Spin, frustration and fear – a normal Toon transfer window?

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Anybody else feeling like this?
Anybody else feeling like this?
With the exciting news of Rob Elliot’s alleged arrival at Newcastle United from Charlton, I’ve been asking myself several questions about current predicaments at St James’ Park.

Firstly, this is not Elliot’s fault and, if he does come here, I welcome him to Newcastle and wish him all the best.

Right, I could now relay my thoughts on to you dear reader, about the 7 month struggle to find a striker, no left-back and general rubbish I hear coming out of the club on a regular basis, but that would warrant at least 5 different 1000 word articles and I’d rather wait until after September 1st 2011 to vent my spleen.

Actually, I’ve changed my mind. Lets start with the left-back position…

In regards to our alleged pursuit of Erik Pieters, PSV technical director Marcel Brands has had this to say:

Since the weekend we have no news from England.

So quite what to make out of that is totally up to you, personally I can see this transfer not happening, simply because whoever it is who deals with negotiations at our club, has failed to notice we need a left-back in the squad NOW and not next week. I’m also sure Ashley probably thinks £6-7 million for a full Dutch international left-back is just ludicrous. Actually maybe it’s Llambias? Either way, it doesn’t bode well does it?

For the optimists out there, there must be a better, younger, cheaper option than Pietrers we are looking at I assume?

Anyway, I realise that there is still just under 2 weeks to go before the transfer window slams shut, but the situation we find ourselves in, after the season has started and just 2 days away from the derby at the dark place, is totally unacceptable.

Most people knew Enrique wanted to leave the club, it was obvious since the end of last season and the fact he refused to sign a new contract this summer. So, instead of actually being pro-active and ditching him, we just plodded along until (shock horror), Liverpool waded in with a bid. Mr. Pardew, waffled about how we “needed the money” before we can make a move for a replacement…

Oh, and we did try for Neil Taylor didn’t we…


If I had said to you, at the end of last season, that Enrique wouldn’t be here at the start of this season, would you have been shocked? I wouldn’t have been and I wouldn’t have been annoyed. If a player doesn’t want to be here, then they can do one as far as I’m concerned. It’s been obvious since February Enrique’s head was on Merseyside.

If I had said to you, at the end of last season, that Enrique wouldn’t be here at the start of this season AND no replacement had been bought, would you have been shocked? I certainly wouldn’t have been shocked. Nothing the idiots in charge do at the club shock me any more, but I’d have said I would be livid if no replacement was in come the seasons start.

And that’s the position we find ourselves in right now.

Maybe PSV are making life difficult for us? They wouldn’t be the only ones who have made life difficult this transfer window though would it? PSG, Swansea, players agents, wages, our own players…The list goes on. It’s never the clubs fault though is it? They always spin it somehow, to make it look like they are ‘trying’ to do business and they are the good guys, but there are forces out there that don’t want Newcastle to progress. Always chaos, Always an excuse.

Regardless if we get in a new left-back by the end of the transfer window, it’s suicidal the way this club is run. It backfired massively in 2009 and it seems no mistakes from the past have been learned.

The big earners are being shipped out, don’t expect captain Colo receiving a new contract any time soon. With two years to run, most clubs would get him signed up now wouldn’t they?

Now apologies for my down beat, angry mood in this thread. The past events this week / month have been soul destroying and this transfer window looks to be no different from the last. I hope there isn’t another kick in the bollocks come the end of this window, but I find it hard right now to be in a positive mood.

Even if my thoughts are just fears, or bought on by speculation and hear say, the fact of the matter is, our squad is smaller, lacking players in key positions and the season has already started. This is not what we were promised when £35 million was injected into the club. We were told “we are ahead in the market” by Pardew in May. Yes, we have bought in some good players, but equally we have let good ones leave also, with more expected to be shipped out.

I’m afraid the old chestnut of ‘judge us at the end of the transfer window’ is in full effect. I haven’t heard that one before…

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42 Responses

  1. Partridge said the squad is fitter,stronger and younger now so maybe we need less players and an odd oldie on a free to help out if the kids get hurt?

    Makes sense huh?

  2. Just listening to pardews waffle on sky ,anyone who thinks this bloke is ok must be insane ie “we started looking for a left back last week” “Ryan Taylor is tremendous”This club as no or ever had any intention of spending any money. They will continue to make a profit every transfer window.I am at my witts end with this regime and I include pardew in that.The sooner they all f88ck of back to which ever slimey hole they crawled out of, the better for everyone.

  3. You`ve jumped the gun we have`nt signed Elliot yet and according to their manager have not made a bid, but have telephoned registering an interest. Pardew said in his most recent interview he hopes to get a left back in before the window closes. This is the consistent diatribe that drips out of his mouth every week. Ferguson is a good prospect but as a midfielder/winger the lad is not strong enough physically to play the full back position. If he is turned over playing LB it will do his confidence no good. By the way where is Kadar?

  4. Enough is enough from these idiots.

    More Partridge Shite:

    Pardew said: “Everybody knows we need a left-back and it’s being made difficult, not by us, but by other clubs and we have to get over that.

    “It could be that something gets done before the game, but I don’t think I would include him even if it did because this game is a game you need to know about and you need to be prepared for.”


  5. Freddy Sheppherd, you’re right, I forgot to add ‘allegedly’ at the start. I was in ‘football depressive’ mode when writing and totally forgot.

  6. Pardew:

    “Everybody knows we need a left-back and it’s being made difficult, not by us, but by other clubs and we have to get over that.

    As I said in the above thread before Pardew said this.

    It’s never the clubs fault, always someone else’s.

  7. It’s frustrating and worrying, but still not time to panic. We have people who know this transfer malarkey better than us and some kind of trust is in order… well a bit.

    Let’s not forget that we’re getting angry basically over and agent – an AGENT – saying he’s heard nothing since last week. Hardly gospel truth material, then.

    Given what we know about Ashley, he’ll be playing brinkmanship with the clubs that know we’re desperate and area making unreasonable requests. The problem seems to come – as was the case with Carroll – when that game of chicken reaches collision point and Ashley’s ego won’t let him blink. He’ll send us into a season with no LB rather than back down.

    That’s what worries me. It’s not whether Ashley will spend the money or whether Carr and co have the players lined up. It’s Ashley’s ego and love of a gamble that worries me.

  8. “It could be that something gets done before the game, but I don’t think I would include him even if it did because this game is a game you need to know about and you need to be prepared for.”

    You need to be there even to be not included!

    The simple fact is that Pardew is in a situation of his own making. He has lied and manipulated every bit as much as the other two idiots.

    Look at it this way, even if he was sitting thinking I`ve been let down, he is still trying to condone the lack of action!

    As for it is being made difficuilt because people know we need a left back. well how about getting someone in place before you sell the existing left back? Did Liverpool manage to buy a left back….we all knew they needed one.

    Face it, this is pay back from fat ash.

  9. Pardew. You are full of shite. Stop spouting off about things that you know fine well have lick all to do with you (transfers, contracts and the like)and leave fat lad and his puppet to explain where the missing £35m has gone. Concentrate on the players we do have – well for now anyway.

    Bridge? It’s a joke right?

    Maybe we should sign his ex as she is good at ‘putting it about a bit’. Allegedly!

    Are we sure it’s Rob Elliot we are signing and not signing Robbie Elliott at left back?

  10. Now he is telling the world we need a keeper

    The lies are really starting to become shocking after the left back comments which are bull he does the same thing with the goal keeping position.

    It really is off the map the crap this club is trying to get us to stomach.

  11. I reckon Joey is off Partrige hinted he may not be here this season.
    Off to a big club like west ham or stoke.

  12. “Maybe PSV are making life difficult for us? They wouldn’t be the only ones who have made life difficult this transfer window though would it?”

    Jimbob, if you were someone who was employed to look after the best interests of your football club and you had to deal with someone like Ashley, who was bargain hunting for your prize assets with a take it or leave it attitude, how would you be?

  13. Worky, I’m being sarcastic. All my posts are usually sarcastic.

    Scott, that’s me mate yeah. Friend of mine took that picture this morning, clearly ignoring the fact he should have took me to the loony hospital instead. :-)

  14. Its no wonder Toonsy left and set up his “Animal Farm” blog otherwise he’d pass out with all the negativity flowing through here today :)

  15. First time writer on this blog, though an avid reader!

    Needed to register though as feeling fookin well frustrated like the rest of the Geordie congregation!

    Unfortunately and as much as it pains me to say it, Mike “the fat fooker” Ashley is only the latest in a long line of owners who abuse and will continue to abuse, the fanatical support we all afford our club! Westwood (not old enough to suffer his chairmanship), McKeag (remember Gascoigne, Beardsley and Waddle in the same team – any other club would build their team around these individuals – Oh no, lets sell them for a combined total of £4.65M and suck the milk from the geordie nipple), Hall, Sheppard….. there’s undoubtedly countless others, basically rape the shit out of us day-in day-out. I believe in the saying that “you could stick 11 shirts on a washing line in St James Park – and 52,000 of the faithful will turn up to watch them blow in the wind!” Forget the £35M from Carrol sale (from our current incumbant’s perspective), it’s just an added bonus to the sales of Milner, N’Zogbia, Given, Martins, Bassong etc. which have resulted in a net profit of £34.5M on transfers alone over the last 5 years!

    I know I’m going on here but the crux of my arguement is basically – we’ve been fooked, are fooked now and will forever continue to be fooked purely down to the fact that we’re addicts to those black-and-white stripes! Realise it, accept it and move on! This is Newcastle United!

  16. Yes Doug you’ll realise we all are in the same boat even if some of us think we know how to sail it :)

  17. Cheers Sir, I feel warm under your wing ha ha! I’m unfortunately born into the toon and like an addict you just cannot escape it. I read somewhere that when Shankly was manager of Huddersfield Town, Newcastle approached him to become our manager – apparently he was really up for it although he was advised against – due to the then owners (I think it was by Booby Charlton) and signed up to the bin-dippers instead… isn’t that just fookin typical of Newcastle????

  18. @Doug: Welcome mate. Keep in mind that the sales of players as we went down largely went back into the running of the club – keep in mind we lost a huge chunk of money following relegation.

    As for the “£35m question” – nobody can defend that and I wouldn’t even try.

  19. Welcome Doug.

    AndyMac, you can’t sail a boat when there is a 5ft 10ins Ashley shaped hole through the Hull.

  20. whatever happened to all those millions raised for a new stadium that never happened.also if pardew was a real man not a puppet he’d do a keegan, stand his ground or jack in.

  21. Dya na wot it is lads ,we’re all in the same boat as true supporters of our once great club,its depressing,frustrating and upsetting ashley and lambias have no intension what so ever in making any significant improvements to nufc wich will cos anything of a half descent price,the trouble is as we all know we’re losing quality players and at the minit not realy replacing them with anyone,it is aggravating when players mytherr on to leave but can you blame anyone for wanting to leave nufc with scum like these in charge,newcastle as a club will not progress at all ,if they do it will be luck I do believe one or 2 of the players signed this season will be great obertan and cabaye in particular,but we neeeeeeed a fucking striker and we neeeeeed a f***ing left back they know this av been seriously let down by all of this and unless we have a change happen rapidly I can’t see meself putting any of my energy support faith and money in to the club ,nufc legends such as shearer beardo ,,ya na the sort ,, they must be fooking throthing at the mouth at the ordasity and disrespect of these slimy smarmy characters that have crawled in to our fucking club and are poisening it with their filthy ways,,,there is no excuse for this behavior !!! ASHLEY LAMBIAS and you pardew F*** OFF OUT OF NEWCASTLE NOW !!!!!!!

  22. There is also a Sir John Hall shaped hole through the sail and a Freddy Sheppherd shaped figure lodged in the propeller.

  23. I know what you’re saying Jimbob and completely agree – my point was purely to emphasise that under ANY regime Newcastle United will always be regarded as a cash cow… The figures quoted were only up to January 2011 and didn’t take account of Carrolls sale (which whilst we couldn’t ignore the fee – means jack shit if we don’t replace…..) In the era of selling Gascoigne Beardsley et al, how we re-invested wisely in Thorne, Roberston and Beasant!

  24. Jimbob says:
    August 18, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    “There is also a Sir John Hall shaped hole through the sail and a Freddy Sheppherd shaped figure lodged in the propeller.”

    There’d be no boat left Jimbob!

  25. Any of you lads going to the game btw? Mate just sent me this text and methinks you should all sing it:

    To the tune of Mambo No. 5:

    A little bit of Hendon, stinks of shite,
    A little bit of whitburn, what a sight,
    A little bit of Pennywell, on the dole,
    A little bit of Roker, a shit hole,
    A little bit of Seaham, burnt out vans,
    A little bit of Tunstall, teenage grans,
    A little bit of Townend Farm, on the run,
    A little bit of this makes you all scum.

  26. workyticket says:

    “There is also a Sir John Hall shaped hole through the sail and a Freddy Sheppherd shaped figure lodged in the propeller.”

    There’d be no boat left Jimbob!

    I was just thinking the same thing WT. So we’re on an old wooden pallet then ? :lol:

  27. Mick G says:
    August 18, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    “Just listening to pardews waffle on sky ,anyone who thinks this bloke is ok must be insane”

    Knowing Pardew from his previous clubs, when I tried to explain what a disastrous appointment it was, I was laughed at and insulted by the .co.ck brigade, called a Hughton lover and told that he would be the English Guardiola who would bring entertaining Cruyff style ‘tiki-taka’ football to St James’s Park. Alas, some fan’s ability to delude themselves knows no bounds.

  28. bang on jimbob, ashley has never learned anything,from the relegation season.he has never aborted his ridiculous plan,for this club.he stands upon the edge of the abyss,with the whirlwind at his back ,to blow him in.
    it does seem that everyone can see what’s going to happen,apart from him.
    when it looked like we were going to go down,everyone in football warned him,did he listen?DID HE F**K!!!.
    the warning signs are there again,they have been coming since december 8th 2010.
    kevin keegan said on espn,”mike ashley knows nothing about football,then you have derek llambias,who knows even less than him.so what do you do? you have to get people in,who know about football,and you say get on with it.he doesn’t do that,and that’s why it will always be a shambles”.
    now if everyone is honest with themselves,even the most ardent ashley fan,should know for a kick off,alan pardew is not the answer,and he will take us to the “depths of despair”,before he gets the inevitable sack.
    this club is going nowhere until “jabba the warehouse” does one back to the smoke,or he starts to do things properly,and with the greatest will in the world,i honesty cannot see the latter ever happening.
    it is without doubt a s**t state of affairs,to be involved in.the whole thing is an absolute farce,under these rank amateurs.

  29. Im sick of this f*cking puppet he,s now saying Raylor could feature there (lb) if we dont sign anyone COP THE F*** on and grow a pair you slimey bloody t*** we where promised money would be spent, SOONER THIS SHOWER OF W***** GO THE BETTER,
    im really starting to get pissed off the whole world are watching and laughing at our football club….

    GET OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Despite the gallows humour on this post it cannot go without mention that this is an (early) European night.

    Less than five years ago we were playing in the UEFA League with a fairly high UEFA coefficient to go with it and yet now our best route into Europe is the North Shields Ferry terminal :(

  31. monkeysan says:
    August 19, 2011 at 8:28 am

    “maybe he should have raised these concerns when he played for us, instead of waiting until he had jumped ship…”

    I thought he did monkeysan, albeit on Twitter which was hardly the right place.