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The artful lodger? – West Ham United 1-2 Newcastle.

October 24th, 2010 | 259 Comments |

Carroll grabs the headlines for the right reasons...
Carroll grabs the headlines for the right reasons...
Those of you that have been reading the ‘blog in detail during the week will note that I said that the match against West Ham had a hint of Doncaster away last season about it.

I may not be the best with predictions, although certain people seem intent on me having to make one when I never really want to, but I was spot on with the Doncaster comparison.

To refresh your memory, we went to Doncaster last season, who were in good form at the time, with the fallout from the Carroll/Taylor affair still circulating through various parts of the media. Carroll was at the centre of attention for the wrong reasons again, but he popped up and scored the winning goal to put an end to a troubling run of form for Newcastle at the time. Sound familiar?

Well it should, as yesterday was almost a carbon copy of that scenario as Newcastle beat a West Ham side, who had not lost in five games, 2-1 at The Boleyn Ground/Upton Park (delete as appropriate), and once again it was Carroll, a source of negative headlines during the week, who popped up to score the winner. (more…)