Newcastle handed tough Carling Cup draw.

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Home comforts in the fourth round.
Home comforts in the fourth round.
After the highs of beating Chelsea away in the last round of the Carling Cup I think it’s fair to say that the fourth-round draw has brought most of us back down to earth with a bump.

The win against Chelsea was a fantastic result and well deserved given the effort that our lads put in on the night. A nice reward would have been a home tie against one of the so called weaker teams still left in the competition. Northampton at home would have done nicely.

What did we end up with? Bloody Arsenal. At least the game is at home though and will have to be sorted on the night in front of our own fans.

Deflated is the word I would have used after watching us get pulled out of the hat, but after pondering it I guess that we would have to play one of the big boys again at some point in the competition if we actually want to win it.

As ever, Newcastle will have to do things the hard way and will have to beat those famous Arsenal youngsters that play in the Carling Cup games if they want to progress in the competition.

The ties are scheduled to be played during the week commencing October 25th with the actual date being on either the 26th or the 27th of October.

Now here comes the twist. The Carling Cup game falls neatly between West Ham away and Sunderland at home. What is the priority? Do we field a stronger team in the cup with the aim of trying to progress in the competition whilst risking injury to players who could then miss the derby as a result? Or do we put out a second string type of arrangement similar to what we did against Chelsea?

Personally I would go for the latter for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the lads that played against Chelsea deserve another bite of the cherry. Secondly, I want our best players to play in the derby! I’m still not fussed about the cup as such although I obviously wouldn’t complain if we got through to the next round. I am fussed about the derby though and want all of our best players on the pitch to give us the best chance of beating those filthy inbreeds from down the round!

Just my opinion like, but to me the derby means more than Carling Cup.

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34 Responses

  1. I agree, but there is something yet more important than both, me getting on the sauce tonight!

    power nap time

  2. I’m happy enough with it,if we win fantastic if not I’d rather go out earlier………going out in the Semis would be the worst.

  3. jeez this really sucks..and i was feeling real proud and stuff having beaten a second string chelsea team with what was effectively our second string as well and now we have to face friggin’ arsenal who are desperate to get a trophy,any trophy.why????the press are gonna have a field day over this..

  4. not a bad start for Tozer, eh? Beat Liverpool on debut and a goal and assist in home debut for Northampton

  5. I hope the SMB stays as a draw as I dont want either one getting 3 pts. as for Tozer really happy for him it will do his confidence a world of good.
    Arse have pulled another goal back a draw there would be good too :)

  6. Oh Gost,what a shock saturday football night….

    West Ham Beat Spurs….

    Arsenal about to lose to WBA….. 8O

  7. Looks like West Ham and WBA are getting wins, Wigan picking up a point, would love 3 tomorrow from us.

  8. League should be the priority no question. The chelsea game was great for morale etc but we must play the strongest team in the league games ESP with some rets today. Good to see mboro are living up to the ‘running away with the league’ billing!!! Haha

  9. If we beat stoke City tmr,we will rooted at 5th position.


    Let’s get that 3 points. ;)

  10. I need the Toon players in me ff team to do the business tomorrow so I can pull away from jay jay ;-)

  11. Bah a bad day in terms of results for us like, wins for West Ham/West Brom and a point for Wigan..luckily blackpool lost. Agree that virtually all the lads who played agaisnt Chelsea deserve their starter..can’t thhink of who should change? Maybe Ranger up front with Shola, loven on the left and Spidy on the right? But then perhaps changing it around isn’t the best bet, still not too fussed with the Cup, a win would be brilliant, but I’d rather go out sooner than get far and lose..even if we win and don’t go further-beating Chealski and Arsenal would be a brilliant achievement, even if it is their “second string”

  12. Donu mean for tomorrow newkie or for arsenal in the cup? For tomorrow the team that won at everton must be back in for me

  13. Yeah Raffo, I was talking about starters for the cup
    Has to be the same team for everton for me as well like.

  14. batty…..did he use someone elses nick then cos that one has posted on here and I thought he had only used his proper nick on here……..was he pickin on ya batty :-)

  15. To be honest, I don’t think Arsenal are the best travellers in the world and are particularly below par in the North East, just look at the terrible last kick equaliser at the Mackems. If we are gonna dream about some silverware I think we will have to knock out some big teams along the way. Id rather have Arsenal now and at home, rather than at Wembley in the final where we would stand no chance. At home it’s possible, maybe Man U and Villa will draw each other after that and they are the only other big guns left. We could get Ipswich or Northhampton! HWTL!

  16. I can understand people saying, ‘keep our best players for the league’ but I think we have to put things into perspective, last season we played loads of weeks with 2 or even 3 games in 7 days. We had less of a bench than we do now and we managed! There is only 4 games left to win the Carling Cup, We have no European competition and if we’re scared to commit to 4 cup games even how would we manage in the Europa league! We’re not gonna be scapping it out for 17th ffs thats fairly obvious already. Look at the players we have to come in if someone gets injured, they just put 4 past the unbreachable defenses of Stamford Bridge. We’re yet to get players like Guthrie and Gosling back aswell.

  17. djg. Aye I’m with you, good points made. We are still not sure who are best 11 are or which system is most effective. It’s amazing how many options we have now though. Still would like us to play with 2 strikers occasionally, especially one who wants the ball to feet to exploit arfa’s technical style. Take some pressure off AC who was getting marked out by 2 defenders in last 2 league games.

  18. Typical.
    As you’d expect really, at least it’s at hyem.
    Gotta keep the faith with the team that played chelsea(off the pitch :) ).
    Guthrie should be looking for game time by then too.
    Good job i’m not chowed.

  19. team for stoke:

    ——–Ben Arfa——–

    team for chelski: