Carroll: “This is the club and the city for me, and always will be.”

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Happy Andy will stay forever!
Happy Andy will stay forever!
Andy Carroll has made quite a name for himself already this season.

He caught the eye with a fantastic season in The Championship last season, bagging an impressive 19 goals.

However, the Premier League is a different kettle of fish with tougher opposition.

I remember speaking to a lad in pre-season who said Andy would struggle to score more than three goals all season in the Premier League. Well good sir, we are only 13 games in and the lad has managed 7 already, making him joint top goalscorer. The term ‘eat your words’ come to mind!

It seems that Andy’s great form has caught the attention not only of the England manager, Fabio Capello. but also of other top flight teams.

Mr wheeler-dealer himself, ‘saggy-face’ Harry Redknapp, is said to be monitoring our No.9 and newspaper reports have suggested that ‘Arry has made Andy a top target for his Spurs side. Andy has also been previously linked with Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal amongst others in various newspaper stories.

Some could argue that being linked with big clubs could be a head-turner for a young footballer in blistering form. That’s certainly not the case with Andy. He seems down to earth and still very much in love with this football club. He spoke to The Evening Chronicle today and had this to say;

“I’ve signed a five-year contract and I’m delighted with that. This is the club and the city for me and always will be.”

“If somebody told me I could stay here for my whole career then I would be delighted. I’ve always said I just want to keep working hard for Newcastle United and doing the No 9 shirt justice.” 

Encouraging words from Mr Carroll, and a breath of fresh air to hear such loyalty coming from a footballer. Andy went on to to praise his manager and team-mates after breifing on his England call up.

“It’s a real honour to simply be called up for your country, but I have to give credit to the manager Chris Hughton and my team-mates. Without them I wouldn’t be scoring the goals.”

“Chris has been fantastic for me. And I just want to keep repaying his faith in me.”

This is excellent news that Carroll’s heart and head appear to be putting Newcastle United first. Despite a few off-field problems he certainly has the right attitude when it comes to football and is trying not to believe his own hype. Chris Hughton has to take massive credit for keeping Andy’s feet on the ground.

It looks like Droopy may have to stick with Peter Crouch, because he isn’t getting his hands on our star man!

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62 Responses

  1. nice one andy but if wide-load decides te cash you in for some – gambling chips – then i’m afraid you’s a gonna lad.

  2. That frak for that, as the last team Id want him to go to is the Spurts & Floppychops especially… lol :)

    If floppychops wanted Carroll that badly, he should have taken the Toon managers job when it was supposedly offered to him instead of going for the easy option at the Spurts….

    Anyways, as you’ve already said, he’s now joint top goal scorer along with Nolan, so not bad for a newly promoted side having 2 players as joint top goal scorers is it…. lol

  3. As Kaz has got a pretty serious injury does that mean as his parent club we have the right to recall him? I know they said he stayed in the north east after it happened at Hartlepool.

  4. Roy Cropper says:
    November 15, 2010 at 2:58 pm
    nice one andy but if wide-load decides te cash you in for some – gambling chips – then i’m afraid you’s a gonna lad.


  5. wonder how long it woulda taken’Arry to walk if he took the job. Lack of funds wouldnt have gone down well… He would have to have sold his grandmother (which im sure he would without hesertation) to fund his sprees

  6. Why would Ashley sell Carroll?

    Can I just ask which players have been sold that either didn’t want to leave, didn’t run out of contract, or left because of relegation?

  7. -DJG

    Yeah well this is just from the nufc site, the headline was “kazenga suffers broken leg” but later on it has kazenga saying

    “I had an x-ray after the game and the results showed that I had broken my fibula, in my lower leg”

    And then the 10 week its nothing like Arfa’s anyway. Not too sure about recall.

  8. Toonsy

    There is no eveidence of that and by the sounds of it the lad would resist the bright lights of Landan anyway…

  9. We have been really fortunate that Carroll has come through from the acadamy. We would have probably had to pay £10-£15 for a striker who would get his goals for us after all the has-beens left. He will probably keep us up this season until we can build a better team.

  10. Can’t see him getting sold. I’m pretty surprised that people still seem to think our owner is a mackem spy after the way things have gone over the last year or so.

    In any case, Carroll is under contract for five years and doesn’t have to go anywhere he doesn’t want to.

  11. Only thing we have to worry about with Carroll in the future is a breakdown in player/manager or player/owner relationships, or perhaps if Carroll develops a massive ego. I mean, the lads a poster boy and city hero already, at the age of 21. I mean, Shearer was still at southampton then so it makes you wonder what this lad can accomplish in the next 10 years+. He seems pretty grounded so far and humble in face of all the spotlight and pressure and expectation thats been put on him by the media and fans alike. Plus, as long as we stay in the prem and build up as opposed to dropping down again or hanging on the fringe, can’t really see Caroll wanting to leave. Fair play to the lad, he’s on the new contract of what, 40-50k or whatever? when he could quite honestly have pulled a Staylor and pushed for 60k to at least match our other “stars” and maybe even higher..

  12. Sorry but if Carroll has a contract, doesn’t that mean that Ashley can’t sell him if he doens’t want to go??

    I thought the whole point in contracts was that neither side could break them without consent from the others!!!

  13. Newkie – I don’t even think Carroll is on as much as that mate. £35k a week I heard.

    Shit wage :lol:

  14. Mark….me either, Mourinho warned Sir Bobby who in turn warned the club but we still got him….what did those 2 legends know eh? :roll:

  15. thankfully carroll was always a keeper. Tiote, krul, arfa, jose, and most worryingly hughton may well play their way into a top 6 set up though I worry.

  16. CC…aye but that idiot was in favour of it tho, mind he is the greatest living English manager or at least that’s what he tells himself when looking in the mirror :lol:

  17. toonsy says:
    November 15, 2010 at 3:21 pm
    Newkie – I don’t even think Carroll is on as much as that mate. £35k a week I heard.<<< toonsy i read on newsnow aboot a month ago he is on near enough the same as smith with bonuses

  18. Like Bobby and Mourinho knew owt they only won 2 champions leagues, 2 UEFA cups, 1 Cup winners cup, 10 league titles and 11 domestic cups between them.

    Fat Sam won the 3rd division with Notts county and was a “top man in his field”… :roll:

  19. Nice to hear Andy. Keep crackin on son. Shame about Kazenga. Definately a good bet for the not so distant.

  20. Carroll will go to a big 4 club within the next 2 years – as sure as my ar*e points downwards

  21. if Chelsea come in and offer him double what he earns – say 70k per week – he’d be a moron if he didnt take it. We couldnt/wouldnt match it

  22. tattyheed when your boy friend is bashing your ass dus it still point downwards ,thats when ya not talking oot of it like

  23. Does he really need to be like Mary poppins, (Shearer) to be captain. It hasn’t stopped Gerrard and Terry being great local captains.

  24. sorry i didnt answer a couple of lads before,forgot i had hospital appointment,had to nick off quick

  25. Batty – Don’t say that. I’m in Bromsgrove tonight. Hope their head boys aren;t knocking about :roll: :lol:

  26. Off topic, but has anyone seen anything of Yven Moyo yet? I think he made a brief cameo in a reserve match, but doesn’t seem to have even made the squad since.

    Just wondering, since even if he’s sh*te he’s probably our…what…4th choice winger behind Benny, Jonas, Wayne and Raylor?

  27. toonsy- ur right about ashley but it’ll still take awhile for some to come around.
    As has been said before, if cashley does try to sell bigger lad he can simply rufuse to sign with the buying club then the cockney bastard riot will start again and this time he won’t survive ;)

  28. Roy Cropper says:
    November 15, 2010 at 2:58 pm
    nice one andy but if wide-load decides te cash you in for some – gambling chips – then i’m afraid you’s a gonna lad.

    —- Could just refuse to move like.

  29. Just think if MA sold off all the lads mentioned in the rumors. NUFC would be fielding what, U-18’s and WNUFC players? And would the gate even hit 10,000?

  30. Shearer was on a huge wedge when he came back and stayed for the rest of his career, im sure with improved deals along the way. we need to realise that such talent as Andy will require something similar to keep him or i see him also going to a more successful club.

    so its simple, we either become more successful or we will have to match the wages on offer in the future.

    i agree, whilst hes a geordie through and through and may say he wants to stay for his entire career, he may change his mind if money becomes silly, who wouldnt?

    well i wouldnt but i am mentally hilarious..