Nile Ranger set for new long-term contract?

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Ranger - Contract extension?
Ranger - Contract extension?
It looks like Nile Ranger could be set for a new long-term contract at Newcastle.

The Shields Gazette is suggesting that the young forward could be in line to sign a new five and a half year deal that would keep him at the club until the summer of 2016.

Ranger has yet to start a Premier League game for Newcastle, but he has looked the part whenever he has been called upon as a substitute or in the Carling Cup.

Newcastle have already pinned Andy Carroll down to a new five year deal, which is understandable given the good impression that the Gateshead lad has made on the Premier League, and there are also rumours, that are still to be confirmed, suggesting that Mike Williamson could be in line for a new three year deal.

Is this move evidence of longer term planning starting to happen at Newcastle? Shocking as it seems, it certainly looks that way!

There is of course one player that is missing from that list – Steven Taylor. Not a lot seems to be happening with his contract to be honest, although nobody really knows if things are progressing behind the scenes or not apart from Taylor, the club, and his agent. Hopefully they are as, despite my reservations over him, I wouldn’t want to lose him unless we really had to.

So whilst Newcastle appear to be on this bonanza of offering contracts, who do you think should be next in line?

I personally think Jose Enrique has to be next in line for a new contract. The lad is possibly the best left-back I have seen at Newcastle in my time and is certainly one of the best players we have at the moment. He has under 18 months left on his current deal so will be getting to the point where something will need sorting with him.

Anyway, that is my two-pence worth. It’s good to see that there seems to be a willingness to tie down players to new and improved or extended contracts. It is displaying a bit of forward planning, for once!

And that is nice to see!

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46 Responses

  1. Good news. The thought of ranger and carroll growing together on the pitch is a good one.

    The next contract should definately be Enrique. The way I see it, would be able to go out and get a better LB? How much would that cost?

    Then, injury and all, let’s sort out Ben Arfa. We are back to witnessing a lack of quality in the final third, and he is the lad to provide it…

  2. Wow, NUFC seem to be laying the keel of a warship rather than putting fingers in the holes of the dike. Howay the lads!

    Players willing to put pen to paper on long term deals must tell us that there is a commitment on the part of NUFC from MA on down to build a club that is good to play for and committed to winning.

  3. How about a new contract for Hughton and a new assistant for him ? although with all these players getting them first , maybe hughtons is more or less sorted . Any one know how long Krul has left on his , i would like him Enrique and Fraser Foster to be signed long term as well .

  4. Big mistake Chris H about Ranger. Ranger needs to be loaned out to ha championship club so he can play reguarly and add some goals to his goal-tally. The one thing Ranger lacks is goals and the only way he will get them is to play reguarly and that wont happen for Newcastle

  5. Not always a good idea to hand out 5 year contracts but I think in this case it will be as he’s so young and such a prospect. Ranger just needs more games and service really and Im sure the goals will follow. Like SuperMac says he’s one of the best finishers at the club. Just needs a bit more confidence when one-on-one with the keeper ect but that will come with gametime. He’s getting there, the strength and confidence will come in the next few years I think.

    To have two good forwards at the club that cost virtually nothing would be incredable in this day and age, so well done to the club and the academy.

    We could have a really good team in the next 3-4 years it’s just being patient and waiting for it all to click.

  6. DJG says:
    November 23, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    We could have a really good team in the next 3-4 years it’s just being patient and waiting for it all to click.


    I think you are right. Continue this policy of signing and locking up young talent and taking small steps to build a contending club.

    I think we all got a little ahead of ourselves with the winning streak, but in reality the goal should be to stay in the Prem and keep making steady improvement from there.

    And we need to get Hughton a new deal.

  7. So Nile is getting offered a new long-term contract ahead of Smith, Guthrie, Enrique, Lovenkrands and Harper. Seems common sense as he must be on lower wages and is so young. Enrique and Guthrie I would offer a new improved contract to. Harper an extention but not more than 2 years, Smith and Lovenkrands won’t be offered new contracts after 2012.

  8. Krul, Forster, Williamson, Gosling, Tiote, Ranger, Carroll all on long term deals. lovely.

    all we need now is to tie down Enrique, S.Taylor, Vuckic, Kadar & Ben Arfa then were sorted for now ;-)

  9. DJG says:
    November 23, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    “Like SuperMac says”

    Don’t get me started on that pretentious wanker!

  10. Munich – Correct. I fail to see how the hell he can have any real input on modern day football. Lets see….

    Has he played in the last 30 years? No!
    How about his managerial record? Oh dear….

    He is just a gobshite who got back on the wagon but forgot to take his gob with him.

  11. Toonsy…John Gibson is keeping him in the limelight mate, two old codgers together…
    He was a toon legend though in his time….til he Foxtrot Oscarred off to Arsenawl…

  12. bit harsh Toonsy – he has given me some of my happiest Toon memories – but cos i dont live in Newcastle i dont get to hear his drivel on the radio

  13. 14 toonsy says:
    November 23, 2010 at 2:34 pm
    DJG says:
    November 23, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    “Like SuperMac says”

    would you like him as new coach to hoots mate :)
    might make a canny one eh

  14. BTW – he’s in my top 10 all time Mags. – Just in front of Micky Burns. Now there was a player

  15. Some sensible talk on here today. Personally I couldn’t give a f*** about the inconsistent results this season if the long term stability if being addressed off the pitch. I agree with most comments here, and giving the lone ranger a sensible deal makes good business and football sense as if he comes good and his his value shoots up, then it pays for itseld five times over both on and off the field.

    45 points, that’s all we need, and a solid year of Prem experience good and bad – we’ll be top 6 next season, trust me!

  16. I fail to see how somebody who makes his money out of creating shit for the club he “supports” can be considered a top Mag?

    Yes he was great when he was playing for us, but that was in the past and things move on. So should he in my opinion.

  17. Agree totally toonsy, Considering his past with the club, Iv,e hardly heard anything but destructive comments from him.

  18. toonsy says:
    November 23, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    His management record is better than most managers have acheived.

    On Ranger getting a new deal – I would rather the club concentrated on bringing in experienced players to keep us in this league than giving five year contracts out to someone who might not play regular for a couple of years and we might be in the Fizzy by then…

  19. Spotlight Kid says:
    November 23, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    Personally I couldn’t give a f*** about the inconsistent results this season if the long term stability if being addressed off the pitch.

    Agreed. Now I am happy that we seem to be going for stability ON the pitch as well by locking up our young talent with longer term deals. I think locking up CH would go a long ways towards achieving that stability as well

  20. Who was there when Macdonnald scored the hatrick on his debut against Liverpool. Absolutely dynamite. that geezer smashed a few crossbars in his time.

  21. Krul, Forster, Vuckic, Guthrie, Enrique, Gosling, Carroll, Ranger, Fergusen, Tavernier, Lualua, Kadar, Ben Arfa, Simpson…

    All 23 years old or younger I believe

  22. These days when reading stuff about Spurs signing all out best players, we know its all just paper talk and is never gonna happen, whereas that wasn’t always the case. I honestly think Ashley will be respected some day and people will lie to their kids and say ‘oh yeah I always supported him’ and all that bollox.

  23. Stuart79 says:
    November 23, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    “His management record is better than most managers have acheived.”

    Explain that one then….

  24. Stability will never work at Newcastle as a lot of fans seem to view stability and slow growth as a lack of ambition. And we have a massive ground (three-quarters full aswell) which means we should be at the top NOW :roll:

  25. Toonsy cheer up man.

    Could be worse, we could have an average ground, one quarter full, and about to be outnumbered by travelling Hull City fans. ;)

  26. I don’t know about that anymore Toonsy. Sure there will always be that segment of our fan base, but I think most supporters are onboard with the new approach- so long as we can see improvement. If we’re still mid-table in 5 years, things will certainly be different

  27. Anybody noticed that our newest recruit Yven Moyo played for the development squad tonight and supposedly had a very lively game on the left wing.brilliant news if you ask me,I want him to come up cause thats a position where we dont have too many options…..

  28. From what I seen of the club and the league this year, I think we are a mid-table (roughly defined as 7-14) club this year. At the very least, with improvement, we should clearly be expected to be there over the next couple of years. If we are there in 5 years, I will be disappointed and so will the other supporters who are currently expressing patience…

  29. Nice to see Ranger getting a new deal, I’d like to see him loaned out but Hughton obviously rates him a lot. I want to see him get his chance soon; don’t know why Hughton started Loven ahead of him against Fulham!

  30. I’ve got a horrible feeling Enrique will stall an any new deal as he is worth more than what will be offered imo. He’s up there with A.Cole as the best LB in the EPL and his head might get turned, hope I’m wrong like.

  31. ReverseK…I really hope they offer and he signs an extention, hopefully he won’t “get his head turned” and stays true to what he’s said previously…
    The Journal, when asked about a move to Sunderland, Enrique said the following, “I don’t care about Sunderland. Even if the newspapers said Chelsea I wouldn’t care. I worry for my team – I love the city, I love the club and I don’t care about signing for another team”

  32. Speaking of Supermac, has anyone noticed the cameo appearance of Brian Johnson (AC/DC)in ‘Goal’.

    There he sits with a couple of his mates, sitting in a US bar, attired in black and white stripes and watching the match on tv.

  33. Enrique said that he’d like to play out his whole career at the Toon, which is extremely encouraging. Behind Cole and Evra, he’s probably the best in the league at LB. It hurts a little to have ot be grateful to Allerdyce.

  34. Richietoon – Cheers for the quotes, hopefully he stays true to his word then. He’s easily one of my favourite players – I actually love it when someone tries to take him on as I know 9 times out 10 he’s going to deal with it and he does it with class as well. They’ll definately be clubs sniffing around though so need to sign him up quick.