty, on the upside – there’s only the top 4 and thicko Liverpool /Chelsea who can offer huge wages and they can only buy so many players and they’re allegedly after all our targets anyway

  13. I think it’s common knowledge now that we only sell for big bucks now & that most our players are on long contracts too.
    that will focus a few minds(wallets)!

  14. Can’t believe Van Plonker is favourite for player of the year….

    Or maybe I can – he plays for Arsenal

    Silly me…..

  15. UTD,

    at least he’s scored for fun, the others are more questionable for me like.

  16. Maybe all the Vertonghen/Douglas talk is a cover to sign Erik Pieters and Aly Cissokho? Pieters is mates with Krul, and after signing his new contract may be putting in a word? And Cissokho, well he’s French, need I say more?
    In relation to Ba, maybe him going (as long as its abroad) isn’t a bad thing, pocket some cash before his knee goes. Marveaux will be back next season too, that will be like a new signing.

  17. I just wonder about Marveaux Iain…

    He’s another one who came to us with a limp….and doesn’t seem to be very resilient 8)

  18. He wouldn’t be the first crock we’ve signed. I’m not quite sure where wed fit him in though, unless he slotted in behind Cisse with HBA? My big worry about Ba going would be Cisse, would it unsettle him? Hopefully the curried goat is too good for him to be lured away!

  19. CLiNT FLiCK says:

    “PFA Player of the Year ……….In the immortal words of victor meldrew & alan hansen: Unbelieveable!”

    Gotta bear in mind that all PFA members are able to vote for any other PFA member and the votes were all cast in February. So probably too early for Cisse and HBA but Ba could have made it to the last six ?

  20. Andy,

    i was thinking of Krul for eg for young player.

    Good point about the others though.
    But where/why do they get the others from?

  21. 4411 says:
    April 16, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    “This summer might not be pretty, on the upside – there’s only the top 4 and thicko Liverpool /Chelsea who can offer huge wages and they can only buy so many players and they’re allegedly after all our targets anyway”

    Moneybags PSG may want to repatriate France’s best players, 4411. Then there’s the usual eurogiants, Milan, Internazionale, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and so on. Benny could play for any of those if he doesn’t blow any more gaskets for a while, and one or two of the others could too.

    Pardiola’s started giving reminders that we’re a selling club again as we move towards another transfer window:

    “They (us) know that in certain circumstances we will sell players.”

    This idea that Graham Carr can endlessly dig out players of the calibre of Ben Arfa, Cisse and Cabaye for next to nothing is starting to get a little out of hand now. Some of the ones we have were worked on for quite some time, before Carr was even at the club, and more emphasis may switch to younger players for the Academy with the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP).

  22. Krul surely should have been short listed for young player?

    Van Persie should get Player of the year, even though his attitude stinks at times. Silva is just brilliant to watch, he’s fallen short a bit recently, but seems to be back in top gear now.

    Aguero should get young player.

  23. Daniel Sturridge was short listed, And Kyle Walker…

    Chamberlain looks a real talent but how many games has he actually played…

    Think Ba came top of ‘bargain of the season’, from a survey answered by Premier League managers. Not really an award though.

    Think Cisse could rival that if he carries on!

  24. poor van percyvil did i see a bit a bad loser.

    arsenalhole 1 – 2 wigan

    what a result. lets hope the toon can do their job and catch up

  25. yup. he must not like Newcastle. he only seems to kick off with either our players or our former players.

    good result lets hope we can get the results we need.

    if wigan play like that every week we will be in for a hard game.

  26. Well, oh my gosh, have the gooners gone & lost again.

    wigan are gonna be right up for our game at their place.

  27. i know

    the way moses played tonight we will be lucky with a point.

    Clint you fancy the chelsea game? i might have a spare one?

  28. what a set of matches over 6 hours next saturday!
    involving both top & bottom

    First 12.45 Arsenal v Chelsea

    then at 3pm – NUFC v Stoke City
    Bolton Wanderers v Swansea City
    Blackburn Rovers v Norwich City

    then at 5.30 QPR v Spurs
    with QPR knowing the Bolton & Blackburn results and (a hopefuly demoralised) Spurs the Arsenal, Chelski & Newcastle ones
    fingers crossed for Arsenal, NUFC & QPR wins – leaving us 4th !

    its gonna be a long day !

  29. Stephen C says:
    April 16, 2012 at 11:24 pm

    “the way moses played tonight we will be lucky with a point.”

    They do say he can perform miracles, Stephen.

  30. only 4 points needed for europe! what a brilliant achievement – well done to every one at NUFC !

  31. supper mac

    i dont know about you, but im still reaching for 3rd.

    forget 4th or 5th we need chelsea to beat Arsenal and put us in the champions league proper.

    the one you need to watch is the chelsea game.

    chelsea have 4 games in 10 days.

    Barcelona, QPR, Newcastle united(wednesday night) Liverpool(FA cup final saturday)

    if you were the manager what would you rather go for?

    if barcelona knock out chlesea then the only chance of silverware will be the FA cup.

    we might play a second string on the wednesday night. their priority will be the FA cup surely.

  32. workyticket says:
    April 16, 2012 at 11:29 pm

    They do say he can perform miracles, Stephen.

    have you been watching reruns of our championship season?
    im sure that old dusty joke was around back then.

    now its about as funny as a split in the ocean


  33. Stephen mate, I can hardly believe we are seriously talking about going for 3rd rather than 4th! What a season.
    But lets get those 4 points asap – then go for broke

  34. Supermac it might not even be 4 points.

    come sunday it might only be 1 point. if we wind or draw against stoke

    and Man U beat Everton then it is mission accomplished.

    so it could be decided this week end.

  35. sorry what is the deal with getting 4 points?? 4 points which with mathematically pull us away from everton or 4 points from qualifying for an europa spot?.