Gameiro definitely a no-no. Nolan possibly a go-go.

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Martin Jol is interested in Newcastle United captain Kevin Nolan.
Fancied by Jol
Martin Jol is allegedly interested in Newcastle United captain Kevin Nolan and Kevin Gameiro rules out any chance of comin to Tyneside.

I think we’d all pretty much accepted that Lorient’s Kevin Gameiro wasn’t coming to Newcastle and the player himself has now confirmed that, saying:

I’ll think about my future in the coming days.

It will be Paris or Valencia. The two clubs are very good.

I will calmly make my decision over the next days.

I love both clubs. I have always been attracted to Spain.

We will see what will happen. An agreement has yet to be made with Lorient.

So we can scratch that one off the list.

There is still the question of Lille’s Gervinho of course and whilst he’s confirmed he wants to play in the English Premier League, he’s also said that he wants to prove himself in a ‘large European club’. That could be taken to mean a club playing European football next season, which would make Manchester City and Arsenal the favourites of his alleged English suitors.

Rumour has it that Alan Pardew has cut his holiday short to officially welcome Yohan Cabaye to Newcastle United. That could happen today and whispers of press conferences have reached my delicate (and rather fetching) ears, although such rumours may of course be total bunk.

Cabaye has all but confirmed he’s coming here on a five year contract anyway, but it sill needs the rubber stamp now that the French transfer fenêtre has opened.

Finally, it seems that Martin Jol fancies Kevin Nolan. Not in the Biblical sense you understand, but rather it seems he wants to take him to Fulham. Or at least that’s what The Daily Star thinks based on nothing that could conceivably be called evidence. Mind you, evidence has never particularly bothered a lot of the newspapers and I get the impression that if the newspapers were the rozzers they’d be the sort who reported a lot of ‘accidents’ in the cells: “he maliciously attacked my fist with his groin and then proceeded to savage my knee with his nose, m’lud”.

Jol has competition though. Apparently Big Sam is preparing to come back with a better offer to take Nolan to West Ham after having had his initial £3m bid rejected.

Sadly I suspect he’ll be on his way somewhere before the summer’s over as Ashley seems intent upon getting shot of the players who are allegedly most influential in the dressing room and were major figures in the ‘player committee’ that formed in the wake of relegation. Although that’s just speculation on my part of course – it could just be coincidence.

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50 Responses

  1. F@#k him then…if he doesn’t want to be here the club and everyone else should move on and stop talking about him. I would rather go for someone like Shane long, Daniel sturridge or even carlos vela. We have a great scouting system so I’m sure we have identified other targets. I pray we don’t waste all summer going after players who don’t want to come here leaving us no time to get anyone physically through the doors.

  2. Toondan, Graham has already moved to Swansea on a £3.5m deal. Have you been living under a rock or something?

  3. Junior Hoilett seems to be our best bet, now that Nile Ranger has been told to find a new club.

  4. I can’t see them selling him. Jones is going to manyoo there would be hell on if they both get sold

  5. Disapointing, since none of those clubs are ahead of us in stature… I guess he wants to live where the sun shine.

    Who to go for then? I think there is a giant leap from Gameiro to players like Long and Hoilett who has also been mentioned. I would hope Carr has an ace up his sleeve with some other foreigner.

  6. There may be a giant leap but we are no longer a “top team” I think both those players could do a good job for us. Hopefully you’re right about carr tho

  7. I agree mate, we are no longer the team we used to be and ofcourse we wont be able to compete if the top teams come in, but if we go for mediocre then we will stay mdeiocre… We can all safely assume that if any of the top teams had known about Tiote, they would have signed him, not us… Well we did sign him, and altho we might not be able to get a deal as outstanding as that one, there must be more to be found out there with our impressing scouting system.

    Gameiro when you think about it, aint being chased by top teams… Good teams, but not top and if he didnt have his heart set on picking oranges from a tree in his garden, then he would have come here i reckon. We surely have a plan B?

  8. this is all very worrying but i can’t help but half at the rozzers joke.hugh de payen: good one!
    why are we pilling up on midfielders?we need strikers or back up for right back or left back.
    here’s to hoping that the club springs up another surprise signing like tiote.fingers crossed

  9. @ valle Valencia aren’t a bigger club than us? Is that the same Valencia who are in the champions league every year and the 3rd biggest club in Spain? I’m sorry but they are bigger in stature than us and that’s why we missed out on him.

    Doubt we could sign Sturridge either, like was said I hope Carr can unearth a gem in terms of a striker.

  10. if theres any sort of communication from the club today – i hope its to confirm that Jose’s staying

  11. Jose deffinate;y wont be staying im afraid – especially as it seems barton and nolan are now going. Also were dreaming if we think were gonna get Gervinho. This is why weve gotta keep phold of barton and nolan!!!!!!!!! The replacements are never gonna be as good or premier league proven because the good players dont want to come to us (fact)its a shocker were forcing them out. Dont wanna sound like a massive pessimist but im getting pissed off of this roller coaster ride of supporting newcastle, just when i think weve got a solid base to build on that fat prick wants to rip the guts out of the team!! Also Shane Long isnt good enough and whoever suggested agbonlahor needs to watch the kid play – retarded. I hope im very wrong with all my doom and gloom but ive a bad feeling i wont be.

  12. Thanx for sharing your fears & concerns, i might start up ‘NA’, ‘Newcastle Anonymous’. For kicks!

  13. BEN @ 15

    You are not alone. Since Mr. Ashley has taken over, the following has happened for myself and my company.

    When we (NUFC) were relegated – I cancelled our corporate box of 7 years. My clients (from Asia, altho impressed with SJP – weren’t with football and saw the club as a ‘joke’ with the King Kev saga etc.

    I did go to two games, though – Forest and QPR without clients.

    This season I didn’t even go one game, just not interested. Interestingly though, there wasn’t even a waiting list for boxes as I have had 3 letters asking my company back.

    I have since opened an office down on the south coast and have purchased a box at Falmer (Brighton and Hove Albion) – for your infomation, one amazing Stadium!! Definatley worth a trip down south for !!

    And, for the first time in my Newcastle supporting life of 45 years. I have not placed an order for a football shirt.

    This could be the first year I haven’t contributed to the coffers at SJP.

    … its not a stand, I’m just not interested in this club anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it’ll hold a special place in my heart, ALWAYS, but I have to let go – I’m fed up with it all.

    Does it hurt? Funny enough no. Will I return? Maybe.

  14. It would be a massive kick in the bo**ocks if nolan left for fulham! Actually I think if any teams captain left it would be a kick!

  15. I think we will look busy this window as usual,loads of spin and almost signed sighs and gasps and strains….the AC money doesn’t seem to be burning a hole in AP’s pocket though :lol:
    Like I said months ago activity at the exit door will far out spin the doors at the entrance if we take into account the AC profit.
    Be a busy time for MA to keep filling his coffers as per usual…while the spin doctors at the club weave a thick web of lies and fantasy based around almost signed dramas.
    I expect signings sure, just not ones to get really get to excited about.

  16. Hmmm! seems the plan has gone off the tracks ?
    Whaddo i mean ?
    Well we were about to embark on a new business plan, sign all these young Frenchmen for nowt, pay em next to nowt and end up in the top six.
    While this was happening we could get rid of everyone over twenty seven or £50k. per week, and live happily ever after.
    Well not exactly, but similar and to be honest i kinda like the idea.
    But it’s easier to visualise than actually put into effect and easier to accomplish over time, as opposed to one summer window.
    But the real problem is, we dont have a Harry Rednapp or a Martin Jol or in fact anyone with the moxie to get it done.
    What do we have, well we got Ashley !
    Still on the job training, plus his yes men.
    Until Ashley realises the fact that this is not retailing and requires people who can put a team together,look at Arry and Spurs for instance, did the owners there (All smart guys)think they could run the club?
    The answer is no!
    Thats why they hired Jol and Arry, same applies to Everton, Wigan, Fulham, etc. teams with little money, but shrewd managers.
    And who do we have ?
    Hey ! I rest my case.

  17. Totally agree Chuck…’s is a simple Master Plan.

    Look at your teams performance over the last season evaluate who worked hard for the cause and make sure they are retained.
    Clear out the Shite, the injured and the junk (you know who i am taking about) whilst targeting better replacements which will hopefully result in some kind of PROGRESSION.

    I don’t want miracles just steady progression.
    We move forwards then backwards then swing from left to right…we have no football brains running the show just a bunch of muppets….and an Owl Heed.

  18. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Martin, but being a Toon supporter is a drug and going cold turkey just will not work. Watch as many other teams as you like but I would bet that the first score you will always be looking for will be ours. Furthermore the joy or grief you feel will be as strong an emotion as it ever was. Denial is not an answer I’m afraid.

    Long and/or Agbonlahor would both be negative signing imo but if we got one of them I would hope it was Long, none of the AV managers seem to want to play Agbon… unless they have injuries, Shola is better than him!!

  19. chuck,bang on,it’s completely roy of the rovers,pipe dream stuff.ashley and lamearse are kidding themselves,if they continually try to do things on the cheap.

  20. grumpyoldtoon,i wouldn’t mind long tbf,think it could be a goer with pardew’s reading link.he also suits ashley’s cheap arse plan,have to disagree with the abonglahore and shola comment,abonglahore is crap,but he does at least have pace.shola amoebi”couldn’t catch a cold” if he ran any faster he’d grow roots.

  21. Trojan, You are not totally disagreeing, I was more or less saying that wouldn’t be much of a step up from Shola. At the risk of sounding like an idiot, I still believe that there is a worthwhile player lurking within Shola, I thought he looked ok the last few games of the season. I might be p!ssing into the wind but with better service from midfield he might still be an asset.

  22. And if we are going to have cr@p on the bench it might as well be home grown and who wants to be with the club, you have to admit he makes a limpet look like a, err non limpet, couldn’t think of a suitable acronym. :)

  23. Well with 70,000+ gates, a champions league spot and a sensible stable set up, you would have to admit they look a better prospect than us. I might even do a Martin and switch my support to them (joking).

    It will take another Collocini type signing (or several even) to convince potential signings we are a serious contender.

  24. How longs it been since we heard anything from alan??? I cant take another day without hearing from him, its been too long. Hope he is alright :-)

  25. Jimbob says:
    June 10, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    “How longs it been since we heard anything from alan???”

    I was thinking exactly the same thing Jimbob. Hopefully, he’s busy chasing footballers.

  26. workyticket says:
    June 10, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    “I was thinking exactly the same thing Jimbob. Hopefully, he’s busy chasing footballers”.

    As scary as that thought may be worky, I think derek is in charge of who comes in, contracts etc…Actually that thought is far more horrifying :-)

  27. Gervinho signed for Arsenal according to Talk Sport.
    Do you think we are still in with a chance of signing Modric etc
    Haha I remember that window like a smack in the head :lol:

  28. aye there not called “talksh**e” for nowt,but apparently a few different websites,running the story.
    is there any truth in it?,it is silly season after all.

  29. sirjasontoon says:
    June 10, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    “Gervinho signed for Arsenal according to Talk Sport.”

    He may well have Sir Jason, but that report didn’t look definitive to me when I read it.

  30. TROJAN 69 says:
    June 10, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    “aye there not called “talksh**e” for nowt”

    I was thinking along similar lines when I read the story Trojan. However if Champion’s League Arsenal really wanted to get him, I think that it would be the same story as it seems to be with Gameiro.

  31. WORKY french papers now saying hes going to man/city £17.5 mill.
    best to wait for club news whoever it is that gets him,signing on dotted line is the real world

  32. icedog says:
    June 10, 2011 at 5:13 pm

    “WORKY french papers now saying hes going to man/city £17.5 mill.
    best to wait for club news whoever it is”

    Thanks Ice.

    I was waiting for some credible, substatiated news anyway, whether it was from the club or from someone else.

  33. WORKY more reason to wait for it from whichever club.
    think theres more people telling porkys.

    Lille director Frederic Paquet has confirmed the club has rejected a €12m from Tottenham for Ivorian winger Gervinho

    Paquet: “Today we recieved a concrete offer from Tottenham, which we have refused in the last few hours, in fact, that is the only official contact we have recieved”

  34. icedog says:
    June 10, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    “Paquet: “Today we recieved a concrete offer from Tottenham, which we have refused in the last few hours, in fact, that is the only official contact we have recieved”

    Nice work Icedog!

  35. Has any media outlet actually picked up on this signing yet? :-) Shows what they know.

  36. according to swansea’s manager brendan rodgers,neil taylor now in talk with newcastle.

  37. When we were linked with Cabaye I scratched my head as CMF was where we had the most depth. We need a striker, a winger, a defensive midfielder, a centre back; it seems we are busy plugging the holes instead of strengthening what we had.

    Re. NOLAN: 3m was a joke for a player who scored 12 goals and has 2 years left on their deal. We signed him for 4m when his form was relatively poor, if we could get 6m, perhaps, but even 10m wouldn’t fill the void created by his departure.

    The question we should ask ourselves now is…

  38. Who will replace Kevin Nolan as captain?

    Steven Taylor would probably be my first choice, but he is on the fringes of the team and is often injured. Most of last season we had resigned ourselves to losing him as he too had contract difficulties.

    Ameobi captained us for a few games last season and is our longest serving player I think. But if we do get a striker his place may be on the bench.

    Harper? Krul might be our starting keeper and Forster may be right behind. I’ve never been a huge fan of keepers being captains anyway.

    Coloccini has been solid and is almost sure to start next season. That is , of course, if he can avoid the Ashley axe, as he too is a big earner.

    Hatem Ben Arfa: an unlikely choice? Yes. But with his 2 performances for us he has been all but ordained our best player. And, with players like Fabregas and Tevez holding the armband, the practice of awarding team captaincy to the “best player” is not without precedents (often with disastrous consequences).