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Spin, frustration and fear – a normal Toon transfer window?

August 18th, 2011 | 42 Comments |

Anybody else feeling like this?
Anybody else feeling like this?
With the exciting news of Rob Elliot’s alleged arrival at Newcastle United from Charlton, I’ve been asking myself several questions about current predicaments at St James’ Park.

Firstly, this is not Elliot’s fault and, if he does come here, I welcome him to Newcastle and wish him all the best.

Right, I could now relay my thoughts on to you dear reader, about the 7 month struggle to find a striker, no left-back and general rubbish I hear coming out of the club on a regular basis, but that would warrant at least 5 different 1000 word articles and I’d rather wait until after September 1st 2011 to vent my spleen.

Actually, I’ve changed my mind. Lets start with the left-back position…

In regards to our alleged pursuit of Erik Pieters, PSV technical director Marcel Brands has had this to say:

Since the weekend we have no news from England.

So quite what to make out of that is totally up to you, personally I can see this transfer not happening, simply because whoever it is who deals with negotiations at our club, has failed to notice we need a left-back in the squad NOW and not next week. I’m also sure Ashley probably thinks £6-7 million for a full Dutch international left-back is just ludicrous. Actually maybe it’s Llambias? Either way, it doesn’t bode well does it? (more…)

Enrique definitely wants out says Pardew as Neil Taylor pursuit goes cold.

July 13th, 2011 | 44 Comments |

Enrique: Showdown talks break down.
Enrique: Showdown talks break down.
Alan Pardew has now confirmed that Left back, Jose Enrique, is refusing to sign a new deal at the club.

Meanwhile, Newcastle United’s pursuit of Swansea’s Neil Taylor, who was, reputedly, being lined up as a replacement for ‘El Toro’ seems ever more doubtful as the Swans’ manager, Brendan Rogers claims that Taylor is “very very close” to signing a new deal at the club.

Speaking of the Enrique contract imbroglio after seeming breakdown in previously reported showdown talks on a new contract, Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew said this:

“He’s made it pretty clear that he still won’t sign a contract and that his future may be elsewhere.

“I’m not really comfortable with that, but we will have to deal with it.”

However Pardew refused to give up hope completely on keeping the player at the club adding: (more…)

Neil Taylor situation at impasse while Enrique is in discussion with Newcastle chiefs

July 8th, 2011 | 25 Comments |

Neil Taylor allegedly keen on move to Newcastle United.
Wants to join us ... allegedly
Newcastle United appear to have resolved little in the last week. Still no Neil Taylor, Enrique is in contract talks, Mevlüt Erdinç is looking like a no-go, Shane Long said to be the latest target and Llambias confuses at least one Toon fan.

Alreet Geordies, hope you’ve been well while I’ve been holidaying in the Med. I haven’t seen a single British newspaper for a week and I’m completely out of touch with what’s been going on at the club, so – although I’ve tried to catch up a bit since getting back – forgive me if I cover old ground. The only ‘news’ I saw while away was about someone getting married in Monaco, which hardly had me moist with excitement.

One thing I thought might have been completed in my week’s absence is the signing of Neil Taylor, but I note that’s still dragging on. Swansea Chairman Huw Jenkins said:

Neil has a contract and he is our player for another two years. The question is not whether he will stay with us, it is whether things will go the other way. We will find out the answer to that in the next few weeks.

However an ‘insider close to Naylor’ apparently said:

Neil is due back on Monday for pre-season training, but whether he turns up remains to be seen. He still isn’t happy about the situation and is obviously keen to join Newcastle United.(more…)

Neil Taylor OR Darron Gibson?

June 29th, 2011 | 51 Comments |

Apparently Newcastle will go for Darron Gibson if they can't get Neil Taylor.
Newcastle United are still allegedly hoping to sign Neil Taylor from Swansea, with Darron Gibson supposedly being an alternative target if we don’t get Taylor.

Apparently we haven’t given up on trying to sign Neil Taylor from Swansea City despite having our £1m bid rejected.

Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins – who has previously claimed Taylor is worth £10m – formally turned down Newcastle’s bid on Monday evening, saying:

We recognise Neil as a young, talented Welsh player that has an important role to play at this club. We brought him here from Wrexham and have helped nurture his development.

He adjusted very well to the Championship last season and we look forward to seeing him play a big role as we enter the Premier League. That is why we have rejected Newcastle’s bid. I spoke to Neil’s agent and he understands the situation. (more…)

Neil Taylor deal hits legal dispute. Gibson alleged Toon target.

June 27th, 2011 | 64 Comments |

Legal dispute puts a hold on Neil Taylor's move to Newcastle United.
£1m clause confusion
Newcastle United’s bid for Neil Taylor suffers a legal hitch and apparently Darron Gibson is Pardew’s choice if he can’t get Sissoko.

Newcastle’s signing of Neil Taylor from Swansea appeared to be virtually done a week ago. The fat lady had not only sung but she’d retired, had three children and was now working in a kebab shop.

It seems that solicitors have braved daylight to get involved now though, which is rarely a good sign.

The dispute – as far as I understand it – is about the £1m clause in Taylor’s contract. Newcastle seem to think that this is a pukka release clause, allowing us to get the player if we bid that amount, whereas Swansea seem to think that the £1m bid simply gives us the right to talk to the player. (more…)