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Enrique definitely wants out says Pardew as Neil Taylor pursuit goes cold.

July 13th, 2011 | 44 Comments |

Enrique: Showdown talks break down.
Enrique: Showdown talks break down.
Alan Pardew has now confirmed that Left back, Jose Enrique, is refusing to sign a new deal at the club.

Meanwhile, Newcastle United’s pursuit of Swansea’s Neil Taylor, who was, reputedly, being lined up as a replacement for ‘El Toro’ seems ever more doubtful as the Swans’ manager, Brendan Rogers claims that Taylor is “very very close” to signing a new deal at the club.

Speaking of the Enrique contract imbroglio after seeming breakdown in previously reported showdown talks on a new contract, Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew said this:

“He’s made it pretty clear that he still won’t sign a contract and that his future may be elsewhere.

“I’m not really comfortable with that, but we will have to deal with it.”

However Pardew refused to give up hope completely on keeping the player at the club adding: (more…)

Enrique to be offered “fantastic contract” next week claims Pardew.

May 27th, 2011 | 19 Comments |

Enrique: Showdown talks next week.
Enrique: Showdown talks next week.
In a rare interview, Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew, has claimed that Jose Enrique is about to be offered a “fantastic contract” to stay at Newcastle United. He also added that he was “still hopeful” that the player could be persuaded to remain at the club.

Speaking to Tyneside newspaper, the Evening Chronic, Pardew revealed that the latest bid to persuade the Spaniard to stay at the club will happen in the early part of next week, when the player’s representatives will meet with Newcastle United’s Lee Charnley, the man who usually deaals with player contracts and such at the club, in an attempt to thrash out a new deal. Enrique’s current contract will terminate at the end of next season, with much speculation that Liverpool have a strong interest in signing the left back. Pardew said of the upcoming showdown talks:

“We have been waiting to see his representatives, they are due here in the early part of next week.

“We are going to make Jose a very, very good offer and we are hoping he is going to accept it.

Adding a note of caution though, he then continued: (more…)

Toon wants The Zog back whilst Barton and Enrique face contract decisions

May 16th, 2011 | 21 Comments |

Charles N'Zogbia - Toon transfer target?
The Zog to return?
Newcastle United are allegedly after Charles N’Zogbia whilst contract negotiations complicate the situations with Barton and Enrique.

The weekend press contained a lot of football gossip as per usual. Some of it’s probably true but most of it is likely to be nonsense, so please don’t shoot the messenger!

One of the things reported is that there’s been a bit of a stall on Barton’s contract with the 28 year-old wanting a 4 year contract as opposed to the 2 year one offered to him in January. Compromising on a 3 year contract might be the way to go if Joey will accept that, which I don’t think is too much of a risk as he’d still only be 31 at the end of the contract.

On the subject of contracts, The Sun reckons Jose Enrique will be offered a 5 year contract and a decent pay rise if he agrees to stay at Newcastle. I’m not sure how The Sun knows that because all Alan Pardew has had to say on the matter is:

He’s not indicated to myself or to Derek what his intentions are. We’re still optimistic of course. I’d love to keep him. Absolutely love to keep him.

But I think we have to be on our guard because there are so many noises about him. I think that’s the nature of the business we’re in.

Were there shades of Keegan in that comment? “I’d love it, absolutely love it if he stays”. (more…)