Douglas and Pieters – any truth in the rumours?

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Douglas Franco Teixeira - alleged Toon target.
Potential target?
Newcastle United have been linked with two defenders from the Dutch league recently: Douglas and Erik Pieters. But is there anything to subtantiate the rumours?

The Chronicle – and other elements of the press – have been linking us with FC Twente’s Douglas Franco Teixeira recently.

The 6ft 4in 24-year old central defender has apparently told FC Twente boss Steve McClaren that he wants to leave at the end of the season and the Premier League is his destination of choice.

Apparently a ‘source’ at FC Twente said:

It’s not a case of if Douglas wants to play in the Premier League – it’s simply when. He’s told the manager he wants to go.

Steve McClaren also has a new defender lined up to replace him in the summer and appreciates that Douglas wants to move on.

Anyway, on the back of this report I thought I’d do some digging around in the Dutch press to see if I could find some sort of indication that Newcastle is indeed in the running.

Well first of all it does seem that McLaren has sorted out a replacement by signing Danish international Andreas Bjelland from FC Nordsjælland, who will join FC Twente from next season onwards. FC Twente already made an announcement to that effect, saying:

In signing Andreas Bjelland FC Twente have looked Towards the Future. We’ve currently got Douglas, Wisgerhof and Bengtsson at the back and they’re very experienced defenders and we’d like to have cover for all their positions.

But as far as I can gather beyond that, the Dutch press is simply reporting rumours it has taken from the British press. That’s not to say it won’t happen of course: he’s the sort of age we look to recruit players at and there’s no doubt we need a new central defender. According to ‘Transfermarkt’ he’s valued at just shy of £8m, which might be just on the limit of the sort of money Ashley would pay for defender.

The situation with Erik Pieters is a bit different because we know for certain we were at least interested in him once as we made a bid for him, but we have since signed Davide Santon in the left-back position and with both Jonas and Ryan Taylor also reasonably proficient in that position you’d have to question whether we still want Pieters or not. The Mirror has reported that we do indeed still want him and suggests that we’ll make a bid in the summer but, well, we know what the press is like with this sort of thing.

Once again the Dutch press seem to be basing their Pieters-related rumours on what the British press say.

The Dutch press are however reporting the Demba Ba will “almost certainly” play his football for Paris Saint-Germain next season, although they don’t back that up with any quotes or other facts that might act as confirmation.

Given the rise of these ‘pre-contract agreements’ recently it is quite possible to be reasonably sure we’ll get a certain player even before the transfer window opens but I can find no such evidence of such agreements in relation to Douglas of Erik Pieters. If I had to guess I’d say we’re more likely to be interested in Douglas that Pieters simply because we’ve now got Santon, although I do get the impression that Pardew hasn’t yet fully made his mind up about Santon.

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22 Responses

  1. what IS going on with Santon? Can you write an article about this please?

    I thought he was doing so well a few weeks ago when he was getting his game. He was gradually improving with every game until he was taking off at Arsenal. Seems like Pardew has knocked his confidence at a crucial time in his career.

  2. Personally I think teams like Arse-nil, Chelski, Spurts & Manc Usa will get first dibs on these 2… yeah we’ve been linked to them but if one of the above teams comes in for them & offer more wages & CL footie, we don’t stand a chance of getting them, I just hope these are just names put out there to cover the real targets we’re after, tho saying that, I think Pieters would be a fantastic signin but I feel Wenger is gonna up his scouting this summer to try & outdo Carr & his peeps to the best deals…. seems we’ve already annoyed Wenger by signing Cabaye, so I don’t think he’ll want that too happen again this summer… :(

    Tho in Carr we trust :)

  3. It has been very clear this season that we need another central defender and therefore no surprise that Douglas has been mentioned.

    We may also need a left back with a good left leg. Santon, Raylor and Jonas are all right footed. Whilst all three have done well we are unbalanced. All three have a tendency to move inside when going forward and against a really good right winger they struggle. I would imagine that all the analysis has been done on Pieters. Santon can switch to the right.

    I can see PSG being very attractive to Demba Ba as it’s his home town team who are on a massive rebuilding programme. It would be sad to loose him but financially it would be good for the club. We could find a replacement but in the current 4-3-3 formation Marveaux could easily operate on the left.

    Perch, Raylor and Guthrie looks like they have shown more than enough to earn enhanced contracts.

  4. Whether it’s these two players or not, one thing is certain – these are the two defensive positions we need to strengthen, both in terms of first team regulars and back-up players.

    Inadequacies in these areas have cost us points this season – goodness knows how much higher in the EPL we would have been if we’d had a class replacement for Stephen Taylor, for example.

  5. N-dawg says:
    April 4, 2012 at 9:47 am

    “what IS going on with Santon?”

    And explaining why Santon lost his place in the team, “Pardew told the Chronicle: “I was going to leave Davide Santon out against Arsenal – Ryan Taylor was going to play.

    “At the last minute, I’ve had to turn to him and put him in the team.

    “That takes a lot of character to play that night.”

    And after seeing Santon come off the bench to put in a solid display against Norwich, Pardew added: “I was really pleased for Davide. He had to come off the bench after being left out.

    “I think his form’s suffered a little bit, but he sealed us up at the end, and I was pleased with that.”

    And Pardew feels that mental toughness picked up from his Inter days is now beginning to pay off.

    “Mental strength is a massive thing in the Premier League,” he added.

    “He’s only a young boy. He’s an Under-21 Italian player, and you don’t become one of those without talent.

    “He’ll learn, and it will have done him good.”

  6. Kamar says:
    April 4, 2012 at 11:11 am

    “I can see PSG being very attractive to Demba Ba as it’s his home town team who are on a massive rebuilding programme. It would be sad to loose him but financially it would be good for the club. We could find a replacement but in the current 4-3-3 formation Marveaux could easily operate on the left.”

    Why in earth would you want to sell Demba Ba, Kamar? How about throwing in Ben Arfa too, as he’s a Parisian?

  7. Santon’s still on a learning curve, getting his ‘chops’ down. I can see him being a very important player for us next season with this one under his belt.

  8. Workyticket @ 9

    ‘…….Why in earth would you want to sell Demba Ba, Kamar? How about throwing in Ben Arfa too, as he’s a Parisian?…’

    I said ‘..PSG being very attractive to Demba Ba as it’s his home town team..’ I never said we would sell.

    However, as we have done with Cabaye’s getout clause so could PSG do with Demba Ba, if as has been suggested he has a getout clause in his contract with Newcastle.

    Last year you could have said:

    ‘..Why in earth would you want to sell Andy Carroll, Jose Enrique, Kevin Nolan and Joey Barton, Kamar…’

  9. Kamar,
    you could probably find reasons to sell those lot like.

    ac-£35m-gan on then.
    Nolan-wanted too much.
    Barton- any number of things.
    enrique-wanted to move.

  10. Kamar says:
    April 4, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    “Last year you could have said:

    ‘..Why in earth would you want to sell Andy Carroll, Jose Enrique, Kevin Nolan and Joey Barton,”

    Ahhh! I see, Kamar. We can just sell anybody and replace them from an endless pool of cheap talent through our wondrous superscout with almost mystical powers :-)

    Have we replaced Jose Enrique yet? Has Obertan been better than Barton, who was our last player of the season? You do realise that Enrique is worth around £12-13 million, and Newcastle United sold him for less than half that?

    Wayne Routledge is now worth almost double what we sold him for too.

    If the terms of Ba’s getout clause are correct, that wouldn’t be “finacially good for the club” at all.

  11. It appears that we may very well lose Ba to PSG this summer.
    For obvious reasons, he, (Ba) wold probably get a wage increase, play in his home city and be bought for around half his true evaluation as a player.
    How did that happen (the release clause)if our negotiators are so smart ?
    Face it though a few have refered to newcastle as the Paris of the northeast, if you were Ba what would you do?
    As for Santon and all the bullshit about not having the mental strength etc, Some view the EPL as somekinda different game, hell the guy played defence in seria A, where it’s the most essential part of the game.
    Plus he ‘s an Italian U21 player.
    Perhaps people listen to too many Pardew soundbites, he did the same thing with HBA, until injuries and the obvious talent of the man , forced him into the side.
    So what does Pardew do, you got it , takes full credit for injecting him at exactly the right time,which in truth, should have been the beginning of the season.
    On the back four, sure you dont have to be Sherlock Holmes to see we need help,big time.
    We need at least a couple of full backs and at least one CD, better two and not Williamsons, real players.
    As for loosing Ba, then take the money and get Hoilett, who would not look outta place on a three man forward line alongside HBA and Cisse.
    We also have Marveaux coming back who would also fit with Ba & HBA, even young Ferguson.
    If all we lose is Ba this summer, then we are fairly well stocked with midfielders, though i would get Hoilett to replace Ba.
    Pieterson and Douglas would certainly bring a bit of extra quality and as one fan suggested bring back Bassong, who i believe is not that happy, a good player who can play across the back four.
    I have watched both Guthrie and Gosling, whenever they get a shot and (possibly due to lack of game practice) both looke inconsistent and had poor games.
    The other guy we may loose, “Tiote” is replaceable if we got really big bucks and believe it or not there are better if not as good, DM’s available.
    We know from Llambias’s statement that mad money will buy anyone in the side.
    We live in interesting times, this summers trading may very well decide the direction the club will take, whether to compete as a top six side or generate dosh to repay Ashley’s loan.
    Or whether top management believe they can do both ?
    Yeah right !

  12. You’re not Hoilett’s agent by any chance Chuck ? :)

    I tend to agree with you though that Ba departing for £7m is not the end of the world as its £7m more than we paid for him or £5m if you account for bungs and agents cuts plus if we stick with 4-3-3 we probably have one top striker more than we need right now. Ok Shirley and Best arent world beaters but they are ideal squad players to take over if the worst happens to Cisse.

    Replacing Ba with an attacking right footed forward who can score goals, operate as a playmaker and create space for an attacking full-back would be a good swap in my opinion. It would help balance the forward line and give us more flexibility going forward. Ramirez at Bolgna is a nice fit and, although left footed, spends most of his time on the right. Been linked with the Mancs and the RBD’s and is apparently looking to move on from his current club.

    Howvere I dont think we’ll get Hoilett as there’ll be no transfer fee to pay so clubs can afford to pay top wages for him, something we’re not keen on :(

  13. CLINT
    Yeah, i mean NO! i’m not his agent, just watched him and IMO he’s still young, with all the requirements.
    Got great pace, can pass the ball, can play in a number of different positions, good header of the ball, got power which makes it difficult to knock him off the ball.
    I think the guy has a big future.
    Our front line in a 4-3-3, could consist of a number of variations, but the one player we lack is one with both power and pace and Hoilett could bring that.

  14. Understand what you’re saying Chuck but maybe Hoilett lacks that intelligence and vision which great players have in abundance ?

    If we are to move to the next level (possibly with Pardwho but who knows) )investment in rhe right players is gonna be key. In addition the type of player we bring in will also determine the clubs ambitions and aims as well as pointing to where the club wants to be in the next five years (assuming we have five year contracts).

    Pace and Power is OK but I’d prefer Ability/Skill and Vision.

  15. Why has everybody decided Ba’s should leave? Your forgetting that without Ba, Cisse has no cover (or vice-versa). Best or Ameobi just aren’t good enough for the standards were aiming for. Didn’t we buy Cisse for Ba? He’s just going through a rough patch. Also, how much money could Ba possibly go for – I doubt over 10mil. Is that enough to fund the 4 defenders needed plus his replacement? You guys need to step back and see the full picture before we our future goes into smoke..

  16. While Ba hasn’t bagged a lot of goal lately, he’s been involved and was unlucky not to get on the end of at least one of the goals in the WBA match. He creates space for Cisse to operate and along with HBA has been instrumental in a few of our goals of late. Could see Jonas slotting into his role as well. But we need plenty of interchangeable parts if we’re going to be competing to two cups, the league and possibly Europe.

  17. Qwerty dont throw those toys out of the pram just yet !

    If you read what I wrote “Its not the end of the world” if Ba moves on. Of course I’d rather he stayed but if push came to shove and agents do his bidding then he’ll be off and we have to look to the future without him.

    I am happier now that someone (Pardwhoo, Carver or even Fat Ash :) ) has seen that we need to change our formation to suit the players we’ve got right now. Should we go out and buy two young wingers, who get chalk on their boots regularly, then Ba and Cisse become the focal point once again.

    However we live in a world where Fatman likes to get owt for nearly nowt, so I dont see him bringing in two quality wingers when the defence is the key issue this close season.

    Ba’s transfer fee, if he goes, could at least fund Pieters move and then FM just needs to get a CB from the BPL prize money at the end of this season and another attacking midfielder.

    This is a walk before we run policy, (Fatman’s mantra) yet the BPL is so shite right now that three quality players could turn us into a CL contending team next season.