Neil Taylor OR Darron Gibson?

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Apparently Newcastle will go for Darron Gibson if they can't get Neil Taylor.
Newcastle United are still allegedly hoping to sign Neil Taylor from Swansea, with Darron Gibson supposedly being an alternative target if we don’t get Taylor.

Apparently we haven’t given up on trying to sign Neil Taylor from Swansea City despite having our £1m bid rejected.

Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins – who has previously claimed Taylor is worth £10m – formally turned down Newcastle’s bid on Monday evening, saying:

We recognise Neil as a young, talented Welsh player that has an important role to play at this club. We brought him here from Wrexham and have helped nurture his development.

He adjusted very well to the Championship last season and we look forward to seeing him play a big role as we enter the Premier League. That is why we have rejected Newcastle’s bid. I spoke to Neil’s agent and he understands the situation.

The only thing that can change is Newcastle’s thoughts on it. If they want to purchase any player from us, obviously as in any transaction they have to reach our valuation. Unless we get an offer in for any of our players that we find too hard to turn down, every contracted player will stay with our club and will be playing for us in August in the Premier League. That’s not going to change as far as I’m aware and that’s how it should be.

I believe the time is wrong for him to move on at the moment. You’d think he’s got more chance of playing games in the Premier League for us than trying to compete for a place at Newcastle. I wouldn’t deprive any player of moving on if he felt it was the right time for the club and the player, that’s part and parcel of the game these days. He’s such a young lad though and it’s about playing games.

Well I can guarantee we won’t be paying £10m for him! Then again, I doubt Huw Jenkins really thinks he’s worth that and probably only said it for effect.

Quite how much we will bid is a matter of conjecture but, allegedly, we haven’t given up yet and are supposedly hoping the player will put in a transfer request to help him on his way to St James’ Park. The uninformed consensus is that we might stretch to £2m for Taylor at the most.

The press seem to think that if we don’t get Taylor we’ll pursue Man Utd’s Darron Gibson instead, although quite why it’s an ‘either/or’ situation regarding a left-back and a midfielder confuses me a bit. There also appears to be a certain amount of doubt amongst fans as to whether he’s worth the alleged £5m that Man Utd are asking for him.

The 23 year-old midfielder has scored 12 goals in 155 appearances and has spend his entire career on the books of Man Utd, although he has been loaned out to Royal Antwerp and Wolves in that time.

Personally, I think cover at left-back – even if Enrique stays – is a higher priority than another midfielder just now.

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51 Responses

  1. Neither, why are we looking at a player coming from the championship and a bit part player for man u when apparently we want to push for a Europe spot and with £35 mill to spend. Frustrating!

  2. if Gutherie went for 3m to c.h’s Birm, and we brought in Gibson for say 4/4.5m – then i’d be happier with him as a squad player – Man U trained, and scores the occasional belter.

    Hope we get Taylor now, 2m is max price for a player who’s only had one season in Champs.

    Stoke (and possibly us, if u believe the reports) have had 10m turned down for Sturridge. I’d like to see us really make a move for him, say 15m/18m.

  3. Taylor coz he’s a left back and cheaper..

    Man u forums are delighted that Gibson is being released, they don’t rate him at all, so why should we just because he comes from MAnU, ive seen nothing to suggest he’s any good.

  4. on gibson i personally think that he will be another guthrie young waiting to blossom but not really meeting to his potenial when he gets older…i think newcastle are quietly making a bid for sturridge just think that some newcastle transfers like the routledge and marveux one will happen around the corner without us expecting it!

  5. Agree that of the two, we only need to go for Naylor – we’re bursting in mid-field!

    BUT, we still need to go for a proven LB to cover the inevitable departure of Jose!!!!

  6. Neither to be honest.
    We have supposedly 35m still in the kitty I can see hardly any of this being spent….freebies,championship hopefuls,no proven number 9 that costs more than peanuts.

    I am all for shopping around and picking up players like Tiote etc at decent prices but we have a real chance to push up towards a uefa spot this season if money in properly invested.

    We have been starved of a proven number 9 for years now…yes we had AC homegrown and let’s be fair still unproven at the highest level so it was done in my opinion as a cheap way to fill the shirt.

    Surely this board will wake up in this window and buy at least one FIT,TRIED AND TESTED NUMBER 9???????

  7. Interesting Comment Davies…..I do get what you are saying but not sure I agree.
    Having pondered over the word I just can’t see that type of conjecture being either practical or affordable due to the current financial restraints enforced upon Newcastle United.

  8. sirjasontoon says:
    June 29, 2011 at 11:29 am

    “We have supposedly 35m still in the kitty”

    Do we shite SJT. By the time the club deducts all the salary payments on extended contracts, new contracts etc as outlined in Ashley’s ‘small print’. If we spend £35 million on player transfer fees this transfer season I will personally get my arse out, not in Fenwick’s window but on the centre circle of SJP with 50,000 people watching!

  9. workyticket says:
    June 29, 2011 at 11:48 am

    “I will personally get my arse out, not in Fenwick’s window but on the centre circle of SJP with 50,000 people watching!”

    That’s net spend mind, with money received for players such as Nolan deducted from the total. Just thought I’d clear that up. :-)

  10. Looking at it in a really negative way this morning…

    Don’t we usually do nothing once the season ticket renewal deadline has passed? Bit like last season when the club released that wonderful statement about ‘capital outlay’ etc.

    So we do a little buisness before the deadline and then BAM nothing for the rest of the summer?

    I am joking by the way.

    But then… Would it surprise you…


  11. I’m as confused as you are Hugh – I don’t understand why this is an either/or choice either

    Luckily in my case it doesn’t really matter, because my choice is neither

  12. Pardew made it quite clear this £35m will go on fees & wages…we’ve brought in 2 players on 5yr contracts & 1 on a 3yr contract & assuming they’re are on approximately £40k a week each that’s roughly £27m plus £4m ish fee for Cabaye plus BA’s signing on fee & theres your £35m.

    We were told this is what would happen so it’s your own fault if you get p1ssed off due lack of ‘major’ signings.

    Personally I think the squad is better than it was in the last day of last season…

  13. That’s really puzzling, as fans have been bleating on about it for about 3 seasons now.
    Maybe it’s got more to do with our quixotic nature than a consistent collective whine?
    Gan figure!

  14. Saylor4Captain…..Relax Man…..anyone who want’s S.Taylor as captain must be fookin’ Tapped. :lol:

  15. OK well maybe instead of Collective Whining maybe we should all send Andy Carroll a letter of thanks for paying player wages,floodlight maintenance,ASDA Value Tea for Half Time Cuppa’s etc for the next few seasons…Cheers Andy xxxxx

  16. sirjasontoon says:
    June 29, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    “Saylor4Captain…..Relax Man….”

    SJT Relax man, it’s just someone from the other blog trying to cause trouble again. ;-)

  17. Well you better stop calling me an Avatar Worky or I will go feckin’ CRAZY :lol:
    You Alreet?….Just got in from the New Howden Opera…heh heh

  18. sirjasontoon says:
    June 29, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    “Well you better stop calling me an Avatar Worky or I will go feckin’ CRAZY :lol:
    You Alreet?”

    Aye, it’s just when I copy/paste the comment and include the little image. It’s only seems to have started happening recently.
    PC keeps gannin’ ‘tits up’ again but other than that I’m fine lol. Hope you’re alreet?

  19. well my recent comment looks silly haha nufc not interested in signing sturridge…big mistake i think we have the cash to spend it on him but i guess pardew is more interested in getting erdinc

  20. SJT,
    we’ve been wanting a LB back up for yonx & now we’re making moves, no one wants one?
    The whining was real but the new ‘attitude’ is quixotic, ain’t it?

  21. Are there any quotes about ‘not wanting’ sturridge?
    Or is it just a rag fable?

  22. nufc337 says:
    June 29, 2011 at 12:55 pm

    “well my recent comment looks silly haha nufc not interested in signing sturridge…big mistake”

    I don’t think that Chelsea would be interested in selling a homegrown player anyway nufc337, and if they do, the fee will be an arm and a leg. Another loan would probably be the only way and there’d be alot of competition.

  23. shields Gazette:
    A United source said today: “At the moment the manager is looking into other players, so it is unlikely that Sturridge will be coming to Newcastle at this moment in time.”

    Is this the offending article?

    “At the moment…”

    “…unlikely…at this moment in time”.



  24. It’s written by Lee Ryder on the Chronicle website. I dunno why anyone would read past the ‘by Lee Ryder’. Bloke knows nothing and he is supposed to be a local journo.

  25. Whoops JimBob…all these figure’s are crackin’ me up…spend,spend,spend..sheesh.
    My advice to MA is look on ebay for wholesale loose tea from China…save a fortune over a few seasons…shipping might be a ba5tard tho.

  26. All good Worky….can blog abit more now with me phone as well now I can stay logged in…drove me nuts keep typing my email every comment but it works cool now.

  27. Was thinking about the transfers we have done so far last night and they aren’t bad signings in all honesty you may even call them shrewd for want of a better word.

    I am all for the club getting these type of signings but it pains me that with a bit of decent spending we really could start moving forwards…..not massively but just ongoing noticeable progression.

    I don’t want massive spends on players I just want a decent team that has some depth to see us through a season,a good youth policy that keeps developing talent and a team that plays some decent football and builds each season.

    I don’t think I am asking to much just a bit of progression and intent.

  28. Darron Gibson.

    He has a fantastic shot, and he is still young.
    I think Alan Pardew can do a big player of him.

  29. Barry Ferguson….supposedly on the Radar….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  30. Finally managed to get my computer working! …kind of.

    I’ve been watching some of Neil Taylor and he is definitely one we should be going for – his work rate is absolutely flawless, should definitely get him in once this whole mess is sorted.

    Gibson probably wouldn’t be a bad signing either, to be honest. He gets way more stick than he really should.

  31. SJT,
    i’m saying all is rosey or owt, but the window hasn’t even ‘officially’ opened yet & we’ve got a bunch of decent players in already.
    That’s already a departure from usual proceedings.
    We may not buy another player, we may, who knows?
    We could do with another 3 though.

  32. Thump,
    isn’t Gosling taking up gibson’s space though?
    I’m down with Naylor though, could be real good that boy.

  33. fergo is like 31, and crap, cant see that going anywhere. I think this’ll be the last time i can stomach writing “Sturridge”, but if he does end up being sold (stoke upping 6m to 10m apparently), i reckon we’d have missed out on a legend.

  34. All the rags were saying we weren’t interested in ferguson a couple of hours ago.
    It’s BS, it’s a non story.

  35. Might get shot down for this, but as it seems we don’t like to spend massive amounts on any one player and we get linked to players like Shane Long for 7 million. I can’t help but feel Swansea have got themselves a very good player in Danny Graham, only for 3.5 million.

  36. jimbob,
    howay man, don’t be soft, buying players from a lower league, are you nuts, or ashley’s love child?

  37. jimbob,
    you’re not mate, you just think for yourself, good on ya’.

    ‘Independent thought alert’


  38. Oh! I get it!
    It seems that s*land are looking at ferguson, so we MUST be then, so they can ‘trump’ us again. :)

    How sad!


  39. Gibson ? ermmm! not that bad, put a few screamers from long range in the net, but nah !
    We do need help in a backup LB, so £2m. for Taylor, O’K !
    Must be some marathon negotiation going on with PSG for our second striker, I can see us pulling out of this one.
    Following a flying start in the market, we seem to have come to a grinding halt, probably no more free agents available or guys for under £5m.
    On the other hand Bruce is spending like a drunken sailor, no problem getting rid of the Henderson £20m. and a few bob more, appears the US owned sides are not afraid to venture a few bob in order to make a profit.
    Hear we are in for that well known Striker Inge (who ?)
    What about buying Whickham, good idea ?
    Doubt if he can produce in the PL, but still a kid and could bring in big bucks for Bruce doon the road.
    Looks like we can forget about Sturridge, unless we go after him on a loan basis.
    We still need help up front and on the back line, seems we are not having a lotta trouble getting rid of the deadwood, their sales will bring in some dosh for replacements, but we gotta get off the dime and not get left out to dry, by quibling over penny ante shit !
    C’mon shley get your ass in gear and give us the team we deserve, O’K !

  40. Thump says:
    June 29, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    “Finally managed to get my computer working!”

    Nice one Thump, but now mine’s been knacked all day (again)! :-(

    Just got it gannin’ after some minor surgery. Hope it holds out this time.

  41. Erm ! I hear Ferguson wants a club close to Scotland, may i suggest he enquire at Carlisle, sure they would be happy to oblige.
    If that does’nt work out, ( afew miles further away)there’s always Sunderland or Boro.