Carroll to plead ‘not guilty’.

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More Carroll controversy.
More Carroll controversy.
Whilst stuck in the middle of this latest bit of media frenzy surrounding Newcastle and their finances, it can be easy to forget the real things that matter to us, like the playing side of things.

I am of course talking about Andy Carroll who has today reported to Newcastle Crown Court to enter his plea against his charge of assault occasioning actual bodily happened regarding an alleged incident that happened back in December, a charge that he is expected to answer with a ‘not guilty’ plea. At least it gives us something else to focus on other that worrying about what latest financial pearl of wisdom happens to come from our club, or from the newspapers about our club, I should perhaps say. And Newcastle fans will need to have one eye on this court case, and more particularly what the outcome will be regarding a player that is likely to be the focal point of our Premier League attack next season.

It sounds sick, but it is actually great to talk about football players again, although admittedly I would prefer to be talking about them in more favourable circumstances. At the end of the day, who knows what the verdict will be? Nobody yet, and it is a situation that looks like it will be ongoing for a while yet as more court dates will need set for a trial.

I hope Carroll does get through it whilst avoiding a jail term. This is not me condoning what he may or may not have done, but from the perspective of a Newcastle fan, I naturally want to see our best players out on the pitch.

It has only been a short career so far for Andy Carroll, but it has already been filled with controversy. Back in October ’07, Carroll was sent hom from the England U-19 squad after breaking a team curfue, and just under a year later he recieved a police caution after a complaint of an assault on a woman. Now we have this latest accusation of assualt occasioning actual bodily harm, which back in December, in the classy Bigg Market area of the city.

Moving onto affairs within the club now, and in our last season in the Premier League, Carroll and Charles N’Zogbia has a bout of what the then manager, Joe Kinnear, described as ‘handbags’. More recently we have the now infamous ‘glassjawgate’ affair, where Carroll allegedly broke Steve Taylor’s jaw, although details remain scarce regarding just what has happend.

It actually looks worse now I have written it all out, and by all accounts it appears that wor Andy has a bit of a penchant for trouble. That is something that will have to change if Carroll is to make it in the game, in fact he only has to look at his team-mate Joey Barton to see how continuously getting himself into troublesome situations can be a massive obstacle in the career of a footballer.

If, as is anticipated, Carroll does become the new number nine, he will have to be aware that, rightly or wrongly, the focus will be on him more than ever, especially in the Premier League. I hope Carroll can somehow get through this latest bout of controversy and continue to improve his on the field performance at the rate of which we saw in the second half of last season.

He has the potential to be a canny footballer, but as a person it appears he still has things to learn.

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92 Responses

  1. Yup Toonsy, you’ve again provided a goos and unemotional analysis of Andy Carrol’s predicament and like you, it’d be an all-round victory were he to escape conviction but more particularly, a month or two at Her Majesty’s Pleasure!

    He’s a good player with vast potential but you’re right, he really needs to curb his temper – how about he and Joey B spend a few months up at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey, Carshield, where they could practice Soto Zen reflective meditation. That may just do the trick and teach them tolerance and patience.

    Seriously though, I wonder though whether the spectre of the October trial will or should delay his annointation with the number 9 shirt?

  2. There are lots of things we dont know, like was the incident provoked by the lad, did he actualy glass him, ect, ect. Add this to his other fights and its quite a charge sheet building up. He needs to cool it fast if he wants a successful career.

  3. I think he may leave Toonsy,but I just can’t see it being a top 4 club.I hope he stays but it probably depends on whether the thing with Carroll is really dead and buried,how much of a wage increase he’d be after and whether him/his Dad think he needs a new challenge.

  4. Just seen Carroll leave court in Sky…if the judge doesn’t send him down assault he should least have word about his hair & an apparent inabilty to do his top button up…scruff!

  5. if carrol glassed the lad hes going down the river..
    taylors days a numberd he is the only player with a decent sell on value..

  6. If a bloke on his income gets advised by his lawyer to plead not guilty, it’s because he’s likely to be found to be… not guilty.

    Whereas, if an ambulance-chasing chancer goes for a conviction, it’s in the hope he’ll get lucky.

    My guess: On this occasion, Andy did very little and someone’s just after an out-of-court payday. Hopefully charges will be dropped and the greedy little shites responsible will be had up for wasting police time.

  7. Whumpie – That is my silent thought on it aswell. I can’t imagine Carroll getting a lawyer from Courtcases4you ;)

  8. Hamit Altintop has extended his contract with FC Bayern by extra 1 year. ….not that we have any money for him anyway !

  9. We believe Ed will have a blog out about Newcastle’s NewsNow promotion soon enough

    Comments welcome :D

  10. I know JJ …they are financially worse off than us ! I wish we could raid them and nick Felix Magath ! They have some great young kids coming through too..

    Here’s a bit of a story for everyone…perhaps you know it, perhaps not… Gelsenkirchen (spiritual home of Schalke 04) is actually twinned with Newcastle. The two cities have a lot in common, a common mining history, Schalke fans are MENTAL about footy, and for comparisons with our dislike of the Makkems they absolutely HATE Dortmund, which is aboot 10 kilometers away (our hatred of the makkems is peanuts in comparison !) ..

  11. There’s a jay jay and a JJ on here Munich, try to get the right one mate :)

  12. I remember being told, not long after it happened, at one of the home games by a mate who isn’t into spreading bullsh*t that he’d been told Carroll would do time. Of course, nothing is ever certain and who’s to say he wasn’t just passing on bullsh*t unwittingly?

    Either way, being a footballer can work for you or against you. Depending on your mentality, the drive and ambition can focus you and some lads become much more disciplined than they might have otherwise been. Unfortunately, there are also lots of working class kids who quite often spend time with other lads who are on the cusp of becoming wrong ‘uns so the mindset is wrong. That can be a bad influence on someone who is going to be suddenly thrust into the limelight and every move scrutinised.

    Put that together with a natural temper and instinct to become aggressive by default and you’ve got trouble brewing. If the player also happens to be naturally a bit of a wrong ‘un then you’ve big problems. So I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised.

  13. Y’dead right bowburn,
    let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that-again.

    & that he learns a lesson.

  14. Toonsy, where did that one come from dude…did someone slip something into your Horlicks…?

  15. Nah, only funning ;)

    Interestingly, according to Companies House, apparently, the is no mortgage charge on St James’ Holdings. Interesting…

  16. see b/city knocked back 3.5mil from burnley for manyard,sure they went down this year,alright for some

  17. Well toonsy,
    like the club stated in ‘the statement’:
    If it doesn’t come through the ‘proper’ channels it’s BS, didn’t they?

  18. Interestingly, according to Companies House, apparently, the is no mortgage charge on St James’ Holdings. Interesting…

    wonder if ED will do a blog on it or two or three

  19. Icedog – :lol:

    CLiNT – Feck knows mate, but much the same as you can get accounts for £1, you can also get a roster of charges and loans secured, and apparently there is nothing.

  20. toonsy says:
    June 2, 2010 at 9:00 pm

    “Interestingly, according to Companies House, apparently, the is no mortgage charge on St James’ Holdings. Interesting…”

    I telt ye man! Matt Scott, aka “Digger” is full of it.

  21. ice,
    it couldn’t be our newly formed enemies, could it?
    Unbelievable levels of hate filled BS.

  22. wonder how much shola/best are worth with b/city knocking 3.5mil,for manyard,we might be on to a good thing here

  23. ice,
    maynard looked canny like.
    But y’right, Shola has gotta be worth there or there abouts to a champ team, don’t see why not with Best too.

  24. It was shite, the media just want to wind up the club and it’s supports, let’s not bite.

  25. worky,
    mate i’ve voted, vetoed, & don’t buy any paper, for decades, if y’couldn’t tell from my spiel.
    They all just look for any reason to have a go.
    They should be redefined as comics or worse, fiction.

  26. jay jay,
    that’s the best thing we could do mate.
    Don’t bite & DON’T BUY.
    the sun makes nothing in liverpool, & rightly so.
    the fail & the guidrana should get the same treatment in Newcastle.

  27. CLINT I think prices are getting out of hand,where are these small clubs (crowd wise) getting there cash when we are saying we have nowt,they have just gone down for god sake,b/city say if they double it they will sell hes canny yes (to many pork pies like) but 7mil,i dont think so

  28. Worky – I would but I am mobilly active around the country as we speak now, plus I want to see it with my own eyes first like and will get a copy to look at in the morning ;)

  29. Has anyone heard any news about a young Polish lad we’re signing? My mate rang me about 2 hours ago, he “claims” his mate knows Alan Thompson, who’s last piece of business before he leaves will be to bring in some kid. He also says Thompson is gutted he’s not going to be working with him, but he wouldn’t be surprised if he gets first team action next season.

  30. ice,
    well burnley have got 4 years of guaranteed parachute payments to play with mate.
    That gives ’em a decent shot at coming back up if the spend well.
    maynard is worth £2/3m tops.

  31. Exactly ice,
    although, the rags are gonna be charging to read on the net soon.
    Don’t read the bazza’s on the net either like.
    I try & avoid, i won’t pay them 1p no matter what’s in there, someone’ll always stick it up here if it’s about the Toon.

  32. Aye ice,
    but that wasn’t money they were accustomed to anyway.
    They probably still have a reasonable wage bill & i’d be surprised if they even spent it all last season.

  33. what i could never understand over the years,good and bad WHY do they love to hit the toon with a big stick

  34. ice,
    i dunno mate, but they’ve obviously got a bee in their bonnet about us.
    They think we’re thick, we’re on the extremes of the country, they’re a bit scared of our passion & pride, we’re generally working class, we should just shut up & build stuff for the empire, or something?
    Maybe it’s historical, maybe cos we’re so far away they think we’re fair game.

  35. I like maynard but think burnley put in a good offer for him, he’s not worth any more than that, scored some screamers this season as well as the one against us.

  36. Maybe they’re just jealous cos we love where we’re from?
    & don’t need them?

  37. jay jay,
    aye, BC are just trying to take the piss & they don’t wanna sell to a league rival.
    If a prem team offered that maynard would wanna gan.

  38. Tough one ice,
    brazil, cos everyone always wants ’em too.
    argentina, they cheat if they have to.
    germany, probably, you know why…….
    not sure about they other, maybe spain or any of the usual suspects.
    Though, when you see the first round of games, you normally get a better idea.

    What i’d like to see is teams like holland & usa & teams no one suspected get through.
    I’d love it if brazil, argentina, germany, spain, italy, france didn’t get there.
    Sick of seeing that.
    What about you mate?

  39. Good point clint, most people these days “support” a club but don’t give a shit about the city or culture, we’re different, we’re better, and the don’t like. Bollox to them, we all need to stick together and get behind the club and not allow these pricks in the media to grind us down, I love the club, I love the battlehill estate, I love the Percy arms and rosies, I love the broon and I love the city. Twats in the rags won’t stop that, they can go and chew turds.

  40. CLINT great minds must think a-like lol thats the way i would have thought it, so you dont leave me much like,but think ivory coast might shock a few

  41. Cheers for the reply earlier ice. Shame no one’s heard owt, if the talk is true the kid is hot property. I haven’t even got a name though, just some Polish kid from the First League.

  42. toonsy says:
    June 2, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    “Worky – I would but I am mobilly active around the country as we speak now, plus I want to see it with my own eyes first like and will get a copy to look at in the morning”

    Take your time, Toonsy. Be forensic in your attention to detail, unlike the Grauniad.

  43. jay jay,
    aye, i guess last season’s ‘know one likes us, we don’t care’ attitude hasn’t run it’s course yet.

  44. Soz ice :)
    forgot about I coast.
    Someone different though hey?
    Can’t see england doing it, but they always have a chance, i guess.
    jim, if y’hear owt else mate that y’think is kosher, put it up mate.

  45. JAY JAY,rosies i drank in there for about 2yrs 2pints a day years ago like but didnt call it rosies then forgot what they used to call it maybe percy arms,was in there when it kicked off and the cardiff fans got there come up-ins this year

  46. JM you will normally get reply on here canny lads like,as clint says keep us up on it if you do hear owt m8

  47. Carroll for England. There’s only one Jarra Mick.

  48. Flippin heck, Josep Kreken from Flota Świnoujście, they are about Sunday morning 3rd division standard, but hard as nails, I saw them play a few times… I lived in Świnoujście for 6 months a decade ago.
    We’ll see what this lad is like, could be promising..

  49. Howay lads – this story loses all credibility in the opening sentence: “ACCORDING to this morning’s Daily Mail”.

    No why would the Mail want to sh!t-stir at the Toon? Hmmmm…

    Tell you what – if we sell Carroll to Stoke I’ll take my place on the front line of the Bedsheet Brigade!!!

    And you can hold me to that :)