The Celtic raid: Scott Brown and Emilio Izaguirre

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Scott Brown is alleged to have sparked the interest of Newcastle United scout Steve Stone.
Scott Brown: latest Toon Target
Newcastle United may be planning a raid on Celtic for both Emilio Izaguirre and Scott Brown. Izaguirre in particular looks necessary with Jose Enrique blanking Alan Pardew over his contract.

Allegedly, Newcastle are interested in Celtic captain Scott Brown. The 25 year-old midfielder started out at Hibernian and in 2007 he was transferred to Celtic for £4.4m where he’s been ever since.

Brown has scored 35 goals in 297 appearances and is now supposedly worth around about £6m, which Newcastle are said to be prepared to pay.

Quite where we’re going to put all these midfielders is another matter, unless we go for some sort of 0-10-0 formation.

Steve Stone has apparently been scouting the Scottish club for us and in particular left-back Emilio Izaguirre, which is a position that we may need to fill rather urgently given that Jose Enrique seems to be ignoring Alan Pardew’s attempts to get contract talks underway.

The Honduran left-back has apparently been on Pardew’s wish list for quite some time and it’s thought that Fraser Forster, who Celtic are very keen on taking permanently after his loan spell there last season, could be used as a deal clincher.

The 25 year-old Izaguirre certainly has plenty of experience with 45 matches for Honduras under his belt and I must admit that, from what I’ve read about him, he seems to be a good candidate to replace Enrique in almost life-for-like fashion.

Stone has however been impressed with Scott Brown too and maybe Celtic would go for some sort of three-player exchange that involved cash plus Forster.

Of course, Newcastle have also been strongly linked with Swansea left-back Neil Taylor and a deal for the player is said to be progressing. Virtually every press report I’ve read seems to go to pains to mention that Taylor is ‘not targeted as a direct replacement for Enrique’, so I’m presuming he will be the backup for whoever does replace Enrique.

Taylor can play on the left of midfield too and apparently plans are underway to double the width of the pitch at St James’ Park to accommodate all our midfielders.

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83 Responses

  1. i agree…… ijust cant see us needing anymore midfielders other than…………zogs. i would make an exception for that fella.

  2. I love the way you are all just repeating the statement that Enrique is “blanking” Pardew, or ignoring him over his contract. Others have said he is refusing to discuss it.

    So he didnt answer a phone call – big deal!

    Maybe he was taking a dump!

  3. pardew fu*k offf keeps ur hands of our players thot u says the spl is sh*t eh?

  4. We`ll sell you Scott Brown and keep Izzy, you keep Forster and we`ll use Brown`s transfer fee to sign Shay Given .. that`s the best we can do for you my geordie friends.
    Hail Hail

  5. buying players from a pub league eh? Forster has gone back wards playing up there and we want players from a pub league

  6. @2.. i agree fella….AP looks a right dickhead if he now comes knocking on celtics door after slagging you lot down. bloke needs to engage his brain b4 his mouth.
    Anyway…we dont need brown and there is no place for him.. its the other fella he might be after and as we have the keeper your manager seems to what.. this deal would not suprise me at all.

  7. @ Christopher mcmenemy

    Don’t mean to be patronising or condescending here mate, but the SPL is a tad crud. Surely you can’t possibly believe it’s a strong league?

  8. Well if Pardew had any hopes of keeping Enrique he certainly blew that out of the water by insisting Enrique is ignoring newcastle. Can this bloke not stop his verbal diarrhea and just stop taking the press bait..

    @3 it is a shit league, it will be even worse when we sign the leagues only 2 decent players…

  9. I wish that Pardew would learn to only speak to the press when there is actually something to say.

    I counted 4 newcastle stories on SSN yesterday about us, none had any foundation

    if we sign someone, tell us when he is holding the shirt. if we sell someone, tell us when they are holding the other shirt.

    until then he should just shut up and focus on doing the job

  10. lads…. maybe the league itself is not as strong as ours but that dont mean to say we should slag off fellow fans alike imo. besides…i would lay money that cetic would kick our sorry arses in a game at st james every day of the week. our league might be strong be we are not. we have a long way to go.

  11. @9 if you think Scott Brown is one of the 2 best players in the SPL then you want to stop taking whatever it is you inject. You are more than welcome to Brown but forget Izzy. After all we are a pub league so why would you want our players.

  12. Monkeysan.I agree.They are always feeding us stories that never comes to fruition.They always seem to big them up.Remember when this regime first came here.They said we are going to make a “WOW” signing. Only the other week ,we are going to make Enrique a “FANTASTIC” offer,and now we are going to make a “MEGA” offer for an international striker. Do you get the impression that they think all fans are gullible.I live in hope that they prove me wrong.

  13. Emilio Izaguirre
    Watched the game when Celtic blew the league at Inverness. Izaguirre had a nightmare though I know you can’t go on one game.

    Scott Brown
    Probably what we need in midfield, strong combative ball winner. Probably do him the world of good to get away from Lennon. Was looked upon as a quality player just a couple of seasons back. Since Lennon took over turned into a real pain. Spitting, running up to oposition players and staring at them trying to provoke reaction, questioning almost every refereeing decision. Almost Lennon has been tutoring him on how to be what he was.

  14. Where we gonna put all these midfielders?

    There’s still the small matter of Nolan and Barton’s presence or otherwise to be sorted out!

  15. @15 erm… Which player did Scott Brown run up to and stare at? Careful now, as that didn’t actually happen. If you mean Diouf, take a look at the footage before spouting off. As for Lennon tutoring brown to be like him – well, I guess I only saw Lennon playing around 100 times or so, but the impression I got was Lennon was an essential in the Celtic teams he played in. He may not have been flashy, but he was determined, driven and very very good at his role.

  16. “but the impression I got was Lennon was an essential in the Celtic teams he played in”

    Essential? He was finished and couldn’t hack it at the top level anymore. Like Diouf :), Samaras, Keane and others.

  17. pardew a manager who has done nothing of note bar get teams relegated calls the spl a pub league then wants to sign brown and izaguairre from said league is he prepared to put his money where his mouth is instead of his foot in his mouth we want 6 MILLION FOR BROWN 10 MILLION FOR IZAGUAIRRE THAT IS MINIMUM there are more epl clubs interested bigger clubs than nufc

  18. I thought Alan Pardew said that the Scottish Premier League was rubbish or words to that effect, so why would he want to sign two players from that league?

    Perhaps he’s had a re-think!

  19. Don’t get the logic about saying that much of the standard in the SPL is poor (other than the Old Firm) = can’t buy players from Scotland? Same could be said of the lower English leagues, a number of continental leagues etc. – doesn’t mean there aren’t good players to be had.

  20. What Pardew actually said was that the SPL was pants apart from Rangers and Celtic. Pretty fair assessment really.

  21. leaving celtic to go fight another relegation battle is a step down…….wee emillio will cost you 15m…..our left fullback/winger is outstanding and only serious cash would be considered…personally id give you brown for free….hes a donkey….and you can have that avatar goalkeeper back too.

  22. Let’s not forget that a certain K Dalglish came from Celtic! Maybe the exception but nevertheless, we shouldn’t discout all SPL players as rubbish!

  23. pub league…i recall a conversation years back with a taxi driver in newcastle….trying to tell me henke wouldnt cut it in the premiership….after he won the goldenboot and left celtic at the end of his career…he went to barca to win them the champions league…then was coaxed out of retirement to answer an sos for man utd….look at celtics record against the last 10 premiership teams we have played in competitive matches…..and look how many penalties the premiership teams cheated to get against us in the last 4 of them…the reason english teams are pish in europe and international finals is because you all have your head up your arse…and think your shit smells of roses….fraid it had to be said….

  24. celticrebel – you shouldn’t hold back. Tell us what you really think!
    Nice to see so many balanced personalities – a chip on both shoulders!

  25. i can put this argument to be straight away.

    ronnie simpson
    jim craig
    tommy gemmell
    bobby murdoch
    billy mcneill
    john clark
    jimmy johnstone
    willie wallace
    stevie chalmers
    bertie auld
    bobby lennox

    they may have a shit league now – but the lisbon lions won the european cup when it actually meant something.

    oh – by the way – some of the best ever players that we’ve had in the 45 years i’ve been a supporter were jocks

    tony green
    bob moncur
    jimmy smith
    tommy craig
    john blackley
    jim scott

    what i wouldnt give for us to be able to play in their league for a couple of seasons

  26. Newcastle’s best players (Enrique, Nolan) don’t want to play for Newcastle, so why would anyone leave Celtic to play for them.

  27. @ celticrebel

    Yes, Celtic have performed admirably against English opposition on the rare occasions they have played them, but is that not more to do with the nationalistic fuelled cup final atmos of the games in question? How well do you believe they would perform in the EPL if the case were to ever arise? Personally, I think they’d struggle to make the top 10.

  28. Oh dear, i cant beleive what im reading! you guys actually think that any player would rather play for celtic than newcastle, seriously confused you lot are. This izaguairre isnt even scottish so has no commintment to stay in scotland and would jump at the chance to come and play in the best league in the world. Lets be honest now, the SPL is a really poor and boring league.

  29. @25 look at the past 5/6 years of the champions league final. Man u been there 3 times, Liverpool 2, Chelsea and Arsenal 1, So if that is performing bad in europe i would love to see performing well.

  30. @shezza who actually believes that the EPL is the best league in the world. You have 5/6 teams then the rest of you are mediocre and that includes Newcastle.

  31. 1- English Prem is not the best league in the world… exept in Englishmen’s imaginations. Otherwise they would dominate the UEFA competitions every year – no? Simple.

    2 – Personally I don’t think Celtic or Rangers will ever be welcomed into the English premiership. Too many no-mark clubs n that league are scared of losing their place in the league to them so they vote against it. (I’m too diplomatic to suggest any specific clubs in that guess…)

    3 – Lots of English fans spout the same pish….. Celtic and Rangers would struggle to make the top ten etc… Please just accept that there are probably only two or three clubs in England who are as massively supported as Celtic and Rangers. 50,000 and 60,000 at home games. And not just bums on seats ( which is hugely impressive anyway) but merchandising, world wide fan base, advertising, TV saleability etc etc. If Celtic and Rangers were playing in the English Premiership, and raking in £50m a year on top of their own very impressive respective financial endeavours, do you seriously think they would be tied to buying all their players in the Championship and lower leagues or playing with the same squad they had last season…. ? ? They would be a sensation with that kind of cash to splash on transfer fees and salaries. The world’s top players understandably don’t rush to sign up to play in the SPL. Bu tCeltic or Rangers in the English prem – although IMHO it will never happen – they would be a sensation.

  32. well said Ian, the EPL is NOT the best in the world, if you want exciting skilfull football you watch the spanish, if you want patient tactical football you watch either the italian or german, if you want to watch massivly overpaid mercsenaries then you watch the english.

    Yes it has to be said the Scottish game isnt very good quality, but then if it wasnt for skt tv the english game would crumble and disapear.

    As for where any given player would rather play nufc or Celtic, well if all he wants is money and not to have to be bothered with winning anything or any real european games then yes he will sign for nufc over Celtic. but you will find there is more chance of him moving to Spain with Valencia than down to nufc, if you had to leave Celtic for one of those two teams it be a no brainer, you would go to the most exciting league in the world and enjoy the warm spanish sun.

    The EPL will be a 2 horse race AGAIN this year just like the SPL, you guys really need to take your blinkers off and see you game for what it really is

  33. interesting fact, no english manager has EVER won the EPL, since its start it has normally been won by a scottish manager, you just cant beat Scottish organisation

  34. I have to laugh when the likes of Newcastle supporters try slagging of the Spl. Yes our league isn’t what it used to be, but why is that ?

    Well the lofty arrogant English who want to be seen as the best football nation in the world set the precedent with ridiculous transfer fees & wages to attract the top players from around the world to hold up their league, due to that leagues such as the Spl & numerous leagues around Europe have suffered from that, we just can’t keep up & the result is evident for all to see, greedy footballers only interested in lining their pockets with the mega bucks wages, they would rather go to the diddy clubs like Newcastle etc to become mega rich footballers rather than win medals & trophys.

    I done a little bit of research on the Epl, last season there was a £3.6 BILLION ‘collective debt’. 80% of the footballers are Non-English % the large majority of managers & owners are also Non-English, so take all those Non-English players out the Premiership as well as the Non-English Managers & owners & you left with around enough English players to maybe assemble two squads together, No English manager has ever won the Epl either I’m sure, & imagine what the scenario would be if Sky pulled their finnancial backing also, it would be instant meltdown, the levels of debt, wages etc down their is not sustainable, its just a matter of time before it goes belly up.

    So before you go trying to slag of the Spl just take those facts into consideration. ‘Reality Check ‘

    & for Neil Lennon being finished when he went to Celtic, what nonsense, just take into consideration the Champs league scalps during his time in the Hoops, the Europa league final where we lost out to a extra time goal to a very decent Mourinho Porto side who I’m sure the following season went onto lift the Champs league. another we bit of trivia here for you, Who where the first british club to win the big European Cup ? 80) No it wasn’t Newcastle.

    Pardew talks about pub leagues, well maybe if his boss never run his Newcastle club like a pub side then they wouldn’t have just recently won promotion back into the Epl, for the support Newcastle get at home I don’t understand why they don’t have the money to at least be chasing a top 4 place every season, let’s be honest Pardew is a manager to keep Newcastle in the Epl, if they where challenging for a top 4 then I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be in the Newcastle job, he is another Sam allardyce, he will keep you’s in the Epl but he not got the goods to won you’s anything, Don’t get to big for your boots Mr Pardew. #mouthpiecemuppet

    Scott Brown is a similar player to a player I like ‘Joey Barton’. Newcastle should be doing their all to keep Joey there, Scott Brown is a good player to have in your side, he is a winner & he runs his socks of for 90 minutes, but his disciplinary record is the problem, he isn’t a dirty player but has that reputation due to our media here in Scotland creating that image there for the refs constantly target the lad, just like Lennon himself, the media portray the guy as a monster, they couldn’t be further from the truth, down there in England yous get your perception(s) due to our media BS, up here thou when you get to know how our media work you’d get a different perception, they hate Celtic & take any opportunity to put the boot into us.

    Pardew has this impression we desperate for big Forster, the £2 million price tag is ridiculous, if we paid anymore than a million quid for him I’d be bit pissed, he would make a good No2 for us but I don’t think he is the answer for our Goal keeping problem.

    If you’s think you’s will get Izzaguirre for anything less than £8-10 million quid then you’s really need to stop letting the media BS cloud your thinking. We also have the media mentioning our midfield maestro Kayal being linked with Bolton for £2 million quid, I’d times that by 4 or 5 & then that would probably be our price.


  35. Izzaguire looks good and I would be happy to have him as a replacement for jose, he’s attacking similar to enrique and can defend but scum brown I would rather have a lump of s*** I hate this guy more than I hate cattermole! Howay The Lads Toon Till Death B

  36. Tim Molloy says:

    “English Prem is not the best league in the world… exept in Englishmen’s imaginations. Otherwise they would dominate the UEFA competitions every year – no?”

    Not quite as simple Tim because the world loves watching all the BPL games transmitted live to far flung corners of the globe every week.

    However I take your point about strength in depth as almost all the English teams who progress to the Europa league rarely make it through to the semi final, final stages with the exception of Fulham. Unfortunately, as we found, it takes a while to build up European “nous” and most of the second tier teams havent had that much exposure to Europe on a regular basis.

  37. Hi Andy Mac. Thanks for the response. Without doubt, the English Premiership enjoys worldwide TV coverage, although so too does La Liga. But in football terms, success is measures in trophies, is it not? And Barca handed England’s finest ManU a football masterclass at Wembley, did they not? EPL is currently enjoying a financial boom period. But like the Roman empire and many other seemingly unfaltering successes, ( Leeds Utd….. :) all good things come to an end. The Italian league in the ’80’s seemed so wonderful. These things come and go in cycles. Whe nMurdoch collapses, or Sky decide t opull the plug…… it’s all gonna come back down to earth. The clubs who have learned to live within their financial means will survive. Clubs like Celtic…. Dunno about Rangers financially….. But Ajax, Benfica, Porto, Feyenoord, PSV, Red Star, and many others fro mless lucrative leagues wil lsurvive because the yhave their communities backing them all along and they aren’t relying on massive cash hand-outs from fickle friends. newcastle used to be a great community based club, back in the day. Just like Celtic. A backbone of some great local players and a fantastic community spirit. I suspect they have got caught up in the cash bonanza in England and become dependent on the easy money.

  38. You know someone once said to me that Celtic fans put more effort into disliking other teams than they do supporting their own. From the comments on here that someone is right.
    You’re also still living in the past. You were the first British club to win the European Cup agreed but you do know that was over 40 years ago don’t you. Move on you’re a million miles from that now.
    The refs and authorities target Scott Brown and Neil lennon. Grow up son. I remember seeing Brown get booked for a shocking tackle when you blew the league at Inverness. Minutes later he took the most obvious dive on the edge of the box and the ref waved play on. It was in the Ronaldo class and he should have gone but didn’t.
    Same game, Lennon kicks a container of water / juice into the direction of the stand when he didn’t agree, yet again, with a decision. Inverness fans could have been struck by the container but only got soaked. Nothing done about it by the authorities. And you think you’re victimised. Grow up.
    You mention Lennon in the UEFA Cup Final. Wasn’t that the game where your support was in the millions and you were cheated because the Porto players were diving all the time. Never beaten fair and square, always some excuse.
    Last friendly you played in Newcastle I was witness to ‘the best fans in the world’ urinating in the street against a McDonald’s window while youngsters were inside eating with their mothers.

  39. Celtic would struggle to make the top 10 in the Epl, what gives you that impression ?

    You really do under estimate the size of our Club. The last survey done by our board our worldwide support totted up to around 10 million. That is not bad for a little Spl pub team eh ?

    You have the likes of Man Utd who have a massive fan base world wide, but let’s not be think they support them due to having a love for that club, its pure glory hunting support nothing more, in the next 4 or 5 years watch how loads of Man City supporters will start popping up out the wood work all over the world.

    When Celtic go to Canada we have 50 k sell outs, When we go to the Usa there isn’t stadiums big enough to hold our american based support. Like wise down in australia we have a massive fan base there also, then we have Japan, Korea, China, every country in the world has Celtic supporter clubs. This isn’t a boast. Just fact.

    When United where in the Usa playing against Celtic, they where doing fan interviews, there was this couple with their little boy, they where proclaiming their love for United, she was waiving her pom poms like a cheer leader. Give is an M, give us an a, gives us an N, Manchester we hey. When the teams ran out onto the pitch the little boy (about 14) says Momma why have they no helmets or protective pads on ? She says I’m not sure Buddy, with that I was in fits of laughter, as that sums up the Man U support, proclaiming their love for all things United & they thought they where an american football team.

    When they where interviewing the Celts over in the Usa, well it was along the lines of ‘Well I’ve been supporting the Hoops for 40 odd years & my father & grandfather before me loved the Hoops.

    We don’t get people abroad latching onto us due to ‘Glory hunting ‘ lifting Champs leagues etc, purely down to the Love of our Club & what we stand for & what we represent, No English club has what The Celtic have.

    Last season when Rangers went to australia they had a total of just over 10 k tickets sold over 3 games, keep tabs on Celtic’s pre season tour of australia, I guarantee you we will have 100k plus tickets sold no problem.

    Outside of Newcastle you don’t find many Supporter clubs likewise with 80% of the Epl, you have your Chelsea, Utd, etc who will have larger fan bases outside their own city’s. But that’s only because of the high profile players they sign etc.

    Celtic in the Epl would be a massive positive for the Sky sports people, the only problem in my opinion that Celtic can’t get into that league is due to diddy clubs like your Bolton’s Newcastles etc know one of their places will be taking, what they should do is make the league bigger, add an extra 2 teams so as these diddy clubs like Newcastle etc don’t lose out on the Sky sports purse.

    Within a couple of years the Hoops would be challenging for top 4 no problem. Our travelling support would fill any Epl stadium on a regular basis no problem, every city in England has a CSC & most City’s there will have at least 2 Celtic Pubs within its boundaries, go on the google & type in Celtic supporter clubs & pubs to see it for yourself.

    Pub Club eh. Hmmm ?

    #CelticFC&LiverpoolFC- (Giants)


    Hail Hail

  40. @3

    The SPL is s**t. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a small number of good players there.

    Every league in the world has a handful of good players…. even league 1-2 does.

  41. Mark Jason67

    Wonder what the 67 is for. That trophy you won 40 years ago perhaps.
    Anyhow talking of that massive support in your post. Just checked some stats on your official website. When your rivals were romping to the league title the season before last on a couple of occasions your home gates didn’t even total half of your official season ticket numbers. Maybe they were all on holiday at the same time??????????????????????????????????????????????

  42. I believe what was a blog about whether we are or are not going to try for a deal concerning both Brown & Iguirre plus cash for Forster.

    Which has now morphed into a defensive argument concerning the quality of the SPL vs. EPL.

    Well there was a time when both old firm sides were competitive with EPL sides, their history in Europe proves that.

    However that was before cable & satelight pay tv entered the picture and skewered things in favor of the EPL.

    Those EPL sides now earn more than ten times the revenue and in some cases twenty times the amount brought in by SPL sides, draw your own conclusions from that ?

    When it was about shirt sales and bums in seats, they could compete, but without the tv revenue……

    Being that there appears to be no welcome for either side in the English divisions (no one wants the sectarian bullshit associated with each side)
    Then perhaps the developement of what had been known as the Atlantic division would be an alternative.

    To enjoin certain top sides from the Scandanavian countries, Holland, Belgium, and Portugal along with the two old firm sides.
    What that would do is create a largeer tv audience, which could demand a decent revenue stream, it’s either do something like this, or wither on the vine so to speak, because the SPL is now a feeder league for the EPL, which in fact is a bit sad, when one thinks of the footballing history of Scotland.

  43. What? pardew wants players from Scotland? Never!! can’t possibly be right can it? After all, the things he said would preclude that no players of merit play there. Pardew is a proven also-ran. He has no real skills, no decent team, and frankly, no class. There are four teams in Englands EPL, and sorry guys, but Newcastle aren’t one of them, or even close to being one. Just because you get to play against the big boys eight times a season doesn’t make you one of them. Newcastle can easily find themselves back in the Championship next season, and i for ne would love to see that. The level Newcastle are at is the same as St.Johnstone, St.Mirren and Mothrwell.The dillusionary Mr. paardew can watch his team go down to then reach the heights of Falkirk, Dundee, Partick Thistle etc. You deserve it.

  44. Admittedly the SPL is not as strong as it should be, and both Celtic and Rangers are two very big fish in a small pond… Pardew has openly laughed at our league and then allegedly makes an approach for, not one, but Two of our players… Now if you can tell me another small country that has three European trophy winners and been in numerous finals, then let me know.
    The truth is, we punch well above our weight, where the EPL fails to do so.

    As for NUFC… you’re a joke, you have won nothing of any consequence, and if another team existed in Newcastle, you would struggle to get 25k fans at your stadium.

    Laugh all you like at our league, but when was the last time you were in a European final? Middlesborough are better than you.

    You’re gonna win f*ck all; )

  45. Meaning no disrespect to anyone at Newcastle,but why would either player want to join a club with absolutely no potential,a team that will be in a dog fight to survive year in and year out,with no hope in the forseeable future of winning anything,or even entertaining thoughts of playing in Europe?
    A second rate coach, the only thing you can offer is a great fan base, but they already have that with us?
    If you believe that either player would go to Newcastle,your just kidding yourself.

    Best of Luck next season, it’s gonna be another struggle.

  46. Last season Newcastle’s THIRD choice goalkeeper was Celtic’s FIRST choice goalkeeper. Who is the bigger club?

  47. Oh dear!

    How all the scots lads,
    chill man.
    I think you’ll find ‘english’ people from other clubs more up for an argument about nationality guys. We’re Geordies here, that barely qualifies us as english.
    Most of us couldn’t give a flying F*** about england.
    I know you lot do care about Scotland, & that’s cool, enjoy!

    Blaydon Races is the national anthem ’round here!

    It’s arnly footbaal!

  48. Bob, you seem seriously deranged and dangerously deluded. What on earth does that have to do with the size of the club? Tell you what, send Newcastle United up to the SPL and see how they manage. How many fans would you take to dull home games against Hamilton and Dunfermline? How would you cope with £2n in TV revenue every season as opposed to £50m+ that you get in the EPL? Answer is, you wouldn’t, and your budgets would be cur accordingly to the extent that your squad would be far worse than either of the Old Firm’s. Any player on more than 20k would be out the door. You’d probably be on a par with Hearts and Dundee United.

  49. I think you’re under estimating the Toon support there somewhat john, we took thousands to places further away in the championships last season mate.

  50. Bob says:

    June 14, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    Bob me ol currant, Celtic supporters when travelling to Seviile was not in the million’s, but about 100k and the outcome was not one arrest. You only need to google the wonderful reports wee recieved from the Spanish press, Fifa and Uefa, didnt we pick up an award for our good behaviour ?

    I don’t dislike the Newcastle, I’m actually having bit of a wind up, I actually think they are a decent club with a massive Epl support, they just been financially mis-managed over the year’s and with the size of their Home support and wonderful stadium they havent reached their full potential IMO.

    I am not an Alan Pardew fan, for Newcastle FC IMO he is a PR disaster, not a very well liked individual and he does your club no favours, constantly talking out his rear end, well i suppose for his over inflated Ego he need’s to do something to make the headlines as it’s very seldom he will make it for what his football team’s do on the park. Sacking Chris Hughton was a massive blunder also IMO.He was a decent man and manager and i think if giving time and money he would have been good for Newcastle FC.

    You mention Celtic Fc’s season ticket’s Bob,in the last 20 year’s Bob we have been within the top 10 in Europe for season ticket sales and over all attendaces over the season, an average of around 40-45 season tickets a season, that isnt counting the half season tickets we also sell.

    We as a club don’t put the effort into dislike other club’s as you seem to think, all around Europe we have many link’s with numerous club’s who have great relationships and mutual respect for one another, just a few who come to mind are Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, St.Pauli, Dortmund, Stuttgart, Ajax, Liverpool, Everton and numerous other club’s, un like our main rival’s Rangers we tend to attract the other anti fascist club’s around Europe, you have club supporte’s like Hamburg and the old Chelsea headhunter’s who’s support made up of the Fascist type.

    You mention our support’s behaviour, we have on the odd occassion over the decades had some muppets who get arrested for drinking and breach of the peace, but what club doesnt suffer that from time to time ? Our main rivals here in Scotland have serious problem’s with their supporter’s, Just ask the Manchester Police, Barcelona, Pamplona, Bucharest,Birmingham and numerous other’s where they have wrecked havoc on cities all over Europe.

    You got to ask yourself the question’s why Celtic FC are forever being asked to compete in testimonials,friendlies and competition’s like the Emirates Cup every summer and our main rivals Rangers dont get these requests, it’s a case of where ever we go we can have supporter’s we can trust and when they travel they go in numbers, The last time Rangers played in England they where hearded like cattle with a heavy police escort, locked into Bolton’s stadium and where held there until it was then time to escort them to Old Trafford then once the game was finished they where then escorted all the way to the motorway not allowed to step foot on English soil without a heavy police presence.

    You mention Neil Lennon kicking bottles, yes he acted out in anger, it was Celtic fans in that section thou and not Inverness fans as you mention, the same week Mark Hughes of Fulham done the same thing then cupped his ears to opposing fans when he took his seat in the stand when he was red carded, did he recieve the media hulabaloo like the way the Scottish media used to attack Lennon?

    You have Wenger on regular occassions throwing bottles about, the English media dont portray him as some angry monster do you ?

    Over the years there has been numerous managers displaying anger on the side lines yet they have never recieved the witch hunt that Neil Lennon has had to endure with the Scottish media, Sir Alex, Mourinho etc have all had their moments but when they do it they are described as passionate, genius, special one and the master etc.

    The problem here in Scotland is we dont have the Larssons or Laudrups etc any more for our media to sell news papers, the media know the hatred in Scotland that people have for Celtic and especially Lennon so they use him as someone who will sell their rags, you might not agree with that but it is reality here in Scotland, our media have been controlled by the succukent lamb and control freak of an ex-chairman who had the media dancing to his tune for the last 2 decades.

    Celtic are percieved to be a Catholuic club here in Scotland, but we are actually an all inclusive club and have been since we where formed, but it is in the media’s interest to keep this perception alive as our main rivals Rangers are a Protestant club like wise with 80 percent of Scottish society, so the majority of their sales is protestant so why lose those sales to side with the so called Catholic club. It might be hard for the English people to believe this discrimination still exists within the 21st century, but here in Scotland it is a little bigoted sectarian anti Catholic anti Irish back water. Bombs and bullets sent to our manager,plyers and supporters, but hey they’ll let you think we bring it on ourselves, disgusting attitudes im afraid Bob.

    You mention my moniker with the 67 in it, yes it is the European Cup win in 1967, something that we hold dear to our hearts as it was a great achievement that i doubt any club will ever make again, eleven footballers from within a 22 mile radius of Glasgow went on to defy all the odd’s and beat the then European giants Inter Milan, our manager was the late Jock Stein, who was voted Scotlands greatest ever manager.Just like the English who won the world cup the year previous, they still rave about that and quite rightly so as that was a great achievement also which they should never forget or continue to rave about and it’s the same with us Celtic supporter’s we will never stop celebrating our greatest ever starting X1, and it’s something to rub our main rivals nose in, they have tried numerous times to equal it to no avail.

    They ran up massive debts to attempt to achieve it, they call themselves the Queens X1 yet the hypocrisy of them when their board go sneakily behing her back trying ti rip her off for nigh on £30 million in unpaid taxes, and all the while having run up massive debts the last decade, at present they have around £25 million in debts, in the last decade their chairman wrote off an £80 million debt then another £50 million debt he tried to recoup in a failed share issue, Fifa and Uefa call it financial doping, in our language that is simply cheating, yet Rangers do all this while being percieved as the quintessential Britsh club flying their union flags proclaiming their loyalty for the Queen and all things British, yet to keep up with the Celtic FC they try and cheat us, me and you the tax payers and the Queen out of much needed monies in this financial recession, Hypocrisy i say I say hypocrisy my friends.

    They are in the midst of a tax battle, the word is they will lose it then they will have no option but to go into liquidation, then return as a phoenix club in the process crapping all over the top of us honest tax payers who will have to foot the bill for their financial skuduggery over the years.

    I hope i have answered all your q’s Mr Bob, please dont confuse my wind up’s as someone who hates English football or Newcastle, i actually follow English football daily and i get much satisfaction out of the competitiveness of the EPL and Championship, one of my all time favourite Epl players was actually a Newcastle player, Tino Asprilla, top class player.

    And the best thing for Newcastle this summer isnt what player they sign or sell, IMO it’s bringing in a new manager and getting that Pardew as far a way from your club as possible, he brings you’s nothing but embarrassment, a total block head of a guy, and if you’s feel Scott Brown is worth £6 million then I’ll drive him down myself, he is an ok player i’d like to see staying with the Celtic but for that type of cash then its a no brainer, IMO if we managed to off load him for anywhere between £2 million im sure many Celtic supporters would say take it.

    So Geordie Lads and Lassies all the best for the up and coming season HAIL HAIL

  51. chuck:

    June 14th, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    You mention two things, 1st being sectarian BS, secondly the atlantic league set up, well below I’ve copied & pasted an article written by the editors of one of our major Celtic blogs (CQN) It is his thoughts on that type of league, hope you enjoy it.

    So firstly the sectarian stuff, their is only one sectarian club & that is Rangers, My club Celtic are not sectarian, we have a big following of Irish nationals, our roots are Irish, we where formed to help the Irish immigrants fleeing the Irish holocaust (famine). So as a club we are proud of our history & roots, We sign songs like the Irish national anthem, the fields of athenry & the boys of the old brigade, the people of Scotland call these songs sectarian, in reality there is nothing sectarian about them, you have heard of the Irish war of independence, well we remember that among the many me & woman who fell in that struggle, its nothing to do with religion etc, we as a club welcome all nationalities & reigions etc, we are not sectarian, those men & woman we sing about are the very same men & woman the Queen recently bowed her head while laying a wreath paying her respects in remembrance, so if she recognises that then why do Scottish society & others condemn us for doing like wise ?

    Rangers sign about killing Catholics being up to their kness in fenian blood, making mockery of the Pope, & doing the bouncy bouncy which mimics the protestant gang who murdered a Roman Catholic by bouncing up & down on his head, the media will let you think it is an Old Firm problem, it is not, it is a Rangers problem where they find it difficult to accept Irish & Catholics. Up until a few decades ago they operated a signing policy where no Catholics could play for Rangers, only because they had to due to pressure from missing out on the best players at the time who where Catholics, to this day thou they refuse to sign an Irish Catholic. Celtic FC have never operated in this manner. I know its of topic from the blog article but just thought I’d give you true facts. But anyway hope you enjoy the article below

    Celtic’s FUTURE, Re-energise in Europe or DECLINE, ( Written Article By Paul67 )

    Three years ago, shortly after the current FA Premier League TV deal was announced, I published my vision for a Pan-European league.

    At the time I said:

    “Teams in the lower half of the English league will earn tens of millions of pounds more from television than Celtic. This will affect our competitiveness, our ability to recruit and keep players, it will push up the cost of the players we do attract and, will condemn Celtic to a future of being perennial plucky losers in the early stages of the Champions League.

    ”Escape from the Scottish Premier League into a better playing environment is not just important, it is crucial for Celtic. Every other business problem the club faces pales into insignificance when judged against this objective.

    “We face some harsh truths. The FA Premier League television deal will leave Celtic as an even more peripheral European club if we remain in the Scottish Premier League. If this is our lot, and there is nothing we can do about it, we are as well looking each other in the eye, and cutting our aspirations down to match.

    We know only too well how all of this feels now.

    This season will see our wage costs reach a new peak, but the calibre of squad you get for £40m per annum is less than it was when we last peaked five years ago. Our regular place in the Deloitte Top 20 is in the past, we will never be in this list again until a fundamental change happens in European football.

    Prospects of a change of environment emerging through an invitation to join the English league system requires us to benefit from the as-yet un-manifest breakdown of their financial structure. We are, however, not alone. Rangers, Porto, Benfica, Sporting, Ajax, Feyenoord, Eindhoven, Bruges and Anderlecht face exactly the same problems and should therefore provide support for change.

    What makes a successful league?

    Before agreeing to move anywhere, the first thing Celtic should consider, is what properties does a league need in order to produce successful European teams. There are a few key elements:

    A large population capable of providing a significant television audience.
    Well run clubs, capable of filling large stadiums.
    Wealthy economies, ensuring TV and sponsorship rights are worth a lot of money.

    In Europe, wealth and large populations exist in five national football regions, Germany, Italy, France, England and Spain. Populous countries like Turkey (population 74 million) and Russia (145 million) do not have the economies to support lucrative television or sponsorship contracts, although the latter is showing some promise.

    Remarkably, well run football clubs, capable of filling large stadiums seems to be the least important factor. The top French league now attracts fewer spectators than the lower division ‘Championship’ in England, and there are only three clubs in Spain who fill large stadiums. It is only really in England and Germany where both massive spectator attendances and wealthy economies are found.

    If a Pan-Euro League is to succeed, it must have the demographic, financial and football elements necessary to enable its clubs to compete from a position of strength with all other European leagues.

    The Pan-Euro League

    I’m going to give you a scenario here, but don’t get too hung up on the details and come back with reasons why a league cannot start in October, for example. The detail will be resolved if the vision is there to see it through.

    The league would have 16 teams, drawn from the seven countries, Scotland, The Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Denmark, with the initial constituent clubs promoted to the league based on their Uefa coefficient. The better countries would have more competitors. From the current coefficient table, the initial competitors would be:

    The Netherlands: PSV Eindhoven, Ajax, Alkmaar (proving Feyenoord and the rest need to be on their game).

    Portugal: Porto, Benfica, Sporting Lisbon.

    Belgium: Bruge, Anderlecht, Standard Liege.

    Scotland: Celtic, Rangers, Hearts or Aberdeen (they are on equal points).

    Switzerland: Basel, FC Zurich.

    Austria: Austria Vienna.

    Denmark: Copenhagen.

    Each club would play 30 fixtures, which leaves scope for a short, 10 game national qualification tournament starting in August. This tournament would involve the top six clubs from each country playing home and away for their national championship, Champions League qualification and entry into the Pan-Euro league.

    Again, don’t get too hung up on the detail of this, there are several viable alternatives, although each would benefit from discontinuing the various second national cup competitions. My initial plan had a scenario for promotion to and relegation directly from the Pan-Euro league feeding from national leagues, but I stripped this out this time as too many people got hung-up on the fine detail, which is not necessary at this point, however, direct relegation and promotion remains a possible scenario.

    The middle group of teams from the national leagues, such as Aberdeen, Hibernian and Hearts would have a real opportunity to progress to a higher level, and, if they are well enough organised, rediscover their former European glories. And while Hearts, Alkmaar or Standard Liege might not float your boat the same way as Ajax and Porto do, the most popular league in the world thrives with Wigan, Hull and Stoke.

    The example of Villarreal, a well-run club from an affluent league who were able to reach the Champions League semi final, demonstrates what is possible for smaller clubs from the candidate Pan-Euro League countries.

    The Clubs

    The clubs entitled to compete in the initial Pan-Euro League have been European Champions 11 times; until recently more than any other league in Europe.

    Celtic, Rangers, Ajax, Feyenoord, Eindhoven, Benfica, Porto, Bruges and Anderlecht could make the Pan-Euro League the best attended in Europe. There is no telling what this level of opportunity would do for clubs like Basel or Austria Vienna.

    The Economics

    The proposed seven countries who would make up the Pan-Euro League have a combined Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $1871 billion (UK billion), higher than the GDP of England, France, Italy or Spain. In Europe, only the German economy has a higher GDP.

    They have a combined population of 64 million, again, only Germany is more populous from the major European leagues.

    With the second largest TV audience in Europe, and the second largest economy, TV income for most of the 16 competitors would at least match, and probably exceed, most clubs in the current top five leagues.

    Sponsorship deals would also increase in value in line with the better TV exposure.

    The league would be geographically spread, but not as much as in Russia, so all games could be shown live on television outside the local territory of the game to cater for away fans unable to travel.

    The eight games per weekend should fill four timeslots, two on Saturday and two on Sunday, allowing TV viewers to choose from one of two games at each timeslot. This television model has been pioneered by the Champions League, and would mean more live television, and therefore more advertising and sponsorship space to sell, which would further enhance TV income.

    There would be a total of 240 TV timeslots per annum, with revenues shared between 16 teams, the Champions League has 25 timeslots and the FA Premier League has 138, playing to a smaller domestic audience and shared between 20 teams.

    It remains to be seen how much such a TV contract could generate, but frankly, if it did not generate enough income to spectacularly
    blow the proposed competitors current deals out of the water, and allow them to compete with the best in Europe, the sales agent would have failed badly.

    Who will gain from this?

    The Pan-Euro League member clubs have more than just money to gain; they could rediscover their reason for being; to become a European superpower.

    Mid-range clubs from the candidate countries would have the opportunity to make real progress towards a better level of competition.

    After jettisoning the Pan-Euro clubs in the autumn, national leagues across the candidate countries would rediscover genuine competition, long lost for most of them, as the remaining teams compete for a trophy in May.

    Small clubs from candidate countries would be financial beneficiaries in a league structure above them generating much more money than anything they have known in the past with scope for meaningful revenue share opportunities.

    Uefa frequently express concern at power being concentrated in ever fewer hands, this is an opportunity to empower the disenfranchised, and to make European football more inclusive.

    The first step

    Calculating sports media and sponsorship values is not a black art. Sport is a mature industry, so an assessment of the value of media and sponsorship rights can be made. This will amount to tens of millions of pounds per club per annum.

    As a first step, a report on the value of this league should be commissioned – by Celtic alone if necessary. A report showing a potential bounty of tens of millions of pounds on the table is an excellent way to focus minds across Europe.

    Dozens of clubs could gain from this plan, but Celtic have more to gain than anyone. They could become the biggest fish in what might prove to be the biggest pond.

    If we measure our progress by my comment from 2006, “Escape from the Scottish Premier League into a better playing environment is not just important, it is crucial for Celtic. Every other business problem the club faces pales into insignificance when judged against this objective”, we have made little progress.

    Operationally we have the best run football club in Britain, possibly in Europe, but if you consider the seeds of our domestic domination were planted well before 2006 (our G.o.D. was declared here in 2004), I cannot point to any evidence of strategic progress since.

    It’s time for Celtic to stop pressing their nose against someone else’s window and show us they have not run out of vision for our future. Re-energise, find the spark that will drive us forward, without which we can only manage decline

  52. Mark Jason67

    Oh dear Oh dear. I really can’t be bothered replying to your incessant drivel but if you care to take a step back and read everything over you’ll see you are actually contradicting yourself and this problem you and many others have with trying to dress up your football club as being something it is not is actually laughable.

    You accused Manchester United fans of being glory seekers. You say you have between 40 and 45 thousand season ticket holders at Celtic and had 100,000 fans in Seville for the UEFA Cup Final. So a very large percentage of those in Seville don’t actually go to the home games on a regular basis. Are they not glory seekers then, turning up for the big game in Seville?

    You say that Celtic fans don’t put more effort into disliking other teams than they do supporting their own.
    Well my friend in your last reply you mention your dislike for Rangers, Chelsea and Humburg? Reading further on I think you have a major problem with your local rivals and it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with football.

    You also say Celtic are hard done by because they are portrayed as a Catholic club and you would welcome ANYBODY. Rangers, Chelsea and Hamburg then? No because you don’t actually mean what you say.

    I actually lived in Scotland for 20 years and attended games of all clubs, many at Parkhead. In the late seventies and early eighties ther was a section of terracing called the jungle. Your ‘fans’ in there spent 90 minutes singing the praises of the IRA. Now you’re complaining about the threats to Neil Lennon yet your support sang the praises of a group who were killing innocent people.

    A close friend went along to a European game in Glasgow against Nottingham Forest way back with his uncle. Not a Celtic fan but a football lover. Joined a queue for what he thought was the match programme. Got to the front and found it was a pro IRA magazine. Turned to walk away and was called some horrendous things. Slapped and spat at and told to ‘f*** o**’ and that he should be supporting the brothers and the cause. He was 14 years old and ended up in tears. Uncle said he would never set foot in the ground again and hasn’t to this day as far as I know.

    On the subject of bottles don’t you remember a game against Rapid Vienna way back when you disgraced the name of Scottish football again. Then you had a fan a few seasons back attacking an opposition player at Parkhead in a European game, Gordon Strachan a manager of your club was also attacked on the pitch at Parkhead in his playing days with Aberdeen. You rioted at Hampden in some of the worst scenes ever witnessed in British football. Great fans?

  53. Bob’s a Rangers fan, ignore the cretin, no normal minded Newcastle United fan would really put in the much effort to stain Celtic’s fans. What a pathetic man.

  54. “Bob’s a Rangers fan, ignore the cretin, no normal minded Newcastle United fan would really put in the much effort to stain Celtic’s fans. What a pathetic man.”

    Newcastle season ticket holder actually. Truth hurts my friend. Come down to The Toon and ask any pub landlord and a large percentage of anybody who was in the town centre on your last two ‘friendly’ visits if you would be welcomed back.

  55. Bob you’re a liar, simple as that… You are either a rankers supporter or have a close association with them, to lie to that extent.

    As I’ve said before to the NUFC Support… What have you won?

    You’re a one horse city… With a support that has NO ONE ELSE to follow, and believe they have a right to win the league.

    I’ll say it again, YOU’RE A JOKE.

    Get Shearer in as manager, he has to be good because he did score some goals for us… That surely makes him a great manager, oh, and he’s on that Match of the Day like… That settles it then… WE DEMAND SHEARER, WE DEMAND SHEARER…


  56. I understand Bob is a Rangers fan John, just wanted to see how far he’d go with his pretence.

    Bob me ol currant bun.

    Seville- Well its not every year you get to a Uefa Cup final, so somehow I don’t think all the European based support would pass the opportunity up to go along & watch the Hoops, travelling to Celtic Park every week would be a struggle for them, & with it only being a 60k capacity stadia it would be hard to squeeze em all in.

    Rangers,Chelsea & Hamburg. Well I have my beliefs & when you have supporters who fascists linking themselves to the fascist Rangers support then why should I have respect for those clubs silly billy boy. When Hamburg played Celtic a few years back they where all in Rangers tops, No surrender ftp banners etc & displaying the Rangers Heil hitler hand gestures. When Chelsea come to Glasgow its the similar thing, you only have to look at the Rangers Chelsea ICF pics on google to see they are very un likable people.

    Rangers sign songs which are by scottish law illegal. Like the Billy boys, an old protestant razor gang who’s leader was a self confessed fascist. He brought the klu klux klan to Glasgow Tut Tut me ol currant. Here is one of his quotes ‘Britain needs a Hitler Type leader’ that’s who the Gers sign about when they refer to the Billy boys.

    What Celtic songs illegal ?

    Your clutching at straws & your anger & lies starting to manifest. all that guff about 14 year olds crying etc.

    I’m not going to hi jack & disrespect the blog anymore by debating with you, as you are clearly a clown with his head in the sand.

    You keep bringing up little isolated incidents what I’m referring to is when hundreds or thousand of Rangers fans commit skullduggery in their large numbers.

    I find it strange you had no defence to ripping the Crown of for millions in tax ?

    I apologise to the rest of the blog for hogging it with non related Newcastle stuff, I will not respond anymore with this ostrich.


    Have you given any consideration to what new name Rangers will give themselves when liquidation comes & the phoenix club arrives with no history ?

    The world would be a better place without those type’s of people who attach themselves to that club.

    Tainted Titles & you know it currant bun.

  57. P.S almost forgot. The Hampden riot you refer to, well the Celtic support ran onto the pitch to Celebrate & as usual when the Rangers get beat the riot like they always do, if they just had left the stadium & let Celtic celebrate everything would have been sound, yes we retaliated but what could we have done when we on the pitch & thousands of thugs run at you ? Where do you hide ?

  58. dennis doherty,you may be right in saying we could struggle this coming season.the sad fact is wuth the squad newcastle have now,would win the scots premier in a canter with some many points to spare.all that highlights really is how poor the standard is up in scotland.i dont want to come on here and slag off celtic or rangers,imo both are massive clubs.i’m sure if you were in the premier league for a good while,you would eventually be up there challenging,if it was a level playing talk about why would your players come to our club,which has a similar big fan’s because the standard of football is different class,and they would be testing themselves against the best.
    all you can offer is a good home atmosphere,but the away games in the prem dwarf the scots prem.
    most of your away games are against teams we would consider league 1 standard in england.
    i do feel for you guys though,as you do deserve to play in the bigger league.

  59. Mark Jason 67

    Just had a look at the 1980 Scottish Cup Final riot on YouTube. Firstly you didn’t run onto the pitch to celebrate. You had to scale fences to get on the pitch. You didn’t celebrate on the pitch, you ran the full length of the pitch to the opposition fans and started taunting them. Lo and behold you started lobbing bricks, stones and bottles. Funny thing to carry onto the pitch if you’re only going on to celebrate. Then you start lobbing bottles and missiles at the police and their horses but of course they shouldn’t have tried to get you to leave the pitch. There for all to see on YouTube yet still you attempt to alter the facts.

    Your last response has deteriorated into accusing other football fans of being fascists but no comment whatsover about your own clubs IRA sympathies. Chose to ignore that did you? Just did a quick search on the net and find that your club allowed a republican band called The Wolfetones make a video in your stadium years back. Now given that was at the height of the troubles in Northern Ireland not the cleverist move.

    You dismissed my post about the young boy crying when not wanting to buy an IRA magazine as, to quote you ‘all that guff’. Well I’ve just done a search on the forum and came across the following post from a Celtic supporter. Mentions a similar situation with being forced to buy a certain type of magazine and that the songs sung and played at your stadium in some cases shouldn’t be allowed.

    “The songs were popular old Republican. IT HAD NO PLACE AT A SPORTS VENUE. I recall singing them but not hearing them on the tannoy system. The subject matter of this debate however is the Wolfe Tones and their association with songs re the Provos which are not acceptable.

    I am not naive either, I have attended dances with players present and some have come out with eyebrow raising renditions of certain songs. I also drank in a bar in Coatbridge where a certain paper was offered and you couldn’t refuse to buy it! Politics and sport don’t mix and they have no place together. I for one would not welcome back any of the old Republican songs and certainly not those of the modern era and certainly not the Wolfe Tones.”

    Here’s the link Mark just so that you can read it for yourself and don’t come back on saying it’s ‘guff’.

    Get your head out the clouds man. Why not just support what your own team do ‘on the pitch’ instead of trying to tell the world half truths about how great your club is and how bad your rivals are.

    You know I have great admiration for the team of ’67, greats like Jimmy Johnstone and Kenny Dalglish and so on but supporters like you spouting drivel makes you feel differently.

  60. The clue is in the name: Newcastle UNITED, a city UNITED.
    Amazing that that is used to slag us off.

  61. Hello again Mark.

    Just noticed the poster of the above quote on had a user name of Chucky Arla.

    This translates to: Irish language phrase which translates as “our day will come”, the hoped-for day being that of a united Ireland. It became a popular slogan with militant Irish republicans in the 1980s.

    But you’ve been telling us all day that your support don’t have a problem with politics or bigotry.

  62. CLINT see gullit has been sacked,and looks like big al is ganning to manage cardiff,funny old game this :)

  63. tattyheed says:
    June 14, 2011 at 10:13 am

    “oh – by the way – some of the best ever players that we’ve had in the 45 years i’ve been a supporter were jocks

    tony green
    bob moncur
    jimmy smith
    tommy craig
    john blackley
    jim scott”

    And the rest Tattyheed, and if you gan back further:

    Hughie Gallacher
    Ronnie Simpson
    Jimmy Scoular and so on…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if more of our greatest ever players came from North of the border than anywhere else, including the North East.

  64. Trojan69

    Yes you correct mate the rest of the Spl is like an anchor around our necks.

    Trying to attract decent players here is a mission the condition of the away stadiums,small supports & sunday league type pitches, it is very embarrassing, our only tool to draw players is the chance of regular European football & its also a springboard & platform for foreign players who’s goal is to head to the lucrative Epl, their is nothing that will change that fact. We accept we now a selling club. When we have good players like Kayal & Izzaguirre it frustrates us knowing we will eventually lose them to the Epl.

    For us Celtic fans it is very frustrating as for the size of our club we should be challenging with the cream of Europe, we once had it but now we are stagnating, lingering in this crap hole. The Epl has its faults but us Celtic fans would bite your hand of for a welcome to join up with you’s.

  65. Mark Jason67 says:
    June 14, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    “When we have good players like Kayal & Izzaguirre it frustrates us knowing we will eventually lose them to the Epl.”

    It’s no different to Newcastle Mark. We just lose ’em to teams like Tottenham and Liverpool.

  66. WorkyTicket.

    For the size of your support & stadium I don’t think you’s have reached your full potential in recent years. I suppose its all down to financial mis-management over the years, your owner not a very popular guy eh.


    In case you missed it in my previous comment directed at you I mentioned I’m not going to disrespect the blog anymore with Non related Newcastle stuff. What started of with me winding up the Geordie lads has morphed into something else, if it makes you feel any better then Yes your correct, I’m wrong & every you mention is true. That better me ol currant bun, now let’s move on & not bring the blog down anymore with my dick is bigger than your pecker. Capiche ?

    I do apologies to the other contributors for muddying up the Topic. Sorry !

  67. Mark Jason67 says:
    June 14, 2011 at 8:47 pm


    Nee botha Mark.

    In Newcastle’s case, I just put it down to lack of a long term strategy from several owners, and an element of impatience from some of the fans too.

    As for Ashley, he does actually have some kind of strategy for the club, but his execution can be awful sometimes. Also I don’t know if the strategy is to build a great football club that wins trophies, or make Newcastle United into even more of a ‘selling club’, a footballer farm that grooms very talented young players for the biggest European clubs.

  68. Workyticket.

    I think what would benefit us all is if the game got brought into line, salary caps etc & an end to ridiculous transfer fees that all clubs can’t compete with.

    The Celtic boards strategy now is to run our club debt free, pick up future stars out of Europe & sell them on at a profit, it will not bring us European success or anything but its all about living within our means & sustainability. I think their thinking is that sooner or later something has to give with either the Epl welcoming us or common sense rules regarding wages, debt etc being changed, either that or many clubs will not be able to continue & will go to the wall.

    Changing the 3 player foreigner rule was massive blunder, our home grown talent just not being giving the opportunity any more.

    Its not really fair when you have clubs like Man Utd in 700 hundred million in debt, clubs like your own just can’t risk competing with that.

    I think most club supporters would welcome some sort of change in set up. British League or something.

  69. Mark,
    ‘British league?’

    Scotland won’t even join in the freakin’ olympics out of fear of a british team/league mate, even with assurances of the contrary.
    Go figure!


  70. Clint flick,

    There is 4 or 5 teams in Scotland who if giving the opportunity to depart the Spl for say a Bpl 1- Bpl2 two tier system with the finances they would be able to move forward. Celtic, Rangers, Hearts, aberdeen & maybe Dundee utd, the latter 3 have a decent fan base that have falling away over the years. at one time they could sell 40 – 50 k tickets to Hampden Cup finals.

    If giving the opportunity its the clubs who will make those decisions. The Sfa would have no say. The only obstacle is to quit the league their is rule where you need to give 2 years notice.

  71. Mark,
    i’m not against a british league me self mate.
    I just think a lot of Scots would be, especially with the whole devolution/independence thing in the air right now.
    & like i say, Scotland won’t be part of a ‘one off’ british football team for the ’12 olympics, will it?

  72. Jesus wept!! Don’t they go on a bit? No wonder Hadrian built the bloody wall – he was scared he was going to be bored to death by stories of how utterly fantacca everything in Scotland is and how proud they are as a people. Yet what gets me is that once any of these proud people get to any level of fame or fortune, they can’t wait to get the hell out of there.

  73. Clint flick.

    I don’t think the Olympics thing is high on many countries agenda, not something we give much thought to here in Scotland.

    Don’t underestimate the football depression that has set in due to the decline in our National sport, we fed up being the mickey mouse league & take my word for it if we where offered the chance to join a different set up then the five clubs I mentioned previous would be like kids waiting for Xmas morn. If Scottish football doesn’t see change then in 10 years we will be like the league of Ireland & Wales.

  74. MrT76,

    aye you correct m8, sort of rabbited on a bit today & over stayed me welcome, was my day of today & The old Jack D’s all day drinking session loosened up the lips. Not usually this gabby,but anyhow I won’t bother you again. Take care Geordie Lads.