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Shocking secrets of the Newcastle United wage bill

February 16th, 2020 | No Comments |

Sean Longstaff and Yoshinori Muto
Sean Longstaff (£692 per week) and Yoshinori Muto (£54,000 per week)
As a Newcastle United blogger, one of my occaisional pastimes is to peruse the details of Newcastle United’s payroll and after a few seasons of this, I thought that it’s about time I wrote a ‘blog about it as it contains quite a few interesting details.

For instance, Sean Longstaff, now a fairly regular choice for the first team, and who was recently the subject of speculation linking him with a move to Manchester United with sums as high as £50 million being bandied around, is still only receiving £692 per week (£36,000 a year). This is the lowest by a huge margin compared with all the other players who have featured in the first team on anything like a regular basis. Jamie Sterry (£2000 per week) apart, the next lowest player who has played in the first team with any regularity is Isaac Hayden, who is currently earning £22,000 per week (£1,144,000 per year). Meanwhile, the hardly used Yoshinori Muto is currently picking up £54,000 per week (£2,808,000 a year), making him the second highest paid player on the list. (more…)

Another “night of the long knives” at St James’ Park

June 1st, 2012 | 22 Comments |

Night of the long knives at SJP.
The night of the long knives at SJP.
Newcastle United announced their list of retained players (players who’s contracts have expired but are being renewed) earlier this evening.

Of course though, these lists are usually at least as notable for the players are being released as much as those who are being returned.

Firstly, the once seemingly never ending saga which was Alan Smith at Newcastle United is finally over. The player who admitted that he would “never be the same player again” even before he signed a £50,000+ per week 5 year contract for Newcastle after (not quite) recovering from a horrific leg break is finally an ex-Newcastle United player.

However, he isn’t the only notable squad member to be given the push. As has been widely speculated in the football gossip columns for some time, Danny Guthrie and Peter Lovenkrands will also be leaving, along with the once much hyped Hungarian hog harrier, Tamas Kadar, who never quite lived up to expectations in a black and white shirt. (more…)

Signs of stability? Or primed for a sale?

December 28th, 2010 | 93 Comments |

Mike Ashley - Staying or selling?
Mike Ashley - Staying or selling?
Just what is it with these new contracts at Newcastle? Since the summer we have seen Andy Carroll, Nile Ranger, Mike Williamson, Tim Krul and now Steven Taylor all tied down to long-term deals with the club.

This is, of course, good news for Newcastle United and gives us a bit of stability with regard to the playing staff going forward, but does it signal that there could be more going on behind the scenes? Could Mike Ashley be making the business more saleable?

There is no doubt that the offering of new, long-term contracts is good for the club, but it would also be good for Mike Ashley’s bank balance in the event of a sale. After all, a stable club with it’s best potential assets tied down to long-term deals would be worth a lot more money compared to a club that was floundering along with no forward planning. I mean, even the manager has a contract that could last over five years, although there is a rather cunning clause put in by Ashley that will allow Pardew to be disposed of for minimal compensation, something that would appeal to both Ashley and any new owner who will more than likely want to install their own man in the event of a change of ownership. (more…)

Nile Ranger set for new long-term contract?

November 23rd, 2010 | 46 Comments |

Ranger - Contract extension?
Ranger - Contract extension?
It looks like Nile Ranger could be set for a new long-term contract at Newcastle.

The Shields Gazette is suggesting that the young forward could be in line to sign a new five and a half year deal that would keep him at the club until the summer of 2016.

Ranger has yet to start a Premier League game for Newcastle, but he has looked the part whenever he has been called upon as a substitute or in the Carling Cup.

Newcastle have already pinned Andy Carroll down to a new five year deal, which is understandable given the good impression that the Gateshead lad has made on the Premier League, and there are also rumours, that are still to be confirmed, suggesting that Mike Williamson could be in line for a new three year deal.

Is this move evidence of longer term planning starting to happen at Newcastle? Shocking as it seems, it certainly looks that way! (more…)

Taylor contract talks have become “difficult”.

August 15th, 2010 | 14 Comments |

Taylor - Still awaiting new deal.
Taylor - Still awaiting new deal.
The last time Steven Taylor and contracts were mentioned in the same sentence it was only supposed to be a matter of time before a new deal was penned.

Well some time has passed since that and we have still heard nothing about a new deal for Taylor, and now his agent, Paul Stretford, has admitted that talks are not progressing as well as he had hoped.

It must be made clear that talks are still ongoing at this stage, and that a deal appears to not be far off being brokered, but what is causing this delay?

There could be many reasons in fairness as contracts aren’t as easy to sort out as they were in the past.

I’m pretty certain that time has moved on from the days where a contract contained a just a wage and a term. Now there are allsorts of bonuses and payments to be added-on, which all takes time I presume. (more…)