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Part two of our one year NUFC Blog retrospective.
Part two of our one year NUFC Blog retrospective.
Part Two.

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Before I begin with the second instalment of our little retrospective, I would like to thank all those who left such wonderful comments about the blog in the first instalment yesterday, and indeed, everyone who has stuck by the blog in general.

I left the first part of this retrospective with one of our stories (by Geordie Deb) written in the aftermath of the sad death of Sir Bobby Robson, as it seemed an appropriate point to finish on. It is now time to move on, mostly through speculative tosh and non stories regarding Ashley’s second attempt to sell the club, as the publicity hounds seeked to captilise once again on one of Newcastle United’s sorrier periods. Of course, there was also the great exodus of supposedly top players at the club which relegation and lesser income streams brought. We saw the departure of Duff, Beye, Bassong, and of course, Michael Owen.

As I hinted at in the previous chapter, this period also saw the emergence of Chris Hughton as a leader under the most testing of conditions as Newcastle got their season in the Championship underway. Both of these facets were kind of hinted at in the first story I have included by someone who was undoubtedly one of our best writers, but who is sadly no longer with us, Hugh de Payen. His small news article on the 29th August last year, “Fire sale over, says Hughton“, seems to hint, albeit faintly, at some kind of ‘turning of the corner’ for the club, with Hughton succesfully calling for an end to the fire sale, and though much depleted in terms of ‘big names’ a greater collective spirit seemed to be emerging, a spirit which barely existed in the previous season of emnity and flux.

A few victories on the pitch even made NUST supporting Bowburnmag, question his previous emnity toward Ashley in another one of his more reflective pieces on Sep 5th entitled “Ashley has made waves but is he turning the tide at Newcastle? In it, he asks:

“What would you say if I was to suggest he may turn out to be, not the worst thing to have happened to Newcastle United in recent years?”

Moving on, sometimes the best stories aren’t always driven by big, current events at the club, whether in the boardroom or on the pitch, and some can even be inspired by the paucity of stories from those places. The next two stories encapsulate this perfectly, and both are once again by NUFC Blog’s master of whimsy, Bowburnmag. The first captures life in the stands back in the eighties, when he was a young supporter, and is called “Whatever happened to the East Stand Kenny Everett?“. The Kenny Everett in the title referred to an an East stander who bore a remarkable resemblance to the comedy DJ who was very popular on the TV and radio of the time. The next story was Bowburn’s short piece on the young player, Haris Vučkić, who is almost certainly the brightest of Newcastle’s young talents. I remember the first time I actually saw him play, and how his natural poise, instinct and ability on the ball convinced me almost immediately, like it did with Peter Beardsley more years ago than I care to remember. Bowburn himself seemed to have had the exact same thoughts as I did. Indulging his habit of giving stories silly titles, his Vučkić piece is called ““Haris, Haris? Who the Vučkić Haris?

The next story I’ve chosen came from a very occaissional contributor in our earlier days, Micky Toon, where he cuts stright through the mindless, sentimental bull**** and asks why it was such a good thing that ex manager, Kevin Keegan, was attempting to sue the club for £10 million in a piece called “Not Walking in a Keegan Wonderland“. Of course, it turns out that the mini Rasputin was actually attempting to skin the club for a whopping £25.1 million for an estimated lifetime’s earnings, despite moving to expand his chain of Soccer Circuses worldwide, starting with Center Parcs and the Middle East.

Now it really is time that I started choosing some more stories from one of the best writers this blog has had in it’s brief history so far, Hugh de Payen. So, I will conclude this episode in our retrospective with the another story I have chosen from him, which is a fairly wide ranging examination of the pros and cons of Ashley’s reign up to that point (in late September of last year). It is an excellent piece of writing with the straightforward title, “What has Mike Ashley ever done for us?

Part three will follow soon…

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189 Responses

  1. WORKY people/fans will have there views on the posts (which is there right) i will just say i look forward to BLOG no 10,11,ect,i enjoy them
    ps did toony pass my post to you?

  2. Worky,

    “installment” has two “ls” come on proof read this stuff ;-)

    Toonsy, give him a rollocking!!!

  3. My dictionary is American mind and them damned yanks never get anything right! ;)

  4. “Bowburn himself seemed to have had the exact same thoughts as I did. Indulging his habit of giving stories silly titles, his Vučkić piece is called ““Haris, Haris? Who the Vučkić Haris?””

    Excellent headline :-)

  5. Ye, I’d hate to do those spelling “b’s” in the states. They can’t even spell in a dictionary and now they trying to hold contests…

    Color, ass, mustache, check book, donut, beer draft, plow, program…

    Why don’t they just invent their own language if they hate English so much ;-)

  6. The ‘Haris Haris’ title is genius BBM ,good article Worky and good articles within it too.
    I’m starting to get withdrawal symptoms now from the lack of football :-(

  7. Ashley OOT and Owl Heed Coot.
    See Stoke and Brum a supposedly after Carroll…that Arsenal model is kicking in eh?
    I hate NUFC Board-they make me Bored-I want them to Jump over Bored…fingers crossed it is shark infested waters…TOSSERS.

  8. Richietoon I’m starting to get withdrawal symptoms now from the lack of football.

    Though you would have been glued to newsnow seeing all the transfers we are making…A Swedish Giant…….age 15 and some bird from Newcastle airport brought in to deceive you in a more gentle and acceptable way :lol:

  9. SJT – I have Owl Heeds direct line if you want to tell him how much you love him…

    It’s 0191 28 28 20

    Just ask for Del ;)

  10. Ask for Casino Coot :)
    I wouldn’t even bother wasting a bit of my 800 minutes free talk time a month on that bumbling TOSSPOT !!
    If you are reading this Mr Coot Fk You !!

  11. Does Coot actually work in newcastle or is he in Cockeyed Dwarfs old office down Sarf?

  12. You’ve gotta admit – the number’s a nice touch. Auld Owl Heed his a classy geezer!

  13. Your Missing a digit by the way TC-Well done on getting the dealing code right.

  14. They say that if you stare into a mirror and say the number out loud, Owl Heed flies in through your bedroom window and steals all your beer tokens.

    Try it…


  15. Nice to see we were able to chat about some the finer points of the blog before it got derailed……. Oh, hang on…… ;)

  16. Nice1 SJT – thought I was gonna have to spell it out for a minute there! Ha :)

    Reet, off to me cot.

    Well done on a tremendous blog again worky, toonsy et al.


  17. Was very funny TC….I was trying to find a good owl joke as a come back online but they where all really bad.

    The I love Mike Blogger uses the word “fooking” and so do I sometimes,I just want to clarify this blogger is certainly not me.


    Only the roughstuff for wor Richie :)
    Night Lads !

  18. @10,12- I’m one of the “yanks” that prefers to call it football instead of soccer, so at least I have that much goin’ for me. ;)

  19. Morning guys my Dad is on a work placement in Germany and reports over there are saying that CH has approached Steve Maclaren over loaning two of his players the first one being Jan Simunek and the other being OBA!!!! Now personally I think we need OBA back and the fact that his family still live in the toon would be a mojor pulling factor for him I rekon, dont know too much about Simunek though I think he’s a defender so might mean Stevie T is on his way oot??

  20. Oba just doesn’t score enough goals, when he scores they are usually good goals but he misses chances toonsy would put away.

  21. Jbacon1 where does your dad get his facts mate ? I speak German and can decipher all dodgy rumours if need be !

    To be honest I’d welcome Oba back, but he’d need to take a wage cut for sure !
    Simunek is 23 and moved from Sparta Prague to Wolfsburg for 4,5mill euros in 2008. Could be a good signing for us..

  22. 39 goals in 105 appearances(according to the ever reliable wiki!!!) in all competitions which is ok considering a few times he was used as sub especially under SA…………but if he was one of the players who stood up and said they wanted to leave then I wouldn’t want him back,loan or otherwise.
    Whey work beckons,later lads and bis spater(for Munich)

  23. He has been speaking to a few Bayern fans in his hotel in Munich and when my Dad first revealed he was a geordie fan they loved it and then started talking about our relegation and how sad they were, when one of them said at least you will have martins back to keep you up! My Dad didnt believe it at first but a few of them confirmed that CH has been out a couple of times to watch a few German matches and it has been in a few German rags. It could be a load of old tripe but theres never smoke without fire!

  24. Munich Mag, you mentioned some lad called Kreken in the last comments. Know anything about him?

    Where abouts in Swinoujscie did you live? I know the place quite well, I lived in Karsibor for short while. I thought their football was a decent standard, not good by any stretch of the imagination, but some of their better players could be looking at League 2.

  25. Yaalreet jbacon1, I live in Munich, gis a shout if you or your old man need a hand. Haven’t heard any of these rumours about Oba !

    Where’s Wally…sorry mate, I know nowt about the lad, just what I picked up from Wikipedia. I did watch a few games when I lived there..in 1998 by the way, a lot has probably happened in Swinoujscie since then ! Cannae remember the name of the hotel where I stayed in Swinoujscie, but it was within walking distance of the Sweden ferry terminal. Later I lived in the Amber Baltic and a guest house in Miedzyzdroje. Fabulous time by the way, Baltic Sea is great !

    Karsibor, just checked it out on Google, not too far, but didn’t visit there. Where are you living now, still in eatern europe ?

    Bis später Richie Toon ! No work today for us in Bavaria…Bank Holiday…and Bank Holiday weather too…cack !

  26. Anyone near a TV?

    SSN reporting Brum have/will bid for Carroll apparently.

  27. bowburnmag says:
    June 3, 2010 at 9:24 am
    Anyone near a TV?

    SSN reporting Brum have/will bid for Carroll apparently.

    Get used to it, were a selling club.

    We’ll probably accept £2m over 5 years.

  28. Don’t rate Oba at all. He has to be one of the dumbest (in purely footballing terms) players I’ve ever seen – and that includes school football.

    No movement off the ball, poor distribution, poor touch, poor decision making.

    Power and pace is all he has – yeah the other stuff can be taught, but thats what you learn in the academy’s – I fear it is too late for him now.

    Give me Lovenkrands any day of the week.

  29. Munich Mag hes staying at Platzl Hotel in Munich Centre.

    Its driving him mad there because there are some hairy arsed mackems staying there aswell!! Hope the rumours about OBA are true, really really miss him screaming one in from 25 yards n doing his flips!!

  30. Gotcha jbacon1… one toon lad against a mob of hairy arsed makkems…numbers are about right.

  31. Every club in England bar Man City, possibly Chelsea is a selling club.

  32. There are only 2 clubs in the world that can and will pay megabucks for superstars these days.

    Unfortunately for them one of them seems only to be able to attract B and C listers.

    It appears even Barca refuse to pay over the odds in the current financial climate.

  33. Agreed TC.. regarding the crazy fees for players being bandied about, they are only true if the club interested in the player will pay the quoted fee. Howay man, 30 million for Milner, good for Villa, if Citeh are willing to pay it then good on them.

  34. Toon Chicken says:
    June 3, 2010 at 9:54 am

    You don’t think £40m is paying over the odds for Fabregas?

  35. TC…there are probably more than 2 clubs who can pay the big wedge (+15 miilion quid) for players..

    England – Man City, Chelsea for sure …Spuds, Arsenal, Liverpool perhaps..
    Germany – FC Bayern
    Italy – Juventus, Inter, AC Milan
    Spain – Real and Barca..
    Turkey – Besiktas etc paid 15 million for Kurani from Schalke..

    The rest of the clubs europe wide are slugging it out for players in the 2 – 5 million quid price class..hopefully Newcastle are part of that group, time will show !

  36. Munich Mag says:
    June 3, 2010 at 10:03 am

    What about the teams like Wolves, who have just bid £7m for Fletcher from Burnley?

    Birmingham who have bid £8m for Nzogbia?

    Sunderland who paid £12m for Bent?

    Their in a seperate league to us, Blackburn, Bolton and possibly Stoke. Although Stoke could well spend to cement their PL status further.

    It’s a myth that nobody will be spending any money this summer.

  37. the way hughton is talking i carnt see anyone coming in,i hope im wrong coz we havnt got a big enough squad,just like last time we were in the prem..

  38. Sorry Stu – have Barca paid £40m for Fabregas – I didn’t realise. My bad.

    MM – Chelsea won’t spend big unless they offload Lamps or someone else. Spurs will float around the £10-15m mark but I still wouldn’t call that megabucks. Arsenal will probs spend some of the money if they do sell Fab – otherwise no chance. Liverpool – can’t see it.

    Man City – have squillions just can’t seem to attract the right players.

    Real – on a different plant – their bubble will burst soon tho – it has to.

    The rest – not sure – defs not in the same league of spending as Real and City tho.

  39. Stu – £7m hasn’t been classed as megabucks in football since you were in short tousers.

    And when the fluck has anyone EVER said THERE WILL BE NO MONEY SPENT!!!!????


  40. Barca will spend £40m on Fabregas – No more. That has been well documented.

    Real Madrid’s bubble bursting? Keep dreaming Cloud cuckoo land, keep dreaming.

  41. The sad thing is, Mike will happily pay around £800k for a youngster, and bring in 3 of them, when they’re not even looking at the first team. I don’t want some little kid from the depths of Eastern Europe or Asia, I want good players with Premiership experience.

  42. That’s exactly what they said about the dotcom bubble, Stu. And what your mate Gordy Broon told us all about the Great British economy.

    That’s the thing with bubbles, Stu – they all burst eventually.

  43. Fabregas is worth more than 40m when you consider some of the transfer fees being paid.. Probably the best central attacking mid around..

  44. TC – aye agreed. Martins is ideal if you want the occasional spectacular goal but doesn’t score consistently enough or contribute anything else in the meantime. Seems like a lovely kid and passionate but ultimately not great value for money.

  45. TC reals bubble will never burst,they get bailed out by the banks and the goverment..

  46. Toon Chicken says:
    June 3, 2010 at 10:13 am

    Get off your high horse, Toon Chicken.

    When did I mention £7m being big bucks? Oh yeah – NEVER!

    I was actually replying to Munich Mag when he says there’s clubs looking at players between £2-£5m and he hoped we were one of them. I don’t agree.

    But I was actually asking him about the clubs spending more than £5m.

    So get the fact right or you tend to fall of that horse, and that would be a nasty fall, you’re that high!

  47. Haha – you sure you’re not an 8 year old girl masquerading as a 30 year Toon fan, Stu.

    I might actually print out that last comment and frame it. Classic! :)

  48. Stuart79

    Do we not have a £7m left back, a £10m centre back, 2 £6m central midfield players, A Winger playing for one of the faves at the WC, An attcking midfielder who has regularly got double figures in the prem. As well as some of the most improved young players in the country.

    Wolves need to spend a hell of a lot becuase we already are stronger and Fletcher wont change that nor will the other clown they signed the other day they could nab Jean claude van damm and i would take our lot anyday of the week.

  49. Hehe…

    “So get the fact right or you tend to fall of that horse, and that would be a nasty fall, you’re that high!”

    Just sent this on a mass email – expect to see it in an inbox near you soon. ;)

  50. CC says:
    June 3, 2010 at 10:26 am

    Please give the evidence that Nolan has regularly scored double figures in the PL.

    Why mention all these players who we’ve bought in the past? Why didn’t you mention the fact we paid £15m for Shearer?

    But I’ll humour you. When we bought Collocini we had to sell Milner to fund it, when we bought Enrique we had to sell Scot Parker to fund that. When we bought Smith we had to sell Dyer to fund that purchase. When we got Jonas, we thought he was on a free transfer, it later turned out we had to pay £7m for him.

    I’m only interested in the future and if you are just happy to go with what we’ve got while Wolves and the like over take us, fine. I am not.

  51. Yeah – CC – get off your horse, cos it’s a high horse, and that would be a nasty fall if you fell! :)

    Haha – still pishing myself :)

  52. Stuart

    I mentioned them as they are still on our books and i didnt mention Shearer because he retired 4 years ago and
    We sold Parker to buy Barton actually.

    And as for Wolves overtaking us, Funny because McCarthy is only buying Fletcher because they were knocked back when trying to get Caroll.

    P.S. I’ll give you that one on Nolan he has done it twice, I thought it was more.

    Fell off my high horse with that

  53. Toon Chicken says:
    June 3, 2010 at 10:43 am
    Yeah – CC – get off your horse, cos it’s a high horse, and that would be a nasty fall if you fell!

    Haha – still pishing myself


  54. Stuart@66 sure the likes of Birmingham “bid” for a 7 million player, Wolves “bid” for an 8 million player, the makkems “bought” Bent for 12 million. Fair enough, but it’s obvious that the clubs in our category, i.e. mid table to lower half (for the stabilising first season back in the PL league only) all make one or two “big money” signings. Time will show how many of these signings actually come off. I’m sure we’ll be making signings for the new season, but as I’ve mentioned before on the forum, I think we’ll be strengthening the team with a couple of good bairns coming through, loan signings, and a couple big money signings, but not in the 8 – 10 million price class. I think that’s what MA appreciates about CH, his ability to run a tight ship without further bankrupting the club whilst still achieving success. Next season is going to be VERY interesting..

  55. Expect very little spending is what I am reading into this…when Keegan’s arms were tied he took a similar stance-obviously being told to pacify the fans and spin,spin,spin like a goodun.

    I have said all along Mike will gamble again and probably fall flat on his arse-This time needs bolstered with some good players but i can’t see it happening any day soon.

    Chris told the Journal today:

    “I know that people will be looking at who we are bringing in and plenty of names will be mentioned but we already have a side with lots of experience of the Premier League,”

    “I think that sets us apart from some of the other clubs who come up from the Championship and, of course, it gives us more of a chance that we have players with hundreds of games in the Premier League under their belt.”

    “We’re not going into the unknown – what we hope is that those players who have played in the Premier League can be big players for us again next year.”

    “I hope that all of the players are better for a year playing together and winning a lot of games in the Championship. I certainly think they will be coming up full of confidence – and that is a big thing in football.”

    Good Luck Chris you will need it without the backing you deserve.

  56. I am dreading the new season-this team will fold like an origami pussy in the prem.

  57. I’d definitely feel a lot more secure with either of you two as manager. It’s obvious you both know better than Chris ;)

  58. “… but who is sadly no longer with us, Hugh de Payen.”

    Just to clear up that I am not in fact dead, merely a recluse of the Howard Hughes persuasion.

  59. Keegan’s armed weren’t tied anyway, SJT – he was flapping all ower the place trying to sign up anyone he could with 2 christian names… Terry Henry, Philip Albert, George Michael – the list was endless

  60. TC thats total BS and you know it,kk was asked on a radio show who he would love to sign,and he come out with them names kk knew he wasnt going to get them, any manager would of givin the same names.

  61. TC When we saw the team leading upto the January window last time in the prem my gut feeling was without serious investment the relegation writing was on the wall…I was proved right.

    When you have teams like wolves and stoke investing in a premiership future it does set alarm bells ringing.

    This team is not good enough for the premiership and you are kidding yourself if you think next season will be anything but ugly with a touch of pain.

    NUFC is going nowhere in a hurry under MA-Chris deserves a chance to spend and show us what he can do with decent backing.

  62. I doubt Mourinho would have given the same names hitman, but that’s by the by.

    As for being BS – I’m sure it is, but judging by a lot of what gets said on here that’s all some people* deal in.

    *not referring to you so diving get radged ;)

  63. TC-If you remember when Keegan came back and done his press conference Mike had told him NUFC Can still break transfer records…he was brought in under total false pretences and left under a cloud of lies and deceit.

  64. SJT – I know full well that both you and Stu are expecting nothing short of humiliation and relegation next season. That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it.

    However, it’s obvious from the recent poll on the blog that you are both in the minority and yet the pair of you come on here every day, without fail, and reiterate the exact same points – some times ten times over, as if in a vein attempt to bring us round to your way of thinking.

    I don’t get it.

  65. I said it then and I’ll say it now – KK should have never come back to the Toon – it was always going to end in tears. Even if he was given £100m to spend.

  66. TC next season will be a fkin struggle m8,the team lacks depth,and i can only hope im proved wrong and ashley does spend money to give us a fighting chance.

  67. Toon Chicken says:
    June 3, 2010 at 11:52 am

    Lies, lies and more lies from you!

    I have never once said we would be relegated! I have said it will be a struggle.

    I have said that if other clubs invest and we don’t then we will face even more of a struggle to stay up.

    As things stand now I think we’ll stay up – Just. It could be totally different come Sept 1st though.

    So stop lying, please.

  68. I don’t think anyone has said it will be easy mate.

    I’m sure most people on here would settle for 17th and you don’t finish up there without a struggle.

    Spending money is no good if you bring in the wrong players. Would you be happy if we spent £7m on Fletcher – it certainly sounds like Stu would.

    I still think we’ll bring in 1, 2 maybe 3 new faces. The (European) transfer window only opened on Tuesday and there’s still months til the start of the season with a World Cup to get out the way still.

    I wouldn’t right us off just yet.

  69. Ooo, I forgot all about that article, what I wrote. I only wish I could contribute more, but everytime I have an idea Toonsy already has it covered. Toonsy has been doing a cracking job of keeping this place going, while the rest of us contributors take an extended hiatus. Thank you Toonsy, it’s much appreciated.

    Off topic, I know, but, Toonsy, what do you think of the Prius not being as good as a decent hatchback diesel with regards to fuel consumption? (I notice some chat about the prius and alternative fuel on another blog here) Personally I think the Prius is just hype. It’s expensive for what it is and if you are bothered about saving fuel then you can do worse than buy a modern diesel.

  70. So you think we’ll stay up then, Stu?

    Well why didn’t you just say that then instead of whingeing and moaning all the time.

    Jeez – soz kidda – seems like I’ve had you wrong all this time :)

  71. you can have as many polls as you like,but the reality of newcastle’s season comes down to=MUST BE BETTER THAN WOLVES,if not we’ve had it.

  72. Toon Chicken says:
    June 3, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    Yet again more false insinuations.

    When have I ever said I would like us to spend £7m on Fletcher? Again – NEVER!

    I am purely making the point that teams are still spending money, when were not and these are the teams we will be competing with.

    Next lie from you please…

  73. Newcastle dont need to invest like Wolves and Stoke as we have a starting 11 that belongs in the top flight, They didnt when they were promoted and have had to invest.

    The problem comes with injuries and/or player sales.

  74. How much money have Stoke spent? I bet it’s not much and I bet their team is just about the same team that got them promoted. They’ve done ok for themselves. It really isn’t all about spending big. It’s about spending wisely and playing to your strengths.

    It could be worse, we could be Liverpool. Just realised I also wrote a blog called that! Anyway it looks like Raffa is finished there today, so they need a new manager. I can see Gerrard and Torres bailing out now.

  75. Aye MT – I’m lovin that sh!t.

    There’s talk of Mark Hughes being the next manager – I can’t see that inspiring the likes of Torres and Gerrard.

    Haha… unlucky!!!

  76. stoke have spent nearly 50 million over the last two seasons believe it or not.

  77. Stuart, which of the teams you tend to quote, Brum, Wolves, Stoke, Wigan etc have spent money so far this close season ? As far as I can see there are a few bids about, but no actual purchases ? I could be missing something here of course !

  78. CC says:
    June 3, 2010 at 12:06 pm

    Well that’s ok then because obviously were not going to get any injuries or suspsensions are we?

    Ah we’ll piss it!

  79. Mark Hughes,never rated him, I was terrified that he would turn up at the toon a while back.

  80. we will spend no money at all unless we sell. they have already said as much. And before you start on one chicken… this is what we nearly all now deem ‘no capital investment’ to mean. Even toonsy sort of agreed on this. This after we had some pro outside input from peoople that work with these sort of stupid sayings. We will get players though, we will jsut sell to balance it. or loan or free jobs.
    wesellanypalyer.com,wesellanyplayer.com,any,any,any, wesellanyplayer.com from fifty quid(best)to a hundred grand (taylor).

  81. 107…..you might want to hang onto that statement till after the window closes dude. I think every team will spend min of ten million and that includes blackpool. I think we will spend zero or may even make money on selling some players.

  82. Munich Mag says:
    June 3, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    You tend not to bid for anything unless you can pay for it – Now I could be wrong on that but I think I’m probably right.

  83. All right, cheers for clearing that up, craig.

    We can all go home now fella’s.

    Last one out turn off the lights will ya :)

  84. Can’t remember if it was on here or Ed’s site, but somebody mentioned that a Polish lad would be coming in. Was found by Alan Thomson and thought he could be first team within the season. Could be the same person from the link above.

  85. we might still make it in the prem though. ithink even with this squad there should be three shitter teams than us. we should do blackpool and brom for starters. also think wigan, brum, and a few others in our league. we have three leagues within one… ithink the top five or six, then the middle five or so and then the bottom feeders which we will be part of. we stand a good chance though…. even with ashleys best attempts to send us right back down. WOW, you can tell the man is a gambler cant you!

  86. Obviously Stuart you want us to spend money like theres no tomorrow lets look at Stokes massive investment since promotion:

    Sonko £2.25m
    Begovic £3.25m
    Tonge £2.5m
    Higginbotham £2.5m
    Soares £2m
    Kitson £5.5m
    Faye £2.25m
    Whitehead £5m
    Andrew Davies £2m
    Danny Collins £2.75m

    God how are we going to compete with these lot…

  87. All I am saying in a nutshell is CH should be backed and we should be witnessing some intent from above with regards general team building and strengthening.

    I want CH backed and given a proper go in the prem-is that too much to ask?

  88. CC – Stoke have bought more players than that actuallly, you are missing off the likes of Tuncay and Huth, and I am sure there are others. They have established themselves as a Premiership team and are very hard to beat

    Munich Mag – Birmingham have signed about 3 players so far, including Ben Foster and Zigic

  89. CC says:
    June 3, 2010 at 12:26 pm

    Have I hallucinated that they bought Beattie, Tuncay and Huth? That’s just off the top of my head though.

    That’s about £15m more than your pathetic little list, which no doubt was put together to suit your argument.

  90. No you havent hallucinated but you may have been living under a rock Beattie and Tuncay have fell out with their boss and are leving in the next month or two.

  91. Sirjasontoon and Stuart, you are both doom and gloom merchants, I am perhaps an eternal optimist, that is however your own perogative.

    Stuart to quote you @112 – “You tend not to bid for anything unless you can pay for it – Now I could be wrong on that but I think I’m probably right.” Well mate, that sounds like an arrogant response, and bollocks too by the way. In close seasons gone by we have “bid” for several players, all part of the deal of trying to sell season tickets, you recall that I presume, being a toon fan of long standing. My original question to yourself was in fact which clubs have spent money so far this close season ? You tend to harp on about how little we have or will spend this season, and how much other clubs have spent. I stand to be corrected later when you are proven right that Stoke have spent 4 million more than us on players, but until then lets wait and see.

    CC@117, I reckon that adds up to 30 million, not 50 million as Trojan quotes. Someone has gotten their figures wrong somewhere. I’d be curious to see in the course of how many seasons Stoke made these signings.

    Keep the faith..

  92. stoke,wigan,west ham,all teams newcastle couldn’t beat when they were last in the prem,with argubly with a better squad.
    playing devil’s advocate a bit,but if people are honest newcastle got away with a lot in the fizzy last season.
    look at some of the real 50/50 games they were involved in against so called lesser oppostion.they will not get away with it next season,the wins they picked up in the fizzy will become defeats in the prem.

  93. Munich Mag

    No as eagle eyes Stuart said i left intentially a few good players like Tuncay, Beattie and Huth to make a point.

    I was just showing how average the majority of their squad is with a few exceptions.

    (After Beattie and Tuncay leave its woeful)

  94. ‘No you havent hallucinated but you may have been living under a rock Beattie and Tuncay have fell out with their boss and are leving in the next month or two.’

    CC – You came up with a list of players Stoke had allegedly signed since promotion, those other players weren’t on your list regarldess of whether they had fallen out with their manager or not

  95. Macas if we’re gonna get all nit-picky – you said, “Birmingham have signed about 3 players so far, including Ben Foster and Zigic”.

    That’s 2 players mate, not “about 3”.

  96. Didn’t Tuncay and Huth contribute to the Smoggies relegation ? 5 million for each of those turkeys (no pun intended). Who would honestly like these two in our line-up ? Just goes to show that the crazy money is going round. As I mentioned earlier, I think we’ll be strengthening the team with a couple of good bairns coming through, loan signings, and a couple of “big money signings”, but not in the 8 – 10 million price class. So what if we sell on to reinvest, it also makes sense as long as there is an overall improvement in the team ?

  97. There’s been 11 transfer deals done so far this summer (2 of those were agreed in April).

    Total spend is estimated at €16m.

    €14m of that is the 2 players Brum signed, the other €2m was the transfer of Jonjo Shelvey from Charlton to Liverpool back in April.

  98. CC says:
    June 3, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    “No you havent hallucinated but you may have been living under a rock Beattie and Tuncay have fell out with their boss and are leving in the next month or two.”

    Interesting how 2 of their most expensvie sugnings are also 2 of the signings that didn’t work out.

  99. Toon Chicken – If you are going to get all nit-picky then you should learn to read English. I said 3 players INCLUDING Ben Foster and Zigic. They have signed someone on a free transfer as well.

  100. Sirjasontoon@127

    How do you know that the manager won’t be backed ?

    Toon Chicken@130 – thats my point mate, that IS 2 players not 3. Certain people on this blog quote certain things to make the toon set-up look bad…oops me being a naive optimist again. Am I gonna get some shit once the season gets underway !!

    Howay the Lads – back in the big league where we belong !

  101. I’m referring to deals involving players transferred to Premier League clubs by the way.

  102. TC – Birmingham have signed 3 ;)

    Although the free transfer will be shyte no doubt as he didn’t cost any money ;)

  103. The noises and statements and manager spin tell me to expect very few players-expect kids,loans,bargain basement stuff at a push.

  104. OK Macas – I”ll give you that.

    On further digging they have agreed to sign a kid who was out of contract in Holland on July 1st.

    That’s why it wasn’t listed – cos it hasn’t officially happened yet.

  105. Actually Macas – you can fk off you snide twat!

    I don’t need any English lessons thank you. As I said he doesn’t sign until July 1.

  106. toonsy says:
    June 3, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    Is that not the fault of the manager though?

    Personally I don’t think Tuncay was ever going to fit in with their style of play, although I think he’s without doubt the most talented player at the club.

    On Beattie, didn’t his goals give them a real boost in their first season? He was bought in January and scored the goals that kept them up. Is that a failure?

  107. Toon Chicken says:
    June 3, 2010 at 1:10 pm
    Actually Macas – you can fk off you snide twat!

    Oh, the irony!

  108. Toon Chicken – No need to get annoyed because you made a mistake, and at the end of the day I believe it was you who made the initial snide remark! If you can’t take it then don’t dish it out

    I said ABOUT three players as I wasn’t sure if they had signed any more than the three I knew about. All I said was the three included Foster and Zigic.

  109. wehey go for it Toon Chicken. Macas, I don’t understand your comment mate, please elaborate. I actually got a grade A English O level, and am tri lingual. What do you have to offer dude ?

  110. You’re one to talk, Stu.

    You’d better climb down off that horse of yours, cos its a high horse and if you fall you will fall a long way and it will hurt you very much.

    Haha – PMSL :)

  111. Munich Mag – Was just joking on. I said they had signed three players, and that the three included Foster and Zigic. But no one seemed to be bothered to read it properly!

  112. Toon Chicken says:
    June 3, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    I am one to talk, you’re right – Well done, have a star.

    You shouldn’t let insignificant people get to you. You never get under my skin.


    “Kevin Keegan is understood to be in talks with the George Gillett and Tom Hicks about the possibility of becoming the new manager of Liverpool FC.”

  114. Stu – Perhaps it was the manager, but it does go to show that not all “big money” signings work out, and you reinforced that by saying that they wouldn’t fit in with the team.

    I think that is what Hughton is trying to do here. Build a team and not have 11 expensive individuals running around the pitch with no clue or direction, something that stability could bring.

  115. Macas you’re right mate, they have made three signings, albeit one of them on a freebie. The big sweatie Birmingham have as manager probably threatened to chin the chairman if he didn’t give him the money for the other two !

  116. That was why I put “big money” is the inverted commas, Stu.

    But for Stoke, it is big money, certainly much bigger than they are used to paying out.

  117. Toonsy@155 – thanks mate, I’m saying the same thing, I just hope we are right and that stability, team spirit, loan deals and prudent investment works out.

  118. Munich @ 156 – Nee chance. If Big Eck threatened that then I imagine the owner would get all Jackie Chan on him :D

    A true clash of styles.

    The Glasgow kiss vs Martial arts

  119. nice one Toonsy, I forgot Brum had a missing link in charge. Jackie Chan would win every time !

  120. agreed Macas, Alex McLeish has done a great job stabilising Brum. I reckon they play ok football too.

  121. Hugh de Payen says:
    June 3, 2010 at 11:39 am

    “… but who is sadly no longer with us, Hugh de Payen.”

    Just to clear up that I am not in fact dead, merely a recluse of the Howard Hughes persuasion.”

    I thought that might flush you out, Hugh. Your writing is missed on here.

  122. JJ says:
    June 2, 2010 at 10:57 pm


    “installment” has two “ls” come on proof read this stuff”

    JJ, I’m a spelling freak who used to win spelling competitions when I was a bairn. It’s one ‘l’ in English, two in American.

  123. Thanks for clearing that up Worky.

    These damn Yanks are making me illiterate… or is it iliterate ;)

  124. workyticket says:
    June 3, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    “I thought that might flush you out, Hugh. Your writing is missed on here.”

    Put down :(


  125. this blog inislef proves what ashley has done to nufc…. look at us…. no one can agree on anything, what a mess and its all down to ashley. i am stunned about the amount of shite that man has put the whole of newcastle through.

  126. Craig – there’d be disagreement if God himself took control of the Toon and made Jose Mourinho manager.

    That’s the beauty of footy!

  127. Micky – Right, I’m on it now.

    The problem with the Prius is that is is suffering from being a trendsetter, if you know what I mean?

    Like a PC for example. Remember the first desktop type PC’s used to be really expensive and shite compared to what we have now?

    It’s a bit like that really. The potential is there, it just needs to be realised.

    Regarding fuel, there are diesles out there that that can exceed the Prius, and do. But by the time the next generation becomes available they wont.

    At the minute, the latest Prius has something like 73mpg efficiency. Compared woth the Prius of a couple of years ago which had an economy figure of around 56mpg.

    It’s about improving steadily, much like what has happened with diesel engines etc. The relative performance is not that much different to what is available now, but the potential to far exceed it is there in the Prius.

  128. TC – Mourinho would never last at the Toon mate. The football he plays isn’t attractive enough…. ;)

  129. works thanx for the blog top class but u could improve it x 10 if ya ban toonsy

  130. It seems you guys are missing the point, it`s not so much about gas mileage as emission standards.
    As we are all aware in a comparison of the two, the Prius is by far the cleaner technology.
    And that is where automobile technology is going, (clean) as opposed to more miles for your buck,

  131. So whats the hang up with the different methods of spelling.
    In fact the US methods are simpler to teach children and any English speaking person should have no problem differentiating between harbour and harbor or centre or center.
    Yeah it seems we do f**k up everything, like getting to the moon, causing world wide recessions, buying up English football clubs etc.
    Sorry folks, did`nt mean any harm, honest !

  132. Chuck, I agree to a point. However just on logic alone the less fuel you use the less damage you do to the environment.
    In Europe, it seems that we are so hung up on co2’s rather than nox’s which is the real killer. Over there in the USA they seems to be keen on reducing nox, but over in europe it’s not really publicised.
    Taking just co2 into account the Prius is not as “clean” as some of the modern diesels that are out there. There a whole load of small hatches that will get you under 100 co2g/kg, to the prius 105g/kg and if you want a real car ;) BMW now have the 320ed which does 109g/kg all rapped up in a normal 3 series.
    I really think that there is still life in the old combustion engine and electric is not the way to go. Electric is just too inflexible for it to ever become a mainstream solution. From what I’ve read, hydrogen is the real solution IMHO.

  133. Micky – Nee worries.

    Chuck is right to a point, it all about emissions, and that is the way it should be.

    The problem is there is no incentive at the minute. Sure you can avoid road tax, but it’s nothing compared to Southern California who I think give people a $2000 a year tax rebate for driving something like a Prius.

    Unfortunately, people just see the £££, and until it all stacks up and compares against the rest, it will never really catch on. But it is getting there.

  134. there is not much beauty at our joint at the minute. ah well, i am resigned to going with what we have this term in the prem, or maybe loosing at least one. there is a major issue here though and its probably worth a blog toonsy. If we dont invest we will prob be in botton half all season and be relegation fighters all term. we have a fair few guys leaving over next year and two. If we do get relegated no-one will re-sign for us. they will just let their contracts run down and leave on a free. when they leave on a free it will be people like jnas, colo, guthrie, barton, jose, taylor etc… all with decent value. IF they leave for free we will not replace them with players of similar value. This could mean we will no real quality left in newcastle and no value. krul, haris etc, all contracts to be tied up. THIS is more serious than buying a body. we run the real risk of having no decent players and them all walking out on a free or nominal fee as they have 6 months left on their contracts. nufc are fcuking stupid.

  135. just a thought if some club came sniffing round C.H.to be there manager would it tempt ashley to give him some MORE cash to spend,naw just a daft thought

  136. Craig of those you mentioned mate only Krul and Taylor’s contracts run out next year,Guthrie,Barton and Jose have 2 years left,Jonas and Colo 3 years(I think).I’d like to think Ch will get new contracts negotiated for all but as I’ve said before tho I think Ashley will leave it as long as possible to renegotiate contracts as he’d have to increase their wages so I think he’d prefer to leave them until the last year and save on the extra wages…..a risky strategy if that’s what he does.

  137. One tends to forget that electric cars depend on a fuel that is generated in the most part by burning coal, a self defeating way of saving on fossil fuel.
    Yes i stated earlier the hope is that hydrogen technology will be available in the near future, but breakthroughs in both battery technology and hydrogen appear to be still somewhat futuristic.
    Mainly because of the oil industry, who`s interest`s are
    certainly to continue making massive profit`s selling fuel of various sorts and polluting the world (BP)while going about it.

  138. Batty

    Yes, the spill, of course, but wait is`nt BP an English owned operation ?
    Have to say they are doing a hell of a job !
    Chuckle !