Taylor situation can still be resolved.

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Should he stay or should he go?
Should he stay or should he go?
After all the initial reaction to the news yesterday that Steven Taylor has been placed on the transfer list, one thing has finally stood out to me – The situation can still be resolved.

It certainly seems as though Chris Hughton would like to keep the player at St James’ Park and he described the decision to put Taylor on the transfer list as a “club decision”, although I’m not quite sure what that means.

Negotiations have been going on for quite a long time now, much like they did with Taylor’s last contract, and the sticking point does seem to be something to do with those contract negotiations. Figures have been leaked regarding the wages on offer, although the accuracy behind them is up for debate after the agent, Paul Stretford, released a statement yesterday saying that figures being used were “wildly inaccurate”.

Who to believe though? On one hand we have the club, which has admitted lying to fans before, and on the other we have Paul Stretford, the agent who was banned from being an agent for 18-months and fined £300,000 for breaking FA rules whilst being found guilty in a court of law for “making of false and/or misleading witness statements to police, and giving false and/or misleading testimony” over the same incident. Decisions decisions.

Many of the figures being thrown around at the moment are just speculation, but I won’t speculate on them as it may upset two or three people!

One thing is for certain, this situation can still be resolved and Taylor can continue being a Newcastle player and still pen a new contract. None of us know the terms that are being demanded by the player or that have been offered by the club, but I would hazard a guess that the solution may lay in the middle of those two options.

We are approaching the end of the transfer window, and I can see the theory behind the club placing Taylor on the transfer list now. I mean it makes sense to cash in on a player who can negotiate a free transfer to another club in January, right, particularly if contract negotiations have become drawn out?

My own feeling is that this move by the club is a final ‘kick up the arse’ to try and get things sorted one way or the other. With no rumours or speculation allowed, I can’t put any figures that I have heard about in here as I don’t wan’t to upset anyone, but I honestly believe that after all this Taylor will still sign a new contract.

And at least it has stopped us talking about Ben Arfa!

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83 Responses

  1. he’s fishing with a dotted line so he’ll only catch every other fish…………….I’ll get my coat :-)

  2. Noticed theres alot of folk kicking up a stink about these sportsdirect.com signs going up. But for the life of me I dont see how its such a problem. With out dredging up the relegation season etc, the club “seems” to be going in the right direction one step at a time for the first time probably since Sir Bobby, how are a few signs going up going to change all this? Wigans knob of an owner has DW plastered all over there gaffe and some deem him as a good owner.
    Sorry for rant – only my opinion.

  3. “It certainly seems as though Chris Hughton would like to keep the player at St James’ Park and he described the decision to put Taylor on the transfer list as a “club decision”, although I’m not quite sure what that means.”

    What that means is another manager who has done very well for the club who seems to be a decent bloke is having his authority invaded by Lardy and his chums despite an encouraging start to the season, Sound familiar… :roll:

  4. CC,
    It’s a kick in the pants for Saylor, he needs it, obviously.
    & he’s been badly represented & advised.

    Sack y’agent, sign up.

  5. I don’t think any club will pay 60 k a week for him so why doesn’t he just take the 40 k which is more than enough if you a proper toon fan you would play for 10 quid a week for the club you love

  6. CLiNT FLiCK

    Im all for the club forcing Taylors hand but the way Hughton was talking, He wasnt involved in the decision, It looks like Ashley hasnt learned about making the managers decisions for them even after he forced to pay Keggy £2m.

    CH should have been consulted IMHO

  7. I agree with the clubs stance, whether it was hughtons call or not, if taylors trying to hold the club to ransom the bollox to him, get rid.

  8. The main problem of S.Taylor is his fxxing agent who want to control anything in this deal ! I don’t know in the last point, who make decision ? Taylor or his agent ?

  9. ana he isnt great but hes only 24, hes a fan, as far as i can member he was the first to cum out n say he wanted to stay, hes a geordie and with how bad owa injuries can get hell b handy, i personaly think every1 shud get tha chance to stay if he just isnt greedy with his wages and itd b sad to c the lad play against newcastle

  10. It certainly seems as though Chris Hughton would like to keep the player at St James’ Park and he described the decision to put Taylor on the transfer list as a “club decision”, although I’m not quite sure what that means<<<<<<toonsy it means the fat lieing c@nt is gonna make a prophit in another transfer window :lol:

  11. Sell Taylor. http://www.nufc.com/ is led to believe we have had a cash offer accepted for Ben Arfa, whether thats for a loan or transfer is unclear.

    Getting my hopes up again, but I bet they will be dashed

  12. i love mike he owns the club its ran as a buisness so he has the prophits so as i say him

  13. Do you guys actually think there will be many other teams interested in him? He’s injury prone, mistake prone and from what were hearing demanding a heavy wage.

    Perhaps those rumors a couple of years back about Chelsea and Arsenal being interested are still in the back of his mind.

    If the club can cash in and actually re-invest the money in a signing or two id be more than happy.

    Still hoping about the Ben Arfa deal :D

  14. Yeah, the twitter dude reckons he’s on his way……so it must be true.

    Batty – I’m no fan of MA but me might be might be in the right this time…..1st time for everything

  15. Toonsy is famous for having the UK’s largest collection of goat porn…..and quite a large collection on llamas too,including ‘lesbian llamas goat-to paradise’ ;-) :lol:

  16. how can you say get rid of taylor man,, ffs he gives his all week in when he plays, sol will give him xperience, he loves the toon and hes been solid 99% of the tym ppl will remember the bad things hes dun coz they stik in yah mind but hes dun more gud than bad

  17. noir9
    Batty is a gonner mate, dont waste your breath.

    I think Saylor should buy himself and Dekka one of these and just all get along…

  18. noir9 if its true taylor is after that much which he is denieing then f uk him off but me for 1 thinks its just another lie by fatty too try and justifie the sale of taylor who too beleive hmmm fat man or taylor no brainer for me >>>> you fat london based b@stard get oot of our club


    think that would be a good song for starters for our new signing??

  20. will never be took in by the the fat man and his lies >>> i love mike fatty has done a paul mckenna on ya :lol:

  21. Does everyone remember the story’s about Steven Taylor a lot of months back? The smear campaign and stuff? His popularity isnt meant to be the best and there were storys about family members releasing things to the press to help influence a potential move of new contract. I cant remember exact details.

  22. If you’re Hatem Ben Arfa clap your hands… If you’re Hatem Ben Arfa clap your hands… If you’re Hatem and you know it and you really want to show it, if you’re Hatem Ben Arfa clap your hands…

  23. For me the meaning of a “club decision” is fairly obvious. Chris wants to keep him, of course he does, and so, it would seem, do the club – why else would they have offered him a new £40k contract???

    The simple fact is Taylor and/or his agent want more money, money that the club aren’t prepared to pay. Therefore they have been forced to sell him now or see him walk away for nothing in a few months time. Ergo it is a “club decision” (not Chris cos financial matters are not his concern).


  24. I always thought Twitter was online game for sad lonely geeks!?

    Apparently Stu is the U12’s North East Champion! :lol:

  25. Lets face it if he has been offered 40 grand a week and not accepted it then he really is a greedy fcuk that thinks he is better than he really is . No other team would offer those wages and i applaud the club for putting him on the transfer list , it makes a statement for all prospective signings that we are not to be held to ransom .

  26. This probably a another sly move from O,M because Bremen have,nt meet MARSILLES 8 million euro Price Tag…!!! Bremen have offered 6 million euro….?? scare them into upping there offer keep them on there toes so to speak……

  27. I started a topic on,when transfer saga gonna end???

    Let’s see any “authorities” up in Newcastle willing to reply. :lol:

  28. Cracking article, Toonsy. And yes, I know I’m the subject of a dig in there!

    (Not even a complaint about the headline :))

    If we are going to speculate, I think the same as Toonsy and most others: this was the club making a clear statement that they mean what they say. I think Taylor will sign and will probably have a new agent around the same time. Hope so.

    My main concern isn’t Taylor, though – it’s CH’s relationship with his bosses. I just hope that his distancing himself is just an agreed tactic to avoid this debarcle interfering with his relationships with players. Good move if that’s the case, and I honestly think it is.

    Come on Taylor – stay with your club, get rid of that idiot leech and fight for your place with the others. You get paid summat like £2m a year to live the dream and you get to learn from Sol Campbell in the process…

  29. Ive joined this fantastic Twitter site: Currently following the two guys above, Henry Winter, George Caulkin, Simon Bird, Luke Edwards, and the only 3 footballers I can find: Darren Bent, Anton and Rio Ferdinand.

    Luke Edwards tweeted about Ben Arfa, said its a significant breakthrough, personal terms need completed though.

    Its my new source of all information, along with newsnow.

  30. Nee offence to these people who post stuff about transfers, but my opinion is either;

    1) Your telling porkys and getting a kick of watching everyone get excited (maybe just a joke or may be meant maliciously)


    2) The insider info you get is coming from a mate or a mate of a mate and they are winding you up on purpose knowing you will go onto blogs etc telling everyone, surely that must have crossed your mind if your ‘mate’ is never right!

  31. Howdy, mates!

    Sounds like Taylor’s agent is a knobheed. I gotta say, I support the club’s decision on this one. And let’s face it- even if CH had full control over transfers, it’s the club the ultimately decides how to spend the money. Let’s just be glad the poison dwarf is oot of the Toon.

    If Stevie wants to stay, I’m sure it’ll be worked out. If he wants to go, I’m sure Everton will be happy to pick him up lol

  32. That’s people who post stuff about inside knowledge, not people who are posting links to articles etc.

  33. EDS posting now that toon sign ben afra,hes just running the E.C.storey,will wait for it from “toon”or toonsy like ;)

  34. I’m starting to remember the difference between this blog and the .com one… this blog is the one that ISN’T populated with kids who a) can’t string a legible sentence together, b) feel the need to rip into anyone with a differing opinion and c) have a full and perfect knowledge of football and its workings gleamed from playing Football Manager for six hours a day… :)

    A very interesting piece with more detailed quotes from Tayls’ agent:
    http://www.shieldsgazette.com/sport/Taylor-distraught-at-transferlisting.6496996.jp (sorry if its a repost)

    In relation to the £60k; “The figures put out to sections of the media are misleading. They’re a headline number that isn’t consistent with our position.” Still not a complete denial of the number, I wonder if that means they were asking for a sum that would rise incrementally to the £60k dependent on apps, performances etc?

    Either way, I think the board have done the right thing by listing the lad – if nothing does get agreed, we would obv be better off aiming to recoup some sort of fee. These quotes are a bit of a stepping down I think in order to try and reconciliate somewhat with the vast section of angered fans in the event of him remaining here.

    I personally can’t be arsed to get vented either way but I do reckon we have got a pretty solid selection in df at the moment with a good standard of youth to come through. If he really is at loggerheads with a few of the team, it’ll improve the spirit a bit and free some wages for the rest of the year for any cover we do go for (in any of the key areas).

    You know that feeling when you asked for something awesome for Christmas and in the build up you try and convince yourself you’re not going to get it but you still open your presents with one eye closed in the hope you did get it? The whole HBA saga totally makes me feel like that – I have never used the F5 key as much as I have in the past 2 weeks. Roll on the end of the window lol.

  35. I thought Mike Ashley had put a £35k cap on new player/improved contracts? Then again it was in the same breath that we apparently wouldnt be signing anyone over 26 years old.

  36. TOONSY hope you dont post storey as eds just running until its fact or not.

    getting like t.v.soap

  37. batty says:
    August 26, 2010 at 2:21 pm

    “>>>> you fat london based b@stard get oot of our club”

    Hertfordshire based, Batty. :-) He lives in Micky Most’s old mansion. Do you remember Micky Most on ‘New Faces’?

  38. nimagpie says:
    August 26, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    “I thought Mike Ashley had put a £35k cap on new player/improved contracts?”

    When did he say that, nimagpie?

  39. All this capo business is paper talk derived from a statement saying we would no longer be paying 100+ k for has been players and that we would be looking for young players who could offer value and have a possible resale value.

    prob not the exact words but it was the official line which all the ragtops put out to mean we’ve put a wage limit of anything between 2p and 35k – I’ve long given up reading the rubbish – only things worth reading on transfer business are the co.uk and bbc sites as they don’t report rumours as news

    If i want a rumour then I’ll come on here or follow that bloke on twitter – at least the comments on here are sometimes funny

  40. anyone see Ed’s blog is reporting that the mags have actually captured HBA? Anything official yet?

  41. Batty-

    Aye m8! I got a job as yer mum’s personal gigolo. First week on the job n ahv already made 500quid like!! And tell ‘er that her pease puddin’ is the best ahv ever had like!


    Benefits to having my job at the cell phone store is that when we’re slow, I get to blog on here :D

  42. Toonsy-

    Thanks for the update. I figured that since I didn’t actually see a post on HERE about it, that it wasn’t official yet. That’s what I love about your blog, mate. Stuff doesn’t pop up on here unless it’s absolutely official. Or you say it’s nowt but speculation.

    Good man!

    Btw- I posted somethin on your facebook wall after the 6-0 drubbin of Villa. It immediately disappeared though… you not like me anymore? LMFAO

  43. OHurley – I can’t remember seeing anything on my wall?? Strange! As far as I know you are still on there :D

    As for Ben Arfa/everything, I just don’t see the point in covering everything. It means that although I am doing less I can take more time over it and make it as good as possible ;)

  44. Toonsy @ 75 It means that although I am doing less I can take more time over it and make it as good as possible.

    Or you could be taking more time trying to work out how to fit in cheap digs at yer bloggers that disagreed with thinks that you said ;) but atlest we know you were thinking of us ;)

  45. It didn’t take me much time for that Dave. In fact it was pretty easy to fit them in in all honesty. Probably the easiest bit so far.

  46. I bet ye couldnt wait to get that out of yer system bonny lad :) , and just to let you know I havent got a problem with speculation or anything else on the blog thats what its for after all, and we all love a bit of gossip and banter it was just the Headline mate that I was dissapointed with as you normally are so careful about your headlines, and without your usual ? it looks like fact resulting in must fans thinking that Saylor is just a greedy bast*rd with no love for the club. ;)

  47. Again I come on when everybody is asleep or has moved on. Pisses me off! But it gives me more freedom to mention non-football things, I suppose.

    Fantastic blog, Toonsy. Absolutely spot on. You’ll make a good journalist yet.

    Although you’ll have to stop using the antiquated word “whilst” lest thou, unbeknownst to thyself, wilt becomest a dinosaurus.

  48. the Taylor situation will be resolved once the kid GETS THE F**K OVER HIMSELF and realises he isnt the most important fish in the pond.

    if we were paying on ability (ideal world kicks in again) he would be getting £30k max. we offered him £40k, which is what Thomas Vermalen is on, so he should take that as a compliment!

  49. Carroll! Carroll!

    He’ll break a jaw and the he’ll score!

    Super Andy Carroll! =)