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I wonder what tomorrow will bring?
I wonder what tomorrow will bring?
Due to my laptop contracting a rather unfortunate illness, it had been difficult to write about some of the recent events conspiring at the stadium. Nevertheless, being British I shall try to prevail when no hope seems assured, put the kettle on, and soldier on with some recent thoughts I have had this past week or so…

Shy and retiring Alan Pardew has, in what I can only described as a show of pure commitment to us fans, given a long interview this past week with ‘Total Sport’ on BBC Radio Newcastle. Now it has been long overdue hearing from our leader, and many of you, I’m sure, were all relieved after listening (or reading) Alan’s take on the summer so far.

What I found interesting was how he talked about the amount of money FREE transfers cost etc. Now obviously agent fees and signing on fees are part and parcel of the modern game. That is football, that is the game today, we know it is not technically ‘free’ but what we do know is, no transfer fee was paid, so with that, it leaves us to speculate how much indeed has gone to the agents and the players. Demba Ba, Sylvain Marveaux and Yohan Cabaye could not possibly of dented our transfer kitty that much, taking into consideration the ‘£35 million’, TV money, sponsorship deals, gate receipts, sale of Nolan, Shearer’s bar: You get the point.

Would it not just be easier to be honest? If we have no money to spend then just say it? Whatever the ‘truth’ is, Personally, I’m bored of the spins and excuses that I hear frequently from the club every week. Maybe we will spend something, maybe we won’t, but for me it is hard to envisage us spending much.

By “much” I mean over £3 million: Net.

It is hard to believe we have spent so much on fees and wages, when the club recently stated it wouldn’t. It’s not like Ashley and Llambias to do something they said they would not do is it?

I don’t expect miracles or want millions and millions spent. But to get a top quality striker, we have to spend something and not just look like we are trying to appease everybody. Kevin Keegan stated that it was normal for the current Newcastle board to make a bid for a player, knowing it would get rejected. I’ll post the video at the bottom of this thread for you to watch (if you haven’t already).

Another thing that has interested me recently is this Jose Enrique contract saga. Why are we even bothering? Transfer list him immediately if he does not want to be here and get someone in who does. What is the point in keeping an unhappy player, then letting him go next summer for free? Or worst still, let him leave in January, then complain that we can’t get a replacement because every players price doubles in January. Didn’t they transfer list Steven Taylor and make it public when he wouldn’t sign a new contract last year?

To be honest, I fear Januaries now, it is a scary period of the year for me, I have resorted to leaving a pumpkin outside my house. But maybe January will be OK this year – Didn’t Derek reassure us just last week:

“It is our responsibility to make sure we look after the club responsibly. If we spent all the money on players this summer, what are we going to do in January if we need to bring somebody else in? We are using the money sensibly.”

Phew thank the lord for that!

It is good to know we have Derek here, I mean his passion for the club, integrity and honesty are true values every human being strives to possess. It’s not like Derek to go back on his word, or dare say, lie to us, is it?

“We will showcase Sports Direct until the end of the season. I’m sure we’re going to get a sponsor in for next season. I think the fans will see in the future that we do care.”Derek, Nov 2009.

It is also good to see Derek conducting his interviews with the local papers.

The Telegraph is the north east local rag, isn’t it?

Another thing I like about Derek is how he never contradicts himself:

“Bringing Alan Shearer back to Newcastle United was the best decision I have made. Alan and his staff did all they could to try and keep us up in the short space of time they had. Talks are now ongoing between us about how we can take this Club forward again.” (OK, that one was Mike Ashley allegedly)

“We want him to be the manager 110 per cent, he’s very good at what he does, and he’s a straight talking guy – we like that. He’d be the perfect appointment.”  – Derek, May 2009.

“Do I care what Alan Shearer has to say? When he ran this football club we were relegated after picking up just five points from his eight games in charge.” – Derek, February 2011.

If that isn’t an example of footballing knowledge, I don’t know what is.

As I bring this quick muse to a close, Charles N’Zogbia is reportedly on route to Birmingham to sign for Alex McLeish’s Aston Villa. Alan Pardew has of course had something to say:

“I am told that Charles has got an imminent move, so I don’t think that will be us.” 

Where we even in for N’Zogbia? The fee is for a reported £9 million.


Keegan’s revenge

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55 Responses

  1. If you look at the teams we expect to compete with in the table next year we have been quite proactive in the Market. I fully agree that if Enrique has said he won’t sign on then he should be sold asap and a replacement brought in. My real concern this window is the lack of striking options brought in. I am now used to the lies and lack of facts that come out of St James park but it does not take much footballing noise to see that we are very light up top. Ba will be ok and I would like to keep best and send ranger in loan for the season. Ameobi and lova should go. This means we need to add pace to our front line as well as the ability to poach goals. Going back to my initial point and comparing to teams we will compete against highlights that a good striker could make a huge difference. Sunderland = gyan Stoke = kenwin everton = ? Fulham = ? I personally would possibly have a go for rodellaga at Wigan. Tired now so will leave my ramble at that.

  2. I’ve been very optimistic about this window and gave the board a chance but I’m running out of reasons too. It’s starting to look like were being taken for mugs. £35m on top of what we would of spent this window?? I agree with KK it’s not Pardews fault but we are going no where fast we are a production line for bigger clubs. They sell our club to players and talk about our wonderful 52,000 fans but theyre taking the piss out of us. Am I alone here? Problem is there’s nothing we can do, if we start a protest now MA will put the club up for sale again… And not spend a penny. Im starting to lose hope, looking like another season of mediocre football and just enough to keep us in the perm

  3. pardew is a weak/spineless & a piss poor excuse of a man that’s prepared to prostitute himself to ashley in return for a few quid & the – title – of nufc manager.

    how do other managers view him? – well i’d be very suprised if it was much different to mine!! ffs even the ashley – arse cravers – are begining to doubt his credibility now.

    – & his latest instruction from ashley is to – dampen down – any expectations/talk/speculation on the transfer front – get the natives restless then out of the – blue – sign a couple of – cheapies/freebies – then mark our cards with regards to how expensive they are.

    BINGO! jobs done with the gullible out singing his praises again.

    fatboy is a first class c@nt – but i have to admit he’s a clever first class c@nt.

  4. FFS,
    stop buying in to the perpetual doom for crying out loud everyone.

    I’m sick of reading shite like: ‘taken for mugs’, ‘lied to’, ‘asset stripped’, it’s pathetic, grow some balls, man up, have a bit of Geordie pride & stop whining like stuck pigs.

    It’s embarrassing, support y’team through thick ‘n’ thin. It’s been thinner than this by a long way.

    No, i’m not asking you to love every move, blah, blah, blah, just put your pride where ya’ trap is for a change & stop acting like a bunch of drama queens.


  5. Gullible is a bit strong I can’t see how they think they will get away with it for very long. So far I don’t think we’ve spent very much, I’m still scratching my head to where the Bassong money went. If sorry forget “if” WHEN we only spend id say at most another 10/14m I’d expect a serious amount of protest. Hopefully there’s a spell check on those sheets…

  6. Having a problem with the board is a bit different to supporting the team? Of course I’ll support the team but we are not being run to our full potential where is the money going? Where are we going? I’d support our team if they where in the conference ffs but I’ll not sit and watch us being run like a small club when we have the potential to be one of the biggest with out saying something.

  7. Blimey, people STILL giving it the old ‘doom mongers’ line. It’s no such thing, the club is being systematically asset stripped, they are turning a profit on transfer windows NO ONE Does that for funk’s sake. 3rd biggest gate in the country, sitting on 35mil – 6 of th past 7 were free signings.. oh no Carr and his merry band of injured players and free mercenaries will shoot us up the league. Bad ? Nope … Terrible? You better funking believe it…

  8. CLiNT, I’m afraid your are a bit like the Dutch boy who had his finger stuck up the Dyke, or was it in it, or Sissyphus even.

    I think you’ll find that most fans moan about their respective teams, it’s a national sport I’m afraid.

    The voices of reason get drowned out by the San Cullotes.

    As I said earlier I remain optimistic despite 50 years of hurt and I’m sure deep down inside that most of us even the whingers, have a spark of hope, despite the management.

    I would be prepared to bet that many of the critics will become praisers (is that a proper word) if we actually won something and if it was the League Title (fantasy world scenario, but!) he (Ashley)would become a hero.

    So let the whingers whinge and the hopers hope, at the end of the day we are all Toon fans. HWTL

  9. money will be spent in the club mr pardew how about spending it at other clubs as they have done to buy our number 9????? tight owners taking the piss so employs another muppet to do his lieing, pressure mounting and should avalanche on u pardew!u deserve it for being a decieving scapegoat that ashley will make u look anyway. be true like us lot, do it right or go!

  10. First things first I do blame AP simply because the man is a very weak individual for the rubbish that has came out of his mouth over the last few weeks/months. BFM never had any intention of spending any money this summer and whether or not AP knew this is irrelevent the fact he is trying to cover up for him is embarrassing does AP actually think we are stupid…..? Obviously yes!! Regarding the Enrique quandry whats the point in transfer listing him to get some money for him now? we won’t buy a replacement for him, what i think will happen is we will sell him and Tiote on the last day of the transfer window put a 25pence bid in for a world class replacement and claim that we tried our best to replace them.
    Clint flick I do agree with you a little bit that perhaps we should all grow a pair and get behind the team, but even in the ‘thinner’ times you spoke of we reinvested some money taken off transfer fees

    Peter Beardsley – Mirindina (A then Club Record)
    Gazza – Dave Beasant, Andy Thorn (A then Rlub Record)

    This summer we have spent net £0
    well apart from the 35million we have obviously spent on a tap for the training ground and agent fees!!

  11. I have to agree with Clint…stop moaning like a bunch of byatches!

    It’s always the vocal minority that spoil it for for everyone else…get a fcuking grip of yourselves.

  12. See the Enrique saga still rumbling on heres what i would do meself,i would tell the spolit spanish brat he aint going nowere and then i would dump in the reserves for the year and be quite happy to take lose on him at end of season.Sick of this spoilt spanish brat sticking 2 fingers up at the club and the supporters.So fcuk you you spanish prat.

  13. Well I was going to wait until the end of the window to mention this but back when Carrol was sold I did say then that the 35 million invested in players was lies . I did point out that 35 million when used for agents fee’s, wages etc doesn’t get to many players 1 player signed for free on £15,000 per week works out at 2,340,000 for a 3 year contract, then throw in a million for the agent and you’ve got a average Prem player and the cost is nearly 3.5 mill!! Ashley will not spend money in transfers, he will make a profit on all transfer markets, we have to expect this until he’s gone.

  14. @ 12
    Armylite, you got it spot on mate. He’s employed by the club , he doesn’t own it. which other proffession would you be allowed to hold your employers to ransome and get away with it. He’s taking the p!ss and will have it all his own way if we let him.
    Good as he is , It’s time to knock him down a peg. Shape up or ship out.

  15. No, it’s the majority that keep silent despite what is going on at the club that are spoiling it, because their lack of objection is one of the things keeping Ashley in. The thing is, it’s entirely possible to love a club and be fully behind their team but still ask major questions. Pardew and Ashley have brought on questions from their actions, but have refused to answer them in a transparent way. His comments about the free transfers cutting into the 35m are ridiculous and evasive. The squad is still thin, we don’t have strength in depth, and some of the players just aren’t good enough. N’Zogbia is a prime example: Available for a decent price (especially compared to Downing etc), a brilliant player with proven Premiership quality, potentially wants to come, would be a massive hit with the fans. Yet Pardew and Ashley don’t bite, preferring to go along with cheap European players. Marveaux, Cabaye, they have potential but we have no idea how they will be in the premiership. He’s bringing out the whole ‘new signing’ rubbish with Ben Arfa, who has not played enough Premiership games to be proven (although he seems fantastic and I hope he can be more consistent than someone like Robert). Neil Taylor is an example of the lack of ambition at this club – with Pardew so vocal about Enrique being on his way, he should be searching for a really good replacement, especially as we’re weak in that position.

    I love NUFC and I want us to do well, but I am not happy with what is going on, and what has gone on ever since Mike Ashley has taken the club over. It’s hard to remain optimistic with him at the head, and god knows I try.

  16. Why don’t we sell all our players and get Mick to roll down the shutters and convert the stadium into a mall?
    There could be a load of top brand flagship stores like slazenger,lonsdale and dunlop as well as as a sports direct theme park and it’s a pretty decent location for people to get to.

    All joking aside it feels like I am supporting an acountancy firms starting 11 and it is just totally fooking dull all we have to discuss the price of supposed agent fees and how comfortable the seats are in the new dug outs.

    I think I would get more pleasure mastrubating over steptoe and son dvd’s.

    Pass the tissues Harold!

  17. Charlie…I have my views, I have my concerns & i air them but I do not subscribe to what feels like a huge Ashley & his puppets conspiracy thing, thats just spin from a different view point & people jump on that particular band wagon. And if you argue with them you’re part of the conspiracy & pro-Ashley. It’s get very tedious.

  18. CLINT – agree with you. I don’t like everything going on but getting my knickers in a twist doesn’t help – and I don’t appreciate the foul pejorative language thrown at anybody with such a point of view that suggests we all have sexual longings for Ashley! What I don’t understand is how the club is apparently being “asset stripped” before my eyes? How do you asset-strip something that was in debt and had unsustainable running costs (i.e wage bills as a proportion of income)? What assets have been stripped out? Viduka, Duff, Owen etc.? Are our assets now worse than they were then? OK – argue about Carroll – but let’s see how we perform without him. But it’s nothing new – anyone remember the so-called “Peter Beardsley” stand? His sale and fee rumoured to be used to rebuild SJP? Gazza, Ginola, Waddle, Sir Les? And don’t tell me they were all replaced with identical-costing players. So it’s nothing new. The same people who want us to buy new “trophy” players seem to be the ones who want us to start games with Vukcic, Airey, Donaldson and Ferguson – what’s that about?
    I’m off now to book my place in the Sister Arthur’s Home for the Chronically Bewildered.

  19. Aye,

    It’s the ‘constant’ whining that is the point.
    I certainly aren’t expecting everyone to be happy or agree with the dull 2/3 months without football.
    But, honestly, leave someone in an empty room for 5 minutes & they’ll have their heed in bits.

    Stop picking y’spots, you’ll only make it worse/hurt!


    ta lads.

  20. Fair enough to those who say don’t be a critic be a supporter, but i think to make that statement is wrong and to be honest a bit simplistic. We are all supporters and everyone has a right to question the club and its ambition at the moment, i know i spend a fortune supporting my club but the false information and misguided statements from the club are very tiresome. Lets wait and see what happens but i hope we are not in a postion in 3/4 months time when injuries etc set in and we have no or limited options in the sqaud AGAIN due to lack of investment in the first team. I dont want to see millions spent, but a capable SQAUD.

    Right im off to get a NUFC tattoo and beat my bare chest with tears in my eyes singing “one Kevin Keegan”.

  21. manc,

    Nowt wrong with a good moan,
    it’s the persistent, incessant moaning, with absolutely zero let up kind that eventually starts to wear one’s arse paper thin.

  22. I wrote this in 2008 :lol:

    Is Ashley the New Steptoe ?
    Newcastle United
    by sirjasontoon (U9231784) 20 April 2008

    I mentioned ages ago that ashley and mort are not the sugar daddy’s that they claimed to be and are very very tight when it comes to investing in serious talent. Look at the last window not one proper senior signing of any merit and too tight to buy Giles Barnes for peanuts from Derby when he was on a plate.

    A few weeks ago Keegan was spouting off about Henry and how he wants to break a club signing record etc now he is saying we will attract no big names in the summer and mort saying no big names will arrive…my theory is this is preparing us gently for steptoe style summer..any old iron etc

    After what can only be described as a shocking season apart from a couple of wins recently(against poor opposition)the fans deserve to see the hard earned money they pour into the club invested in some big names..otherwise it will be plain to see that Ashley is using the club to just milk the fans..and serve up mid table nonsense for another season.

    Looking back it seems I was proven right.

  23. I agree with some of the moaning, and some of the ones who don’t moan. What annoys me though is when people say “just support your team” etc. Or that people get upset as there opinion gets perceived as ‘pro Ashley’ yet they are able to call people ‘doom mongers’ or able to criticle others.

    We all have different opinions, it’s what makes life interesting.

    If anything, I’m sure many would agree that Derek Llambias is a twat, and the club never are able to tell the ‘truth’. It has been lies for years now. they were found guilty of ‘”deliberately misleading fans”.

    I assume the relationship between board and fans is so damaged now, that it would be hard for anyone to believe anything any more. If you do trust them, then well done you. If you don’t trust them, then well done you.

    All will become clear around Semptember….ish.

  24. Jimbob-All will become clear around Semptember….ish
    That old chestnut……or judge them after the window closes.


  25. haha
    It’s the same old bag of dog shit thrown at us in different colour carrier bags Jimbob.

  26. SJT,

    doesn’t that just prove my point mate.
    It’s not a criticism just an observation.

    it’s not moaning per se,
    it’s the ‘long term, constant’ nature of said moanality.


  27. Clint, fair enough mate. Some have gone on one since, well, forever.

    But I get both arguments y’know? :-)

    Oh have you any news of my comp problem?

  28. jimbob,

    I defo understand ‘why’ people have problems with the board, i’m not knocking ’em for that mate.
    Each to their own, n’ all that.

    On the comp thing, i’ve got me mate on it, i could have a copy soon, i’ll send him a reminder now, ok?

  29. The point is Clint I am a Geordie supported the toon since year dot and it pains me to see these buffoons messing with something I love and is a big part of my life.

    If you can’t see that these faceless,soulless morons don’t give a stuff about NUFC then that is your choice.

    It’s a blog,it’s about opinion,opinions differ……

  30. jimbob,

    he’s ‘officially’ reminded mate.
    I’ll let you know asap dood.

  31. Clint, thanks mate, nice one :-)

    Gotta run now, me alarm let me down this morning big time :-)


  32. SJT,
    i appreciate that mate, same here.

    They are the self same chinless, faceless, soulless, heartless divvies that have always run this club mate–FOREVER!
    They are NO DIFFERENT to any of the past owners/keepers whatever.

    I thought the club would be freed when we got shot of ‘eye patch’ & his dinosaurs, way back when, WRONG!
    Nowt has ever changed!
    That’s why i can’t be phucked to moan about it.
    I just love watching football, supporting the Lads & flying the Geordie flag mate.

    You carry on man, i can’t & shouldn’t stop ya’, it’s your choice, cool, nowt wrong with that.

    I’m just sick of the same old arguments.

    Maybe one day Newcastle will be run correctly, but that is a subjective ideal anyway & everyone will never be happy all at the same time, that much i know is true & objective.

    Howay the Lads!


  33. Speaking of Steptoe and Son and w@ankers, the toon is very much like a bad sit-com, or worse still, a bad Carry on film…

    Carry on Doon the Toon! – A not very funny film about the Rise and fall of the Geordie Empire. Set in modern day times, it’s a like a slow moving steamroller, flattening everbodies hopes. Full of pathetically un-funny characters that boil your pi$$.

    Actors who have shown early interst in starring in this new blockbuster are:
    Bella Emberg as Mike Ashley – Bella played Blunder Woman in Russ Abbott’s Madhoose, she’s also the spit of the FCB, so sees herself as a natural candidate for the role.
    Steve Coogan (obviously) playing Alan Pardew – A total screw up of an ex football manager who keeps getting the sack and an even worse chat show host.
    Barack Obama as Chris Hughton – Not sure how that can be funny though… Oh aye, “Yes We Can” (but couldn’t).
    A short eared owl – A cousin of the long eared owl. Being nomadic, many head south to winter together with migrants from all over Europe has requested to play the role of Derek Llambias.

    I could go on but it’s already boring me.

    Future Sun on Sunday headline:
    “Mike Ashley Ate My Bonus!”

  34. Moaner, lover, cross dresser – whatever we are, we ll all be there first game of the season, can’t wait. I intend to get that drunk the 2nd half will be a blur and i ll have to watch motd on sky plus to remember what happened.

  35. Iv supported nufc all my life & I can honestly say these past couple ov seasons since fatc**t took over av been the worst, we are the laughing stock ov EPL. Even the unwashed & smoggies r taking the pi$$ oot ov us, I’m fkn devo

  36. It even pisses me off seeing a sports direct logo…the hatred is real :lol:

  37. geordie55,i agree with you on the fact it’s been utterly depressing,since these cowboys turned up.i think we would all have to agree,life towards the back end of the hall’s tenure,it was also diabolical also.i know freddie carries the can,but them b*****ds had the majority shares.freddie was no angel,but the hall’s are ruthless money grabbing backstabbers.what is it about this club,that keeps attracting these conmen?fan loyalty most probably.these c**ts who are in now though,are the absolute “lowest of the low”,they even used sir bobby’s passing as a money making oppurtunity.i would love for someone to buy the club,who reconizes the clubs traditions and doesn’t take the clubs fans for granted,and who will some the ambition these fans deserve.

  38. sirjasontoon,what would you do if you seen mike ashley on the street?if you could get within jabbing distance.

  39. I heard on a few blogs a few years ago that anything posted on the web that may be seen as physical or threatening to MA then he acts on it so I have always chosen my words carefully and avoided anything that may be libellous or threatening.

    So in answer to your question I would shake his hand,get his autograph and see if he fancied a flutter on the horses or an hour at the casino.


  40. heard on tues thru v.good source linked to nufc press officer that fat man has sold club and it being announced friday pm. Not sure how true it is but it has been doing the rounds on txt’s this morning too. Also mate of mine phoned ronny gill and they say thay heard rumblings 2 weeks ago and never say never. Dont want to cause scenes of mass panic and adulation but the 90m bonus to s£$%ts direct staff has to come from somewhere and i very much doubt he would pay it off his own hip. Fingers crossed lads and hope theres some legs in this, if not lets get behind the lads starting tonite at darlo.


  41. sirjasontoon,go on youtube,and type in,”so you were wondering where mike ashley was”.you will see fatboy strutting his stuff in a cambridge nighclub.with his embarrassing fatha dancing,it’s just goes to show you cannot polish a turd.

  42. Clint

    The only thing I’ve grown tired of, is your replies on this thread. You say the same thing no less than six times! If you are bored of reading complaints than why bother reading any messages after a blog that complains? You sound like a broken record, one that is already off track to start with.
    You can still support your club and have an opinion about the direction it is being moved in.
    Perhaps you are not smart enough to have any opinion, other than ambivolance. I for one enjoy reading a balanced debate from both sides of the coin.

  43. Good Stuff Rick-45.

    I was down Ascot a few weeks ago with Partridge and Owl Heed…proper good sesh once they both loosened up.

    Partridge reckons MA is aiming for champions league this season but is keeping it hush hush…..Owl Heed reckons MA spunked the Carroll Cash up the wall in a few hours.


  44. Trojan, I seen that ‘Ashley’ vid in Cambs before. Do you reckon that is deff him? I’m not so sure it is.

  45. jimbob,i asked the same question on youtube,the lad who took the film on his mobile phone,said it was him.
    he said it took him all his resolve,not to smack ashley one.

  46. Trojan69, u put wat would I do if I could get with in jabbing distance ov ashley, me mate I’d, get the biggest greener oot my throat hockle in the fat c**ts face then c how many times I could slap the fkr b4 I got nicked, & don’t giv a sh*te wat he says or does I hate the bloke

  47. @ clint flict on number 4

    right correct me if im wrong but this a blogsite and we can comment on anything posted?

    every single toon fan is entitled to their own opinion weather you like it or not and we all come here to read and debate about all things nufc yes?

    your moaning at the moaners?

    and calling your own?

    and basically what your saying is your forever chipper about nufc?
    that you never complain, never leave the ground pissed off, never shake your head after reading the paper or watching the toon highlights on the telly?

    so if say you didnt agree with mr ashley and how the club is being run how would you go about saying so?

    what i think is that you need to have a word with yourself before you come on here and tell everyone to grow some balls to man up to have a bit of Geordie pride!

    you are part of the greatest football club on the planet in my eyes with some of the finest football fans to boot!
    we all have our different oppions and views so if you dont like us then i suggest you get your arse over to sunderland and try your luck there

  48. Kroe9,
    you noticed!

    Geordie dug,
    Does that negate my right to an opinion, just cos it differs with yours?

    You’ll find further down the page me saying ‘opinions for all’.
    Sorry you’re already bored with me being bored after seeing the same barrage of stuff, day after day.
    Fair enough, i’ll shut me cake-hole!

  49. @ a clint flick

    not in the slightest mate i come on this blog as i want to debate and catch up on current nufc issues
    my stace is everyone is free to say as they please (even you) i dont agree with alot of what people say on here but i understand its from frustrations with the manager and board and that nufc means alot to people

    i dont however need someone telling me grow some balls, man up, and have a bit of Geordie pride & stop whining like a stuck pig! because me, like alot of us on here have a serious problem with the way the club is being run and voice our concern

    you have decided that enough is enough and will not complain anymore as you believe it will never change and to be fair it probably wont

    but im a firm believer that you have to keep fighting and voicing your frustrations by any means necessary (peacefully) be it at the ground at away games in the bars and on social media to show your defiance and disgust at how we are being treated! god knows what else ashley and co would have done if no protest or disapproval was ever made and we just turned up like sheep coughing up the dosh week in week out!

  50. GeordieDug,

    fair enough mate, nicely put, honestly, it’s appreciated that you have the good grace to make a decent point without resorting to personal attacks.