Carroll to get the call?

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Carroll for England?
Carroll for England?
It’s looking increasingly likely that Andy Carroll will be getting a call up for the England squad over the weekend.

Carroll has been left out of the Under-21 squad that was announced yesterday which has led to speculation regarding Carroll recieving a full international call-up for England.

I personally think it’s a bit too early for the national team for Carroll and would prefer it if he was given the chance to learn his trade in the Premier League a bit more first, but with injuries to Jermaine Defoe and Bobby Zamora and with Wayne Rooney not certain to make the squad it would appear that England are suffering from a striking crisis at the moment. For that reason it looks as though Carroll will be fast-tracked into the international setup.

There are others way of looking at it of course. Perhaps the Under-21’s are not overly happy that Carroll has blown them out for the last two matches? Carroll didn’t play because of injury, yet he managed to resume football with Newcastle straight away. It’s an unlikely alternative, but it’s an alternative.

The other one is that the lad hasn’t done enough to warrant a call-up at all, even at Under-21 level. I think we all know that this is a very unlikely scenario but I’m just throwing it out there.

So given the unlikely nature of those two scenarios it would appear that the only viable option is that Carroll is indeed about to be called up by Fabio Capello. Gatting a call-up and getting the first cap are two different things though, and I reckon that Carroll would only be with the sqaud to cover injuries and such. I don’t think he will play, although I guess you never know.

Joining up with the England squad will gaive Carroll an excellent opportunity to continue learning his game. He will be playing with some of the best English players around, which in turn should improve his game for Newcastle. That is the theory anyway.

Carroll seems down to earth enough to not let the hype bother him. I’ve said before that the lad just seems to thrive on pressure. Not many people volunteer for the Newcastle number 9 shirt, yet Carroll did at the tender age of 21. He’ll fit into the international setup easily enough.

Now we just have to wait for the call!

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131 Responses

  1. get in there carroll my old son – this is what england have been missing.

    a granite hard geordie centre foward.

  2. this is the only time i have any interest in england – when any toon players get a shout.

    i normally just see it as a team for the cockney boys to support.

  3. Cheers for the shout on the arsenal tickets richietoon, gonna go there now that i’m gonna miss the unwashed match.

  4. Cropper – Same. It just aint the same when a Newcastle player isn’t playing for England.

  5. was gonna go there too jay jay and stay down for a few days……….opted for Germany instead :-)

  6. Roy: “i normally just see it as a team for the cockney boys to support.”
    – so full of Man U players, then? :)

  7. If he does get the call, I’ll be delighted for Bigger Lad, but I too think it’s a bit early and a distraction when he doesn’t need it.

    Frankly, all I want to happen now is for him to bang in a couple against Citeh, to go with Shola’s and Benny’s ones.

    Woo! More pills doc?

  8. Don’t think it’s great – if he gets injured we’ll be in trouble – on another note why the fvck do they cancel all prem games whenever theres an international on most of us dont give a toss about the national team
    makes my blood boil

  9. 4-4-1-1: Same reason they let cheating happen and it took over 10 years to outlaw ‘doing a chelski’ – because the big teams rule the roost and they know they’d lose more.

  10. Ok, I’ll start – ‘cos I is bored. My team for Sunday:

    Perch —– Sol —— Mike — Bull
    Routeledge – Barton – Tiote – Jonas

    Bench: Jan, Collo, Smudge, Nolan, Shola, Ferguson

  11. Bah, you lot. Why all the hate for the England team?
    I love watching England play. It must be the masochist in me. Not as much as NUFC, if there was an NUFC game to watch and an England game to watch then I’ll watch NUFC everytime.
    I don’t get the England malaise on here. Are you all scotch? ;)

  12. Oh come on. It’s always been like this for years before chelsea were seen as a global mega brand.
    International week always means no top flight football. Whether it was Div1 in the old days or PL as it is now.
    All of the other leagues are still playing, so you can still get your fix of club football if you want.

  13. Gillespie – what a muppet. Probably drink and gambling – alledgedly for all the lawyers out there.

    Remember when Shearer sparked him out on a night out?
    That did happen didn’t it? Might not have been Shearer.

  14. Whumpie – I’d definitely keep Colo in this weekend. I don’t see any reason to drop him anyway but he is also the best suited to dealing with Tevez. And we definitely need Nolan in there too in my opinion. I’d play Ben Arfa left and Jonas right – with Routledge dropping out. This way Jonas can match Milner’s energy down that side.

  15. I do the Internationals thing, too – get pretty worked up about major tournaments too, along with every red-top reading idiot out there. But with no Toon in there it does take the edge off it a bit.

  16. WhoTheVuckicHaris – yep, fair point on Nolan and Collo. Glad CH has to make that call and not us! My team is probably better for home games or when we need to go all out for goals.

    Linking this into the internationals thing, how about our NUFC All-English 11?

    R.Taylor – Campbell – S.Taylor – Tavernier
    Routledge – Barton – Smith – Kaz
    ——- Shola – Carroll

    Subs (well – all our other English options): Forster, Williamson, Simpson, Perch, Tozer, Henderson, Donaldson, Nolan, Guthrie, Gosling, Airey, Ranger, Best.

    23 good English players. Fantastic.

  17. Not wishing to be pedantic but;
    Micky Toon @ 18
    Its scots scotch is a drink (my favourite)
    @ 21
    Thought it was Bellamy he decked or was it both?
    Also by the way I think we may live in the same area.

  18. Nutmag – I know, but calling our friends from north of the border scotch really winds them up. :)
    I know because I do it all the time to my mates. That and Jock Mc Sporran.

  19. Nutmag – Really? Do I know you? You aren’t homeless at the minute are you? The only people who I know who leave near me are Toonsy and I’ve never met him and my mate who is supposed to go to game with me, but is too busy with the local non league side. Is that you?

  20. I should clarify that I know more than two people who live near me, just that Toonsy is the only one who I know who lives near me, near being around 5 miles away, who comes on here.
    Man, I’m on a posting roll at the minute, must get some work done.

  21. Micky toon – it’s ‘Scottish’ or ‘Scotts’. Not ‘Scotch’ – that’s a whiskey drink,, that reminds me of the camp character in saxondale who says that.

    I was pleased we went out in the summer to be honest – I was so sick of watching the millionaire chavs in an england shirt. I don’t feel any association with them. I even used to love watching Scholes, sheringham, beckham even, but this lot are so hard to support.

    Carroll!!?!? Would be fun although yep it’s too soon. He needs to improve on the last couple of games too – system as unhelpful as it is. I reckon barton, williamson, routledge could all be outside bets too,, a s taylor, gosling, guthrie eventually.

  22. Just turning this on it’s head. Has anyone thought that AC has been left out because he’s not rating a call up?
    It’s not like we are short of strikers at senior level.

  23. Boater, Routledge,Williamson etc methinks you have been drinking that scotch,Scottish ,whiskey

  24. Aston Villa striker Gabriel Agbonlahor is to undergo a minor groin operation on Monday and is expected to be out of action for at least two weeks, manager Gerard Houllier has confirmed.

    Now left which possible strikers for euro matches???

    Rooney,Bent,Crouch??? Anymore?? ;)

  25. Aye it was Gillespie in Ireland(Dublin I think)……..used to stay in Warwick a canny bit wi work,in “The Crown”…or crown and castle,summat like that…had some good neets in there

  26. Considering Zamora, Defoe and probably Rooney injured. Heskey retired. Carlton Cole and Abonglahor haven’t been getting games for their clubs which is a big no no for selection. Only Crouch and Bent really are left. So with Carroll being one of the highest english goalscorers wouldn’b be suprising if he’s called up. I thought maybe the u-21 squad were sick of him being injured or because of his impending court case, but looking at the senior injury crisis it makes sense actually. Even if he sits on the bench, I think it would be a fantastic experience for him.

  27. A few folks have said it’s too early for AC to be called up. Why? If the coach of the Nats thinks he’s good enough then give him his go.
    Is the thought that he’s not developed enough, will have a bad game and then NEVER get a call up again? I think that’s highly unlikely.
    I say kudos to Andy for earning a look. Earning a look means you’re doing something right. And, if that’s the case, then why not jump in?
    I’d love to see him get the call. The same way I want Jose to get the call up for Spain. These guys have awesome work rates and give everything they have out on the pitch. That’s what you want for your National Team, fighters, and Andy Carroll is certainly that.

  28. NorCal ToonFan

    Exactly, England selection is just wierd, what about Walcott going to the world cup aged 16, no expected that. Then the next world cup, everyone expected him to go and Cappello left him out!! Crazy.

    Carroll is now 21, so at the end of playing for the u-21’s and I wouldn’t exactly say he was ‘too young’ for the seniors considering, Walcott, Rooney, Owen ect were all much younger.

  29. Was Owen not just 18 when he scored his wonder goal v Argentina….he’s still a tw@t tho :-)

  30. richietoon

    ‘Rooney became the youngest player to play for England when he earned his first cap in a friendly against Australia on 12 February 2003 at seventeen, the same age in which he also became the youngest player to score an England goal.’

  31. Yeah, I would love to see UEFA exclude City from a tournament. Picture this:
    City Finishes top 4, Blackpool finishes 5th.
    Because of Debt, City is excluded in favor of Blackpool?

    Somehow I don’t see that happening.

  32. Morale officer says:
    October 1, 2010 at 9:58 pm
    What’s up with mister batty<<<< TF is up with me cannit ya sow him the red card :)

  33. And does it feel good brother? It is life. It is death. I am the big hairy man who makes the sun shine.

  34. I’m fine mate……f*ckin glad its the weekend,lloking forward to going down for the Citeh game,probably be sick as owt come 3.30 sunday tho ;-)

  35. The happiness lies within brother. Take time to think and enjoy the simple things. I love a brisk wind.

  36. Have you seen Ashley’s prices for the derby, East stand £47. Highest £67. Monkey seats £42, how can they afford that?, it’s a weeks wages for a monkey. :)

  37. Why do you say such naughty things brother factor. Being different doesn’t mean being weird. Would you like to talk. I’m a good listener brother.

  38. richietoon

    They divvent so to speak, it’s called a giro. They spend there time tryin to find their keys mainly, a common monkey name is Mick or Gary. or Thick Mick. They don’t have computers, just these prehistoric machines called super duper compoooter’s :)

  39. “The Magpies will in no way be able to defend Mancini’s counterattacks.”

    Mmm, How can you counter attack a side plonked on the edge of their own box…

    Complete twats, im getting reet pissed off with these mancunian tramps, Were demanding a top 4 finsh because some southern nancy cricketer made a tongue in cheek remark on football focus apparantly.

  40. cheers for that batty………it snowed just after we left last New Year……often not too bad tho,sometimes just get away with a jumper,nae jacket.

  41. Hard not to take notice im posting on most of their sites now, Bunch of w@nkers and even toonsy took the bait…

  42. CC….thats why I hardly go on other teams blogs cos I used to get wound up to f*ck on some of them

  43. CC I suggest we all meet and put together a solution package and find a peaceful way out of this. Give peace a chance brothers.

  44. Why do you judge brother factor. Is there something you want to tell the brothers and sisters of the blog?

  45. All is quiet and the night is beautiful. A walk through the fields and the woods is in order I feel, while the trees are still standing, we must do more.

  46. That was such a great walk, I even got foxes and rabbits to make friends. I can really feel the love.

  47. if carrol does get the call then we should be very proud and happy for the lad… him having this opportunity only gives him chances he can take… we should be hoping he takes them

  48. IF he makes the squad I’ll be happy for him,if he’s good enough he’s old enough.If he can play regular in the Prem then he should be ok.I think as Toon fans we’re maybe more worried about him picking up an injury.