Nile Ranger looks likely to be transferred to Blackpool

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Nile Ranger's alleged transfer to Blackpool.
Tangerine dream
Newcastle United’s Nile Ranger is allegedly set to complete a transfer to Blackpool today.

Although I can not yet find any official confirmation of any deal, the news comes from Click Lancashire who, as far as I can gather, aren’t usually in the business of rumour-mongering like some of the national press.

Ranger’s exit has certainly been on the cards this transfer window anyway after the player was declared ‘surplus to requirements’ at Newcastle, and Blackpool sounds like the sort of team who would be interested in him.

Maybe Ian Holloway can get the best out of the player for the Tangerines.

Ranger definitely has some talent but at Newcastle it was often overshadowed by problems with his discipline and he was regularly fined for turning up late to practise. I can’t imagine his gun-toting photograph helped matters, although I doubt that was singularly responsible for Newcastle’s decision to transfer-list him.

Details of the transfer agreement are not yet available (assuming it’s true of course, which I am) but I would imagine he would cost Blackpool something in the region of £1m-£2m.

The 20 year-old striker was brought to Newcastle in 2008 by Dennis Wise and impressed in the under-18’s and the reserves, scoring 22 goals for them in his first season, and he has also managed 6 goals in 12 games for the England Under-19’s. This success did not translate to the first team though where Ranger only has 3 goals from 58 appearances, which is not a good strike rate even if we allow for the fact that a lot of those appearances have been as a substitute.

I have always felt that he just needed to get ‘properly started’ with his first-team goal-scoring (if you see what I mean) and then he would begin to gain some momentum but, alas, it never happened.

Please bear in mind that nothing is official yet, although I suspect we’ll hear soon enough.

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25 Responses

  1. He might b a gangster but i surely thought this guy is a real rare talent. He is indeed a real talent. And at 19 – 20 he is a real deal. Now i don’t know him off the pitch that might b the reason he is due to b sold. Really want to keep him.

  2. I’m not too fussed about this. Will be good for him to get a full run in a first team and we don’t need him (dependant on us getting a quality striker – pleae NOT BENDTNER). Saw him at Fulham away last year and didn’t play well. Didn’t even show superior pace which was disappointing. Good luck to him though.

  3. Plastic Gangster.
    Can’t see him ever making it in the premiership and see it as a positive him moving on.
    If you can’t be commited to train why bother turning up at all?
    Someone sent me a link to his facebook last year and I just thought what a total prick!
    Gangster nope,Prolific Goalscorer never.

  4. It’s a shame he couldn’t have sorted himself out – “he coulda been a contender, he coulda been somebody . . .”

    BTW if Fatty sees that league table on the right, Pardew is likely to be out on his ear. It has to be top ten this season. ;)

  5. Another classic Dennis Wise signing! Shame I thought he could have been a really one for the future. Ian Holloway will get the best out of him, look at Charlie Adam. Hope we manage a good sell on fee.

  6. Absolutely crazy … loan him out for two years and see if he develops and loses his attitude.

    Could be a HUGE mistake selling him.

  7. Hopefully it will be Shola’s turn next,then Perch,then Lovvenkrands……
    I think Ranger will apply himself well at blackpool on the beach with the other donkeys :lol:

  8. Rumours in spain and from sources is that canales be joining nufc on a years loan,so 4get about zog

  9. Maybe training starts later at Blackpool…gives Nile a bit more time to chill with his Hoes in the hot tub/Jacuzzi.
    I just think he can’t leave his life behind as a petty little criminal….He is hardly a real gangster just a silly kid with too much money and zero application.

    Yes Yes Yall !!! and he Don’t Score !!! :lol:

  10. If a 13 year old paperlad can get into work for 7am, every morning, every weekend and in all weathers. Why is it that Ranger can’t make it into training for 10.30am? Good riddance to him I say!

  11. Does this mean the striker pardew talks of is possibly dj campbell coming other way? Just a thought

  12. G’s up, hoes down, Ranger was a stranger, that packed no danger.

    Other than creating an ‘impact’ when he came on for last ten mins, like someone unloading an Uzi wildly as he did a metaphorical ‘drive-by’ on the opposition goal – he never looked like REALLY scoring.

    yes, he might gain composure. Yes, he might totally change his attitude.But i’d rather he serve his community service in Blackpool than waste a valuable space on the bench.

    Zogbia apparently been given a revised 20m price tag by Wigan – hopefully that’s the last we’ll hear on the player.

  13. Loan him, loan him, loan him….
    I think this one is going to come back and bite us in the aristotle!! He has bags of talent just waiting to be released. Let someone else reap the benefit and then have him back when he can find the net…..he has everything else in his game. A good spell in the Championship would do him the world of good, but not by selling him to Blackpool, who then sell hime to Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Fu Man Vhu (delete as appropriate)and then he’ll be back in a couple of seasons scoring a hatrick against us.
    If he can’t turn up on time, dock his wages. He’s a footballer, they feel it hardest in the pocket….oooh errr.

  14. He WAS getting fined for turning up late, and still kept doing it…I think Pards just wasn’t prepared to be messed about, and in the words of Ice Cube:

    “He picked the wroooong Nigg8 to f8ck wiv!”

  15. Sometimes you get a gut feeling about players based on their attitude and performances, might sound a little mazy but think you can see where I am coming from. Ranger for me hasn’t looked like he will be able to even become as good as Shola. Carroll I always felt would be a good un (player as opposed to anything else).

    He might become a good player (Ranger) but I have a feeling we won’t miss him.

    A player who I feel might tick a lot of boxes next season is LuaLua, watch that space is my gut feeling for the future.