Alan Pardew ‘Total Sport’ interview transcript part two.

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Pardew: Wants Newcastle to be more like Barcelona.
Pardew: Wants Newcastle to be more like Barcelona.
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Yesterday, Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew, gave a rare interview to BBC Radio Newcastle’s ‘Total Sport’. Including quite a few questions from the fans as well as questions from the studio, it was long and very revealing. I have endevoured to transcribe the interview for your reading pleasure below. Here is part two. For Part One, follow the link here, or use the navigation at the top and bottom of this piece. Here we go!

Total Sport: “What would you see as progression this season, bearing in mind you were very nearly a top ten team last season and that was way beyond alot of people’s expectations at the beginning of the season?”

Alan Pardew: “Well if I’m honest, after we lost Andy Carroll and someone said we’d finish where we did, I’d have been highly delighted ’cause I think we was running short, especially of offensive players, but the players did absolutely brilliantly. We had players performing above their level, which is what you’ve got to achieve. Now if we could do that with a stronger squad, now if you look at it, we have signed three players, but probably the most important player is Ben Arfa, because if we keep him fit and we get the best out of him, we could have a special talent there, so in actual fact, for me personally I’ve got four new players.”

Total Sport: “And Gosling as well.”

Alan Pardew: “And Gosling as well who I haven’t seen much of even on the training ground so, you know, we’re in such a better position than last year and so there’s progression in terms of the quality, but of course that’s got to be backed up by results, and you will be the first to know that’s how we live and die in our game so it’s very very important that the trading that we do is reflected on the pitch.”

Total Sport: “How is Dan Gosling’s fitness now then?”

Alan Pardew: “Well Dan’s reported back, he’s been in America training all through the summer, he’s a committed, really good professional and I think if we could just steer clear of an impact injury I think he’ll be OK because he’s stronger now than he’s ever been.”

Total Sport listener ‘Scourge’: “What does Alan think about playing the derby so soon in the season, the second game of the season. Is that a good or bad thing?”

Alan Pardew: “I think I’d have preferred us to be at home the first time you play in a big derby, I think, because it’s obviously an advantage for Sunderland. Once you’ve won the first game then it’s a little bit easier in the second game I think for your players. So it’s a very important game for us, that we get a result there and you know, last year we were so unlucky not to win that game. I really felt that looking back on that fixture we should have won that game 2-0 really. So we can go there with good confidence, but we’re coming off the back of a tough home game (Arsenal). It’s a really tough start for us, especially with new players, so it’s something you’ve got to look forward to though, brilliant games.”

Total Sport: “Marco (Gabbiadini), you thought Sunderland were worth the draw on that occaision, didn’t you? You argued the point with Ando (John Anderson) long and hard.”

Marco Gabbiadini: “I think Sunderland did, in spells they did well in that game, I didn’t think that did maybe enough to win it. It was hyped a little bit from certain quarters that Sunderland were overunning that game but it was a close game and we got out of jail really at the end but, phphph, we start off with Liverpool away (it’s actually Arsenal at home) and then that game, two massive games to start the season with. I don’t know, for me I think that the build up to those games overshadows too many games sometimes. We’re looking forward to it four or five weeks in advance. At least this time we’ve only got one game to get out the way before we get to it and get it out the way, massive fixture I know, but as last season for me as a player maybe you can overlook the importance of that game. It’s six points out of a possible, what’s six times thirty eight Mick?”

Mick: “Too many (laughter). Two hundred and something.”

Total Sport listener ‘Gordon’: “Hello chaps. Next season, how are you going to evolve Newcastle’s style of play because at Southampton and Reading you were sort of like, is the word ‘Keeganesque’ a fair comparison?”

Total Sport: (more laughter) “Don’t go there Al whatever you do!”

Alan Pardew: “Oh Gawd! That’s a tough one. If I can just say this on the playing side: Alot of games last year we did very very well in terms of the result, but we didn’t control the proceedings too often. Cabaye in particular I think will help us in that mode. He’s a keeper of the ball, he’s a manoeverer of the ball I think, and hopefully with Joey as well, we’ve got players who can dictate the tempo of the game, and therefore we can keep possession more. We was turning over possession far too easily last year and that’s something we’ll be working on, and winning the ball back. Obviously, if you keep it for longer spells, like Barcelona to the extreme prove, that if you keep it, and you work the opposition, when you give it away you have so much more energy to get it straight back, so that’s a balance we need to get better next year. If we do that, and I thought at times we was pretty positive in all the games we went into. If we can keep that positivity with keeping the ball, that’s the key to consistency and great results in the Premiership.”

Total Sport: “You doo seem on paper though to have alot more flair at your disposal this pre-season than last season.”

Alan Pardew: “Yeah, I thinks that’s fair to say and I think we’ve got talent as well, and you know we’ve still got some key players from last year as well. You know it’s another Premier League year for Colo, and Steven Taylor’s back to form and Willo (Mike Williamson) had a great year. Shola had a good year and we’ve got players who are coming off the back of a good season. It all adds to the mix.”

The third and concluding part will be along soon!

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34 Responses

  1. I know pards is trying to talk a good season but I really don’t think he has a clue who will be in or out of the team until the window closes he’s as much in the dark as we are

  2. Pardew is intelligent & knows what is needed however he can’t show his cards in public until they are dealt & then he has to put a positive spin on it because next to getting results its an important part of his job. I’m quietly confident of a cracking season. Bring it on you beauty

  3. shearclass,i agree,he comes across as someone who is out of their depth,and hanging on by their fingernails.
    stroll on,has anyone been on toonsy’s blog?,toonsy is alright,but that’s not a blog,it’s a cult.

  4. Alan Pardew: “Well if I’m honest, after we lost Andy Carroll and someone said we’d finish where we did, I’d have been highly delighted ’cause I think we was running short, especially of offensive players, but the players did absolutely brilliantly”

    So now we have Demba Ba, signed on a £2m free transfer, we’ll be Ok then ?

    Feck off Pardwho everyone knows you’re either a half wit journeyman hanging on to the last decent job of your sad and unsuccessful managerial career or you are the guy that Fatman wanted to spout company propaganda at every turn.

    Either way you should be ashamed of yourself !!

  5. andymac,you basically cannot have any respect for someone who’s willing to prostitute themselves,to the extent pardew is.unless he really is the best of mates with dracula(llambias),and he knows the score full well,and he’s getting well paid for his misinformation.
    if it’s the former,then pardew must be pretty f***ing desperate to work under these conditions.

  6. Trojan69 said: July 5th, 2011 at 7:38 pm
    has anyone been on toonsy’s blog?,toonsy is alright,but that’s not a blog,it’s a cult.

    That’s a bit rich…pot, kettle & black.

  7. TROJAN 69 says:
    July 5, 2011 at 7:51 pm


    I was just wondering, what happened to ‘Penfold’ as a term of affection for our dear leader. It seems to have gone out of fashion nowadays.

  8. yes worky he does seem to have a lot of names,i’ve never heard the “invisible man”,for a long time either.i suppose we’ll have to come up with new names for him lol.

  9. AndyMac says:

    “Pardwho everyone knows you’re either a half wit journeyman hanging on to the last decent job of your sad and unsuccessful managerial career or you are the guy that Fatman wanted to spout company propaganda at every turn”

    Surely its both isnt it ?

  10. Your unnerving devotion to twisting everything that happens at newcastle into a Pardew/Ashley/Llambias conspiracy

  11. witters,there’s no conspiracy,they are just s**t at running the club,a bunch of f**king amateur chancers,who are making us a laughing run along to the “david koresh revivalist board”,and get your guitar out,hallelujah.praie be.

  12. Pardew !
    Of all the managers in the game, why us ?
    A walkie talkie, hey you can fool some of the people some of the time but…..
    Loved his and Drakula’s explaination concerning the £35m.
    Nolan went for £4, Cabaye was signed for £4.8, but balancing those two figures and adding the balance to the cost of the rest (our free agents)plus their agents and signing on fees, errrm thats about £35 big ones.
    Aw! actually i forgot to add the underground heating and the next twenty years wages.
    Are these people for real ?

    Getting serious, Pardew gave his word that Ashley had guaranteed the whole magilla would be spent “on the club”
    imediately following the Carroll transfer and subsiquent
    period of dissent by the fans.
    No one mentioned future wages or underground heating.
    The truth is very little has been spent on transfer fees, something i believe most fans expected.
    So once again we have been conned.
    Do these people have any respect for the fans at all, does’nt appear so.
    And without the fans theres no NUFC.
    Probably why they want to sell seats for the next fifteen years, grab the money now !
    Hey! whadda ya gonna do !

  13. Who should we buy?
    Jordan Henderson 20 million?
    Andy Carroll 35 million?
    When those two over hyped fu…s flop we’ll see who the amateurs are!
    Fair play to the staff involved in the transfer market so far, They’ve done a good job and should be commended.

  14. Paul
    Whatever your opinion is on the players brought in so far and i would tend to agree with you.

    Unfortunately you missed the point.

    It’s more about the fan unrest which took place following the Carroll transfer, both Pardew and Ashley at the time assured the fans in order to placate them , that the entire transfer amount would be reinvested in the side, club , team or whatever.

    It’s my opinion and i believe the opinion of most fans, that meant the sum would be spent on bringing in players.

    It.s not about whether they did or not, it’s about the fact they attempted to lie to us as to the actual amount spent, insulting our intelligence and showing little respect for the fans.

    Attempting to confuse the issue by using excuses like undeground heating, players wages, etc.

    With the two yes men Llambias and Pardew making fools of themselves using double talk, where even the most naive fan could figure they were bullshitting.

    Disrespect is what it’s about the same reason the peoples of the Arab world revolted!

  15. Hahaha…enougth with the negativity guys. And to those who keep saying Fat Man, Llambias, Pardew are useless amateurs at running the club…..really? You really say that? And who would be professionals then? Apart from a select few clubs in the Premiership…maybe Fergie, The arsenal board (under Dein)…who else? You think you could do a better job of it? Well obviously you can’t cause you haven’t started a multi million dollar company have you. Or are you waiting for some rich arab or russian to buy the club and buy the league? Will that make u happy and say it’s a well run club?

    We’re stable, we’ve got in a couple of solid looking players (wait till they start n hope they’re good) and we hopefully will get in anther couple of players. Enough about the 35 million quid and where it’s gone. It’s none of your business now is it. Maybe you will be happy if we buy a 20 million quid player but tell me….who is worth 20 million and above will actually want to come to Newcastle rite now? If they’re worth that much they would go to more prominent clubs at the moment like Champions League or Liverpool (aka Andy Our frickin saviour Carroll the bastard). Be glad that we’re doing ok at the moment. 5 year plan. So let it be. Be patient n keep your fingers crossed and more importantly….support the team.

    Ok rant over.

  16. Joe the 5 year plan, the Arsenal model it is nothing but nonsense….it’s along the lines of Hope and Change that Obama spouted when those in the know knew he was financed by Wall Street to rob America blind,start a load of phoney wars etc and that is why he was appointed president and he has done a great job.

    Nobody on the blog has asked for 20 million pound players and to my knowledge many like myself knew that the AC money would not be reinvested on the outright purchase of first team players…instead we have spent £35m on free transfers and undersoil heating.

    The Ashley regime never fails to divide and disappoint the is for certain.

  17. Jasontoon…..well let’s just leave it at we have different views on things. Hahaha. Just a question though…is there any club or outfit out there you would like the Toon to be like? Or is everyone crap at running a football club?

  18. I don’t think we need to mimic other clubs we have enough heritage and history of our own…so why copy another team?
    35M spent on free transfers……….need I go on?

  19. I dont mean mimic other clubs…i’m just trying to understand what you and many others want? I’m not trying to knock u guys opinions by the way.

    Putting it simply…what would make you happy? That we spend 35 million on actual transfer fees? That we get in more players (forward, left back etc)? That we win the league next year? That we finish in a top 6? How would you run the club?

    I for one think it’s being run ok at the moment except for the part Pardew n Llambias open their big gob n say things like we will spend 35 million on transfers guaranteed.

  20. It’s kinda pointless saying everything is crap without being able to come up with better alternatives?

  21. Joe….Milner,Given,N,zogbia,Martins,Duff,Nolan,Carroll (to name a few) where has this money gone as well as the money saved on wages over the past few seasons?
    You can only buy so many pitches,dug outs and free transfers etc

    The club is being fleeced.
    Free transfers do not amount to 35Million…..a failed economics student could figure that one out.

    Add to that gate receipts,merchandising and the TV money…..It just doesn’t add up on my calculator.

  22. sirjasontoon,i see ashley has bought USC clothes firm,for 7 million,i hope it’s not the so called erdinc money lol.
    joe,that’s the trouble though,all they do is lie and backtrack constantly,it’s basically impossible to trust these they ever spend any money on transfers?it does seem like we only sign players on frees,or pay a fee when someone else is shipped out,and even then ashley still makes a profit.

  23. All the transfer windows are the same…we look busy but that’s about it.
    Well at least we know now that the 40m has been spent on free transfers and under soil heating….zzzz

  24. Yup that means 2 more shops none of my family will be going into Trojan :lol:

  25. has anyone got the figures on ashley’s spend on transfers in,and tranfers out,during his tenure?

  26. “….Milner,Given,N,zogbia,Martins,Duff,Nolan,Carroll (to name a few) where has this money gone as well as the money saved on wages over the past few seasons?
    You can only buy so many pitches,dug outs and free transfers etc”

    I thought this was covered in other sites including reputed financial ones as to the exact finances etc. Anyway will not get into that.

    But yes i understand your point of knocking the current regime but no one answered my question of WHat would you do different and what could they do to make you happy? If u want them to just stop lying “which they are doing” then would it make you happy if they said we will spend fuck all the next 5 years n just carry on mid table….and then actually do that? Obviously not. So what do you want them to do?

  27. By the way guys….once all is said n done…we all are here because of the Toon. Nothing personal.

  28. And the majority will not take the raping of NUFC lightly…long live the blog and all who sail in her ;lol:

  29. looking at an older account,he had made 37.2million profit,it must be way over 70 mill now,with the carroll money,granted some of this money will be paid in installments,but he’s took a hell of a lot of money in transfer fees on paper.i’m no expert,but what about the sky money,shirt sales and other merchandise?.

  30. For those who believe Ashley’s doing a great job.
    it’s obviuos his policy is not an unfamiliar one to him, it’s the old mantra of the retailer, buy cheap and sell for the most you can get.
    For instance take the Enrique matter, I doubt if there has been a serious attempt to keep him, his probable fee is too tempting and theres planty of LB’s around for less.
    Of course the Carroll coup was the best of all, and when the fans became upset, they were placated with lies, there was never any intention of spending that amount.
    The two bobble head dolls, Llambias and the guy they call the manager, then have the nerve to lie to us, without even getting the story straight.
    NUFC is a Newcastle institution, withot which the city would never be the same, it’s been here from long before Ashley came to town and will be here long after he’s gone.
    He is a caretaker only and hopefully not here to plunder the club, but while he is here it is expected he show a little respect for the people who fill the stadium and spend good money on his cheap ass shirts.
    No one ever stated they would be upset if the whole £35m. were not spent, just dont try and con people and certainly not through two loosers like Llambias and Pardew.