This week is a massive week for Carroll and Newcastle.

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Court case looms....
Court case looms....
This week signals one of the most important weeks so far for both Newcastle United and Andy Carroll.

Carroll’s court case starts today and although it is only scheduled for three days initially there is a possibility it could roll on for longer than that, with the worst case scenario being that the Geordie hitman will have to spend some time at her majesty’s pleasure.

If that happened it would be disastrous for Newcastle, who are back in action against Arsenal on Wednesday night before hosting the first Tyne/Wear derby of the season next Sunday.

Now obviously I’m not going to make wild assupmtions of what went on and what is going to happen, as quite frankly I wasn’t there and I’m not a lawyer so wouldn’t be qualified to make an assumption, but if he is found guilty I would hope he is subjected to the extent of the law, much like you or I would be. On the flipside, if he is found not-guilty then I would hope that people will stop using it as a stick to beat the lad with.

I am sure that the details will be revealed soon enough, but assault occasioning actual bodily harm can be a very serious offence. Carroll will plead not-guilty to the charges that are laid out in front of him.

As for Newcastle, I would have been surprised if Carroll would have played on Wednesday evening anyway but I expect he will be given the night off entirely now. As long as he is fit and ready for the derby next weekend I don’t really care.

If, and it is a big if, Carroll gets proved innocent, or even if he is found guilty but avoids prison, he needs to wake up and smell the coffee and realise that he can’t go on making these kinds of transgressions all the time. Everybody makes mistakes – It’s called learning, and Carroll need to show us all that he is learning from the errors of his ways.

Mud sticks, and it can be hard to get rid of. If he can change his ways whilst he is still young then he may well be able to progress through his career without too much hassle.

Hopefully this week will wake him up!

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71 Responses

  1. First post in ages! Back at uni and for the past five weeks i’ve been without internet which has meant i’ve missed a few games. Was lucky enough to see the West Ham match though, just me and a mate in the Reading Uni bar with about 15 hammers around us. Think they got pretty annoyed when we kept jeering at Green, unfortunately he had a steady game :( was hoping he’d blunder at least one..

    Anyway back on Carroll, here’s hoping the lad is innocent and gets proved of it, we’ll be in huge trouble without him. Arsenal and Sunderland this week…can’t wait :)

    Also Toonsy, keep it up man! You do a great job!

  2. A big week for NUFC for a few reasons. Let’s hope we take a few steps forward before going back this time. I’d luv it, I’d really luv it if we won the next 2 games.

    As for Carroll, he’ll drag his knuckles into court and grunt some kind of plea and he’ll get whatever he gets. Good luck to him, I think he’ll need it.

  3. I’m only speculating, but part of me is thinking that if he is pleading not guilty then there moust be more to it than Carroll just allegedly glassing someone.

    I very much doubt his highliy paid lawyers will have told to go that route if they weren’t confident of him being proved not guilty. It wouldn’t make sense! If he was found guilty his penalty would be harsher after a not guilty plea wouldn’t it?

    Anyhoo, I guess time will tell…

  4. Innocent until proven guilty. Rumour has it that there will be plenty of mud to fling at the bloke he alledgedly attacked. I have it on good information that he is a workyticket and trouble maker in any case, with plenty of skeletons in his cupboard, so I would expect Andy to get the benefit of the doubt, as you have to prove ‘beyond reasonable doubt’. Lets face it, If some radgie has a go at you, 9 times out of ten, its gonna end in tears. Maybe next time, Mr two can Van Damme might pick on someone not as tough ha ha ha ha

  5. Lee Zezender, oooo wait till Worky finds out you’ve outed him as the geezer glassed by Carroll. You’ll be banned, mate.

  6. If he did do it wouldn’t he have tried to settle it out of court with loads of dosh. Hope it goes ok for him, although he has been a bit of a plonker lately.

  7. Ice – neebody has predicted the toons scores consitantly this season mate. It’s impossible unless yur Mistic Meg. :)

  8. Whey if he does ‘go down’ our other strikers will have step up to the plate then.
    Which ever way this case goes, like toonsy says, the lad has got to sort his heed out good & proper.

    On the game,
    i keep reading ‘where was wetspams defender’ for Carroll’s goal?
    Er…Carroll did an excellent no. on him, went with him, sold him a massive dummy, dropped back into the space he’d created for himself & nodded home.
    Great bit of striker play by the lad. Credit where it’s due.
    Check the replay.

  9. Spot on CF (13) re Andy’s goal.

    As to the court case, I am sure his defence lawyer must be confident of getting a win for his client. Good luck Andy.

    He will be home and dry if he has Stevie Gerrard’s lawyer. :D

  10. Rumour has it that the kid is in Tenerife with a 50 grand ‘donation’ in his sky rocket…………..
    Dont be surprised if he is a no-show today. ……and the defence offers no witness M’lud. Ha ha ha ha.

  11. Mags,
    aye, even NUFC sites seem to have missed that, just goes to show how little notice people take & how that color’s their opinions.
    Some of the jaundiced write ups are as pathetic as i have read on this game.
    All about wetspam, just like the build up, they really thought they would easily turn us over.
    That’s the rags i guess, although it’s sad when our lot kow tow to such bullsh.

  12. So is everyone happy again now?

    Anyone started making plans for next season’s Champions League campaign yet?

  13. CF – 19, again could not agree more, the bias towards the ‘ammers was so obvious from the media / written press.

    I watched the game on Sky and they are a b**** disgrace. A Gray needs a good smacking. I noticed there was a balanced representation in the studio too – whoops Curbs and ????

  14. Toon Chicken says:
    October 25, 2010 at 11:14 am
    So is everyone happy again now?<<<< iam happy your not on the jury as we know how you dilike AC :)

  15. CLiNT

    Aye mate but Ive been looking to see what Andy Gray has had to say aboot the game afterwards, a game I think he was in attendance of, and I can’t find nowt m8 he’s gone all quiet isn’t that strange. He might have said stuff at the end of the game though I was in a packed pub and couldn’t really hear.

  16. Mags,
    Don’t think they know the meaning of fair, balanced appraisal mate.
    I definitely don’t want them crawling up our ass, but some of the stuff is chronic.
    A gray does need a slap, & no mistake. :)
    & some of the rags, you’d swear they didn’t even see the game.

    aye mate. ;)

  17. icedog says:
    October 25, 2010 at 11:09 am
    DJG @12,aye kna m8but we all joke aboot it.

    lord sugar got it reet (for once)

    Don’t think it’ll be the first time. Thats why he lives in an Ivory tower and gets driven around in SAS 1 m8. ;)

    I hadn’t seen WH play for a long time though and if I had I probably would have gone for a draw and still been wrong. He probably watches them quite a bit.

  18. DJG,
    mate, they’re like politicians man, they never go back & apologize for being wrong.
    They just plough ahead next game, with the same spiel, tawdry misrepresentations & jaundiced outlook.
    That’s why i don’t buy rags & won’t pay for sly sports.
    Mongos, the lot of ’em.

  19. Mags

    For me though, I actually like it when there is that bias almost smug approach from the press and pundits before hand because it’s 10x more satisfing if we win.

    It was like Becky Lowe on ESPN when she said, this should be a comfortable win for City when leading the teams out, and of course it wasn’t.

  20. Andy Gray is a classic prize prick pundit, Never hold their hands up or apologise when their wrong but ram it down your throat when on the very odd occasion they get something right.

    If anyone is stupid enough to put money on his tips which are usually smug cynicism more than expertise then they got what they deserved IMHO.

    Cannot argue with Rebecca Lowe kin hell i would destroy that.. :twisted:

  21. I hope he gets remanded at her majestys pleasure.
    A caution for assaulting a woman in 2009, this charge of assault/ABH, assault on zogs at training ground, assaulting Tayls and causing serious injury and the latest charge of assaulting an ex girlfriend.
    Iam a toon fan and support my time through everything BUT violent people deserve prison. I hope Andy Carroll rots in prison for what he has done.

  22. Nice to see you on , Toonsy.

    It’s entertaining to see you guys have a catfight and being bitchy against each other. :P

  23. And your moral high ground today was presented by Tracey, who believes that all men are guilty as charged, regardless of outcome. Im sorry to disagree, but perhaps, just perhaps Messrs Charlies Insomnia and Steven Taylor DESERVED a slap? I am not gonna comment on what has been alledged, but if he is proven guilty, then the time will come to give the lad all the barracking and grief he deserves. Until then, lets cut him a bit of slack. All those who are without sin, please line up to cast the first stone. (Cue Monty Python sketch with women at the front of the queue..)

  24. batty – na mate – am a fan of Carroll’s, altho the jury is out for me at the mo – so to speak! ;)

    It’s feckin Joey Barton I can’t stand. I’ll hold my hands up and say he played well on Saturday tho – for a cnut ;)

  25. Tracey
    Do you know what it’s like to fall in the mud and get kicked… in the head… with an iron boot? Of course you don’t, no one does. It never happens. It’s a dumb question… skip it.

  26. So it was not serious assault after all.
    want to know the detail of it.

    anyhow , I’m happy now :)

  27. Champo, he can now concentrate on lamping cheeky ‘pain-in-the-arse’ cumbersome tarts…. I mean of course assaulting ‘Lummox’ Bramble all over the park on Sunday. Lovely.

  28. jay jay,
    the media, press, pundits first call when it comes to saying anything good about us is always, praise the scorer, or the local lads. Anyone watching the game would actually know that Carroll wasn’t motm. It was Tiote, Barton or Colo.
    So, it’s ‘lip service’ at best on their part.
    They can praise Carroll all day long if they want, it just proves the point that they aren’t watching/seeing.
    Mongos, the lot of ’em. Squark sport being one of the best examples.

  29. So,
    AC is off the hook, this time.
    But, will this go against him when he’s up next in Jan?
    How many strikes allowed?
    What date is his next appearance?
    Weird one if he’s changed his plea late on.
    Did the other guy show up then?

  30. That’s that then. He either had a very good lawyer or it was all blown out of proportion. Dunno how you can consideratly glass someone like but who knows. Hopefully he now can just concentrate on his football. No need for him to be tainting his rep so young.
    As for his scuffle with Taylor, i heard he was texting Carrolls missus looking to get her round for a good time when Wor Andy was on away days. If true, he deserved a clip.

  31. Sorry guys but I’m not well verse with the laws in UK
    So whats the verdict?
    Getting time behind bars?
    Or just a fine?

  32. Ross,
    is that the same lass Carroll, allegedly, slapped last week?

    ‘Considerately glass someone’- Good one mate. :)

  33. Here’s the detail !!!???

    “Footballer Andy Carroll pleads guilty to assault”

    Newcastle United striker Andy Carroll has admitted assaulting a man in a nightclub.

    At Newcastle Crown Court the 21-year-old pleaded guilty to common assault and was fined £1,000. He was also ordered to pay £2,500 compensation.

    The court heard he threw his drink over Michael Cook in Newcastle nightclub Blu Bambu in December.

    Carroll’s glass accidentally slipped out of his hand and caused a cut to Mr Cook’s eyebrow, the court heard.

    He was also ordered to pay court costs of nearly £1,500.

    “accidentally slipped out of his hand” really !? LMAO

  34. Clint they were not just talking about the west ham match, they said Carroll should be in the England squad and get a run out in some friendly matches, one of them even said that no one in the Premiership can attack the ball in the air inside the box as good as Carroll

  35. We need somebody to snap Bent in the derby and then that’ll be Sunderlands season doon the swanny. Never has the phrase ‘one man team’ meant so much.

  36. jay jay,
    i’m disputing that mate, all fair enough.
    But, what about the rest of the team?
    The 3 i mentioned earlier deserve at least some credit.
    It’s not all about Carroll.
    Both Shola & Nolan have 4 goals so far for eg.
    Tiote, Colo, Jose etc.
    They don’t get it.

  37. arcarius says:
    October 25, 2010 at 1:01 pm
    Sorry guys but I’m not well verse with the laws in UK
    So whats the verdict?

    A slap on the wrist, don’t do it again young chap, lets all have a sherry and back to the golf club. ;)

  38. I know clint, tiote has been class, Barton has had some good games too, but they were talking from an England point of view, tbh I’m shocked when any of our players get praise from the media.

  39. CLiNT

    What Hughton said, I don’t know about others, is that this was Carroll’s best performance since Man United in the first game of the season, although I would argue even with that and say that the Villa hattrick was.

    I agree with you that it still wasn’t as good as Barton, Tiote or Collo’s performance. Either of those were MoTM but personally I would say Tiote was. He was the one who virtually nullified West Ham in midfield single handedly. Carroll is only there to nut the ball into the net and go missing for another 20 mins. Ameobi’s contribution shouldn’t be forgotten also, particularly when he set up Barton for the assist.

  40. Barton was named sky sports man of the match but i agree with u djg i thought Tiote was immense , but i guess he will be in the unsung hero for most of the season while Carrol ( if he keeps scoring n stays out of jail ) he will keep getting the praise!

  41. Tiote shows us what we have been missing in midfield with the ancient Butt and makeshift Smith. I think it has made a big diffence to our ability to protect the defense and launch quick counters. It is an area that was becoming a bit of a weak spot in the team without us realising it and blaming other areas. I have no doubt that he will get sent off at some point but if he can cut out some of the more reckless tackles and keep his temper under control I think he could be one of the finds of the season, along with Benny hopefully.

  42. DJG,
    agree totally mate.
    & especially since we actually play with a DM, Tiote is indispensable right now, at last, a ‘proper’ DM.

    jay jay,
    aye mate,
    but don’t be fooled by their fake sucking up either. They only care if it means a decent player for england.
    They are so narrow minded it hurts.