Taylor and Tiote set for long term deals?

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Talk of a longer deal for Tiote?
Talk of a longer deal for Tiote?
I’ve found a bit more newspaper gossip that could be of interest to you guys regarding Steven Taylor and Cheik Tiote.

Don’t worry, as ever on NUFCBlog.org we will endeavour to inform you of which is the wheat and which is the chaff with regard to news reporting. On that basis we’ll start off with the chaff.

The News of the World is reporting that talks with Steven Taylor are scheduled for the start of next week, and that Taylor is set to put pen to paper on a new long-term five-and-a-half year deal that will keep him at the club until the grand old age of 30.

The paper claims that the club have been impressed with how Taylor hasn’t been looking for a move in January and see this as an indication that he really does want to stay on Tyneside. On a similar note, it has also been reported that Taylor has been impressed with what Alan Pardew has had to say during meetings between the player and the manager.

A quick message to Taylor though. If you are going to sign then get rid of that parasite of an agent. I realise that they are all as bad as each other to an extent, but Paul Stretford really does seem to take the piss, as evidenced by his handling of the Wayne Rooney situation at Manchester United earlier on in the season.

I hope this is sorted one way or the other, and pretty soon. It’s dragged on long enough, and it would at least end the will he sign/won’t he sign saga that has rattled on for some time now.

Now onto the proverbial wheat….

The Sunday Sun is reporting that Alan Pardew wants to tie down Cheik Tiote to a new long-term deal. Tiote only joined Newcastle in the summer and signed a four year contract, but Pardew believes that Tiote’s future should be assured in the long-term to warn off any potential interest from the big boys.

“Cheik has impressed me. But interestingly, when you look at him on DVD and in the stadium, the first impression you get is he’s a big, big player,” Pardew said.

“But at the training ground he looks very little. He’s only young, he’s got a lot to learn. But certainly on the pitch he’s been a massive player for this club. He will get better. One hundred per cent he will get better from where he is now.”

“But he is a player we need to protect and we need to make sure that he stays at Newcastle United for the next five or six years because he is a big, big player for us.”

Small bits of positive news then, hopefully. The club started to sort out contracts a few months back, and perhaps an agreement with Taylor is part of that process? It is the News of the World though so I guess we will have to wait and see if there is any truth in it, but it does sound hopeful.

It’s also good to see that Tiote is highly rated within the club. It’s right what Pardew says about protecting him from larger clubs in the meantime, but ultimately the goal has to be becoming one of those bigger clubs ourselves and pushing up the league.

To be honest though it is hardly surprising that Tiote is highly valued as he has been one of the stand-out performers of the season and it doesn’t take a genius to see just how good he is.

Let us know what you think of both of these bits of news.

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194 Responses

  1. Would be brilliant business to tie both up on long term deals, Tiote in particular who has been sensational

  2. As Tiote has already got a 4 year contract already, is there any point in giving him a new contract right now???

    Not sure I’m wanting Saylor to stay now, especially has he’s not signed the contract in front of him, which I beileve is better than what he was on, now he’s just after money & whether it’s his or his agents fault, in the end, Saylot is the one with the last word on the matter!!!

  3. i agree that i would be great to see but some how i don’t see ashley being in a hurry to lengthen Tiotes contract . He has just joined on a 4 year deal it will probably be another 2 seasons before it happens .

  4. Rewarding Tiote with an improved contract will prove the club are serious about keeping our quality young talent.

    I’m just worried about Enrique, as he is probably on twice Tiote’s wages… insanely critical that we sign him though.

  5. hope taylor does stay as he is a commited player who gives is all for the club and as for tiote get him signed up right not for a longer contract. the man is the best defensive midfielder in the premier league right now

  6. TOONSY by the way thanks for last couple of threads keeps me up to speed,while layed up,enjoyed them like

  7. I hope Taylor do’s sign up to a new contract as I also think he allways gives 100% and is commited to the cause. It will also be nice to see somany on here eating humble pie after all the stuff they have said about him :)
    As for Tiote what length of contract is he on now

  8. Dave – I don’t like humble pie. I’ll still say he is a sneaky, under-handed, slimy twat :)

    Ice – No worries mate :)

  9. Toonsy you should never be to big to eat humble pie lad, it takes a man to admit when their wrong ;)
    Do you know about Tiotes contract or were you just on to have a sly dig at me :lol:

  10. Big Dave says:
    December 19, 2010 at 4:16 pm
    Toonsy you should never be to big to eat humble pie lad, it takes a man to admit when their wrong<<<< couldnt agree more your not a man unless your own up when your wrong

  11. How am I wrong? Is there anyhting to suggest that Taylor is NOT a slimy, sneaky twat?


    Well until then I’ll keep my opinion, and everyone can keep theirs ;)

    “He can learn from Sol” is what people say…

    Taylor is 25 with near on 200 games in the bag FFS. If people are still saying he should improve after that doesn’t it say something?

  12. So if he is on a 4yr contract whats the rush to sign him up longer.
    I was talking about all the ( he is not commited to the club, and is trying to get out ) comments ;)

  13. Obviously Taylor and his commitment can be bought then….. But as I said in the article, this is only the NOTW saying this and we should wait and see.

  14. Big Dave says:
    December 19, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    “So if he is on a 4yr contract whats the rush to sign him up longer.”

    It’s probably another PR shadow play, Dave.

  15. Dave…I’ve said before I want Taylor to stay but if he does it may be because his agent couldn’t get him a better deal elswhere or maybe just because he wants to stay…..in the end we’ll never know who’s right or wrong or who(if any) should eat humble pie ;-)

  16. Since watching Charlie Adam last season I`ve been well impressed with him. I think he would bring another dimension to the team. If the press are to be believed it seems that Pardew agees with my views. A Rob Lee type of player one or two like this will certainly help in january. If Taylor decides to move on their is a ready made replacement down at the boro in Wheater get him for the same £2 million we`d get for Taylor.

  17. Brad Inman

    Ryan Donaldson

    Haris Vučkić

    Tamas Kadar

    Samuel Adjei

    (This are the youths i reckon that the club should re-contract them soon)

    Joey Barton(06.2012)

    Peter Lovenkrands(06.2012)

    Jose Enrique (06.2012)
    Sanchez Diaz

    Stephen Alan Harper (06.2012)

    Danny Guthrie (06.2012)

    Alan Smith (06.2012)

    Foluwashola Ameobi (06.2012)

    All this senior players needs re-contract,except maybe Ameobi and Alan Smith?

  18. Ok, he is only 24 for the next month then……

    Still doesn’t change the fact that people are saying he can learn from Sol and it will be good for him, after near on 200 games.

    This blind loyalty to him does my nut in. He has continuously taken the piss out of fans with leaked stories to the press and engineered stories (to Louise Taylor no less), mainly when his contract is coming to an end. He has hardly improved since his debut nearly eight (yes 8, nearly a decade) ago, but that is fine because he is a Geordie.

    He isn’t. He is a Londoner by birth, and that can’t be changed.

    I’ve never said he is a bad player, just that he hasn’t kicked on, but my main gripe is the way he has treat the club at various times.

  19. i would have got rid of taylor a while ago the guys a bloody fox imo,seems to me hes pulled the wool over a lot of fans eyes and there buying it well not me

  20. I don’t like the way when a striker shoots, it was going off target, or straight at the keeper and S.Taylor puts a deflection on it into the net. Honestly not just the Liverpool games, LOADS of times that has happened its like deja vu. He needs to learn when to leave off a harmless shot and when to put a proper block in because neither of each and your in trouble, like Kuyt goal.

  21. DJG – There is now that can be done about deflections really. If players could get out the way then I’m sure they would. I don’t blame him one bit for the deflection, but I do blame him for leaving Campbell isolated against Liverpool, which is, and has been, part of his problem since the year dot.

    I mean everyone knows you shouldn’yt leave OAP’s alone in cold weather ;)

  22. toonsy I don’t think he gets on with people it is fairly well documented that has always had quite a high opinion of himself and is not very popular. When Carroll broke his jaw and the manager and players effectively sided with Carroll I think it did irriversable damage and bruised his ego. I don’t think it was just about money I think after that he was never gonna sign a new contract. Plus he has the slimiest rat in the business for an agent. I just think he is another Milner or N’Zogbia he wants away to a ‘big’ southern club and has for a while now. I do blame his technique at blocking though because a proper block is exactly that, time and time again he seem to defelect the ball into the net it seems to happen to him much more than any other defender so he needs to improve on that. Campbell made the first error by having to turn and the ball hitting him on back of the head but kuyts shot was going straight at Krul before Taylor waded in with his party piece. It was a sloppy goal and shut up all the people who thought they would be our best defenders, including me.

  23. I am not going to beat about the bush like the rest of you lads and just put the truth out there for once. We don’t like Taylor because he’s got a face you want to punch. I bet Carroll beat the crap out of him for nowt and the rest of the first team looked on nodding their heads in agreement.

  24. Yes, Willo and Collo had a few stinkers which I think you would agree with. But now that they have had a rest I think we need them bac on top form. As for Campbell, don’t think we’ll be seeing much more of him in the prem and he should consider hanging up his boots. How he was gonna go to Notts County on a 5 year contract is silly if ya ask me. He looks heavy on his feet and embarrased by it all. I thought he was looking a bit past it when he played at Pompy with Distan tbh and thats like 3 years ago now aint it. Its sad because he has been one of the best defenders this country has produced but he should give it up now and coach or something. Its like watching Tyson when he came back just for the money when he was well past it and was getting beaten by nobody’s. Sad end to such a glorious career he should just say thanks very much im retiring at end of the season.

  25. i know a lot dont like wheater,but it would be like for like with him (money/wages)only seen him play live about 3times and was ok,once on verge of england set up,and handled A.S.as good some of P.L.c/h,and he keeps his gob shut unlike saylor

  26. I’d like to see Taylor next to either Colo or Willo first before deciding which two are our best. At the minute though I still believe it is Willo and Colo.

    What I will say is that every player has a shocker from time to time.

  27. Here’s another view when it comes to players and their contracts. Lets just try to forget for a second that they are so highly paid and something that none of us could ever get close too. If it was any of us, who would do things differntly? A better offer comes along from another company with possilbly better prospects. Who wouldn’t think about signing up to work there?

    Yes a player may be a fan of the club they are playing/working for, but sometimes they have to do what is best for them in the long run. I know they get paid silly money and to us it shouldn’t matter how good the contract is, but this is they type of industry they ply their trade in and how it works. We just have the fans view and love of our club, don’t know if we can see past that and the big picture, but think we might have to from time to time.

  28. TOONSY@42 thing is it would have to be over a number of games to decide,and the better strikers in P.L.its a hard one imo,and have we got the time?

  29. Toonsy one thing about the slimy ,sneaky twat is he can still improve as defenders hit their peak at about 28 . If he does stay i wonder if it will be written into his contract that Andy Carroll is not allowed to chin him anymore :)

  30. Willo is actually a better defender than Taylor. He has all the heading and force of Taylor but he doesnt get caught out of position as much and he knows how to block properly.

  31. “ide like too see taylor and colo together”….batty I didn’t think they were that way inclined :lol:

  32. DJG you change your mind more often than the Fat Controller .
    Toonsy I was right and you were wrong Lad face it, and even in another months time he still wont get cheap car insurance :)

  33. I think four years is sufficient time really…We could naturally increase the wages to appease him annd lessen his interest in a move, but I would hope that playing constant first team football in a good team environment that he joins would be enough to convince him anyway..maybe an increase in wages in two years or so if he keeps his performances up as a good reward-he is undoubtedly one of our best players right now. Still, don’t think we should be increasing his salary that much when we still have players on very large contracts that presumably we will be looking to reduce/offload..

  34. richietoon says:
    December 19, 2010 at 5:51 pm
    “ide like too see taylor and colo together”….batty I didn’t think they were that way inclined<<<< of course they are u only have too look at there cute faces

  35. Yes mate thanks, he’s in bed at the min I think he has a tummy bug :( so hopfully he will get it out of the way before santa comes :)

  36. DAVE aye great time for kids,hope he comes good quick,hope you let him build snowman himself lol

  37. I think its obvious the club are signing up these players to increase their value.

    They should be looking at Jose next.

    This club is being primed to be sold, noi doubt!

    People being signed up oin long contracts, wage bill reduced, books balanced and new sponsorship deals.

    Could be another year off, but its pretty obvious what’s happening.

  38. The worst thing is it’ll probably be a midweek game now so unlikely I’ll be able to go… at least we got safely thru the ice rink from Scots Corner to Leeming, no brakes or steering a couple of times tho

  39. I hate that bit at the best of times mate. Too narrow where the works are, will have been accidents there for sure.

  40. Richie have you’s had much snow mate we have had another 6-8 ins from lastnight im pissed of with the stuff now, but the kids like it :)

  41. Where do you live Dave?

    Not much on tyneside, just cold, but Im informed theres some up Alnick way.

  42. We seem to be one of the only places in the country that has missed out this time, which is odd but suits me just fine.

  43. Can’t believe what I nightmare I had yesterday.

    I got 2 miles away from the stadium when I heard it was called off and had to drive straight back to London. Nightmare journey.

    Took 9 hours. M1 was a car park man.

    Anyone know when the game is scheduled for? Was really looking forward to that…

  44. I’m looking forward to April when I will come to Newcastle for the Man.Utd. match.This will be my second visit to St.James Park(except for some matches 30years ago,when I stayed in your city for a while and became a devotee).My first visit in modern times was the Barnsley match.
    When our team entered the pitch it sounded like a multitude of lions roaring.I started shaking like Stevens,tears rolling down an old mans face,embarraeing and wonderful!
    I’m happy to have found this blog.So I wish icedog and toonsy and the rest of you+all NUFC supporters on our planet a merry Christmas and a victorious New Year!!!

  45. I can’t think of a single player we could sign in January. The cack Pardew is talking about worries me though. They stink of failure. League One players? No thanks.

  46. I’m not going to criticise Taylor for not being able to put a good block in, because I think that as long as you get a piece of your body in the way of the shot it shows commitment. However, aside from his obvious commitment Taylor is just a run of the mill defender. I have had this argument many times and I am yet to hear/read what Taylor is outstanding at. He is a decent defender, but nothing special.

    He could go and improve somewhere if sold, a bit like Milner did. However, the fact is, if a player isn’t developing fast enough at his current club a move is the best thing for both parties. Milner had barely improved since his arrival. Yet, he goes to Villa and improves 200%. That doesn’t make selling him a poor decision.

    How I see it, Taylor should be a offered a decent contract and no more, for that is his current worth.

  47. Hi all,
    Fair bit of snow round my neck of the woods (Bedlington / Ashington /Morpeth) and local travel news sounds rough at the minute with lots of blocked roads.
    I’m not sure I totally agree with the idea that more money will always tempt you into a new job – I think it depends on how much you need more money. Sure, if you’re on 30 GRAND a year and someone might offer you 40 Grand – very tempting. But if you’re already earning £3 MILLION a year (say) and someone offers 4, you might feel that you’re earning so much anyway that money isn’t everything, there are other things like job satisfaction. As my mum used to say, you can only sleep in one bed at a time and eat so much food a day.

  48. Geir Thomassen

    The Barnsley game that was one of the best I have seen. Where they had a mackem sub keeper and we put 4 past him in about 20 mins.

  49. El Toro

    I thought Milner was/ was gonna be one of our best players when Souness famously said ‘we’ll never win anything with 11 James Milners’. How about that for man management and PR. He wanted to get shot of Carroll when he was in the academy. Is there anything Souness has done as a manager that he later wasn’t proved wrong about.

  50. GEIR cheers m8 same to you and yours,come have a bit banter from time to time,we dont bite,well only the odd one :)

  51. Magpie6699, I know where you are coming from there, the money is silly and as you said, can only spend so much. But I suppose it the way they work. I think the Rooney situation was sickning, and found that so hard to accept but I guess thats just the way it is with players. Maybe they are also looking to go somewhere they can win something as well. If that is the case, can’t understand what happened with Rooney, unless it is just greed. But I bet most players in the top division of each country are the same.

  52. DJG thought stargate was classed as ryton noo m8 not gateshead,used to see a girl in stargate reet where the bus turned round.ah those were the days

  53. DAVE aye can remember you drove it well,richie used to clean the stables oot,batty sold it on,them was the days

  54. I thought Milner was slow, lacking skill and decent at everything, but outstanding at nothing.
    However, since moving on I now think Milner is great at…ermm…err…Well, maybe I was a bit hasty in saying he had improved 200%, eh?

  55. There really are some tits on Ed’s blogs, you point out a little error someone has written and get a load of abuse, it really hurts with me being so sensitive an all :lol:

  56. Ice it was the Pardew desperate to get taylor to sign article…..he seems to have some sort of anger problem me thinks :lol:

  57. RICHIE been owr and read it,real one him like,said it was his first comment,might be his last me thinks,you could have been your normal gentle self,you didnt leave him the lickings of a dog,ah well xmas greetings and all that lol

  58. weird as owt Ice, he’s obviously got issues, probably had his Mam telling him “that’s the wrong hole” all his life :lol:

  59. Rich – I bet he went off and trashed his house in a fit of rage after that. I bet he was like this……

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

  60. RICHIE just checked eds other threads nee follow up from him,looks like “daddy” smacked his bum :).

    whats batty telt ye aboot ganning on the judas blog lol

  61. Toonsy… :lol: my first reply contained a few more swear words and was longer but I must have pressed enter instead of submit cos it vanished and I couldn’t be arsed writing it out again :-)

  62. Ice… aye I went looking for him for a bit of verbal jousting but nowhere to be seen…..I think he posts on here with the nick Big Dave tho :lol:

  63. TOONSY i love it just love it :)

    i say anybody ganning on eds blog should get a yellow card,or at least pay a 5 pint fine to this blog,or cash in place of

  64. RICHIE someone else has just had a dig at him,was just looking back at a few of eds blogs and if the few on here didnt post ed would be talking to himself,its a shame in some respects we are all footy fans,pity they picked the wrong team (blog)imo

  65. Ice it used to be good craic on Eds but there was allways so many wums that went on and Ed never seemed to do owt about. so it is mostly used now for abusing people :)

  66. Dave… aye ther’re a few canny posters on there but they seem to be getting in the minority.

  67. DAVE “abusing people”thats just up richies street :)

    nee batty the slag,must be oot doing his last minute xmas nicking

  68. richie are you gonna come on this .org away day then. For the Blackburn game. Theres gonna be a post about it on boxing day to try and find out how many want to go.

  69. Yes Tiote is a once in a lifetime buy and yes he`s the player this club has needed for some time and again yes it`s in the interest of the club to keep him for the foreseeable future.
    While on the subject it`s also in the best interest to also keep Taylor here.
    As for Stretford, why is it everyone wants to demonize him ?
    After all when a player acquires an agent, is it not a no brainer he is looking for someone who will best represent him.
    Seems contrary to most comments, he has done an admirable job for Rooney, forcing the club to give him the contract he wanted.
    Where`s the harm, the fans still love him.
    The days of bringing a player to the boss`s office and saying “sign here” are long gone and the hammer is in the hands of the players (see the Tevez situation)
    Now it`s debatable whether this is a good thing or not, but it just happens to be a fact.
    And not something fans should get upset about, just how business is conducted.
    There`s a remedy, which has been employed in the US, in dealings between players and ownership, it`s refered to as a salary cap.
    It`s implementation varies, depending on the sport and i would be willing to bet there will be some variation introduced in Europes football leagues before long, as the cost of operating continues to increase, putting many clubs in highly leveraged positions.
    Lets face it we are no longer dealing with sport, it`s business run by very rich people.

  70. I’m gonna have to agree with chuckles :shock:
    It’s the agents job to squeeze as much money out the club as he can for the clients benefit and his own.At the end of the day I’m sure he’s keeping Taylor informed as to exactly what he’s doing and what he’s asking for and if he isn’t then it’s up to Tayls to ask and find out.He’s the employee Tayls is the employer.

  71. DJG I take it Toonsy is going unless he gets a better offer from the B/burn fans :)
    Ice dont know where wor batty is tonight but as you he could be out nicking, as I know he is busy when folk are at their church services

  72. RICHIE jay could be still sleeping it off,got a bit-well shall we say over the top,even batty tryed to calm him down and was getting worryed about what he was saying,but i went off,so dont know what happened,his last comment was on the lines of asking worky to ban him

  73. Big Dave I don’t know how toonsy and them are getting there mate he lives in the opposite direction.

  74. dog my dad use too say get oot ya little b@stard and divent come back ,from the age of 8 too wen i was 18 ,then i used too tell him too fck off the alckey c unt

  75. dog hes still a c unt now ,the sort of dad i wouldnt even wish on fat ash ,well i suppose i would on him :)

  76. Ice I would maybe have a blackbush after my xmas dinner but thats it I cant trust mesel mate, in the last 8-9 yrs I have only fell of the wagon twice so I am pretty pleased with mesel like. But it has turned me into a bit of a bore where I never really go to any family gatherings or parties etc, but thats just life and the Lass understands ;)

  77. KNA to be really honest i have 2 small j/ds over a week,but when in malta i have a few beers maybe 6/7 a night got to really its akind of insult to them if you dont they take it as you dont like the place (malta)if your not happy

  78. good feelin aboot city next week i reckon the lads will be reet up for it bet ya dejong dusent play ,god help him if he dus with basher barton aboot :)

  79. DAVE/BATTY its what i call a real man,proud to know yous,shame is on those who cannot speak the truth imo

  80. Ice thats why I dont go out much everyone thinks you dont want to be there, and normally come off with ( awk go on 1 or 2 wont kill you )
    Batty atlest we never have to get up with a hangover :lol:

  81. BATTY funny that but was just thinking we are going to really stuff them,depends what team the snide puts oot like,attacking wise,tiote will put tez bait up imo

  82. aye dave bright as a button in the mornings , i used too shake that much i was like an old man ,thats what 24 7 drinkin dus too ya ,well apart from wen a used too dose off :)

  83. Ice ;) likewise mate
    Batty I fancy we can get something out of Sh1tty and I think Tiote will be wanting to introduce hemsel to Dejong aswell, I just hope they dont go over the top

  84. BATTY rich has been on the judas blog abusing people,i think you should get at least a yellow card for that

  85. Big Dave says:
    December 19, 2010 at 9:47 pm
    Ice likewise mate
    Batty I fancy we can get something out of Sh1tty and I think Tiote will be wanting to introduce hemsel to Dejong aswell,<<< i think he introduced himself in the last match dave,when he stood over him ,looked like dejong was shittin himself :)

  86. Dave, I think a couple from owa the water were on about coming, dunno if from NI or the Republic tho….Johno was possibly one.Yas should go it’ll be good craic.

  87. what about you Ice?

    DJG..dunno if I’ll be on here on boxing day as I may be a wee bit p!ssed but I’m a defo yes.

  88. RICHIE would love to m8 normally,but the way ime held at the mo i dont think so,had to give my malta hols up :(,but hope there will be a next time?

  89. Ice

    Hopefully there will be one next season, maybe in the summer when season starts. Just depends if this one is a success. I would have thought there’d be enough people like especially when we start doing posts about it which toonsy has told me will happen.

  90. RICHIE thats a deffo mate,would like to think ill see you before you ship oot anyway.

    i would have got the job on the bonnet “again”.

    later lads dressing time again :(

  91. I don’t want us anywhere near Ireland. Fantastic ability, but just the type of lazy character we should be looking to avoid. Bad for the dressing room also, I bet.

    If teams were ever waiting for a good opportunity to rob Sevilla of some of their prized talent, Now is the time. They look a truly awful outfit.

  92. Ireland is one of those ‘on his day’ players. On his day he is better than Nolan, but can the team afford to carry him the rest of the time? I’m not so sure. His wages would be huge aswell.

  93. Like you say cracking player on his day, the worrying thing is that his day hasn’t really been since the 08/09 season so is that down to him or has he just not fitted in with his managers plans?….I think he suffered when Robinho went down hill, some of the inter play between those 2 was fantastic at times.

  94. Mundane comment alert…

    Just getting my hair cut and will write something when I get back. I await a load of witty replies :D

  95. Not just yet Batty :)

    It’s getting there though. Haircuts are taking less time than they used to :D

    I’m part bald anyway as I got mauled by a dog when I was a kid which left scars oin the top of my head, so if the rest goes it doesn’t matter really :)

  96. i normaly have mine done on number 1 like ,easy too comb in the morning , soz too here a dog mauled you toonsy ,but is that why your pig ugly m8 :lol: only joking

  97. :lol:

    Nah, it missed my face, which is great because it allowed me to keep my super model looks and have a sob story to tell the women on a night out :D

    Never underestimate the merits of making someone feel guilty enough to sleep with you :twisted:



  99. Just a couple of comments re Saylor:

    1) if someone is born to English parents on foreign soil, but is repatriated at a very young age, does that mean that they’re not English?? I just don’t get all this “not a Geordie” nonsense. If he’d kept his nose clean and looked every inch a world class centre half, you’d all be saying he’s as Geordie as a bottle of dog.

    2) In regards to his development. A lot of top footballing bods have commented well about his abilities, so there must be something good about him. Let’s not forget that auld Titus was lampooned when he played for us, but has since gone on to be a markedly improved player. Aside from the stinker he had when we played the scum, he has by and large, been outstanding this season. My point is, there is still ample time for Saylor to fulfil his potential.