Will John Carver be told who to play at Newcastle United?

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John Carver
Is Carver under orders like McDowall?
By his own admission, Rangers’ current caretaker head coach, Kenny McDowall, has been told not only that he has no say in the players they sign, but also that he will only have a limited input into team selection too.

According to McDowall himself, he has been ordered by Mike Ashley and his henchman at Rangers, Derek Llambias, to play ALL of the five new Rangers players (Vuckic, Ferguson, Bigirimana, Streete and Mbabu) on loan from Newcastle. Speaking in an interview at Rangers’ Murray Park training centre, McDowall, who wants to leave at the end of the season said:

“When I was given the job I was told players incoming and outgoing wouldn’t be my responsibility. I take the team and coach the team and I am more than happy to get on with it.”

Which is hardly news to both Rangers and Newcastle United fans. However when pressed on whether he was obliged to play them, he dropped his bombshell, replying:


When pressed on whether he would be ordered to play them all every week if they were fit, McDowall continued:

“Yes. They are obviously good players – they play for Newcastle – but I will carry on and do what I am told to do.”

That is also hardly news now either as it has also been covered by several other sources and my intention is not just to repeat the stories of others which can be read elsewhere. However it does raise another very salient point for Newcastle United fans like myself: What if the same policy were to be implemented at Newcastle? Or what if it already HAS been implemented?

To add a little context, I have already written at length on my longstanding hypothesis (which is rapidly turning into a theory with recent developments north of the border) that Ashley wants both Newcastle AND Rangers as a network of ‘selling’ clubs like Giampaolo Pozzo’s Udinese, Granada and Watford. These are the Pozzo family’s three European ‘footballer farms’ who endeavour to hoover up cheap talent from around Europe, develop it and sell it on to big clubs at a vast profit. I won’t go through all the points I raised in that again though, you can read it here if you are so inclined and you haven’t already. Supposing this were the case, could it be that John Carver will also be leant on by the Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley to play certain players whose profile needs to be raised to increase their value and showcase them to other clubs for a potential resale?

Carver could be the perfect man for the job in their eyes, like Chris Hughton when he assumed the reins at Newcastle, he is a very experienced coach but someone who, a few games as Newcastle caretaker apart, has never been a top level manager. Hence it would be the chance of a lifetime for him even if it came with the kinds of strings attached that would be unnacceptable to a pedigree manager like Ronald Koeman or Frank de Boer.

Some might say it is football lunacy, but trivialities like that haven’t stopped Mike Ashley before. After all, the whole point of this story is that he’s already doing it at Rangers and as we Newcastle United fans know, he has made bonkers decisions at Newcastle in the past, some of which led to the club being relegated even though it easily had a top ten squad of players. If I may turn into a tin foil hatted conspiracy theorist for a moment, did Alan Pardew’s rapid decision to depart from the club when he had the chance have something to with team selection politics?

I don’t know but it would certainly be interesting to know if 50,000 Geordies are paying their season tickets to watch a team selected by Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley.

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363 Responses

  1. I think it’s already happening. McDowell’s words were exactly the same as Carvers and the decision made by Ashley and Llambias’ is exactly what manyhave been so vociferous about. I suppose I need a tin foil hat as well then!
    In all honesty, I hope the SFA take some action here when they have the chance and our own FA get’s off it’s backside and begins to do the same.
    Mike Ashley and the SD empire are not a benefit to football, they are a parasite feeding off it for it’s own ends.

  2. It might already have happened in a way. It was suspicious that half a dozen or so of our players developed ‘knocks’ just before the FA Cup game against Leicester and were then suddenly okay for the next PL game at Chelsea.

    Carver had already promised to play a strong team in the cup and it may be that his decision was countermanded by Ashley, and the alleged ‘knocks’ were arranged as way for Carver (and the club in general) to save face.

    That’s essentially Carver being told who play (or not to play in this instance).

    Can I borrow your tin-foil hat?

  3. Oh come on of cause, he’s the kid with the football, you play it his way or he takes his ball home.
    Look at his reaction to the first fall out, he threatened to take his ball home then (sell up)
    He wanted to be one of the lads in the beginning remember and you wouldn’t play with him then.
    Now he knows you don’t like him he will just go ahead and do what he wants anyway. Especially as he has the “Wonga Sheep” filling the ground every other weekend.
    The spoilt brat will win as long as you let him.
    The EPL SPL FA or whatever won’t stop him.
    The only way is to grow some!

  4. Nutmag says:
    February 5, 2015 at 4:45 pm

    “Look at his reaction to the first fall out, he threatened to take his ball home then (sell up)
    He wanted to be one of the lads in the beginning remember and you wouldn’t play with him then.”

    Nutmag, You should remember that Ashley is a compulsive liar and conman so most of the things he says aren’t true, and most of the rumours he surrepticiously puts out through others aren’t true either. If he says something or gives an impression of something, he’s usually trying to distract you or con you in some way, like Sports Direct’s £10 jeans that are falsely marked up to £50, then reduced back down to £20.

  5. Hmmm! anyone surprised in any way by the recent disclosures attributed to our dear owner.

    Acquiring control of the former Scotch giant’s Rangers
    for a nominal sum by using his (available cash) leverage, through issuing loans, rather than acquiring more stock in the club, making him in turn no more than, just another minor stockholder.

    Though in fact it gives him almost total control, over everything, including picking the side, a fact recently disclosed by the present (heed coach) McDowell, who admitted he was given no choice in the matter as far as playing the recently acquired Newcastle loanee’s, that is as long as they are fit of course.

    Some ultimatum !

    In the meantime both the FA and the SFA are hiding in the bunkers, scared shitless in case someone has to take any anti Ashley moves such as labeling him as an unfit person in either league, when it’s obvious to everyone the man is a detriment to the game.

    However his hubristic attitude, due to the fact so far he has proven capable of rolling over any opposition, either in the rag trade or in football, only enforces his actions and ain’t we the lucky fans to have him as an owner.

    Yes sir! it’s great to support a side, restricted to avoiding any cup runs or perish the thought, gain entrance to any European tournament, too many games and not enough dosh, plus it may result in tired players and effect their league position, being the EPL is where the money is at.

    But what about the fans ?

    Screw the fans, they will show up in droves for every home game, like automatons marching in lockstep into St. James’ Park and sit in a state of bemusement, being by now totally enured to the fact it’s a take it or leave it situation.

    Where they realize there’s little they can do, unless they take some extreme action, which would consist of perhaps a boycott of games, however the fact most are season ticket fans who pay in advance makes that a non starter.

    Yes folks Ashley is always a step ahead and will continue to do as he please’s, regardless of what the fans think of him.

    Many of who IMO believe, better than being Leeds.

  6. chuck says:
    February 5, 2015 at 5:29 pm

    “Acquiring control of the former Scotch giant’s Rangers
    for a nominal sum by using his (available cash) leverage,”

    Chuck, Rangers certainly have a history, and a big stadium which is almost as big as Newcastle United’s too. However to put things in perspective, Newcastle United are worth $263 million or around £180 million according to Forbes. With Rangers that figure would be around £25 million or around $38 million. That’s the difference between a giant in the Scottish Championship and upper middling team in the English Premier League. As I mentioned in a previous piece, their devastation was so complete that to put them back on a par with Celtic would require around £50 million just for new players. As I mentioned in the same piece, even when Celtic make it to the last 16 and Rod Stewart wept salty tears, they only made about the same as West Brom.

  7. Derek Llambias is now denying that all this ever took place. Does he realise that he’s in a boy who cried wolf position now after being such a lying bastard in the past? There’s no point in him denying anything anymore as people just don’t believe him or trust him. All he does is make things worse.

    On Carver’s face, I don’t think Nivea for men would do much good in his case. He’s only 50.

  8. Worky @4
    Yes I understand exactly what Ashley is, as do a great deal of others. So why do the Wonga Sheep still fill the ground buy his tat and allow themselves to be leeched off. Ashley makes money, the players get to be in the shop window (on their way to better things), Carver and his like are grateful for they couldn’t get that kind of job anywhere else.
    What do the sheep get. For the most part third rate performances with no chance of any success and nothing else. They must take some of the blame for the murder of this once great club.

  9. I get the points that everybody else is making but let’s remember one thing – McDowall was ONLY talking about the five NUFC lads. I don’t see anything there to suggest that there would be any interference in his selection of any of the other players, so I think we need to be careful about what conclusions we draw from those quotes.

    The only real inference you can make from his comments is that the same situation would probably arise if we had players on loan from Rangers, in which case Carver would probably be “encouraged” to play them. But that situation doesn’t exist, so I think we need to be a bit wary of making too many direct comparisons.

    People will always suspect (and probably with good reason) that Ashley will try to exert some influence over team selection at NUFC, but I don’t think this current situation at Rangers really proves anything one way or the other.

  10. Nutmag says:
    February 5, 2015 at 10:17 pm

    “Worky @4
    Yes I understand exactly what Ashley is, as do a great deal of others. So why do the Wonga Sheep still fill the ground buy his tat and allow themselves to be leeched off.”

    It’s the post Thatcher generations, Nutmag. They were broken up, atomised and taught that it’s dog eat dog, every man and woman for themselves. Hence, they don’t know any different. They don’t know how to take collective action against something.

  11. WORKY @6#

    Yes I understand Rangers place in the football world at present, that’s why I referred to them as “The Former Scotch Giants”, which they once were possibly a wealthier side and certainly with a larger fan base than NUFC.
    Of course that was when all that counted were shirt sales and bums in seats.

    Chris G. @ 9#
    I’m not sure what your point is, but the very fact that Llambias has stated to McDowell that “HE WILL” play any or all five NUFC loanees, as long as they are fit, is in fact the crux of the situation and if you don’t understand the enormity of that declaration, then you just don’t get it.
    As to whether it will apply or affect the rest of the squad, is simply speculation.

  12. chuck says:
    February 6, 2015 at 6:01 pm

    “Yes I understand Rangers place in the football world at present,”

    Chuck, even if they get back to to where they were, they’d still only be like a fairly big Championship side financially, and West Brom if they managed to get to the group stages of the Champions League. Celtic had about the same figures as West Brom when they reached the last 16 of the Champions League, but were more like a Championship club without it. Even though they are Scottish Champions and the biggest team in Scotland by a long, long way, they didn’t make it this time. They nearly went out in the first qualifier and were knocked out by Maribor in the second qualifier.

  13. WORKY

    Yes of course I understand what the lack of a decent TV contract has done to both former Scottish giants Rangers and Celtic, who were, in their day on par with most English First Division or PL sides.

    An anomaly in Scottish football due to their dominance over the rest.

    It’s always been my contention that like Swansea and Cardiff, they should have been included in the English leagues, obviously a case of their preference for being big fish in a small pond.

    With almost a guarantee of either a first or second place finish, with only each other as real competition, plus annual entry into the European competitions, where Celtic were quite successful, comparatively speaking.

    And I had always thought they should have been competing within a higher standard of football such as the English top or second tier.

    The failure of Setanta to make money from tv coverage of the SPL and subsequent cancelation was a blow neither side has recovered from, plus it hardly amounted to much in comparison to the riches of the EPL.

    I still believe if given entry into the English league, (lowest level) it would add interest and regenerate both sides, leaving the Scottish leagues with more open competition not simply dominated by two clubs.

    Of course there are rice bowls involved, that and a certain amount of discrimination, plus the old bugbears,
    “Oh, their fans will cause riots”, (used to cancel the old home internationals) which I think are based mainly on thinly disguised discriminatory attitudes.

    Ah well nowt we can do about it, as we, the fans of NUFC, have our hands full with fat boy and his minions
    on both sides of the border.

    Now here’s something I haven’t heard anyone mention and that is, what if Ashley has a cunning plan, to gain entry into the English leagues, couldn’t be much different from their present position, giving them nothing to lose.

    Might take a bit of dosh but, better by far than to continue in a league without the means to support such a side with their history and ambition.

    Sell NUFC, buy Rangers for a distressed price, more jersey’s sold, more billboards advertising SD, change the name from Ibrox to SD stadium, zoom up to the EPL and Bobs yer uncle.

  14. Watching the Real vs Athletico Madrid sides, three zip in favor of Athletico and looking by far the better side.

    Simeone’s star obviously rising and who knows may be offered the job at Real sooner than later.

    However the color commentator is driving me crazy, some crazy Geordie, who is inclined to never shut up and who’s descriptions of play are outrageously exaggerated
    and yelled at the top of his lungs.

    That’s four zip now !

    Watch out Ancelotti!

  15. Chuck, when Cardiff and Swansea were founded, there was no Welsh league, so that’s why they play in the English League. When a Welsh league was formed, some of the Welsh teams went over to the Welsh League but Cardiff and Swansea were two of the teams who decided to stay. A very wise move in hindsight. :-)

    As we’ve already discussed, any Scottish team which crossed over would have to start at the very bottom of the League system anyway

    Koke on the wing is a hell of a player for Atletico, though he isn’t the only one.

  16. Well that was a bit diappointing at the end. I’m sick of these funny times, I missed the beginning of that game. I know he wasn’t great this time but when is Cisse going to be able to start?

  17. Very disappointing result !

    A young Newcastle side, just couldn’t hold onto their lead, to end up with a late goal against, to draw with Stoke, who looked like they were willing to accept the point.

    The fact there were at least three opportunities where Nufc could or should have scored has to be addressed.

    looking at the game in general, the young legs of the home side were obvious and if they can perfect their pace and transitionary game, going both ways, no doubt will give a lot of sides problems.

    Who played well?
    Haidara, Perez, Sissoko, Colback, Sammy, Janmaat,Colo and to a lesser degree Cabella.

    Who didn’t?
    It comes as no surprise that as a fresh substitute, Obertan was simply awful and by now it should be clear to all that both he and Anita along with Williamson should be playing elsewhere, as they are not the required quality for this side.

    Anita went missing, Obertan screwed up a great goal-scoring opportunity and the less said about Williamson the better.

    But a bit of encouragement, seeing the quick transition game, plus letting players take on the opposition and play their game, added to the entertainment value.

    However a couple of CD’s are badly needed, for a now slower Colo, though he compensates for lack of mobility with good positional play, we also could add another proven striker.

    The fans made a bit of noise in the first half, but were out sung by the Stoke fans for the most part, shameful! , but I suppose they are still in that state of bemused apathy.

  18. Stoke’s central defenders, the big German Wollscheid from Levekusen and Muniesa from Barcelona looked very good. They’re both pretty cheap, unheralded defenders.

  19. Yes i’m sure there are decent central defenders available, but you know how difficult it is to get Ashley to spring for one, but it’s our biggest need at present, that and a good clear out of both sub par players and sick notes.

  20. Stoke have additional crowd noise going through the PA to augment the sound. Whan you know that it’s no longer ‘intimidating,’ it just sounds rather sad and embarrassing really.

  21. Worky

    Must be a hell of a PA system to hear it all the way from Hull, to St. James’ Park.

    Joking, but you have to admit, this fallacy about a noisy Newcastle home crowd, is just that, at this present time.

    Though i’m old enough to remember, when it rivaled any club in the league, for volume.

    Of course, there were no cute singing sections with their silly jingles in the day, only the “howeah Newcastle” roar, which in full volume must have been intimidating for the opposition and sent tingles up ones spine.

    That in contrast to the polite clapping, by a fan base obviously not happy nor willing to encourage the side, following the way the club has been managed during this Ashley regime.

  22. Amazing how the media fills both the screens and pages, with unbelievable garbage.

    The latest being Rafa. Benitez as manager at NUFC,
    oop’s that’s erm “heed coach”.

    Can anyone visualize one of the EPL’s most prolific spenders being hired by Ashley?

    Not a bad choice from a footballing prospective, but certainly not someone willing to subject himself to playing Carr’s choices of players, or accept one of the leagues lowest salaries.

    It will be Carver or some English retread, that is willing to accept being humiliated by Ashley and just thankful to be off the unemployment line.

    Hmmm! that sounds a bit familiar, dont it ?

  23. Don’t get me started, Chuck. I don’t all this stuff like orgnanised singing sections which are given by the club, and then taken away again as some kind of punishment. It’s sheer bullshit like everything else at Newcastle United nowadays. I don’t like all these hordes of people in replica shirts either. It was woolly scarves and bobble hats in my day, not all this synthetic Adidas and Puma bollocks.

    Why would Rafa Benitez want to leave Napoli for Newcastle United?

  24. You got that right.
    Time to bring Sammy on, as Gouffran is unlikely to score
    and all the action is coming down the right side, hopefully Sammy can give the left side more balance.

  25. Crap game, worse officiating.

    This side needs help, a new Manager, at least two decent central defenders and someone who can put the ball in the net, Remy would have been great, but too smart to stay at a club like this.

    For most of the first half and all of the second period we simply ignored the left wing, making it easy for the palace defense.

    What happened to Sammy ?

    I originally thought Carver may be an improvement, but have subsequently changed my mind, just a lotta hot air and no real difference , been around Pardew too long, looked like Pardew playing against his twin.

    No balls! tried to defend the lead, with no serious attempt to seal things during the whole second period.

    Is this the kind of Football people want to see, I think not!

    Who played decent?

    Colback, Janmaat and Krul, Cisse gets a nod for his goal, but that’s about it.

  26. Williamson was ok. We’ve let in two goals in two games and even top teams with top defences can do that. The problem with the last two games was banging a second goal in at the other end to get the three points like the top teams usually do instead of pulling off our top goalscorer for a central midfielder and playing for the draw.

  27. Come to think about it, if you can’t beat sides like Palace, it could be a repeat of any of a number of league second half appearances.

    Of course it’s obvious Ashley is convinced we are safe from the drop, don’t be so sure, we have won two out of the last ten games, not a great average, keep that up and it’s the championship and a loss of around one hundred and fifty million tv dollars, quite a gamble IMO.

    Right now we are ten points from the relegation zone and the once reached forty odd points is no longer any guarantee of safety.

  28. I know I’m a statistics bore but Carver’s got a point a game since he started. If we chugged along at the same rate we would have 45 points at the end of the season. We have Man City next though so that average might come down to 0.86 at the weekend if we lose. That would still leave us with 42 points. Anything is possible at Sid James’s Park though if we get sucked in at the edge of the whirlpool. I think West Ham getting relegated with 42 points is still the record.

  29. Anyone listen to the Pardew post game interview ?
    where he stated Palace shouldda won, but for the well drilled NUFC defense.

    Meaning that he was in charge of all things defensive at Newcastle, therefor all credit to him.

    Always blowing his own horn, love to see him get fired from Palace.

    Plus a recent review of stats, shows Palace as the top long ball club in the league, which should suit him perfectly.

    Listen I’m just happy to not have to see his smug face following every Newcastle game, not that I consider his protégé any better, though he has at least loosened the reins a bit and let the flair players do their thing.

    But Carver as a long time “heed coach” fine if you are looking to be relegated, nah! the guy just doesn’t have the required skills and hopefully when we sign a big name “heed coach” he will want to bring in his own geezers so we can fire Carver.

    The guy’s been around Pardew so long, it’s hard to tell the difference between them.

  30. chuck says:
    February 12, 2015 at 6:23 pm

    “Always blowing his own horn,”

    Pardew loves himself so much, that wouldn’t surprise me at all, Chuck.

  31. A recent statement by Celtic’s Ronny Deila in regard to the football presently played by many EPL clubs, has become boring, when compared to that of the SPL.

    Not having watched much of SPL football, I really couldn’t argue the point.

    However, I believe there’s a grain of truth there, certainly the entertainment value has dropped, possibly due to the pressure brought by the enormous monies involved.

    A typical example was the recent NUFC vs Palace game, where although there are not a lot of pressure’s involved, NUFC management apparently believing they can successfully maintain their less than fan pleasing mid table position.

    Which i’m not so sure of.

    Anyway here we were leading going into the second half and instead of sealing the win with another goal, Carver shut’s down the attack and parks the bus, why ?

    Adding insult to injury, taking off two of our better players Sissoko and Cabella, where all our attacking football took place.

    As for the non existent left wing, where previously Sammy and Haidarra had formed a pretty good attacking and covering partnership, was filled by a defensive role (Carver inspired no doubt) from Gouffran.

    To then bring on both Abeid and Dummett, tells the story, the present perceived pressures on managers
    are such that they will resort to that awful unentertaining game we see by many sides desperate to earn the points, either for Champions league or EPL survival.

    In other words good entertaining football, with high priced talent from all over the world has succumbed to the money demands that now control the game.

    Face it last weeks game was awful, with more to come as we see a return of the game which ruined Serie A, years ago.

    But imagine the pressures of managing a top side like Man. U., who due to lack of spending and poor choices of players, during Fergies final few years, has created a sense of panic at the club, with the fear of losing enormous sponsorship deals and big losses on the stock market essential to the clubs wellbeing.

    Causing the club to spend enormous sums of money on star players, then to be accused by people like Scholes and BSA of playing long ball football.

    They certainly are not he attacking side they were in their prime.

    The present stress put upon managers is tremendous, as with the increases of tv revenue come into play, so does the pressure increase to ensure points are won, regardless of how, which usually ends up with the fans
    angry at both the club and it’s management.

    After all we cant lose sight of the fact football is supposed to be a form of entertainment.

    Go tell Ashley that, see what he says, but ignore it and you may very well kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

  32. Don’t they show Scottish games over there Chuck? The Scottish Premiership is like an even colder, wetter, grimmer looking League One but with a much bigger team (like a minor Premier League team) lording it over the rest. It’s ‘pish’ compared with the Premier League.

  33. Yeah ! they show games from the SFA, but as I have stated above, money may have been the ruin of all the leagues.

    Both those supposedly benefiting and those who find themselves almost irrelevant from a lack of it.

    Certainly the two ex giant clubs of Scotland, who could compete with the best when it was a case of shirt sales and bums in seats, have been reduced to what could be on par with the lower reaches of the English second tier and in Rangers case, even worse.

    The end result being, the lack of affordability to bring in decent players, whereas the riches of the English PL, has resulted in the availability to bring in the top talents of the world, which one would assume would result in the best product available.

    I don’t necessary agree on that, as those non British players have also brought their cultural baggage with them.

    What am I on about, face it English football has changed considerably over the last decade, with diving and other forms of cheating becoming a commonly accepted part of the game.

    Where certain rules have been lobbied out of the game, the shoulder charge and obstruction rules now ignored by most refs, among other things, plus the present mayhem taking place in the box during set plays is largely ignored.

    The original EPL being a game of both pace and physicality was the reason for it’s success, which has gradually changed by the influx of non British coaching and players, I personally have been disgusted by the antics of grown men, writhing on the ground, better suited to win an academy award than a game of football.

    Besides the fact the overall ethos of the game has changed,there’s the need for top sides to remain successful, in order to retain big money sponsorship
    where Champions League football is essential (ie; Man. U.)

    In other words the present game for the most part, played by EPL sides is a less entertaining game than it was ten years ago, where there were not the pressures on teams and coaches, to win, regardless of how they play.

    Some may disagree and of course there are the exceptions to the rule, but I feel the riches from tv telecasting has changed the game for the worse from the top leagues to those living on the scraps.

    With the once prestigious FA Cup, now somewhat irrelevant, why ?

    Obvious, there’s no dosh to be won, with PL sides no
    longer interested, it’s all about beating the drop or not wanting any involvement due to competing in Europe.

    On the other hand, the availability of games from all corners of the world for US residents, has become
    commonplace, though this present years NBC presentation
    is awful despite being free, they have a lot to learn.

    The sad thing is we are now stuck with the fact football has changed forever, there’s no going back, nor is there much hope for those countries who have leagues lacking the funds to present a decent version of the game, losing their fans to Rupert Murdoch’s cable tv or Satellite empire.

  34. Well there are other great, historic teams coming from smaller leagues, like Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV from the Netherlands and Benfica and Porto from Portugal. They’ve won ten European Cups between them and Scotland have only won one with Celtic). They have to deal with the same shite as Scotland but they still survive by producing magnificent, very well coached young players for the very biggest teams today. That’s stopped happening in Scotland though. No more Laws and Dalglishs.

    Big, rich, dominant teams and leagues certainly isn’t a totally new thing, it’s a bit more complicated than that. You’re no spring chicken, you’re old enough to remember that the Real Madrid team of the 50s dominated the European football the way no team, not even the more recent Madrid Galactico teams have since. Like Manchester City today, they also had the patronage of a human rights abusing Dictator and more money and power than the others could dream about. No one team from one league in one country has won the European Cup FIVE times in a row since then, and it’s hard to imagine it happening right now.

  35. The fact is Holland has a population equal to over three times that of Scotland, plus Portugal’s population is twice the number.

    Why mention populations? because it’s quite relevant in regard to the viewing public, which in turn creates the wealth for it’s football clubs.

    As a matter of fact the last European championships held in Portugal (I was there) saw the government subsidize a number of Portugal’s stadiums, to the extent of re building a number of them and even building new construction.

    If you wish to compare leagues, a closer grouping would be those of the Scandinavian countries (excluding Sweden) who’s populations are more comparable and who are now possibly on par with the quality of the Scottish leagues.

    But your argument to begin with is a bit of a straw man, it’s actually about money and the fact that in Scotland
    youngsters are not inclined to kick balls around after school, TV, computers electronic gaming and other amusements being far more popular.

    The SFA as we already know, lack a decent tv contract, so one could say it’s a combination of youngsters no longer playing the game and a lack of funds, that reflect the standards of Scottish football.

    Though England who’s population is at least a dozen times larger than that of Scotland suffers from the same problem as far as young talent is concerned, therefore the abundance of foreign players, many from different continents and usually poorer third world countries.

    The result being the national side, not unlike the Scots, is no longer competitive, as it becomes more difficult to break into those top EPL club sides.

    As for the former big Italian clubs, who dominated football for years, now down on their luck as their billionaire owners can no longer compete with the wealth of the EPL.

    That and he fact the Spanish league are threatening a strike in order to receive some kind of parity in regard to tv revenues, especially those of it’s two dominant clubs, which could signal the end of the present system and reduce the present dominance of both Barca and RM.

    Plus it’s no secret the fact that the EPL is attracting more top players from other European leagues, with the offers of larger salaries and a more equitable tax system.

  36. Chuck, I think that Serie A is still a bit bigger than you think. What it has is depth, there are three or four teams who can genuinely compete, Juventus, Napoli and Roma, Forentina and two Milan giants who are all over the place currently but when they get it together, that will be five or six big teams which can really compete like in the Premier League. It’s easily as big as the Bundesliga, which is like a glorified Scotland with just Bayern Munich and the rest again. I think it’s as big as the also very top heavy La Liga as well. That’s just two teams and maybe one other performing miracles for a while too. Rafa Benitez’s Valencia was like that and it’s Simeone’s Atletico Madrid just now.

  37. Yeah, it’s pretty much the same in most leagues, with a few heavyweights followed by a middling group, then the also rans.
    However it was once a big deal, when players from the UK and Ireland were sought after by Italian clubs, a kind of certification stamp.
    They did sign only the best of British though, John Charles, Gazza and of course Liam Brady from Ireland, to mention but a few.
    Unfortunately even the top sides in Serie A, are having trouble hanging onto their star players and no longer dominate the football world, with both the EPL and Spanish league rated as better.
    Which as far as Spain is concerned it’s about the quality of their players, while the EPL certainly have the most money available, one reason NUFC have been so fortunate in their recruiting is the fact players know they they will easily be moved on to bigger sides if they can prove themselves in the Newcastle shop window.
    A bit like Fenwicks I guess, here to day, sold to-morrow.

    On another matter, I see some unhappy Ranger fan wanted to stick one on our friend Llambias in one of the city pubs, he had better find himself a minder, cause Neil Lennon was attacked on a number of occasions and there are some real whack jobs who wouldn’t hesitate to put him in the Royal Infirmary if given the opportunity.

  38. Big game coming up in the six nations rugby, should decide the series I believe @ the Aviva Stadium, formerly Landsdown Road.
    Anyone going to the game should already have made reservations as Dublin will be packed, nice stadium, watched the first football game played there, a friendly Ireland vs. Argentina.

  39. I don’t like Rugby. Like American football, it’s not the sort of game I’d like anyway as it’s ugly but my school experiences alone were enough to put me off it for life.

    John Charles’ fellow Welshman Ian Rush wasn’t as successful at Juventus. He famously complained that being there was like living in a foreign country. :-)

    Not all Spanish players are like Xavi, Chuck, and not all Spanish teams are like Real Madrid and Barcelona.

    “On another matter, I see some unhappy Ranger fan wanted to stick one on our friend Llambias in one of the city pubs, he had better find himself a minder, cause Neil Lennon was attacked on a number of occasions and there are some real whack jobs who wouldn’t hesitate to put him in the Royal Infirmary if given the opportunity.”

    Maybe Derek could show tham how horrible he can be too, that would be funny.

  40. Chuck, I think the Llambias being attacked (twice) story is from Alan Oliver’s “source” ie the voices in his heed. The Police are “baffled” by by it all. They don’t need to be, it’s just Oliver making up a story again. He’s like Aldridge Pryor the hopeless liar, he is so shit at it but seems to have convinced himself that he is fooling everyone.

  41. worky

    Whey kna’s like ?

    As Newcastle’s newspapers have the worst set of so called journalist’s ever.

    So dumb that they have difficulty finding a subject to write about, preferring to steal or piggy back subjects already discussed.

    Not one having ever had an original idea or thought.

    Ya gotta laugh at the present set of Ashley clowns.

    Carver, the next Chris Hughton, presently being upped by the little fat guy who inherited the job following a twenty year apprenticeship, next! was the cry (but did he get a pay raise) whatever his name is.

    Question is will he be the one who fires Carver (cheap enough, but not a big name) a’la Llambias & Hughton,
    at the end of the season.

    It’s like a Shakespearian play at NUFC, specifically Julius Caesar, et tu Brute ? running long term.

    There’s ructions going on at the Rangers, Ashley and his Sancho Panza running into an obstructionist group of angry fans unwilling like the NUFC fans to roll over.

    Long may it last.

  42. On the subject of American football, the original attempt was to play a game of Rugby by a Anglophilc ivy league school Princeton playing a game against fellow New Jersey college Rutgers.

    No one being aware of the rules of Ruby (nothing changes) the game spread with the major change being the forward pass.

    From then on it developed into the present version, with little interest in regard to Rugby.

    Many people regard it as the most entertaining sport, however as much as I tried, I found I increasingly disliked it.

    Not only the game but the whole ethos attached to it, on saying that, there’s little to be said about the post game Rugby celebrations, usually an orgy of drunken childish rituals.

    The Stupid Bowl and all it’s nonsense, which takes at least three hours from start to finish, is usually the most boring game of the season.

    A game of sixty minutes playing time, made into the perfect TV game, where a half time spectacle plus the introduction of supposedly funny or novel tv ads are introduced, creating something other to watch for bored spouses and girlfriends.

    (children being too smart to watch that crap)

    I guess one could say the same about many sports, ah well !

  43. “Not only the game but the whole ethos attached to it, on saying that, there’s little to be said about the post game Rugby celebrations, usually an orgy of drunken childish rituals.”

    Chuck, my brother was a really good Rugby player, he could have gone much further with it than he did but he got sick of it in the end. I think this was for two reasons, 1. he fancied himself as a Tony Manero style ‘ladies man’ when he was younger and didn’t fancy having a face like a mixed grill with ‘cauliflower’ ears and such and 2. He wasn’t really keen on all the other ‘Rugger buggers’ with all their “drunken childish rituals” as you put it.

    I only ever went to one live American football game, at the old Orange Bowl. It seemed to be just stop start all the time, with lots of ‘razamatazz’ to try and make it seem more interesting. You wouldn’t see a nice flowing movement where a really good team would pass the ball 20 times then score a goal, it was just bif, bof, baf, start again, bif, bof, baf, start again if you know what I mean? There wasn’t a flow to the game.

    Advertising has gone too far in lots of places now. People are saturated with it so much, I seriously worry about the affect it might have on people psychologically.

  44. Yes I have to say there’s truth in the Italian actresses version of what the game was about, following a game she had just witnessed.

    “Erm, everyone lines up in a circle, bend over to show their bottoms, then readjust with two lines facing each other, who then fall down, sometimes they throw the ball other times they run away with it, everyone stops, then they repeat the process”.

    Actually I don’t mind the game of rugby, more of a continual flowing game, requiring a tremendous degree of stamina, it’s the culture attached that put’s me off, a bit juvenile, y muy macho !

    I see where the two new boys, tubby and hard man Carver, have taken over the roles of mouthpieces for Ashley, tubby backing Carver, who is obviously happy with he and Ashley’s backing.

    If I were either one I would be looking over my shoulder
    especially Carver and talking with my lawyer, covering any eventualities.

    Also stated by Carver, “we have a plan” in regard to the citeh game, yes John, everyone in football knows what it is.

    Also he mentioned “we wont be parking the bus”‘

    And with the amount of present injuries and being down to just over a couple of fit defenders, that might in fact be quite difficult, but we could always play Aaron and Cabella there.

    I see where the bookies have Newcastle at 80/1 odds for
    relegation, I tend to disagree and my final forecast would be somewhere around fifteenth, lets see ?

  45. ON Rugby, the quintessential movie to see is ‘This Sporting Life” made in 1963 starring Richard Harris and Racheal Roberts.

    A grimy black and white movie, that portrays the seamy side of professional rugby, played in the mainly northern industrial areas of England.

    A classic of it’s time and possibly Harris’s best role.

    Well worth seeing, plus it includes such famous names as Edward Fox and Glenda Jackson, who had minor roles which went unlisted, see if you can pick them out.

  46. Fact is, in regard to what we watch on the box, much more money is spent on advertising than on the actual
    program one may be watching.

    Which explains how awful the standards of the media have become, with “cheap” being the essential catchword as far as production is concerned.

    With lots of “reality” shows dominating, do the math ‘reality = cheap’ (a formula originally imported from Europe, thanks a lot folks)

    It’s amazing how show business can create such monsters as the SUPER BOWL, and other waste of time shows like “The Academy Awards”.

    And think of how many stay awake each new years eve to watch a ball go from the top to the bottom of a pole in Times Square, indicating the bewitching hour, with thousands of people freezing their asses off watching, how dumb is that?

    especially when the same process or one like it has already been performed seventeen times during the preceding seventeen time zones.

    Were a flawed species i’m afraid.

  47. chuck says:
    February 19, 2015 at 6:29 pm

    “ON Rugby, the quintessential movie to see is ‘This Sporting Life” made in 1963 starring Richard Harris and Racheal Roberts.

    “A grimy black and white movie, that portrays the seamy side of professional rugby, played in the mainly northern industrial areas of England.”

    “A classic of it’s time and possibly Harris’s best role.”

    Two different Rugbies, Chuck. Rugby League (13 players per team) = working class professional Rugby and Rugby Union (15 players = Posh Rugby except for Wales, where they’re Rugby Union mad. The Gosforth Rugby club used to be the great hotbed of Rugby Union in the North East. It was founded by posh Durham school old boys.

    It isn’t about just about one event like the Superbowl though, it’s the constant bombardment of advertising from everywhere.

    I watched a great full length documentary yesterday about something that happened in your little village in the 70s. It was about John Wojtowicz (I had to look that up), the inspiration for the classic Sidney Lumet film ‘Dog Day Afternoon.’ 90 minutes with no ad breaks too. I couldn’t imagine the Superbowl doing that! :-)

  48. Worky

    Yes, i’m well aware of the difference between the two games of rugby.

    Which, by the way the gap is closing, both League and Union now playing as professionals, with the emphasis like football, based on money and a win at any cost attitude.

    Not only that, just look at the recent Ireland vs France game, a vicious physical game, without a lot of merit (only one touchdown) or much in the way of skills shown.

    The next showdown at the Aviva between England and Ireland, should be more interesting (hopefully a more open game))but again a physical matchup will be an essential part, not as grinding an affair s the recent match against France, but certainly physical.

  49. chuck says:
    February 20, 2015 at 4:57 pm

    “(only one touchdown)”

    Bloody typical Yank :-)

    I don’t watch any Rugby games now. I think the last one I watched was England getting robbed in world cup final a few years ago. A try was disallowed for part of a toe being over the line allegedly but it looked like bollocks to me.

  50. Erm ! I think you may have misunderstood my point in regard to the “only one touchdown” remark.

    I din’t realy care about the score and was using the lack of touchdowns (one during the entire game)as a
    reflection of how the game was played.

    Certainly not an open game with a lot of running, rather a physical battle, which is the football equivalent of two sides playing Pardew ball.

    Though it certainly doesn’t bother me , as rugby has proven to be a sport which is open to innovation, introducing both video replays to settle questionable calls, the Sin Bin, and other improvements.

    Unlike their counterparts in association football who’s changes have been questionable, with the most recent innovation, the goal line electronic device , which has proven to be as questionable as the linesman’s decision.

    That and the offside call, which is totally subjective
    and few really understand.

    Luis Figo, running as an opposition candidate to Blatter,
    has voiced his opinion on that rule, suggesting it should be reversed to it’s original interpretation.

    I’m old enough to remember the game without substitutions and red & yellow cards, which to me have never been a satisfactory answer, preferring the Ice Hckey and Rugby sin bib as an alternative.

    But go tell that to the present hidebound guardians of Association football.

  51. I also remember tossing a coin to decide the winner following extra time and am not a big fan of penalty shootouts.

  52. Here we go against Citeh, should be a reality check for Carver, perhaps the ten year old who advised him to play a 2-6-2 lineup knew something, as this present side could have difficulty beating Citeh reserves.
    Intreresting game Man.U.vs Swansea, with a screamer shot from Shelvey deciding in favor if the Welsh club.
    Anyone catch the Celtic vs. Milan game, where Celtic gave a decent account of themselves and certainly looked as if they belonged in a much better league than the present SFA

    Aaaaagh ! one zip due to guess who layed on the perfect pass to Dzeko, who was then tripped by Anita.

    Both Williamson and Anita should hopefully be gone if we get a real Manager/Coach, understand Garde is watching the game, he will have his hands full if it ever happens.

  53. chuck says:
    February 21, 2015 at 3:51 pm

    “Erm ! I think you may have misunderstood my point in regard to the “only one touchdown” remark.

    “I din’t realy care about the score and was using the lack of touchdowns (one during the entire game)as a
    reflection of how the game was played.”

    It’s a “try” Chuck, not a “touchdown”

  54. Eleven minutes and it’s two down, perhaps we should all just turn our sets off now, as it looks like it’s gonna be a long game.

    Be interesting to hear what Carver has to say, hell he will probably blame Injuries or something, but that’s why they are allowed a twenty five man side, it happens to every club, the difference being others have strength in depth, but we loan out our players, Yanga- M’Biwa , Santon etc. so as to not have to pay their wages.
    I hear moyes is looking to sign Sammy, what the hell sell the whole lot, they are going nowhere anyway, unless it’s the second tier.

    Yep! folks, Ashley ‘s learning curve is still in it’s infancy as far as football is concerned.
    I wonder who is advising him right now.

    Here we go again, three zip with three quarters of the game to play, that’s bye bye for me.

  55. Bye John, cant say we enjoyed your tenure here but no one can expect to remain as Manager following this display.
    Hmmm! has Garde’s attendance got anything to do with the possibility of stepping in, I seriously hope so.

  56. Should be interesting to hear from John, see what he’s got to say.

    And if Ashley takes no action in regard to this debacle, he is more ignorant than any of us thought.

    He had better have a conversation with whoever his Guru is in regard to football and take the necessary steps to prevent a quick slide into relegation territory and end up forgoing those increased riches that are part of retaining a PL presence.

    Curious to see if the odds of relegation have slipped from the 80/1 of a few days ago.

  57. chuck says:
    February 21, 2015 at 6:44 pm

    “Bye John, cant say we enjoyed your tenure here but no one can expect to remain as Manager following this display.
    Hmmm! has Garde’s attendance got anything to do with the possibility of stepping in, I seriously hope so.”

    Well whether Carver is crap or not, you can’t judge someone just on one game in isolation. On the Sky coverage of the game over here, one of the commentators kept pointing out how close together the back four were and he was completely right, you could see the shape looked really odd with no width at all.

    As for Garde, he isn’t managing right now and he was working for French TV as an expert. Maybe there was a bit of mischief in picking him for this game.

  58. WORKY

    If not Carver who should take the blame ?

    After all he picked the side, organized both the lineup and tactical plan.

    He had the opportunity to change an obviously non working plan, during half time, but failed miserably on every count.

    And I assume he wouldn’t have made an apology to the fans, unless he felt responsible.

    I suppose we can always blame Ashley, for not providing the quality players needed to compete in the PL and I do blame him and whoever else he confers with (his footballing guru) when it comes to getting rid of such talents as Yanga M’Biwa, Santon, HBA, Marveaux, plus the kids loaned out to Rangers.

    And at the same time holding on to such obvious failures as R.Taylor, Williamson and Obertan.

    Not to mention the seldom played Ferreya and Riviere, brought in on loan.

    So in fact it appears whoever has Ashley’s ear in regard to players (Carr ?) bears the responsibility, both in the sense they have failed to inform Ashley about such matters being it may reflect on both their choices of players and the fact they have moved good players out on loan.

    Both Santon and Yanga M’Biwa playing well for their respective Clubs, while leaving our defense is a mess.

    I just find it hard to believe Ashley has much input other than deciding the final price he’s willing to pay for players, in which case Pardew probably had a lot to do with getting rid of a number of players simply by sitting them therefor causing discontent, with the usual end result.

    He wanted to use flair players in defensive roles, SBR tried that with Robert, but realized better to have him on the pitch scoring and providing scoring opportunities, than warming the bench.

    This club badly needs a Director of Football who can advise Ashley in regard to footballing matters, or a Manager who is forceful enough to take on the role of picking the players he wants and deciding the tactics.

    The situation between Pardew and Carr was not exactly a healthy one for the club, each wanting control of who the club signed, ridicules !

    But then those who agree to work for Ashley certainly understand the conditions, mid level league finish, no cups please, just go out there and make money for me.

    Sure there are any number of unemployed would be managers who would jump at the chance of working under those circumstances, but what about the fans ?

    Who in turn are no better than any of those who are willing to work for Ashley, they too bear an enormous amount of the responsibility by being willing accomplices, regardless of the fact they detest our owner, they show up home and away in droves, the majority wearing their WONGA advertising shirts bought from SD no doubt.

    Perhaps they need to learn from the Rangers fans.

  59. Graham Carr and John Carver as the main football brains at a club like Newcastle United is obviously ridiculous. As I’ve mentioned before, Carr had one of the most abysmal records as a coach in football history, and that was mostly non league. I think alot of people just think it’s normal because Newcastle have been a joke club for so long, but it’s like Real Madrid’s team being run by Iain Dowie and Peter Reid or something like that.

  60. WORKY

    Yes of course, I believe I have been consistent over time stating that the problem with NUFC is directly related to Ashley’s choice of Management, by that I don’t mean ‘The Manager”, but everyone from himself and the board, to the coaches.

    Just look at his recent choices, Pudgie to replace Llambias is a moot question, as Pudgie was available and cheap, (next!) as was Carver (next!) goes to show how cheap this SOB is, he doesn’t want to spend one thin dime.

    However this may change before the seasons end as we go slip sliding down the league, with a very tough schedule following the Villa game.

    It appears that the youth system is mostly a case of jobs for the boys.

    The least we say about Pardew the better, thank goodness he’s gone.

    It’s as if Ashley had gone out and hired a bunch of hourly contract (or whatever they are called in the UK)workers and paid them the minimum wage.

    Yes it’s unbelievable, especially when we are talking about the worlds nineteenth richest club.

    As how this came about, certainly you have to say it’s about money, that and poor oversight by the FA and other regulatory agencies associated with the game.

    Who constantly ignore any situation, that could result in having to confront owners, who refuse to take part in competitions.

    They are deadly afraid of jeopardizing their steady
    gigs by confronting billionaires, who they rightly perceive as dangerous.

    Yeah they make sure they get publicity from punishing clubs and players with menial fines for game violations, or breaking certain rules, just don’t get your ass in the sights of an angry Billionaire.

    It’s obvious that NUFC (and other clubs) are not interested in engaging in any moneyless competitions,
    they make that quite clear.

    They do it regular basis, by putting out below par sides.

    Yep it’s well known by anyone who has a basic understanding of pro. football, that NUFC are only interested in the monies generated by the tv networks.

    That and using the club as a free advertising adjunct to
    SD, with much of the revenues that went to the club, now heading directly to SD.

    However it would be impossible, were it not for the compliant sheep-like fans, who if they had any cojones could apply the pressure’s necessary to prevent this happening.

    Well perhaps that’s a bit over the top, as it happens at other clubs also, but never quite as brazenly as at the present NUFC.

  61. Chuck says:
    February 22, 2015 at 7:09 pm

    “The least we say about Pardew the better, thank goodness he’s gone.”

    Well if any fans know how crap Pardew can be, it’s Charlton fans, but even they know you can go even lower as like us, they had Dowie too. With Ashley, we just don’t know how low things can go. Even after the crazy years of Fat Freddy, we couldn’t have imagined that Newcastle United would have five changes of manager in one season and get relegated. Not until it actually happened anyway.

  62. Yes no one could have guessed what Ashley had in store for NUFC, it took the now famous drunken statement from Llambias for most to get the picture, unfortunately there are thousands who missed it and still believe in miracles.
    The only miracle would be to get rid of this money hungry a**hole.
    When Keegan stated he (Ashley) knew nothing about football, he wasn’t kidding, nor did he know much about running a football club, but he soon learned, not anything new about the game itself, rather on how to asset strip and add to his billions.
    I have no idea why he attends games, seems odd, considering the circumstances.
    We can only console ourselves with the adage nothing lasts for ever.

  63. Seemingly, Garde has been anointed as the heir apparent to Pardew, by a number of media outlets.

    Being Carvers last couple of games has made it obvious he is both tactically naïve and politically inept.

    Apparently it’s been stated that Garde has agreed to some clause which prevents him from commenting on his relationship with the club.

    There are a few other by now well known candidates, mostly continentals, of which I personally prefer the present Middlesbrough manager Aitor Karakma (with a name like that obviously a Basco)

    Ex Spanish international, worked under Mourinho at RM and since being appointed to the managerial role at Middlesbrough has done an excellent job.

    They being promotion candidates in a very tight race, lying second a couple of points behind Derby, though there are at least seven other clubs who are also in contention.

    However if the Smoggies do get promoted, I believe it would become more difficult to attract him to St. James’, as the word as to be out what it’s like working for fatso, no doubt.

    Of course there’s always “Wor Arry” who along with Ashley is not above a bit of larceny, the perfect odd couple, who no doubt understand each other very well, so don’t discount that happening.

    DeBoer, forget about it! he doesn’t mind the publicity, which may attract a job at a top side, but he’s as close to arriving at St. James” as Jose Mourinho.

    Regardless of who arrives, it will be a tough enough gig, through the very nature of the job.

    If we survive the drop this season, which i’m not so sure of, his goal will be fairly simple any spot around mid table.

    Certainly, either stay away from the European sh*t cup, or any cup for that matter, plus you put yourself in Fenwick’s window, like the players we recruit, for a possible top club.

    I see where Silva had a bit of a chat with young Perez, following the Citeh game, hope he wasn’t trying to tap him for a move to Manchester.

    I believe Ashley will get a bit of a fright this season
    and be forced to recruit heavily during the summer, learning the fact you cant sit pat in this league, but have to continually improve the side or be relegated.

    And if by chance it happens (relegation) it might hopefully bring about either a sale or a change in the now well known polices, which that footballing genius Ashley, has imposed on the club.

    As for our next opponents Villa, a club desperate for a win and attempt to claw their way out of the relegation zone, having through desperation, hired Tim Sherwood, who’s tough talking led to his departure from Spurs, but like Carver was only there for the short haul.

    Lose this game and then take a look at the tough schedule ahead and it’s reminiscent of our relegation season, deja vu all over again, hey! could happen!

    So could end up with a couple of regular old top division sides, Villa and ourselves having to reconcile ourselves to second tier football.

  64. Chuck, I was reading this in the Independent today, this is the Evening Standard’s version of it.

    Multi Billionaire Mike Ashley puts a business into administration, sacks everyone with 15 minutes notice, leaves creditors without payment to the tune of over £15 million, then buys it back again for a pittance and starts over. The final insult is that the taxpayer will have to pick up the tab for Ashley to the tune of £700,000 in unpaid taxes and wages.


    I ahven’t read any of that stuff about Garde, Chuck. Is it Alan Oliver / Lee Ryder style a club source whispered in my ear bollocks, or has someone actually said something?

    If we beat Aston Villa, that will male things look better, but if we lose it, then we get some much harder games again and it could start a Carver death spiral and another soap opera at Sid James’ Park.

  65. Again to-days football news and views are a bit hard to swallow, which is not unusual.

    Most of which one can safely ignore, especially those of the would be journalists with the local rags, who seem to have an affinity for invention, due to their obvious failure to do any real research.

    The one I actually liked was the association between one of our former targets Aubaneyang, now playing well for German side Borussia Dortmund and his former manager Christophe Galtier.

    Galtiere now at St. Etienne, who along with other continentals, both players and managers, who no doubt look with envious eyes, at the increasing riches of the EPL in comparison to their own leagues.

    Resulting no doubt in attempts to put themselves in the running for a move there.

    Though I doubt if any have any serious desire to end up at NUFC for any prolonged amount of time.

    NUFC, being well known for both a lack of money and little in the way of having any real control over much, other than coaching, plus no desire for silverware.

    However, once ensconced at a EPL side, there’s always the eventually of earning a nice piece of change elsewhere, knowing Ashley is always more than willing to unload them as long as there’s a bit of profit involved, certainly worth the try, rather than continue as usual.

    Galtier has stated he has gone as far as he can with St. Etienne, which sounds to me as a come and get me call.

    Looking at our (NUFC) present position, it might be a good idea to not delay the appointment of a decent manager, both Galtier and Garde fitting the job description, having had a certain amount of recent success in France.

    I’m afraid to continue with Carver, could be another disaster, not unlike the relegation season, the man is just not up to it.

    In any case, the article suggests that hiring Galtier may increase the opportunity of also signing Aubameyang.

    With whom it’s reported, they formerly shared a good relationship, though it sounds very much like someone’s wish, rather than a situation that has any reality to it.

    The one reality is, for this club to successfully establish it’s self in the EPL in the coming season, a lot of business has to be done.

    The club is badly in need of a fill in for Janmaat, two decent central defenders, not some second tier player who can’t get a game for his present club, don’t know if Dummitt can make it or not, but certainly Haidarra has the necessary talent.

    A strker Aubameyang anyone ?

    Plus replacements for Anita, Williamson, both Taylor’s, Obertan and Jonas.

    Certainly we should bring back our youngsters, young Aarons, Bigirimana and possibly Ferguson.

    We should be able to put out a decent side if Ashley acts, one with a good deal of youth and pace, however the lack of a couple of good veterans, always a stabilizing force in a side, bothers me.

    Eh! none of what I would like to see will come to pass, but you can always dream.

  66. Chuck says:
    February 25, 2015 at 7:10 pm

    “The one I actually liked was the association between one of our former targets Aubaneyang, now playing well for German side Borussia Dortmund”

    I don’t think anyone’s playing well for Borussia Dortmund this season, they’ve been hanging around the bottom of the league in Germany.

  67. Worky
    That very well may be the fact, that the side is not doing well, but I believe from reports Aubamayang has proven to be a decent player.

    Which could possibly mean he may be more amenable to a move when we acquire Galtiere.

    I’m joking of course, as there’s no indication what Ashley will do, as you can only apply the fact that he’s cheap, likes a gamble, knas nowt aboot football and wants to keep the side in the big bucks league.

    Things are not going well for him right now in Glasgie, plus there’s certainly a chance of relegation, perhaps not a good one, but one can’t exclude it.

    Plus it’s old time Ranger fans, with money, not just regular fans, who are in opposition too him, using both money and the court’s to oppose him.

    Woildn’n surprise me if they are successful.

    I understand there’s presently a quest for signatures going on around Tyneside, initiated by a Green Party member to initiate a referendum that could decide whether the area and those living to the north of Hadrians Wall would become part of Scotland and it’s legal system.

    Stretching from Tynemouth (no not Wallsend), to the westernmost part of the county, in other words all of Northumberland.

    Of course the good relationship with Sunderland, may suffer, as will that with South Shields, Gatesheed and all points south of the Tyne, they becoming foreigners and Newcastle may be forced to apply for membership in the Scottish leagues.

    It’s based on the fact Scotland has free tuition for third level education, plus there are claims of a more generous welfare system, not something to sniff at in these hard times, plus politically they probably have more in common with the Scots.

    Listening to those videoed in regard to the referendum, the standard answer was right off the top of most heads, “wey were English man” obviously not giving it much thought, but no doubt it will be considered little other than an something of an oddity or joke, even though the area could possibly benefit economically, plus the idea that it’s impossible to change the status quo.

    In my lifetime I have experienced numerous changes that I would never have believed would occur.

    When one thinks about it and certainly IMO, Geordieland and Scotland have much more in common than with most of their English counterparts.

    Both evolved from cattle rustlers (Border Rievers) on both sides, little ethnic diversity, plus a strong political bent towards socialism, evolving from a once strong union movement.

    Think about it, Geordies would no longer be regarded as
    a group that England doesn’t want and Scotland wont have, come to think of it, I wonder has anyone asked the Scots if it’s OK with them ?

  68. chuck says:
    February 25, 2015 at 11:53 pm

    “I understand there’s presently a quest for signatures going on around Tyneside, initiated by a Green Party member to initiate a referendum that could decide whether the area and those living to the north of Hadrians Wall would become part of Scotland and it’s legal system.”

    Did you check the date, Chuck? That was about six months ago. I checked the petition and it has got 474 signatures since then.


    You wouldn’t last long up there, referring to them as “Scotch” and calling Glasgow “Glasgae” in a Yank accent :-) It’s ‘Glesga.’

    This should get you speaking like a proper Glasgovian

  69. Yes of course, the referendum bit was no more than a bit of tongue in cheek.

    However the points I made, about the area having more in common with those over the border than most regions of England were still pertinent, also the advantages in social welfare and the fact third level tuition, is free,
    are certainly a good reasons to give the idea consideration.

    After all Geordies have often been considered somewhat
    different from their English cousins described by the expression, “England doesn’t want them Scotland wont have them”.

    Possibly derived from the actions of the Percy Family who were considered from the time of Harry Hotspur to be essential to defend the border from the marauding Scotch and without who’s backing, the throne was often threatened.

    As for the term Scotch, it’s perfectly acceptable and does not pertain only to whisky.

    Yes it certainly has a diminished usage and has sometimes been described as offensive, though it’s usage is still worldwide I refer you to the terms Scotch Corner, Scotch-Irish, Scotch pies etc, and any true Scotchmen knowing the history of the term, does not find it in any way offensive.

    Now in reference to my Glasgae accent, I actually lived there for a period of time as a child and can still pass for a local, (with an effort) as I could probably still pass as a Geordie.

    But as we know accents are all about pronunciation, not spelling, which is why it’s so difficult writing in an accent.

    Though I know there has been a book written entirely in the local (Glasgow) vernacular, gotta be a tough read.

    But it has never been Glesga, Gleasgih is as close as it comes, then again, within the city boundaries there are numerous dialects, just like the areas surrounding Sunderland and Newcastle a short number of miles from oneanother.

    One pronouncing “you know” as
    “the Knas”, the other “yih knaa” plus there are the numerous former mining villages surrounding Newcastle, each with their own particular dialects, brought about by isolation no doubt, plus the guttural Germanic sounding R’s heard around the northern potions of Northumberland.

    The English have more variations of the English language than found in most countries, if one has an ear for it.

    And I find it hilarious when listening to foreign football players speaking in the local dialect of their particular English club.

    Plus the fairly common English of many Scandinavians is a purer usage than that found anywhere in England, it’s also been claimed that the Highland and Island areas of Scotland are where the purest form of English is spoken in the UK.

    Then there’s the old adage, that it took the Irish to teach the English how to use their own language.

  70. Chuck, seriously, it drives porridge munchers bonkers if you keep calling them ‘Scotch.’ They’ll respond with something like “Scotchisafuckindrinkyabastard” after a while. Scotch Pie, Scotch whisky and Scotch mist are right, but not ‘Scotchman’ or ‘Scotchwoman.’ Lots of Geordies say ‘Scotch’ to refer to Scottish people though. :-)

    It’s the other way ’round, Chuck. Geordie dialect is bit more like the old Anglo Saxon / old English, not Norse. That’s because the Danelaw went up to North Yorkshire. I’m gannin’ hyem, that sort of thing. Both are Germanic rooted though

    I got an old Dandy comic on ebay from the the early eighties which has a lesson about the Newcastle and Rangers situation. It’s about when the ‘Jocks’ and ‘the Geordies’ get sick of the ‘Crafty Cockneys’ taking the piss and team up to get revenge. ‘Crafty Cockney’ is a reference to arrogant London Darts champion, Eric Bristow who was very famous and had the Darts name of ‘The Crafty Cockney.’ It was a Newcastle United prophecy in comic form if you read it, and shows exactly how Jocks and Geordies can join together to beat crafty Cockneys at their own game! Here’s a picture of the cover. The Geordie wears a shirt and a tie with a Donkey jacket and the Cockneys are all Skinheads! :-)


    I’m listening to a very interesting piece on the radio now about how Lyon have shot back to success copying the great Ajax system. It didn’t do Barcelona any harm either.

  71. Chuck, have you ever heard of Paul Clement, the non league English footballer and PE teacher who is now the assistant manager of Real Madrid? They had a feature on ‘World Football’ about him as well and they also did a story on Valencia. It’s on the BBC World Service. It’s a great programme about football.

  72. Soh ! it’s now Garde or Rafa, for coach, apparently DeBoer and Galtiere want no part of Ashley, though Jurgen Klopp is leaving Borrussia Dortmund at the end of the season.
    Perhaps if Carr takes another look at Aubameyang, he can talk to Klopp, get an idea what his bottom line is.

    Yeah, the old Dandy and Beano, hell I recall in the late forties they were in print, which raises the question are they still ?

    I know their competition, the Wizard and Adventure, filled with various short stories, that were based on certain character/s were also popular albeit for a slightly older audience, but eventually went out of business, a sign of changing times.

    Strange thing was many of the stories were based on characters from Public Boarding Schools, as was the language used, yet most of the readership were far from boarding school types, I never got that ?

    Looks like Jonas may get a start this weekend, we are now down to bare bones with most of our players either on loan or injured, apparently Santon and Yanga M’Biwa are doing great in Italy.

    I mean what the feck is going on at this club, i’m expecting another loss against a Villa side desperate for a win, then the real tough part of the upcoming schedule kicks in, it’s deja vu all over again, from the Relegation Season, time to call Shearer.

  73. Paul Clement ? sure, not every English coach/manager is a useless retread, with many successful types making a name for themselves in the early days of football, though not many rising stars these days.

    Watched Everton play yesterday, gotta say young Coleman reminds me of Gareth Bale and should be snapped up by some big money club, would certainly fit at M.U., I got to talk to him in the off season, a coupla years ago, very modest young fella.

  74. Carver’s off the torture rack thanks to Janmaat and Cisse. Janmaat, a full back and Colback, a defensive midfielder have been Newcastle’s biggest goalmakers this season.

  75. Certainly no classic, a foul-filled scrappy game between
    two poor sides, with Villa looking more and more like candidates for the drop.

    Did Newcastle deserve the three points ?
    Ermmm… maybe!

    It’s doubtful whether Sherwood is the man to save Villa
    and from observation he reminds me of Pardew, more bullshit than substance, thinks he’s a good man manager, when in fact he appears more of a bully.

    Any number of missed opportunities from both sides, easy to see what’s needed, for Newcastle the absence of a playmaker is obvious and Villa in spite of Benteke, Cleverley and Agbonlahor, replaced late by Weimann, they continue to miss good opportunities.

    Who played well for Newcastle ?
    I liked the combination of Haidara and Sammy, though they need to get more playing time together.

    Again Sissoko was our outstanding player, hopefully he will not be sold.

    Colo. had a good game and so did Janmaat, again Cisse showed the instincts needed as a poacher and for the most part the others played decent.

    That is with the exception of Obertan, who blew two golden opportunities, I just don’t get it with him, the guy has pace and technique, but continues to make terrible decisions when in possession.

    Hopefully we will see Colback soon along with DeJong, add a bit of steel in Colbacks case and hopefully DeJong can provide opportunities for Cisse or Perez.

    Actually I believe Colback has the opportunity to be an outstanding DM, who will run all day put his foot in and get he occasional goal, a much more complete player than Tiote.

    Being this side presently has pace to spare, I would imagine Carver will take advantage of it tactically, certainly when we use our winger, it opens up the opposition, however to-days game with numerous fast breaks, none of which were successful, it might be a good idea to practice finishing off.

    To days three points must have been a relief for Ashley and Carver, as the upcoming Schedule looks pretty tough to me.

  76. Blogs and those who run them, generally reflect the enthusiasm of the times and fortunes of the particular club they are associated with.

    At present there is little in the way of enthusiasm, with possibly the most alienated and dissatisfied crowd in many years, not to mention quietest.

    Having been ignored and conned into long term purchases of season tickets, (through a favorable price policy)
    they are stuck between a rock and a hard place, afraid to cancel because of what they perceive as possibly loosing a good seat and a deal.

    Unfortunately the crowds realization that Ashley’s policies have everything to do with maximizing St, James’ Park, as a moneymaker for him and his SD empire, while doing business with a legal loan-shark business.

    Robbing the club of revenue from shirt sales, by a redirection through SD, while also enjoying free adverting for his main business SD.

    That and obviously instructing the Manager/Coach to field weakened sides in order to seek early elimination from any cup games that are not profitable.

    Mid table mediocrity and collecting the ever increasing PL tv revenues, being his only goal, apart from his buying and selling of young prospects, for a decent profit.

    So it’s understandable why there is a deep dislike for our current owner, all relating to his policies, which reflect those of his main business SD, cheap and nasty.

    In which case things are not about to change, the fans unwilling to boycott home games (the only way to get his attention) and have agreed to unconditionally surrender to Ashley’s rules, therefor the quiet bemused fans will show up in their WONGA endorsing shirts probably bought at SD and politely clap.

    What else does one do knowing the club is disinterested in winning anything other than a ninth or tenth place finish, regardless of what John Carver or anyone else sez.

    That’s it!

  77. Dokky says:
    March 4, 2015 at 3:13 am

    “Whats going on? has this blog died?”

    I’m still doing blogs every now and again, Dokky, but I’m not doing all those matchday things all the time. I thought this would give me more time to get out and actually go to the games more often but Chuck has a point. It’s harder to get into the whole thing with Ashley, it’s more like Sports Direct United than Newcastle United.

  78. I have no idea who does the scheduling of EPL games, but it’s obvious that your average ten year old could do a better job.

    One thing for sure needed by this league, is a winter break.

    Why ?
    With a major part of the season over following the games played around the holidays and usually the seasons worst weather, the two latter weeks in January would be perfect.

    It would give players an opportunity to heal from the so called “knocks” a generic word for minor injuries.

    Get a bit of sun and come back refreshed and fit.

    With weekends like the present, a totally wasted period.

    Of course the media guys, with no games scheduled are having to be a bit more inventive, with the Journal/Chronic guys presenting us with their preferences (mostly center backs) come the opening of the summer window.

    That and their particular choices of who should stay and who should go ?

    Apparently Carr may be under pressure to come up with the right choices at the right prices.

    It will no doubt be the same story, out of contract or relatively unknowns, attracted by the EPL’s most well known “shop window side” where they can strut their stuff and follow up by signing for a top side, Cabaye, Yanga-M’Biwa, Debuchy, Santon, Marveaux, etc.

    I certainly wouldn’t bet on who will go and who we may sign, but I can think of a number of players presently here, who should be on their way.

    Starting with Anita, not a bad little player, but Colback is so much better, has just not taken the opportunity awarded him.

    Obertan; pace & technique, but no finish.

    Williamson; least said the better.

    Both Taylors, both are sick notes and not all that, go!

    Not so sure about Dummitt, Abeid, Ferguson, or any of those loaned out.

    Though I would hang on to Bigirimana and Aaron, who have the talent to improve a lot.

    So! we have to do quite a lot to improve this current side, which takes money and could force the club (well Ashley) to sell, in which case Tiote would be my choice, as Colback is a much better all rounder than the one dimensional Tiote.

    Seems we learn nothing, having got rid of one DeJong,
    we find we have signed another, who has turned out to be another sick note, let him go also.

    We have the makings of a pacey side, with a group of young players, but who in hell is in charge of building this club into a team, built on and designed to play a fast break game.

    Carr obviously has a big say in who comes in, but will that please the next Coach/Manager who everyone expects to arrive, during the closed season, without a single player chosen by him and will he be able to best use them in his tactical approach.

    A situation not unlike the problem between Carr and Pardew, with Pardew not having much input and subsequently sitting any or all flair players, being his game was based on defense, with ten men behind the ball.

    Which begs the question, should there be a Director of Football (no not Wor Joe Kinnear) who could resolve the problem, by reaching an agreement with both the new coach and Carr, as to who or what’s needed in the way of reinforcements.

    Why waste time and the possibilities that Carr may deliver the wrong players, as in the case of his non working relationship with Pardew.

    Yassuh! it’s still a slow learning period for Ashley, not the asset stripping part $$$$ but the footballing side.

  79. It’s all been a bit of an experiment with Ashley since the beginning. First there was Keegan and Kinnear, who both had records of managing at the top level but who hadn’t been in the game for years. Then it was promoting people from the ranks into top positions like Hughton in the Championship. Then there was Alan Pardew, who had been sacked by a League One side, now it’s back to the experiment of promoting people from the ranks who will be desperately loyal because they know they would never get a job like their Newcastle ones anywhere else. The most excitement we get derives from wondering when the bottom is fall out of everything when the gamble finally goes wrong. We’ve been struggling as it is and now we’ve lost our only real goalscorer for most of the rest of the season. Say what you like about Perez but he certainly hasn’t scored loads of goals and the rest have scored bugger all.

  80. Certainly the loss of Cisse has resulted in our only decent scorer to be out for the majority of the season run in.

    I suppose it could result in a series of losing games, ruining Carvers hope of a decent finish, one that could give him hope of a shot at some kind of permanence.

    I’m sure Ashley would be more than willing to have him as a permanent Coach/Manager, certainly he has the right attitude.

    A sycophant of the first order, who actually believes
    he has the nous to become a good manager, would come cheap (possibly his best shot) especially considering his only goal would be to keep the side in the EPL.

    Aint gonna happen folks !

    On the other hand, who will replace him ?

    Hell! we just don’t have a clue other than to look at Ashleys record and who he has hired so far, non of which is in any way particularly impressive.

    It could be “Arry” a guy he could do business with, hopefully not, but one never knows with this owner.

  81. Lee Charnley as Managing Director is like an experiment in overpromotion as well. It’s all Ashley’s fault though. You can’t blame someone like Carver or Charnley for making a date with destiny really rather than refusing it and probably ending up with no job at all. Could you imagine Charnley and Carver being appointed as Managing Director and Manager at a similar sized club?

  82. If one looks at some of the incompetent’s that Ashley has hired since he bought the club, it’s easy to see what’s wrong.

    The crux of the present problems at NUFC are based on a combination of both Ashley’s refusal to hire someone knowledgeable (being a micro managing control freak)
    being every eventual decision made, will be his.

    So it’s whoever is next in line, will be appointed, just like Carver and Charnley were, to the vacant spot, they fill the role of club mouthpieces, that’s all!

    Of course I believe Ashley must talk to someone and I think that someone could be Carr, the only real hireable one among a crowd of incompetents.

    Though his record (Carr) is not above criticism either.

    It’s my belief a club is as good as those who run it, that includes back room staff, from fitness to tactics, with everyone on the same page, but first and foremost a manager who sets the standards, not a bunch of squabbling ego driven idiots, where the manager has no say.

    And that may influence who will take over from Carver, because he will go, but you can forget about anyone with
    any gumption taking on the role of being Ashley’s mouthpiece, or simply doing as he’s told.

    Ah fink we may very well end up wif Arry, that’s if he can tear himself away from the sunny sarf coast.

  83. Should be an interesting game against Everton, who appear to be playing poorly in the PL this season, possibly because of their involvement in Europe, much like NUFC a couple of years ago.

    One can understand certain clubs reluctance to compete in those competitions, FA cup European shit cup etc.

    There’s little glory and no real rewards involved, plus it requires a decent size squad, which in turn costs money and one has to admit, money is what it’s all about.

    Once again the blogsters and pundits are predicting, who will come and who will go, players that is, with Sissoko, Janmaat, Cisse and some of our youngsters, being candidates for transfers to “bigger spending” or SFA clubs.

    And as indicated it’s obvious the role of Manager has been totally eliminated, replaced by a coach who has no control or input involvement as far as signings, leaving that to the combined wisdom of both Carr & Ashley.

    Is this a good idea ?

    It would seem that Ashley is convinced there’s no fear of the drop, therefor he can save what would be the equivalent of the rest of Pardew’s salary for this season, plus grab a nice chunk of change for him (Pardew)from Palace.

    What’s that ? you think Carver got a raise, grow up folks.

    You know!
    The club has had an excellent opportunity to really suss out and sign a decent head coach, plus coalesce with both Carr and Ashley on which players and what type of tactics he intended to introduce.

    Making for a better all round situation, whereas prior to Pardew’s exit it was a case of Carr providing the names, which Pardew claimed he had a certai amount of input, which IMO is doubtful

    A number who because of their style of playing (flair players) got to enjoy the games from the comfort of the dug-out, a front row seat and most have now gone.

    Certainly a waste of time and money, being they didn’t fit into Pardew’s defensive style of play.

    Nor did they bring in any much profit when eventually being sold.

    Though there were others who were just passing through, both prospects and the finished article, who were there to be displayed in the shop window, destined to be sold on for a substantial profit over their original cost.

    Most being either free agents or for some reason being available for less than the going price, of course there were others that we didn’t sign and some we shouldn’t have signed, but shit happens.

    The question is, does Ashley instruct Carr to find players needed by the club, or simply those that can be profitable as sell on candidates, as the recent history of the club indicates the latter of the two.

    Certainly not a great incentive to any prospective coach, willing to take the job on under those circumstances.

    Ah well ! there’s rumors of Cantor-Fitzgerald, a New York money management outfit, who are hooking up with a number of interested prospective US investors, with $$$ in a present nowhere to go market.

    Who see the present profitability of that foreign “Soccer” game and who may end up joining the present 25% US owners of EPL sides, of which we can only hope NUFC will become one.

  84. “And as indicated it’s obvious the role of Manager has been totally eliminated, replaced by a coach who has no control or input involvement as far as signings, leaving that to the combined wisdom of both Carr & Ashley.

    “Is this a good idea ?”

    It’s a bit like the US Republican model, Chuck. They tried to elimnate the role of President and Vice President by picking idiots like GWB and that woman from Alaska who obviously weren’t remotely capable of doing the job.

    Another week, another win for Pardew at Crystal Palace. The final irony is that a fair bit of his success has been built on him really sorting out the set pieces.

  85. Nutmag says:
    March 12, 2015 at 7:32 pm

    “The weather has been really nice today.”

    Sorry I missed your comment there. It’s good to hear from you every now and again, even if it’s only about the weather! ;-). I did notice. It’s amazing how much more important the weather has become to me now I’m bit older. I start to feel all my old war wounds when it’s cold and frosty.

  86. A fast start and domination for the first ten minutes,
    quickly dissipated following a soft goal by Evertons McCarthy, resulting in a mid period domination by the blues.
    The last ten minutes was then Newcastle’s, putting pressure on Everton once again.
    Colback was again the key player, along with
    Sissoko and Janmaat, with Sammy looking dangerous outside, unfortunately there was no real linkup with Ryan Taylor, like we have seen between Sammy and Hiadarra.
    Due to Taylors stay at home game.
    Obertan was awful his finishing needs attention (big time), plus Gouffran was mediocre at best.
    Colo played decently but it’s tough when you have to constantly have to cover for Williamson, who’s best efforts were hoofs into the stand.

  87. Cabella replacing Sammy ?
    FFS! take off Goofy or Obertan, at least Sammy can get you a goal.
    Oh! oh! there goes the game, red card for Collo with the side already two goals down.
    And this guy thinks he has the makings of a Manager/Coach, no way ! guess we can turn our sets off right now.

  88. So we lost our only real goalscorer for seven games in the last game. The worst thing that could possibly happen this afternoon would be to lose a Centre Back, so of course, Coloccini gets himself banned for three games. Williamson should have scored, but was blocked by a handball so I think you owe the big lad an apology there, Chuckles. It was Coloccini who blotted his copybook with a blatant ‘Chopper’ Harris style tackle when he have no one to replace him.

  89. A debacle !
    With more to come, good ! it may make Ashley nervous enough to keep the few decent players on the books and buy big in the summer.
    As for Carver and his mates, there’s always Darlington or Hartlepool to consider in their future career, being they are way out of their league right now.

  90. It’s not Carver, it’s the whole thing where we end up with people like John Carver, Lee Charnley and Graham Carr in charge, that’s nothing against Carr as a football scout, but he’s a football scout. On top of that, the wages are poor for the Premier League, it’s one of the biggest hot potatos in football and the club have made it explicit that the manager has no control, a catastrophic move that will do even more to put good managers right off. We could start circling around the edge of the vortex soon if we’re not careful.

    Beware the Ides of March!

  91. WORKY

    Since Colo. has been at the club, he has given good service, but having a guy like Williamson as a partner is a big liability, he (Colo) having to constantly cover for Willo’s poor positional play and lack of mobility.

    When you are down to playing Jonas in defense, it should be obvious to all we need help there and have done for ages, but if everyone including yourself, believe Williamson is the answer, then I don’t know what to say.

    It should be obvious to all, a big clear-out is needed,
    beginning with,
    Taylors, both,
    There are questionable others such as Tiote who has effectively been replaced by Colback, a better all round player.

    But the back line needs attention, Colo. getting past his sell by date, with Dummett not improving much, and we need backups for both fullbacks and any new central defenders.

    Bring in Bigirimana and Aaron, lets see how they fit in.
    I’m willing to give DeJong a chance, but I believe we could do better.

    Sammy and Haidarra appear to have good chemistry between them, But I fear Ashley will be sorely tempted to sell both Sissoko and Janmaat, currently along with Colback our best performers.

    Hopefully Cabella can adjust to the PL, but still a comparative lightweight, as for forwards, keep Cisse and Perez, and get a proven goal scores, Remy ?

    I doubt if we will see the improvements necessary, but that’s a risk Ashley will have to take, as relegation is always that possibility and if we go spiraling down the league, with the tough upcoming schedule, perhaps it may induce him to dig deep, but I doubt it.

  92. Worky @97#

    Yep !
    Totally agree, been voicing that message forever, but when one ends up with a owner who gives hubris a whole new meaning, the only hope is for him to become bored, sell up and concentrate on his real business SD.

    Too bad he found out he can add to his fortune by owning a mediocre football side.

  93. Worky@92
    That was a tongue in cheek go at this being a Football Blog. As NUFC no longer exists being replaced by a cheap sports wear team owned by coached by played by and supported by people that know sweet “eef all” about football.
    The biggest culprits in all this are the so called “supporters” that’s the “Wonga Sheep” all the others are in jobs they should not have, and are over paid for doing it. The “Sheep” are paying for the privilege. Their main reason for carrying on is that they don’t want to go shopping with the Missus.
    Get a life The Football Club you started to support is dead.
    The weather wasn’t so good here today!

  94. Nutmag says:
    March 15, 2015 at 7:30 pm

    “The biggest culprits in all this are the so called “supporters” that’s the “Wonga Sheep”

    Who are they though, Nutmag? I wouldn’t know as much as most being here in London. When people say things in blogs like “I’m disgusted and I will not renewing my season ticket,” some will be genuine, but a hell of alot will say that and still keep gannin’ in the end too. I hear that they’ve been selling tickets off cheap on the day and I’ve seen for myself people getting in by unothodox means when I’ve been up there. As I say though, I wouldn’t know as much as someone living up there.

  95. workyticket says:
    March 15, 2015 at 6:07 pm

    “and the club have made it explicit that the manager has no control, a catastrophic move that will do even more to put good managers right off”.

    They’re not looking for a good manager, worky. You must have got that by now.

    They want a toady ‘yes man’. And they’ve got him.

    I said at the time of Carver’s appointment that they’d give him every chance to keep the job and, providing he doesn’t look like getting us relegated (and doesn’t set fire to the stadium, find himself doing time etc.) he’ll be in charge again next year.

    The last thing they want is someone who actually wants to WIN something taking charge of the team.

    Before anyone else mentions it; I know I’ve posted the exact same point around twenty times before. Believe me when I say that I’m DESPERATE for the signs of a change that will give me something else to write about.

  96. Krull’s efforts to keep out the first goal yesterday were shocking.

    Not the work of a keeper in the EPL making a genuine effort to keep his team in the game.

  97. Worky@101
    It matters not a fig how they get in they are showing to Ashley and the world they are satisfied with what they are being dished up.
    I’m sure if I’d served up rubbish on a regular basis as this lot my restaurant would have been empty.
    Nothing will change unless they demand it.
    So that’s a no then.

  98. Nutmag says:
    March 16, 2015 at 12:14 pm

    “I’m sure if I’d served up rubbish on a regular basis as this lot my restaurant would have been empty.”

    Aye but a fan can’t just go to the resaturant down the road in Sunderland instead, Nutmag, that would leave a horrible taste in the mouth! :-) Besides, it’s about the only restaurant in the Premier League that tops the Newcastle United for being bonkers. They appointed a fascist dictator as manager, bought about 100 players they hardly knew and almost got relegated not so long ago, and they could get relegated this season as well.

    I think that people don’t think they can do much about much anymore. we all deal with companies that treat us like shite and keep us hanging on the phone for half an hour because we think if we change, the other one could be even worse. Alot of people just expect to be shat on all the time. They don’t know how to get together and organise anymore too as society has been broken up to take power from ordinary people. All they can do now is post vile abuse on Twitter and make someone have a nervous breakdown somewhere.

  99. DarthBroon says:
    March 16, 2015 at 10:59 am

    “Krull’s efforts to keep out the first goal yesterday were shocking.”

    I don’t think it’s about blaming Krul for one incident though when the whole setup is rank. Our main problem is an inabilty to score without Cisse. As well as not being able to win without scoring, it also puts us on the back foot more, and the defence is under more pressure more often.

  100. Krul ?
    You must be hard up for a subject if it boils down to criticizing him.
    The situation was similar to a penalty kick, he was caught leaning the wrong way, but balance that with the many good saves he has come up with, especially with guys like Williamson in front of him and I think we can agree he’s been a pretty good stopper.

    As for Sunderland, yeah they have made bad decisions lately, hell things must be awful there, but who would leave them to come to the madhouse that is NUFC, unless he were a boyhood fan, talking bout Colback, who has been one of our best signings in years and for nowt.

  101. clunk says:
    March 18, 2015 at 8:15 pm

    “Krul ?
    “You must be hard up for a subject if it boils down to criticizing him.”

    You SHOULD be hard up for a subject seppo but, as usual, your egotistical need to be heard trumps everything.

  102. You two are worse than Tom and Jerry. Chuck, you always blame Williamson. He should have scored when we were denied a penalty in the last game, yet you still manage to have a go at him, so you can’t have a go at Darth for having a go at Krul.

  103. Look !
    Apart from Sissoko, Janmaat and a couple of others, I would have understood criticism of almost anyone in the side, but to get on Kruls case IMO was a rather bizarre choice.

    He (Krull) was basically one on one with McCarthy and leaning to his right, a guess that every goalie has to make unfortunately, he guessed wrong.

    Does that make him a bad goalie ?

    Certainly not and the fact is he (Krul) has been outstanding over the season, making the accusation he was shocking, all the more bizarre.

    To then be insulted by this jerk, who has the tendency to think he is above criticism, is simply absurd.

    And if you continue to defend that idiot Williamson, beware people may think you really do admire his playing ability, which is even more bizarre.

  104. Dark Broon

    You know what, you are just so predictable, but you should really try and control that temper of yours, it’s obvious you are a very angry young person.

  105. Foghorn Leghorn

    You know what(?), it’s pretty obvious you’re a vain, noisy, pompous, friendless old fraud.

    Worky should have sh|tcanned you a long time ago – this blog would be thriving if he had.

  106. Krul ?

    “However, even they could not have imagined the assistance they were given by Magpies goalkeeper Tim Krul’s horrendous misjudgement for the opening goal…”


    “Sloppy goalkeeping from Tim Krul gifted James McCarthy the game’s opening goal on 20 minutes”


    “Jagielka hits a ball into Lukaku, he toes the ball off to McCarthy, and he drives a shot that bobbles a yard left of Krul, who had foolishly collapsed to his right.”


    “McCarthy scuffed a speculative shot from some 24 yards out which Krul responded to by falling down and conceding the opener.”


    “Roberto Martinez’s men came into Sunday’s meeting with just one victory in 12 in the league but errors from Tim Krul and Yoan Gouffran handed them the first two goals”


    Willo generally drew praise for his performance.

    Funny that. :D

  107. Worky

    Please get my last comment out of purgatory. It’s all reported speech from the great and the good of the English sporting press, so I’m not to blame if there’s any embedded filth.

  108. Dark Brown

    You should really calm down before you have an apoplectic fit.

    You may not realize it, but you have a lot of stored up anger, which you should work on controlling.

    I think you should seek some professional help with this problem, seriously!

  109. I’m perfectly calm, clunk. This is a written medium that requires very little effort whatsoever to get a point across.

    You’re the one who needs professional help – for that clinical narcissism that leads you to believe people need to hear your opinion.

    As for Krul

    Krul ?

    “However, even they could not have imagined the assistance they were given by Magpies goalkeeper Tim Krul’s horrendous misjudgement for the opening goal…”


    “Sloppy goalkeeping from Tim Krul gifted James McCarthy the game’s opening goal on 20 minutes”


    “Jagielka hits a ball into Lukaku, he toes the ball off to McCarthy, and he drives a shot that bobbles a yard left of Krul, who had foolishly collapsed to his right.”


  110. Don’t bother with that other post, worky. I chopped it up and reposted:

    “McCarthy scuffed a speculative shot from some 24 yards out which Krul responded to by falling down and conceding the opener.”


    “Roberto Martinez’s men came into Sunday’s meeting with just one victory in 12 in the league but errors from Tim Krul and Yoan Gouffran handed them the first two goals”


    Willo generally drew praise for his performance.

    Funny that. :D

  111. Well on another subject, we can all relax now, as Ashley has realized the error of his ways, stating (I believe), his transfer policies have not worked out and he’s about to rectify matters by buying a sh/tload of players during the off season.

    Hmmm ! not like something coming from Mike, must have given a call to the PR department as to “what to do”,
    being his image has suffered negatively over the last few weeks.

    The very fact a club in the EPL, with one of the highest profit margins, are currently down to thirteen player
    (hardly enough to cover those playing, plus the bench)
    Can only be explained by a combination of ignorance and arrogance on his part.

    Plus his virtual takeover of Rangers for a paltry nine million +, has subsequently been reversed.

    And he had better watch his step in regard to refusing to appear for questioning by the Scottish courts, by begging off due to his current schedule.

    But by buying NUFC that promised sh/tload of talented players this coming summer, who knows, he may end up doon the Quay or the Bigg Market, Sculling down pints with guys in WONGA shirts.

    Stranger things have happened, though I doubt either of the two will ever happen, plus if he doesn’t get the side relegated (which would be the reality check needed)
    we may see the (head coach0 job go to the great tactical and politically astute John Carver), god help us.

  112. You bartcodes are gona get a seeing to tomorow.you could put out your best team and our kids would still see you off.

    You should go cap in hand to see if pardew will have you b ack

  113. Carver has put out a call to the Geordie faithful, to show some life and cheer the side on, stating all jobs are on the line, which is rich, considering we have only thirteen available players.

    Not to mention he will more than likely be the first to hit the unemployment line, the guy’s a pea brain, no idea, another Ashley sycophant with ideas well beyond his capabilities.

    Who’s next the tea lady, I mean this club is a mess, being run by kna nowts, with Ashley pocketing every thin dime.

    That’s the real reason for the apathetic home crowds lack of vocal inspiration, very few really care anymore.

  114. Our form under Carver is Played 11, Won 2, Drawn 3, Lost 6. If that form continues until the end of the season, we’ll get 7 more points and end with 42, which will be about the same as the season where we came 16th. If we get worse it could get exciting though, especially as we’ve lost our only goalscorer.

  115. Well although we lost, we weren’t actually that bad under the circumstances, and even had our moments. We still need a goalscorer though.

  116. Wow ! what a game.

    One just never knows who is going to show up, when it comes to watching NUFC.

    Appeared Arsenal were on their way to another win to-day at half time, with two goals and possibly more expected during the second half.

    Having had the better of the first half, during which, the Toon showed they too could pass the ball around and mount an organized attack, every bit as good as Arsenal, the period ending with Arsenal just edging it.

    The second period opened with any number of well orchestrated offensive plays, with the Toon taking the initiative and looking the better of the two sides.

    It was interesting to see the effort put in by everyone and had the game been judged on desire and effort alone, Newcastle would have prevailed.

    They certainly woke the crowd up and played with more intensity than any game this season and clearly outplayed a sluggish Arsenal, who were fortunate to concede only one goal, Newcastle outplaying them for the entire second half.

    If one thing can be taken from this game, it was a combined effort where the side out-passed and outran Arsenal, who may have been tired following their recent Euro games.

    Who was good, hmm ! as usual Sissoko, Hanmaan, Colback.

    Sammy played well as did both Velez and Cabella, but Gouffran missed a sitter and appears to be off the pace and goal-less, both Jonas and Taylor were not really effective, as for Anita, I don’t know what happened to this guy, just gets worse with every game.

    But nothing that couldn’t be cured by holding onto our better players and clean-out those not performing, of which there are a number.

    But we really do need help at the back and need to have some quality in depth and of course hang onto our best talent, if we intend to do something positive in the coming seasons, lets see what happens ?

  117. You could tell there is a real shortage of players from the defence. Colback was playing left back and Janmaat was playing in central defence. Hence, it isn’t a huge surprise that they took time to warm up. Poor Janmaat (and Williamson) were given a torrid time by Giroud in the first half especially. Gutierrez and Ryan Taylor did well under the circumstances (of coming back after being completely knacked for years) and Gutierrez added a bit of impetus once he came on.

  118. Though i’m not a great Carver fan, I have to give a certain grudging praise, for his efforts.

    What am I on about ?

    If you don’t recognize the fact he has for the most part, taken that tight rein off the side, imposed by Pardew, letting them play with a bit of flair and certainly they are more of an attacking and entertaining side side these days.

    Which was reflected by the crowd reaction yesterday and though we lost, we dominated the second half and deserved more.

    Clearly a case of determination and a willingness to give it their all, which was appreciated by the fans.

    With the promised reinforcements during the off season, we should have little trouble making the required mid table mediocrity desired by our dear leader, this coming season.

    It’s interesting to imagine, a change of policy, where our dear leader instead of continuing this current
    (just avoid relegation policy) attempted to bring the worlds twentieth richest club in the world into the top four of the EPL.

    Nah ! what was I thinking ! he’s too cheap.

    But as I remember he appeared quite happy about our former fifth place finish, soh !……

  119. Reading an article concerning a change of venue from the recently used (and abused) signings by Carr from both France and Holland.

    It has been suggested that Germany and Spain, may provide a better marketplace for Newcastle, apparently there is both resentment and dislike of the Newcastle club in regard to negotiating tactics in France, plus the Dutch don’t sell cheaply.

    Fact is we could do much better by concentrating on that area of the world, where the most talent is produced, both Brazil and the River Plate basin area.

    Not to ignore those other areas of S/America.

    Another area is the Balkans, which also produce some excellent players.

    Instead of paying enormous prices for talents from the above mentioned areas, from leagues such as Portugal and other European leagues, who buy directly from the areas mentioned.

    Whether anyone has mentioned this to our great leader or not, the fact he could sign talented players from these areas for much less than signing them from European sides.

    It’s no surprise that other continental clubs also buy cheap with the idea of shopping them in the football widow, then selling on at a profit.

    The Portuguese and Dutch have been doing it as a matter of policy for decades yet still compete in Euro. competitions, not strive for mid table mediocrity.

    The problem is, the enormous TV revenues of clubs who survive in the EPL, make mid league mediocrity a desirable spot, in regard to profit.

    Of course it took Ashley a number of seasons to discover there’s no money in any competition, unless it’s the champions league, therefore avoid them like the plague.

    Where one needs both strength and quality in depth, which in turn needs money, ah well he’s only got a few billion so must take care, how much will he have by this time next year ?

    Enough to hire a couple of scouts who know and understand the South American market ?

  120. Alot of South Americans from Brazil and Argentina seem to end up in Russia playing for the oligarchs for some reason. It would be a shame to see Ashley trying to barge into some kind of Russian / South American mafia style football world, or try to play hardball with some ex-Balkan warlord and end up in a concrete overcoat sleeping with the fishes. :-)

    I remember years with Wisegate when they were trying to please that South American agent by taking on Nacho Gonzalez on without telling Keegan properly. I think the man from Del Monte would have been about as impressed as Keegan by all that carry on. There was that Brazilian wonderbairn who was supposed to come over but lost his passport or something too. Where is he now?

    I think that mystery agent came from Uruguay like Nacho and seemed to be the agent for nearly all the players there, like he was the head of the mafia and no one else would dare to represent a player. I don’t know but I can dream of Ashley meeting a Tony Montana style end in his Mansion in Hertfordshire, or being dropped out of his own helicopter.

  121. Rangers club statement following the banishment of Ashley’s cronies from the Rangers board:


    Ashley, Llambias and Leach have just blatantly scammed Rangers, loaning five players for the rest of the season knowing that most of them will never play through injury, with Rangers picking up the tab. It is just so small and nasty, and doesn’t even do Ashley any favours in the long run.


  122. Worky @ 136 #
    I assume that was an attempt at humor and point taken.

    However the facts are a lot simpler, for one, every decent South American football player, is more than aware of which European leagues are more than willing to sign young up and coming stars, along with what leagues presently pay in general.

    It’s not about Mafioso types , but like in any deal-making, one has to know the facts and be able to negotiate for the right price.

    Why is it then, that most EPL clubs seldom buy their players directly from South America, but at an inflated price from some Dutch or Spanish side.

    I would say both a lack of knowledge as to who and for how much, being it’s something they have seldom involved themselves with, that and never having employed any scouts in the area.

    It may also have something to do with distance, after all one cant just take a train to both Brasil and The River Plate area and we wouldn’t want Carr to receive the fate of the Hartlepool monkey on his arrival there.

    However we do have a presently unemployed ex NUFC Star in Solano, who could be our eyes and ears covering the areas such as Peru,and Chle, Uruguay plus Argentina, Brasil and the high Andes countries, whom I believe Carr (if he is to remain in his role) wouldn’t mind checking out.

    With one or two decent signings paying off in the long run, but then what do I know ?

  123. It appears that those unbelievable names mentioned by Carver, reportedly on NUFC’s list of prospective signings are not so unbelievable after all.

    Three being (sell on kids) from Charlton, all defensive players, which is what we need, that is, not these kids but some proven articles like Janmaat.

    One of the problems is, with this system (buy em young and cheap, then sell them on) results in a perpetually young squad, with no seasoned veterans, to instill a bit of confidence and stability.

    I guess Carr has worn out his welcome in France, as we appear to be looking elsewhere, Deutschland ?
    Where it’s rumored we are looking at that failure,(except in his own mind) the Dane, Bentner, no thanks!

    There are rumors of a massive cull, including Jonas, Obertan, Gouffran, both Taylors, Tiote and of course Williamson, with possibly others included.

    It appears, the latest slogan is “buy British” with many fans agreeing, a forlorn hope that it will give more opportunities to improve the quality of British players, which is utter nonsense, they are competing with better players from around the world in both top leagues, how will that improve their abilities ?

    This attitude is being pushed by both authorities uefa (Pres. Platini) and the English leagues.

    And if enforced, will be to the detriment of the EPL, which has declined in stature these last few years and will end up even worse, if denied the ability to sign foreign players.

    As for the distraction we are constantly reading about “Andre Ayew”, that’s all it is, a distraction, not unlike the negotiations with Lyon in the past for various
    players, which never came to anything.

    But we are constantly re-assured by Carver and the man himself “Ashley” that a shitload of decent players are on the way, you believe that ?

    Probably has more to do with selling tickets, not to mention the choice of new names added to those WONGA advertising replica shirts @ how much a shirt these
    days ?

    People come, people go, but little changes in this revolving door of a club.

    Ah well !

  124. Chuck, ironically the countries of Portuguese and Spanish Empires in South America have always been bonkers about the British game of football, and have become quite good at it. On the other hand countries of the old British Empire inherited the other British games of Cricket and/or Rugby instead. The India that is now India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, then Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc are all great at Cricket. Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are always three of the very best Rugby sides in the world, but none of them have been that into football. As for you Yanks, you lot have to win all the time or you’re not interested and have a tantrum so you invented your own games no one was interested so the winning team would always be American. :-)

    You might think that’s old colonial guff that’s long gone but the links and of course the common Languages are still there. You didn’t mention Portugal above, but alot of the very top South American players who end up at the top of European football come through the big Portuguese clubs like Benfica, Porto, Sporting Club etc… These links go back along time, like the big intrigue and controversies when Di Stefano and Eusebio came in from the colonies to play for Real Madrid and Benfica. On the other hand, many of the world’s best Cricketers have come over here to play for the Counties because the old British Empire countries have played Cricket more than anything, then Rugby. British Teams have bought players directly from South American clubs. Funny you should bring up Solano as we signed him from Boca Juniors, and Mirandinha from Palmeiras. Premier League teams still buy players directly from South American teams as well, I remember Man City getting one from Racing Club in Argentina, Tevez came straight over to the Premier League from South America.

  125. Yes it’s true we signed Nobby from Boca Jrs., (though a Peruvian) and it was a terrific buy, as was our much earlier signings of the Chilean pair of Ted and George Robledo, RIP.

    And yes it’s also true that very few of Britain’s former colonials showed much interest in football (Soccer) though they continue to beat the hell out of you when it comes to Rugby league and Union & Cricket, hockey and tennis.

    As an example England with a poor showing in this latest Cricket world cup competition, where even Ireland ended up with a better record.

    As for Rugby, not much better at that, letting two small countries like Wales and Ireland once again trump them.

    Never mind, the pundit’s after decade’s of practice have
    tons of face saving standard excuses, normally beginning with Brave England bla, bla…….

    A bit like Pardew, y’kna !

    As for native American games, Baseball is the number one sport in Japan, as it is in the greater Antilles and Central America, it’s also played in Australia, Dutch Antilles and Venezuela,

    While Basketball is played in just about every country
    in the world (erm! perhaps not in the UK as one seldom hears anything about British Basketball ?)

    Kidding I know they have a Pro league.

    But remarkably the two oldest organized sports are still thriving as the only true amateur leagues in the world, talking about both Hurling and Gaelic Football, which is also played (a version) in Australia, under the moniker Australian rules.

    Yes England or is it Scotland ?

    Scotland having a seemingly equal claim of inventing the modern game of football, backed by their successful domination of the game during the early days of competition.

    Anyhow, to-days football is dominated by the richest league in the world, the EPL, or is it?

    Many claiming the Spanish and German leagues are better, which is reflected in the EPL’s lack of success, in competing for the European championship, even while receiving enormous amounts of tv revenue, which will give all EPL teams a good chunk of the one billion quid, due this coming season, to improve their sides

    No wonder it’s almost impossible get rid of Ashley.

    Anyhow, i still don’t understand why not employing a couple of scouts in an area that has consistently produced many of the world’s best footballers, is not a good idea, ignorance is ignorance and it has nowt to do with any traditions, language or culture.

    I mean what about Spurs signing of Villa and Ardiles or West Hams signing of Tevez and Mascherano, why has this not subsequently become a standard, rather than leaving these type of players to the Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and other continental clubs ?

    I don’t get it ?

  126. Chuck, you look at the top few teams in Germany and Spain and of course, they are some of the very best teams in the world. These’s no dispute about that. However, that isn’t it, it’s the teams further down and the increased competition for the top teams from the bottom end.

    You look at player like Messi, Ronaldo etc and the incredible amount of goals they score in Spain and alot of it is indeed because they are bloody good, the best un the world. Some of it is also from tonking no hopers from the bottom end 6-0 as well though. You don’t get as much of that in the Premier League and that’s the whole point. The Premier League has more “strength in depth” as they say.

    On English teams in European competitions, there have only been two Champions Leagues competitions since an English team won (Chelsea), English teams have won three of the last ten finals and seven of the twenty finalists in the last ten years have been English too. Considering there are alot of other very good football teams and leagues around Europe, that isn’t a bad record at all.

    Football is English, but you Yanks can thank the Jocks and the Cloggies for Golf.

  127. Worky

    I’m not talking about the last twenty years or even ten, i’m talking about lately, being he last English club to win the championship was Chelsea’s “only win” in 2012.

    Plus teams from the Spanish league, German and Italian leagues have more wins overall, with English clubs coming in fourth.

    That and compare the EPL with those three leagues and you will find there are few if any English players involved there, (or managers) on the other hand players and managers from all three countries mentioned, presently dominate the EPL’s top clubs, what does that signify ?

    The answer is easy, more money!

  128. Something I don’t get are the terms of the loan, from our dear leader Ashley ?

    Lets see, he paid a reported 134m. for the club, which at that time, owed 77m. on a loan that had an interest rate payment of 6.5m. annually, which has now burgeoned to an astounding 129m.

    Did I miss something ?

    What happened to the interest free loan, from Ashley to the club ?

    And how did the loan go from 77m. to 129m. ?

    Perhaps the eager bean counters and would be accountants, can explain where the annual profits from NUFC have gone, because i’m mystified.

  129. The rapidly approaching contest with (for some) NUFC’s bitter rivals Sunderland, will no doubt have it’s effect.

    With a loss indicating the club could be in danger of a rapid slide to-wards the relegation zone.

    Having recently been reduced to an absolutely ridicules number of fit players, barely enough to cover those playing and a bench.

    Of course we sold many of our top earners, HBA, Marveaux, Yanga-M’Biwa and Santon, the rest forced on to Rangers, who though they didn’t want them, ended up picking up their wages.

    Is there no end to the way this owner squeezes a buck ?

    My fear is that the club could end up as another Leeds Utd.

    Though via a different tactic, at least Leeds overspent by paying too much on players, in a genuine attempt to improve the club.

    Whereas it appears Ashley is intent on using the club as a cash cow, an asset stripper, who will dump the club when it fails to bring the return expected.

    The recent example of selling the land behind the
    Gallow-gate end, could signify he is intent in squeezing every thin dime from the side before selling, that and his statement the club would not be sold before 2016.

    Is that a target date, frankly I cant see him wanting to sell, unless we end up being relegated, as he’s doing pretty good as things are.

    Which is not something most fans want to even contemplate, unfortunately they don’t have the cojones to really confront him with a boycott, which could have it’s effect on him, either reconsidering his policies or moving on.

    It’s really up to the fans, they have the hammer, but it may be too uncomfortable and some may loose their choice seats, the majority being non confrontational and unwilling to do anything that may take unpleasant action.

    In which case Ashley (who has sussed them) will deliver more of the same and laugh all the way to the bank.

  130. chuck says:
    March 27, 2015 at 4:47 pm

    “Something I don’t get are the terms of the loan, from our dear leader Ashley ?

    “Lets see, he paid a reported 134m. for the club, which at that time, owed 77m. on a loan that had an interest rate payment of 6.5m. annually, which has now burgeoned to an astounding 129m.

    “Did I miss something ?”

    The mortgage on SJP, Chuck. That’s what Ashley missed (allegedly). For a club which was still one of the top ten in the world when Ashley bought it (according to that Deloitte’s list anyway), Ashley paid about the right price for Newcastle United including the mortgage that gave it a 53,000 stadium. Ashley wasn’t happy with buying something for about the right price though, he likes to get things for a song.

  131. worky

    Muy interesante !

    Somehow it will eventually penetrate the Geordie mentality, that Ashley is not their friend and if they want to be entertained each weekend, they would probably be better off taking up golf or day trading to try and make a few bucks in order to pay off the monthly bills due this week.

    Anyhow !

  132. Yeah ! looks like Ashley is not giving up on “The Gers”.
    and if he so desires, has the right to re-nominate Llambias and whoever else he had previously installed back, as Rangers board-members.

    We all understand the power that big bucks have on people
    and Ashley is not afraid to demonstrate it’s use, the effect which may not be immediate, but if he decides to use his wealth, the threat alone works wonders, with the fear of what he may do, enough to intimidate most of those opposing his wishes.

    Question is, as Rangers are one of two massive clubs in Scotland, with not only a large native membership, there’s also as many fans again, scattered about the world.

    Meaning, a lot of shirts to market (by Ashley) But as a club they are broke and struggling to make it back to the SPL, where they will never again be a threat as they were in the days before TV revenues decided your future as a club.

    With Glasgow Celtic, basically in the same boat, though in some future time that could change, but only as a member of some other league, EPL ? or some breakaway league that consists of clubs from those countries with small populations joining to form their own league, their joint populations being large enough to win a big money contract from one of the networks.

    That’s how it has been done in the US & Canada, where separate professional divisions are usually set up, to rival the established ones and over time if they become successful, there’s usually a merger of the two leagues, rather than a continuation of hostilities between clubs, which then unite to exclude further expansion.

    Apart from that, I don’t really see why Ashley would have much ambition to expand his interests in Rangers, but then what do I know.

  133. To-days media have come out with a mixed bag of rumors, from, we are interested in some undistinguished Spanish forward from Malaga named Jimenez, who no doubt will come cheap.

    Who’s claim to fame is he has played for just about every Spanish national side age group and finally was given a full Spanish cap.

    Another notable fact is our ex LB Santon, will now play for Italy in a friendly against Engerland, erm! why was it again we gave him away ? ah yes! his wages were too high.

    The biggest rumor is that, a trio (of highly compensated players) Tiote, Colocinni and Krul are available for the right price.

    Now I got nowt against selling Tiote or Colo, but Krul ?

    I mean, had we kept Fraser Forster, I could see it, don’t these idiots know the value of a good goalie, I think not!

    Then we come across the bummer that McClaren could be offered the job as head coach, but with all the present unemployed decent managers available, why this jiboney ?

    Of course Carver thinks he should have the job, but with his record, the question arises, why ?
    Obviously there are any number of delusional bodies presently employed by this club.

    Yeah Ashley’s gonna have a massive cull, then go out and splurge on no talent players (but will the wage bill increase) who he believes will be cheaper this summer than to await the big tv money season kicking in.

    This present revolving door system will be retained, the club will never win anything and depending on who we have as a manager, will dictate the type of football played.

    I was hoping we would invest in a manager who’s reputation reflects an entertaining style, which would at least give the weary fans something to cheer about, being the present zombie like reactions, definitely displays a state of apathy, seldom seen at St.James Park.

    If things go according to plan, we could end up with a young and cheap relegation bound side, with the lowest wage bill in the league.

    Which wouldn’t bother me as I believe it will take something that radical to rid us of this midas, but not before he has squeezed every last thin dime he can from the club.

  134. I have to admit, what I fear most is we fail to hold onto our best players, because without the Sissoko’s, Colback, Krul, Cisse, Janmaat and Cabella plus the prospects, Aaron, Velez, Campbell and those hopefully about to play fairly regular, Ameobi, Dummett, Bigirimana and Abeid, did I miss anyone ?

    Anyhow, this is the basis of the clubs talent, (not sure about the other young prospects) which if we bring in a number of players and a decent manager, would probably have no problem, achieving Ashley’s goal of mid table mediocrity.

    As for those left out of the list, should bring in some bucks to substitute the purchase of their replacements.

  135. Rangers shareholder Mike Ashley claims his human rights are being violated by Westminster committee probing his affairs.

    Beside the zero hours thing, he put his company USC into administration, sacked everyone with minutes notice, left debts unpaid, then bought the shops back for next to nothing and started again as if nothing had happened. Now he is pretty much telling a Parliamentary Select Commitee to f off and that he can’t be bothered to attend their inquiry about him. His hubris is in overdrive and he might over the edge, like Jeremy Clarkson in the end. For your benefit, Chuck, he’s a odious, bigoted TV prick over here who thought he could scream obscenties at his producer for over 20 minutes, and punch him in front of a full crew and guests at a hotel because his dinner was cold.


  136. workyticket says:
    March 29, 2015 at 10:09 pm

    “he’s a odious, bigoted TV prick over here who thought he could scream obscenties at his producer for over 20 minutes, and punch him in front of a full crew and guests at a hotel because his dinner was cold.”

    That’s harsh worky. You’re seriously saying you’ve never done anything like that? ;-)

  137. Worky

    Yes i’m well aware of the Clarkson saga, another jerk who believes his own press.

    Arrogant and a bully, his demise is not before time.

    As for his show, I can only come to the conclusion, that those who enjoy it are either a bit retarded or not yet teenagers and which could be described as supercilious at best.

  138. chuck says:
    March 30, 2015 at 6:20 pm

    “As for his show, I can only come to the conclusion, that those who enjoy it are either a bit retarded or not yet teenagers and which could be described as supercilious at best.”

    It was supposed to be about cars, but a long time ago, they changed it into a show about three boring middle aged, middle class British men having a ‘mid life crisis.’ Although I’m a middle aged man who watches shows about cars, I never liked it after that. I just wanted them to talk about cars but they kept having all these stupid bloody adventures, like something you’d call a ‘buddy movie’ over there about three middle aged bigots on an adventure holiday. The Daily Mail, and Daily Mail readers liked Jeremy Clarkson because he’d say that people concerned about global warming were w*nkers, that Mexicans were smelly and lazy etc…

  139. DarthBroon says:
    March 30, 2015 at 1:28 pm

    “That’s harsh worky. You’re seriously saying you’ve never done anything like that? ;-)”

    Not without being provoked, and you wouldn’t believe some of the provocations I’ve had, Darth. Threatening me with gang rape was about the most worrying and bizarre one at the time. That’s the only time I’ve ever hit someone over the head with a bottle (then run like f**k).

  140. WORKY

    Yes ! there are some things I just don’t get, one of which is, that which you so well described, three middle class idiots, using a theme, (cars) as a stage, to prove that they could succeed in both embarrassing themselves and annoying a multitude of tv viewers.

    Though I cant say I have ever watched more than a couple of minutes, while zapping through the channels, as you do, those couple of minutes were enough to make me realize how much I despised that sniggering schoolboy superior attitude, which all three have yet to grow out of.

    Their ignorance was embarrassing and reminds me of how the British papers used to describe both American and Japanese tourists to dear old Blighty, back in the day.

    With flashy ties and loud jackets, for the Yanks, of course the Japanese were never portrayed without both a camera slung around their neck and a pair of thick glasses.

    An attitude that some (Clarkson &CO.included)continue to hold onto, not realizing that no amount of raising ones voice and talking slowly, can make those non English natives who don’t speak English understand.

    A combination of arrogance and ignorance, combined with an intolerance of others, perhaps they should look at how they themselves are viewed by those they disrespect.

    Which ain’t gonna happen, why ?

    Simply because of the large audience for that particular show, those who fully back it, obviously tolerating Clarkson’s total lack of any political awareness or simple manners, which they in turn, believe it gives them the right to act likewise.

    Yes I know there are those who believe much of political awareness is overdone and I tend to agree, but it is all we have to go on, in our dealings with one another.

    It reminds me of a story told to me by an English truck driver who was married to an Irishwoman and lived in Ireland.
    He drove between Dublin and various ports in England via ferry and on exiting was directed by customs and others to a specific area.

    And 99% of the time would be addressed as Paddy, obviously with no real disrespect intended most of the time, but it ended up a situation that really annoyed him.

    It’s unthinking situations like this, that cause friction, and we all are for the most part guilty at times.

  141. Chuck says:
    March 31, 2015 at 8:52 pm

    “With flashy ties and loud jackets, for the Yanks, of course the Japanese were never portrayed without both a camera slung around their neck and a pair of thick glasses.”

    Well the American stereotype was actually true, Chuck. There were armies of Yanks coming over to London all wearing jackets like these, and pants like these back in the 70s and 80s. The Yank tours over here looked like Clown conventions! :-)

    You might see Clarkson over there as a replacement for Piers Morgan. We’re the best in the world nowadays at exporting baddies for movies and opinionated arseholes we don’t want anymore, a bit like the Pilgrim Fathers really. That James Corden on the Late Late show isn’t an arsehole, but he really isn’t very good BTW. I don’t know how the hell he got that gig.

  142. Rangers only get 75p on every £10 spent in club merchandise now Ashley and Sports Direct run it. Is that the same as Sports Direct’s deal with Newcastle United?

  143. Worky

    I was referring to an era you probably don’t remember the middle fifties, where newspaper cartoonists portrayals of both Yanks and later Japanese were stereotypical and really had nothing to do with any reality, more of a dig at the affluence of Americans and later the Japanese, who through hard work had surpassed the Brits, though they had lost the war.

    Another stereotypical character was the so called spiv, a hangover from the old WW11 black-marketeer, with his narrow mustache and big tie, the model for the later loud mouthed check suited Yank (not a lot of originality then)

    Mostly a reaction to that grimy post war nation, that still issued food coupons until the middle fifties, almost ten years after the war and was desperately attempting to hold on to the remnants of a rapidly disappearing empire.

    The mocking of Americans was a result of envy, being replaced as a world power in the new world order by the USA, while still owing them debts from WW1, meanwhile trying to recover and rebuild an old industrial base, as well as continuing act like the empire it once was.

    It was a tough time, especially following the end of lend lease, in 1947, when people actually ate whale meat and bread was re-rationed.

    Well for all that, Newcastle United were doing quite well, bringing in crowds which well exceeded todays attendance, making so much noise they could be heard in most areas surrounding St. James’Park

    That, as opposed to to-days muted polite clapping, the reasons being obvious, a side that both entertained and won things which inspired the fans, as opposed to an adjunct to a tat empire, that wears as the logo, of a cheap loans-hark outfit and has won nowt and never will as long as the present owner remains in place.

    Ah well! it was the best of times for Newcastle united,
    three cup wins within five years, plus the North East was booming industrially, coal mines, shipyards, steel mills, with all their supporting jobs, insurance, shipping, etc.

    Then along came Maggie and de-industrialization, then Ashley and here we are.

  144. Chuck, no offence, but we just thought you were a bit loud, brash and lacking in class, though the American pop culture was very popular.

  145. Yes of course, what’s not to like about Blues, Jazz, R&R
    and hot rods, muscle cars, blue jeans, et al.

    Certainly the majority of UK kids of that era loved that stuff and it’s unavailability made it even more attractive.

    The effect on housing a massive US military force in the UK, prior to the eventual invasion of Europe, was looked at, possibly as a major problem, by both the UK authorities and the US military, both fearing cultural and social friction, which did take place, but never reached the scale of their expectations.

    Of course the lifestyle of most GI’s, at that time was
    referred to by the adage, “oversexed, over fed, overpaid and over here”, which just about described it.

    Of course, there were lectures given by the US military on cultural differences including advice on behavior, never the less, for the most part, both sides got along fairly well, apart from the occasional misunderstanding.

    That was the first and largest meeting of cultures, one that effected the UK in no uncertain way, beginning with music and dancing, language, food and drink, clothing to a lesser degree, being most US military men had nothing but uniforms.

    And being their chances of surviving both the invasion and subsequent fighting, in the near future, many GI’s freely spent their dollars as soon as they could, giving the opinion that they were overpaid.

    This meeting of cultures on such a scale paved the way for an even larger post war invasion, that of Rock and roll, which was introduced during the middle fifties, along with films that portrayed the US teen scene, as somewhat idyllic.

    Many UK apparel manufacturers copied styles considered to replicate those in the US, but for the most part, missed the mark, the result being, that supply and demand, made US manufactured jeans and other items, being sold at a premium.

    Well the world has shrunk a great deal since then, US teens having reversed that cultural export to an import, with many UK bands, dominating the market and Carnaby St. setting the standards for style.

    That was of course during late sixties and seventies and since then things have somewhat merged, though even if the game of baseball has no following in the UK, there are no shortages of baseball caps, simply worn as a fashion statement, indicating things American still have an attraction for to-days UK kids.

    Though certainly no one envisaged a weekend shopping spree in NYC for the average working stiff, which happened frequently prior to the economic turndown.

    Certainly it’s been some ride since 1950 to the present,
    one that has speeded up (the snowball effect) enormously since the introduction of computerization, not always for the better in this Orwellian world, but once the genie is out of the bottle? soh ! whadda ya gonna do ?

    The question arises though, with pilotless aircraft, trains without drivers, even self driving cars and a host of machines constantly driving humans from the workforce, what do we do with all of those made redundant?

    Guess most areas will begin to look like Clydeside, the Northeast, Liverpool and other areas who’s reason for being has disappeared, ah well! not my problem as I get off the bus in the next few years, so hopefully a younger generation can set things right.

    PS, y’all got an important election coming up, who do you fancy ?

  146. Just watched a couple of Championship league games, not a bad quality football, though three of the four sides playing are presently vying for promotion, in an incredibly close race, where less than ten points separate the top nine sides.

    As of right now the third big NE side Middlesbrough have moved into first place, following a win over Wigan, knocking leaders Bournemouth into second place following their draw with Ipswich, another club in contention.

    Next up is Derby vs Watford, two other contenders who have 21 points to play for in the run in, with the others 18 points each.

    Of course rumor and speculation has McClaren (Derby’s manager) as the new Heed Coach at St.James’Park, that is if they fail to gain promotion, or for that matter, perhaps if they do ?

    Though at one time I would have been excited by that rumor, now (Pardew having gone) I see it as a good opportunity to bring in a decent heed coach, which IMO doesn’t include McClaren.

    On the other hand I consider it unlikely Derby can win promotion, being before the present game, on 67 points and in ninth place, whereas Boro. and Bournemouth are on
    75 and 74 points respectively.

    It will be an interesting run in and a tight race, sez something about real English football, the PL being a league I consider a type of international league of mainly high priced foreign players.

    It could well be a last chance for any number of clubs, being the financial awards of next season, could induce those promoted to spend big, in order to survive, plus the awards to those who are relegated to the Championship are also pretty high, giving both promoted and relegated sides an advantage over the also rans in the second tier.

    A bit unfair really.

  147. Chuck says:
    April 3, 2015 at 8:35 pm

    “giving both promoted and relegated sides an advantage over the also rans in the second tier.”

    Well it’s hard to notice. The three sides promoted to the Premier League last season are currently 18th, 19th and 20th. In the Championship, the three clubs relegated from the Premier League are currently 3rd, 13th and 19th in the Championship.

    “Newcastle United under Mike Ashley: Billboard for cheapness or empire of hopes and dreams?” – David Conn



  148. Worky

    I was referring to the recent increases in revenue, for both the exiting and promoted sides of both divisions, which radically increases the amount of revenues received by those being relegated, to the detriment of the other clubs in the division.

    I get the idea that recently relegated sides have to re-adjust their finances, some having highly compensated players, plus many experience a drop in attendance.

    But to then subsidize them, to a good extent over the rest of the clubs in the second tier, I don’t get it ?

    One may as well opt for a permanent fixed league, similar to most pro sports in the US, doing away with relegation and promotion, a system which makes every game count and ensures the best teams end up in the top league.

  149. Well we are close to one of the most important games of the season, with both clubs laboring in the second tier of the PL.

    With Sunlin in danger of relegation and Newcasil not far behind, numerically there’s still a possibility of relegation for both sides, which makes this a six point game.

    Both sides are ravaged by injury, plus the fact we have sold our best defenders Yanga-M’Biwa and Santon, leaving the club with barely enough bodies to both put out a full team and fill the bench.

    All resulting from mismanagement, but if Ashley continues hiring incompetents like Llambias, Pardew, Kinnear and the latest idiot’s, the little pudgy guy whatever his name and title is and the highly deluded Carver, then the club will remain what it is, a less than top ten side, with a zombie like bunch of fans.

    We need a competent manager, but rumor has it the best we can come up with is McClaren, which means we pass on the opportunity to find someone decent.

    That’s what happens when you have a cheapass micro(Control freak) manager of an owner, who knows best.
    Zzzzzzzzzz !
    I’m like the rest of the zombies, don’t really care anymore.

  150. Well we’ll see, but it has been the most competitive and mobile league so far. Just look at the success stories like Swansea, Southampton, Stoke and others in recent times. We might see Bournemouth in the Premier League next season too.

  151. Crap game, awful football, should settle once and for all the fact Carver is not the man for the job, that and the fact we need some quality in the side.
    Not really looking forward to the second half.

  152. Bournemouth ! divin kna aboot that like ?

    But I guess it’s cool for sides like them and their fans, up for a cup of coffee and back.

    I believe I saw where Leeds are about to be sold, to an owner with a coupla bucks, be nice to see them recover and compete in the PL.

    Though I have to say all three second tier games shown on Friday were much better than the crap we are watching to-day.

  153. You’ve just seen one of the goals of the season, Chuck. The bad part is it was for them though. Advocaat’s very direct for a Dutchman going on this. It’s the same old thing, we can’t score enough without Cisse.

  154. A helter skelter game, certainly no classic.

    The positives, well it could be three points that keep Sunderland up, that and scare the shit outta Ashley, to the point he might spend a few bucks, fearing relegation with this side and the loss of the league’s big bucks.

    Lets not make this a habit, that’s five in a row.

  155. Well folks, the shit has really hit the fan, following Sundays defeat.

    With blame being placed all around.

    Surely this was not unforeseen, the remnants of what at the seasons beginning was a side which had some decent players, even succeeding in defeating a Chelsea side
    previously unbeaten.

    It’s obvious the club is being run by incompetents, the owner, the heed coach and the little pudgy guy, who sometimes relays Ashley’s opinions.

    All incompetents who are acting WAY above their Peter Principle.

    Carver IMO is the most delusional and the fact he’s a Geordie doesn’t mean he should be given any slack.

    Complaining that the players didn’t give it their all, hell! where were the defenders, I will tell you, they were playing in Italy and doing fine.

    And why did he criticize Santon, who was in the Italian side against Engerland, my guess is both he and Yanga-M’biwa, Marveaux, HBA, and all the kids out on loan, are where they are to save Ashley from paying their wages.

    And if there’s not something radical done soon, we will lose even more of our best players, ending in relegation.

    This club needs help, big time, with seven games left and a nine point difference between us and a relegation spot.

    Not to mention next season.

    If Ashley decides not to hold onto our best players and make some serious additions to the side, it could end up being another relegation struggle.

    FFS when will this guy wise up and hire some serious football people , a manager with a track record, a GM who knows what he’s doing, not the next guy in line at the club, in order to save money.

    It appears this latest defeat, by a side that is currently fighting to avoid relegation and the old enemy
    next door, has apparently somewhat galvanized both the fans and local media and hopefully their efforts to force change will be successful.

    The truth is, it’s within their grasp, by boycott or other means, to pressurize Ashley.

    It’s obvious how to do it, a boycott on shirts and sports direct, turning in season tickets, anywhere from twenty or thirty percent and with the inevitable publicity attached, could spread to a nationwide boycott if requested by those involved.

    However the present zombie-like attitude of most NUFC fans, will IMO just continue and will eventually convince Ashley, they haven’t got the cojones for it, ergo, more of the same.

  156. Looking at both tables, PL & Championship, it appears there’s going to be the most interesting run in, in many a season.

    With Newcastle nine points above relegation and twenty one to play for, relegation is not entirely beyond them.

    On the other hand the top seven sides in the championship league have only seven points separating them, with fifteen points left to play for.

  157. ” hell! where were the defenders, I will tell you, they were playing in Italy and doing fine”

    Er, not quite.

    ONE of them was in Italy

    FOUR of them were injured (Steven Taylor, Dummett, Haidara and Curtis Good)

    Colo was suspended

    Jamaal Lascelles was in Nottingham

    Oh, and now it looks as though Janmaat is injured as well

    But apart from that we seem to be OK

  158. Chris G

    Actually both were on loan, Yanga-M’Biwa and Santon, at Roma and Inter. respectively.

    Both playing well for their clubs and with whom have subsequently signed permanent contracts.

    And both recently having been included in their national sides.

    And erm.. Last time I checked both Inter and Roma, were located in Italy, no?

    Curtis Good ? is that a joke ?

    Apart from that, we seem to be ok.

    It’s not too long ago, we were supposed to be moving up to the top eight or so, now it looks as if we may be lucky to avoid relegation, through total mismanagement.

    However being mid table mediocrity is our main goal, the club is not that far off, what is it thirteenth spot, I had projected finishing around fifteenth.

    This season beginning to feel much like our relegation year, obviously Carver has lost the dressing room and may be on his way come the seasons end.

    And rightly so !

  159. Chuck, the defence isn’t the big problem, it’s lack of goals, especially without Cisse. The other teams are always going to score sometime but the fact is we’ve only been able to score 8 goals in the last 12 games, and it’s only one goal in the last four. If you can only score one goal in four games, you don’t have to have the world’s worst defence to lose.

  160. Yeah the fact we are without Cisse and his scoring ability is obvious.

    But defense has been the main problem, for some time.

    But what’s needed at this club, more than anything is good management.

    By now everyone should understand, that Carver is not the answer, the guy’s is no improvement over Pardew and it’s doubtful if he gets any respect in the dressing room.

    If one compares those in major roles from Carver through Ashley, with their counterparts at well run clubs, Ashley
    who knows f**k all about football, but makes all the final decisions, advised by Carver and that pudgie little guy, who accompanies Ashley to St.Jamse’

    I mean, where did they dig him up from, been at the club for twenty years, probably started off as a pencil sharpener, what does he know about anything ?

    Then there’s Carr, who has done a decent job in the role assigned, but not always.

    The situation cries out for a director of football, someone with a track record, who in turn can pick his manager and coaches, resulting in a group who are basically on the same page.

    A cohesive situation DOF, manager, coaches, head scout, backroom staff and physios. all on he same page.

    Not a heed coach who gets players he doesn’t want, or a head scout who buys not in regard to what’s needed, but according to how cheap they come and who will then generate a decent sell on profit.

    Unfortunately, due to Ashley’s micro management system, where he treats those who work for him like mushrooms, totally in the dark and at each others throats, each trying to protect his own situation.

    And obviously, it ain’t gonna change unless Ashley decides to sell, but why should he ?

    With a free billboard for his real business, there must be over a hundred SD signs at St. James” Park, plus we understand the retailing profits from replica shirts, none of which are received by the club, all going to SD.

    Not to mention the same story at Rangers, who actually outsell Nufc in regard to shirts.

    Then we have the revenues from the fifty two thousand sheep, in their WONGA shirts, who show up regardless of how they are treated.

    Plus the ever expanding revenues from TV, why should he sell, what he has is a no brainer, a great deal.

    Though he is inclined to bet in certain cases, not unlike this season, when obviously he believed the club was guaranteed to survive the drop, which at present is doubtful, one has only to remember the final eight games of that relegation season, where one gets a certain deja vu in regard to the similarities.

    It certainly could be the situation that could induce him to sell, in which case most fans logically should be rooting for it, hell I watched some championship games and found them quite entertaining, certainly more so than watching NUFC at present.

  161. Looks like the bed-sheets are being prepared once again.

    With talk of boycotting the upcoming Spurs game at St James’Park.

    One would think that now is the time for such an attempt, being most fans are so apathetic and disillusioned, that the thought of taking a break from the game would be a welcome relief.

    But I doubt it will come off, probably it will look as feeble as the last attempted walkout, which was embarrassing.

    Nah ! they will pour into the stadium, attired in their WONGA shirts and sit in what could be described as a state of quiet bemusement, completely without passion and barely raise a cheer.

    Not that there’s much to cheer about, what is it,
    two wins out of the last thirteen games ?

    So who’s counting.

    Personally I believe the only hope is to end up being relegated, which would force Ashley to decide as to whether to risk another season in the second tier (that may cost him money, but the extra reimbursement doled out to relegated sides, would cover a certain amount) or decide to sell.

    As long as the present situation exists, he will be content to carry on as things are, using the same policies and why not.

    The fans, though they don’t realize it, are part of an equation, they contribute a large part of the revenues, both through buying season tickets and overpaying for replica shirts, certainly an important amount of the revenues collected by the club.

    Remove this part of the equation and it certainly will get Ashleys attention.

    However it’s a big ask, I understand, therefor i’m going to project any attempts to force Ashley to either sell or change his policies will be futile, being three’s a lack of unity among supporters and Ashley knows that.

    If you are a genuine fan who wants to get rid of the present way the club is being run, it will take both sacrifice and a set of cojones, not a sheep-like attitude.

    The choice is yours, but their is a choice, that is unless you are afraid to lose your present choice seat.

  162. Chuck, we’ve already been relegated and that didn’t get rid of Ashley. He got promoted again at the first attempt, sold Andy Carroll and changed the name of St James’ Park.

    I still can’t get used to this thing where a game seems to be on at any time except 3.00pm on a Saturday afternoon. It might be a different time over there, Chuck, but it’s different days every week as well. I still get up on Saturday and start thinking about football, but there hardly ever seems to be a Toon game on, it’s Sunday or Monday or whatever and I’m left feeling frustrated.

  163. Worky

    I’m afraid I have succumbed to the apathy bug going around among Toon fans, diagnosed as a zombie-like state of not caring what happens.

    Actually Mondays game is perfect, It allows me to go to my local and have lunch and a few beers, though Newcastle fans are as rare as hens teeth around here, there’s always the occasional one to gripe to.

    Otherwise it’s a morning game, where NBC, in all their wisdom, (who won this years bid to show EPL games and who were totally unprepared), now show most games simultaneously, resulting in having to choose one particular game, instead of staggering the games through a time delay, which the Murdoch people did.

    Though I rarely have anything positive to say about Murdoch and his politics or media empire, got to admit he got the football bit right, though he does charge for it.

    Actually there will be no football withdrawal symptoms this year, in fact, I will be glad when this shit season finishes and I doubt i’m alone in that regard.

    Ah well, you win some and you loose some, will be interested in seeing how many sheep escape being herded into the fold (St.James’Park) during the boycott .

    For sure there will be those protecting their choice seats, but it’s only for one game lads, an opportunity to show Ashley how much you care about how the club is being mismanaged, so do the right thing, show him a half empty stadium at least, assert your muscle, that is, if you care.

  164. Could it be Ashley may have some apprehension in regard to the upcoming Spurs game, with it’s threat of a boycott ?

    It appears he is pushing those former Newcastle hero’s, Moncur and Beardsley (both on the payroll) to mouth the futility of such action, which may indicate a certain amount of concern on his part.

    Though the present (Cheap-ass) PR organization have had little success in changing public opinion, more often having the opposite effect by it’s obviousness and only
    succeeding in exacerbating the situation.

    Certainly to pressure both Moncur and Beardsley, both former Toon hero’s, to mouth such nonsense, is shameful.

    But if we remember Llambias’ drunken spiel, paraphrased as “you don’t know how horrible we can be” has anything changed ?

    Could it be, a boycott that results in a significant number of fans staying away, give Ashley reason to be concerned.

    His recent problems with Rangers, (a much less co-operative club and fan base), has exposed him as less than omnipotent.

    Were the boycott successful and the fans realize they have the hammer, it could be repeated until there is a positive reaction from Ashley, as one battle doesn’t necessarily win the war.

    A boycott in combination with a refusal to buy the WONGA advertising replica shirts, plus a refusal to buy anything from either the club shop (actually the SD shop)
    or any refreshments or drinks.

    Over time these actions could bring about change, as the publicity and monitory losses, could become nsustainable.

    Hell it’s not as if the fans are asking for anything unusual or have the club overspend, wasn’t Cisse our top priced buy, bought for around nine million, again do I have to remind you how cheap this club is.

    But no group of fans want to attend games, where the club purposely field weakened sides in order to avoid competitions that bring in little in the way of financial rewards, it’s all about money, with the same operating policy as that used by Sports Direct.

    The club is presently punching well below that of the twentieth wealthiest club in the world and the fans are well aware of how they have been manipulated.

    Is it too much to ask of our owner, to put out a decent side and have the paying customers watch a competitive side that wants to win something, instead of hiring incompetents, who’s job is to be mouthpieces (come cheap) and further Ashley’s agenda (buy cheap, sell for profit) a side who’s annual goal, is mid table mediocrity, in order to cash in on the PL’s revenues.

    Tell me how many fans would turn up every home game filling the stadium, under the present conditions.
    (NUFC Excluded) not many.

    It’s a disgrace for the twentieth wealthy club in the world, to operate like it does.

    In which case we will see if there’s a united fan base or a bunch of sheep, willing to accept whatever Ashley deems appropriate, personally I think the second alterative will occur, no one wanting to give up their seats, but happy enough for others to force change.

    Hell it’s only one game, which you can catch in the pub or at home.

  165. If you are referring to the previous attempts to get Ashley’s attention, then you may be right.

    Each attempt a failures, both bed-sheets and walkouts.

    Though obviously in the beginning, it was apparent he became annoyed at the chants voiced during home games, claiming both he and his family felt threatened.

    But he is surrounded by pretty tough looking characters , if one pays close attention to game photos, though I very much doubt if anyone would even consider being physically aggressive to-wards him, verbally sure.

    However, I doubt if many will get involved in the upcoming attempt at a boycott, as at this moment in time, many have become resigned to what’s happening to the club and attend, only through habit.

    Others afraid of loosing their choice seats, why I have no idea, they are bought and paid for, perhaps that’s why?

    Others hoping for change, but not willing to become involved, let someone else do the job.

    Now if by chance there were to be a significant drop in attendance, with the threat of future boycott’s, of both games and other revenues (shirts etc.) it could well have it’s effect.

    But do the fans have the cojones for it ? I have my doubts whether they could maintain a campaign of more than a few home games, but being Ashley is well aware of their addiction to the club he would no doubt, await their inevitable collapse.

    He has a good little earner here and I see no reason for him to sell, the perfect fans (face it how many clubs can boast a fifty odd thousand crowd for every home game) plus the fact a majority attend wearing WONGA endorsed shirts, I mean what does that tell you ?

    Yes folks the perfect set-up, NUFC, the ideal adjunct to the Sports Direct empire.

    Ah well !

  166. Worky


    You writing another War and Peace article, or did the Job Center find you somewhere to be every day, or is it a case you having decided to get out more often ?

  167. Looks like we have to beat Leicester, WBA and QPR, to survive the drop, but even that’s not a is guarantee !

  168. chuck says:
    April 14, 2015 at 7:50 pm



    “You writing another War and Peace article, or did the Job Center find you somewhere to be every day, or is it a case you having decided to get out more often ?”

    Chuck, sorry I haven’t been on here alot recently. I did another blog a while ago, but I didn’t even publish it. Maybe I’ll update it and publish it soon. Even though I’ve been a fan since I was a bairn in the 1970s, I’ve just been overwhelmed by apathy I’m afraid, and I think alot of other people have too. Hugh has stopped doing stuff as well. I still watch the games, but all the other stuff just depresses me when I have to study it and write about it. I have had other things to sort out too.

    On a more optimistic note, although they were criticising the defence against Liverpool, it wasn’t so bad. We didn’t get humiliated 6-0. Liverpool only scored two goals and we were refused a definite penalty too. As I’ve said though, it’s the other end. A penalty is our best chance of scoring a goal without Cisse and when you can’t attack, you’re on the backfoot and defending most of the time. It’s a dog’s life trying to manage for Ashley though the way he runs the club.

  169. Worky

    Don’t feel like ‘The Lone Ranger’ I would assume at least half of the fan base are in a similar mindset.

    With me it’s got to the state i’m rooting for relegation, preferring that to the continual shit being served up.

    At least if we are relegated, we can look forward to an attempt to regain PL membership and come to think of it, that last season in the second tier wasn’t that bad.

    I’m hoping The Smoggies can make it back to the top this season, and having watched a few games, the league reminds me of the old first division, a lot more physical than the PL, but actually quite entertaining.

    Of course if it happens Ashley will be furious, missing out on the enormous increase in PL funding, but he would only have himself to blame, taking a gamble on Carver, to save a few bucks.

    He looked like the cat that swallowed the canary, getting around three million from Palace, for Pardew, instead of having to fire him and pay him off.

    And I have to say, this season does in fact remind me of that season, with Sherer and Quasimodo, where we couldn’t buy a win, Deja vu all over again !

    Plus if asked, perhaps there are just as many out there with the same attitude, anything but more of the same, puhleez !

  170. On the subject of Quasimodo, what the hell have he and Bobby ‘Quisling’ Moncur done to their reputations now and was it worth it? Ashley doesn’t exactly shower his staff with gold and jewels, and Moncur’s just a daft ‘Ambassador’ anyway. Knowing Ashley, he’ll probably only get a few Sports Direct vouchers for completely ruining his reputation in the pages of Toon history.

    If you remember, Middlesbrough were relegated the same season as Newcastle, and when they were relegated their squad was as good as ours. Don’t assume if we get relegated that it will be the same as last time.

  171. Worky

    Yes I had thought of that, having read recently around one third of those playing in all four divisions are foreign, indicating better all round sides.

    And I suppose the Championship sides to-day are fairly well paid, possibly better than many countries top leagues.

    However it appears to me were we to be relegated, the choice facing Ashley would be to improve the side or sell.

    The first choice being the most likely, being it’s my belief he would want to continue to use NUFC as an adjunct to SD, plus the continual size of PL revenue increases in are tempting.

    That and the fact the club would be worth less if he sells as a Championship side.

    All of which would indicate we may see a better quality side in future, (to avoid a three-peat) and watch a better quality football, which may include a decent manager and a possibility of winning summat.

    Whereas avoiding relegation, would only result in more of the same.

    I believe he (Ashley listened to the bookies earlier, who more or less guaranteed PL safety) on the other hand how many believed we would be relegated previously.

    And I see a lot of similarities between now and then.

    Which makes the run in a bit more interesting.

  172. chuck says:
    April 16, 2015 at 12:57 am

    “And I suppose the Championship sides to-day are fairly well paid, possibly better than many countries top leagues.”

    Well you could always say that and then pick alot of leagues from very small countries, or ones that aren’t very intesrested in football. There still a big gulf between the Championship and the Premier League though. One big difference with leagues like Spain and quite a few other now is the idea of very big teams having their reserve / B teams competing in the proper league as well. There may be arguments on both sides for this. I think it encourages an even greater dominance by the giants having an A team in the first division and a B team in the second one.

  173. I attempted to read the article by George Caulkin, a boring tale, telling us what we already know.

    The guy’s a maudling idiot and should lay off the bottle, either that or get really whacked before he hits the keyboard.

    I’m not so sure there are that many continental sides, that pay more than the Championship league, apart from the obvious, both leagues on the Spanish peninsula, France and Italy, Germany and Holland and of course Russia. apart from those, well I suppose the Turks and Greeks.

    Anyway with the number of professional clubs now fielding sides in England, one would think they might produce more talent than they do, but like most developed countries, kids from middle class backgrounds, are just not interested.

    I have no idea why, possibly they prefer to sit in front of a screen and only exercise their

  174. continued.

    fingers, ah well, one would think a bit of dedication and hard work, which could be rewarded with a lifestyle that some can only dream of, seems to have little effect on the majority.

    Unlike their counterparts in the US, where youngsters are more dedicated, being well aware of the rewards of a
    professional contract, that goes for every sport.

    That and of course the core beliefs of every American, winning is everything.

    The same with undeveloped countries and those coming from poor immigrant families within various European countries, who’s dream it is to become rich and famous.

    Anyway, back to the relegation scene, i’ts essential that Newcastle win the three games against WBA, Leicester
    and QPR, because the other scheduled games look like a big ask, certainly of this present bunch we are fielding.

    If the side can manage the nine points from those games
    they should be safe, but remember when we only had to win, what was it three out of eight ?

    Why have I got this feeling that not only do I not care, but the similarity between the players of that relegation season and to-days is very similar and wouldn’t surprise me one bit if we were to go down.

    Better get on the phone to Shearer & Quasimodo.

  175. chuck says:
    April 16, 2015 at 6:51 pm

    “I attempted to read the article by George Caulkin, a boring tale, telling us what we already know.

    “The guy’s a maudling idiot and should lay off the bottle, either that or get really whacked before he hits the keyboard.”

    Aye, It was a bit cliched and clumsy, ringing all the old bells. A Hack’s view of what would get the fans all stirred up. It will be of the easiest protests I’ve ever done, boycotting the game down here in London! :-)

    “chuck says:
    April 16, 2015 at 6:51 pm

    “I’m not so sure there are that many continental sides, that pay more than the Championship league, apart from the obvious, both leagues on the Spanish peninsula, France and Italy, Germany and Holland and of course Russia. apart from those, well I suppose the Turks and Greeks.”

    But that nine countries and nearly half a billion people, Chuck! You’re just left with a load of little postage stamp sized shrapnel countries from old civil wars, devolution, liberation from the Russkies etc.

  176. Chuck, I’m saying they’re not going to have very big leagues in countries like Moldova and Slovenia! Looking at three of the biggest countries you left out though, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium, they have teams like Basle, Salzburg, Anderlecht etc that are like lower and middle Premier League teams. I’m not saying they pay wages like Premier league teams obviously, but they get in the Champions League sometimes, and the Europa League and I don’t think they’ll be lower than most Championship teams.

  177. Yeah I lost interest in the Championship league, but I suppose I had better not as we may very well be playing there next season, as the longer this clown is left in charge the more likely that appears.

    I hate to repeat myself but this current run in reminds me so much of that relegation run in, where we couldn’t get a win for love or money.

    I had forecast a fifteenth place finish and looking at the tables, that appear about right, but we have to win some games, before it’s too late.

    But then I really don’t care anymore (along with a large number of other fans) if it hit’s Ashley in the pocketbook.

    I’m fairly sure he was confident of beating the drop, perhaps he should realize the pundits and bookies are not always right and having already been relegated once, should by now understand, that to gamble on survival, with this particular side is not smart.

    And start listening to people who understand the game, cause he has no clue and having someone with the final say about everything making decisions is a recipe for disaster.

    Yep, the long on the job training period continues and if in fact we do survive, will only increase his hubris.

  178. chuck says:
    April 14, 2015 at 10:47 pm

    “Looks like we have to beat Leicester, WBA and QPR, to survive the drop, but even that’s not a is guarantee !”

    If we beat those teams, we would finish the season on 44 points and ceratinly wouldn’t get relegated.

    On the other hand, the club who were in danger of getting cut adrift at the bottom, Leicester, have just won their last three games and are now only third bottom. This brings the bottom closer to Newcastle, though there is still six or seven points between Newcastle and the bottom three.

    I really hope Watford don’t win the Championship and get promoted. As I pointed out in one of my earlier stories, they are one of the Giampaolo Pozzo owned selling clubs Ashley is modelling Newcastle United on. Chris Hughton might struggle to keep Brighton up in the last two games aginst top teams Watford and Middlesbrough since they lost to bottom three Wigan. Chuck, your sweetheart, Steve Clarke might have made it to the semi final of the cup the other day, but he’s at the bottom end of the Championship with Blackburn as well.

  179. That’s what Chubs and his boys claim, worky. The reality looks to be somewhat different. Even Louise Taylor acknowledged it:

    “Although the official attendance was announced as 47,427 at a ground customarily filled to 52,000 capacity it appears all season ticket holders were automatically included regardless of whether they actually turned up. Certainly the amount of empty seats in the stands seemed more indicative of a figure somewhat closer to the 40,000 mark.”


    With any luck, this is the beginning of the end for Chubs.

  180. Darth, it isn’t completely full all the time, the average is just over 50,000. I kept looking at all the crowd shots and it didn’t look like what Ashley said, but it looked like 40,000, a bit like one of the more mediocre Championship games at SJP a few seasons ago. I was confused because some people there seemed to be just walking out for a minute and coming back in again too. It was confused and a bit of a damp squib, like most things at St James’ Park. Most empty seats seemed to be in the Leazes and possibly the Gallowgate end, with a few old fogeys missing from the east stand. The big Milburn Stand where Emperor Ashley and his court usually go looked pretty full, but I wouldn’t know, I was right there on the front line, boycotting the game from my armchair down here in London.

    I’ve just got the club accounts. I’ll have a read of those today.

    Not from the NUFC accounts, but Mike Ashley and his MASH holdings made over £1/2 billion before tax last year.


  181. The forty seven thousand plus amount, was difficult to verify, as were most other estimated figures.

    However this was by far the most serious attempt.

    However a one shot deal wont phase Ashley one bit, there has to be an organized, continual effort over time before Ashley feels any real threat.

    And it has to include season tickets, shirts, beer and pies, in other words, reduce the clubs profitability.

    I mean I just saw a photo of a fan obviously part of the boycotting crowd, wearing a WONGA embossed shirt, burn the damn thing if you are serious ffs.

    The question is are the fans prepared for a serious campaign, as it will no doubt take time and sacrifice, on their part.

    Sure most fans will declare themselves in favor of a boycott or whatever anti Ashley/Carver policy is suggested by various polls, but are they willing to follow through ?

    Only time will tell ?

    On another matter, none of the above may be relevant, as Boyle-Sport the major bookie who’s logo adorned our neighbor down the roads red and white striped shirts, a couple of years ago.

    Now has NUFC at 66/1 to avoid the drop, which until recently well over !00/1 and could be dropping fast.

    It may be a decent bet if you can get better odds and even at 66/1 ain’t bad, hell i’m gonna lay a few bucks on it.

    As I cant see us beating anyone at this stage, especially those included in the battle for survival, fighting for those few precious points that will keep them up and allow another season of enhanced PL revenues.

    Hell we may be playing Derby’s against both Sunlnd and
    the Smoggies next season, that is if the Smoggies are not promoted.

  182. If people are arguing whether it was 40 or 47,000 it wasn’t exactly Spartacus, was it? It’s another home game against Swansea next and if it’s a few thousand more and Newcastle get a bit better, Ashley will be laughing. You’re right Chuck, they have to dig in and keep it up like the Afghani mujahideen up in the hills. I think the newer Ashley haters even further up north might have spurred them on a bit.

    I noticed a ginger protester walking around in a Wonga shirt.

  183. Wonga have made a loss of £40 million and are struggling to stay in business. Even if they do stay in business, they will be another ‘Claims Direct’ a pale shadow of their former selves and without the ‘wild west’ style lack of regulation that made them such a huge success in the first place.

  184. Yes, WONGA’s loss was significant, which may mean the shirt deal may come to an end, in the near future, well hopefully.

    The loss of WONGA’s sponsorship, combined with a continual boycott by fans of all things related to the club, including season tickets, plus the setback’s in Glasgow, may give Ashley pause for thought and possibly a reconsideration of his current strategy.

    Though I doubt if many fans have the stomach for it.

    I couldn’t help but notice on looking at Sundays Photo’s, both inside and outside of the stadium, the apparent age groups involved, with a mainly younger set of boycotters, while those inside the ground consisted of mainly grey heads.

    Of course it may be coincidence, but perhaps not?

    The pressure is building on Ashley and more so on Carver
    who is unable to control his temper, with a recent falling out with Jonas, who no doubt will be gone come the seasons end, with possibly his highly compensated countryman joining him.

    So much for loyalty which we hear so much about, I have to snigger at Liverpool’s attempts to hang onto Stirling
    one minute condemning him, then offering more money and appealing to loyalty.

    Nah ! it’s all about ‘Dosh’, always was and always will be, a player has a relatively short career and like everyone, has to make it as rewarding as possible and to appeal to loyalty is just nonsense.

    Plus thank goodness they have knowledgeable agents, to advise them, not like in the day where a player would be called to the GM’s office and told he had to take a pay cut, or he had been transferred to another club and had to accept it.

    Of course George Eastham, who had decided to leave NUFC disagreed and later Bosman followed his lead, both taking their respective clubs to court and setting new standards for all.

    I’m curious as to what Ashley will do when he finds himself once again the owner of a second tier club.

    Or if in fact he manages to avoid relegation by the skin of his teeth, will there be a lesson learned ?

    Newcastle United, the worlds twentieth or so largest club, has now become a public joke, with most of the country’s media and pundits, on Ashley’s case, could it be that this may have a negative result on sales of his real business Sports Direct?

    I certainly wouldn’t dismiss it.

  185. Lets see now, If we come close to being relegated or in fact are relegated once again, will Ashley then realize it’s his fault and what will be his reaction ?

    Being we have seen his act from the previous drop, where he was willing to hold onto some of the higher compensated players wages and hope for a quick promotion.

    Signing only people like Williamson and Leon Best, plus frees Lovenkrands and Pancrate (no that’s not a rare disease of the stomach), though both Danny Simpson and Wayne Routledge were brought in, for a combined price of 1.75m.

    A similar situation is possibly about to take place this time if relegated, with rumors of Sissoko, Krul, Tiote,
    Janmaat going on the block to fund new signings.

    As opposed to such players as Duff, Martins, Bassong Owens and Viduka moving on, which helped fund the incoming and cut the wage bill considerably.

    So if we weigh up those moves, it gives us something to go on, as I believe the original five year plans we heard about earlier, were no more than pipe dreams of a know nothing owner, or just another con job.

    Now if we manage to survive with this awful lot we have, not to mention the fact that visions of the club hiring a decent manager, were no more than bait to sell season tickets and is now down to either Carver or McClaren, the bottom of the barrel and a cheap manipulatable
    barrel at that.

    And I would advise those contemplating purchasing or renewing season tickets, to take a wait and see attitude, as I expect there will be many cancelations, certainly enough to where one can decide which games to attend by just purchasing them individually.

    Obviously this was never the expectation of our owner, this present loosing streak, that could end up with another drop to the Championship, explaining the lack of any recent signings, which has come back to bite him in the ass, that’s what happens, when you are ignorant and listen to the bookies and pundits, who are rapidly changing their opinions.

    But even if we succeed in avoiding the drop, does anyone believe we wont sell our best talent or for that matter sign any significant players who will make much of a difference, hell we could be back to square one again next season, fighting for PL survival, which is essential to the Ashley business plan, to be a self sustaining club.

    Nah! aint gonna work, Ashley expects to maintain a PL presence, with it’s rewards without spending, something that is essential and every owner in the country understands, you cant expect to remain in place without spending to improve the side.

    Soh ? I don’t care the risk is all Ashley’s and by now many fans don’t give a damn and have become enured to both a losing side with a hubristic owner who believes he knows better than everyone and is intent on proving it.

    Well good luck with that and lets see.

  186. “Plus thank goodness they have knowledgeable agents, to advise them, not like in the day where a player would be called to the GM’s office and told he had to take a pay cut, or he had been transferred to another club and had to accept it.”

    One of the most important men ever in football was Bobby Robson’s old mate, Jimmy Hill. He got the abolition of the maximum wage for footballers, 3 points for a win was his idea, as was panels of football pundits in the studio and the match programme as we know it today. He had the frst all seater stadium at Coventry. A few of those things might have existed already in other sports, but he brought them all into football. The maximum wage and the three points affected the whole world of football though. The likes of Messi, Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney should all pay him a tithe to him in thanks. He’s done more for football than Sepp Blatter could ever dream of. He really did blot his copybook sticking up for Big Ron though, and fell into the same mess as him with some similarly unfortunate reflections on the “n” word.

  187. Oh yeah ? didn’t actually know that, always thought about “Jimmy Hill” as the color guy with the massive chin, who was a bit overbearing with his comments.

    Seems the anti Ashley crowd are getting themselves a bit more organized, following the successful boycott of the Spurs game.

    Apparently they have stated a continual boycott will continue to take place, plus picket lines at many Sports Direct stores throughout the northeast, also in conjunction with Ranger fans in Glasgow and in the capital, giving Worky the opportunity to do his bit.

    Fortunately we have no SD stores in Manhattan, that I know of and it’s a tough market here so I would advise Ashley not to attempt to horn in on the US market, as many have tried (BIG BOX stores) but with little success.

    Anyhow ! appears it’s not just a one shot deal (the Boycott) lets see ?

    According to the media, our present sycophant of a head coach, has requested the fans demonstrate inside the stadium if they must and The Club has announced cut price tickets for the upcoming game.

    What does that indicate ? possibly the fact that the drop in attendance was more than indicated by the clubs official count and is already becoming worrisome to our esteemed leader, being any lack of profit may be his Achilles heel.

    On the other hand it’s been reported the possibly a majority of PL clubs are seriously considering reduced seat prices for the upcoming season, due to the leagues massive increase in tv revenues.

    But nothing else of major interest it seems, unless one finds the reality of getting a decent coach was no more than a fan pipe dream, the reality being the selection list is reportedly, now down to McClaren and Carver.

    As for player reinforcements, that would I think depend on which league we end up plying in, and yeah don’t dismiss the possibility that it may very well be the second tier.

    Yes folks, it’s a sad state of affairs unfortunately!

  188. I have to say, on the subject of Season Tickets, it just happens to be the most important and divisive measure and one that separates fans from being a united group.

    Why for instance did the club institute such a system of guaranteed annual income, which was expanded under he present regime ?

    Of course an ideal situation would be to have the club owned exclusively by the fans.

    Second choice being a club owned by stockholders, each being more democratic than the present system, where the club is controlled by one person, leaving everyone subjective to his whims.

    The season ticket, is a divisive issue, due to the fact, no one who has what is considered a decent seat, is presently willing to risk loosing it, however they may in fact be willing to boycott any one or two games, but any long term involvement is an ask too much, after all it’s bought and paid for and quite understandable.

    To consider a season ticketless club, where it’s first come first served, would give the fans more control over the clubs destiny under a one single ownership situation.

    How ? well would avid moviegoers or similar places of entertainment contemplate going to every show, no! they would consider it a ridicules system and would want to pick and choose, leaving those who own those arenas or houses the choice of showing only the best available.

    A case in which the fans have the choice of attending or not, without any personal loss.

    When applied to NUFC, the fact that due to a situation where no personal loss is involved fans can refuse to co-operate, either for reasons that now exist, club policies, lack of investment, poor management etc.

    Giving them he ability to assert some kind of involvement to force ownership to change policies by withdrawing their support, that being by not buying tickets.

    And we are all aware that any business loosing money has a reaction which is to change to a policy that guarantees profit over loss.

    Soh ! don’t buy season tickets, it’s that easy, really !

  189. chuck says:
    April 23, 2015 at 5:37 pm

    “I have to say, on the subject of Season Tickets, it just happens to be the most important and divisive measure and one that separates fans from being a united group.

    “Why for instance did the club institute such a system of guaranteed annual income, which was expanded under he present regime ? ”

    Well to be honest, Newcastle isn’t really different from other clubs in that regard. However, it is stating the obvious to say that Ashley likes to draw in the punters with his crazy deals (as he would have you believe anyway). Full Season tickets, then half season tickets, then quarter, this deal, that deal, price freeze until people are completely bamboozled with these offers. It’s Ashley on his home turf, making people think they are getting a crazy, once in a lifetime deal when they are really getting their pockets picked.

    That thing about Newcastle United being the cheapest Premier league day out was a pure Ashley con trick. You can get about one ticket out of 52,000 at the price it is based on.

  190. Yes, the question was somewhat rhetorical, to make anyone (apart from yourself) who might be scanning the blog, to think about the situation, where he cons people into a long term involvement, having them believing they are saving money.

    Fact is there are a number of PL clubs, certainly West Ham, who have announced they will reduce prices for fans during the upcoming season, due to the increased revenues they are about to receive.

    Does anyone believe Ashley will follow suite ?

  191. Well a real ‘crazy deal’ really has landed straight in West Ham’s lap. A lovely new, world class Olympic stadium, now reduced to the perfect size for them (55,000), and with a fancy state of the art seating system that goes over the running track to give it back that dedicated football stadium feel with the fans closer to the pitch. Unlike Arsenal, and Spurs when they finally get building, they got all that for peanuts. It’s a good gesture toward the fans, though some of it might also be driven by a need to pull in over 50,000 every other week too. ;-)

  192. Yeah !
    Sweet deal that, could change the club completely.

    Though there’s that question of location, being the new stadium is not exactly central, which begs the question are the fans willing to travel.

    I think so initially and face it, many fans are used to traveling already, from other parts of the city.

    I think the Hammers could be a target for a takeover, London side, new stadium, ability to be used for concerts, plus track and field events, a moneymaker.

    Must have been a few quid changed hands in order to get such a deal, much to Spurs chagrin, the Hammers main contenders for the stadium.

  193. When I mentioned a few games ago, the possibility of NUFC going down, few were even considering it, I believe that most fans were in that same mindset, “hell we gotta get another six or more points” keeping us safe.

    Cause the bookies said so and they are seldom wrong.

    Well doesn’t look that certain anymore with one pundit stating the may not pick up any points at all.

    It’s now deja vu all over again!

    With things looking as bleak as 2009

  194. That’s what happens when you try to compete in the EPL, without spending, it’s similar to killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

    What you get from a cheap hustler who thinks he has everything covered and doesn’t understand how things can go so wrong.

    Time to hire some talent, instead of lackeys that come cheap, for obvious reasons.

  195. The East End Olympic stadium is central for West Ham, Chuck. That could be why they got it over Spurs. They have also built / are building lots of tall Noo York style residential developments around the old Olympic park. The world’s biggest worldwide sporting event was there, so it’s easy to get big crowds there from outside too with Olympic sized stations. All the Gods smiled on on West Ham the day they got that deal. I lived in Stratford when it was a dump.

  196. Another tense afternoon coming up then. I’ll have to get some Diazepam ready. If we lose this one against Swansea it’s gong to go really off key. Even the underdog we would be expected to get some points against, Leicester (who are next) are now resurgent and have won their last three games, four if they can beat Burnley this afternoon.

  197. Yeah, looks like WH are the closest club ground of the big London sides (no doubt about to get bigger and an attractive takeover target)to the Olympic stadium.
    I prefer to think of them not as lucky but must have spread plenty of “heavenly grease” around.

    Well to-day went according to plan, the early gift of a goal gave false expectations to the crowd, but we just don’t have the horses and may well go down, as I cant see them winning many of these last important games.

    In which case all three big NE clubs may be playing against one another, next season.

    Gannin Doon with the Makims !

    Noticed Ashley has missed the last two games, things must be getting hot for him, the continued boycott plus I doubt if he wants to risk enraging the fans any more than he already has.

    I don’t envy his position, but he has only himself to blame, making all decisions.

    Apparently (it’s been reported) the decision to approach McClaren was made around Christmas, meaning someone apart from Ashley new about it and the names we were reading about, were no more than season ticket bait, “we live in hope and die in despair”.

    We have been told that NUFC fans are among the best in the country,( well most football fans everywhere believe themselves specifically as the most loyal) so what does that say about those, who pay lip service to the boycott, but still show up in their WONGA endorsing replica shirts.

    They must also like a bit of S&M, being it’s very painful to watch your side get badly beaten every game while paying for it.

  198. Worky @ 221#

    Yes you should, I layed a few bucks on it, but from the time this loosing streak started, I got that deja vu feeling, just like 2009, where the side stopped playing.

    This time we just don’t have the horses and unless something radical is done, we may end up being in the second tier for some time.

    Which means, there will be no big time purchases made.

    And will leave Ashley with a delima, what to do! what to do!

  199. The local side for Stratford is Leyton Orient, which is next door to Stratford but West Ham is the local big team. Leyton are going bonkers because they think they are going to be wiped out by West Ham now.

    As for the Newcastle United fans

  200. Yeah Appalachia!
    Whos distinctive singing style is a very close variation of what’s known as “Sean Nos” or (old style) which is a non accompanied style of singing common to the Irish speaking areas of the Island, which migrated to the US during periods of immigration during early colonial times.
    A culture that includes a number of distinctive musical and dance styles and in many cases merged with that of African Americans and other immigrant influences, to blend into to-days popular music.
    Another interesting style being that of the northern Mexican states, which adopted both the accordion and the Polkas of German immigrants to Texas.
    Certainly the area south of the mason Dixie line was a cultural mélange of immigrant Musical instruments and musical styles.
    Some retain their original sound (mostly through isolation) with others blending and adding variations to the original.
    Yes the US history of it’s musical origins is an interesting read.

  201. Yes the question does arise. which side are you on ?

    Of course ninety nine percent give lip service to those opposed to Ashley and his hi-jacking of your football club, yet you show up regularly at St. James’ for every game, wearing your WONGA shirts.

    Hoping someone else will do the job for you and you wont have to give up that choice seat.

    In which case, you can only expect more of the same, there is a choice involved and the majority have decided they don’t want to get involved.

    Ah well !

  202. It’s the dirty secrets of Sports Direct on TV now, with a focus on fatty himself too. The bustard really should be locked up for the things he does.

  203. Will he stay or will he go ?

    Looks like things have got out of hand a bit, with spokespeople from the club (aided no doubt by the worst PR department I have ever witnessed in action) backing down and admitting they might have made mistakes.

    Meaning of course Ashley has made mistakes, being his is the final word in regard to everything.

    Of course the Swansea attendance (lowest in many years for a regular PL game) plus the Spurs game, with fans streaming out long before both games ended, certainly registered and will no doubt have our dear leader quite concerned when he checks the ker-ching machines register.

    That, plus the likely hood of relegation looming is not exactly what the plan was supposed to be and has a number of people looking for the panic button.

    Though there appears to be no plan “B” with everyone keeping schtum.

    Any further demonstrations or boycotts could send the club crashing, with the resulting effect on the side, creating a mass exodus of our top players, which can’t be replaced, as no one wants to play for what has become a toxic side and can you blame them.

    This is not just an unfortunate event that got out of hand, but a serious situation, where a massive loss could occur, with serious repercussions.

    As I stated the hammer is in the hands of the fans and a couple of more weeks of pressure could very well result in some kind of peace offering from our dear leader, realizing all along the fans were the one part of the equation he couldn’t control, but as most haven’t yet realized it, they should continue to pressurize him until he cries uncle.

    Whenever fans unite by using their power, that of withholding both their support and that substantial amount of money, it’s only a matter of time before something gives.

    For instance, all the Sports Direct banners against a backdrop of an near empty stadium, may have the opposite effect than intended, that plus secondary picket lines at various SD branches, could turn many against Ashley and his way of bulldozing his way both as far as football clubs are concerned plus his cut throat business practices.

    Face it the man is on few peoples Christmas card list (perhaps Carver, Pardew, Penfold and Llambias’) in which case it might be a good idea, to change the plan, that has only succeeded in raising the heckles of many and left the club in a total mess, that it will be interesting to see how he attempts to extracts himself
    from .

  204. Statement from NUFC:

    “In reference to our statement last night (Monday, 27th April) regarding the Channel 4 ‘Dispatches’ programme, The Secrets of Sports Direct, Newcastle United would like to clarify the facts for the benefit of supporters. Last night’s programme made a wholly inaccurate claim regarding the retail relationship between the Club and Sports Direct.

    “In the Club’s view, the broadcaster deliberately misled Newcastle United supporters and provided yet another example of erroneous media reporting which only serves to further antagonise fans. In January 2014, in the minutes of its Fans Forum which are published online, the Club confirmed how the retail relationship with Sports Direct works.

    “For the purpose of clarity, we can reconfirm that 100 per cent of the income from goods bought in the Club’s official stores and on its website are received by the Club and not Sports Direct, as the ‘Dispatches’ programme claimed. The only money paid by the Club to Sports Direct is for the stock (at cost price), plus a handling fee. This represents far better value than the costs the Club historically incurred in relation to purchasing, storage and distribution.

    “In fact, the change to our retail operating structure introduced in February 2013, which saw us partner with Sports Direct, increased the profit margin by over 50 per cent. This benefits the Club hugely. In simple terms, the Club receives more money as a result of this relationship. Channel 4 failed to contact the Club in order to clarify any facts in relation to our retail operation.

    “Given that this information was already in the public domain, and had been for over 15 months, we find it incredible that the makers of an investigative current affairs programme chose to air information which was so obviously factually incorrect.”

  205. Chuck, I just couldn’t put a bet on Newcastle United being relegated, just as I couldn’t buy shares in Sports Direct after the banking crisis when everyone was skint and their shares were about to rocket. I just couldn’t do it.

    It’s a pretty hard job to get Newcastle relegated, but whilst they have been losing every game, the teams between Newcastle and the relegation places, Hull, Aston Villa and Leicester have all seen a upturn in fortunes and have started winning. If things go on the way they are and Sunderland pull a couple of results out of the bag with Advocaat too, it could be a Geordie / Mackem fight for survival at the climax of the season. If Sunderland survive at the expense of a relegated Newcastle, I think that might get the fans more radged.

  206. As you know I projected a similar circumstance a few weeks ago, a steady decline, to which I,m sure most who look at my rants, if in fact anyone does, thought, eh! what the hell does he know !

    And I still feel this side will have a hard time winning any game, being it lacks talent and a coach who can define what’s needed.

    I just don’t get it, they got rid of some very good players and for the most part it was Pardew’s fault.

    He just didn’t know how to use the flair players, being he plays such a ridged game, another BSA, though that’s a bit of an insult to Sam, who knows exactly what he’s doing.

    Sam’s sides score mostly from set pieces, Pardew’s answer was to send Williamson into the box and after years of never scoring, he just continued with the same failed policy, ffs!

    And when it came to guys like Marveaux, HB, He had no idea what to do with them, being they didn’t defend for the entire ninety minutes, guess he took it personally.

    As for Santon and Yanga M’Biwa, two decent defenders, both doing well and playing for Italy and France respectively, it was I believe about money and could have been Ashley’s idea and Carter, was used to dump him who used the excuse , the guy cant expect to just walk into the side, at a time when we were crying out for a decent defender, nah! I lost all respect for that delusional clown and the sooner he goes the better.

    I really don’t care if we are relegated, we deserve it, because we have idiot’s running the club, from top to bottom, at least I have been consistent on that theme.

    And they deserve whatever the repercussions are, cause you can’t expect to be successful in the worlds toughest league by cutting corners, it requires a constant reinvestment of talent and no one has or had the cojones to tell Ashley that, even knowing he has no clue about football in general.

    I’m wondering how many presently at the club, told Ashley, hey Boss, you know we could go down.

    In which case it may be more than just a cull of players following the seasons end and a good thing too.

    Yeah, this club needs a top to bottom re-evaluation of both players and other staff and replace the idiots with people who have a track record in the game and FFS listen too them, and with it, a definite change of policies, before we become another Leeds.

  207. Soh ! it’s more distraction, with Carver inviting a couple of dissident fans for a cuppa tea and getting involved with the Nigel Pearson ostrich controversy.

    Hell you couldn’t make this shit up and people wonder why the club is considered a f*cking joke.

    It’s a joke because we have a bunch of incompetents
    running the club, yes men, idiots, poorly paid because no one with any self respect would work for this sleazy

    Then there’s the rumor Paco may be on his way to replace Carver.

    Paco who FFS ?

    Even adding Paco is more than willing to report for duty,
    as he always admired the club, ffs he wasn’t even born the last time the club won anything.

    Like I said distraction, anything to get peoples minds away from thinking about Ashley, or the dreaded boycott.

    This insanity has to come to an end and will happen only by the efforts of a united fan base, who have already proven to be effective, but have to convince the waverers, those who show up week after week, wearing their Wonga emblazoned shirts.

    It’s only for a couple of more games, but will leave Ashley questioning during the off-season, as to whether it will continue through he upcoming season, unless their demands are met during the rapidly approaching summer.

    Or does anyone believe Ashley wants to continue with a confrontational situation, where there is only one loser,
    face it the fans at this time have nothing more to lose.

    Other than a hefty check, for a seat to watch a mediocrity of a side, loose game after game, with the divisional future of the club, as yet still undecided.

    It’s come down to a point that either The Boss, has to attempt to reconcile with the fans or the club could go the way of Leeds, which many though could never happen.

    Question is do the fans have the cojones to follow through ?

  208. chuck says:
    April 30, 2015 at 6:18 pm

    “Paco who FFS ? ”

    I hardly knew anything about him apart from that he was the manager of Rayo Vallecano, Chuck, so I looked him up. Mid table with Rayo Vallecano. He’s been a manager of six different clubs, but he has never been in a job for longer than a year for whatever reason.

    “Question is do the fans have the cojones to follow through ?”

    That will probably be dependent on results, nothing will crush dissent like a win or two. We’ve got what should be a good final run of games, Leicester, West Brom, QPR and West Ham.

  209. Worky

    Yeah a run against what could be called the desperate three, as the Hammers are safe already.

    And we know how desperate and dangerous those sides can be.

    Some interesting run ins in both the PL and the second tier sides, both for promotion and relegation purposes, thought Boro. was going to make it for a while, but will probably be involved in the play offs.

    Then there’s Bournemouth, up for a cupppa coffee (the reality is obvious), but i’m kinda happy to see such a semi miracle take place, it’s similar to the cup runs of sides from the lower leagues, gives their fans, summat to remember.

    Like the Newcastle fans remembering the Keegan entertainers like.

    Never mind ! we have either a championship league to win next season, or a top six spot in the PL, that’s following the enormous Ashley spending spree we eagerly await, along with the arrival of Jurgen Klopp to steer the club to at least a spot in the European shit cup.

    Hey! I heard it from reliable sources, the club will spend big time, as Ashley has realized his plan will not work as a second tier club, being few get to see their televised games with their hundreds of Sports Direct billboards

    So the sky is the limit, in which case anyone with a decent seat get your check signed and drop it in the mail right away, better yet, send it registered in order to ensure it arrives, being Season Tickets will be as rare as hens teeth.

    I’m eagerly awaiting to hear which big stars we are about to bring in, gonna be one hell of a season, which should make up for the pain most fans have suffered through these last few years, and before I forget, gee thanks a million/s Mike !

  210. chuck says:
    May 1, 2015 at 7:11 pm

    “Then there’s Bournemouth, up for a cupppa coffee (the reality is obvious), but i’m kinda happy to see such a semi miracle take place, it’s similar to the cup runs of sides from the lower leagues, gives their fans, summat to remember.

    “Like the Newcastle fans remembering the Keegan entertainers like.”

    Like Swansea you mean? You never know. You should love Eddie Howe the 30 something bright young manager, except he’s English of course. :-) Bournemouth are a bit like the Entertainers with their constant attacking and constant goals. He did it with a squad which was worth about the same as Yohan Cabaye. Dan Gosling is one of their biggest stars. Best team in the Championship to watch. He’s turned a pub team into a mini Barcelona. Did you see them beat Birmingham 8-0?

  211. Erm no! but obviously they are a pleasure to their fans and I only wish them the best, but with such a tiny ground, it’s unlikely they can do more than they have already achieved.

    Well am I surprised at the halfway mark, we are two zip down to Leicester, two soft goals I might add,

    Gannin doon, gannin doon, gannin doon! were gannin doon wi the mackems! gannin doon wi the maaaaakems!

    Cant really blame Carver, he’s just a rather sad case, can taste the managers job and is willing to do anything to get it, but ain’t never gonna be a manager, well maybe at Gateshead or somewhere similar.

    If you are looking to place blame, then there’s only one person…..”Oh ,Oh! three nowt”….. the owner Mike Ashley, who’s hubris has brought this once great club to it’s present condition.

    His greed and lack of football understanding, is responsible, plus his massive ego that results in hiring idiot’s because he will personally make all decisions, so why pay idiot’s big wages.

    We are about to be relegated once again, due to his lack of investment, but it will cost him in the long run.

    Will he learn from his mistakes ?

    No! too big an ego, this is the great Mike Ashley, who made it on his own from Barra boy to billionaire.

    So what happens now?

    Depends, if by some miracle we survive, no doubt he has little choice than to invest in a decent Manager (McClarin probably) and we do have the basis (if we hang onto our best players) to build a decent side, that will reach mid table mediocrity, his stated goal.

    If we go down, who knows, he has little choice other than hopefully re-investing to ensure promotion in one season, as before.

    Either that or sell at a big loss.

    Yes folks, it’s all about Mike !

  212. Have to say I have become a big fan of Nigel
    Pearson, did anyone see the tape of him being interviewed by Journalist/come judge and jury Murphy recently.

    I loved it , he completely reversed the inquisitorial attitude of Murphy, making him look like an idiot, by simply using (not so)common sense, have to say I found it highly entertaining.

    Ah well, down to nine men, that’s it, relegation is staring the club in the face.

  213. John Carver’s interview after the game was a car crash, showed how completely out of his depth he is, and what a twat he is too. The way he absolved himself of blame right at the beginning (“I just wish some people had as much fight and determinantion as what I’ve got”), swiftly following that by blaming everything on the team was cowardly and disgraceful.


  214. I guess that Stuart Pearce isn’t a huge Dummett fan. Here’s what he said about him on Radio 5

    “I thought he was an average full back, but as a centre half. Wow, he’s been awful”

    The defence had no leadership with Coloccini though. They were four individuals wandering around without much co-ordination.

  215. Yes, unfortunately Ashleys mean disposition has once again come back to bite him in the ass, it’s obvious he has no idea of who Carver was, as either a tactician or person and his insistence on controlling everything that happens at the club, through guesswork, is hurting the club and his interests.

    Time for a Director of football, someone with a good understanding of the game, someone he can bounce things off at least, before making those stupid mistakes without any real knowledge other than that hubristic self belief he knows it all.

    The side are in a mess, I would think everyone but Colback, would prefer to be elsewhere, they have given up for the most part, with very little difference between them and the 2009 side, they just don’t care and want to get out of this toxic club.

    We all know the problem, the unwillingness of Ashley to either listen or spend, “hell i’m a self made billionaire and it’s my way or the highway”, yeah big deal, you are also responsible for the mess this club is in, being you cant delegate responsibility or hire and pay a decent wage to those who understand the game.

    From Mort (a beancounter who couldn’t get back to The City Fast enough) LLambias (A refugee from some casino), to the present chubby know nothing, all yes men and just as ignorant as yourself, it’s the blind leading the blind FFS.

    The less said about JFK, KK, Dennis Wise etc the better.

    If this club is to achieve a permanent PL presence, it will require first and foremost a knowledgeable management team, starting with a Director of football, who would be responsible for hiring both a good head coach who in turn would be responsible for bringing in both his assistants and other backroom staff.

    As Carr has been fairly decent in regard to finding some talent, keep him on, with the exception that he plus both the coach and DOF are on the same page in regard to who comes and who goes.

    It’s not rocket science, it’s simply good management, in this game you usually get what you pay for.

  216. Worky

    Yeah I agree Dummett has never impressed me, I just don’t get it how come he’s on the Welsh side, they gotta be better than that.

    You know my attitude regarding Williamson, I find it amazing h’s still here starting after all these years.

    Both Colo and Jonas need to go back to Argentina, though Colo. has been decent over the years, but has lost a step and it’s time.

    There’s got to be a cull of midfielders, Obertan, Anita,
    Gouffran, R. Taylor and perhaps Tiote.

    Ferreyra and Riviere should go also.

    It’s about time the youngsters like Sammy, Armstrong Bigirimana, Aarons, Vukitch , Abied, Ferguson, Satka, Kemen, Mbabu, Woodman and Good were put together in the reserve side, instead of being loaned out, then given the occasional start, evaluated and if they cant cut it
    sold on.

    Why keep them assigned to other clubs, oh yeah ! it’s about penny’s init. guess Ashley will just never get it.

  217. And FFS get rid of that photo of Carver at the top of the blog, which pops out every time one enters the blog, it’s becoming a reminder of how f***ed up this club has become.

  218. I’m starting to love this Andy Dunn guy:

    “Newcastle fans have every right to be angry with Mike Ashley – not grateful for club’s £34m bank balance”


    For me, it’s just a relief to read/hear something other than the brainless “They wanted Pardew out…be careful of what you wish for…serves them right” crap trotted out by the sh|t-sheet hacks and the brainless talking heads on Sky, BT and the BBC in particular (the pr|ck Jason Mohammad “keeps repeating it” by his own admission – it must be on the fukka’s autocue because I’ve seen no evidence to date that he’s capable of spontaneous thought).

  219. Worky

    You posted an official Shorts Direct video a while back – a training video, or some kind of staff junket maybe. Whatever it was, it was attended by a load of Z list sporting celebs – and at least one BBC sports presenter working for the BBC then and now. I’m presuming these people were paid to attend (probably just given a tenner off a pair of trainers knowing big Mike).

    Can you point me to it, or post it again, maybe.

    It might be worth putting a few more names to faces. It might go some way to explaining why the fate of the club gets reduced to comments about “those ungrateful wretches up there” on the BBC (in particular) instead of even the most basic acknowledgement as to why the club is in the sh|te.

  220. Darth, this could be it.

    Aren’t you subscribed to SportsDirectOfficial at YouTube then? Did you watch the Dispatches expose of Sports Direct that was on a few days ago?

    On Newcastle United, one possibilty no one seems to have mentioned yet and that is Graham Carr replacing Carver if the latter gets skewered. He’s managed at non league and old division four level in the past but had to give it up as he was crap and kept getting sacked. He’d be the perfect replacement under the Ashley plan.

  221. chuck says:
    May 3, 2015 at 5:00 pm

    “And FFS get rid of that photo of Carver at the top of the blog”

    There could be some new blogs coming soon.

  222. No worky.

    Oddly enough, no! I haven’t subscribed to the Sports Direct channel :)

    Thanks. The top one’s the one I wanted. I was watching Final Score on Saturday around the time Leicester’s third goal went in – cue the positively GLEEFUL (soppy word, I know, but it’s suitable for use when referring to the behavior of cnuts) exchange between Jason Mohammad, Dionne Dublin (Scatman Crothers) and Martin Keown.

    Needless to say, the stewardship of the club wasn’t called into question. We (“up there”) brought it all on ourselves with our callous vendetta against Chunky, obviously (“As we’ve said before, many times…”).

    Anyway. The video.

    About 1 min 43 secs in, Dionne Dublin’s name comes up in a caption, and we see him speaking to an audience of invited SD employees.

    Can’t be right. Surely.

    I’m not saying he (or the rest of the past and current BBC Sport employees shown throughout that video) have done anything illegal, but it can’t be right that they appear on national TV, relentlessly banging on about the fans without any mention of what we’ve been through in recent years at the hands of their some-time employer, Mike Ashley.

    I did see the Dispatches program, incidentally. I don’t think we saw much that we didn’t already know.

  223. Erm did you ever see the Dr. Strangelove movie, where Captain Bat Guano confronts the RAF liaison officer “Mandrake”, when told to shoot the coke machine in order to get change to make a call to the president of the US at the pentagon?

    Well his reply was something like “If this is some kinda preverted commie trick, you are gonna have to answer to the Coca-Cola Company”, of course everyone laughed, because no one thinks about the reality, face it the Coca-Cola company on your ass, is worse than that experienced by the group that was sued in court by McDonalds, for claiming there food was unhealthy.

    The longest suit ever in the history of British jurisprudence.

    In the world of business and power, one should respect the power of three billion quid, that’s why, all is quiet on the North East front.

    By the way it’s a more interesting movie than most realize, full of such subtleties as Captain Bat Guano, which translates into Captain Batshit and yes he did pronounce it perverted instead of perverted.

    One of the great Directors,(Stanley Kubrick) who’s films are full of similar “preverted” humor both unspoken and as dialog, who directed a number of movies in the UK, I believe for the reason he was allowed more freedom to subtly insert a certain anti war message based on humor, a theme that runs through more than one of his films.


  224. I’m a Kubrick maniac, Chuck. He was one of those Yanks who loved jolly old England. He moved here at the beginning of the 60s. Eventually he got a big mansion in Hertfordshire like Mike Ashley. He made all his movies here from Lolita here because he wouldn’t fly, even though he’d previously been a qualified pilot, he’d only travel by ship. He did get sick of Hollywood shite after Spartacus.

    As for Helen and Dave, the MacLibel two, did you know that the leaflet they were sued for was actually co-written by an undercover Police officer?

    This is the leaflet that started it all. It ended up being the ‘Thriller’ the ‘Rumours’ or the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ of agitprop leaflets. :-) It was translated into many languages all over the world and was handed out for many years because of MacLibel trial and it started the whole anti MacDonalds movement. Hence it was certainly one of the great all time shots in the foot.

    Ashley’s propaganda has been effective in the past for those who are slightly interested, but not like the fans like us who know the big con in forensic detail. Just like the Conservatives have persuaded enough idiots that the British Labour Party caused the whole of the world banking crisis of 2008, Ashley built a similar narrative of a club driven to the brink of liquidation, with a knight in shining armour stepping in to erase all the debt etc. It’s the same big lie.

  225. WORKY
    Yes i’m fairly aware of the McDonalds case and the police spy role, also the various ways the Met. has used their people to spy on a number of organizations, over the years.
    Going as far as letting one male police spy, live with and eventually marry the suspected woman and father a child, how bizarre is that.
    These things happen more often than we can imagine, but who the hell is crazy enough to sanction such acts, it’s pure insanity.
    But the average person is unable to conceive of such things , believing our (generally speaking) police are honest and wouldn’t stoop to such methods, except for the usual bunch of rotten apples.
    At least that’s what they tell us.
    Truth is they, The Police are the one group that will do you the most harm.

  226. Yes! most still believe he failed to go through the due diligence process before buying the club, that he did it on a whim.
    Believe it Ashley knew exactly what he was doing and why would he bother denying such a story.
    Sounds a bit romantic like, that and having pints with the lumpen proletariat.
    He’s a fake, but a dangerous one.

  227. Club statement in the wake of the leicester defeat:

    “Following the result at Leicester City on Saturday, there has been two days of frank dialogue with John Carver and senior players.

    “The outcome of those discussions is that the board, John Carver, his staff and players are absolutely focused on our current situation and the three hugely-important fixtures that remain this season, two of which are at St. James’ Park.

    “All parties accept responsibility for the current situation but are determined, together, to ensure this Club – your Club – retains its Premier League status.”

    “That is the only focus at this time.”

    I don’t understand this modern business of just saying you accept responsibilty, and then nothing. In the good old days you were expected to accept responsibilty, then retire to a room with a large brandy and a revolver, or fall on a bloody good sword if you were Japanese. Nowadays people just say they accept responsibilty and that’s it, as if it actually means something just to say that you accept responsibility.

  228. WORKY

    Yeah I don’t usually read Ed’s blog, as my personal opinion is he does it for the money and has opinions that could be mistaken for a club PR affiliate.

    And by reading some of the posts, it appears, almost no one agree’s with his opinions.

    The number of blogs generated and their subject matter, are consistent with that of a purely moneymaking business, plus the quality of the matter, both his and those commenting,leaves a lot to be desired.

    Though I admit to sometimes commenting on this and other nonsense, by taking umbrage to his opinions, if in fact he has any opinions, other than the best way to get hit’s, is to be controversial.

  229. So what’s the answer to the current situation ?

    Obviously generate enough points to escape the drop, if possible, which at the moment doesn’t look likely.

    What happens if we were to be relegated, the worst case scenario ?

    A clearout, followed by a buying spree to include enough talent to repeat the last relegation period.

    However it may be a bit more difficult than it was then.

    Obviously we will not be able to hang onto a number of our better players, in which case we had better have a number of decent youngsters plus a few veterans, lined up, along with a Director of Football, who in turn can hire his choice of Coach, who will in turn bring his backroom staff.

    To keep the present Carver and Stone along with jobs for the boys ex players etc. is only asking for more of the same failed policies, a clean sweep is needed unless we want more of the same.

    As for the possibility we may survive the drop, what then?

    Basically a similar policy.

    First we must convince those who we want to stay, that is people like Krul, Sissoko, Cabella, Janmaat, etc.
    that there’s going to be a complete change of direction, that the side will undergo a re-investment in players, and management, with an emphasis on winning.

    Look it makes sense for everyone, with a winning side
    Ashley’s baby, Sports Direct, could be associated with a winning mentality as opposed to the present toxic club NUFC have become.

    Think back to the KK sides who were everyone’s favorite second side, that’s the basis for the new NUFC a side that plays attractive football, the new entertainers.

    Hell that would sell shirts and seats plus become a moneymaker, instead of a boring defensive side, that sells of it’s flair players and struggles with relegation
    every year, no one wants that crap.

    After all football is a form of entertainment, no one goes to a game to be bored, the question is will Ashley admit to the fact his tenure as owner so far has been a bust and would he be willing to change direction.

    No one is expecting him to compete with the oligarchs, though he himself is not short of a bob or two.

    Simply hire the right people and spend a few bob, on an entertaining bunch of players, with a bit of spirit, who will give fans an entertaining display wherever they play.

    Is that too much to ask, for the twentieth richest club in the world ?

  230. workyticket says:
    May 5, 2015 at 9:38 am

    “Ed Harrison’s blaming truculent fans for the club’s current situation”

    JFW! We’re finally seeing sections of the mainstream media looking at the stewardship of the club under Ashley and Harrison’s churning out that kind of sh|te.


  231. It’s always Dr this and IBM that with Ed. I think he sees himself as above the brutish hoi polloi who read his site. Mind you, it reminds me of a chimp’s tea party gone mad when it goes off in there so I would as well :-)

  232. I’m afraid we are destined as in 2009 to drop to the second tier, nothing tells me we can account for the necessary points needed.

    What to do, what to do ?

    With Caver in control and the fact our defense is in a shambles and with no real quality backup, how can we possibly gain any points.

    Oh ! Mr. Ashley you are in deep dooddoo.

    Not that I care anymore, you have brought he majority of fans, too their knees, now it’s your time to once again reap the consequences of your decisions, that is fail to hire the necessary talent’s to run this club, too bad!

  233. Bobby Moncur was on Radio Four’s ‘Today’ this morning following the Club statement i posted above and on the same theme, ie People have accepted responsibility, forgiven themselves and it’s now the duty of fans to stop this anti Ashley thing, return to the stadium and cheer the side, otherwise they could be relegated and it will all be the fault of the fans. He also revealed that Carver has now apologised to Mike Williamson.


    Judas is on from around 1:28 onwards. The Coloccini letter (another version of the return to the stadium and back the team message) was also mentioned separately in the show. When two NUFC news items make the Today show alongside the Election, ISIS, Boko Haraam etc, that can only mean things really are a tragi-comic mess again at Sid James’ Park. Allegedly being turned down by Steve McClaren is mentioned too in regard to Ashley’s Newcastle United brand being as toxic as a blowfish in Fukushima right now.

  234. Gael Bigirimana discusses Newcastle united’s potential relegation:

    “This might put me in trouble but you look at what happened to Southampton five or six years ago,” he told Sky Sports News, referencing Southampton’s descent into administration and relegation into League One in 2009. “Sometimes as a club you need everything to be reviewed – its foundation and the structure.

    “I don’t want them to go down and get relegated. Nobody wants that to happen but it’s all about the future.”

    From the Guardian article (not Louise Taylor):

    “Bigirimana has not played for Rangers after his loan and says he is suffering from a mystery illness that will sideline him until after the end of the terms of his move.” :-)

  235. The local rags in Newcastle are as much a joke as NUFC and if it were up to me I would include them in any boycott.

    Talking about the poll, which suggests the majority of fans want to halt the boycott and cheer on the side, as if nothing had ever happened, that’s 58% as opposed to 27% who wish to continue boycotting, but where do the 12% who want to continue demonstrating fit in and why were the included anyway, you cant have your cake and eat it, or can you ?

    I could hardly believe the article concerning Ashley, coming from ED., who not only laid all blame for the present situation on the fans only yesterday and completely reverses his opinion, with an article on Ashley, who claims he wasn’t aware of how serious things were and held a conference call, ripping Carr Carver, the wee pudgie GM and whoever else…..

    Yep ! the beginning of the blame game, who is responsible for the forthcoming relegation ?

    Hell I projected it months ago, guess I just didn’t know what I was talking about, even when I mentioned the bookie odd’s dropping to 66/1, what are they now ?

    Anyway, blood has to be spilled, someone will pay, probably Carver and the bean counter whatever his name is, plus the pudgie GM, who was probably in a state of shock and became immobilized, I mean what was he supposed to do, after spending a whole career, sharpening pencils or something similar, until he was called, NEXT! and he became the new GM.

    The real culprit Ashley will then announce to the fans, I have got rid of the cancer at the club and I will personally oversee, the best and most knowledgeable management team in the PL, while calling NEXT !

    Hell we may eventually end up with ball boys and tea lady’s running thing’s not that that bothers me, probably do a better job than the present bunch of clowns.

    “Breaking News”, Forbes, has just announced “NUFC are the nineteenth wealthiest club in the world”, so why is the nineteenth place team in the world, about to be relegated ?

    How can that be justified and who is the real villain ?

  236. Just checking out the Forbes list, which recons NUFC are now in 18th place with a valuation of 325M.

    Interesting to note they have only been out of the top 20 once in the last eight years, even more interesting is the fact that seven years ago both Glasgow Celtic and Rangers were included in the top 20, how the mighty have fallen, for the lack of a decent TV contract.

    That may very well apply to NUFC in the coming season, as they look to be heading to-wards the second tier and missing out on the new increased tv revenue of the EPL.

    I just feel so sad for poor Mike Ashley, having done his best for the club, by subsidizing it and saving it from the fate of say Rangers!

    He’s such a decent guy and strangely enough has decided to help the struggling and indebted Rangers also, though he receives little in the way of thanks, from either clubs demanding fans.

    I just don’t get it ?

  237. This being election day, I believe there is something strange going on within the SNP in Scotland, face it when Sturgeons takes over the leadership from Salmonds, one can only say, summat fishy gannen on here like!

  238. Just when the boycott has gained a bit of momentum, there are calls from the waverers, that’s those who are willing to be used and abused and generally lied to.

    Using the excuse, we have to support the side in order to avoid the possibility of relegation, which is nonsense.

    Hell we have the self proclaimed best coach in the EPL, a solid side, with desire and the fact none of them want to go down, well some might, in order to escape this toxic side and can you blame them.

    The side will either escape the drop or go down, whether there’s a full stadium or not, plus the fans are not about to raise anything above a polite murmur, being they have become inured to defeat after defeat.

    It’s my belief, the boycott must continue until our Dear Leader meets the demands of the fans, which are simply that of every PL side, decent football, an attempt to win something and to act as if they were the eighteenth richest club in the world.

    Not as a money maker for the owner and an advertising adjunct to his real business.

    Fact is a winning NUFC, could be worth a lot more than a losing NUFC, certainly a side that plays attractive football, KK already proved that with “The Entertainers” and the relationship between SD and NUFC could be more beneficial than it’s present association with what has become commonly accepted as a toxic club.

    More propaganda by the day, the latest being, either Moyes or Clement, will be contacted and offered the heed coach gig.

    Yeah when pigs fly!

    And even if offered I’t would take a brave or naïve soul to take over this mess, knowing Ashley’s history.

    Nah! Ashley has to go and the only way is by refusing to give him your money or support his side, as it’s no longer a club that gives a damn about them.

  239. chuck says:
    May 7, 2015 at 3:32 pm

    “This being election day, I believe there is something strange going on within the SNP in Scotland, face it when Sturgeons takes over the leadership from Salmonds, one can only say, summat fishy gannen on here like!”

    Was that a joke, Chuck (Sturgeon – Fishy)? :-) If anyone keeps the Tories in power, it would be the SNP. They played a role in Thatcher getting in in 1979 too. I never trust a party with “National” or “Nationalist” in their name as it always leads to trouble.

  240. Worky
    Yeah ! bit of a lame joke with no real association with the role of the SNP, though I am aware of the resulting loss to Labor.

    And like yourself I’m very suspicious of any political party with the word national involved.

    Surely Labor is and was the party of the working class, though there are few left these days who consider themselves workers, everyone to-day is middle class, the reason most politicians claim to represent that group..

    When one thinks of those who re created Britain following the end of WW2, introducing the National Health System and re nationalizing, railroads,
    Trucking, mines and rebuilding the social services.

    It was a minor miracle, Poor old Atlee would never get elected if he had to depend on to-days voters, along with the Bevan & his namesake Bevin, Hugh Gaitskell even a young Harold Wilson, all who through determination and hard work, brought about massive changes in the lives of the working classes.

    How easily they forget, while concentrating on their attempts to achieve a step up in the social scale, of course fully supported by our recent “New Labor”, led by
    Tony Blair and his dour team mate Gordon Brown, who in turn, have a lot to answer for.

    As for the SNP and their recent recruit’s, where were they when it came time for them to break the ties to England, where they have been tolerated but for the most part treated as poor cousins.

    No! the just didn’t have the cojones to become independent, they had no faith in themselves, a slavish attitude and now to become turncoats to the one party (Labor) who did anything for them, is disgraceful.

    I suppose they see themselves as the balance of power in the UK, as parties such as the greens, UKIP, even the Lib Dems can not be relied upon to stick around.

    The elected members from NI in the Parliment used that tactic, when dealing with thin majority elected government’s in the past, quite effectively I might add.

    Obviously the big loser was Labor, but the Lib-Dems, greens and UKIP, proved to be paper tigers, however the next referendum , that of continued membership in the EU, will be a test for the Tories.

    Personally I don’t get it, the UK has managed to have it’s cake and eat it and has the best deal of any country in the political block, why would they want to endanger that ?

    Does anyone believe that a small island off the coast of Europe, can be more successful in isolation from a mega block of hundreds of millions of perspective customers, sorry there’s only one country that can afford to be independent and that’s Norway .

  241. chuck says:
    May 8, 2015 at 9:10 pm

    “As for the SNP and their recent recruit’s, where were they when it came time for them to break the ties to England, where they have been tolerated but for the most part treated as poor cousins.”

    It’s better in Scotland than it is in England, Chuck! The Scottish Parliament, free University and free prescriptions which are no longer available in the UK etc. They know how to use their leverage to the maximum. Also, the amount of money they receive is decided by something called the Barnet formula, which was decided when the population was higher than it is now, hence, Scotland get more money that the rest of the UK apart from Northern Ireland, which has had very special security considerations due to some slight disgreements in the past. The real poor cousins are Wales, the North, the Midlands and Northern Ireland though the final one gets the highest spending. London gets the most spending of all of course, but it is a major world city that generates huge amounts back which also subsidises the rest of the UK overall. If the provincial cities manufactured stuff like they used to, it might have been a different story and the country would have a more balanced economy.

  242. Worky

    Yes I understand that, however it’s a fairly recent phenomena, a lot of which has to do with the threat of devolution.

    My point is since the original choice to combine the two countries, the Scots like the Irish, who never agreed but were forced into a joint state, for the most part, fought Britains wars and kept the landowners (land stealers) in the style they had become accustomed too.

    Not to mention the vast sums of oil money, from Scottish waters over the last few decades, who’s revenues went directly to London.

    And when Margaret Thatcher decided that the UK would de-industrialize, leaving hundreds of thousands of Scots workers without those well paying jobs, the same applied to NI and the north of England and Wales.

    Everywhere that heavy industry existed is to this day a disaster area, with no real answer from those who directed things or those remaining, sure, any number of places have attempted to reinvent themselves, but with little success.

    And it’s always handy to have your nuclear submarine base located next to a major population center , as long as it’s not London,

    That and dump your nuclear waste in the north of Scotland, which those in power say is perfectly safe, my question is if it’s so safe why not dig under St. Jamas’Park (not in Newcastle but London) and bury it there.

    Look the UK is not an even playing field, with the majority of wealth located in London and it’s surrounding counties, who’s population are part of to-days massive service industry.

    I have no real problem with the SNP, even if I don’t think they did the right thing in the vote for devolution, they have to fight their corner as best they can and by uniting and applying political pressure to either majority party, they may do ok.

    As they have become the balance of power

    As for the fact they have a free third level educational system, and other better funded social systems fine, if they can afford it, both they and he Irish, then why not the UK in general, as the country is going to need all the brainpower it can use, in this age where intelligence
    and a well educated workforce, are a necessity in order to compete.

  243. chuck says:
    May 8, 2015 at 10:47 pm


    “Yes I understand that, however it’s a fairly recent phenomena, a lot of which has to do with the threat of devolution.”

    Not really. There was a heated referendum in 1979 too and some of the rest is a bit of a myth. Scotland isn’t the same as Ireland, even though the troubles in Northern Ireland were played out between Irish Catholics and the decendents of Scottish Presbyterians who moved there over 100s years from Tudor / Jacobean times. The history of Scotland and England is very complex, it’s not just about Englash oppression of Scotland, Scots have also ruled over England sometimes and even today, a large amount of the people in power over the whole of the UK have been Scottish, especially on the Labour side. Labour started in Scotland more than anywhere and is as Scottish as deep fried pizza.

    It depends what you mean by “forced” Chuck. Before the 1707 Act of Union, Scotland wanted to be colonial oppressors just like the English, but they were shite at it and their adventures in the Americas met with abject failure and financial disaster. So the rich Scots who lost their fortunes (deservedly so) trying to nick a bit of central America said if you can’t beat ’em (the English), join ’em. So they did. England bailed them out and the Scots became highly prominent in British domination of the world. Enterprising Scots made huge fortunes around the empire. Apart from Citibank / Citicorp or whatever it is, the biggest bank in the world is still the Hong Kong and Shanghai bank (HSBC) which was founded by a Scot within the British Empire. They still have a huge banking industry thanks largely to the UK. Scottish oil money has gone to the UK, but Scotland receive more back through he Barnet formula, hence the little perks I mentioned above.

    What the Nationalists have done is help to bring the bloody Tories back like they did in 1979 with Mrs T, not just by taking lots of seats from Labour in Scotland but from actively helping to give the Tories an open goal by encouraging Tory scare stories about the SNP holding the balance of power with Labour, demanding stuff like cancelling the UK’s nuclear weapons and spending all the money on Scotland etc…

  244. You’re wasting your time worky. Will you never learn?

    There’s nothing you can tell him that he doesn’t already know.

    The man’s offering you free schooling on the history and politics of your own country (not taught over here, obviously).

    Just sit back and be impressed :)

  245. As if Dublin and Keown weren’t bad enough on BBC Final Score last week, I’ts Beattie, Sinclair and that pr|ck Kevin Kilbane.

    Kevin Kilbane is just as talented a pundit as he was a player.

  246. DarthBroon says:
    May 9, 2015 at 4:40 pm

    “I’ve been watching a reasonable quality feed ”

    Mine was good for a browser one as well, Darth. It was called gofeed2all or something like that.

    I noticed than instead of hoofing the ball all the time as usual, Krul kept rolling it out to one of the outfield players like the big, fancy teams do. It was a big change of approach and we were better than awful this time and didn’t lose. We still went down to 17th though.

  247. Well ! a very entertaining game to watch, with everyone in he Newcastle side giving it their all, though face it, was here any alternative and looking good against a lumbering West Brom. who were there only to avoid defeat.

    All I can say is thank goodness we don’t have Pulis for a manager, as his sides play that controlled ugly style, that is, a standard of many English coached sides (Pardew, BSA, Pulis, etc.

    It’s no accident all the top sides have non English coached sides.

    The EPL may become the Serie A of football, playing a synical unentertaining game, with points and survival the product on offer ,as opposed to entertainment.

    Soh! is one point enough to secure a EPL spot, not really, perhaps a win against fellow strugglers QPR,
    could do it, but don’t count on it.

  248. Major Kong says:
    May 9, 2015 at 5:09 pm

    “It’s no accident all the top sides have non English coached sides.”

    Do you even bother to read what you’ve written before you post?

    And Tony Pulis is Welsh.

  249. Worky

    Will you be doing a blog for the remainder of the run-in games (one for each game, maybe? Or even just a single article to give us something to post against that relates directly to the relegation fight – preferably without Johnny Boy’s face on it)?

    Even the people who’ve drifted away from the blog generally come back to post on new threads, and I imagine a good few of them would be keen to join in for the last knockings.

  250. I think it would be appropriate that any article relating to the run-in (and our possible relegation), should have Mike Ashley figuring as large as possible in the title graphic.

    Maybe a few smaller pictures of Lee Charmless and Alan Pardew in the background.

    I personally don’t think Carver should be a part of that rogue’s gallery. He’s already paid enough for stupidly wrapping his hands around the poison chalice (which is a giant unbreakable Shorts Direct mug at NUFC, obviously).

  251. Darth, I’m thinking about more blogs soon, maybe Hugh will write something as well.

    “He’s already paid enough”

    I think the amount Ashley has spent on managers in the last few years has probably been in negative figures with the millions of Alan Pardew compo coming in.

  252. It wasn’t lost in me that Ashley made a profit from Pardew moving on, worky. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s got Carver’s life insured to the hilt in the hope of another windfall :)

    What I should have written was “[Carver’s] already *suffered* enough” as I’m starting to feel sorry for him now.

    Listening to that pr|ck Kevin Kilbane on BBC Final Score this afternoon, you’d think Carver had taken up where Jimmy Saville had left off, rather than losing his rag at a player who’s let everyone down badly (it was left to Trevor Sinclair to trot out the obligatory “be careful what you wish for” sh|te for the afternoon).

    I look forward to the new blogs if you and Hugh have the time.

  253. I was watching the Yank NBC one, Darth. I didn’t see final score. Carver was having a fit at the fourth referee and looked like he was about to blow a gasket for much of the game. He looks like a man on the edge.

  254. On the recent history lesson.

    The 1979 referendum was only a trial, which was introduced to determine the amount of support for a future countrywide vote on independence, which turned out to be 51% in favor, not a bad number , but these were early days, with most voters having never seriously thought about the possibility.

    Scotland running the UK, perhaps if you consider, the Stuart reign, and yes the Scots and trade unionist’s were primarily founders of the Labor party.

    Unfortunately Milliband has turned out to be unable to either generate much in the way of public interest being such a bland personality, aught to have made a deal with the SNP, being the writing was on the wall for Labor in Scotland.

    Face it the Tories had jumped at the idea of a coalition with the Lib-Dems and past Labor governments had in fact
    joined forces with the SNP.

    The Scottish settlement on what’s known as the Panamanian Ithsmus, was an interesting concept, that of trans-shipping between the worlds major oceans at the narrowest point.

    A concept that was before it’s time, both badly planned and suffered from the various diseases prevalent in the area, which ended badly eventually being expelled by the Spanish.

    As for Scottish entrepreneure’s in the far east, many who were Scots ship owners or masters, along with traders, who were the originators of trading companies and banks.

    Sure, but to mention some of the largest, HSBC Hutchinson Whampoa, etc. as in any way being either British controlled or owned is absurd, these are all controlled by the Chinese who have become more adapt at business.

    As for the so called betrayal of Labor by the Scots, lets take a wait and see attitude, apparently many may have a post independence guilt and realized, they as one solid block can be more effective, because no one can convince me they are a homogenized group.

    Ah! the Presbyterians, yes an early group in the colonization of the north of Ireland, but a group who were treated almost as bad as the native Irish and who were prominent in the United Irishmen, a political organization, produced their own paper and were in favor of creating a republic not unlike that of France or the US in combination with the native Irish

    Though many had emigrated to the New World, as a result of their treatment at an earlier time and where they became quite successful, a number of which were elected to the Presidency.

    As you stated History is not necessarily what you learn in school, it, requires a little research.

    And Oh ! had Scotland declared independence at the time the first oil discoveries were made, they could with the resulting revenues, became an economy much like that rich neighbor to the northeast, Norway.

  255. workyticket says:
    May 9, 2015 at 7:27 pm

    “He looks like a man on the edge.”

    I think so too, worky. Then again, not everyone has Chunky’s thick skin. Pardew’s started to squeal a bit since he left but while he was here, he made a big point of telling us how tough he was; how little the fans’ opinions affected him.

    Carver’s had to deal with all of the PR mess Pardew left for him – and all of the sneering and finger-pointing from the “be careful what you wish for” shower as we slid down the table. Apart from the fans, everyone in the media seems desperate to see him fail. As ever, few people want to talk about Ashley.

    No one made Carver take the job, I know. But the baying for his head from tossers like Kilbane, Dublin, The Neville Brothers and Robbie Savage has gone way over the top in the last couple of weeks.

  256. Robbie Savage really gets on my tits.

    Darth, there’s no point in going on about Pardew anymore. Everything is Ashley’s fault and the rest are just characters who come and go, even if it was four years in Pardew’s case.

  257. Seeing as Palace lost at home again (nothing too impressive going on at Selhurst Park after all), I was looking at their position in the table and, while there’s still a chance for us to finish on the same points, goal difference makes it virtually impossible for us to finish above them.

    It’d be nice to roll up right behind them, though.

    That’d leave the BBC talking pinheads with one less stick to beat us with.

  258. DarthBroon says:
    May 9, 2015 at 8:14 pm

    “Seeing as Palace lost at home again (nothing too impressive going on at Selhurst Park after all),”

    Well when Pardew’s up, he’s up and when he’s down, he’s down. It all averages up to mediocre but with more extremes than most. Maybe he can get players really pumped up for a few games using his self help ‘I am a big man’ style techniques, but it doesn’t last and then they slump into a depression?

  259. Well, the gloss has definitely worn off by the looks of things, worky.


    I think you may be right about the self-help BS being one of the few tools he has to work with. It’s a bit late for the problems to take root this season, obviously, but they can look forward to the sh|te beginning in earnest next year.

    He’s certainly no man manager in the long run. He might not be as reckless as Carver in publicly throwing players under the bus – but we’ve seen him point the finger at people in sneaky and subtle ways, leaving the press and fans in little doubt as to who he thinks is responsible for a bad result.

    So, it’ll be interesting to see who he blames when the rot sets in next year.

  260. Aye but it doesn’t matter, Darth. If you don’t get Pardew, you get Carver, or Kinnear, or a weird arrangement with a club legend / figurehead who’s never managed before with another fifth rate manager in the background doing the real job, or whatever the craziest thing they could possibly do at the time is.

  261. Well, I reckon the ‘crazy’ thing for us will be Carver in charge again next year. Whether we stay up or go down.

    There’s always a chance Chubs’ll offer the job to Peter Beardsley (is that who you meant by “club legend/figurehead”?). What he won’t do is hire a proper manager. We all know that.

    That ever-lengthening list of European talent scrambling to throw their hat in the ring for the toon job is a load of bollox, of course. Made up from start to finish.

    And I don’t believe for a moment anyone spoke to McClaren either. The standard of sports journalism in this country is appalling.

  262. DarthBroon says:
    May 11, 2015 at 9:07 pm

    “There’s always a chance Chubs’ll offer the job to Peter Beardsley (is that who you meant by “club legend/figurehead”?). ”

    No, I meant that arrangement with Alan Shearer and the other Quasimodo, Iain Dowie when we were relegated. I remember that we went 3 at the back with wing backs (before it was trendy). That wasn’t much at all but it was enough it pique my curiosity as I knew it was a Dowie thing, but would seem like a strange thing for Shearer to do. So, I looked into it more deeply the more I looked, the more it became obvious that it was a charade. People thought I was bonkers but Llambias said the same thing long after, moaning that they hired Shearer and got Dowie. For once the old ratfink was actually telling the truth. Shearer was completely out of his depth and Dowie, a very poor manager who was also out of his depth was the de facto manager / head coach when we were relegated.

    Ashley could still go lower than Carver. As i’ve mentioned already, whatever Graham Carr’s qualities as a scout, his managerial record even makes Carver look good but you just know that Fatty would even send him out to the dugout if Carver exploded with fury during a game or whatever. Despite the gobsmacking decisions of the past, we still can’t predict quite how low Newcastle could go under Ashley. I could even imagine him asking Lee Charnley to coach the side to save a few quid.

  263. Worky

    He’s a bit slow on the uptake (Peter Beardsley and Quasimodo) was obvious enough for anyone with half a brain, but…..

    Does it make any difference who ends up with the heed coach job ? Ashley will continue to follow his game plan and though we may spend some money on players, (which Carr will pick), very little will change.

    It’s in the mans nature, to make all decisions, one of which he’s been consistent with, that of refusing to hire a decent management group, not through ignorance, but because he prefers yes men, who will implement HIS policies.

    And will prove he not only knows how to retail, but that HIS way will prove to be the right way.

    C’mon give the man time he’s still learning, yeah after eight years it’s still OJT time.

  264. Major Kong says:
    May 12, 2015 at 6:07 pm

    “(Peter Beardsley and Quasimodo)” WTF :D

    “..was obvious enough for anyone with half a brain, but…”

    Well, that rules you IN, clunk.

  265. Dark Brown

    Whatever! I don’t really want to get into it, but your statement makes it obvious, you just didn’t get what worky was saying that’s all.

    Which wasn’t that difficult, as he made it quite obvious, but lets just leave it at that, without the name calling and personal abuse, ok ?

  266. Foghorn Leghorn
    May 13, 2015 at 4:23 am

    “…but lets just leave it at that, without the name calling and personal abuse, ok ?”

    No. We won’t be leaving it at that, clunk.

    There will never be a time when I’ll be prepared to let an illiterate, pompous seppo windbag like you stick it to me and give nothing in return.

    It would make no sense to me to do that.

    Aww but…“(Peter Beardsley and Quasimodo)”

    You dim pr|ck :D

  267. John Carver ?

    Well I actually thought he could be an improvement as far as a tactician was concerned and I’m still not sure that’s not the case.

    I mean how difficult would it be to improve over the awful outdated defensive rubbish, we the fans have had to put up with from Pardew.

    Though we have in fact lost a straight eight under Carver, some of the games have shown the side can play a modern quick passing and attractive style.

    Only failing by our inability to score, that plus our horrendous defense.

    Whereas with Pardew it was a type of football relegated to the past, a mostly defensive game, which could be successful, until the opposing managers sussed it out.

    Face it we lost most games in the second half, where the opposition adjusted their tactical game.

    Pardew who was presented with some decent talent, though not apparently what he wanted.

    Marveaue, HBA, Santon, Yanga M’Biwa, all decent plyers, who he had no time for, being he didn’t know how to use them (they the forwards didn’t fit into his defensive system) nor did Santon’s runs forward, resultin in in fighting between Pardew and acrimony between Pardew and Carr.

    With those players sitting on he bench having been paid decent fees for and who’s salaries were fairly high, further acrimony was obvious.

    Resulting in Joe Kinnear being brought in to settle matters, though that became another issue, ending in a Mexican stand off with Joe heading back to London, following his suggestion we should sign Ferguson a player already on our books and out on loan.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up, even for a comedy show,
    it was unbelievable stuff for the twentieth richest club in the world, being run worse than a Sunday league pub side.

    On the other hand, Carver has shown to us that he’s a true fan of the club and only wants the best, however it’s obvious that though he may be a decent coach, he
    is incapable of that part of the job that requires a bit of “savoir faire”, plus he has a few more years on his contract, so lets give him another chance as an assistant coach.

    But we need signing’s, a decent management team and a hands off situation from Ashley, not only that but a change of policy.

    Face it which was nufc ‘s most attractive side since the nineteen fifties cup winners, yes! KK’s entertainers, which is what we should be aiming for at this stage.

    But Ashley doesn’t get it, the fact that an entertaining side(for the eighteenth wealthiest club in the world) could draw crowds on TV looking at Sports Direct signs everywhere, rather than a giant club relegated to the second tier without any visible tv fixtures and little in the way of revenue.

    It boils down to the fact it takes money to make money, no one expects to compete with the Spanish Giants or the Man. U’s or Citehs, but we should be a better side than we are, a side that can go up against the top sides with a chance of winning, hell we were one of he only sides to beat Chelsea this season and that’s all the fans ask for, is that too much?

    I really believe that our present owners policies are not realistic, that we should be fielding a side that plays an entertaining style, not unlike that of the Keegan sides, which could make NUFC a side that people want to watch, who entertain, I mean is football not a form of entertainment, show business, I certainly think so, but I also realize it’s primarily about money.

    Not that the two are incompatible, so why not, the last eight years have been a financial bust and as far as entertainment is concerned, non existent, a drastic change of direction is needed, which could benefit both the clubs financial situation, plus give the clubs customers some value for their time and investment.

    But then what do I know ?

  268. Major Kong says:
    May 13, 2015 at 5:57 am

    “But then what do I know ?”

    Well, we can rule out grammar and a basic understanding of punctuation for a start.

  269. I mustn’t have submitted my comment before I shut down last night and now you two are at it again like cat and dog. Howay Darth, I don’t recall Chuck starting anything there, and I think I understood his comment about Quasimodo. I always think of Charles Laughton when I imagine Quasimodo rather than the Victor Hugo original as I saw it when I was a bairn. He looked more like Iain Dowie than Peter Beardsley in that.

  270. I did notice something in the last game. It wasn’t a good game with flowing football at all, but if you remember, instead of Tim Krul hoofing it up the pitch every time he received it, he rolled it to a defender or midfielder and build up play from the back like all the good teams do.

  271. “Howay Darth, I don’t recall Chuck starting anything there,”

    He did, by his own admission at @307 (it’ll take you half-an-hour to scroll back to it because of his latest homage to Ernie Wise).

    As for you understanding the “(Peter Beardsley and Quasimodo)” reference – what does Ian Dowie looking like Quasimodo have to do with anything I’ve written?

    Look. As I’ve said many times before, worky; he wouldn’t be tolerated on any other blog. He’s a troll, plain and simple. But, seeing as you’re determined to let him post here, why can’t you put just put a stop to the mad, deliberately obnoxious off-topic rambling essays? Why can’t you limit the length of the sh|t he writes (even when he is just ranting about football)? If he knows you’re prepared to strike out the bu||shit, he’ll eventually stop doing it! You might even be doing him a favour.

    And, IF you do that, worky, you’ll have a damned site more people posting on this blog. That’d be a good thing, wouldn’t it?

  272. Great article by Luke Edwards in The Telegraph.

    “Mike Ashley has even turned neutrals against Newcastle”


    “Mike Ashley has done some pretty diabolical things as Newcastle United owner, but the most depressing has been to turn a football club that almost every fan in the country had a soft spot for into one that most neutrals would like to be relegated.”

  273. DarthBroon says:
    May 13, 2015 at 1:49 pm

    “Howay Darth, I don’t recall Chuck starting anything there,”

    “He did, by his own admission at @307 (it’ll take you half-an-hour to scroll back to it because of his latest homage to Ernie Wise).”

    Darth, I refer you to exhibit b, your own comment at 305, which is two before 307 and not exactly friendly. If Iain Paisley and Martin McGuiness could become the ‘Chuckle Brothers’ I think that you and Chuckles could manage it too. ;-)

    Aye a better read than the rather maudlin and cliched one (Chuck was right there) written by George Caulkin a while back. How many times can you write about what a soulless, demoralising and incompetent club Newcastle United is under Ashley though? We know it is already.

  274. Worky

    In rebuttal, I refer you to @304, Your Honour

    “He’s a bit slow on the uptake (Peter Beardsley and Quasimodo) was obvious enough for anyone with half a brain, but…..”

    @307 was clearly his acknowledgment of his intention to insult – followed by the ridiculous suggestion that I shouldn’t respond in kind.

    Fat chance :)

  275. Worky

    The thing is, those articles in the national press that have cropped up over the the last two weeks or so (finally discussing THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM) are now coming more and more frequently.

    And, sooner or later, the “presenters” and rent-a-gobs at BBC/BT/Sky Sports are going to have to start talking about the problem as well, rather than just reducing the chaos at the club to the behaviour of a bunch of fat, shirtless Geordies who don’t like their old pal Chunky.

  276. Yo Brown !

    FFS give it a rest, it’ just a bit of banter, don’t be so thin skinned.

    And why do you constantly have to quote statements from other sources, it’s second hand and boring, which suggests you may lack the imagination to come up with anything original.

    Ah well!

  277. Hey, Clunk.

    Give it a rest. It’s just a bit of banter. Don’t be so thin skinned.

    But you really need to consider how much your ‘original’ material should mean to anyone reading this this blog (your use of punctuation is certainly original, I’ll give you that).

    Just who is it that you think ought to hang onto you every (googled) word?

    Oh well.

  278. Worky

    Yes of course, it relates directly to a recent question asked, that of why do local media, personalities and pundit’s seemingly shy away from any direct blame being placed on MA.

    They feel free to blame Carver, Pardew, the fans themselves, just about anyone.

    Why is that ?

    Three billion answers to that question, all of them the same, pounds sterling.

    They are all gun shy, knowing from Llambias, just how vindictive our owner can be and with three massive big ones at his disposal, could make life unbearable to anyone who seriously annoys him, if he so decided.

    Appears he is not happy at the way he has been treated by our cross-border friends at Rangers and has demanded they repay him his loan.

  279. That’s more like it Broony,

    Yeah your right I love to throw in question marks and exclamation marks, plus lotsa commas, poor things are so ignored, even purposely miss spell words or invent them, in order to emphasise/emphasize whatever i’m on about.

    Bit Damon Runionesque like.

    Wow ! hold on, you mean you have never heard of wor Damon?
    Thought you was a well educated young fella like, ok go ahead and google him, might learn summat .>

  280. Two real good games to have seen, yesterdays Barca. Vs Bayern, not that Barca. were ever in any real danger and were kind enough not to embarrass Bayern.

    Even letting them win.

    Whereas to-days game Juve vs Real Madrid went as I expected, Real were awful and blood will to be spilled.

    Both Ronaldo and Bale may be gone along with their manager Carlo Ancelotti, with possibly more, I see a restructuring of a side who are past it, Real Madrid has to be better than that.

    But it would be foolish for Man. U. to spend an enormous sum for Ronaldo, as he looked disinterested for the most part, having reached most of his goals in the game, it’s hard to give it 100% all the time.

    As for Bale, appears he is having a big time loss of confidence and the Real fans are on his case, constantly whistling him, shoulda stayed at Spurs, being they only wasted his transfer fee anyway.

    So where will the new galactico’s come from ? remains to be seen.

  281. clunk says:
    May 14, 2015 at 12:17 am

    “Yeah your right”

    My right…what exactly?

    Whoever ‘Wor Damon’ was, I’m sure he was smart enough to know the difference between the possessive adjective “your” and the contraction “you’re”.

    You daft old “c’unt”.

  282. Chuck, Ronaldo is in no danger at all at real Madrid, he has scored 55 goals in 52 games so far this season. Bale and James Rodriguez have still scored 16-17 each. The thing is though if you watch Real Madrid is that they always give it to Ronaldo, and he gets the free kicks and penalties too, understandably so with his record. Even playing really well, Bale and the rest will always find it hard to compete so long as Ronaldo the football machine stays as good as he is.

    There is a bit of a ‘Renaissance’ for Italian clubs now. Benitez’s Napoli will be on in the Europa League semi final this evening as well aginst Dnipro whatever it is from the Ukraine.

  283. Worky

    Erm! doubt if that’s true, the renaissance of the big Italian sides.

    Juve are about to lose both Pirlo and Pogba, a big hit, plus Tevez is rumored to be heading home to play for Boca, plus Evra is not the player he was at M.U.

    It’s still a decent team, but need some young talent to replace what is an ageing side, question is can they compete in the market.

    The same applies to the Milan sides and Italy doesn’t seem to be producing talented youngsters as they did in the past.

    But in all fairness, they did enough to beat a Madrid side that looked disinterested for much of the game and where big changes could take place during the summer IMO.

    I would like to see Juve beat Barca in the final, but it just isn’t about to happen, that is unless Messi breaks a leg or summat.

  284. They seem to last longer in Italy, Chuck. I think even you could get away with being a footballer over there. Pirlo’s been fitted for a Zimmer Frame already and they’ve been saying Pogba’s gannin’ for years now. If Juventus can beat Real Madrid though, what makes you think it’s such a sure thing for Barcelona?

  285. Because Barca. seem to have no trouble beating anyone these days including RM and having Messi on your side almost make them invincible.

    Yes Bayern beat them the other day, but they had such an overall lead, that they played most of the second half in second gear.

    To give you an idea, we (NUFC) beat the best team in the UK, (Chewsea) could you in your wildest dreams imagine them beating Barca, thought not!

    The real acid test is would you be willing to place a bet on Juve.

  286. You could probably smoke twenty woodies a day, worky, and not get found out in Serie A unless you sparked up on the pitch.

    We’ve seen the likes of Giggs and Sherringham have lengthy careers over here, and I think Trevor Brooking played into his forties (didn’t he finish at Blue Star?). There’s been the odd one or two here and there.

    But the game in the UK is played at a speed that doesn’t really lend itself to longevity.

    Personally, I like the faster game. I remember a Keegan side blowing away Royal Antwerp in the nineties and their manager saying he’s never seen the game played with such skill and speed. Those were the days!

  287. On longevity, obvious seria A games are not played at the fast and furious pace of the EPL, ergo less injuries, even the French and Spanish leagues play at a slower pace.

    Possibly the Bundesliga in my estimation comes closest to the EPL pace.

    But watching those two semi finals, I have to admit I saw some amazing techniques displayed, but I suppose if you are allowed that extra time on the ball…….

    I am amazed sometimes by what to-days players are capable of and make it appear so easy, while knowing how difficult it actually is.

    I must admit I was surprised by Bayern Munich’s performance this year, yeah I realize they made it to the semi’s, but they looked a much better side last year, in fact a dominating side.

    I see where most pundit’s and the bookies, see Hull making the drop, which in turn has created a scenario where certain clubs have reached an agreement with Newcastle on price, with only the players terms to settle, that and of course the certainty of their playing in the EPL, during the coming season.

    I would have thought it a more pressing need to bring in a Manager/Heed Coach, who may have something to say about signings, but it appears things are not about to change any, Carr will pick em, the coach will play em.

    And by the way the Prince of Denmark happened to be mentioned as a possibility, thogh I certainly don’t, just more grist for the media mill.

  288. Chuck, your old favourite Big Douglas was playing for Dnipro watchamacallit this evening. He’s in the Europa League final.

    Michael Laudrup would get on with Ashley about as well as Keegan, if that.

    Aye Darth, but didn’t he (Brooking) just turn out for one or two games as a laugh though? I think Keegan did that as well in Australia after Newcastle and the helicopter flight to heaven.

    Bayern’s very important wingers were knacked for the game against Barcelona and that made a big difference, as well as Messi and the other two of course.

  289. Douglas, don’t remind me !

    That whole drama involving JFK, who obviously had no clue as to what was going on, exposed the club as a joke, run by clowns that no sane owner would even consider.

    Well good luck to Douglas, at least he found himself a decent side.

    And no, I indicated that Laudrup has never had nor would be interested in a poisoned chalice (job) such as NUFC.

    Boy Ed. is really pounding the keys, with all kinds of tempting headlines, it’s all about a commercial enterprise with him, which I just refuse to bite on.

    Well to-morrows result could be one of the biggest in the history of the club, certainly in the twenty first century.

    Nothing is certain, we could just as easily be beaten by QPR and who knows what Hull are capable of at this stage ?

    Though the bookies, usually good indicators, now have Hull odds on to lose against the next two opponents.

    However nowt is carved in stone and to be honest the best I can see is for NUFC to get a draw.

    Yep, following the last nine games, I have lost all faith in this present side and just hope Cisse can come through with a goal or two.

    Otherwise the club comes to a fork in the road and who knows what direction we will take, I’m sure Ashley is anxious, having believed we were a shoo in to avoid the drop, he now finds himself swinging in the wind.

    Will this experience change him ?

    Doubtful, that is if we stay up, apart from the lesson don’t take anything for granted in this league.

  290. Hey Worky, why don’t you do a short final blog, as I don’t know if I can take looking at the best Manager in the PL one more time.

  291. chuck says:
    May 15, 2015 at 7:15 pm

    “Otherwise the club comes to a fork in the road and who knows what direction we will take,”

    One fork in the road will be the one to Leeds United and Sheffield Wednesday.

  292. Having watched the first half of the game to-day, both these sides belong in the second tier, but who knows if they can hang on to win….

    Apparently Hull are putting up a fight at Spurs, drama until the final whistle in the bottom six.

  293. All is not lost, but I forecast this mess and only the fact Hull are in such a bind can save the club from the drop, as I can’t see Newcastle beating BSA’s team or even getting a draw.

    I hope Ashley realizes how little he really knows about the game and hires a competent management team, instead of making every decision, most people learn from their mistakes, others repeat them, it’s known as hubris, which usually ends badly.

  294. I’m glad we don,t have to play West Ham away for the last game. It would have been eerily familiar to be at risk of relegation and playing against a team in claret and blue like Aston Villa.

    On the subject of Aston Villa, their game against Southampton was a good watch before the Newcastle game – 6-1 to the Saints and the fastest hat-trick in the Premier League ever.

    Darth and Chuck, you must’ve spurred on Pardew because he hammered Liverpool today. You’ve just got to shake your head and ask yourself ‘how does he do it?’

  295. How did you like the game commentators, Gloom and Doom, where do they find these guys, I had to shut off the audio.

    If you cant beat those already designated to go down, why do you deserve to remain up, got to the point I really don’t give a rat’s ass anymore, plus its all about the next Hull result.

    Being its Ashley’s responsible, I hope he realizes it and is slowly twisting in the wind, unable to do anything about the fact he will lose a fortune if relegated, which will last until the final whistle of the upcoming Hull game.

    Schadenfreud is best savored cold.

  296. chuck says:
    May 17, 2015 at 6:13 am

    “How did you like the game commentators, Gloom and Doom, where do they find these guys, I had to shut off the audio.”

    I don’t know for certain if we were watching the same coverage, Chuck. I naturally switch off alot of the commentators’ cliched drivel in my head anyway, especially about Newcastle. I listen to the tactical stuff if it’s an ex footballer who knows what he’s talking about though.

    chuck says:
    May 17, 2015 at 6:13 am

    “Schadenfreud is best savored cold.”

    Chuck, it’s revenge that’s best served cold. I don’t know what Shadenfreude is best served with. Sauerkraut perhaps?

    I notice that Carver is still blaming the players, last time he claimed one of them got himself deliberately sent off, now he’s saying the players aren’t good quality. But if they aren’t good quality, what is he?

  297. Carver even blamed the tropical heat of London for yesterday’s defeat. He’s learned well from Pardew in that area, ie drawing from the great matrix of ridiculous excuses.

  298. Unfortunately for us, not only has Carver proven to be a poor substitute to a lousy Manager, but has become an embarrassment to both the fans and players.

    Had he kept his mouth shut, then perhaps some may have sympathized with him, but repeating those half baked Pardew style excuses, only enraged the fans and left his continued presence at the club untenable.

    Regardless, it’s no longer about either he or Pardew, it’s about Ashley, who bears the responsibility for everything that has happened since he bought the club.

    What concerns me is, has he learned anything from his experiences or will it be more of the same, as it’s obvious to even the thickest, that “HE is the problem”.

    It has nothing to do with WONGA or changing the stadium name, it’s about his continuous belief he knows best how to run a football club rather than hire a competent management team.

    I realize there’s talk of big signings, but that’s been commonplace during every window, and being we badly need quality defenders (just look at our goals against average) but who would be interested in coming to this club, unless it was to use it as a stepping stone.

    Both the bookie’s odds and the obviousness of the standings indicate NUFC may survive by the skin of their teeth, even if beaten next week,

    If that were to happen, perhaps he should send Bruce a nice fat check.

    As obvious as the situation is, i’m going to project we will end up with more of the same, that’s if we survive, as Ashley like Thatcher “is not for turning”

  299. Yeah ! on looking at the club in it’s present circumstance, it becomes obvious NUFC has become Sports Direct.

    SD who’s policy is to acquire older, once quality brand names, Slazenger, Lonsdale, Dunlop etc.

    Then purchasing a cheap version and sewing on the brand name, it gives the impression one is purchasing a quality item, which in fact is cheap tat.

    The same applies to NUFC, sending Carr out to find preferably young and cheap players, in fact stocking the club with cheap tat, who can be sold on for profit.

    Applying the same retail business to a football club, with people like Pardew, (desperate for any job and
    willing to work for low wages), Carver Stone, plus the pudgy GM.

    Who are all the equivalent of his hourly store workers who have little say and few rights.

    In fact NUFC has become no more than another money making adjunct to SD, run in the same manner, profit becoming the bottom line.

    Though it’s a system that can be successful for a certain amount of time, is in fact unsustainable and we are now experiencing the down side, that could see the club lose millions of pounds.

    The present side is just not good enough, that’s obvious to all, plus the required constant buying and selling of players, young players, with potential, is unsustainable.

    Plus constant change does not allow players to integrate and become a cohesive unit, that only happens through time, not to mention the lack of veterans, who bring a certain stability to any young side.

    So I believe as I stated above, that this present business plan will come apart and will end up exposed for what it is, Ashleys belief he can change the way an entertainment form, with fierce loyalties tied to the community can be turned into a retail business, mirroring Sports Direct.

    Yes folk, it will end up badly, but not before Ashley realizes, it just wont work.

  300. You know! I just cant wait for this season to end, “the season from hell” and I like possibly many fans no longer care which way the club goes.

    I never thought I would feel this way about my childhood team and believe I’m not the only one who feels his way.

    Just when you think well at least that’s the end of Pardew and hopefully soon enough Carver, the idiot embarrasses himself further, by telling the players not to listen to any sports news and instead watch wrestling on tv.

    He’s actually telling wealthy adults, who have to be smarter and making a lot more money than he, to watch wrestling ?

    I thought Pardew was weird in regard to that self help nonsense he was and probably still is spouting, but this guy is certifiable and should be safely lodged in Cox Lodge nut farm, if it still exists.

    Listen, this guy has to go, along with just about every man jack in the management system, as the club has become a total disaster and should be cited as the one club in the PL that no one should try to emulate.

    Despite our dear leaders belief that by following his retail empire business plan, the club will earn him money, due to the fact he has no worries in regard to the fans , as they have proven to slavishly show up in their thousands wearing their WONGA shirts, no matter how they are treated.

    It’s difficult to figure who are more to blame, the dis-united fans or Ashley, if the fans just didn’t show up for one game, it could change everything, the club needs the fans and would go out of business without them, but they have no self belief and are basically leaderless.

    In which case they deserve what they get.

    A sit in following the last game, is that it ?

    No one is going to sit in, it’s off to the pub for a pint and bitch about the game and what Ashley should do, not them, Ashley.

    But I guess it will be different next season, Ashley will sign a management team second to none , bringing in a number of good players and the club will end the season, qualifying for Europe, where it belongs, it being the eighteenth or nineteenth wealthiest club in the world.

    Yeah dream on, as I ain’t seen any flying pigs lately, it will be just more of the same, in which case the fans have to make up their minds as to what they want, a repeat of what’s been dished up this season or a fight to regain control of the club, either way they have nothing more to lose.

  301. Just dropped in before the final curtain falls on Sunday.
    I expect a few more will join me as an
    Ex fan/supporter
    Ex season ticket holder
    Newcastle United has been dead for some time now, murdered by Mike Ashley
    What has taken its place is a very cheap “Tribute Band” produced and directed by Ashley Carver second rate productions.
    I was turned from an eager young lad who biked 20 odd miles to the toon on match days in the forty’s and fifty’s, through years of hitching rides in the back of vans etc from as far away as Kent, until the arrival of Ashley I would drive from the midlands where I now live to most matches.
    Now I wouldn’t cross the road to see this poor imitation
    of a football club.
    It has been a few years now since I saw “Hope and Ambition” disappearing over the horizon with their arses on fire. I’m just surprised there are so many waiting for that flash of light the miracle that Ashley will care and change. ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!

  302. Well, if you’re not watching Sunderland V Arsenal – maybe you should be.

    Some great skill on display from Arsenal (in the second half, anyway), and some confident and RESOLUTE defending from Sunderland that would put our shower of sh|t to shame.

    I can see Sunderland nicking this. They’ve come close a couple of times on the breakaway.

  303. It’d be nice if Arsenal would be a bit more direct in front of goal here. They’re trying to pass it into the back of the net like Everton the other day. They’re more equipped to do it than Everton were but IT’S JUST NOT HAPPENING.

    A bit less foie gras and a bit more EGG AND CHIPS is what’s needed.

    The Hull Man U game is the killer, obviously, but a win for Arsenal to keep the mackems in the mix couldn’t hurt.

  304. Can’t believe Sunderland’s luck here. Balls flashing across their open goal and shots hitting the woodwork.

    If you’re brave, you deserve your luck I suppose.

  305. DarthBroon says:
    May 20, 2015 at 9:04 pm

    “Well, if you’re not watching Sunderland V Arsenal – maybe you should be.

    “Some great skill on display from Arsenal (in the second half, anyway), and some confident and RESOLUTE defending from Sunderland that would put our shower of sh|t to shame.”

    I don’t blame the players, or even Carver for taking the head coach’s job. It’s all Ashley’s incompetence. Most of those players at Sunderland have been absolutely shite too (except against us). Making Paulo di Canio manager would have been mad even by Newcastle United standards if that’s possible, but I think they brought in the best man they could possibly get with Advocaat, a Dutch old master who was a protege of Rinus Michels, has won dozens of trophies and has never been relegated in 35 years of management. Having said that, Nigel Pearson has really did the business at Leicester as well despite a less illustrious record.

  306. Nutmag says:
    May 20, 2015 at 4:49 pm

    “Just dropped in before the final curtain falls on Sunday.
    I expect a few more will join me as an
    Ex fan/supporter
    Ex season ticket holder”

    You never know, Nutmag. Remember the fall of the Berlin wall, the fall of Ceausescu, the fall of Apartheid and so on… I tried to be optimistic there but being a Geordie, I then thought being Newcastle, it would probably be more like the War on Terror, Syria, Somalia or something like that. I’m as bad as you now, Nutmag! ;-)

  307. Worky@353
    Win loss draw, relegated or survive it matters not to me.
    The chances of Ashley going and being replaced with someone with only half the “feel” for the club as the fans are nil.
    Sad but you get to that point when you know its over.
    Its an age thing I suppose. There is no more battles I wish to fight. I’ll leave them to another generation if they have the will for it.
    I’m content with my “memory’s” a drop of “single malt” and “watching sunsets”

  308. Nutmag

    C’mon ffs, it aint that bad, all things come to an end sooner or later, you are no different than myself or the rest of the Newcastle fans, in a state of total apathy, to the point many no longer care whether we are relegated or not.

    I have a feeling this apathetic attitude will morph into an angry reaction, by not only those in active opposition to the Sports Direct work team, but by the waverers also.

    Hopefully they will stick together this coming season and withdraw as customers, making Ashley’s presence untenable, as I know of no business that can exist without paying customers.

    Even a fifty percent reduction in crowd revenue, may give pause to our dear leader, as he has i’m sure, enough on his plate to deal with, without a serious loss in crowd revenues.

    Unless of course he admits his policies were wrong, rebuilds the side and runs the club, the way the eighteenth richest club in the world should be run.

    Which is unlikely and any fan strike will not be easy, as he sees the potential of the club both as a an advertising adjunct to SD along with a nice piece of change from tv revenues, but with a continuous fifty percent reduction in crowd revenues, it will make for a more difficult decision, accept the situation or sell the club.

    But do I believe the fans have the heart for it, probably not, but then are they willing to accept whatever Ashley decides, more of the same cheap-ass know nothing management, a constant fight to avoid relegation, a steppingstone club for cheaply imported players, a future as bleak as the past sixty years, because those are the choices the fans are faced with.

    Do they have the Cojones to face up to this bully, or will they continue to Flood into St. Jame’ Park, like sheep into a fold, (of course wearing their WONGA logo’d shirts) accepting whatever is dealt out to them ?

  309. Chuck, Wonga’s been rolling out its new cuddlier, friendlier image in the last few days over here. They’ve been forced into it. Betty, Joyce and Earl the octagenarian puppets from their adverts have been killed off. They caused trouble because the lovable old dears appealed to children. That was deliberate, Wonga put them on loads of childrens tv ad breaks, the bairns would then say they wanted something and when mum or dad said no the bairns would just nag them incessantly to get a Wonga loan. Without really nasty stuff like that they have nothing though, just a bad image from the past that will cling to them like syphilis.

  310. Chuck
    Sorry but there is nothing I remotely like about Newcastle United the owner, the ones he has sucking around him, the players (who care very little about the club), and unfortunately my fellow geordies who have allowed this to happen over several years not just this season.
    If I go to a restaurant and get bad food and service I would be stupid to continue going there in the hope it would get better.
    I have over the last couple of years found better things to do with my life than spend time on a lost cause like Ashley’s NUFC. Though I have enjoyed this blog in the past.Thanks

  311. I cant argue with that Nutmag!

    Nor am I surprised at how low a company like WONGA can sink to, Worky.

    Just reading to-day, things are going from bad to worse, (if that’s possible) for our Dear Leader.

    It’s been reported NUFC’s financial Director John Irving has resigned, I guess there’s a tale to be told there and i’m sure we will find out soon enough.

    That and the fact Dave King at Rangers has more or less told our Dear Leader to go pound salt, for the apparent five million loan he got from Fatso recently.

    On top of that, WONGA it seems may cancel their contract, being they recently took a big hit and also probably don’t want to be associated with a loser club.

    Then Pardew comes out and criticizes (NEXT !)meaning our pudgy GM, yeah the ex pencil sharpener, for not bringing in re-enforcements during the last window.

    Actually Pudgie (Next!)was like a rabbit caught in the headlights, frozen in time and space, who had no clue what to do, face it Ashley makes all the decisions and this was actually an indirect criticism of him, by Pardew.

    Add the bizarre incident where John the peacemaker, intervened to prevent Cisse and Janmaat from getting into it at training, if my memory is right wasn’t he the guy going around threatening people usually ?

    You cant make shit like his up, it’s beyond bizarre and where are the Ashley defenders at this time, remember those who claimed he had brought fiscal and managerial stability to the club, erm yeah…..

    The Icing on the cake is that McClaren, is once again the hot favorite for the (Heed Coach) job, who I consider a re-tread, as bad as Pardew and the rest of those who constantly throw their hat in the ring for any job that comes up.

    Look if you get fired from a second tier side as not being good enough, what would make you the ideal signing for the worlds nineteenth largest club, oh! sorry I forgot, the ability to put up with a continual bunch of shit from the owner and still smile….

    If Newcastle United is not at this time the worst run club in the country, a club that when you mention their name people smile and shake their heads, then who the fug is ?

  312. Aye Nutmag, I know how how you feel, but you still come back and mention Newcastle United. It’s like there’s something still left there, like a messy divorce. As you know, we always like to see you on here, but you can write about anything you like if you want to ;-)

  313. Worky@359
    Cheers Worky who knows I do drop in occasionally to see how your suffering but really as far as the toons concerned that really has finished.
    I’ll be away all weekend with a good mate, who had a bad accident when we were away last bank holiday, and its touch and go if they can save his leg. So I’m not going to be bothered much about what’s going on at SJP.
    Not that I would have been anyway.
    Good luck hope it works out sometime soon.

  314. Very sorry to hear that, Nutmag. I really hope he doesn’t.

    Darth, whatever the substance of that story, it has always been likely to happen at some stage. I always thought it would when Wonga signed the contract. As I’ve said on here before, Claims Direct the original ambulance chasers was a very similar story. They were the outriders of the “where there’s blame, there’s a claim” society imported from America. They were everywhere overnight making millions hand over fist, every other advert was one of theirs like Wonga used to be too. Like them, they were pioneers in a new wild west style world like Wonga, they took advantage of this to really shaft people in difficulties and then came the backlash when other not quite as nasty services came in after them and swamped them. They collapsed but were eventually revived as a lesser force later on. Below is a short piece on the collapse of Claims Direct from 2002.


    Chuck, I’m doing another blog soon, with another picture of John Carver on it because it’s about him again. :-)