Is Ameobi getting the cold Shola on new contract?

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Strolla: "I want to get it sorted out."
Strolla: "I want to get it sorted out."
Shola Ameobi has been speaking on his future at the club.

Like colleagues Joey Barton and Jose Enrique, his current contract expires in around a years time, something which is also true of fellow striker, Peter Lovenkrands. Although the issues with Barton’s and Enrique’s contract renewals have been very public, with Barton not being offered one and Enrique stalling on his, Shola seems to be be totally in the dark on whether he will be offered an extension on his current deal, or not as the case may be.

Speaking in an interview, the ‘Fenham Eusebio’ revealed that although he wants to get things “sorted”, he has heard nothing from the club yet, saying:

“I want to get it sorted out, but obviously the two parties have to meet somewhere and that hasn’t been the case yet.

“As a player, you want to feel secure. You want to know what’s going to happen for the next few years – but I don’t at the moment.

“It’s something I’m trying to get sorted but at the moment I’ve got one year left. A year can go very quickly and things change, as we have seen.”

Sounds ominous if recent examples are anything to go by.

Ameobi is currently the club’s second longest serving player (beaten only by Stephen Harper), and was signed from North East leviathans, Walker Central FC in 1995. In his time at the club he has scored 70 goals in 303 appearences and 184 starts. He is also currently the club’s second highest goalscorer in Eurpean competition with twelve goals.

Do you think that Shola should be offered a new deal at Newcastle United?


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44 Responses

  1. I voted no, hes been here long enough, how long do we wait on his potential coming through, I only have one lifetime and hope i`m not waiting for that to happen.
    Fresh meat is what we need.
    If Ranger or Airey were given half the pitchtime he has been given, I think the y would both have doubled his tally IMHO


  2. he’s been very loyal and stuck by the club through thick and thin i think he deserves to see out his days here same as harper both great servents for the club.
    give him 1-2 yr extention

  3. I read this blog everyday but this is the first thing I’ve botherd to comment on… Can not understand how its not a huge landslide NO to extending this guys contract. Loyalty doesn’t come into it in my opinion, your either good enough or your not and sadly Shola has never been top class.

  4. Shocked so many like Shola says:
    July 12, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    “your either good enough or your not and sadly Shola has never been top class.”

    You could say the same of Alan Pardew though, and he recently got a 5 1/2 year contract at the club..

  5. Giving a player a new contract is similar to signing a new player on a free transfer – signing on fee and wages for length of contract.
    Shola will be 30 years old when his current contract expires and Lovenkrands will be 32.
    If, like myself,you don’t think NUFC would sign a 30 year old or a 32 year old on a free transfer then I can’t really see Shola or Lovens being given new contracts.
    On the upside for both players, if they are not given new contracts they carry on until next May, become free agents, and may get a really good signing on fee from another club.

  6. “You could say the same of Alan Pardew though, and he recently got a 5 1/2 year contract at the club.”

    Alan Pardew has yet to be seen to hide when the going gets tough, yet to spend 90 minutes showing a total lack of interest in what is going on around him, yet to be paid a regular income and giving virtually nothing in return. Ameobi has been quilty of all the aforementioned on regular basis for over 10 years. He is a perfect example of why we are where we are and why we have been also rans for so long.

  7. The reason hes only started under 200 games in over 10 years is his questionable fitness record… I appreciate his goals against Sunderland and he does have the odd game where he looks like a world beater but you all know those games are faaaar to far apart. He has never been consistant enough and if we are going to ship out Best before Shola I can only hope its because hes being used as a make weight in the Shane Long deal. Even then im not so sure thats a massive step forward for the us. We should be replacing the 3rd and 4th choice with improvements – not swapping arguably the best striker we had on the books before Ba sighned.

  8. I really hate the ‘never lived up to his potential’ cliche. So what ?If you thought he was gonna be shearer that’s your problem that’s your look out. He is what he is, a perfectly able mid-league covering striker. Capable of stepping in and doing the business against mid to lower league teams. His contributions probably earned us 8 points last season – so what’s the problem? We are struggling to find new strikers for the no. 1 spot, so why on earth clear the decks of the able and proven one’s we do have.

    Is he gonna suddenly gonna fantasise fan’s 10 year old milburn/shearer/mcdonald wet dreams,, nope. Is he gonna be a useful deputy to call upon over a long hard season to help us collect vital points? You better funking believe it.

  9. Just been reading other nufc blog & ppl r sayin that jb must b goin coz he,s not goin 2 USA, he can’t go 2 the us coz ov his criminal record 4 violence, its different visa 4 wrk & hols, I no this coz it happened 2 me, any body herd owt on tiote ??

  10. we know age also count a lot in football. but to tell u, ameobi cant still play for the next three years. i think he can be offered a two year contract in addition.

  11. “ameobi is that shit he’s scored 70 and only 182 starts???”

    thats roughly the same as Carlton Cole, a player we’ve recently been linked with!

    “Cole joined West Ham from Chelsea in July 2006 and has scored 42 goals in 165 appearances.”

    given that Shola is free and Cole just cost Stoke potentially £6m – I’d say giving him a new contract is good business….

  12. Get rid, he has made lots of money be being rubbish. Lets face it, how many other clubs have been after him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. get shot of him ffs get sturridge and zoggy keep barton and enrique top 10 finish with out a doubt !!! shola new contract … shola start most weeks top 10? not a chance we need goal scorers we need 2 more decent strikers if demba ba gets injerd witch is more than likely to happen we will be back to square 1 shola n peter upfrunt erghh get no goals !!!

  14. Geordie55,
    how mate,
    everyone knew soon as we organized the US tor that Barton wouldn’t be able to go through not being able to get a visa, due to having a criminal record.
    It’s the same for everyone.

    I see the rags seem to think it’s ‘big news’, it isn’t!

    It’s absolutely normal.

    Some will cling to it & try to shoehorn a darker reason into it no doubt.

    Ignore mate.

  15. voted no,injury prone,flatters to deceive,been here far too long.four good games a season doesn’t warrant a new contract,such is his character,if he is not offered new terms,he’s the sort of bloke,he will retire from the game imo.there’s no way he would put the hard yards in,for another club.even if we’re paying him 15 to 20 grand a week,it’s money that could be spent elsewhere.
    he’s got away with it for long enough,and enough is enough,i’m afraid.

  16. Voted yes, still think he can do a job for us and I have my rose tinted glasses on. Lets face it the supply of decent constructive goal scoring chances from midfield and the back has been sadly lacking, most of our strikers have struggled. And as has been pointed out many of the other strikers linked to us are no better.

    Hopefully our new young thrusting skillful dynamic plethora of quality midfielders will supply a shedload of tap-ins for any striker who happens to be standing near the goal. :)

  17. Shola isn’t going to get any better, he is who is he is. If he was a raw talent he had the best strikers in the business to learn from, Beardsley and Shearer. Perhaps that’s why so many people expected him to become more than he has? I count myself in that.
    I don’t think loyalty comes into it, I don’t think he’s had much choice. No one else wanted him, really. Stoke sniffed around for a bit, but that may have just been paper talk.
    Offer him his wage plus inflation, see what he says. :-)

    As for Barton, as said earlier his criminal record stoped him from travelling and he’s going to Holland with the stiffs instead.

  18. I see that Taylor is appealing to the FA to get Swansea to release him so that he can sign for us. I think that most clubs get a little bit shafted by release clauses, including us, so I don’t think we should feel morally bereft if he does join us. Wouldn’t want him if it is just to allow Jose to leave however.

  19. Apparently Chelski have lined up De-Rossi to replace Essien and have also tried to loan Parker from WH. So the Tiote rumours might be just that. Personnaly I would be surprised if he he leaves in this window, I don’t think he has expressed a desire to leave, has he?

  20. Grumpy Old-Toon says:

    “I don’t think he has expressed a desire to leave, has he?”

    What’s that got to do with anything G O-T ? Carroll wasnt No. 1 in the “I’m off” headline sector was he ?

    The one part of this I’m pretty sure is shlte is the “It is believed Newcastle will demand £15m for the Ivory Coast international”. Even the Fatman’s not that stupid !

    Interesting to know what Tiote’s buy out clause in his new six year deal as Chelski say that Moutinho’s is £35m.

  21. If there’s a ‘clause’ in a contract, there’s a clause in a contract.
    The club officials know it’s there when they sign it.

    On Tiote,
    the rags are just rehashing an old non story in the hope that it’ll upset Tiote & get him to london.
    We’ve seen it all before.
    ‘You know who’ handed in a transfer request to get liverpoops money.
    If Tiote wants to leave, he’ll leave, but whomever will have to pay for the privilege.

  22. On a slightly more amusing note it appears that Wor Kev could learn a thing or two from an old team mate.

    “Hitzlsperger escapes driving ban after telling court he was looking for a new club

    Former West Ham player Thomas Hitzlsperger has escaped a driving ban after telling a court he needed to travel to find a new club. Hitzlsperger, 29, was caught driving a Range Rover at 107mph in a 70mph zone on the A14 in Suffolk on April 9.

    Solicitor said his client’s most recent contract with West Ham ended in May. The player had decided to stay in England and try to find a new club which meant he needed to drive all over the country” :)

  23. “CLiNT FLiCK says:
    July 13, 2011 at 2:32 pm
    So you’re allowed to speed if you’re looking for work?”

    Wonder if that would work with the Benwell Twoc’ers. I bet none of them have jobs. ;-)

  24. I doubt it Micky.

    How ya’ doing mate?
    How’s a little one?

    5 weeks & counting for me, Eeeek!

  25. Isn’t it amazing how Barton can go to the US on a visitors visa, on holiday, to vegas and do what ever he wants (drink, gamble, party, whatever) yet he can’t go with a professional football team to strictly train and play football because of his crime.

    Genius USA.

  26. Sorry about the lack of ‘blogs today, Hugh’s broadband is down, my machine is is in a coma and we don’t have a subs bench either apart from Clint.

  27. worky,
    sorry mate, i’m stuck working & can’t get enough time to knock one out.

  28. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    July 13, 2011 at 7:24 pm

    “i’m stuck working & can’t get enough time to knock one out.”

    Divven’t be such a dorty bastad Clint!

  29. geordie55 says:
    July 13, 2011 at 7:56 pm

    “Naylor 2 sign new contract at swansea”

    Just writing about that and the Enrique situation Geordie.