No Newcastle game? That’ll be my weekend ruined then!

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St Andrews earlier today.
St Andrews earlier today.
Not much to report today. Just the frustrating fact that this miserable December day has hindered football across the country.

Not that I particularly care that the likes of Liverpool and Arsenal are no longer playing their fixtures. The only fixture I really cared about was supposed to be taking place at St Andrews this afternoon.

The fixture looked as if it was going ahead despite the heavy snow fall in Birmingham. However, at around 12.00pm our game was called off along with several other games throughout England and Scotland. Grrrrrrrr! Luckily enough for myself, Toonsy and Jay Jay, we live in The Midlands so we didn’t have any problems transport wise. But I bet a few of you good people made it a fair way down before the game was officially postponed.

Considering it’s quite a trek from the North East to The Midlands the game was given the no-go a little late on perhaps. It wasn’t the state of the pitch that was the concern, but the persisting snow in the area made the game a health and safety issue. I hear that roads near the ground were closed and all sorts.

It is perhaps a tad confusing how Coventry City, a ground a mere twenty miles away that has suffered similar weather, worse weather if you account for yesterday’s dumping of snow, has managed to get their game on. It makes you think doesn’t it?

As my facebook status now reads ‘snow ruins everything’. I was very much looking foward to a few beers and watching the lads today. I was taking a first-timer, who infact supports Brum but I got her a ticket in the away end and today was my opportunity to convert her.

Soooo, with the footy off, what will you do with your afternoon? I thought I’d make a new thread anyways.

The Rickie Lambert rumour appeared again in another newspaper this morning. Discuss, if you like? I mean it isn’t as thogh we have any real football to concern ourselves with is it!!!!!

Howay the lads!

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204 Responses

  1. even worse since the mackems won!

    anyway, glad i wasn’t going to the game or i’d have been proper pissed off at such a late decision to call it off.

    midlands may have had it bad, but we managed to get the chelsea game on a few weeks back, despite the NE being absolutely covered in snow.

    brum got a few injury problems, you think? or is it just their council employ a bunch of lazy bastards who couldn’t be arsed gettin out of bed this morning to do some plowing and gritting?

  2. Believe it or not, it’s been a rough december here in Nashville too. We had a cold snap and it got down well below 0 and we got 6 inches of snow and ice. Now I know that divvent sound like much to you lads, but keep in mind, Nashville is on the same latitude as Tehran and Baghdad. LoL, not kiddin’ like. Cold f’n december!

    And guess it’s time to break out the FIFA games on the xbox’s and ps3’s…

  3. tw@ts….I was 50 min from the stadium and not a snowflake to be seen. The snow was forecast yesterday, if they can’t cope with they should have said then and bollox to the health and safety crap on the approaches.Have they shut all the shops in town centres on the busiest shoppin day of the year cos of the snow? Have they sh!te……I’m not bitter tho ;-)

  4. “but I got her a ticket in the away end and today was my opportunity to convert her.”

    Is that what they call rape these days?

  5. I’d just got out my pit and was about to get ready when I got a phone call from my mate telling me the game was off.

    It’s a shitter that the game was off, but at least I never had to pay for a ticket or leave the house ;)

  6. toonsy…aye but ya won’t get ya pimms and prawn sarnie.
    The worst bit was the manky coffee at Trowell services!

  7. Ruch – I have a bottle of Pimms in the drinks cabinet in the refreshment room. The prawns will keep.

    After Pimms, I’ll be on the bottles of dog :twisted:

  8. OHurley…Pimms is a drink and prawn sandwiches, Toonsy was gonna be in an exec box for the match today so he’d have been having the posh stuff to eat and drink ;-)

  9. OHurley – Pimms is a drink associated with posh boys and puffs.

    Prawn sandwiches are prawns in a sandwich :D

    Dog – Newcastle Brown Ale

    It all stems from Richietoon, among others, creating the illusion that I’m rich when really it’s he who is the bling king with all his holidays and jet-set lifestyle. He een changed his name to ‘Rich’ to take the piss out of us scummers a little more apparently ;)

  10. Ohhh ok I get it now. Didn’t kna that “sarnies” was slang for sandwiches.

    Toonsy- that SUCKS that this game was cancelled today. Woulda been pretty slammin to get an exec box for the match like. Oh well. maybe next time, broski!

  11. OHurley – If the replayed game is on a Saturday I’ll be in there. If not I’ll be at work instead :(

  12. I see Sunderland were selling two tickets (1 adult, 1 child) for £12 for today’s match, and they still only mustered 35,000. Shit fans!

  13. Only in the bedroom eh, Rich? I bet it’s one of those one that spins around and whilstles :lol:

  14. My god! Ed really did write’Breaking News!! – Tiote To Stop Wearing Snood; as a headline 8O

    I thought you guys were joking :lol:

  15. aye but not a red one Toonsy, divn’t wear red :lol:

    Aye but theres not many kids in 5under1and who know who their dads are ;-)

  16. toonsy says:
    December 18, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    “Yeah, but surely some care in the community project could have used them”

    But SAFC ARE a care in the community project, Toonsy.

  17. O’hurley, toonsy turned his back on the toon army to sip pimms with a bunch of brummie turds in the posh boxes, he’s a traitor. You calmed down yet richietoon?

  18. they had to change the ball, it was a yelllow one to start with now its more of an orange one….who needs lines(apart from Adrian Mutu) :lol:

  19. I’m fine thanks toonsy, I had to come home batty because the train arnt running so I can’t get to a decent pub :(

  20. I’m disappointed like the next bloke about the match, but…

    Will you stop moaning, you load of sad old farts???

    Get out there and play!! I’ve been snowboarding in the field opposite. I’ve done doughnuts in a carpark. Basically arsed about on the ice in whatever way is appropriate, done all the christmassy stuff, which for once actually LOOKS christmassy ‘cos it’s all white.

    Snow’s brilliant. It may not make up completely for a match postponement, but to sit indoors and say you’re bored? What are you, grown men?? You know there’s a six-year-old not far below the surface and all this maturity crap is just a thin veneer to get laid. Now gerrout there and do your duty: behave like a total prat!


  21. Whumpie – I have an inherent dilike of snow. I think it brings out the inner twat in a lot of people which puts me right off.

  22. I’m not strawberry blonde I’m fecking Ginger, don’t want to have to tell you again toonsy!!! :)

  23. Batty knows i’m a bi-polar manic depressive, they can be fuking dangerous, always fear a man who feels he has nothing to live for.

  24. toonsy says:
    December 18, 2010 at 6:31 pm
    Can’t belive you’re scraed of Jay Jay, Batty<<<< just didnt want every 1 know he has a girls name m8 :)

  25. Well, the wench is at her christmas party so I’m all alone.

    A night of internet porn, Newkie Brown, pizza and the PS3 is planned :)

  26. How many times do the media need to get told that Carroll aint going anywhere? Now spurs are supposed to make a “tempting” offer of Keane, Bentley and a few quid… Why the feck would we be tempted by a 31 year old and a glitterboy? try with Bale and 20 million and we MIGHT consider it.

  27. Toonsy so just a normal night in for you then.
    Richie I thought it might have been the fact that he thought Toonsy was his friend but now he knows that he was binned for a few brum fans with pimms

  28. Richie she made it up to stranrar just before 4 no probs plus she has managed to get changed from the 8pm sailing onto the 5.30 so she should be here just after 8. Then the fun will start travelling the 4 miles from Belfast as the snow is real bad and its started again :(

  29. I don’t see what is so unbelievable about that to be honest. I mean Wise did have an eye for talent. He brought us Ranger and Vuckic for a start…..

  30. To be fair he might be telling the truth, John Carver even admitted they very nearly showed Carroll the door a few years back…

  31. Actually can someone please delete that Carver was long gone by the time Wise arrived, Im cracking under the pressure of trying to find talking toy story figures… :(

  32. Wise is probably right. Enrique was heading out the door too, now he’s our best defender.

    Wonder what shite the Sunday’s will be writing about us tomorrow…

  33. pearceet says:
    December 18, 2010 at 7:19 pm

    “You lads heard this, wise has some cheek to say that the cockney c**t”

    How do you know it isn’t true, pearceet?

    toonsy says:
    December 18, 2010 at 7:22 pm

    “I mean Wise did have an eye for talent. He brought us Ranger and Vuckic for a start…..”

    and Coloccini, Gutierrez, Chris Hughton and several others who have yet to develop. He actually did alot for the club.

  34. Toonsy

    Got them all mate bar Zurg and them Alien things who werent even in the 3rd one anyhoo, But what i meant was im still recovering from the stress of wrestling fat people in Argos…

    P.S. On Carroll did anyone see some of the Spurs fans comments on caught offside :lol:

  35. Worky
    Because he is taking the claim for Carroll staying on his own by getting him to sign a new contract, his interview he says that some people didnt want him to go and some did, obviously I dont know for sure but I don’t believe that Wise got him to sign a new contract like he says. I think he is trying to take credit for Carroll, which I don’t think is right at all

  36. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Carroll was ready to be sold. Ashley wants to make money, it’s as simple as that. If it is true then fair play to Wise for obviously telling someone not to be such an idiot and to keep future talent at the club. Strange method that one, keeping your homegrown youngsters for yourself!..

  37. Big Dave says:
    December 18, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    “Pearceet plus he is trying to wash his hands of the Nacho deal, thats the trouble with Liars ye can never believe them”

    Exactly Dave, and that goes for all the people who have disseminated lies about Dennis Wise too. He has every right to give his side of the story, and unlike nearly all the people who have spread lies about him, he was actually there.

  38. Worky I know he was there but I still wouldn’t believe what he says. But I dont really know anyone that has came out and said Wise done this or done that to know they were Liars aswell ;) But surly if he was responsible for Jonas Colo Ranger Vukic he would more than likly be responsible for Nacho and Xisco then too

  39. O Hurley-

    “If tottenham hotspur want the geordie chippendale we shall get him, when spurs come calling you dont say no!”

    “If Spurs want him we will get him… End of.”

    “Tottenham hotspur get what they want, thats all there is to say, end of discussion. The truth is that he probably aint good enough to wear a spurs shirt!”

  40. Big Dave says:
    December 18, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    “But I dont really know anyone that has came out and said Wise done this or done that to know they were Liars aswell”

    Er, you have never been aware of anyone spreading falsehoods about Dennis Wise in an effort to paint him in a negative light?


  41. BATTY couldnt get that lipstick you wanted for the xmas party but got your eye-brow pencil and silk stockings,dont worry mate your secret save with me ;)

  42. worky wise is a 1st class c unt ,no 1 likes him apart from u fat ash and decker so your in a good club there :lol: is he your landlord

  43. Some of the most telling comments about life behind the scenes at SJP have been made by Colin Calderwood when Hughton was sacked:

    “There’s a great deal of shock but [it’s] not unexpected because of the knowledge I had when I was there and the sort of regime that he [Hughton] was working under. It makes it difficult.

    “You want to know the parameters of the job and they keep changing, and you’re not allowed to do what you think’s feasible or logical then it becomes very difficult to do your job as well as you can and at the minute the job has been done well terrifically well.

    “I think you want to be able to make decisions that affect the whole of the football club at the end it became more and more difficult to do that.”

  44. BATTY kna mate,just the mackum quack said they heard it in the golf-club bar,snobby gits,half the gits are puffs

  45. Wise is a complete cock! Regardless of him being involved in NUFC, the man is an irritating turd!

    Oh and before we start saying he unearthed this player or that player, let’s pass judgement on them deals when they actually perform in the first team.

  46. batty says:
    December 18, 2010 at 8:41 pm

    “worky wise is a 1st class c unt”

    Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, batty, but that’s beside the point. It is wrong to spread lies about people simply because you don’t like them very much.

  47. worky says >>>>> batty, but that’s beside the point. It is wrong to spread lies about people simply because you don’t like them very much.<<<< maybe it is maybe it isint :)

  48. My brother has a nazi Staff. He’s tan like a ‘Brownshirt’, and he’s trained him to lift his paw in a nazi salute whenever anyone says “Heil Hitler!”.

  49. BATTY,ive kept racing greyhounds,bred rottys,dobermans,lassie collys,staffs,but these a/bulldogs are the bees knees mate come out of top of any dog imo

  50. workyticket:
    December 18th, 2010 at 6:34 pm
    batty says:
    December 18, 2010 at 6:29 pm
    “soz fcked up with that comment toonsy could u delete it plz”
    I’ve corrected it for you, batty.

    If the face fits then worky?

  51. stuart79 says:
    December 18, 2010 at 9:10 pm
    Staffies? Their not even real dogs!

    On another note has toonsy’s mrs gone back to him?<<< very clever

  52. jay jay says:
    December 18, 2010 at 9:22 pm
    December 18th, 2010 at 6:34 pm
    batty says:
    December 18, 2010 at 6:29 pm
    “soz fcked up with that comment toonsy could u delete it plz”
    I’ve corrected it for you, batty.

    If the face fits then worky?<<<<< shut up ging :)

  53. STUART,see you know nowt aboot dogs mate,there not worth two bob,give you one thing they like women dirty gits ;)

  54. icedog says:
    December 18, 2010 at 9:22 pm

    “WORKY political dogs noo lol”

    It’s just my brother’s sick sense of humour, Ice. It’s quite funny when there’s a WW2 film on.

  55. Sorry I had to go out there in the freezing snow to help the daughter unpack the car :( I tried to talk her into leaving it till the morn when im out but it didn’t work :lol: .
    Worky what I meant was that no paticular person came out and said what Wise did or din’t, I do know there was lots of stuff in the rags but I never seen the comments being attributed to anyone person in paticular.
    I do agree he is a class A c@nt and a smarmy arrogant one at that :)
    Jay Lad hows you this fine night, are you going to go to the next game with the Brum loving Toonsy ??? :)

  56. CC-

    That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. “Spurms get what spurms want.” LoL, right. Is THAT why you’re not topping the league? I can’t stand them, truly.

    Big Dave-

    Pope head? Think I’m a Catholic now, do ya? Well, I was born and raised in the Pope’s church, but I renounced it. Ain’t nobody on this here earth that’s danged infallible. Anywho mate, how’s you doin’ like?

  57. OHurley not bad mate all set for xmas, so you hows life in Nashville mate whats the weather like at this time of yr. still doing a bit of hunting ?

  58. Ohurley-Aye mate, cost about half a grand and it just sits around the house like a massive softy, I think he’s scared of the garden, lol.

  59. Big Dave-

    Weather here has been CRAP. We’re on the same latitude as Tehran and yet we got 6 inches of snow in December. That NEVER happens. It was well below 0. Not too much. And yeah, I just moved into a house on 6 acres with woods. The deer like to frequent the property, so I think some of them might find a 30.06 bullet in them soon… mwahahaha.

  60. Just watched match of the day and i have just seen an incident where Pederson from Blackburn elbows Parker from west ham . If that scandinavian tw@t does not get suspended then i will then know that the FA really have a vendetta on Joey Barton . Joeys punch was nothing compared to what that git did to Parker and after our game with them how all their players came out with pederson would never touch anyone and how a fair player he is !!!!!!

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  62. Has there ever been a fatter, uglier piece of hypocritical 5h1t than Steve Bruce.

    Cattermole should have defo walked for that foul on Elmander and then to have the cheek to ask about a pelanty when Welbeck fell over his own feet outside the box.

    He is absolute pond life, Him and his 5h1t club are a perfect fit, This is also a man who bitched and moaned after that Kanu/Overmars goal against his Sheffield united team to the extent Wenger replayed the game, Yet when the beach ball goal went for him he kept his sloppy fat gob firmly shut and then surpassed that with the nerve to moan about Liverpool getting some revenge this season even when their goal was technically correct.

    As for Hanson and even Shearer saying he’s a top manager, 1 away win in 14 months says different gents.

    Say what you like about Pardew with his better win percentage, Higher best league finish, More European qualifcations, Major Cup finals, Promotions and Minor Trophy wins, I would rather have him skulking around the players lasses and having his nose up Ashleys 5h1tter than have Doubtfire and his moobs anywhere near SJP…

  63. They say the table doesnt lie but having managed to stay awake for the full 90 mins yesterday and being desperate for a footie fix, the mackems are in a false position and surviving games by the skin of their nutsacks.
    How Bolton didnt score wasnt down to their defence, it was rank bad luck and poor composure in the box and CC is spot on about Brucie baby and twattermole, if he had been rightly sent off then the result would have been different but how many times have we heard luck and 5under1and in the same sentence this season?
    Hope they remain unbeaten at home until 16th Jan and we will go there and burst their balloon and over inflated egos.