Could Bendtner be our new striker after Erdinç snub?

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Wild rumour about Bendtner transferring to Newcastle.
Part of Plan C?
Newcastle United need another striker and, with Nicklas Bendtner allegedly looking for an exit from Arsenal, the inevitable two plus two has been added to create a possible five.

Don’t you just love a good rumour? No? Well please yourselves.

One that’s bubbling for those with their eye in the triangle is about a possible move to Newcastle for Nicklas Bendtner. The rumour is fuelled by three main things.

The first thing is that Nicklas Bendtner – along with goalkeeper Manuel Almunia – has been left out of Arsenal’s pre-season tour of Asia. The second thing that stoked the speculative fires is that, with the impending arrival of Gervinho, Bendtner may find himself further down the pecking order of strikers. The third thing is that Arsenal are allegedly interested in Joey Barton (and possibly even Enrique) and some sort of swap deal may be struck between the two clubs.

There was a rumour that we asked Arsenal if we could loan the player back in January after the eleventh hour sale of Andy Carroll to Liverpool but apparently they turned us down. There have also been other rumours about our interest in the player but they’ve never really gained much momentum.

Bendtner, who is also allegedly also linked with a possible move to Benfica, would seem to fit the bill for a Newcastle recruit (except that he’s not French). He’s 23, versatile in that he can play up front or on the wing and probably not too expensive to buy and maintain. It might look even more financially attractive to Ashley if they can move Barton – and his wages – the other way as part of the deal.

Bendtner is 6ft 5in tall and has 58 goals and 28 assists in 204 first class games, although a lot of those appearances have been as a substitute. He also has 12 goals in 38 games for Denmark.

He’s had his share of controversy, including an on-pitch spat with Emmanuel Adebayor and an incident where he pulled his trousers down in a night club after Arsenal lost to Manchester United in the Champions League, but in the grand scheme of footballers’ bad behaviour that’s probably classed as trivial. After all, doesn’t everybody pull their trousers down in night clubs?

So the big question is: is there any truth in the rumour?

Well, there’s no evidence, no quotes, nothing from Deep Throat and absolutely no other reason to believe there’s a shred of truth in any of it. So your guess is as good as mine. I have serious doubts and wonder if certain events have just been artificially tied together to create a pointless rumour.

All I would say is that, to me, it feels like it fits, which is as sure a sign as any that it’s complete BS!

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65 Responses

  1. I wouls be quite happy too look after Bentners girlfriend whilst he’s playing for us ;-)

  2. £10 million and £50,000 a week not exactle cheap which isn’t going to interest ashley.

  3. I think Bentner would be a fantastic acquisition, he needs regular games to prove himself and we could give him that, I would love this deal to happen and wash our hands of Joey Barton in the process.

  4. Stick with Shola,Lovvenkrands and Ranger a lethal three pronged attack.

  5. I think there will be some dissapointed fans come the end of the window and I think players like Bentner will be way out of reach for us.
    Reminds me of the window when we where linked with Modric and Arda Turam etc and we ended up with nothing.

    I just hope we are not going to blow whats left if the AC cash on free transfers,agent fees and bumper 5 year wage deals paid upfront.

  6. definately not.

    poor player, very high opinion of his own ability/value.

    one word describes him as a “club” player – poisonous

  7. Would be a good signing for the right price. Technically very good and bigger than I realised … 6″5! The main worry about signing him is that we would lack some serious pace up front which forces teams to drop deep creating space in the midfield. If we could get him and a pacey striker I would be very happy. Hppe we also get Zog. :-)

  8. the reason I say Zog is that he is a 10 goal a season midfielder… Which is what we lost when Nolan left. Wouldn’t mind the Wigan cf. Not sure of his name Rodellaiga?

  9. Hi, as an Arsenal fan it would be great for his and your sakes if the rumour was true. Ideally, I’d like him rondeau at Arsenal and be given a chance. I’ve watched him since his youth days here and believe him to be an excellent player. Needs to play centre forward though, not on the right wing where we have seemed to stick him for the past couple of seasons. Although not his pace isn’t electric, he’s certainly not slow. I could see him doing very well at your great club and think the fans will appreciate him a lot more than our spoilt, ignorant ones do! Swap for Enrique would be perfect, rather than Barton! Be lucky!

  10. SJT

    U are literally the most depressing person to read comments from. everything is negative. not one single positive comment is ever posted by u. cant u just show a little faith. we wil obviously spend some money, not saying we are goin to spend £25m plus on transfers but surely AP and MA realise we cant go into the new season solely on what we have remaining at the club. we wil get our big name striker and maybe one or two more squad players (new Lb if/when jose leaves) and to be honest im quite happy with a reasonably successful pre season

  11. Zog will go to either the Mackems,Villa or Liverpool,possibly arsenal.
    Can’t see us paying anywhere near what Wigan will be asking and Ashley doing any business with Dave Wheelan is not going to happen anytime soon.

    My gut feeling is he won’t be wearing a Toon shirt next season.

  12. I dont know if we will get a big name striker in anymore, with big names comes big money and big money is somthing ashley doesn’t like unless its in his pocket or on a table in the casino. I was actually quite excited at the prospect of getting gameiro/erdinc but both of these deals managed to land flat on there face. I would be very disapointed if we signed bendtner, lacks ability and slow. We need a pacey striker who can play off the shoulders of defenders

  13. APT Thanks for the comments.
    I have no faith in the current regime they have repeatedly misled fans and managers and the sooner they leave the better.

    I promise to perk up when we land the Big Name striker your dreaming about.

  14. I think Ashley is astute enough to realise that a player like nzogbia would boost shirt sales and get fans on board not to mention virtually guarantee Wigan will finish below us.

  15. I can see Mike knocking on Wheelans door buying a player that he sold for 6million and paying 10-12million…..aint going to happen.

  16. sold for 6mil plus Taylor and buy back as a better player for 9mil. Also me made a bid in jan didn’t we?

  17. back on bedntner though I think we have to view it as … Is he better than what we have got now? Surely that answer is yes!

  18. I can think of worse options. The only real worry is whether he really would come good in our environment. He’s not way down the Arsenal pecking order for nothing.

    But in the absence of other options, I’d just trust Carr and co to make a good decision on this. It’s really down to some careful analysis of the way he plays and how he’d fit into the system(s) AP has in mind.

    Sorry. Very diplomatic this morning. Must be hungover again.

  19. Still don’t want Zog. Nuff frogs and potential spirit-killers.

    Don’t particularly want a ‘Big Name’ striker either. Just a good one with potential.

    However, if MonkeySan is right and Bentner is a bit of a cock, he’s not for us.

  20. It is obvious no matter what happens some people will be unhappy. I for one think Bendtner would be great for us. He would be a clear first choice for us, is rarely injured and is out to prove himself. We could send Enrique the other way (lets face it he wants to go) and ask for 3 to 4 mill as well. It will allow us to move on one or two of our strikers as well and considering whats available a good buy.

  21. Hi …

    im also an arsenal fan, no disrespect but Bendtner would be the Best striker by far I Newcastle, don’t forget that løvenkrands has only played a handfull national caps i denmark and that Bendtner is first choice for the danish national team an he is only 23 wiht 200 + appearances…

  22. Pardew and the gk coach were on my flight from newcastle to gatwick yesterday if this means anything

  23. Bendtner would be a very, very good acquisition for you guys. In a team like ours where he’s mostly played on the wing, we have no one that can put in a decent cross and he’s rarely given a steady run in the team, he has a record of better than 1 goal in 2 starts.

    Put him in a team that plays him at CF and can cross and he’d get 20+ every season.

  24. Bendtner would be an excellent acquisition for us. He shouldn’t be judged that much on the chamce he had a t Arsenal because he hasn’t had enough of a chance. When you’re in a team with the likes of Henry, Van Persie young players wont get a chance. I say lets get him on board – even if we try the same loan then buy scenario like HBA and this hopefully will give us a better reading on how good NB is. 2011/2012 will be a good season! HWTL!

  25. I think bendetner would be a great signing certainly better than what we have . It seems some are not hppy unless we are bidding for the likes of drogba or tevez some of our fans need to wake up and smell the coffee we aint goin to get that standard of player. we would be lucky to actually pick up the danish number 9 i personally dont think he wouldwant to come to us but we shall see

  26. bendtner aint a bad player. knows where the net is and is stil very young. would be worth taking a punt on but the games ive seen of him his head can go down quite easily when things dont go his way. also his incredibly high opinion of himself would have to change coz hes not half as good as he thinks he is. worth a shot tho.

  27. Don’t really want bendtner to be honest, sure he has moments where he looks great, but too many where he looks very poor.

    A lot of people saying the reason he’s not done too well at arsenal is cos he’s never had a chance, but the article says he’s played 200+ times for arsenal. Is say that’s a fair chance! And if he can’t score in their team, with the chances they create, then I can’t see him scoring for us either.

    Then there’s the attitude. The kid seems exceptionally arrogant, even by footballer standards. Wasn’t it only a few months ago he said something about how he believed he had the ability to be the best player in the world? If he thinks that highly of himself, then would he even come to us?

    I hope this rumour isn’t true!

  28. hope there’s no truth to this rumour,dont want him here.
    great lets sign another striker that doesn’t score goals,watched the lad on numerous occassions,and he cannot hit a “mule with a banjo”.for all the good football arsenal play,bendtner still looks like a’s defo a no for me,wouldn’t be an improvement on what we’ve got.

  29. Plz. No way, he,s sh*te , no beta than strolla it lovven, if they bought him would b pure desperation & no good,

  30. personally i do rate him, given a run of games he could be great. i think he has ability and id like to see him in toon

  31. so bendtner is plan c?,so will we be into plan g,by next weekend?will this go alongside the,arsenal model,aston villa model,the everton model?

  32. See Ireland has done one…..what an waste of space he was along with Campbell and the Cookie Monster :lol:
    Least we will have space for more loans in the dressing next season.
    Not sure what model we are following this week Trojan but another week has gone by and I am just wondering what the weekly interest is on 35m??

    Must be a fair wack.

  33. sirjasontoon,some people are calling it “the french revolution”,it’s more like “two wasps fighting in a jar”.
    this is nowt new though,during the ashley tenure,just look when allardyce was in charge,he was forced down the french road also.look at who we got,
    david rozenhal,came with a good reputation from psg,he was claggy s**t.
    cacapa,came from lyon,their captain,they had just won the league,he came on a free,absolute gash for us.
    habib beye,another cheap fee,done well in his first season,but his legs were gone in his second year,also abandoned the sinking ship.
    is history repeating itself?who knows,but here we go again into france looking at players with cheap fees,who apparently come with good reputations.some fans will call you a whinger,moaner,oh your never happy cannot blame some fans for being cynical,after what’s gone on,since fatty turned up.

  34. I think the french boys might struggle and I would have preferred to be going into the new season with Barton and Nolan signed up for a few years.
    I just can’t see these boys having much aggression which is definatly what we lack now AC and KN have gone and soon possibly Joey.

    We have so much dead wood Smith,Ranger,Shola,Lovvenkrands,Perch surely these should be shipped out and not the decent players?

  35. I quite like the idea of a French Revilooshin…

    If we can manage to sign up enough revolting French peasants then mebbees they can help us to storm the Fat Bastille and free the 35 million!

    …Al get me coat.

  36. yes he hasnt scored alot of goals but if im honest the goals he has scored have had some skill and quality in them and he is young and hopfully cheap he will be a good buy, he is tall so go nicley with dembab ba in the box with either gosling marvuex or hatem crossing them in so i would like to see him at newcastle

  37. was demba ba the player who wouldn’t sign an autograph for a west ham fan,which led to the riot in the hotel?
    if it was him then what sort of effect will he have on dressing room morale.

  38. Don’t really see why we’re still talking about getting N’Zogbia as I feel we don’t need any more midfielders. We already have marveaux, jonas and ferguson on the left and other centre mids such as ben arfa and cabaye. For 10 million I’d rather have Bendtner.

  39. i’ll hold me hands up to that one,as ba is saying he was racially abused by the fan in question.

  40. TROJAN 69 says:
    July 10, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    “i’ll hold me hands up to that one,as ba is saying he was racially abused by the fan in question.”

    Aye, the fan was a real radgie gadgie by all accounts Trojan.

  41. Bentner ?
    A good young player, yeah i read all that garbage above he’s this n’that, but the fact is you dont get to play for Arsenal, unless you are decent.
    But it,s not about whether he is a Carr choice or not, the simple fact is he would cost too much.
    Look at Erdinc, agreed terms with PSG, but Ashley would,nt go for the personal terms (to much dosh)
    Same reason we wont get N’Zogbia, have you guys not got it figured yet, we got a cheap ass owner.
    There are clubs in the PL spending over £100m. while we are nickel and dimeing over £500k more for Taylor at Swansea.
    Apparently Carr and others were hot for Erdinc, but theres both a wage and age cap and a parsemonius owner, who wants his money back.
    Look for the McGugan’s, Taylors etc. that or free agents, if there’s any left, think we bought them all actually and they came to £35m.
    Hell both Bentner and N’Zogbia would make thi a much better side, as would Erdinc, but it aint gonna happen !
    Get used to it !

  42. chuck says:
    July 10, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    “have you guys not got it figured yet, we got a cheap ass owner.”

    Er, I think that one’s been well and truly figured out by now Chuck!

  43. Danny sez,
    He’s tall and would go well with Demba Ba in the box with whoever passing to him.
    Plus he may come cheap ?

    Danny first he won’t come cheap.

    And it’s statements like that that annoy me.
    Is that the kind of football we should be playing, thats how they played in the UK more than sixty years ago.
    Did you not watch both the Spanish national team and Barcelona recently ?
    I think thats the direction we should be going.
    This fixation by certain fans and i might add, clubs also, of playing an outdated style of football is unbelievable.
    Ch***t maybe we should go back to the old 2-3-5 formation also.
    And size has not got a lot to do with it, two of the best footballers the world has ever seen were both around 5′-5″ and got and still get their quota of goals. Talking Maradonna & Messi!

  44. The problem as I see it, is that whilst he scores a fair few – he also misses 3 or 4 before 1 goes in. It’s one thing if you’re turning out for arsenal who create more goalscoring chances than any team in the country, but even if our newbies all click we won’t be providing that kind of service for a while yet.

  45. This would be a great buy for around 10 mil, he has huge potential, very strong on the ball, good in the air, has a great goalscoring record when u consider how many games he was a sub. to be honest i think he has more potential than ac and we got 35 mil for him, hope this comes off !!!!!

  46. Workey
    Obviously not by some of those commenting above, they still believe that there’s more to come and a sizeable chunk of the £35m. will be forthcoming.

  47. Oh and the muppets who say he is no better than shola and lovenkrands, obviously are deluded, shola peaked at the age of nineteen , he hasent improved one bit in all his toon career, lk is a trier but too weak on the ball and too slow, bentner has more class than both put together

  48. Like I said Bentner would vastly improve this side and he was Wenger’s go to guy, any time he needed a late goal, on came Bentner.
    For the actual minutes he played he has a phenominal record of scoring.
    Course he was a player who when given the least opportunity, Shot !
    Not like most of the Arsenal side, who wanted to walk the ball in.
    I often though, to be an Arsenal fan during this Wenger period must be as frustrating as hell, still tippy tappying in the box, aaarrrggghhhh !
    But hey, it’s all academic, cause we aint gonna get Bentner.

  49. chuck says:
    July 10, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    “Did you not watch both the Spanish national team and Barcelona recently ?
    I think thats the direction we should be going.”

    Pardew has told fans that he would like us to play like Barcelona too, because that’s the kind of thing they want to hear. Unfortunately though, Pardew doesn’t have the abilty to make a team play like Barcelona, and of course, it took decades and the introduction of some of the finest minds and feet ever to have graced football to make Barcelona play like Barcelona do today. Their current project started in 1971.

  50. It’s great to see some comments from the Arsenal fans on this one. Hope he is as good as you all have said if we are after him. Good luck for the next season. I know a lot of Arsenal fans are not a big fan of him but if it is true about a swap deal for Joey Barton he is one hell of a player and can add a bit more steel to your midfield as well as a heck of a cross.

  51. Workey

    Yeah i agree, did’nt happen overnight !

    But i have a feeling UK fans dont like that style of football, IMO they would rather see a revival of Nat Lofthouse bundling the goalie into the net along with the ball, grrr! a mans game !

    I mean the EPL is a more physical and fast paced game than the general styles encountered on the continent.
    And played by players with good technical ability, a much more exciting spectacle.

    But watching our best play against Spains best in the champions league final, was proof of the pudding and i believe they would have been beaten by Madrid had they played them also.

    Strangely enough i thought Chelsea were robbed by Barca the year before and you are going to see much iproved sides from the EPL this year, with vast amounts of money spent.

    Football in general has a leapfrog like quality, with various countries dominating, for periods and were it not for the enormous amounts of dosh generated by sky tv, think, where would the EPL stand in to-days game?
    Gonna end up with Pardew and his mouthing off about how his french legion are going to keep the ball on the ground.

    Look I got no faith in this guy and i wonder exactly how good the backroom staff and especially the coaches are, are these the best people we can hire, or is it jobs for the boys ?

    I mean i’m not particularly impressed by Ashleys top guys an ex casino whatever and a manager that no one would hire, so you wonder were the others hired because they came cheap or what.
    Guess we will find out soon enough.

  52. Chuck says:

    “Apparently Carr and others were hot for Erdinc, but theres both a wage and age cap and a parsemonius owner, who wants his money back”

    Can someone please tell me why we spend all that time, money and effort in scouting these players only to find, at the eleventh hour, that his wage demands are too high ?

    Surely we could have sussed that out on Day 1 or 2 rather than wait for Day 184 to learn that ? This fecking club is NUTS :)

  53. Bendtner played in the Arsenal team that toasted us last year at SJP in the cup. He didn’t get a kick, and as far as I recall his one good move was to blatantly body check a toon defender for one of the Arsenal goals.

    Not for me…and at 13 million euros…no chance..

  54. Andy,
    that’s assuming that any of that is true.

    It all depends which bits of lying craploids BS one chooses to believe.