West Ham v Newcastle United video highlights.

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Highlights from today’s 2-1 triumph over West Ham. After much early pressure from the Hammers, they broke through with an early strike from West Ham assassin, Carlton Cole. However, after finally taking control of the game as West Ham continually lost possession, sweet revenge was eventually ours with a poacher’s strike from Kevin Nolan and one more bullet header from current housemate and ex Range Rover owner, Andy Carroll.

Howay roomies!

Chris Hughton said of the game afterwards:

“It’s even more satisfying because we came from behind. We played incredibly well against a team that’s a big, powerful team.””It’s been a tough week for us. What we do have in this camp is a lot of character, a lot of spirit.”

“The more we seem to be tested, they seem to come up trumps. I thought they were excellent.” “It’s a nice feeling today. It’s been a tough week and it’s a tough place to come. We thoroughly deserved it.”

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127 Responses

  1. Just to clarify, the reason I said take either Nolan or Tiote off is because Barton is our most creative midfielder. Tiote is pure quality and I have always said that. However, he is still a defensive midfielder/box to box player. These types of players are the first to be sacrificed 90% of the time. Nolan wasn’t doing much and kept getting caught in possession. However, he did improve in the second half. West Ham are diabolical. I have never seen such a lack of effort from a team. They just couldn’t be bothered in the second half.

    Anyway, great win! :D

  2. Thank you for posting the video highlights. I missed the entire match because I was at me mams. Figures it was a good match and I had to miss all of it. I should have been enraged, but she baked my favourite doughnuts with plum filling.


  3. Nolan should be dropped? Again criticised midweek and should be out the team? Scored his fourth goal of the season and played well – why don’t some of us think before we speak!? Great win, love it

  4. Wish I had put my money where my mouth was, I predicted 2-1 to the Toon on here yesterday on the preview piece.

    Happy with the 3 points!

    I would love it if we beat the Mackems ;)

  5. Hopefully the next defeat won’t come too soon, or the doom merchants will once again shout for CH head, will want Nolan to be dropped, rant about Barton being unable to pass&run as well as our latino contingent being shit. At least couple of days will be pleasant.

  6. Its nice to shove it up Andy Grays arse. He said WH would win because they have much more quality. What!!!! He’s a complete tit!!

  7. I had to go out just after it was 1 all thrilled to see it went the right way, gutted i just replaced Barton with Jonas in my FF team.

    Saw an Audi 4×4 in Whitley last night with “Death Carroll Beats {something i couldn’t read}” spray painted on the front, i’d like to know what that was about like. Probably nowt to do with it but strange all the same.

  8. Not wanting to be a SOUR grape but lets put it in perspective eh?

    We beat the BOTTOM of the league 2-1 , lets keep our feet on the grund and look to beat some mid to higher table teams now , its then that we can see if we will stay up ,

    SUNDERLAND next week is a must win ! KTF …..toon army !

  9. …or another perspective is we beat a team who were unbeaten in 5 games whereas we hadn’t won for 3 ;-)

  10. Moment of the match: For comedy value alone. Shola Ameobi, with space and time, shot for goal but lost his footing. He went the one way and the ball the other. It drew a few laughs from those in attendance.

    Did anyone see this yesterday? 8O

    i didn’t. :(

  11. Reet lads. Hangover has taken a new dimension in my world, just about to watch the match then I’ll get in the match report from my, still drunken, eyes…

  12. Rich – Or even more perspective, we won at a place where we traditionally do next to nowt… ;)

  13. To be honest when West Ham scored I thought flock this we’re gonna get well beaten. Crucially we pulled a goal back pretty soon, then for all West Hams efforts we won the game comfortably imo. West Ham were poor in the second half, but perhaps we made them look bad because we retained possession so well, with Tiote pulling all the strings. Tiote is the maestro of the team, he NEVER gives the ball away and plays the simple pass. We need to recognise that, those advocating subbing Tiote yestrday know nowt about football.
    The makems next week will be a different kettle of fish, I predict a 3-0 win for the toon, I can feel it in me watter.

    Keep taking the doom and gloom tablets Stu…

  14. Overall a good win. Also happy for Nolan. Whatever we say about him , I think by end of season he will score atleast 7-8 goals and thats not bad. Happy with 3 points and hoping a win against Sunderland

  15. Toonsy, I agree mate, wins at West Ham and Everton in the same season are unheard of…
    Hope we play the second string in mid week against Arsenal, and turn over the Arsenal sprogs, that would be immense ! We did it at Chelsea, why shouldn’t we do it again ?

  16. Aye Munich. I’m just glad we weren’t kneejerkers during the week. I mean we would look like right kunts now if we were wouldn’t we….. ;) :lol:

  17. I know Toonsy, bring on Arsenal. I reckon that after going 1-0 up at home, a better team than West Ham would have put us under the cosh yesterday, or maybe I’m not giving us enough credit for a GREAT result.

  18. Aye we’re in so much crap, 5 points better than the relegation season at the same stage, if we keep doing as bad as we have been we’d finish 20 points better than the relegation season.How many more points would have kept us up then? ;-)
    As I said in my drunken state there’ll be loads of ups and downs,most people pre season said they’d be happy staying up, stay happy with that owt else is a bonus.

  19. Rich – I see you have been speaking common sense on the last post?

    richietoon says:
    October 23, 2010 at 7:32 pm

    “we’re doomed,we’re doomed blah blah bah………nobody gets relegated or stays up in October,there’ll be plenty more ups and downs yet keep the faith……5 points better off than we were at this stage of the relegation season…enjoy it, I’m away oot on the lash now. Howay the Lads.”

    There is another couple of comments in there aswell that were gooduns ;)

    I just think people need to get some perspective. Some people should be fu(king ashamed of the way they have been acting like twats this week. Put it this way, I never ever want to hear them moan when the press get on our backs because they deserve all they fu(kin get. They have really made me think twice about writing to be honest…….

  20. Just looked at the highlights again and noticed for Carroll’s goal that Collocini was right behind him, what was he doing there? haha

    Said a few days ago I didn’t get the doom and gloom, especially away from home as I think we play well away from home, and so it showed yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, West Ham were awful, but we still had to do the job, which we did.

    Anyone else think the league, excluding the top 3, is going to be extreemly close this season?

  21. Toonsy…thats why I didn’t bother with the match banter some of it made depressing reading.
    The Hammers were also beaten by the lack of support from there fans and moaning and groaning and thats exactly how our fans are at St James’ stop whinging and back the lads with some noise.It’s going to be a long hard season as it is without turning on our own team and manager.

  22. TOONSY >>>I just think people need to get some perspective. Some people should be fu(king ashamed of the way they have been acting like twats this week. Put it this way, I never ever want to hear them moan when the press get on our backs because they deserve all they fu(kin get. They have really made me think twice about writing to be honest…….<<<please :)

  23. batty…aye West Ham were shocking but when they really needed their fans to back them it didn’t happen and I think we’re in danger of going down the same road.

    How did ya goals galore do?

  24. Batty – I’m seriously considering it to be honest mate

    I was reading the ‘blog at the wedding yesterday and some of the stuff that was coming from a lot of posters was nothing short of fu(king ridiculous.

  25. richie

    Aye but ye knaa if we beat the mackems people will be talking aboot europe and stuff and it’s rediculous. It’s important to remember that had we lost yesterday, which we could have after the first 15mins, they would have leapfrogged us and we would be down amongst the dead men already.

  26. ILM…aye not alot in it this season, league positions for 16/17 teams will be constantly changing. 5 points of relegation and 4 points of a Champions league place shows that I think.

  27. Plus the way the results went yesterday with Birmingham, Sunderland ect a win was more of an essential than a bonus, just to keep us in the survival pack.

  28. Batty – Just because I have felt really down about a lot of our “fans” recently. The way some have turned against the club, Hughton, whatever has left me seething and wanting to kick fu(k out of some people.

    That aint a hobby mate. I’m supposed to enjoy it, but when I spend an hour writing something to stimulate debate and all I get is “clueless chris” ;) “we are doomed”, “there is no hope” it kind of makes me wonder what the point is….

  29. Richietoon, a divent get to the home games, but I hear where you’re coming from. The prawn sarney brigade at SJP need to get behind the team, through thick and thin. There again when I lived in the toon I always preferred the away games, much better crack and the fans really got behind the team, provided they put the effort in.
    The West Ham fans, and team were garbage yesterday

  30. No I disagree, I think they needed a bit of a kick up the ass. It wasn’t out of line after the Wigan performance. Plus it worked didnt it.

    4 points from6 :)

  31. DJG…aye ya right mate but it works both ways,nobody should get carried away with a couple of bad results or good there’s along way to go and there’ll be loads of ups and downs along the way and we all need to stick with the team and manager.

    batty aye had a couple of go’s did crap but got summat back on one when I went for 3 games 2 won 1 lost got £6.38ish whats that aboot?

  32. left the hoose after we took the lead and had to suffer mick lowes and john anderson for the last twenty minutes.
    do they spout a lot of nonesense.
    They were bigging up Simpson. I thought he was our worst player. Barton proved he is crucial to us doing well. The only player who can deliver the killer pass.
    both goals came from good delivery from wide. If we can get a bigger percentage of good deliveries our strikers would score goals Simples

  33. Munich – The support at SJP is shyte now mate. Part of the reason why I actually prefer away games to be honest, where I don’t get barracked for trying to start a song off……

    “Best fans in the land”…… Aye, ok then…….

    It was better years ago. The team was shyte but the support was forst class. We really were the best in the land back then. This new lot are just pretenders….

  34. I said that I disagreed with Andy Gray that West Ham had more quality. And Im pleased to announce that the fat barsteward was proved incorrect,, again. :)

  35. Toonsy…ya should get Lord Sugar(still sounds like a pimp) to predict our scores every match, he said we’d win ;-)

  36. toonsy

    Just take it with a pinch of salt mate. We could win the CC and some people would pick holes in the performance. Plus everybody see’s the game differently and has different opinions to yourself.

  37. Yo Toonsy, I think there are some younger bloggers who come on here, and only know the KK times, Champs League etc, and react accordingly. Us older farts know the real toon, traditionally a far cry from relegation fodder, but a team that is traditionally mid table, flirting with europe, with the occasional good cup run.
    Well done to CH for maintaining a stable ship, what with AC misbehaving, and with the Ben Arfa injury, which is a real pity, as he has potential to be a toon great..
    Alo in years gone by we have been totally reliant on Shearers goal, hopefully AC can fill his boots to some degree, goals win games after all…

    Keep up the good work toonsy, divent hoy in the towel mate

  38. Toonsy,don’t let them get you down. A lot of our so called fans wind me up. I’m sick of the knee jerk reactions, but it’s been like that for years. Couldn’t believe the crap spouted this week regarding Hughton. We have stability for the first time in a long time, with a manager who is learning the ropes and makes the odd c*ck up but who has brought a quiet dignity and level of professionalism to the job we haven’t seen for a long time. Before Andy Carroll managed to awaken the press’s interest with his expolits they had been leaving us alone and a large part of that is down to Hughton. Is he the best manager we could have? Ofcourse not but he is someone who the players respect, who had brought stability to the club, who stuck around and put up with a whole load of cr*p when others didn’t want to know, turned us around and won us the league with record number of points at the first attempt. Those calling for his head or suggesting he may not have long left, should be ashamed of themselves. They should show just some of the loyalty Chris Hughton has to us but then this is NUFC, with the ‘best most loyal fans in the world’yeah right.

  39. Toonsy ya bang on there is some ryt aholes on here turning on hoots, I think we’ve been excellent this season wen I look at the games, man u we were poor, villa n everton n west ham brilliant, wolves we were mint n shud of won, man city we were better team n robbed by the ref, blackpool was on of those days u get them footie we battered them jus there keeper was awsome, wigan we were poor so point was good in the end, stoke we were poor second half, I realy don’t get ppl we’ve been far better than expected, this season was bout survival so yea I expect relegation scrap but as soon as were in one ppl want change of manager really shows who the deluded fans r prob expectin champion league battle idiots, n for me how good feels that likes of jose,colo,jonas,nolan,barton r provin they good enough

  40. Thanks toonsy, sorry for dissing you, you’re probably younger than me, so you are more of a younger old fart.
    Anyone who stood in the old partially demolished leazes end, with no roof, watching Oldham et al, now THAT was bollocks..

    There again, I reckon CH got out of jail a bit yesterday, at least the build up to the makkem game will be a bit more on the positive side. I reckon we’ll beat them 3-0 nowts the bother…

  41. Deb – Another Hit. Nail. Head :)

    Anthoo, best crack on with the match report as I have a shotting competition to get to soon enough.

    County trials 8O

  42. budalovesapatsy
    At last someone who is not part of the Simpson love in brigade. Looking at some of the boards you would think Simpson played a blinder. But then people have to justify their bring back Simpson as Perch is crap stuff. I thought Simpson looked extremely dodgey at times. He often gets caught watching the ball not the player and at times seems incapable of beating the first man. I liked Simpson when he first joined and I know he was playing with an injury for part of last season but he is not the permanent answer to our rightback dilema imo. Decent enough to have on the bench though.

  43. was at the match and did not meet anyone who wants hoots out.toonsy your right our home support is shyte but our away support is superb.too many fans only go back to kks glory days, not the crap we had to watch late 70s early 80s

  44. Munich – I think it was DJG, whos has not long been supporting us in fairness, was saying something the other day about being disappointed. I replied with telling how shit we were. He replied with saying that I had seen Champions League games, FA Cup finals, top four finishes….

    My reply, and will always be the same, was that no matter how many Barcelona’s or Inter Milan’s you chuck at me, none of them will ever beat the pure tension, joy and elation of beating Portsmouth back in 92? I think…

    If that didn’t happen the club probably wouldn’t have existed anymore, and for that it will always be remebered by me personally. I was in the crowd that day, and that is what I call support.

  45. I thought Simpson played alright, jonas and shola were the only players who didn’t play well IMO

  46. toonitis. I agree our home support is crap. Heard more noise in a morgue than our last home game. No wonder the team play better away from home. They don’t have all the huge sighs, barracking etc when they make a mistake that they get at home. To think we’ve turned from Fortress St James to this is really sad. Can’t put my finger on why it’s happened. May be a theme for an article Toonsy.

  47. Geordie Deb, I agree regarding Simpson, not sure if he is the answer. I’d like to give him a few games to get back match fit, then see how he performs. He had a really dodgy first half yesterday, but settled down in the second, mainly due to a good tatical call by CH in pulling JB deeper to help him out.
    Maybe we all expect our full backs to perform like Roberto Carlos, at the end of the day their first job is to defend, getting forward, behaving like a winger, and crossing the ball is a bonus.

  48. Also these idiots calling for houghton to b sacked n sayin get jol or oneill what the hell makes them fink fatman is gonna pay money out a top manager, houghton contract was never a issue they were always gonna wait to c if we survive b4 he gets new one, I’ve got to issues with hoots he brings subs on to late n his reluctance to use young players but apart from I fink he is best manager since bobby n I fink the day he leaves is the day the club starts fallin apart again

  49. Toonsy don’t be a martyr man people are happy when they do well and gutted when there has been a run of poor effort at home.

    Munich Mag says:
    October 24, 2010 at 10:21 am
    Yo Toonsy, I think there are some younger bloggers who come on here, and only know the KK times, Champs League etc, and react accordingly

    Don’t put me in that bracket. All I have know has been the end of Bobby (vaguely) Souness, Fat Sam, Kinnear, Hughton ect. I have never seen any ‘world beaters’. I just have my opinions as does Stu and batty ect. If you don’t like it go and live in China and start a website there. Sorry but I have to speak out against some of this shyte like.

  50. DJG – That is the thing, what shyte? Shyte is what I am telling you about that you appear to be fu(king ignoring.

    I didn’t mean it in a derogative term, and only metioned you because we were talking about it the other night.

    Martyr? :lol:

    Gan get fecked you silly arsehole…..

  51. Back to the home support – brother in law (Chelsea fan) coming up for the Newcastle Chelsea match end of November. Said he’s really looking forward to the atmosphere at St James. Had to tell him not to hold his breath as it was unlikely to be much kop.How sad is that? The only people who can change it is us the fans but there are too many people who prefer to sit and whinge like a load of overgrown bairns. ‘I’ve paid my money so I’ll whinge if I want to’ pathetic.

  52. As a Hoots supporter who kept saying we would turn a corner once lady luck decides to give us time of day again, Im absolutely delighted with 3 points and hopefully it keeps the people with ridiculously short memories away who seem to have forgotton what the lack of stability did for us a couple of years ago..

    P.S. Toonsy – My first game was oxford at home, A long way from Barca and Feyernoord…

  53. Simpson was great yesterday considering jus come bk from injury, also am sick of al these ppl who cryin out for raylor to b rbk he is worse than perch at defendin, id play ryt wing yes, but barton was excellent yesterday, u got give hoots credit coz obina was killin us first half but hoots got simpson n barton sorted down the wing n he cudnt get a lookin second half so which flanks to jose side well no does the bull

  54. Geordiedeb, things started going downhill when they abolished the standing ends. Anyone who remembers standing in the old Leazes End, or in the old Gallowgate end for that matter, with 10,000 other heed-the-balls pissed up, singing your hearts out for the lads, know what I’m on about. The prawn sarney brigade, or people who are sitting in general are less reluctant to get agitated, start chanting, singing etc as they are more visible..
    Toonsy, if people are unfortunate, when they go to a toon game they may invariably end up in a non-singing part of the ground. There are however, able Toonsmen scattered sporadically throughout the ground, usually balding 50 year olds who remember life in the old Gallowgate end, and don’t mind standing up an chanting for the lads, even when surrounded by the prawn sarney munchers.

  55. toonsy says:
    October 24, 2010 at 10:13 am

    Munich – The support at SJP is shyte now mate. Part of the reason why I actually prefer away games to be honest, where I don’t get barracked for trying to start a song off……

    “Best fans in the land”…… Aye, ok then…….”

    Said that a few days ago at work, the wigan game was like a morgue, we’re a ground full of pundits these days…

  56. Munich – I don’t think the standing parts had much to do with it to be honest. The atmosphere was fantastic still when we only had the 36,000 seater “old” St James’ before the expansion.

    I think a lot of it is fan attitude and the belief that some have when they think we are bigger than we actually are. That is why people moan when we aren’t beating team comfortably and pick fault and moan.

  57. Don’t put me in that bracket. All I have know has been the end of Bobby (vaguely) Souness, Fat Sam, Kinnear, Hughton ect. I have never seen any ‘world beaters’. I just have my opinions as does Stu and batty ect. If you don’t like it go and live in China and start a website there. Sorry but I have to speak out against some of this shyte like.

    DGF I didn’t put you in that bracket mate, at least you caught part of the Sir Bobby era, hopefully the good bits, the rest, Fat Sam, JFK etc were bollocks, condolensces to you mate..

  58. Im not a massive Simpson fan but i thought we were more assured than in recent weeks (Obvious reasons)

    Also Hoots decision to play Barton on the right which was almost typically ridiculed on the match preview paid dividends with the great crosses that made both goals and the overall domination in midfield along with Tiote (terrific again) and Nolan who i though kept ticking things over and did what was a common gripe in the wigan match get forward and support the front men from midfield.

  59. I thought it was funny. I actually like a bit of banter. ;)

    Im happy today, wish these doom and gloom merchants would fek off. :)

  60. Toonsy, I agree, we have no god given right to win any games, the majority of games are really tough, and without skill and effort we aint gonna win any of them. Must say though, a manager with technical nous, and who can motivate his troops is imperative. CH sems to have that at the moment, though we all agree his tactics are sometimes a bit iffy, he’s learning his trade. I also agre with Geordie Deb, CH is providing the toon with a civiised media front, although even this “too nice” image pisses some people on here off…

  61. On Simpson,

    Was part of a good team performance. Looked slightly better on the ball than Perch. Not convinced about his closing down, he lets them get in the box and then it’s difficult to do anything. Obviously wasn’t fully fit and if he can improve his closing down could be a very good RB imo.

  62. Munich – agree with Toonsy. Not sure it’s the end of the standing era thats the issue. I remember very well standing in the Leazes etc and you’re right the atmosphere etc was great at those times. But it was also great at times when we had the smaller 36,000 seated capacity Toonsy mentioned. We made much more noise then and teams were really intimidated to play at St James. Now I’m sure visiting managers use the lack of atmosphere to their advantage.

  63. Munich
    ‘CH is providing the toon with a civiised media front, although even this “too nice” image pisses some people on here off…’

    Some people are never happy. Suppose they would prefer JFK shooting his gob off to the media in his own inimitable fashion.

  64. simpson was no good..2 slow cant pass..or when he ran forward with the ball..u no he cant even control the ball..the difference in the secound half..people say he got better…he didnt get better we had all the ball and he had nothing to do..then they decided to attack down enrique side late on..most clueless manager in the league..grant

  65. Geordie Deb, I still shake my head in disbelief that JFK got anywhere near the toon…hope we’ve seen the back of him.

    CH still has a long way to go though, but he’s more than capable. Maybe Calderwoods departure is a good move, maybe we’ll bring in some seasoned pro to help him out, John Carver anyone ?

  66. I like the was hoots talks to them. One of them said something like ‘how has off field rumours affected you this week’ and he just laughed and said ‘which ones are you talking about’ or something. Then the guy said ‘talk of Joe Kinnear wanting to come back to newcastle’. Then he just laughed again and said he didn’t know about them.

  67. DJG – he’s a steady lad wor Chris, but he’s not a fool. If he’s here in one years time I’ll be really surprised, either bladdered or moved on to other things..

  68. Tiote is a different class to anything else we’ve got. Im so pi#### off with De Jong, Benny was even better if thats possible.

  69. DJG, I agree, Tiote is class, what a great signing and credit to CH for finding him for next to nowt, I was ecstatic after the Everton win, Ben Arfa was brilliant. De Mong has caused us all kinds of trouble, one world class player DOES make the difference, look at FC Bayern without Robben and Ribery, garbage, take Ronaldo out of Madrid…
    Hopefully Benny comes back as good as new and shows everyone what he can do..

  70. When I started going to “live” matches it was the atmosphere and craic that got me hooked it certainly wasn’t the football…in the ground at 13.30 stood under the old scoreboard banter flying about…anyone remember auld Tommy?
    I’ve got a cracking book Black and White Daft it has anecdotes and match reports on every game ’79 to ’84 I’d recommend it to those who lived thru it and even for those who didn’t to show what it was like.

    If we’re 3 nowt up with 5 minutes to go on Sunday the atmosphere will be cracking so nowt to do with seats just our fickle “deluded” fans.

  71. Also…those who were after Hughtons head be very careful what you wish for because if he goes we will get a Joe Kinnear,Curbishley or Pardew thats the stature of replacement you’d get, is that what you want???

  72. Munich Mag

    He said (Tiote) in an interview that he supported an initiative to send football boots to kids in Africa and when he was a kid he didnt have any money and used to kick the ball around all day in his bare feet. All he did was dream all day about being a proffesional footballer. I think thats f##### class that like. Can you imagine kids in england learning with their bare feet. :) He must have feet like leather.

  73. Toonsy – how about letting people have their view without shooting them down or threatening to stop writing just because their view is different to yours?

    There seems to be a viewpoint on here that I am just a doom and gloom merchant, why? Do I want Hughton sacked? No. Do I think we’re in for a tough time? Yes. Do I think we’ve missed huge opportunities against some of the worst sides in the league? Yes. Do I think we lack creativity and depend on two players (Jonas and Jose) far too much? Yes. Is that a reason why we’re struggling at home? In my opinion, yes. Will we go down? Too early to say, but if we don’t improve oour home form the chances are we could do.

    Now is that doom and gloom, or is it common sense and reality?

  74. I think, as Toonsy said, it all about expectation.

    Those who went last season expected us to turn over every team that came to SJP, I know because I heard loads of comments along the lines of “We shouldnt be in this league” etc but we were in the CCC because we got relegated playing like a team third from bottom.

    Now the expectation is just the same. I think a lot of people feel that because we won the CCC convincingly somehow we were really a Premier League team just taking a sabbatical. Little realising that even a year out of this league means the Bolton’s, Blackburn’s and Wigan’s have had another year to consolidate and improve.

    What we, as fans, need to do now is (Warning Cliche time) is take one game at a time and treat it like a cup final. Although there’s no real need to point that out for next week but every game after that including the Bolton, Blackburn and Birmingham games.

    Teams come to SJP with the specific intention of quietening the crowd, so its up to us to not let that happen :)

  75. toonsy if i didnt know better i would be thinking your having a king kev moment ,spittin the dummy oot , toys oot of the pram and all that like :lol:

  76. I telt yous to keep faith these doom and gloom guys why do they bother get me doon at times,even in bad times be atoon fan for christ sake

  77. I cannot believe the bunch of whingers we have for supporters.
    Reading the comments before and during the game yesterday!

    “Nolan is useless”, “Simpson is useless”, “Everyone is useless”, “Hughton is clueless”

    Jees. What exactly does someone like Nolan have to do to get people off his back?
    Simpson has bee out for months. He needs time. Last game Williamson made his first error his months and all of a sudden he was a flop signing.

    I remember when the same people said Coloccini was crap! Now they love him. Same people said Enrique was crap! Now hes outstanding!

    We really really don’t need supporters like that. Its pathetic.

  78. DJG I agree mate Tiote is class. We could send him out in his bare feet and he would still be better than some of the wasters I’ve seen playing for the toon. If he stays clear of injuries, he’ll be player of the season for sure, you read it here first.

  79. Batty – Most definately not.

    Stuart – “how about letting people have their view without shooting them down or threatening to stop writing just because their view is different to yours?”

    The irony in your post there Stuart is astounding…….

    Where have I stopped anyone expressing an opinion? Or am I not allowed to disagree with people?

    Fed up of it all. Last article coming soon and that’s it….. I’m out…

  80. Re our defence.

    Danny S. The kid did ok, nothing spectacular but got on with his job with confidence and without fuss. Granted, West Ham were awful, but Simpson is clearly the best choice at RB right now.

    Willo and Colo partnership is grand, though Colo is always going to struggle against any player with speed and strength when we play a high line. Enrique a class act as always.

    And just need to mention Tiote as others have. What a player, brilliant signing. Sell Smith in Jan? He ain’t getting near the team with all the mf options in front of him now.

  81. Batty that’s not toys leaving the pram mate, the last one was a double-barrelled exocet heading in someones direction. Heeds doon iverybody…

  82. “Fed up of it all. Last article coming soon and that’s it….. I’m out…”

    Count to ten, Have an cup of horlicks and chill lad…

  83. JJ – agree entirely. People slated Jose for months, now he’s our standout player. Williamson has been a great signing and, along with Colo and Jose, are definite starters. People just want someone to blame when we have an off day and just follow the common opinion, same kids that boo Shola on and off the pitch, pathetic is the right word.

  84. AndyMac

    Spot on mate. I got the sense yesterday that West Ham had that attitude that we had in our relegation season.

    They probably think, ‘don’t worry, we’re too big to go down, we’ve been in the prem for ages, we won’t go down’.

    But the thing is more and more of these teams that have been up for years are and they will this time I think. They just seem like a dead man walking atm and they have been on the slide for years.

    There are many teams coming up and pushing out these ‘big’ clubs with poor atitudes.

  85. TOONSY divnt gan m8 the true bloggers love you,think again pal.

    plus batty will pick on me instead of you :)

  86. Agree on Smith.

    Gosling, Guthrie, Barton, Nolan, Tiote, Ben Arfa… all in midfield – how does Smith ever get a game.

    S Taylor, Willo, Campbell, Coloccini, Kadar.

    I think our spine is excellent, great depth. What we really need is a quality right back and a striker/right sides attacker.

    I see Hutton is starting now for Spuds. Great player, would have been good signing.

  87. great atmosphere yesterday in toon end, we outsung hammers fans the whole game, funniest moment of game was when some toon fan tried to swing on rafter above him after we scored – completely missed and went flying down 20 steps
    up to 9th ahead of everton, villa, fulham, blackburn and liverpool 4 points off champs league place.
    we’re playing better football than under souness, allardyce, kinnear etc (apart from wigan, stoke) its gonna be close league this season but reckon west ham and wolves will go down then its any team outside of arsenal, man u, man city, chelsea & spurs
    lets beat the mackems next week
    i’d have taken 17th at the start of season but now expect 15th :)

  88. I have read a lot about our high defensive line, and I find it a dangerous tactic, but did you know we have cought the opponent offside more times than any other team in the league?

    Going into the game yesterday we had averaged just over 7 offside “traps” per game…

  89. ‘Fed up of it all. Last article coming soon and that’s it….. I’m out…’


    What have I said, divvent let it affect you.

  90. DJG DJG says:
    October 24, 2010 at 11:40 am
    “Munich Mag

    He said (Tiote) in an interview that he supported an initiative to send football boots to kids in Africa and when he was a kid he didnt have any money and used to kick the ball around all day in his bare feet. All he did was dream all day about being a proffesional footballer. I think thats f##### class that like. Can you imagine kids in england learning with their bare feet. :) He must have feet like leather.”

    Exactly why the modern football (like Rooney) needs a kick in the arse. We see how these players act, yet they see kids, like here in South Africa using rolled up and sellotaped shopping bags as footballs, playing on dust fields barefoot.
    Pity how much has been lost since big money came into the game.
    FIFA really should put a wage and transfer cap in place. But it’ll never happen. They are just as greedy as the players.

  91. JJ

    Spot on. Can you imagine how many footballs and boots they could buy for them with a weeks wages from that toss pot Rooney.

    They even share the boots so a right footed kid has the right one ect. ffs and people moan about the reccesion. They haven’t got a clue.

  92. Tiote is immense, and comes into his own in the away games, where we are invariably under more pressure, and he can sit in front of the back four breaking up attacks and passing the ball all day long.

    I would love to see a wage cap, as there is some obscene money being paid nowadays. No idea how it will be imposed though.

    I wonder how the Manure fans feel about the latest Rooney episode, he’s taking the pee if you ask me..but you cannot blame him if some wazzock is willing to pay him that much money…

  93. Toonsy – please don’t make your last article about it being your last article. ;)

    Don’t take it to heart. I get it every week.

    30 emails telling me how useless I am and the next 30 telling me how wonderful I am – all discussing the same article.

    Its all part of being a journalist. Can’t ever please everyone. But if we all agreed on everything, the blog would be rather boring wouldn’t it.

  94. Toonsy, keep up the good work mate, you’re the best…

    This blog is the dogs bollocks if you ask me, and is a great place to come for the crack, especially for an ex-pat, bit like an Aufwiedersehen Pet blog with footy…immense….well done to all posters in fact !!

  95. yes jj i am the top dog here..dont u forget it..genius is ben arfa.. i am the play maker on here..toonsy is the top dog writing bloggs and people who slag him off are fu..king idiots..with out his bloggs we would have nothing to say..

  96. No toonsy you are allowed to disagree with people. Fight ya corner, explain why your point is valid and why someone elses point is invalid. Don’t just threaten to stop ‘blogging’.

    I have very little time for tantrum throwers, if you want to go, go. Don’t throw hissy fits and threats, just do it! Otherwise just carry on doing what your doing writing decent blogs and helping the blog out.

    But just remember, we don’t all have to agree…

    Who you think you are, Rooney?

  97. we have much chance of going down..as stuart 79 to say something great about newcastle..said along untill we are bottom and need points to catch the teams above us ..then worry..to me we are already a top 10 side the rest dont matter to me..so people to say we mist a boat getting beat at home..get a life