Carroll case closed.

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Carroll hit for £5k....
Carroll hit for £5k....
Well it looks like those expecting a protracted trial for Andy Carroll this week will have to be left disappointed.

The verdict has been given by Newcastle Crown Court after the striker pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of common assault whilst claiming that his glass “accidentally slipped out of his hand and caused a cut to Mr Cook’s (the prosecution) eyebrow”.

Carroll will now have to pay a £1,000 fine, £1,500 in court costs plus £2,500 in compensation to the victim, but the plus point from the Newcastle perspective is that the trial has been sorted out quickly and the verdict has been given prompt enough to avoid another week of the good name of Newcastle United being dragged through the press again.

No doubt there will be disgruntled voices emanating from Wearside after this decision as I have no doubt that those of the red and white persuasion will have been frothing at the mouth and willing for Carroll to be sent down. Well unfortunately, fizzers, it’s bad news for you!

No doubt you obsessive Mackems will be peering in to have a look so…… wavey wavey! Did the rest of you know that the Mackems daubed graffiti over St James’ Park on Google maps at the weekend? Another indication of their obsession eh?

Anyway, I digress. Now the Carroll case is sorted and has been decided upon in a court of law we can all hopefully move on knowing that bigger lad can continue terrorising defenders in the Premier League and not the prison league instead.

Now for the moral bit…..

It must be pointed out that Carroll has admitted guilt to an offence, a lesser offence, but still an offence all the same. He simply needs to start growing up to be honest and needs to learn to stop putting himself in positions where he could encounter trouble. The excuse of youth soon runs out – I know, I’ve been there, done it, ad got the t-shirt!

With all the fame and money that being a Premier League footballer presents nowadays he must surely be aware that he will attract a lot of interest, and that not all of it will be wanted interest. Carroll could have easily avoided any trouble by either not going out, or being a bit more level-headed. You don’t need to fly off the handle everytime Mr Carroll!

Hopefully, fingers-crossed, he will learn that now!

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72 Responses

  1. Thank the lord for that. Now Hayley make sure the little sod is tucked up in bed (on his own) every night. :D

    Hats off to her, as I said last week, we owe the lass a huge debt of gratitude.

  2. Its a shame really that so much potential on the pitch is at risk because of lack of guidance off it.
    Its good to read that Nolan and Barton are now giving advice as he is at the crossroads as far as his future is concerned and it would be crying shame for himself, Newcastle and England if it all goes tits up.
    Hopefully he will get himself sorted out and this behaviour can all be put behind him, i admire Joey Barton for the way he has turned himself around and Andy could do worse than listening to what he has to say, Acklington Prison FC on a Sunday morning or Tyne and Wear derby? No brainer really.

  3. Agree with the ‘now for the moral bit’ bit.

    Also £5,000.00 is just a drop in the ocean for AC. It’s hardly even a slap on the wrist.

    I just hope that he takes good advice. My worry is that he will think ‘what’s all the fuss been about £5k’s nothing’ and carry on exactly where he left off … oh hang on … too late … wasn’t he back in bother last week … :(

    Get a grip AC … there are many who would love to be in your position.

  4. Shrews,
    a handshake more like, hey?

    AC, sort it OUT!
    When he gans back to court in Jan with a conviction under his belt, will it be t.i.c. & be slapped down for it?

  5. CLiNT – That is what I am enjoying about all this. I can literally imagine all the filth stomping their collective and getting all huffy because he didn’t get sent down :D

  6. I got a slight gut feeling,that the ex-gf simply wants money as compensation.

    Cause i guess she don’t want to blow things up,and exposed herself to the media~~

  7. @toonsy: i am referring to the next court case he has to faced. ;)

    I know this as clearly nothing to do with his ex.

  8. Barton’s a hell of a lot better out there than anyone else at the club. If he can keep his discipline I’d keep him there although Gosling might have a say in that. Masterstroke from clueless chris! All he actually did was pick our best available players.

  9. Clint-with reference to the last thread, the lass in question regarding the assault wasn’t the lass he supposedly lamped Taylor over. The whole Taylor debacle was over a current (more recent?) lass, as opposed to the ex who is claiming assault.

  10. yea, don’t like barton out wide right either, but we really don’t have anyone to nail that spot down just yet. it’s pretyt much there for anyone to grab and based on that performance, guthrie and routhledge will have some work to do to get the starting spot back.

  11. Great news this, we need AC to terrorize Titarse at the weekend. Haway lads, a home will against the Mackems will really get the ball rolling!

  12. the stuff on google maps has been there for ages bud, i think its the road under the stand and the car park?

  13. AOD talkin shite as per usual :) ,what court case hes bailed till jan ,hasent been charged and is very unlikely too be charged

  14. If AC’s lawyer is any good, he will have a Private eye track down who torched the car & if that person is related to the lassie, then leverage can be applied.
    My big concern with Carroll is he is consorting with people who might like to see NUFC lose a few games and try to coerce Carroll into missing a few shots or passes, or get himself a red card. I hope NUFC and the league are looking into this situation, they would in most other sports.

  15. toonsy says:
    October 25, 2010 at 1:52 pm
    The next hissy fit will just be banning you Stuart…..

    We’re gonna need a bigger boat!

  16. Can’t wait for Wednesday and Sunday ! Love going to the match !!!

    I know its a quarter final place at stake but i could take a loss against the’arse if we beat the SMB’s on Sunday !

  17. ive had glasses slip oot my hand before (empty ones) not carroll fault the lad had his heed in the way.
    fuss aboot nowt :).
    all oot to get compo

  18. Wednesday 27th October
    Newcaslte United v Arsenal Sky Sports 2 (19:30-21:30)

    Sunday 31st October
    Newcaslte United v Sunderland Sky Sports 1 (13:00-15:00)

  19. Aye,
    sly like to milk us for punters.
    They don’t think twice about taking a few butts from seats for their own figures, do they?

  20. Seriously? I mean, SERIOUSLY? the glass “accidentally slipped out of his hand and caused a cut to Mr Cook’s (the prosecution) eyebrow”.

    Like saying Neil Lennon head butted Shearer’s boot that time (which he did) :D

  21. toonsy says:
    October 25, 2010 at 3:59 pm
    Yes, to ship your fat arse oot…..

    …and definately a bigger hook!

  22. Daan@37 aye I’m going.

    Beeguy…ya’d never make money betting on the Toon to lose ;-)

    Carroll’s obviously not a Geordie, ya could cover my hands in baby oil but there’s still no way a glass with beer in would “accidently” fly out my hand :lol:

  23. Ice..I’ll drink through owt, spent a day drinking thru a straw years ago in Germany.I tried to run thru a hall of mirrors at the Rhine Army Summer Show, I didn’t get very far I ran into a lad who was the spit of me like ;-)

  24. Born again-loads in platinum but as ice says they’re 70-75 a pop. Everywhere else is down to single seats pretty much. You might find two together somewhere but you’ll be lucky. All areas are listed as “nearly sold out” bar platinum club. I think even bar 1892 is almost gone. As for the site, just keep clicking that try again thing when you hit buy tickets mate, it’ll work eventually.

  25. Ice-gers won it 3-1 mate. One of their goals was a pen so nowt wor Forster could do about that like. Another was a scramble over the line. He was at fault for one of them though. Got the ball played back to him And scuffed his clearance under little pressure. Gave it straight back to Rangers and they scored. As I said y/day mate, it’s a learning curve for him. He’ll have learnt alot playing in an old firm derby and will learn alot from mistakes made. My mates who are Celtic fans have all seemingly been canny impressed with him so far like. Kept a few clean sheets and is better than what they had.

  26. Good this has been dealt with so quickly, he hasn’t been given a court date yet for the incident with that lass – may or may not even goto court dependant on what the crown prosecution think. obviously we dont know the ins and outs so we’ll just have to wait

    looking forward to the game against arsenal even tho I think they’ll field a fairly strong team and we’re likely to get knocked out – it’s a good chance for the fringe players / young uns to show CH (and us) just what they can do.
    Vuckic is due a decent game if just to live up to the hype thats been surronding him, to be honest he hasn’t looked that great in the games I’ve seen him although am fully aware he’s been played out of position

    My team for Weds

    Perch Cambell (if fit) Collo Ferguson

    R Taylor Guthrie Smith Routledge




  27. He was on the bench for our the Wigan game I think. Could be wrong. I think 4411’s lineup looks pretty realistic and good. Perch will start at right back, but with Colo and Kadar in the center I think. Everything else looks great and we could actually get something out of that game depending on who Arsene plays.

    Definitely look for Lovenkrands to be involved in some way as well.

  28. I think we should put out a decent side against Arsenal.


    He won’t risk Enrique, Carroll, Ameobi, Tiote, Barton ect.

  29. I suddenly feel like going, can you pay on the door? I want them to really try in the cup but suppose it would be a bit hypocritical if I don’t go mesell.

  30. I think there’ll be pay on the door mate, obviously prem survival is the main thing but get past Arsenal and who knows.