Pardew now monitoring all available strikers, but other targets now on hold.

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Pardew: "Doing all we can to get the right players."
Pardew: "Doing all we can to get the right players."
In a move that will doubtless send Magpie fans into raptures, Alan Pardew has announced in a rare interview that he is now monitoring all the available strikers in the world, and even claims to bidding on one of them right now.

However, in a caveat which has may be familiar to many fans, he also announced that all other transfer activity will be put on hold until he finds the Cinderella who will fit his striker’s boots. Speaking first on his relentless hitman hunt he said:

“I don’t really want to mention names, but all strikers who are available, we are keeping a close eye on.

“It’s important that we keep bolstering the team as best we can.

“We have obviously been looking for a striker – we are still bidding for a striker as we speak – so we are doing all we can to get the right players for Newcastle.

“It’s not easy, it’s not an easy market – strikers are always the most difficult to get across the line – but we are working hard on it.”

When asked about other targets though, he then added:

“It depends, really, on the attacker that we hope to secure.”

The usually reticent manager then returned to the recurrent theme of what’s happening with the £35 million obtained by the club when Andy Carroll was sold to Liverpool, something which he ‘marked the card’ of fans over in this interiew. On this he reiterated:

“There has been talk of the money we have got in and where has it been spent. But you would be surprised with the deals we have done, it actually amounts to a fair bit.”

He then moved on to how the his dream hitman would have to be of the right “ilk” for Newcastle United, saying:

“We have got enough to bring a striker in of the right ilk for this football club, and that’s what we need to focus on. When we secure that player, then we will look again.”

With Charles N’Zogbia now looking Birmingham bound, and also with full back target, Neil Taylor, eventually resigning for Swansea City, Pardew then concluded:

“I am told that Charles has got an imminent move, so I don’t think that will be us.”

Here’s hoping that someone will be making an imminent move to us sometime soon!

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26 Responses

  1. So he reckons hes after all available strikers then aguero neymar adibyawn tevez must be in talks they fit the right ilk omg wake up last day of transfer window sorry we offered 1mill plus usc loyalty card bonus but shefki says no thanks

  2. At least it’s an honest statement from Pardew.
    A striker is the priority. If we get one on the cheap we will look for a player for another position. If the striker is not cheap then we will only bring in a striker.

  3. How long can this puppet con people for, before the balloon bursts and everybody sees these clowns for what they are?

  4. I want to like Alan Pardew but there’s something about him that annoys me. Maybe it’s the fact that he finds it incredibly difficult to refuse an interview and constantly repeats himself.

  5. It’s not difficult to get any player ‘over the line’.

    If you really want them, nurse their ego a little, pay the fee needed to secure acceptance from the club and pay competitive wages – or am I seeing everything in black n white !!

  6. ba and ameobi as your main two strikers and we are going down its as simple as that!
    and nufc are scouting free transfers and released players! that in its self is a complete joke!

    ashley has spent little over 10 million on players this window and next to nothing the last couple of seasons its an absolute disgrace that we wont be investing the carroll money and nolan money on new players!!! that money is self generated and has nothing to do with the debt or club accounts or turnover it just means he gets his fat slimey hands on the lot!
    nearly 4o million in his back pocket and thats before enrique goes!

    we are going to struggle all season as the other teams invest and strengthen!

    it doesnt even make finacial sense to not invest in your team as we would become a more attractive club to sell for a higher price! if thats ashleys grand plan??
    the club have even said the wage bill has increased like we are complete morons and wouldnt notice that carroll nolan campbell ireland kuqi smith routledge xisco ranger best will go or have gone so in my book that says you will have trimmed your wage bill with only four chepo frenchmen coming in (granted they will be on decent money but the not more than 30- 40k a week)

    am sick to the back teeth of it now

    NUFC are a complete joke under ashley and where the hell do we go from here!

  7. @4
    As long as the transfger window is open!

    However, if the team play well next season, he will be proved right which we all must hope for….

  8. Don’t think we are doing too bad up to now signings wise, a lot of ‘dead wood’ on the chuck. However agree that puppet pard is Ashley’s bitch. Can’t believe anything he says. Hope we are in for Sturridge can’t see it though. Still think we’ll have a paper thin squad and injuries will take there toll as usual

  9. Let’s see what happnes. If nothing else, anyone who is free or on their last year will be listed as a target. This should help Liverpool in finding bodies.

  10. Freddie shepherd says:
    July 14, 2011 at 10:00 pm

    “Well if Lee Westwood wins the open that 2m will go Paul”

    Westwood’s success has been something of a windfall for Ashley with his Dunlop sponsorship, doing something to restore it as a quality brand around the world after Ashley knacked it.

  11. Ba and Ameobi would be very disappointing considering the 35mil available but not a relegation pair. Thing is we have the 3rd highest gate in the country, one of the largest revenues in terms of TV, sponsorship and merchandise plus 35mil as a treasure trove – oh sorry minus the money spent on a new heating system,,, it’s just depressing that we wouldn’t push from this summer, and we’re talking about survival … devestated? no… dismayed? You better funking believe it!

  12. Change the phucking CD FFS.

    We all know everyone’s little fears by now, move on.

    Are those claiming it’s the end of the world at every turn the same one’s that claimed we were doomed never to return when we went down, then we were heading straight back down when we came back up?

    Mmmm, well not much point listening this time then, eh?

  13. sidekick says:

    “At least it’s an honest statement from Pardew.
    A striker is the priority. If we get one on the cheap”….it’ll be because he’s no fecking good !!!!


    Fatmans philosophy of buying dirt cheap and selling cheap may work for his clothing business but 20 goals a season strikers dont grow on fecking trees.

    One of these days he and the rest of his “disciples” will eventually learn that lesson but hopefully we’ll have moved on by then !

  14. see all u are seein this a fans point a view not a business point of view for years we have been in debt and bringing in player like owen 17 or 18 mil robert 10 mil players like that, that have high profiles but can’t produce the goods, don’t get me wrong i hate ashley but i support the fact he’s trying to balance the books because on the off chance it doe’s happen if we qualify for Europe wots the point in paying all the big fee’s just to be telt by uefa errrr sorry but ur in debt you’ve been kicked from the compition

  15. @ shielsy

    mate im with you on the sensible spending approach but we are premier league and if you dont invest you get relagated
    we need at least one good semi decent striker who can score goals in the premier league but that will cost between 10-15 million which we have from the carroll sale
    look at liverpool they got 50 million for torres bought suarz and carroll for 35 and 22 spending 7 million extra and gaining an extra striker they bought top draw and will do well next season and that is sensible investment

    newcastle get 35 which should be invested in 2 decent good for value strikers to replace the void and also to allow for bedding in so we are not throwing people in at the deep end and demanding goals!we have know since we took this risk in jan selling carroll that we need strikers first and foremost and still we are left wanting

    ba is a total risk he may prove me wrong and score bucket loads but im not holding my breath his track record for appearances and dodgy knees with both his previous clubs should say that we cant bank on him playing 20 games for us this season

    so from a fans view from frigging stevie wonders view we are paper thin on numbers both up front and in defence i for one am sick of the tight fisted and stupid approach to transfers at nufc! i dont want owens, luques, boumsongs and roberts (mind thought robert done well for us) i want sensible quality investmnet in the club not cheap and cheer full out of contract travellers whom we are banking our premier league status on to turn it on with out any foundation to base it on except hope!!!

    the rest of the clubs around us are strengthening sensibly and we are lagging behind coz our owner for whatever reason cares more about clawing back his investment than building the club and taking us forward!
    we have all been taking for a ride on the big ashley bullshit machine and i feer that we will cash in on enrique and titoe before the carnage of his regime will come to an end
    sorry to be so morbid its killing me to be so negative but with the one dodgy kneed ba and the just plain dodgy ameobi leading our line next season we are f@~cked! but ashley dosent seem to care!

  16. shielsy nufc-how will spending profits made from Seasons of asset stripping put us in debt?
    Think you have been brainwashed whilst giving MA a reach around you dirty fka.

  17. is it just me or did anybody notice
    ”With Charles N’Zogbia now looking Birmingham bound”

  18. Just read the Partridge comments again….sounds like he is cracking up :lol:

  19. Could be worse we could have kits made by DONNAY or KANGOL

    Just see how it goes man, we’ll tear Darlo to bits tonight and everyone will be excitedly looking forward to the league kick off again.

    Supporting the toon is a rollercoaster of emotion you all know that.

    Let’s just see what happens, still wish Pardew would hush for a least a couple of days…sick of hearing/reading his tosh.

  20. What happened to JK’s Lucrative contract? haha
    Surely he is coming back for the new season?

    The Newcastle United manager, Joe Kinnear, has revealed that he is considering a “very lucrative” offer to remain in charge of the St James Park club beyond this season.
    Kinnear, 62, was only brought in on a short-term basis following Kevin Keegan’s sacking but now he is comtemplating staying at Newcastle on a long-term basis under club owner Mike Ashley.
    “I know what my own future is,” said Kinnear last night. “I’m just mulling over things in my head at the moment. I have been offered a very lucrative contract.
    “Mike Ashley, (managing-director) Derek Llambias and I, we’ve sat down and talked about taking the club forward and about reinvesting in the club in the summer.

    (sounds familiar :) )

    Maybe he is still mulling it over?
    Come back Joe I miss you.