The artful lodger? – West Ham United 1-2 Newcastle.

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Carroll grabs the headlines for the right reasons...
Carroll grabs the headlines for the right reasons...
Those of you that have been reading the ‘blog in detail during the week will note that I said that the match against West Ham had a hint of Doncaster away last season about it.

I may not be the best with predictions, although certain people seem intent on me having to make one when I never really want to, but I was spot on with the Doncaster comparison.

To refresh your memory, we went to Doncaster last season, who were in good form at the time, with the fallout from the Carroll/Taylor affair still circulating through various parts of the media. Carroll was at the centre of attention for the wrong reasons again, but he popped up and scored the winning goal to put an end to a troubling run of form for Newcastle at the time. Sound familiar?

Well it should, as yesterday was almost a carbon copy of that scenario as Newcastle beat a West Ham side, who had not lost in five games, 2-1 at The Boleyn Ground/Upton Park (delete as appropriate), and once again it was Carroll, a source of negative headlines during the week, who popped up to score the winner.

The truth is that Newcastle fully deserved the three points. Aside from a 15 minute spell at the start of the game where West Ham deservedly took the lead through Carlton Cole, Newcastle pretty much dominated proceedings. It does leave me just wondering why we need to go a goal down to start to playing though? It is a worrying trait that should be eliminated.

Still, Newcastle did start playing after going a goal down, and they got back on level terms on 23 minutes through perpetual target for abuse, and club captain, Kevin Nolan. Joey Barton crossed from the right for Andy Carroll who headed the ball back across the box to Kevin Nolan who unleashed an unstoppable left-footed shot past Robert Green and into the bottom corner of the West Ham net.

West Ham tried to regain the lead before half-time but alas it was to no avail and the two sides went in for their half-time refreshments tied at 1-1.

The second-half was all Newcastle, and the worrying thing from a West Ham perspective has to be the apparent lack of interest on display from most of their players. Avram Grant will need to knock that dangerous trait out of his players if they are to avoid getting in trouble at the wrong end of the table.

Jonas Gutierrez appears to have found another level of performance and he looked dangerous throughout. He fed Ameobi who was through on goal, only for play to be pulled back after the ref deemed that the Fenham Eusebio had fouled Danny Gabbidon. A harsh call that could have gone either way in fairness.

Spiderman then played Carroll in but the lanky, controversial, hitman was denied by Gabbidon with a last ditch tackle. Carroll lost out on that occasion, but his moment wasn’t far away.

Joey Barton, playing out on the right-wing, put an inch perfect cross into the box which Andy Carroll stuck the nut on to head the ball past a hapless Robert Green. In fairness, Green wasn’t helped out by his defence who appeared to have gone missing in action. Still, it will do for me…. 2-1 Toon!

Newcastle could have added to the score through Joey Barton, Jose Enrique or Shola Ameobi but in the end it didn’t matter and Newcastle can stroll back off to Tyneside with three points in the bag after out-performing West Ham at a ground which has traditionally been a poor hunting ground for us over the years.

Howay the lads!

West Ham – Robert Green, Lars Jacobsen, Manuel da Costa, Matthew Upson, Danny Gabbidon, Valon Behrami, Scott Parker, Mark Noble, Victor Obinna, Carlton Cole, Frederic Piquionne.

Subs – Marek Stech, Julian Faubert, Tal Ben-Haim, Herita Ilunga, Luis Boa Morte, Benni McCarthy, Pablo Barrera.

Newcastle Tim Krul, Danny Simpson, Fabricio Coloccini, Mike Williamson, Jose Enrique, Joey Barton, Cheick Tiote, Kevin Nolan, Jonas Gutirrez, Shola Ameobi, Andy Carroll.

Subs – Ole Soderberg, James Perch, Ryan Taylor, Danny Guthrie, Alan Smith, Wayne Routledge, Peter Lovenkrands.

Attendance: 34,486.

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259 Responses

  1. we’re doing ok, if we can sort out home form we’ll def be mid table come end of season
    i kin hate andy gray, when enrique went on surging run from our defence ghosting past about 4 west ham players he was saying how useless west ham were and it was far to easy – when bale did it against inter it was how fantastic bale was (albeit he did score whereas enrique fluffed it)

  2. Sounds like someone needs a visit from the cuddle monster, batty get round to toonsy’s gaff and give him a hug :)

  3. toonsy – i can see your point, you obviously out a lot of time and effort into this blog for nowt. Think it’s genuinely appreciated by the majority on here although obviously that shouldn’t stop them having different opinions – bit of a shame when it comes to personal slagging like especially given the fact that if you and worky give it up we’ll have to go back to eds blog

  4. Batty – Stop being silly. It’s nowt personal with anyone in particular. More a general thing to be honest…

  5. DJG says:
    October 24, 2010 at 12:23 pm
    Hear Hear!

    This blog is the dogs bollox.

    Want to go back to Eds?? No didn’t think so.

    Worky, toonsy, fernando, sorry if Ive missed anybody. Well done. Keep on trucking!

  6. jay jay says:
    October 24, 2010 at 12:18 pm
    Sounds like someone needs a visit from the cuddle monster, batty get round to toonsy’s gaff and give him a hug

    LMFAO, :)

  7. 4411,back to judas blog no-way m8,
    BATTY dont you dare stop posting ill get your bloody giros stopped mind :)

  8. toonsy i you stop writing posts , i couldnt hack it on here ,ide have too read the shite what worky writes instead of just skipping through it :) , you seem abit doon lad get some bananas and milk doon ya neck :)

  9. Toonsy.

    Write a blog on it. Best way to get your emotions out there. And you’ll be shocked about how many people share your exact sentiments about this “clown, doom monger” breed of supporter that really takes a lot away from the true supporter.

    Its these “supporters” that feed the media all they need and is something the club can really do without.

    Agree with you on away games too. I can only watch on tele, but the atmosphere at away games is incredible because all you can hear are Toon songs. Even if we’re 2-0 down.

    The home support doesn’t seem quite the same for some reason.

  10. jj…optimists go to the away games and pessimists go to the home games hence the different atmosphere ;-)

  11. J.J. that is a real good point m8 for toonsy to write a blog on it let it all out,its good for the soul ha ha,as long as he doesnt hold back.
    see if some of the bloggers can hack some of there own medicine!

  12. Toonsy – keep smiling, dont let some of the barstewards grind you down. You do a fab job which is appreciated by us all.

  13. I don’t get what all this moaning is aboot the home support. The away support was pretty silenced after 10mins yesterday. If the team actually bothered to turn up and play at home I think the atmosphere would be a lot better.

  14. DJG…..because it is crap, I go to both and there’s no comparison.Even when we’re doing well at home it’s still poor and I include last season in that when we romped the league.

  15. DJG
    Home support has been deteriorating in terms of noise level for years to the point that for the size of crowd we have 40k+ the noise level is pretty poor.
    ‘If the team actually bothered to turn up and play at home I think the atmosphere would be a lot better’
    While there is some merit in that, what you are saying is that it is the teams job to entertain then we will deign to respond with support. I think the responsibility is more 50/50 than that. As supporters our job is to support the team, by encouragement, making noise etc. This usually helps lift the team leading to better performance. If we want to sit back and be entertained, might as well go the theatre or something. St James Park was often a noisy hostile place for visiting teams long before the Entertainers era. We have lost that advantage we used to have.

  16. Best radio quote of all time ” Enrique skips past his man and takes a left footed shot with the inside of his right boot” priceless..

  17. Jj – you ever thought that people with constant blind positivity gets on peoples nerves as much as people’s percieved negativity gets on other people’s nerves?

    Cannot have it all your own way ikm afraid. If you do, go and start your own blog with just you writing articles and only you making comment.

  18. DJG dont know how long you have been “with”the toon m8,but i have for many years,yes the atomosphere is a diff at home from what is was like,win, lose,draw,you lived for the feeling on a sat the singing,chanting and patter kept you going though the week,the fans did seem more UTD

  19. The support is always better away though because that your hardcore fans that make the effort to travel. At home is a mix up with the occasional punters mixed in. It’s always been like that since jack was a lad. With people having less money and falling attendances it’s happening everywhere. We’re hardly turning into the riverside. Plus after not losing a single home game last season the fans are still adjusting to being back in the premier league.

  20. DjG…it’s always been a mix at home but the atmosphere was miles better than it is now, it’s nowt to do with the size of the attendance it’s crap fans who expect to much and don’t support their team vocally.

  21. A few on here seem intent of blaming some of our quiter fans. Don’t forget it’s never the fans fault, they pay their hard earned money and they can turn up an behave as they like. if it’s one less empty seat thats great as far as im concerned. Did you not hear how quite it was at Everton and Man City, could hear a pin drop, we ain’t that bad, not yet.

  22. Stuart – constant blind positivity?

    For the last one and a bit seasons. We as Toon fans have had very little to complain about.

    What grates me is the fact that people constantly complain, without offering an opinion about how their complaints can be rectified.

    “Hughton out” – ok. Who to replace him?

    “Nolan out” – the man has averaged a goal every three games for us. People call him lazy yet he puts in hard graft for a player sitting just behind the striker.
    The same fans praise legends like Tino Asprilla, who scored 9 goals in 50 games.

    “Defense is crap” – 90% of goals come from denfensive mistakes, all defenders make them. As do keepers (van der Sar), yet if its one of our players. He is useless and must go.

    Its all getting a bit tired to be honest. We arn’t Barcelona. We are going to lose. Players are going to make mistakes.

    For me a major reason we went down two seasons ago was unrest caused not only by board, but by supporters, whose constant bitching took stablity and confidence out the players and club.

    I honestly though relegation would teach the supporters to be grateful. And less expectant and more patient. But some people are just too thick to learn.

  23. I said at the time Everton were the worst home support I’d heard(or not heard) but v Wigan we were quieter than the Man City fans were, sometimes it is the fans fault a vocal crowd lifts teams whingers, moaners and people who boo their own players make them them nervy and not want the ball.I’m not saying everyone has to sing, but if they can sing when we’re winning why can’t they when we’re not and the team needs our backing?

  24. RICHIETOON your right there mate,thats what i was trying to get over,even in hard times you got the cash,so you made yer-sel heard win,lose,draw

  25. Ice…the average crowd was 16k when I started going and their was more atmosphere than there was v Wigan and the football was so much worse.

  26. Hope to god its loud next week against the Mackems, it normally is, the noise levels are turned up a notch when they come to our bit. If we lack an atmosphere on derby day then we’ll never make any noise, lol.

    Question regarding next week actually, does anybody know if we’re going live performance of Blaydon Races before the KO again?
    And maybe another that only one or two will be able to answer, but does anybody know where the Magpie Ranger is these days? I was told it’s no longer at Sam Jacks, have heard from others it’s stopped entirely?

  27. RICHIETOON your dead right there m8,there were times i couldnt get to away games,so off to sjp to see the res,just to feed the habit like,got some canny crowds too

  28. Jj – some people are allowed to not rate a player, whether its Nolan or anyone else. They have their reasons. For instance if Nolan scored 20 goals but we lost 90% of the games he scored in due to the other aspects of his game he’d be entitled to criticise.
    Just let them have their opinions. I get annoyed when people have nothing to back up their arguments with. If people can back up their point great, if not shut it!

  29. Rich – yeah, flying back tonight. Weather’s been great and lager been cold. What else can you ask for?

  30. Ross….aye I watched that one too, don’t know if they still do it like or whether Danby(?) is singing The Blaydon Races pre match.

  31. Stuart…and a Toon win, would have been there in a fortnight if we hadn’t opted for Germany…starting to regret it a little with the weather getting colder tho it’ll be good to go back and see the place we’re I had some great times

  32. “I get annoyed when people have nothing to back up their arguments with. If people can back up their point great, if not shut it!”

    And you back up your argument by making up absurd remarks like “if we lost 90% of the games Nolan scored in”…

    If you need to resort to bollocks like that to back up your statements maybe its best you kept your opinion to yourself. After all – you do hate it when people can’t back up their points… no?

    Also Stuart, I never said people arn’t allowed to “not rate a player” – of course they have that right.

    There are players I don’t rate.

    But my point is, when there are people that find absolutely nothing to be positive about. And look for the first opportunity to be critical, and get on a players back. Or get another manager out the door.

    Then it all gets a bit pathetic.

    The same people complain about our entire team. Krul – not ready, Perch – crap, Coloccini – too slow, Willo – championship player – Enrique – give the ball away, Routeledge – headless chicken, Nolan – fat and slow, – Jonas – can’t cross, Carroll – no work rate?, Ameobi – donkey, Ryan Taylor – can’t defend.

    We could buy Messi and Ronaldo, they find something to complain about.

    Its all very well making a point, but when you actually sit down and seek reasons to be that negative at every possible chance, one must be a sad bitter person inside.

    It really gets quite pathetic.

  33. Forster just made a really poor clearance under no pressure and gave the ball back to Rangers and they score, 2-1 to them in the Old Firm from being 1-0 down. Unlucky young’n.

  34. JJ – +1.

    Stu79 – you always trot out the same ‘I’m entitled to my opinion’ line. It’s missing the point. Positivity within the ranks of the supporters is more important than at any other club perhaps. We have always been an over-emotional fan led institution and after a period of relative calm, success and upward mobility, it really grates to hear the SAME OLD lynchmobbing and scapegoating of players by people such as yourself.

    It has never been good for the club to take our frustration out on single players or managerial tactics, etc. so JJ is right – when will we learn to start helping ourselves by looking at the big picture and showing some patience and humility?

  35. Ross

    Forster is crap. Scottish league must be above him.
    Our youth system must be a failure if we are producing rubbish like him. We need to get rid of Beardo and the entire youth coaching staff and start again.
    Just shows Forster can’t play in the big time. He’s a choker. Hughton must be clueless for not selling him. And Paul Barron clearly can’t get the potential out of our goalkeepers.

    Not really, but I’m just showing Stuart what some of our bloggers are like. ;)

  36. JJ says:
    October 24, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    Forster is crap. Scottish league must be above him.
    Our youth system must be a failure if we are producing rubbish like him.

    He won league 1 with Norwich and has replaced Boruc as Celtic no.1 and fans favourite this season. Lets not judge him on one high pressure game eh.

  37. Toonsy, hope you don’t quit. Your articles are insightful and often spot on. This is by far my favorite site because of its candor and honesty. That doesn’t mean all have to agree all the time. Again, don’t let the Joneses get you down; even me.

  38. DJG

    Stop looking at everything through you rose tinted glasses. He is crap, we are crap, I need a crap and the worlds gona end! Oneday… ;)

    Only kidding mate…

  39. what’s all this about Toonsy quitting? I missed something…

    For what it’s worth, I check this site every day ’cause Toonsy’s writing is sane, reasonable and informative. I simply don’t have the time to comment every day, but I’m here because it’s a superb blog. I dare say there are hundreds (or more) like me who read daily but don’t comment.

    Toonsy, don’t go nowhere, man. You’re doing really good work.

  40. Aye my mates who are Celtic fans have generally said he’s played well. He came in and kept a few clean sheets upon being immediatly thrown into the team. I havent seen him play regularly though so will need to ask how he’s getting on. All my mates immediatly commented on his size though, the boy is a beast.

  41. Jj – obviously you missed the fact that the Nolan quote was an example. I’m trying to say that some supporters don’t see past the obvious. I like to look into things a bit deeper, find reasons why weakre poor at home, why we still look shaky at the back or why we seem to be a tidy outfit away.

    Although I except that you’ll find all that negative, but hey ho.

    I’m not easily pleased and with most things in life the answers are in the detail – if you’re not that way inclined and are just happy to except what you see then fair enough.

    Just polar opposites and after all if we were all the same wouldn’t life be boring??

  42. Anyone else reckon Hughton may have stumbled on our best starting 11? – longterm injuries aside.

    Barton – 2 lethal crosses from the right. Nolan on the pitch but with the 2 strikers ahead of him, less pressure to keep pace with the forward line. Simpson, encouraging game. Shola playing encourages the midfield to play the ball to feet and work an opening, rather than hit early crosses every time.

  43. DJG-Aye, he’s absolutly huge. I’d have thought his sheer size would have made him a serious presence when it came to commanding his box and he does look a canny shot stopper. Playing top level SPL will help, especially the experience he gets in the pressure cooker that is the old firm atmosphere, he’ll have learnt alot today.

  44. Stuart,

    You er very much on the negative side of things. That theres no debatin, but I wasn’t refering to you as one of the pathetic fans. I think you just assumed that.

    You yourself have said Hughton deserves time.

    In fact if you were as vocal about the things you find positive (eg: away form) then I’d find all your posts factual and fair.

    Its the “Hughton out”, “players are useless” “clueless”, fans that boo and pressurize their own players and think that we should be qualifying for the Champions League fans that I just cannot stand…

    You spoke of being realistic. I completely agree. Realistically, we are a mid table team. Low on finances with a good honest manager and team.

  45. boater says:
    October 24, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    “Anyone else reckon Hughton may have stumbled on our best starting 11?”

    Best starting 11 against which team, boater?

  46. when we were linked with Samaras during the summer I shuddered and I know why now, jesus he is hopeless like, and that tackle he did from behind was arguably a red card

  47. ILM-As did I. Nee offence to him but he’s bloody useless. I also scrunched my face up a bit when we were linked with Kenny Miller. It was a nothing rumour but having watched him this season he’s grown on me alot. He works tirelessly and makes some brilliant runs to drag defenders out of position.

  48. Boater:

    Totally agree, Barton knows how to put a ball in the box, and I think routledge can add a spark off the bench if necessary. Keep posting toonsy, I read this blog every day from a couple thousand miles away, I, and many others would miss it greatly.

  49. Speaking of being realistic I’m now gonna be totally unrealistic…would you prefer to finish 4th bottom and win the league cup or finish 4th and Champions league qualification?

    what a goal from Tuncay :-(

  50. I Love Mike says:
    October 24, 2010 at 2:49 pm
    when we were linked with Samaras during the summer I shuddered and I know why now, jesus he is hopeless like,

    Thats scottish football in general at the moment mate.

    I don’t know why there’s been so much battling and arguing on here today, Im very happy. Looks like Steve Clarke is coming in this week aswell which is more good news. I would take him over Calderwood anyway. What I keep saying was that we needed a performance against a beatable side and we finally got it. We have been guilty of playing out of our skins against the likes of Man City but what is the point if we don’t against lower teams. Im so pleased they finally did and suprise suprise 3 points in a battling away victory reminicant of last season.

  51. Toonsy, keep writting mate! I check the blog everyday and I spend a lot of time at sea. Whilst at sea this is usually the only way to keep up with the team! Job well done! HWTL

  52. DJG…is Clarke defo coming cos I don’t buy the Sunday rags anymore?…ref the arguing, you started it ;-) :lol:

  53. Ross

    I think of all the players re. the old firm. We could have done with Hooper on our books for this season, good quick little forward.

  54. richie

    Aye he doesn’t seem very happy like does he. ;)

    I maybe shouldn’t have called him a Martyr like. :)

  55. not sure we can play barton on the right wing, teams with a bit more pace or creativity will just hammer down their left as barton continually comes inside to play in the middle
    he made a couple of great crosses yesterday but left Simpson exposed quite a bit
    Same reason we shouldnt play Guthrie on the right

  56. DJG-I wondered how Hooper would get on at Celtic given his goal scoring record, but did I hear the commentator give a statistic of something like 11 goals in 12 games for him? Or am I way off? If that’s true, it’s not a bad way to introduce yourself is it, lol. Scoring in your first old firm will also help.

  57. What sort of side are people wanting to see on Wednesday.
    Will it be too early for Saylor to play. If Sol not fit it would mean one of our regular centre backs partnering Kadar.
    Full backs should be Perch and Ferguson.
    Midfield of Routledge Raylor Smith and Donaldson
    Strikers Ranger and Vuckic

  58. Serweeet

    Cheating City down 1 goal and 1 man already. So maybe there is a god up there righting wrongs ?

    Still doent give us HBA for six months though :(

  59. budalovesa patsy says:
    October 24, 2010 at 4:28 pm
    What sort of side are people wanting to see on Wednesday.

    This will be another test of C.H. Does he risk it or not. Interestingly a ‘club source’ blabbed to the papers that ‘the Arsenal game is by the by’. Take it we will see a weakened team them. No way do I think he will risk Carroll, Ameobi, Collo, Williamson, Enrique, Jonas maybe even Krul.

    I would like to see Simpson get a run out and actualy Perch in the derby, I just think he is quicker and puts more tackles in. So Kadar, Ferguson, Simpson, Guthrie, Ranger maybe even Soderberg could all get a run out on wednesday.

  60. fuking hell quickly looked over the last 2 thread :twisted: you wouldn’t think we won yesterday ;) .
    I for one love this blog and at most times the threads, banter and craic is super.
    But I do think that anyone that comments are entitiled to their opinions and shouldn’t be afraid to air them otherwise it will ruin the blog as they will wilt away and stop coming on.
    Over the last few days I have noticed that DJG has been getting some stick for airing his views, I might not agree with them all but he is entitiled to them, if I dont agree I normally just ignore or just dont reply to the views I dont agree with.
    Same goes with Stuart79 I dont agree with all he says but imo he is entitiled to his opinions.
    The ‘Clueless Chris’ name is being Hammered now which imo means that the man that coined the name is being hammered aswell, now I dont now if Batty is on another wind up with the name but I do think if he reaally does think that Chris is clueless well he is entitiled to them views without being Hammered for it.
    To me this blog is better with the 3 bloggers above joining in than not coming on and if I dont agree with anything they say well I just ignore it or question it reasonably, but I wont hold it against them as it is better they air their views on here than at the match as imo that is what the Blog is for, to me it is a good thing as it means we are all different as it would be a pretty boring life if we all agreed

  61. Dave…all everyone needs to remember is that I’m the only one that’s always right ;-)

  62. big dave if it was my choice i would ban djg and stu :) and as for the clueless chris crack its just what his wife used too call him while they were in bed :lol:

  63. At the end of the day… says:
    October 24, 2010 at 4:52 pm
    …It’s only a game.

    Stop being puffs!
    <<<< ide ban this c@nt for calling rich and dave puffs

  64. Forgot about Guthrie. I would play him with Smith in the middle on wednesday. I’ve got tickets for the match and would like to see a strong side that could get us through to the latter stages. Love cup football.
    The blunderland match just comes at the wrong time wouldn’t want any first teamers out because of injury

  65. Worky IMO Asim used to be .orgs resident WUM, but from Batts came back he has took the title back :)
    @ 91 I see he has had a dictionary for dinner :lol:

  66. dave thought ide get a bite then but you know me well m8 :) kna hitman spoke the biggest load of shite on these blog ,he was rock hard man when he had a drink :lol:

  67. Worky it was me at first (defending myself of course) and then Stu and Batty came wading in all guns blazing mate. :)

  68. batty says:
    October 24, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    “worky well if calling hughton clueless chris is winding people up”

    I knaa you have a picture of him on your bedside table really, batty.

  69. workyticket says:
    October 24, 2010 at 5:38 pm
    batty says:
    October 24, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    “worky well if calling hughton clueless chris is winding people up”

    I knaa you have a picture of him on your bedside table really, batty.<<<<< ya kna me well ,and i suppose you still have your kk pic then m8 :)

  70. Big Dave says:
    October 24, 2010 at 5:38 pm

    “Batty I go onto Eds an odd time to see the comments and havn’t seen him or WWW in ages”

    Last time I saw Hitman online, Stardust was trying to ingratiate himself with him by gannin’ on about what a bastard I am.

  71. Worky it was all DJG’s fault :lol:
    But it could be a hangover problem as I think Toonsy has hardened up to small bites lately, so I blame one to many dogs and a sore head ;)
    Batty the problem with the Clueless Chris is it is to catchy a name :)
    Richie it was a bit but I couldn’t help mesel

  72. There’s some fooking right whimps on here today.

    Toonsy’s thrown a hissy fit and withdrawn from ‘blogging’.

    Someone else will come along and take us to ‘the next level’, its just the natural cycle of life.

    I’m quite naturally at the top of the that cycle, but that’s just the way it goes.

  73. batty…Ice will have had his nap, it’ll be the tin bath in front of the coal fire now :lol:

  74. Don’t let ‘the thing’ win over you Toonsy.

    I always enter live match chat blog just to get the banter of it from cheering the Toon with other fan and I always say ‘Come on The Toon’ or ‘Howay The lads’ all the time.

    and you know what !? the latest match against Wigan
    there’s a guy arked me something like ‘What’s the point ??’ or ‘What’s that for ??’ I really got choked up.

    But I finally realize that the best way you can react it
    is just ignore it. There are people that have different approach that you can do nothing to changes their opinions and I know it hard to get over it but if you take it to your heart it just gonna let your head down so you have to let it go.

    So keep doing what you know you love it and do the best you can and for what it worth your blog worth for me and so many people that come on here everyday.

    Your blog is good, mate.

    And I really hope the fan to ‘keep the faith’ in the team.

  75. Batty I can just imagine Dog curled up infront of the fire :lol:
    Worky well as long as they were picking on you they were leaving me and Batts alone :) . I think I can remember that one ;)

  76. stuart79 says:
    October 24, 2010 at 5:46 pm
    There’s some fooking right whimps on here today.

    Toonsy’s thrown a hissy fit and withdrawn from ‘blogging’.

    Someone else will come along and take us to ‘the next level’, its just the natural cycle of life.

    I’m quite naturally at the top of the that cycle, but that’s just the way it goes.<< talking abot the natural cycle ,remind me agen how many bairns ya got :)

  77. batty says:
    October 24, 2010 at 5:47 pm

    ” why arnt you worky ?”

    Why aren’t I what, Batty?

    I was just thinking of writing a ‘blog about Anal Oliver anyway.

  78. Batty I have always said that I wouldn’t like to buy success like shity but it would be nice knowing that you could be seeing world class players coming through the door anytime, instead of shopping in the bargain bin most of the time ;)

  79. big dave..u calling me..i am soo upset..crying in my bed…i am taking over from blog..stuart79 and batty my opening blogg headlines..should we keep or let go..

  80. Big Dave says:
    October 24, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    “Worky @ 116 I thought you allready knew that mate, your well behind the times lad”

    I’ve had my suspicions for a while, Dave, but he’s also known by the name “Daft Ken”.

  81. Big Dave says:
    October 24, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    “Worky did you notice Toonsy standing behind Batty in that clip”

    The first one on there is Icedog.

  82. Aye Worky thats him daft Ken :) he is away to take the (ice)dog for a dander after his nap infront of the fire :lol:

    Asim dont take it to heart mate ;)

  83. Worky, Toonsy or anyone that knows-Can you direct me towards the image hosting site so i can get a pic back up?

  84. After the first 12 minutes, which is what you’d expect from the home team, we kicked their arse, well & truly.
    Some great play from our lot, total domination.
    Great win, loved it!
    Everyone played their part & were just better drilled, hungrier & more up for it than west ham.
    Their team & more importantly, their crowds heeds dropped badly when we got the second, they knew they were beaten by a better team.
    ‘Appy ‘ammers? Not this time.

  85. WHATS ganning on here batty/richie/b.dave noo worky,ive been doing things you sods only think aboot in bed “work”,cutting 40ft of conifers,put doon 8sq ft of gravel,not bad for a old cu@t,plus being on here reading other old cu@ts like the above :)

  86. How toonsy,
    what’s gannen on mate?
    Phuck them qunts man, everyone else loves y’mate.
    Keep on keeping on brother.

  87. CLINT just on the stream m8,never really worry aboot first 20min of any game, sussing time imo unless they stick 3/4 in like.
    hope they didnt take your eyes oot m8.

    keep telling toonsy to hang on in there,its just one or two doing his heed in,get them sorts in all walks of life eh m8

  88. ice,
    their fans were sick as f*** mate, my ‘ammers mate didn’t even want the money for the ticket. :)
    Bargain! :)
    They think they’re doomed now, already.
    They’d read all the hype about how they were ganna beat us etc. They couldn’t believe how good we played.
    I felt like a reet spy. :)
    Managed to keep me trap shut enough, it wasn’t easy mind.

    D’y’think toonsy’s ganna dee one?

  89. CLiNT,

    Unfortunately I only saw the first half so I will bow to your superior knowledge on the game.

    I did noticed we had 59% of posession which is an awful lot.

    We do tend to have the majority of posession in our games. Why don’t we do more with it?

    Cue “doom and gloom, negative twat” comments.

    Just searching for perfection, that’s all.

  90. Wot aboot wednesday then?



    Do you’s think he will play something like that.

  91. CLINT aye i do m8,since he changed shifts,(nights noo) its hard,then you get a dick or two when your not 100% can do your heed in.hope not like

  92. Or maybe ever Soderberg in goal and Simpson at CB so to not risk Williamson.

    Is S.Taylor fit yet or not, does anyone know?

  93. Stu,
    we seemed to almost ‘NEED’ them to make the early running mate.
    I don’t get it either, but once they’d bloodied our noses, we just took over. Passed them by, passed ’em off the ball, out fought, thought & skilled them.
    It was actually great to see.
    If we can just make that step up & not have the initial 10-20 mins fear, we’d kill teams.
    It seemed to release us when they took the lead.
    Weird seeing CH suited & booted like. :)
    The ref seemed to bottle it again in some of the early ‘exchanges’, but after that, it was a very clean game. We can’t have given away more than a handful or so free kicks.
    Top night out.
    Went home, beat the mrs up, glassed a charva, set fire to me own chromed motor & sprayed up the garage door.
    Whey hey!

  94. Stuart…usually cos of our crap final ball I’d say.

    Ice.. bit early to be nickin xmas trees mate ;-)

  95. DJG,
    Saylor’s just started proper training mate.
    Doubt he’ll play this game.

    i get ya’, hope it hasn’t done his end in like.
    He’s a Toon Soldier.

  96. As for Toonsy I hope he is just sleeping off a bad Hangover and comes back refreshed and refueled, as he puts a lot of effort into the Blog and he is always there when your feeling down and want to abuse someone :lol:
    Toonsy get all them Toy’s picked up and put them back in the pram ye big c@nt :lol:

  97. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    October 24, 2010 at 7:45 pm

    did anyone with AC in the fantasy league score an assist for the first?”

    According to mine i got 4 points for the goal and 2 for playing the full match, Nowt for the assist

  98. RICHIETOON you let the cat oot the bag noo,i had to cut them doon and drag them to the scooter all batty did was keep toot,and taks 70% cut

  99. was just reading a story on Joey offering to help Carroll with his troubles, did anyone notice atleast twice yesterday Joey having a right go at Carroll during the game ? I hope there is no trouble brewing there :(

  100. Tiote, Barton, Colo get special mentions, but all the other lads played their part & weren’t far behind. No one had a bad game after the first 12 minutes.
    & anyway, you’d expect the home team to have some pressure, they just used it all up in that 12 minutes really.

  101. CLiNT,

    We’ve outpassed most teams away, to be fair. But like Rich says our final ball is pretty ordinary if truth be told.

    Think that’s why we struggle at home to be honest. Teams sit back and we struggle to break them down. Away though teams attack us and leave gaps for us to exploit.

    Still say we really need our home form to improve.

  102. Big D,
    Barton was just saying ‘run y’big daft get, or i’ll stub y’burning car out in y’eye’.
    No big wow!

  103. Ice what do you expect mate wor Batts is the brains of the outfit and he doe’s take ye for walks after your sunday nap :) but then it must piss you off curled up infront of a big fire one minute then the next theres Batty trailing you out into the cold with a big chain round your neck :(

  104. Stu,
    aye, when the onus is on us to attack we get bogged down.
    But it’s a different game away.
    No problem with crosses yesterday like.
    Some great MF interplay as well.
    We try to rely too much on wing play at home imv.
    We need to draw the oppo out at home a bit more.

  105. CLINT class act that tiote like,doent seem to need a lot of time to bed into the a lot of imports into this lge imo

  106. Also,
    Shola made a difference too, he adds another dimension & upsets the defenders. He also is decent with the ball to feet & creates space for Carroll.

  107. DAVE your wrong its just a little chain,think £100 ton for the gravel a bit rich like seeing i had to barrow it oot the guys drive while he nicked off for a cupa

  108. Tell you what, none of them on X factor have a future as a pop star, they’re all proper terrible mimers!

  109. Tiote is absolute top draw, real class, deft, puts a shift in, everything. He needs a song, fast.
    aye, don’t care about the cup game meself, just do the mackems.

  110. Clint-A cup run would be nice mate but there’s nee need to risk too many first teamers midweek. Wenger said that there’d be quite a few from the team that beat Citeh today playing against us-So whilst I dont want a team of youngsters to take an absolute battering, I still think only the “Fringe” first teamers should be in there, mixed with the likes of Vuckic, Ranger, Ferguson etc. Something similar to the team that beat Chelski.

    As for the mackems, we need everybody fit and firing on all cylinders. Just gutted Benny wont get the chance to terrorise the scummy b*stards.

  111. I am looking forward to Barton V Twattermole next sunday , thats going to add an extra bite to the game , i think we are going to improve our home form in the next 2 home games and solidify our mid table spot . The hammers game was just the game we needed to blow away the negativity that was starting to surround the club last week , now a new no2 for CH early this week and everything is sorted for now :)

  112. Ross I dont know if Wenger is playing mind games or not, but I do think CH will put out a strongish team with a few 1st teamers in it

  113. Axel-I think that little sh!t Cattermole should be far more worried about Tiote than Barton. Someone might have to have a quiet word in his ear before the game like. Atmosphere will be tense and he seems to have a tendency to get a little hot headed. Don’t want us down to 10 men inside half an hour but he’ll be looking to go in hard early and establish a dominance in the center of the field I reckon.

    He was also looking to shoot against WH last night, Tiote for a derby day goal anyone? :D

  114. If we can get three points against the Mackems next week we will be back on track with 14 points from 10 games. Not bad form.

  115. Ross

    Yes, mate. I can definitely see Tiote scoring soon. He isn’t afraid to have a crack and he puts some power behind it.

  116. Ross,
    honestly not chowed about the cup game.
    If we get to the semi’s i might like.
    But like Big D says, similar team to the one that battered chelsea would do. :)
    Tiote v tw@ermole mate. :)

  117. AXEL aye m8 hes one of them dirty/b,how he stays on the pitch at times beats me,was at it y/day too,never mind tiote might hold hand with him ;)

  118. Toro-There was one Tiote shot that was blocked last night and I couldnt help but have a laugh like. Can’t remember who it hit but the sound when it did could be heard around the ground i’d imagine. It was blocked on the edge of the box and ended up in the stand before it bounced, he absolutly whacked it.

    Clint-Im the same, the cup bug will get me if we end up at the semi’s but i doubt we will. I think Arsenal will probably put us out but thats nowt to be ashamed of like and it means we can concentrate 110% on the scum.

  119. ~ El Toro ~ @ 182 mate I would like to see him shot a bit more often there was a few times yesterday just on the edge of the box that I thought he should have shot but looked for the pass instead, I think with the force he hits it the keeper wont hold it but just spill it or thump it away, with a chance we can get on the end of it

  120. Ross,
    if we just go about it like we did v chelsea we’ll do alright.
    arse are a great team, but don’t like it when teams attack back. If we stand back & watch, we’re doomed to failure.
    Have a go. See what happens.

  121. When you think about it there midfielders must be shitting themselves having to face Barton and Tiote both fired up for a battle :) and Carroll to help if there is a bit of a knock about

  122. I hope Nasri gets a game him and Joey are mates :)
    joking aside I just hope that Tiote and Joey keep calm in the next 2 games as we dont want to finish a game with 10 men, and it wouldn’t surprise me if quasibruce tells Catterhole to try to wind them 2 up

  123. Clint

    The problem I see is getting the ball off of them. Wilshere will player and I doubt Tiote will be risked before the derby. Smith will probably step in.

  124. Anyone else think we could maybe steal a march on everyone else and nick Balazs Dzsudzsak from under the noses Spurs, City etc in January? He surprisingly hasn’t attracted much attention yet and we would be deadly with Jonas, Ben Arfa and Dzsudzsak in the side. Would almost guarantee safety.

  125. now the gunners are going well in the p.l. and c/lge wenger might be tempted to shove a couple of xtra young kids in like,he has been putting a strong team oot in this comp

  126. Big Dave
    Maybe CH will tell our lads to get in Twatterholes face , he is the one most likely to loose his heed first imagine it , first 5 mins and he gets a bone crunching but fair tackle , he would not be able to take it and resort to his own tactics from then on in . The scumbag is imo worse than both Henry or De jong .

  127. Only interested in the cup if we get to semis. Trip to Wembley in Feb would be ok though.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic, we’ve tried ever top name you could think of to win something, then comes along inexperienced, quiet man Hughton to write himself into Geordie folklore.

  128. El Toro,
    isn’t wilshere becoming a first teamer?
    So, no guarantees he’ll start then.
    We’ll see the ball enough, it’s what we do with it that counts.
    ares play excellent football in the champs league, cos teams sit off them & play into their hands. It’s different over here. we have to get in their face, no fear. Like the chelsea game, they took the lead & expected us to fold, how wrong they were. :)

    wouldn’t mind a trip up to wembley like, for a giggle. :)

  129. Was CH wearing his suit to assert a bit of authority for when the new no. 2 comes in & cause a bit of a distinction between boss & assistant?

  130. Just had a look at tickets for the Mackems, the only area that is still heavily available is Platinum club given the fact they’re about 75 quid a pop. Everywhere else is listed as “nearly sold out” which generally means they’re down to single seats, so hopefully we’ll have near enough a sell out.

  131. Will Wilshere not miss this game through suspension he was sent off a couple of weeks ago and got a 3 match ban .

  132. Clint

    Wilshere will start because he still has a two games left on his three match ban, and Wenger will want to play him at every opportunity in order to speed up the lads already rapid development.

    Saying that though, Wilshere’s three match ban might actually include the Carling Cup as it is a domestic competition. hmmm…

    His absence would definitely give us a clear and palpable advantage.

  133. Yes it includes cup games. Remember how James Perch served his ban in the Carling Cup after pucking up 5 yellows in the league?

  134. Didn’t Perch miss a cup game because he was suspended after his 5 yellows in the first 5 games . If so then wilshere will be missing .

  135. Richietoon you cheating shit, how did you get 7 points for a goalkeeper who let in 3 goals? No wonder you’re top of the ff league :)

  136. asim says:
    October 24, 2010 at 6:12 pm
    big dave..u calling me..i am soo upset..crying in my bed<<<<<< them wernt tears man ,ya pissed the bed agen :)

  137. it’s not gonna be all kids. Perch, R.Taylor, Kadar, Guthrie, Simpson, Routledge, Smith, Ranger, Vuckic, Xisco, all in theory could play.

  138. Toonsy, stop being silly man and bang the next thread on. :)

    Batty divent fck him off anymore. :)

  139. stuart79 says:
    October 24, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    “Wouldn’t it be ironic, we’ve tried ever top name you could think of to win something, then comes along inexperienced, quiet man Hughton to write himself into Geordie folklore.”

    I suppose Bobby Robson would have qualified for that if he’d have been a few years younger perhaps, and maybe Dalglish at the time on the back of his Liverpool / Blackburn record, but that’s about it really. The likes of Keegan, Allardyce, Souness and Roeder were hardly “top names” like Van Gaal, Hitzfeld, Capello, Ancelloti etc…

  140. listen if toonsy wants too go just let him ,toonsy and i still divent kna how youa have a missus like that ya ugly c@nt :)

  141. They were however, Worky, recognised names. If you’d asked 95% of football fans who Chris Hughton was before he took over as our cartaker manager they’d have looked at you with a blank stare im sure.

  142. Toonsy did you see this m8. :lol:

    batty says:
    October 24, 2010 at 5:57 pm
    well i want an owner like man citys some rich arab

  143. I vaguely remember Hughton as a player, but I knew he was a coach afterwards. I’ll admit I never really followed his career in detail, but I was surprised when he came here as I thought he would be a lifer at Spurs.

  144. Ross says:
    October 24, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    “They were however, Worky, recognised names.”

    Aye Ross, but not “every top name you can think of” as Stuart wrote.

  145. Right ladies, I must bid you adios until tomorrow.

    Hopefully we’ll have an assistant manager to complain about.

    Ta da!

  146. ‘but I was surprised when he came here as I thought he would be a lifer at Spurs.’

    I think he’d go anywhere if it suited him. Not exactly a journeyman perhaps but he seems like the streetwise type that would move about.

  147. toonsy says:
    October 24, 2010 at 9:24 pm

    “he came here as I thought he would be a lifer at Spurs.”

    That was quite funny. They sacked Jol (and Hughton), without even realising they’d got the wrong gadgie to replace them. The real secret behind Ramos was his DOF / Technical Director or whatever at Seville, and they didn’t bother to bring him along. Lots of people knew it, but Spurs were incredibly stupid and hasty there.

  148. The blogs league was in the top 50 last week, dropped oot this, I think it’s all jay jay’s fault mesel like :-)

  149. workyticket says:
    October 24, 2010 at 9:32 pm

    “That was quite funny. They sacked Jol (and Hughton), without even realising they’d got the wrong gadgie to replace them”

    Didnt they announce their departures without their knowledge during a European match on the telly or did i dream that ??

  150. Fancy Worky takeing my comments absolutely literally.

    I think everbody knew what I meant and if you don’t think that Keegan, a twice European player of the year winner and a European cup winner or Souness a 3 time european cup winner weren’t ‘big names’ you must be from a planet were football wasn’t ever heard of or played.

  151. What de yas recon then, Stevie Clarke in tomorow? Richie said it might be sunday paper talk but surely not? Not the way it was confidently and smugly worded.

  152. CC says:
    October 24, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    “Didnt they announce their departures without their knowledge during a European match on the telly or did i dream that ??”

    There was that farcical European tie when everyone knew that Jol and Hughton were sacked, and they knew they were sacked too, but the powers that be at ‘Spurs still hadn’t bothered to tell them. I didn’t think that they’d “officially” announced it though, I think it just seemed that way because they were so brazen, CC.

  153. DJG…no I asked if it was defo or just paper talk cos I don’t buy them anymore so havn’t read owt about it ;-)

  154. Ah reet. Well nowt official like but sounds like he’s fairly in the know and confident that Clarkie start tomorow.

  155. DJG says:
    October 24, 2010 at 9:46 pm


    Maybe Ashley, being a Spurs fan, models his management skills and popularity on them.”

    DJG, as I writen many times before, Ashley was a Chelsea fan who didn’t like Spurs at all. All the rumours were because of his relationship with property developer and ‘Spurs man, Paul Kelmsley. It was all utter shite!

    I’m oot of here!

  156. STEVE CLARKE is set for a return to St James’ Park as Chris Hughton’s new right-hand man.

    And in a clear indication that there is still life in Hughton’s reign at Newcastle, he was given a free hand by the United board to appoint his own No 2.

    He will approach those games boosted by the appointment of the highly-regarded Clarke, who was previously at the club under Ruud Gullit’s charge.

  157. guys i need a huge favour can somebody find me a you tube video of carrolls header against west ham? i cant find one, thankyou

  158. DJG…I’m surprised we can afford him, apparently he was the highest paid assistant in the league at West Ham, only concern would be he’s another ex defender.

    Nasher…maybe too soon to get it on youtube but if you just want to watch the goal the highlights are on the previous thread.

  159. Aye but he wasn’t on the highest assistant money anymore was he, he was unemployed and theres a big difference between those two.

  160. nasher, here’s an idea, how about going on……


    just looked at the league, didn’t realise the makem had only won 2 games this season, drawn 6! hmmmm intersting

  161. bowburn on tott,
    Carroll starman, howay man, surely it was Tiote, Barton or Colo, have a word. :)
    I guess it’s always the player that scores, for some people.

  162. ILM..If you look at their goals I think 3 have been penalties and 2 own goals… they all count tho I s’pose.

  163. Toonsy : must say I stopped commenting on here for the same reasons you wanna leave. And I’m rarely online when everybody else is so don’t get achance to say anything.

    Hope you stay, though. I think you are the best NUFC blogger in the universe – by a country mile. I enjoy what you do here.

    I’m probably posting here too late for anybody to read it – so what’s new? – it’s the curse of living down under.

    If you toss it in – all the best mate. Look forward to your comments.

  164. I’m here mate lol

    Nah, I’ve had a real think about it and was surprised by the reactions of many people yesterday. I mean obviously there is always the odd arsehole, but it really showed me that the vast majority of people actually enjoy what I do. That is worth far more to me than what a few people say like :)

    Plus I’m nudging the 500 ‘blog mark and it would have been criminal to not get there :lol: