Pardew insists new striker is coming and marks card of griping fans.

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Pardew: One more striker he thinks.
One more striker he thinks.
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Welcome to the fifth part of my transcription of Alan Pardew’s long and very revealing interview for BBC Radio Newcastle’s ‘Total Sport’.

In this one, Pardew spills the beans about Newcastle United’s alleged pursuit of Mevlüt Erdinç, and whether he or any other new strikers might be joining joining the club before the end of the transfer window. He also spouts on the new signings so far and how he thinks they will adapt to the Premiership, the “huge fees” paid for them and how he needs to ‘mark the cards’ of the fans on Summer spending.

Total Sport: “Is Mevlüt Erdinç someone that you’re pursuing?”

Alan Pardew: “Well, it’s very difficult to comment on players when no agreement has been reached and he’s one of those players where we have no agreement so I don’t really want to comment too much.

“I was listening earlier when you was talking about the money being spent and I just want to sort of make something clear. When you sign someone like Demba Ba and someone like Marveaux there’s huge fees involved in that, it isn’t just tranfer fees. This is unfortunately how the Premier League works and alot of money in those deals doesn’t come back through the system. Ideally, in the old days we would sign someone from the Championship and it would go back into the English game but this money’s going out through agents and stuff like that. But we spent a fair amount this Summer on those three players in particular, more perhaps than the fans realise and I need to mark their card on that because if you’re going to start adding up the money and thinking ‘Oh we ain’t spent that £35 million’ you’re going to be way off the figures, you really are. Mike promised to put all that money back in, I know what the figures are, I know what we spent on the training ground and everything will go back into the club. We’re trying to locate one or two development players that cost perhaps more than you think as well. Now, I want to say that because I think Mike and Derek’s backing has been very strong this Summer and I’m very pleased with it so far. The noises we’re making on perhaps the last signing, or perhaps the last two are still very very good and it bodes well.”

Total Sport: “Whether it’s Erdinç or not, will there be a striker coming you think before the start of the season?”

Alan Pardew: “Yeah, yeah.”

Total Sport: “And presumably before the start of the season you were talking about there because the transfer window doesn’t close until the end of August and sometimes we don’t see busimess happening until suddenly right at the end, but you think before the start of the season that that’s imperative to be up and running before the first game?”

Alan Pardew: “No, I don’t think before the first game. I’m not going to say that because the market is so delicate, you have to be very careful you don’t miss someone. We may have to play the first two games and then someone becomes available ’cause they’re out of the side that is much better than we could’ve got. We’ve got to be diligent and patient and as I say, we’re starting the season with five players. Kevin obviously has gone but we’ve got five new players and we’re in such a better position already, but we are poised, and I still think we can bring in maybe two more players, offensive players, and we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Total Sport: “And does the fact everybody knows you’ve got that Andy Carroll money affect you adversely because people are aware you’ve got it in the bank and will try to eke out as much of that from you as they can?”

Alan Pardew: “No, I don’t think that’s the situation. The market is such that the player’s value is dictated by his performances and his record. It’s nothing to do with whether the other club have massive funds. If you’re talking about the really top level, like Manchester City, when they go after a player then perhaps there’s a premium put on, but the likes of everybody else, and I include Manchester United in that, we all pay what the value if the player is, no more.

Total Sport listener ‘Richard’: “My question is really just for yourself to give some reassurance to Newcastle fans that, I appreciate that a couple of lads we’ve signed, Marveaux, Cabaye, are relatively unknown and Newcastle have got a history of perhaps, the sort of Dalglish days, where we’d sign some foreign, unknown players and they came to the club, they weren’t suited to the style of play, turned out to be a relative waste of money. I just wanted some reassurances that the players we’ve brought so far, and the players you’re hoping to bring in are going to, y’know that we’ve done the due diligence on them and are uncovering more of the likes of Cheick Tiote who have been unknown players but who have actually been real star players in the team. So, yeah, if you could just provide some reassurances on the work that’s gone on behind the scenes to get theae players in.”

Alan Pardew: “Well I think that’s a very important point you made because I think there’s been alot of mistakes at this football club and I’m just going to go through about two or three of these players and the work that goes into it. Cabaye for example, Graham Carr (Chief Scout) watched ten times, we videoed every game and edited it down for me to watch. I went and personally watched him three times. He won the double as their kind of watercarrier / creative force, so I think that says enough about him. Demba Ba was at my old club, West Ham, and obviously I’ve got alot of staff there that are very loyal to me and I checked him out thoroughly. Although he has got an injury to his knee from a long time ago, he trained every day, played almost every game, but we’re still going to have to manage him so we’re aware of that and that’s factored in in the fact that we got him for the price that we got him, but he’s a great player and he’s going to do well for us. I could tell you something he said on the ‘phone but he swore so I can’t repeat it.”

Total Sport: “Can you paraphrase at all?”

Alan Pardew: “Well er, he’s going to give everything for Newcastle. He sort of used an old English saying when he said that. It made me laugh but going back to the old Kevin Nolan point, he’s a real leader, Demba Ba, seriously. When you speak to him, when you interview him, you’ll sense that. He wants to win, so that’s Demba Ba. Marveaux is somebody that Graham Carr has watched for two years. He was a Bosman that we knew was coming up to be a Bosman. We thought we’d lost him to Liverpool, but we managed to secure him. This is a boy who eighteen month ago was really pulling up some trees and because his contract was running out, there was a dispute at the club and he wasn’t playing etc etc and everybody doesn’t win in that situation. But he’s come in here and he wants to be a success so those three players I’m pretty confident about, and the players that we’re still looking to bring in hopefully will have the same history, and bring us success. But ultimately in signing players you are taking a gamble. You’re bringing them to a new culture, a new club, a new league, so you’ve just got to hope that Graham and his team and myself have got it right.”

Total Sport: “And to be fair, this time last year, you’re sitting thinkig who’s Cheick Tiote and who’s Hatem Ben Arfa? and you look what they achieved”

Alan Pardew: “Absolutely, and the thing is about Ben Arfa that’s buoyed me more than anything was a conversation with Gerard Houllier after the Villa game who asked me how he was doing, and said to me that he was a special special talent, one of the best players he’s worked with, and if it weren’t for injury and perhaps a little bit of growing up from Ben Arfa himself, he could still be a massive force in the game and I’m looking forward to working with him.”

Total Sport: “It would be perhaps a little optimistic actually to expect everybody to adapt as quickly as Hatem Ben Arfa and Cheick Tiote seem because the French League is very different to the Premier League isn’t it?”

Alan Pardew: “It is and it isn’t. Top level French games, there no differennce between that and the Premier League, they’re Champion’s League teams. Lille’s going to be in the Champion’s League next year and playing against Man United they’ll give tham a good game I promise. But the style, the drive, the constant tempo of the Premier League is different to the French League. There are games in France where you can cruise a little bit if you’re a good side, you can’t do that in the Premier League. We know that and the big test for them won’t be Arsenal and Sunderland away, it’ll be Wigan at home, Wolves at home, there’ll be the games where you’ve got to be really at your very very best just to beat everybody in the Premier League.”

The next part will follow very shortly.

<< Part threePart five >> .

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70 Responses

  1. i really dont entirely trust this guy..and its niggling at me..i think hes just been brought in by ashley to tow the line..hope am wrong…

  2. Should go into politics as a spin doctor…..talks shite and top level football management aint for Partridge…just look at his CV.

  3. brian w says:
    July 10, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    “i really dont entirely trust this guy..”

    Perhaps that’s why he was brought in Brian? Perhaps Ashley and Llambias felt more ‘comfortable’ with a huckster like them rather than someone like Hughton. It certainly wasn’t on the back of his glorious managerial career.

  4. He just has no likeable qualities…seems totally aloof,smarmy and wrapped up in himself and worst of all just totally grateful for the job.
    A senseless appointment in footballing terms but as a fall guy a masterstroke by Micky.

  5. sirjasontoon says:
    July 10, 2011 at 7:50 pm

    “seems totally aloof,smarmy and wrapped up in himself”

    Some people are impressed by that kind of thing though SJT.

  6. “We know that and the big test for them won’t be Arsenal and Sunderland away, it’ll be Wigan at home, Wolves at home, there’ll be the games where you’ve got to be really at your very very best just to beat everybody in the Premier League.”

    That is just total drivel so Wolves and Wigan are bigger tests than a local derby and a game against a top 4 side?

    I can’t work him out me…I read his drivel and I just YAAAAAAAAAAAWN.

  7. AndyMac says:
    July 10, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    “I’m still waiting for the “bums off seats” brigade to arrive”

    Players who make fans want to leave the stadium?

  8. sirjasontoon says:

    “What time are they arriving andy?”

    I havent a clue SJT but the neither has Pardwho I suspect :)

  9. dan says:
    July 10, 2011 at 9:18 pm

    “What a load of moaners you lot are, you lot should support SUNDERLAND”

    Well, Mrs Thatcher did say that we Geordies were all a bunch of “Moaning Minnies” Dan. :-)

  10. It’s called opinion Dan.
    Be a pretty boring blog if we where all sucking Mike’s dick.

  11. The moaners should think carefully , who in their right mind would really want to manage Newcastle, when we shaft SBR who gave us some of our best finishes to a season over 3 seasons ! We really don’t treat our managers / coaches well .. Parddooo was brought in as a yes man for Cashley , CH was going to kick up a storm if they sold Carroll …
    EXIT Chrissie , EXIT Carroll,
    Lambidas and Ashley control this freakin club by the short and curlies..
    Pardew is OUR ONLY hope at present , nobody else is going to come unless we get a change of owner’s !!

  12. It’ll be the usual ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ model as per with us lot.

    Own worst enemy.

  13. Errr wern’t HBA and Tiote Chris Hughton signings.Were being linked with Carlton Cole again :0(, a AP star !!!

  14. nzedtoonman says:
    July 10, 2011 at 9:47 pm

    “Pardew is OUR ONLY hope at present , nobody else is going to come unless we get a change of owner’s !!”

    You don’t think that Kinnear would come back nzed?

  15. toonarmybill says:
    July 10, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    “Errr wern’t HBA and Tiote Chris Hughton signings”

    Graham Carr was a Chris Hughton signing Bill.

  16. we could sign Messi and you lot’d find a flaw with it!

    “Wigan at home……” he meant that the none glamourous games (where you need to self motivate) would be the difference – they can’t glide through like in France.

    You lot must never have a half full glass between you!

  17. Seggy NZ says:
    July 10, 2011 at 10:07 pm

    “we could sign Messi and you lot’d find a flaw with it!”

    5’7″. Not very good in the air for all those long balls Seggy! :-)

  18. workyticket – smart arse!

    at least some bugger has a sense of humour though.

    it doesn’t half wind me up though, all the negativity on these blogs – you’d think people would want to look at thet positive side occasionally – 40yrs of watching predominately shocking football, and I still hope we’ll turn the corner (Hope is all i have left to be fair) oh no the despair is catching!

  19. The art – I think – is to try and digest information without preconcieved ideas, prejudice or emotion and then relate that as it is.

    It’s very difficult to do though. And, although I think that’s a good start when we’re first presented with new information, a blog is after all as much about opnion as fact.

  20. Seggy NZ says:
    July 10, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    “40yrs of watching predominately shocking football, and I still hope we’ll turn the corner”

    That just about sums it up for me too, Seggy. I was only a bairn and my first taste of supporting the lads was the 1974 Cup Final. Keegan was a bastad! :-)

  21. Hugh de Payen says:
    July 10, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    “The art – I think – is to try and digest information without preconcieved ideas, prejudice or emotion and then relate that as it is.”

    Then cry for a while.

  22. Trouble is Hugh, when it’s in black and white, I can justify myself as many times as I like, just by reading it a few more times, that my original opinion of Pardew was the right one. :(

    Thanks for the installments Workeyticket.

  23. There is something about Pardew that makes him untrustworthy but we have to believe that Carver and Steve Stone have the best interests of the club at heart so I can’t imagine how they would function as a staff if they all weren’t singing from the same hymn sheet? It’s a strange one but not one we can do anything about so we just need to get on with it and hope for the best. I actually think we have a more than decent base for a squad

  24. The main problem being: If you tells yourself often enough, you’ll end up actually believing it.
    Then there’s absolutely no way you can retreat from such an entrenched position.

    Bad psychology 101.


  25. Clint, retreating is something I have no shame about. I change my mind about things on a daily basis, hence my usual position with my bum firmly on the fence!

  26. Not sure about that Clint. It annoys me that I rarely find a firm course and stick to it. Story of my life actually. I perpetually think that the grass is greener on the other side and hop over only to find a large puddle. And then I hop straight back again, often into a much larger puddle!

  27. I was hoping for something enlightening but haven’t seen anything in the interview so far that instills any hope at all. All might change though after the 5th installment. :)

    Still, you’ve got to live in hope.
    It cudda been worse, an’ aal that…

  28. I wouldn’t go hanging y’hope on the mutterings of a football team manager like.
    Although, a bit like the ‘monkey with a typewriter…Shakespeare thing’, i suppose…owt could still happen.




  29. Get off partridges back man you whinney whingey idiots. I was against to start with jol etc available but the bloke is honest upfront and wants to play attacking attractive
    Football. Yes some errors were made along the way with the Carroll statement etc but still the signings he
    Made are immense. Someone complain about cabaye sylvian an permanent hba an ba in sept bet there’s none. We are a euro challenging team
    No doubts and for another thing so what if the 35 million don’t get spent on players but reducing the debts. We avoided being the next Leeds and thank fk were not charlton Southampton or Manchester city let’s for once be possitive about the season ahead of nufc I am and I am not in the minority

  30. @ me @ 38,
    that’s not me slagging him off btw, all i mean is, hanging on every word a manager says, either good or bad, will get you nowhere.
    It’s all about what happens on the pitch, end of.

  31. Just been trying to work out the odds…

    The chances of Pardew being able to stop the fans’ griping is (1/50) × (1/50) × (1/50) × (1/50) × (1/50) × (1/50) = (1/50)6 = 1/15 625 000 000 .

    Or less than 1 in 15 billion apparently.

  32. On this blog maybe but in the people a speak to am not. Honestly this year we will be in Europe and going to wembley for at least the semis of the fa cup. I watch lots of ligue 1 and the singings he’sade are class
    Through In brains and hazard then we’d be chps league. Austerity is the way forward. You see strola interview in the sun, “when you get players who want to leave like Kevin did” paying mental contracts for played into there mid 30s is ne good. The Ashley performance wage top up is a cracking way to get football back to being about the game then a bunch of fat patty k way and the team that took us down. My trade seen a lot of the players that year and all didn’t give a monkey bar the four Latin a tears though one was xcisco but he is the exception, they cared and were hurt by it. Our team now will succeed bit it needs us lot blogging to stop bitching stop crying and maybe enjoy what the season gana through at us. Well beat arsenal draw scum infact not lose a game till November….

  33. Odds have just gone down, thanks to a storming comment just made by Belz:

    Now less than 2 in 15 billion.

  34. You can’t just stop people blogging if you don’t agree with what they are blogging about.
    I have to say your post Belz just seems so ill thought out-no games lost until novermber what a load of Wank you talk.
    I am for one am all for cutting cloth accordingly…so we got £35m let’s get some decent cloth in and make a nice shiny 3 pce suit…maybe splash out and get a pair of snakeskin shoes and a handbag.


  35. Cheers, some spelt checking is gan phone appologies. Other playe with hazard was briand, not brained
    The portugues guy out of the Latino thunderbirds….

  36. And I did the day before the Pompey home game bet one of the other chefs 500 poonds nufc wouldn’t go down….

  37. Totally agree with post 39! We could do without the dumbed down negative comments from many on here!

  38. sirjasontoon

    I’d like some crocodile shoes ok. You can give the handbag to Colo, he’s going to need it! ;)

  39. Hoolie I will get your order off to sports direct slave farm in indonesia tomorrow :lol:

  40. Rangers gone to blackpool so I have heard undisclosed Fee…Kerching I reckon £2m for Mike Ashley…awesome we now have £37m to not spend.

  41. Merky buckets Monsieur Jason du Toon – as they say at St James’s.

    I say, A 500 pund bet for a chef is a lot of wedge. Do you know the code for Ashley’s fat wallet or summik?

  42. make that 3 in 15bn…

    we’ve done good business in the transfer market so far, Cabaye and Marveaux are very highly rated in France.

    I’m certainly more excited about signing quality young players that have starred at their previous clubs, than the turncoat Bruce over in the Dark Place, signing journeymen pros from his old gaffer.

    Giving Nolan a 5 year extension would have been a joke and if he wouldn’t accept 2yrs, then I agree with the decision to offload him.

    I think Pardew has been upfront and honest whenever interviewed and personally I think he’s continued in the same style Hughton had.

    Re: 17 nzedtoonman – mentioning Sir Bobby is always emotive, but in my view the only mistake the club made was not dealing with him in the summer and moving him to a director of football role (or at least allowing him to “retire” with dignity). It was clear he’d taken the club as far as he could, I think you are allowing emotions to cloud your memory if you think otherwise. Yes, he delivered CL football (once), but he wasn’t getting any younger, he signed a load of young “potentials” like Bramble, Ambrose, Bellamy and Jenas, who liked but did not respect him. When we lost the CL qualifier shoot out against Partizan in 2003 something changed in that side and we were never the same.

    The tragedy with Sir Bob was that he didn’t take the Newcastle job after Keegan left in ’97, but stayed loyal to Barca, who rewarded him by sacking him at the end of the following season…we ended up with Dalglish and Gullit causing 2yrs of irreparable damage and the rest is all rather painful…hopefully Dalglish’s eye for a striker will prove just as woeful for Liverpool – at least we’ll benefit to the tune of 35m this time.

  43. Aye loads as were all alky gambling simpletons. But I was sure them we would murder Pompey (Owen missed 1 open goal, 2sitters???) them 2 points we’d be safe. I do believe we will be all a happy bunch in may like, top 7 defo

  44. Pompey (Owen missed 1 open goal, 2sitters???) them 2 points we’d be safe.

    What about Martins blazing over from about 8 yards in the 2nd half against Villa – 2 foot lower and we’d have had the 1 point we needed.

    Having said, then we’d have missed out on the refreshing change the Championship season was, chance to visit some proper old style football grounds again, promotion pitch invasions…Plymouth was exactly like Grimsby in 1993 all over again. Magic.

  45. Sounds like you got a distiction in your C@G 717 (alcoholic beverages) exam there Belz. ;)

    …As did a few others on here of late. :lol: :lol:

  46. Aye the hurt of Relegation probs has made a Better club, eg minus duff Carr Owen martins and of course Charlie insomnia….. And grounds nit visited in years was a canny time, forest derby and Preston were a personal highlights. The club have grew and since
    And we
    Will be reet amongst it next year

  47. Ranger is a hack

    (unintentional negative comment from an overall positive Toon Fan)

  48. Pardew does`nt have a mind of his own he is a puppet too Ashley. If he does decide to talk about a player that he is interested in he is slapped down firmly by Ashley Zog is an example of this. Who would replace Pards if Ashley presses the button nobody of any consequence. Anybody who is a man will not accept Ashley`s terms so until Ashley decides to depart we might as well keep pardew because the regime will never change whilst the fat man is at the helm

  49. Look for the people that dont know mr pardew
    When he left football he had a bad gambling debt.
    He owed mr fat buy a airplane for 37 million a day after
    Andy carrol ashley a fortune from his casino so he sacked our loyle chris and told pardew to manage
    And pay bk debt and more important keep his mouth
    Shut. This is to any toon fan like me nufc is currupt
    And it sickens me and dont beleave what they say
    We havent spent a penny i hope to get 30,000 fans
    To no go to games next season this will make
    The fat bastard pay and hopefully move on its
    Newcastle united football club not sport and soccer

  50. @64 – Shaun

    are you f ucking pissed? what the hell does that mean?? it hurts my eyes to try and read it!


    useless c unt

  51. I just dont trust this man, not once during the interview has he given a straight answer. He is obviously very skilled in the FLANNEL department and as trustworthy as a bag full of rattlesnakes. Ashley made a good choice in selecting him for manager as I think he will follow his orders to the last paycheque. I would love to be proven wrong but something just doesnt ring true.

  52. joppadoni says:

    “if nufc is so bad go support something else you mackem shaggers”

    You’ll be late for school again Joppa !

    As for Pardwho and his griping comment – if he finds fans annoying then the simple answer is to tell people what they want to know and not the bullshlt that the two muppets come up with on a day to day basis.

    Nobody I know believes this bunch of wide boys any more and that distrust will continue to grow while Fatman and Lamearse treat their paying customers to a whole heap of mushroom management.

    As TF have said in their latest issue there are so many unanswered questions to which normal, rational people would naturally want answers.

    So the ball’s in your court Pardwho !!!

  53. will everyone just stop having A go at aln pardew he did brilliant when he took charge the second part of the season and hes brought some good players in, hes our manager

  54. luke says:

    “will everyone just stop having A go at aln pardew he did brilliant when he took charge the second part of the season”

    3 wins from 18 games :)