Gameiro looks increasingly unlikely but what about Erding?

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Melvut Erding allegedly interests Newcastle United.
Erding - Toon target?
As Kevin Gameiro seems to be slipping from Newcastle United’s grasp, the foreign press seems to think we’ve turned our attentions to Melvut Erding.

There’s still a lot of “will he/won’t he” regarding Kevin Gameiro‘s potential transfer to Newcastle, but the noises coming from the player himself are making it look increasingly unlikely.

Further to my esteemed fellow author’s post yesterday, Gameiro has been indicating that Paris Saint-Germain are in hot pursuit of him and the Paris club’s players have been leaning on him a bit. Gameiro said:

Mamadou Sakho [PSG defender and vice captain] talks about it much. He pushes me to sign. PSG is one of my list. This is a club with a history, a great club but it is not the only one on my list

For me, the Parc des Princes stadium is the best in France. When the Velodrome in Marseille will be covered that may be different.

From what I can gather a ‘big French club’ is second on his list after Valencia, which would relegate us to at least third and most likely out of the running.

The foreign press seems to think we may have now turned our attentions to Melvut Erding instead. The 5ft 11in, 24 year-old Turkish striker plays for Paris Saint-Germain where he has scored 28 goals in 70 games since he joined from Sochaux in 2009.

Galatasaray have already put in a written offer of €9m for the player but apparently Erding has always liked the idea of playing in England and would be willing to talk to Premier League suitors. Fenerbahce, Lille and Rennes are also supposedly interested in the player who – according to the French press – has suffered from a lack of confidence in front of goal this season.

Anyway, you may as well have a look at Erding in action just in case he decides to consider a Tyneside transfer:

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15 Responses

  1. Surely we would have back up options as well. Graham Carr can find us someone decent.

  2. gameiro = to55er. i hope we dont get him. what pardew needs to do now is open his fat god (which he nornally does none stop) and say, we have no interest in gamerio as his standard is not good enough for what we want to aim for and he would represent a step backwards. i would love that. why stand back and let him name several other clubs as is prefference when he knows we are keen. at least he should have some class about himself and show some respect to other clubs in the hunt. move on….i dont evne like the look of his name.

  3. Any 1 see what the little greedy scab had to say about newcastle lot more poor after paying that crap little idiots wages.

  4. Kevin Gameiro why we still talking about this fella said he want champions league end of, move on next please

  5. @ Craig

    very true, look at gervinho and albin, even if they did not come always said complimentary things abt club.


    i dont think the club of NUFC,s stature can do what you are saying that is slagging off a player

  6. @ HUGH,

    Slightly off topic,

    do you think there is any truth in Aaron spear being released by Newcastle.

  7. Craig

    With regard to transfers especially incoming, the tack Newcastle take now is to keep absolutley shtum playing their cards close to the chest. Good are the days floundering Freddy.

    I suspect that Newcastle will only go public once the ink is dry on the contract.

    The only reason we knew about Ben Arfa in advance of his signing was the president of his club blabbing on, presumably trying to get more money out of us for which he failed.

    The reason why we know about Cabaye is that he told everyone. Because he has spilled the beans it begs the question as to whether there are other players that the club have signed up but have decided to keep shtum until after the start of the transfer opening day. Also when is tapping up not tapping up?

    When players want to move on they keep open all their options. For any player in the French league Newcastle is very attractive. He gets a massive pay rise and the club gets cash up front. Because the majority of deals involve staged payments many clubs will be more than happy to talk to Newcastle knowing of our policy of paying all upfront. Smart move by Ashley.

  8. looks like young fergi and tav will have more involvement next season,great to see home grown kids coming through!

  9. Craig I agree that we should say we have moved on but only because we are third on his list. I certainly dont think we should come out and say he would be a step backward though. He is a good player and Ashley saying that would just be sour grapes. Like asking a bird out, being denied and then telling all your mates that you weren’t serious she was a fat ugly skank. Better to be gracious in defeat, walk away with your held held high and try again with someone else.

    I for one hope we get Sturridge. He has a good goal scoring ration in the PL and though he will cost us 10 mill he will be someone for now AND the future.

  10. It’s funny how some the guys here are saying that Gameiro is not good enough for Newcastle United. Do you people remember what we have been playing with for the last five years since Alan Shearer retired? Injury-prone, fat-cats, who are not even League One quality. Our current strike force won’t even frighten teams from the second-tier of Scottish Football.

    If it wasn’t for Kevin Nolan, and his immense contribution from midfield, and Andy Carroll’s early exploits, we might as well have been relegated this season. So, please. All this talk of, he isn’t good enough, he is not NUFC-quality is bull- and you know it. Our quality, or standard is now the front-line of (thank god, something is being done about that!) – Shola Ameobi, Peter Lovenkrands, and Shefqi Kuqi.

    I’ll take talent any day of the week, and just because a player is weighing his options does not make him a villain. Wayne Rooney had a huge falling out at Man Utd, but he’s still there, and performing. As is, Carlos Tevez at City. Mindsets change. Attitudes can be curbed. We need talented players here, not has-beens or the prima donnas who have for the past six years been feeding off our club.

    Howay the lads!

  11. Erding seems more out kind of player to be honest. Loves to head from that video which is one of our strong points since we love to cross.