No news on Steven Taylor’s contract then?

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Taylor - Still awaiting new deal.
Taylor - Still awaiting new deal.
It may have been glossed over now that the football season is back in full swing, but Newcastle still have defender Steven Taylor on the transfer list, and as yet all parties appear to be no nearer to any agreement.

Taylor was placed on the transfer list towards the end of August after talks broke down between the club and his advisors over a new deal for the defender. Figures were speculated about, figures were denied, but the upshot of it is that none of us are any wiser as to what is going on.

The last I heard on the situation was that talks were ‘ongoing’ and ‘amicable’ between the club and representatives of Taylor. They must be some bloody talks then!

Taylor is just a couple of weeks away from returning to first team training after recovering from the shoulder injury that he suffered in the pre-season friendly against Carlisle United. His return to fitness should bolster the defensive options we already have at the club, although if he is to be included in the first-team he will have to earn the right first and show his desire on training pitch.

It’s the first time that Taylor has found himself in the position where he has to fight for his place in the team. I’m not saying that he won’t become first choice again, but if he does then he will be there on merit and will have had to earn his place in the team.

There is a train of thought from some fans suggesting that Taylor could be played at right-back when he comes back from injury. He could as he has played there before, and at least it wouldn’t upset the central pairing of Mike Williamson and Fabricio Coloccini who have both performed pretty well so far this season.

Newcastle will have to be mindful of the fact that the player will be able to talk to new clubs in January as he is approaching the end of his contract. He could very well agree a move to another club in the summer which will see Newcastle losing out on any transfer fee that Taylor could generate. Both parties are playing a risky game, and it’ll be interesting to see who budges first.

Is it a case of no news is good news? We’ll have to wait and see on that one, but it’s about time there was some developments on this whole Taylor situation. I think most fans just want to know one way or the other now, and the longer it draws on, the louder the questions will be asked.

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84 Responses

  1. He may be waiting to see where we are come the window opening again,which from his point is the best thing for him so cant really blame him……..however if the offer on the table is as good as the club is going to offer then just tell him if it’s not signed by the end of October then the offer is withdrawn.That removes all uncertainty for the club, the fans and Taylor himself.Best all round imo.Hope he stays tho.

    Reet after telling batty how I hardly ever drink during the week I’m off for a pint or 6 :-)

  2. Seriously tho will Taylor get in the team do you think? Would be an understatement to say it would be unfair on the reliable Williamson and Big Sol in the queue. His best bet might be RB but there is competition there aswell and S.Taylor is hardly the most mobile is he.

  3. I would like to see Campbell and S.Taylor play together at some point though, perhaps in the cup. It would be a great experience for him and if the likes of Jagelka and Dawson can get on for England a fit S.Taylor must have a chance.

  4. Apart from the odd loose pass big Mike hasn’t really put a foot wrong. I wouldn’t really say S.Taylor was the best CH at the club anymore. Similar to Carragher at ‘pool, gets the support because he’s local but best defender?? hmmm..

  5. Steven Taylor should walk back in at right back, He is a million times better than the other “options”

    Perch – Not as bad as some say but no world beater, Decent back up IMO.

    Raylor – Good going forward, Not so when players run at him.

    Simpson – Hinders the side attacking wise, Backs off too much, Gives daft free kicks away, We should never have signed him permanently, I would have rather kept Kizanishvili who was at least a useful squad member…

  6. ‘I would have rather kept Kizanishvili who was at least a useful squad member…’

    I was thinking about the ‘k’ man the other day having completely forgotton about him since he left, wasn’t a bad player. I remember when the subs were doing kickup’s at half time he looked suprisingly skillful. Perhaps a bit old/slow for the prem, after all couldn’t get into blackburn side. I think Simpson is good cover but when people say he should be our first choice RB I just can’t see it myself. That was the championship and he had a good half a season, big deal still not good enough for prem imho.

  7. I have the feeling that after jawgate the lad just does not want to be here anymore . Lets face it the whole team seemed to get behind Carroll after the incident , think maybe the time has come for steve to move on . It will be a shame but the team and team morale comes before any individual and if he loves the club as much as we all do , then surely he would have signed a deal before now .

  8. DJG

    According to wiki Kizi’s 28, But i agree he did struggle for pace a bit like but i cannot do with Simpson he winds me up, With his backing off from wingers (In the fizzy) and hanging back and refusing to overlap totally unbalancing our team.

    That stupid mohican hairdo he had at the arse end of last season, The classic “I used to play for manure stiffs” attitude that Richardson and Welbeck have, prick…

  9. Hmm – Carroll not named in U21 squad. What do people think?
    Personally I don’t think he’s anywhere near full international level yet – although it might give him more confidence if he does get included in the squad.

  10. The ‘K’ man was actually a canny footballer. Just needed an extra yard of pace and a bit more common sense and I think we should have signed him, like I said I was amazed at the keepup skills he had when half time subs were on, put our mildfielders and forwards 8O to shame.

  11. toonsy,
    I don’t think Saylor is playing a risky game….

    He is holding all the aces due to the Bosman ruling, It is entirely up to him what he does next and it will be a win win win for him.

    He clearly thinks he is worth more than he has been offered and apparently refused to sign a relegation clause. (speculation)

    I wager that his agent has already set up a deal elsewhere where he will increase his wages and pocket a free transfer windfall.

  12. I seriously Hope Liverpool form continues to dip further till we meet them.Cause i got confidence we can beat them,with their form now. 8O

    Can get some revenge too. :lol:

  13. STaylor’s problem is that most of the teams are broke right now, with only NUFC and Manc generally ready to shell out cash. Taylor could leave on a free but then find he has to take a salary reduction when joining a new team. It could be that MA is taking a hard stance with Taylor, knowing his options are limited. MA may also be taking a cautious approach with a man who is showing a propensity to being injured. And MA seems to be getting deals on players from teams with financial issues. Of course, MA would not want to sign Taylor & then find he has a man with an attitude towards management. These type of items just keep cropping up as you think about them. It all makes for an interesting situation.

  14. AOD i have just watched the 2nd half of the Utrecht Liverpool game which has just finished 0-0 and liverpool are lucky not to be going home beaten . Utrecht were the better team and came very close to a winner

  15. ‘Carroll’s omission from the Under 21s is understood not to have been injury-related and, with England suffering something of a striker shortage ahead of their October 12th Group G clash, it appears the Newcastle youngster will be drafted into the senior ranks.’

    Could it not just be because for the last two times in a row he has not bothered to turn up to the u-21’s and their just p’d off by him.

    Not that I wouldn’t be pleased if he was drafted into the senior squad, would lift his status/value and seems down to earth lad so don’t think he would turn into a Johnny Cocksure.

  16. Alreet lads….I’m a wee bit tipsy :-)………however wor lass can’t go to the Citeh game,so I have a spare ticket available.It’s £35 I’m drivng doon from North Tyneside so if ya up that way or anywhere(within reason) enroute I can give ya a lift.
    I’ve asked a few people so it’s first come first served.HWTL

  17. To be fair to big Andy, I wouldn’t say he was a million miles from international level. He’s a ‘does what it says on the tin’ kind of player and with the service and balls in that he would get playing with world class players, he’s already proved that there ain’t many better finishers in the air and his game on the deck is getting there. He looks a million miles away at Newcastle, but so did Owen and so would anyone with our service.

  18. richietoon

    If it wern’t on ESPN (they hardly show us) I would stuggle to turn ya down m8. Plus got plans for Sat night so would be too done in.

  19. Plus if I had to go through that A1 average speed check zone again in the near future I think I would tear my hair out! :)

  20. I’m sorry, I like Taylor, but I don’t think he’s any better than Willo. For a man who’s never played in the EPL before, he’s dropped in quite nicely.

  21. on a different matter who would you want as first choice keeper for newcastle when harper finally calls it quits we both have considerable talent with krul and forster but one of the two will be first choice and wont be to pleased if one is sitting on the bench

  22. I think the STaylor situation is one of those where you j ust have to trust CH and the management to do the right thing – there’s just too many factors nobody else can know about.

    There is no way MA will sanction signing someone if:
    1) They want more money or more favourable terms than the club can justify under its new strategy.
    2) There’s any danger of upsetting the team spirit
    3) He’s considered an injury liability.

    I would hope that if a deal is achievable that avoids these, STaylor will stay. I certainly hope so; this is a perfect opportunity to turn him into ‘the new Sol’.

  23. richietoon says:
    September 30, 2010 at 9:24 pm

    ……however wor lass can’t go to the Citeh game,so I have a spare ticket available.It’s £35

    Is that a set price or are you willing to negotiate, Ive got a lovely set of peppa pig egg cups, A six pack of monster much and 13p in coppers in me car ash tray…

  24. So routledge overall
    On FIFA 11 is 64, Enrique 71 and xisco is 72 somethings not right there.

  25. Bloody hell batty, I’m not in the pub getting pissed, cheeky fecker, gonna go and get my haircut first, I’m not totally lacking in class.

  26. Leicester City have sacked manager Paulo Sousa, with the decision reportedly taken by owner Milan Mandaric after the 4-3 defeat to Norwich on Tuesday night.

    Sousa leaves less than three months after being appointed at the Walkers Stadium and only a week after he was told that his future at the club was secure.

    All the best to Him~~~

  27. And it seems Tottenham’s new stadium approved, Olympic bid.
    Tottenham’s plans for a new stadium with more than 56,000 seats were approved by Haringey Council’s planning committee on Thursday night, but the club have also registered their interest in the 2012 Olympic stadium.

    So will it be bigger than Our stadium then??? 8O

  28. @batty: i think the debate on the formation can stop already….maybe u didn’t catch my explanation and possible reason why he keep using 4-5-1.


    But i am fairly confident,once guthrie is back,he might revert to a more adventurous/Attacking formation.

  29. tickets gone…bairns changed his mind and wants to go…….divnt even get 1 bag of of monster munch now :-(

  30. Why did that Sousa leave Swansea, It seemed like the easiest job all they lacked last season was a finisher or two.

    Im still amazed that Al didnt have a bash at them they were totally set up for promotion IMO.

    Your loss rich it was a variety bag with Flamin hot, pickled onion and beef flavour…

  31. remember that big useless palooka – carl cort – that took money under false pretenses from the toon ? – his wife once barged to the front of the cue in tesco’s kingston park screaming at the other customers – do you know who we are – but the staff told them to sling their hooks.

    well it gives me great pleasure in reporting the – waste of space – has just been declared bankrupt.

    the one silver lining for him is the cues in netto & aldi go down pretty quick these days.


  32. boater has a unhealthy fasination with shola & i’d hate to spoil his weekend by slagging him off.

    so boater – i take it all back.

  33. I know it’s early for this discussion, but does anyone else thing we’ll see a change from CH now he’s had Benny and Tiote to experiment with in training for a bit? I’m really hoping to see Benny, Jonas, Routledge, Barton, and either Carroll or Shola all on at once at some point.

    Not sure it’s a good idea at Eastlands, mind…

  34. BTW – that story on Citeh’s finances really makes me glad we’ve not gone down that road. If that ever happened to Newcastle United it would make anything we did achieve pointless and tainted. May as well enter the Tour de France on a bloody Kawazaki.

  35. Stopping taking the mick out of Bambi is just fun-killing and would be a crime against banter. As long as he keeps banging ’em in like at Chelski, I’m sure he’ll be man enough to take it. :)

  36. Roy – Shola to score 2 own goals and one in the right end?
    Reckon we should just give Taylor an improved contract and then sell him asap – at least we’ll get some cash back from him

  37. reckon we might be on the end of a thrashing against citeh – if we can get someone to take tevez out early doors we might do alright but there defence looked very solid against chelski and if we’re sticking with 4-4-1-1 I reckon Carroll will get little change out of thier back four