Taylor contract talks have become “difficult”.

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Taylor - Still awaiting new deal.
Taylor - Still awaiting new deal.
The last time Steven Taylor and contracts were mentioned in the same sentence it was only supposed to be a matter of time before a new deal was penned.

Well some time has passed since that and we have still heard nothing about a new deal for Taylor, and now his agent, Paul Stretford, has admitted that talks are not progressing as well as he had hoped.

It must be made clear that talks are still ongoing at this stage, and that a deal appears to not be far off being brokered, but what is causing this delay?

There could be many reasons in fairness as contracts aren’t as easy to sort out as they were in the past.

I’m pretty certain that time has moved on from the days where a contract contained a just a wage and a term. Now there are allsorts of bonuses and payments to be added-on, which all takes time I presume.

“It would not be right to go into specific details as I don’t believe it would help the situation,” Stretford told the Mail on Sunday. “Suffice to say matters are not progressing as I would like them to or would expect, but I am hopeful that there will be some movement in the near future.”

“In the case of Steven it is typical of modern contract negotiations; they can become difficult and drawn-out. But from our point of view we are keen to try to conclude matters in the near future.”

Steven Taylor is currently sidelined for around three months with a shoulder problem he picked up in pre-season, which is a massive blow for him on the back of the injury sustained last season which kept him out from January until the end of the season. Despite that, Taylor has also had his say on the contract talks;

“This is the club I have been at all my life. Last year we did a fantastic job getting the club back to where it belongs.”

“The manager and his staff have done a great job and I hope they get enough support so that they can continue to move the club forward. I would love to be a part of that but first I need to get myself fit and back playing.”

“I’m not going to comment on the stories about my contract talks. They are a matter for my agent and the club to sort out.”

I would like to hope that it all gets sorted soon enough, and judging by what the agent says I don’t think a deal is too far off. Whether or not Taylor and his agent going to the press sits well the club is something we won’t know the answer to, but I do question the wisdom of such a move.

We’ll have to wait for more news on this.

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14 Responses

  1. “but what is causing this delay?”

    apparently it’s a relegation clause he’s not happy with..

  2. The club probably wants a relegation wage cut in his contract, quite standard at other clubs and makes a lot of sense.

  3. He’s more than likely going to wait and see how we adapt, If we look like we will stay up he will sign with the clause as it will be irrelevant, Im still confident that we will.

    Get to january and we are looking good then theres no arguments.

    Anyone heard owt from taxi drivers or hotel workers about Wor Hatem this morning??

  4. whey thats my first away game oot the way.All the way to Seaton Burn to watch the village play :-)

  5. I think the hold up is Taylor’s over inflated opinion of how good he is and how much he’s worth, I can remember the last lot of contract talks where his dad came out in the press and compared how he wasn’t being offered a contract to make him one of the best paid players at the, pointing to Gerrard and Carragher and how Liverpool have looked after their local lads.

    Taylor is decent but he hasn’t improved since the last contract he signed, he’s also become injury prone and by all accounts he’s not that popular in the dressing room, the club have a problem now as they don’t want to offer him wages he’s not worth but they don’t want him to walk away without a fee at the end of the season either.

    If he wasn’t injured I think he would have been sold this summer.