Carroll to Spurs? Not even for £20 million!

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Carroll is going nowhere.
Carroll is going nowhere.
I see the Sunday papers are reporting en masse that Tottenham Hotspur are set to launch a January bid for Andy Carroll.

There are even reports suggesting that David Bentley and Peter Crouch could be used as makeweights in any potential new deal.

It’s all bollocks of course and is just the latest in a long line of clubs that Carroll has been linked to, including teams that are infinately bigger that Spurs, like Chelsea for example. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I have some for all of those dirty journalists out there – Andy Carroll is going nowhere!

You see, there has been no mention of anything about Carroll leaving around these parts, other than what has been written in the newspapers – quite the opposite in fact. I suggest that these journalists get their collective head out of the arse of the bigger clubs, give their tongue a rest, and do some investigating.

Should they choose to justify their no doubt rather high salaries by going back to the basics of journalism and investigate the stories they will see that the compelling evidence suggest that Carroll is going nowehere. On the grounds they are so far removed from reality I though that I would do it for them.

First off there is the fact that Carroll has just signed a new five-year contract. Now I understand that contracts aren’t worth the paper they are written at times, but it is a definate show of commitment from both the club and the player with regard to the future of the Gateshead lad. This also leads me onto my next point.

That point being that Carroll has himself said that he has no intention of going anywhere. At some point in the future that may change of course, but not now, not after only 18 Premier League games. Carroll has also denied any speculation and reinforced the point that he is a Geordie, playing for his hometown club in the number nine shirt. Effectively he is living the dream that all of us share, and he is getting paid handsomely for it.

Next up is the manager. Both Chris Hughton and now Alan Pardew have said they were/are intent on keeping our prize asset at the club. The future of Newcastle United is likely to be built around Carroll and he is deemed too important to lose. Indeed Pardew even said that he wanted confirmation from the board that Carroll would not be sold, and he is here so I guess he got that.

Finally, the board have apparently said that Carroll is going nowehere. Mike Ashley sees him as an important player for Newcastle going forward allegedly and doesn’t want to sell him, according to what Pardew says anyway.

Now I know what people will say here, and it will probably be along the lines of “if fatty sees the money he will take it”. That is fair enough as everyone has an opinion, but could you answer me this question in return? Which players have been sold against their will by Mike Ashley?

Anyway, rant kind of over. The bottom line is that for all of the press speculation there are reasons to discount every bit of it. There has to be some willingness from any one of the parties on our side of the bargain, whether that be the player, manager, or owner, to make a deal happen. At the moment the only confirmed interest is from the press.

Don’t give them any credit!

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60 Responses

  1. Do me a favour you are right they are barm pots he’s a Geordie with the No 9 shirt, and even so what’s just as ridiculous is why would he join a smaller club than the Toon ie; Spurs?

  2. I wouldn’t say that Spurs are smaller than us to be fair. Maybe in terms of crowds (which are limited by their capacity), but certainly in terms of income and on pitch succes they are ahead of us.

  3. Don’t even dignify this shite with a response.

    spuds are a small club in ne london, size matters when discussing size.
    Success matters when discussing success.
    2 completely different things/subjects. Let’s not confuse the 2 yet again.

  4. Did Geremi complain about going though? I think of him like a semi guilty benefit theif. He’ll enjoy the money whilst he is getting, but when he gets caught out he’ll hold his hands up :lol:

  5. Glad you took my request fella.. :)

    I’ve come to the conclusion that if Ashley does sell, then he is in it just for the money & not for the club!!!

    This Carroll saga could be the defining point of the season, if he sells Carroll, then we know he’s only after money, if he doesn’t, then we know he’s got the clubs best interests at heart… or summit like that.. :) lol

  6. Milner left against his and Keegan’s will if I am not mistaken. I don’t think Andy Carroll is going anywhere but with that fat basta*d as owner we don’t know what new bomb he will drop on Tyneside. Both sides will have to agree but if Fat Ash wants his dosh badly he’ll make Carroll’s life a nightmare to force the move. damn I hate the fat one and can’t wait till we see the end of his awful reign.

  7. At this moment in time…Spurs are streets ahead of Newcastle. In terms of having a decent squad and champions league football. It’s plain and simple mathematics.

  8. i would hate if he left for spurs. But then again mike ashley was a spurs supporter.we also sold bassong and jenas to them.

  9. Oh ffs, stop with the phantasmagorical bullsh.
    Everyone just makes shit up, say it to themselves & friends enough times, then star believing said bullcrap.
    Enough already.

    Size isn’t defined by success or vice versa.

  10. i don’t think carroll is going anywhere to be honest. I don’t see a place for Andy in their team, crouch and van der varrt play well when both of them are fit. Defore has started playing again so I don’t see much point in him going.

    Also heard Ameobi might be going to everton, this appeared a couple of days ago on transfer talk. I don’t really think he is cut out for this league

  11. i could see carrol being 1st choice in any side in the prem on his current form ,iam just glad hes ours

  12. Carroll is staying put and the rags hate it so they just try and unsettle people further who are still wound up over changing the manager.

    I cannot do with Ashley but as toonsy says in the article the same rubbish about Ashley selling players for the best offer aint true, Everyone who has left under his regime (Hoots aside) have either been surplus to requirements or have asked to leave.

  13. Milner was disillusioned with where the club was going. duff and martins were casualties of relegation club could not afford them.

  14. Boater – Did they? Despite Mil.ner handing in a transfer request, Duff saying how glad he was to get out, and Martins saying how he had to move to progrees his career….

    I’ll dig out the articles.

  15. Indian Magpie – Milner was pissed off bcause he was supposed to be going to Villa a year or so earlier after his loan spell, but Newcastle pulled the plug. The writing was on the wall back then, and as soon as Villa came back in he put in a transfer request.

  16. I doubt Spurs have the money to buy anybody of this calibre without selling first and also reducing their wage bill and squad size. Perhaps after they are forced to sell a few star players in the summer. I can see Man Utd buying Hutton and Bale in the summer.

  17. Yes mate, I asked you on the Mad board yesterday to put up a blog re Carroll….. :)

    I’m Toon69 on there, I started the ‘Carroll to Spurts for £15m’ thread.. lol

  18. Indian Magpie says:
    December 19, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    “i would hate if he left for spurs. But then again mike ashley was a spurs supporter.”

    No he wasn’t, Indian Magpie. He was a Chelsea supporter.

  19. Toonsy – I remember the club coming up with a list of players they felt would not perform well in the lower division: including Duff and Martins. Duff was one of the senior players at the leyton orient meeting that pledged his support to promotion, only to be sold a week later. He later commented on how re-ignited he was at fulham which was slightly misconstrued as an attack on the toon. Martins just drifted which ever way the wind blew.. and was an understandable sale from a club view. Milner was just a pro who would play for whoever most wanted him – which happened to be o’neill at the time.

    Anyway, I do agree with the crux of what you’re saying,, Ashley despite his many bad decisions – has yet to sell a player against the strong wishes of the supporters.

    If redknapp really thinks he can get Carroll next month, I hope at least, it’s just a case of him again being a bit of a plonker. Which he is.

  20. “Indeed Pardew even said that he wanted confirmation from the board that Carroll would not be sold, and he is here so I guess he got that.”

    That was just PR BS to ingratiate himself with the fans Toonsy. It shite like that that gets the reporters minds ticking over with their specious crap. Keeping his trap firmly shut would have been much better.

  21. As i said yesterday… If they raise their offer to 50 million and Bale, we MIGHT consider.

    Loyalty and club feelings aint dead in the game yet, its just rare.

  22. Boater – You see, I remember how Duff was happy to stay, but as soon as interest arose from Fulham he was off, where he then went on to talk of his ‘Newcastle hell’

    Still, I suppose it’s how it is interpreted I guess.

  23. boater says:
    December 19, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    “Toonsy – I remember the club coming up with a list of players they felt would not perform well in the lower division: including Duff and Martins.”

    They had a list of players they would have to sell in order to survive finacially in The Championship, boater. It would be absurd to suggest that a players such as Duff, Beye etc could not perform in the Championship.

  24. Not sure I like the idea of us going for Charlie Adam. It’s got shades of Bullard – good honest, likable team man who won’t go missing. It’s not a position we need strengthening though is it? We have nolan, guthrie, gosling, vuckic all vying for the attacking midfield slot,, not to mention Ben arfa, and barton who are more than comfortable there.

    We need a mobile, inventive technical striker, not another bloody attacking midfielder.

  25. I think if any 1 of our players was to move to them it would be Taylor , Carroll is going nowhere and if you believe the rags today then allot of them are reporting that Taylor and the club are still talking about a new contract because Pardew has moved to get it sorted , he wants to keep the lad at the club . I reckon the only players leaving in january are a couple of fringe players Best , Perch,Smith maybe Lovenkrands plus some of the youngsters on loan .

  26. Workyticket – I (they) were referring to players who they felt had the right frame of mind and physical condition for a long, strenuous, battling season. Of course they were technically more than capable of turning in shifts against the likes of preston NE and doncaster.

  27. I don’t think anyone will be leaving in January. The bottom line is that despite some of them are perhaps past their use, we need the squad numbers.

  28. How about Man Citeh give us £50 million plus Tevez and Johnson for Carroll and also pay there wages for the rest of there playing days at the Toon! I’d buy the paper with that rumour on!

  29. Toonsy…I suspect Geremie was told he wouldnt figure at all so prob begrudgingly had to go somewhere on lower wages in order to get a game…thank f*ck :-)

  30. boater says:
    December 19, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    “Workyticket – I (they) were referring to players who they felt had the right frame of mind and physical condition for a long, strenuous, battling season.”

    As far as the board were concerned it was purely a financial decision, boater. Though of course, some wanted to get out anyway, and might have seemed to be lacking somewhat in motivation at the prospect of plying their trade in places like Scunthorpe on a wet weekend.

  31. See on the BBC gossip page, it’s got the Quatr Royal Family wanting to buy Man Unied for £1.5 billion, think thats more likely than getting us.

  32. Let me start by saying this is sunday paper nonsense and Carroll’s going nowhere. But considering he was our 5th choice striker 2 years ago, Crouch, Bentley and £15M worth of players would improve our squad quite a lot. Not that I want Carroll to go as I think we can build a good squad anyway with him. Plus 2 years ago is irrelevent because he is now Englands most promising striker to partner Rooney. Also very important IMO is that we don’t become a selling club.

  33. Just think, if Keegan had his way then Carroll would have been sold a few year back for £1 million ;)

  34. Also I think Crouch & Keane finished or not the players they were and Bentley has nosedived from the player he was a few seasons ago. All tripe that they want rid of and we should steer clear of?

  35. DJG – In a word, yes. Not only are those players a lot further on in their careers than AC, they would also demand a lot more wages.

  36. toonsy – u may be right but that is what looked from outside.

    & i hope we do not sell him for some misfit rejects. if given an option take money rather than misfits

  37. The way forward is with players like Carroll not hasbeens on inflated wages, up here to sample the nightlife. We’ve been down that road before and we all know where it went, very limited success and financial ruin. I think Ranger could be a great foil for Carroll, he is not a ‘small striker’ but he has the pace and skill of one. He should start getting regular game time imo even if he doesn’t score many. I think he will score loads in a few seasons time.

  38. I don’t want Qatar money at our club. I don’t like what Man City have become in a couple of seasons.

    I also think that Spurs will strengthen other positions.

    To add to the debate over Ashleys transfer policy. He sold Milner and Bassong when the price was right, but it could be argued both players wanted to leave.

  39. DJG @45
    even if he is a 10-15 goal a season striker it wont matter because rangers pace and trickery will create spaces for the likes of carroll , nolan and barton to score . I truly believe that Carroll and Ranger will cause havoc to any defence in the premiership in the next few years and your right the lad needs game time now . To think both are only going to get better with Barton Nolan and Tiote in midfield we have already the makings of a very good team , now some end product from the wide men and we will be a top 6-8 team . The defence is fairly solid as long as Campbell does not play they will also keep improving .

  40. I cant help thinking that Krul, Foster, Taylor, Carroll, Tiote, Simpson, Williamson, Enrique, Ranger and a few others will form the backbone of our club for years to come. Selling them now, when they will be worth sooo very much more in 2-3 years does not make sense. My hope is that in 3 years we will actually be financially very sound, challenging for a top 4 spot and will not need to sell. Ever the optimist….

  41. toonsy says:
    December 19, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    “Just think, if Keegan had his way then Carroll would have been sold a few year back for £1 million”

    He was almost rejected as a 15 year old defender too under Souness, but it was Carver who saved him and suggested that he was tried as a striker instead. IMO, it is Carver, and then Hughton / Calderwood who deserve the most credit for Carroll’s development as a player. The latter two for getting him to develop the technique to go with his physicality.

  42. £20 million probably doesn’t come anywhere near the money from the Premier League for staying in the league thanks to the goals and assists from Carroll alone.

  43. I’m looking forward to April when I will come to Newcastle for the Man Utd.match. This will be my second visit to St.James Park(except for a few matches 30years ago when I stayed in your city for a while and became a devotee).My first visit in modern times was for the Barnsley match.
    When our team entered the pitch it sounded like a multitude of lions roaring.I started shaking like Stevens,tears rolling down an old mans face,embarrasing and wonderful!
    I’m happy to have find this blog,so I wish Icedog,Toonsy and the rest of you+all NUFC supporters on our planet a merry Christmas and a victorious New Year!!!

  44. Aint gonna happen !

    Well not to Spuds anyway. What’s the point of improving teams who we are trying to compete with ? Let them get their own AC’s but this one has a chance to become a Geordie legend above all others.

  45. GEIR cheers pal,all the best to you and yours,come and have a banter,batty will look after you,hes just a cutey really :)

  46. Off topic but is the BBC Sports Personality of the Year = Biggest Non Event of the Year ?

    Why do they do bother and why do they choose the ten “Personalities” that we’re supposed to vote for ?

    Surely if its a national competition then we should be entitled to vote for any sportsperson we choose ?

    Yet more licence fee revenue up the swanny !!!