Gameiro still a Long shot for the Toon

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Newcastle are allegedly after Reading's Shane Long.
Alternative to Gameiro?
Newcastle United look unlikely to sign Kevin Gameiro now, although he is coming to the North East next week. The club have allegedly turned their attention to Shane Long as a backup if a deal for Gameiro falls through.

It seems that Newcastle have not given up Kevin Gameiro yet, despite the player having said that Valencia and Paris Saint-Germain are his preferred choices.

Newcastle have already had a £10m bid for Gameiro ‘accepted’ by Lorient and it’s now up to the player to decide where his future lies. Valencia have no been able to match our bid and are prepared to wait, hoping that the player’s own preferences will eventually make him choose Spain.

Meanwhile, the Qatar Investment Authority bought 70% of PSG last week and are now said to be well-funded, although I’m not sure if they’ve made an actual bid for Gameiro yet.

Nevertheless, Gameiro is supposedly coming to Tyneside at the end of next week when Pardew and Llambias will work him over and try and persuade him to join the Toon, although it’s probably fair to say that it’s looking unlikely.

It seems that Pardew is already looking at other targets anyway with alleged interest in Reading’s Shane Long. Celtic have already declared an official interest in the player and it’s thought that other top flight clubs are likely to be interested in the 24 year-old striker whose 25 goals in 50 games for Reading this season have attracted attention.

Reading manager Brian McDermott is obviously going to try and hang onto the player, but chairman John Madejski has pretty much accepted they’ll lose him, saying:

I’m aware of interest in Shane Long.

How confident am I we can ward off that interest? Not very.

It’s sad we didn’t get promoted because Shane would have liked to stay if we had reached the Premier League, but that has changed because we will be in the Championship.

What value would I place on him? £20m. I don’t know if he will end up at Celtic, but what is certain is that he will not be at Reading next season.

For those of you haven’t kept up with the fizzy pop now that we’re not in it, here’s a YouTube video of Shane Long in action:

The Daily Mail reckons we will definitely make a £5m bid in for the player but we’ll see.

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20 Responses

  1. Daily Mail and Bull shite go hand in hand.
    they are not even worth the paper it’s writton on these days, i used to buy the daily mail religiously on the way to work every day but for the last 4 or 5 years i’ve bough nothing you might as well get information out of the daily sport there’s more truth in it

  2. £20 mill hahahaha ffs , but it sounds more like a player we would sign, not proven in the pl but knows where the back of the net is so i would,nt be too dissapointed if we took the lad on , maybe 4-5 mill though lol

  3. 20 million… wtf man!! untested in prem and at higher level…5 million maybe. 20 my ar5e.
    I dont want this gamerio knobber.. seems every club in world is a preference to him over us.

  4. As cover for Gameriio & Gervinho yes. We can also send Shola, Loven, Ranger & Best to the division they are suited to because neither of them are Prem players. It’s about time we stopped accepting shite and bring in some quality.

  5. Shame the weather’s going off when Gameiro’s supposed to be coming – things would have looked a lot better in sunny 25C!
    Would seeing lots of girls in mini-skirts help? – supposed to have helped Tino settle in!

  6. 9 goals in the pl in 2 seasons, last season his only good scoring season and they rekon he is worth 20million :-)

    No wonder clubs go abroad to get players like in france, which has more young talent at a better price. How though can you go from gameiro to long? Probably go from gervinho to puncheon, thats being negative though.

  7. Have we given up or lost out on gervinho? If so, this window’s manifesting the same signs as keegan’s last one with us. Big names which fast disappear leading to gems like xisco et al.

  8. So he is coming next week for a look at the club and talks , Why ? if we are not his preferred choice why bother or was it his agent telling him to say that in the hope of bigger money from spain or Qatari money from Paris . Hope that when he arrives Pardew can convince him to sign .

  9. Axel, why’s he popping in to see us? Well, it breaks the journey to the Emirates Stadium, he can freshen up and have a coffee before catching the bus to London!

  10. So whats with the NUFC blog, is that toonsy`s blog ?
    It`s very close and could easily be mistaken for this blog.
    Co-incidence ?

    As for Gervinho and Gameiro, be nice to sign both, but i have my doubts, but hey, money talks and bullshit walks.
    sure it would be preferable to spend your next four years, either in the city of light or sunny Valencia, eating haut cuisine or piella, as opposed to frigid Newcastle and a stottie cake with ham and pease puddin.
    But a bitta dosh can take care of that and the idea after about three years you could end up @ a big London club, more dosh and London.
    But we cant change that, may be our new business plan?, to get em when they first become star players, instead of bringing in kids who don`t ever live up to expectations, well you get the idea!
    But one thing is a fact, this club is going nowhere no matter who we buy, without a manager who is both technically and tactically aware of how to -days game is played (see Barcelona)and as of now we certainly dont have anyone of that description.
    Then sell em on a few years later for profit of course

  11. Probably a bit more than coincidence that the sites’ names are so similar! Be careful when looking and treat each with the same level of respect. Both ‘owners’ have and do put a helluva lot of effort into their sites and that is to be applauded.

  12. I seem to recall Toonsy telling us all that he couldnt find a decent domain name other than, bearing in mind there was already a .org and a .com.

    Rather like his short sighted views, I would have called it NUFCrosetintedspecs.twat

  13. correct me if im wrong but did they not say gervinho will be deciding which club he is going to this week??? if so he better make his mind up quiclkly!!!!

  14. Oh Mandy :D

    And FYI it was .info that was available at the time. wasn’t available straight away so I had to by it off someone for 250 quid. Worth it though :)

  15. Witters says:

    “You’re not even a supporter AndyMac…you just support whining united”

    Whining United ? I’ve never been near Old Trafford.

    Witters are you still on half term ?