Are Marveaux’s groin and Ba’s knee ticking time bombs? 1. Sylvain Marveaux.

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Silvain Marveaux.
Marvveaux: Hamstring and groin problems.
In all the euphoria of Mike Ashley recently signing three players of seemingly high calibre, all for under £5 million, it can be forgotten that two of these player have had injury question marks hanging over them, so I have decided to investigate the problem and look to see if Mike Ashley has taken something of a gamble with his recent brace of cut price stars.

Part One – Sylvain Marveaux.

Signed for free upon the ending of his contract with French Ligue 1 side, Rennes, Marvvaux is beyond doubt a talent, and should be approaching his peak at 25. His signing was also seen as being something of a ‘daring swoop’ after the mighty Magpie seemingly snatched this juicy little Gallic worm from under the noses of Liverpool Football Club. Rumours soon emerged saying that the player actually failed a medical there, something which both Liverpool’s medical staff and the player himself have denied. Marveaux said of this:

“It disgusts me a bit to read things like that because I know it could affect the rest of my career. You can give me a medical today and you’ll see there’s no problem.”

Though I’m sure that this is correct, Marveaux does have history in the long term injury department. He only played 6 games of the 2008/9 campaign because of a torn hamstring. At first it was thought that Marveaux would not require any surgery. However, after club doctors found that a haematoma (a body of blood which has escaped the blood vessels), it was then decided that surgery was required, and the player missed five months of the season.

He then returned to enjoy a full season with the side in the 2009/10 campaign, notching up no less than 38 games in all competitions. He seemed all set fair for a lengthy and fruitful 2010/11 season, but a damaged adductor muscle (in the hip / groin area) saw him out of the side. On his return, he then pulled up again in a game against local rivals, Brest, in what was a recurrence of the injury. Marveaux was involved in a total of only 10 games by the season’s end. France’s official Ligue 1 website reported on Marveaux’s 2010/11 injury woes thusly:

“Rennes’ attacking options have taken another blow with the announcement that Sylvain Marveaux will be out of action until the new year with a groin strain.

“Just after Colombian striker Victor-Hugo Montaño returned from a four-week injury absence, Rennes have learned that star attacking midfielder Sylvain Marveaux will be out for six weeks after aggravating the groin strain that kept him out of action at the beginning of the season.

“Marveaux, the subject of intense transfer speculation during the summer, notably from the English Premier League, after a stellar season 2009-10, has been plagued by groin injuries this season.

Recurring problem

“After missing most of the start of the season with the injury, the speedy midfielder came to an abrupt halt in Saturday’s 2-1 Breton derby win over Brest, limping off in the 56th minute.

“Club doctors have announced that he is suffering from a serious tear to his groin muscles and will be out for at least six weeks, and will therefore not be back in action until January 2011.”

I’m no expert from the medical profession, but my physiotherapist told me at my last appointment that when groin injuries of this kind keep recurring, they can be very, very hard to stop when the subject is a professional sportsman who is testing himself to the limit on a daily basis. Well, he didn’t say that exactly, but that was the general gist anyway for what it’s worth. Personally, I don’t think that things have reached that stage but should the player suffer a further problem in that area, it would indeed be a worry. Time will tell.

Coming in Part Two – Demba Ba.


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35 Responses

  1. all the more the reason to sign n’zogbia or boudabouz and even if he does have an injury hit season, someone in france will take him back for 5 million

  2. Yeh, we need more options out wide. Since Marveaux was free the risk is minimal. If we can get Zog and maybe keep Jonas we should be okay.

    Hopefully Marveaux will be a hit and his injuries are behind him.

  3. ManEagle says:
    June 27, 2011 at 2:57 am

    “Who’s playing down the right for us? Is Marveaux a right sided player?”

    Left or central midfield are Marveaux’s usual positions ManEagle.

    On 4, Divven’t knaa one way or the other.

  4. We’re never happy are we, we get some decent players in on freebies & all we can do is pick fault with them, why is that??

    Yes he’s had injuries, so have most of the rest of the squad but we don’t go on about it, well not unless there name is Owne…

    The guy passed a full Toon medical, he’s fit to play, yes he may well get another injury but if thats all we care about, then every time you see him run with the ball or gets tackled, all you’re gonna ask yourself is, oohhh is he injured again!!!

    The same can be said about Ba, he didn’t miss 1 game for the Wet Spams but all we care about is, is his knee going to stand up to playing for us… get over it,…

    It can happen to any player at any time, why worry about it before they’ve even had a chance to kick a ball for us…. Next you’ll be asking in HBA can play again & when will his injury come back to haunt him… or Saylor with his shoulder, Willo with his arm etc etc….

  5. That is the reason why we have signed these players on a free. We don`t know what will happen in the future regarding injuries. Other clubs may see them as too much of a risk but because we don`t have to pay a fee and these players are quality we are prepared to take that chance. Or is it because the fat man is shopping bargain basement again and will this come back to haunt him?

  6. @ManEagle(4) in my opinion we should switch Jonas down the right as Marveux is a left sided player although as mentioned can operate central. I don’t see a place for him central so I’m guessing Pards will play him left wing. He’s a promising young lad, who can take on a player or two, quick feet and has an alright end product. Great signing and hopefully Sturridge will soon follow Erdinç through the revolving door! HWTL!

  7. Also on Niko Krancjar, I remember reading somewhere he’s off to Turkey. Not sure if it’s official and can’t remember where I read it but looks like he’s slipped through our fingers :(

  8. Marveux is not exactly a minimal risk. he has a contract worth 3m a year for 5 years. liverpool could have the last laugh on this one.

  9. Its an really interestin Midfield coming up next year

    Ben Arfa—–Cabaye —-Tiote—–Marveaux

    And the Rerserves are not bad either.

    Barton, Gosling, Jonas,Guthrie, Ferguson.. The Youth 15 was really well tested in the asian competition. The only worry that I have soo faar is the fact that we do not seemingly have place for our established youth players in the side. How about letting one Defender, one Midfielder and one Attacker have a more assigned education place, that would let them come in if a certain conditions vere met – leading with 2 goals with 20 min left or something like that. I would like to see that Ranger, Guthrie, Gosling and all the rest of the players are Nurtured instead of sold off. We do need players as a established premier side. We were thin last year and need that sorted.

  10. I agree with Toon69…there’s an awful lot of shunting going on.

    Let’s give these new signings a chance rather than write then off before they’ve even kicked a ball.

    I’m sure however they work out, they’ll be something we can blame Pardew, Ashley & Llambias for…

  11. JayDee @ 2

    ‘…..his injuries are behind him…..’

    That must be a very serious and highly unusual groin injury. No wonder there were rumours from Liverpool.

  12. Freddie shepherd says:

    “Or is it because the fat man is shopping bargain basement again and will this come back to haunt him?”

    Its the Sports Direct philosophy, cant help himself :)

  13. Kamar says:

    ‘…..his injuries are behind him…..’

    That must be a very serious and highly unusual groin injury.

    Very droll Kamar its actually his Gluteus maximus groin

  14. Thought he had an operation earlier this year to repair the tear in groin, making his return in 6 weeks turning into missing the whole of the season. He should now be fully fit and the injury should not recur. Why did you not mention the operation?

  15. Saylor4Captain says:

    “This blog is crap”

    Adhering to the K.I.S.S. principle as always ?

  16. some people reckon those type of injuries,are nigh on impossible to get over.they are also lurking in the background,and can go at any time.obviously i hope the lad holds up,but i cannot help thinking,he is another ashley “angle” signing.

  17. We should get clauses put in contracts stating: if the player gets injured, they must be eaten be a pack of wolves, or in the event no wolves can be sourced, zombies.

  18. This is my first post on this site so please take it easy on me. Very interesting reading everyones opinions, and thats what football is all about, opinions.
    A lot of people continue to claim that MA still needs to put his hand in his pocket, and are dubious that he will not spend the Carrol money. I think most people would agree that the 3 major signings so far are very encouraging and most definately improve our squad. If we had spent £15m on them 3 I for one would still have been happy. But to get them for less than £5m is fantastic business and the club need to be commended.
    This is a very unusual transfer window compared to pervious ones in as much that we have scored big time early in the window. This is unpresidented for NUFC.
    I am one of these people who sit on the fence when it comes to MA, most of the things he is trying to put into place will be of benefit to the club not only this and next year, but for the next 10 – 15 years I am sure of that. But just as you start to think this guy has turned the corner in the veiw of most, he shoots himself in the foot, ie the sacking of CH. Now if you sack someone because you want to bring in a more experienced manager then fine, but dont then bring in someone of AP limited abilities.
    The main fault of MA, and it still can be rectified is, he did not appoint a football man as his CEO or Chairman. If he had gone for someone like the former Arsenal guy, David Dein we would be in a much healthier position. Saying all that(and forgive my ramblings) I still think our main signings are still to come. If they dont materialise then he and AP have no where to hide considering they both have said all of the Carrol money will be spent in the transer window. Once again one of many opinions.

  19. Alreet Bry,
    welcome mate,
    & get stuck in man.

    I reckon the CH thing was a PR faux pas in as far as, PR is the art of lying to get the job done, & maybe they shoulda just spoke the bald truth & said: “We didn’t really want CH, he’s not our man”. Instead of the negligible @AP has more experience’ bit.
    Us Geordies like a good gossip though, don’t we?
    & moreover, like a bit scandal in wor’ gossip, to the point of seeing it virtually everywhere, even when there blatantly is none.
    Ho hum!

  20. Wow, What with having a gander at the Marveaux’s injury record and a chat with your Physio, Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple must be bricking it knowing you’re going into the investigation business.

    Personally I’d think that as he came in on a free transfer Ashley’s not too worried. If there is even a sniff of a recurring injury problem, I’m sure they have him on a pay as he plays deal.

  21. Do any other clubs claim that their owner buys players so readily?
    Usually, it’s the managers job.

    the owner signs it off but it’s all a bit cloak ‘n’ dagger.
    I doubt MA went & scouted him, then put him forward to AP etc.

  22. At least it won’t be AP’s fault if it arl gans belly up then, hey?
    Maybe not!

  23. Archie Brand says:

    “I’m sure they have him on a pay as he plays deal”

    You’d think !

    Just so we understand you dont have to have a history of injuries to join the NUFC sicknote squad.

    Marcelino was an able bodied player before he arrived at SJP so was Owen allegedly and then there’s Ireland and Gosling and………..

  24. CLiNT FLiCK says:

    “At least it won’t be AP’s fault if it arl gans belly up then, hey?”

    You should know by now CF that it’s always Pardwho’s fault :)

  25. Andy,
    aye mate,
    just thought i’d inject a bit sarcasm/caveat in there.
    For a laugh mind!


    Make sure y’laughing though.

  26. On the subject of who is playing down the right…. why not leave Barton there? People will say his best position is in the centre but based on last seasons form on the right, I see no proof of that. we already have other people who can play in the centre anyway and there has been talk of others midfielders coming in that can play in the centre or on the right.

    We could definitely use another who can play on the right in case of injuries. Either to directly replace Barton on the right or to take the position if we got injuries in the centre and Barton got moved to centre to as cover.

    Of couse this all assumes that Barton stays at the club for the upcoming season.

  27. Barton is a deep lying right sided player though. He’s not gonna get to the byline very often, & he’s not quick, so will find it hard to track back.
    Stick Jonas on the right, he is right footed.

  28. Can’t really see routledge getting a game, tbh mate.
    Excepting injuries that is.