Toon to unveil new number 9?

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The next in a long line of legends?
The next in a long line of legends?
There has been a certain shirt that has remained empty for sometime now, and even the last player to wear it didn’t ‘fill’ it as such.

I am of course talking about the legendary number 9 shirt worn by club icons such Alan Shearer, Jackie Milburn and Hughie Gallacher.

It is a shirt that has remained vacant since the departure of Obafemi Martins around a year ago now, although Chris Hughton has dropped his strongest hint yet that our wait for a new number 9 could be over pretty shortly, and it we wont even need to go out and sign someone. Yes that’s right, Andy Carroll, number nine, come on down. The local lad looks set for the number nine jersey, which could be a masterstroke. I have talked before about what is required and expected from a number nine, and although Carroll is very much a rough diamond, I believe he will thrive under the pressure and expectation it can bring.

“It has yet to be decided. But the type of character that Andy is tells me he wouldn’t shy away from it if we hand it to him in July,” Hughton said. “He has got no fear and I think he would simply revel in the situation. He certainly will be a good candidate for it.”

“When you look at the greats who’ve worn it, it can be a burden for others, but I honestly don’t think it would be for Andy, he’s not that type of character.”

That pretty much ties in with my assessment of what Carroll would be like, and given the likelihood the we probably wont be signing anyone who deserves an immediate shot at becoming our next number nine, then why not give it to Carroll?

Questions were asked of Andy Carroll at the start of last season as he was thrust into a team in disarray. Would he be able to handle it? He showed he could, certainly in the air anyway, although it wasn’t until later on in the season that he really found his scoring boots. At Christmas, Carroll had just four goals to his name, compared to the 19 he had amassed by the end of the season. The improvement in him was visible and led to him being earmarked for a future England role. Hughton insists his progression must not stop there though:

“It gets even tougher now as we head to the top level. But everything we asked from him last season, he gave us. One of the areas was his goal ratio and the need to give us a good return, and he passed that test with flying colours with 19 goals.”

“He’s an exciting player and one we’re delighted to have. We’ll hopefully see an improvement. He’s a good age and next season is all about the next chapter for him.”

I hope we continue to see an improvement aswell, and I think the number nine shirt could be the spur he needs to improve further, and to avoid trouble off the pitch. And that is the next hurdle in the colourful yet still fledgling career of Andy Carroll.

This week signals the start of the Gateshead lads court case after an alleged incident at Blu Bamboo some months back. On the back of ‘glassjawgate’, it could be the last thing the striker needs. You can keep up to date with goings on here on as and when details become available.

If he can get through it, there is a number 9 shirt waiting for him to come back to.

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172 Responses

  1. oops was commenting on habib beye…

    re the no 9 jersey..yes definately carroll is the only player at the club worthy and it could well be the making of a great era for andy carroll and nufc. he has a shed load of time on his side (hopefully not in hmp durham)
    give him the no9

  2. I agree give it to him , local lad , would know the history of the shirt to the club , stick it on him n hopefully he can do the history justice

  3. Wheeee~~~Bye Beckford.Hope you don’t score whenever you vs. the magpies.^_^

  4. Carroll should wear the No. 8.5 shirt, not quite there yet.

    See if he earns it in the first half of the season, if so, give him it. In fact, no, sell someone it, get a few quid in.

  5. This can turn out very nicely, or this can turn out not so good…
    If Carroll get the Nr. 9 his ego might explode and get the idea that he has already made it…
    Or on the other hand he gets those extra % of energy to get to the next level…
    I think the nr. 9 should stay free for another year.

  6. Aye cadbury,
    i like the idea of not just giving it to anyone.
    Build the status of that shirt, if it needed building?
    But, it’s good to know that CH holds it in high esteem.

  7. “we probably wont be signing anyone who deserves an immediate shot at becoming our next number nine, then why not give it to Carroll?”

    My exact sentiment, he came on so much in the second half of the season and i think he would thrive with it. In fact, If you want my personal opinion, I think we should have him as the focal point of the team and build around him in a 4-3-3 formation!!

  8. Like cadbury said though, it could all gan to his heed.
    He’s not the most stable of lads, is he?
    Though, at least he has ‘bite’ like, which is never a bad thing.
    It’s a tightrope.

  9. i love mike,
    so like this:
    Jonas Barton Guthrie
    Routledge Carroll Lovenkrands?

    Or with Nolan in the MF?

  10. CH and 433? Doesn’t sound realistic, too adventurous. We are going to see 442 and 451.

  11. CLiNT

    Yeah just like that, if you put the team in 4-3-3, for midfield and attack we actually have cover for every position apart from RCF and LCF, a position to which im sure everyone will agree we need cover.

    DM – Barton, Smith
    RM – Guthrie, Nolan
    LM – Vukic, Guti

    CF – Carroll, Shola
    RCF – Routledge
    LCF – Loven

    I also believe it is an important for any team at the top level to adapt to who they are playing, so being able to play 4-3-3, i believe, will be a key to our success/failure next season.
    Coincidence that most of the big teams play with, or an adaptation of (4-5-1, 4-2-4) this formation?

  12. Also no chance Nolan isn’t going to play, he will definitely be our captain, so somehow CH will need to get him in team.

  13. i love mike,
    thought that was your plan like.
    I agree top teams can play various forms.
    Defo 433, 442 at home, & probably 451 away, with a change up to 4411 with Nolan ‘in the hole’.

    i think you’re right too, about Nolan.
    He will & should be capt.

  14. I think we will play 4-5-1 fpr the majority of next season , we played it to good effect last season so see no reason to change it,


    New rb Colo S.Taylor Enrquie

    Barton Smith

    Routledge Nolan Jonas


    Id say Vukic will come off the bench to start off with replacing Nolan , linking up midfield n attack , Mclovin to come off bench to add pace r if we go 4-4-2 , Guthrie to cover centre mid n out right. Simpson Wiiliamson n Kadar to cover back 4.

    So to me it would sguggest we need cover for lb , lw upfront and maybe another defensive midfielder

  15. “Put him out of his misery” Supermac on Leon Best – Funny as Fook :lol:

  16. Aye, SuperMac. Fanstastic player, shame he has spent 30 years on the piss festering in his own urine.

    What was it he said about Shearer?
    What was it he said anout us getting relegeted forn the fizzy?

    Hmm, thought so.

  17. Craig – Im having enough of your sly little digs about being an Ashley lover FFS.

    Grow up.

  18. yes craig we had lots of great forwards last 20 years won nothing. they mean shit. carrol will do. midfield we need and a right back. no defender will cope with carrol in the air.

  19. Have to agree with Asim, the last and only successfull No 9 we had was Jackie Milburn. Perhaps we either drop the supposed cachet and myth about the No 9 shirt and just treat it as another team number. Or save it and give it to a player who is part of a silverware winning team. Having said that it would have looked silly if Guivarch had filled that criteria in the past. Anyone suggest the most undeserving wearer of the shirt.

  20. Martins for me. Score of great goals, not a great goalscorer. Not a typical number 9, could you see Martins getting stuck in?

  21. toonsy martins was great when fit. martins got injuried always the wrong time or we would have stayed up. going into xmass he was on a role we won against portsmouth away and that was the end for us.always when we needed him the most we lost him.

  22. Asim – I don’t think he was a bad player, just not a traditional number 9. Although he did have a tendancy to waste the ball, miss easy chances, fall over etc…

  23. yes a agree with u! no1 ever got hold of him and if they did he could be anything he did great things i would have him back in a flash.

  24. toonsy… it wasnt a sly dig was it…it was meant to be blatant!! damn, i messed up there.
    I agree actually about this whole number nine bollocks. i dont give a shit who wears in anymore. i dont know big willy about jackie besing last good number 9, shearer was a good number 9 i guess, all time leading goal scorer in prem etc. like him or not, he was a great goal scorer, not as good as cole but still class. Thats made me think… was cole number 9? a;sp i think les ferdinand was too and they took it off him when shearer joined… there are three class number 9’s straight away.

  25. We have only had 4 number 9’s in the Prem. Cole, Ferdinand, Shearer, Martins.

  26. i liked martins alot, he was more like asprila than a normal 9… totally fcuked up, didnt know what was coming next with him. we never ever realised his potential though. he was benched far too often, and that is no good for a striker.

  27. Craig,
    willy said ‘successful’ no.9’s, hence Milburn.
    Although there musta been one that won the fairs cup, hey?

  28. Martins missed way too many sitters last prem season, that woulda kept us up alone.

  29. successful number 9 means the idividual number NOT the team. Shearer being all time time leading goal scorer in prem to date will mean he is the most successful number 9 in the history of the prem…. if you want to look at it from a pure stats point of view like. or thats my take on it anyway.

  30. 37…. martins had made his mind up that he wanted to go and didnt give a shit anymore, like owen (well.. he never did from day one), given, zogs, beye, bassong, duff etc. they all gave us two fingers really.

  31. I agree with you craig,
    Shearer is ‘all time’.
    & you’re dead right about the players you’ve listed too.

    Willy just meant No. 9’s that won silverware with us, is my take on it, though i could be wrong like.

  32. Depends how deep you want to look. Hughie Gallagher would, and did, have scored tons more for us but they weren’t official apprently.

  33. To hell with who gets the no.9# shirt, personally i don`t think we have anyone who merit`s it.
    More concerned by the recent reiteration by Ashley, there`s no money available to buy players.
    Then did we really put in a bid for Onauha, or was that newspaper talk ?
    Question is “who to believe”
    We are back to the same old bullshit, where the owner puts out a dodgy statement that even the expert`s cant agree on.
    It should look like deja vue, all over again, if we go back to the two preceding off seasons.
    Whats up with this guy does he have total disregard for his customers, probably.
    Looking at last season he comes to the conclusion, WTF
    these assholes will show up even if we are in the 3rd. division and he`s right.
    So i`ll just spend enough to survive, skim as much profit as i can, in order to get my dosh back and justify it by a five year plan.
    The fans will buy it and believe i`m some kind of savior, compared to Man. U. & Liverpool`s management.
    In the meantime if a buyer comes along with a decent price, i`m outta here !
    The only weapon the fans have at their disposal is to withhold their bums from St.James and if enough do so it could produce a definate change of direction, cause it`s really all about DOSH !
    But don`t hold your breath waiting for that to happen, it could only happen through an organized group.

  34. Can’t really do it on projected stats can ya’?
    Although ratio does count for a lot, until it comes to players we don’t like, hey?

    Step forward Shola.

  35. For me Martins flattered to deceive, and still to this day, polarises opinion. I sway towards the negative unfortunately.

    To say he could make something happen and spank one in from 30 yards does not make a good forward. For one, at times of need – last season – you need your big players to shine, he did not, Michael Owen gets the brunt of the blame, and so should Martins.

    Secondly, he was probably one of the most unintelligent players ive ever seen. I dont know what it was but it was as though he hadn’t been coached on how to utilise his attributes, i.e. his pace and power, to better effect.

    Thirdly, his first touch was like Ian Huntley and the subsequent lay off to a team mate usually went out of play. After this he would jump around, wave his arms and get angry with himself, leading to frustration, and thereafter, his game would go down hill.

    I could go on, however I dont want to come across as being to harsh, as I liked the guy, when the team was doing well that is. When we weren’t doing so well, he was a luxury, as time has shown us, we couldn’t afford, and we paid the price.

  36. Chuck – It’s only the Sunday Sun that have actually said that. I credit you with enough intelligence to disregard the no money thing that has been reiterated;

    a) Not through official channels
    b) The club have said they wont be talking to the press
    c) The Sunday Sun get nowt right
    d) Why were they the only paper to print it
    e) Why has the Journal said something different today

  37. chuck,
    that’s all dependent on ‘believing’ some scurrilous sunday sun shoite isn’t it?
    But if you believe that, then you’re free to believe that potential liable you’ve just wrote mate.

    Wild old leap of imagination you’ve got going on there, for a bank holiday monday.

  38. Chuck

    “More concerned by the recent reiteration by Ashley, there`s no money available to buy players.”

    1. There was no such statement in the first place, which leads me obviously on to,
    2. Therefore it is impossible to have a reiteration of the (non) statement.

    It was the Sunday Sun man saying this gash, without a direct quote, and after the club said they would NOT be communicating with the press in this way.

    It really is possibly the worst excuse of a paper going, apart from the Mail of course.

  39. Dont forget, the SS is banned from SJP. Seems highly irregular that a club that has banned a paper for writing lies would then contact them to clarify something.

  40. didnt Luke Edwards try to get clarification on what “no capital outlay for new players” meant? and they replied.
    no capital outlay for new players means there will be no capital outlay for new players this summer, thanks.
    haha I quite liked that actually, would have well would them up

  41. toonsy, andy cole wasnt as good as i thought, it must have been after he went to manure that he became prolific. at ours he had 70 games and 22 goals.

  42. @58……….nope, there has been no further statement on it other than the initial one from the club on its own website. there is not a single quaote or even word that can be attributed to anyone in newcastle by name which indicates that this further clarification ever took place.

  43. The ‘ss’ & the paper that supported the actual ‘SS’ (the fail).

  44. Craig – Found a new winner. Albert Stubbins ;)

    Games – 218
    Goals – 237

    Andy Cole 68 in 84 games in all comps, apparently

  45. yes toonsy but again its the ‘official games’ thing. stubbins only played in 30 official games for us, scoring 6. the other games were in wartime and therefore classed as all being friendlys. but i have it as 188 goals in 231 apps for toon. hell of a ratio either way like.

  46. Aye Toonsy but the vast majority of Albert Stubbins’ goals came during the war so they get classed as friendlies :-(

  47. i love mike… yeah i see your point BUT all that is is the official release about this ‘no capital outlay’ bollox. This is what everyone is up in a rage about… no-one knows what it really seems to mean. I stand by my previous, what you have directed me to is the original release… there has been no further info since that date to clarify it any further. i agree actually, i dont think we will spend a single penny. Thats my own thoughts though, and not an official statement since the first.

  48. “the curt response was…….”
    Poor little darlings.

    They don’t like it up ’em.

  49. toonsy says:
    May 31, 2010 at 6:43 pm

    “Craig – Found a new winner. Albert Stubbins

    Games – 218
    Goals – 237”

    Stubbins was indeed one of Newcastle united’s finest ever players, and a great goal machine both here and at Liverpool, where he is still a legend. However, most of his Newcastle goals were scored during the war, when the League system was temporarily disbanded, and the competition wasn’t as strong. Jackie Milburn also scored a few during the war in his early days too, which weren’t counted in his overall scoring tally.

    There are also other factors which affect the scoring records of other players, such as the ‘offside’ rules of the game at the time, different tactics and formations etc. It isn’t as easy as it looks comparing different players from different eras sometimes.

  50. And Alan Shearer’s record is filled out with alot of penalties too, which is another factor which should be taken on board. His very best scoring days were at Blackburn.

  51. craig chisholm says:
    May 31, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    “i love mike… yeah i see your point BUT all that is is the official release about this ‘no capital outlay’ bollox. This is what everyone is up in a rage about… no-one knows what it really seems to mean.”

    Craig, I know what it means, and so do many other people. I have tried to explain what it means several times in the simplest possible terms, and wrote a blog about it. However, it suits the agenda of some people to try and persuade people that it means that Ashley will not be spending anything on the club ever again. I am sick of liars with agendas.

  52. Second thoughts, I will leave it you you, Worky :(

    You would look into it deeper than I would :D

  53. Toonsy going by CH’s words I think he could well give Carroll the No 9. I think he would wear it with pride and we would maybe even get another 5% out of him, and I cant really see us getting a top class striker in that would warrant the immediate right to wear the No9 atlest Carroll has put alot of effort into it allready.

  54. toonsy says:
    May 31, 2010 at 7:10 pm

    “Second thoughts, I will leave it you you, Worky

    You would look into it deeper than I would”

    What was the question, Toonsy?

  55. Hey, guess you guys know more than i do concerning Ashley`s intention.
    Sound`s to me like Mike has got you covered, you will put up with any crap he lays on you and even become apologist`s for him.
    You just cant accept what`s in front of your eyes.
    Ah well !

    As for comparing no. 9`s, what about people like Vic Keeble who ? or George Robledo ? Len White perhaps ?
    Players from the golden era, late forties until mid sixties.

  56. There wasn’t one really, Worky.

    I was just going to do something about who is our best number 9, but then you said about law changes, penalties etc.

    I wouldn’t have looked into it so deep, so it’s best that I left it.

  57. There should be one very important factor in determing who is the greatest goalscorer, whether they were Peter Beardsley assisted or not. Players like Lineker, Keegan, Cole and Ferdinand simply couldn’t avoid scoring when he was around.

  58. chuck says:
    May 31, 2010 at 7:17 pm

    “As for comparing no. 9`s, what about people like Vic Keeble who ? or George Robledo ? Len White perhaps ?”

    I don’t think that Robledo was ever a number nine?

  59. 89………. na worky, sont buy into that at all. people like martins for us, berba for manure, cant hit a barn door at ten feet, regardless of who passes. god could have passed it to oba and he would have missed. penalties should count… as they are often missed, as lampard with engalnd just proved!! it has to go on games to goals ratio. its the only way of doing it.

  60. craig chisholm says:
    May 31, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    “89………. na worky, sont buy into that at all.”

    Sometimes, Craig, things are more complicated than we would like them to be.

  61. 25 toonsy says:
    May 31, 2010 at 4:50 pm
    Craig – Im having enough of your sly little digs about being an Ashley lover FFS.

    Grow up.

    I think toonsy does love M.A when
    1 he stays in the smoke
    2 keeps his gob shut via owl heed
    3 spends about 5mil in window
    4 wears some decent gear (instead of being a slob
    5 sure he will even more if he spends 20mil or so this year
    could be wrong like,but its just mo

  62. “Wears some decent gear instead of being a slob”

    Quality, you cheer me up sometimes Icedog :D

  63. Sorry to comment and run, but CLiNT was correct, I was thinking of centre forwards (No 9s) who were members of teams who actually won something. I wouldn’t deny that we have had some brilliant ones like Shearer but at the end of the day it meant nowt to us as regards silverware. Just curious but what would be the scenario if we had had some brilliant No 5s, would that shirt become sacrosanct and only to be worn by a chosen one.

  64. Big Willy – I guess so, I mean the number is different at other clubs isn’t it? Like Man Utd and No7, so I guess that it would.

  65. sorry but comeing from the old school i dont think carroll should get the no9,to me its more than just playing footy,its about carrying the name of the TOON in all aspects of life as in AS,JM ect, god even the great poor HG couldnt take the shame and ended it,respect is what you require imho

  66. BIG WILLY,its funny like toon were always known for c/fs,and the team from the dark-side were noted for there c/hs in days gone bye

  67. toonsy, yes they are complicated when you look at the overall picture and the way worky said it, it would be impossible to work out the best striker. However i do acknowledge he has a point. therefore we should do everything on ratios to games but also you could do one for most assists. The would capture the beardos, ginolas and roberts etc. Otherwise it is like saying you can only judge the keeper if he has woodgate instead of bramble in front etc. the permutations are too much if we dont stick to the basic principals.

  68. Speaking of short term wonders and the hardest shots does anyone remember Bottom (think it was Arthur or Albert) had a kick like a mule. Can’t remember how many he scored or how long he was with us but it came to mind at the mention of Martins (few) thunderbolts he scored for us. By the way I thought Martin was rubbish for us as he is currently with Wolfsberg, we did ok there. :)

  69. Icedog, weak shot perhaps but he was a class player I was gutted when he went to Arsenal.

  70. Oh and just to add to comment 109 he had one of the hardest shooters ever alongside him in the shape of wor Ivor.

  71. BIG WILLY aye he was good player,played couple of times with real great c/h from s/land in his later days g.atkin scot/int many moons ago

  72. BIG WILLY was the most unlucky player was ivor hit post/crossbar more than any player i can think of

  73. lets retire the number 9 in memory of when we were just an honest footy team with heart at the centre of our values, not about profit, loss, ego, salaries etc. Like motogp did with kevin schwanz, they retired the number 37 (i think). lets be honest, if you do buy into the whole number 9 thingy, there is no-one fit to wear it.

  74. Craig – Your kind of right, it is just another number at the end of the day, and choosing who wears it would mean nowt if the starting XI still had to have 1-11.

  75. Toonsy, pity, you missed some quality games in that case. Why not trawl the archives for some footage of the Eastham, White, Allchurch combo.

    Icedog just realised you were talking about Hughie Gallagher, unfortunatly I did a Toonsy and missed him, just before my time.

  76. TOONSY,best forward line in lge history imo,eastham/white/allchurch,used to play with three inside forwards and two wingers,those were the days like,even m/u didnt have a better one

  77. Big Willy – I have seen footage of the old days, I found a cracking youtube clip the other day which was like a montage of our older days. I will try and find it again at some point.

  78. Toonsy, I shall look forward to it. Have to admit I was amazed and delighted at some of the stuff you have managed to unearth so far.

  79. BIG WILLY i dont remember Hughie/G but my dad was footy daft and kept all the newspaper cuttings about his life which i loved to read over and over

  80. Sorry but I’ve got to run again, enjoyed the banter though, nice to talk about football in a civilised way. ;)

  81. Big Willy – Was that the old footage? Like of the 50’s FA Cup’s?

    If so, that was Worky. I have done the modern ones so far.

  82. Icedog – Think Worky is planning on doing something about Hughie like, a tribute type thing.

  83. TOONSY,both yours and workys footage have been great,and most enjoyed by all footy fans,which is proved by how many hits y-tube get like.better than getting 3-4 posts on one rag report like some if you get my drift ;)

  84. TOONSY you can tell worky ime still trying to hunt down some stuff on 69 fairs cup,i will get there i hope,havent given up like

  85. Aye, I can get loads more of the ones I have been doing but there aren’t that many of good enough quality to put on here, ie the video is shit.

    I have got someone I know trying to smarten some up, the 8-0 against Sheff Wed is the one he is working on at the minute.

  86. it’s fascinating just looking at the crowd and the old ground as well as the football from some of that old 50’s footage.

    impressed with the newer stuff as well, toonsy.

  87. Icedog – Heard Dave found a penny on the floor so had to recount his whole fortunr again :lol:

    Malchick – Not a massive fan of standing up. I was all for terracing coming back to grounds, but a trip to Hillsborough earlier in the season stopped that in its tracks for me. Spooky mate, real weird.

  88. Yep, you know what they, look after the pennies and that. Dave is just making doubly sure :D

  89. love standing me,nowt worse than somebody dives up in front of you from seat just at the wrong minute i could ————

  90. aye agree toonsy. i was at peterborough, first time standing for years, no desire to return to it if i’m honest. happy memories, look back fondly but too old now i think!!!

  91. Peterborough was class though. I wasn’t standing as such, more swaying around pissed :D

    Thing is, standing is almost deemed acceptable for away teams, yet it isn’t for the home sides. Surely if it’s dangerous for the home fans then its dangerous for both sets of fans?

  92. see the storeys doing the rounds again about player wont come to toon while JB at club,its hard enough getting players without this riseing its head again

  93. Icedog – Paper talk mate. That Onouha said he was sad to see Barton leave Man City as he was a good influence on the younger players.

  94. Its just a wind up, only one who didn’t come to Newcastle, because of Barton was Silvestre, can’t say it was a big loss. Also we need players with character and balls, not someone who is afraid of monk Barton.

  95. Icedog – Aye, he’ll probably see it himself anyway but I will tell him.

    Reet, catch you all tomorrow :)

  96. HRH THE QUEEN was spelbound.

    HRH THE QUEEN has ordered HRH THE PRINCE OF WALES be taken away on wednesday the 02/05/2010 to have his left arm amputated from the shoulder,good.

    she is also aware of gail platts circumstances and feels heartfelt sorry for her.

  97. Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeon Number 9
    Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeon Number 9
    Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeon Number 9
    Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeon Number 9
    Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeon Number 9
    Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeon Number 9
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  98. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear, happy birthday to you. Well done Workey on making such a success of the blog and hitting the first anniversary mark. Great blog, which I’m sure is enjoyed by all. The addition of Toonsy to writing duties over recent months has been fab. Long may it continue.

  99. Did you stay up especially for that Deb? I have a slice of cake for you if you’d like it? ;)

    Happy birthday ‘blog :)

  100. It’s my brothers birthday today as well, so I won’t forget the blogs birthday in a hurry.

  101. Johno Toon says:
    June 1, 2010 at 8:42 am
    Happy Birthday Blog!

    Dunno what id do without it in work<<<< perhaps u might actuley do some work withoot it :lol:

  102. Workey says

    I dont think Robledo was a number 9

    Perhaps you don`t realize that during that era there were no permanent no`s. issued to individuals.

    Numbers were limited from 2# through 11# that is right back to left wing.
    In which case whoever played the designated position was awarded the corresponding no.

    So to a degree you are right being Wor Jackie played the center forward role most of the time.

    However Robledo played quite a few times as CF and in many cases played a joint striker role with Millburn.
    That being the reason i included him with Len White who came to the club originally as a replacement for Tommy Walker on the right wing, but was converted to a CF.

    Ah ! the golden era, guys talk about KK`s sides, but we had great sides during the entire fifties, into the mid sixties also.

  103. chuck says:
    June 1, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    “Workey says

    I dont think Robledo was a number 9

    Perhaps you don`t realize that during that era there were no permanent no`s. issued to individuals.

    Numbers were limited from 2# through 11# that is right back to left wing.
    In which case whoever played the designated position was awarded the corresponding no.”

    Aye, that’s a very good point, Chuck. Many people writing about Newcastle United write about players being ‘awarded’ the No9, but it is mythmaking in hindsight. However, wasn’t Robledo mostly an inside forward who scored a ridiculous amount of goals for someone in that position?

  104. I’d say that’s only partly true chaps.

    Wouldn’t you agree it’s fairly accurate to say that certain players were always ear-marked the No.9 shirt and if they played, nobody else was going to get it? Meaning the shirt was more or less theirs in essence?

  105. TOONSY OOOOOOOOO,not quite, below the belt that one i owe you one,keep your wits about you,everything comes to those that wait ;)

  106. Workey

    True, for the most part he played inside left and wore the no.10# but not as the typical fetch and carry , actually more like a joint striker alongside Millburn, quite.
    innovative for the time.
    George was a natural goalscorer who was excellent in the air, which was Millburn`s weakness.
    Millburn had great pace and got his goals, actually was a decent defender too, unusual for a CF.
    However the most entertaining player was Bobby Mitchell, who played around twelve years for the side, who also got his goals and made most of the others.