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Andy Carroll - Silly, silly boy.
Andy Carroll - Silly, silly boy.
Rumours started circulating last night suggesting that Andy Carroll has been arrested again.

Not being one to stir up rumours for no reason I thought I had better leave it alone until something more concrete developed.

Well this morning there have been more concrete developments and it appears that Andy Carroll has indeed been arrested and charged with common assault.

He is due before Tynedale Magistrates Court in Hexham at some point this morning, and although the charge of common assault covers a rather large area of potential offences, the details still remain sketchy.

Either way, whether the offence was trivial or more serious, Carroll should have known that he is treading a fine line, and this latest transgression comes at the worst possible time given that the court case over the alleged glassing incident is due to start a week today.

“Andrew Thomas Carroll, 21, previously of Prestwick, Newcastle, has been charged with assault. He is due to appear before Tynedale Magistrates this morning,” a Northumbria Police spokeswoman said.

I’m not happy about this, even though I don’t know many details. It’s stupidity of the highest order in my book given the hole that Carroll is already in.

More to follow…

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120 Responses

  1. Batty – It fooking is when you’re already on bail, and awaiting a court case to start just next week.

    Now when I have been on bail, one of the terms was to not get arrested again. If you do then you get held in custody. Wonder if that will happen today?

  2. it might not be as serious as ABH/GBH, but to get arrested for anything when you’re waiting to go to court on another seperate assualt charge is moronic in the extreme.

  3. Mong!
    It at least sorts out our striking options.
    The lad needs to concentrate on football instead of hawking around the Toon.
    Sort it out Andrew.

  4. CLiNT – I doubt he will be hawking for too long now mate.

    I must stress though that common assault covers threatening behaviour and doesn’t neccesarily mean actual assault.

  5. CF – agree! He’s on money we can only dream of, he has a partner and a child – is it so hard to keep out of trouble?

  6. Common Assault is contrary to Section 39 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988. It is a summary offence (that is, it can only be heard in the magistrates court) and the maximum penalty is six months imprisonment and/or a 5,000 fine.

    The Magistrates sentencing guidelines for a first time offender pleading not guilty suggest a community penalty. The defendant may persuade the Bench to reduce that sentence to either a fine or a Conditional Discharge if the injuries were slight. They may order compensation to the victim, and a contribution towards prosecution costs (which in most areas is about 250 for a summary offence which goes to trial) will also be ordered.

    A guilty plea would almost certainly avoid a community penalty.

    @toonsy: i am not very sure about the law in ur country,but normally…..the judge would only gives fines to 1st timer?

    even on 2nd timer committed,a higher fine would be implement based on the seriousness of the assault?

  7. think the fact that he’s on bail and already due in court for the bigger offence of ABH might have a bearing, he’s a kin idiot – he needs to sort his life out which 6 months in her majestys might help with
    can’t believe this, oh well least ranger might get a start now and again and sholas almost a cert

  8. toonsy says:
    October 18, 2010 at 9:51 am
    Batty – It fooking is when you’re already on bail, and awaiting a court case to start just next week.
    <<< he will be bound over too keep the peace if he pleads guilty so its naf all :)

  9. AOD – What will happen, in my view, is that it will get tagged onto next week’s charges.

    Besides, he is on bail, and is in trouble again. Usually that is against bail conditions. Therefore, he has broken the terms meaning they are well within their rights to him in custdy until the court case.

    Whether they do or not is the question.

  10. toonsy says:
    October 18, 2010 at 10:14 am
    AOD – What will happen, in my view, is that it will get tagged onto next week’s charges.

    <<<< if its common assauslt toonsy they will deal with it separate m8, because his trial has all ready been sorted thats what a reckon any way , toonsy how do u know its common m8 ?

  11. Hmmm…. just to double check…he bash up another fellow while on bail? 8O

    Poor Example of Dad.

    Btw,not to criticizes European countries culture,but being a dad at such young age,proves to me he isn’t mature enough as a man.

  12. toonsy,
    do y’think he’ll go down like?
    He’s really asking for it mind.

    mate, it’s mind boggling, isn’t it?
    Money, fame, adulation & a family.
    Sad that he just can’t keep his nose clean, particularly when he’s just about to go to court. It may be nowt, it may be someone else’s fault, but he shouldn’t be putting himself in this position, or the club for that matter.

  13. Batty – I don’t for sure, but the Sheilds Gazette says common assault. The quote from the fuzz just says assault.

    AOD – Allegedly it was a woman, not a fellow.

    CLiNT – I don’t know if this will send him down, but he aint making the choices any easier is he?

  14. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    October 18, 2010 at 10:22 am
    do y’think he’ll go down like?
    He’s really asking for it mind.<<<<< do you know sumit what i dont m8 ,because with him going too trial i take it he is pleading not guilty so could walk out of court with a clean record m8 ?

  15. @toonsy: Worst. :(

    But luckily even he does “unluckily” goes to jail,we have enough strikers to cope with.


    We can always bid for rooney again,and see whether he wants to be at newcastle again? :lol:

  16. Batty – Well as you know, Hexham introduced some of the salt of the earth to the area. Fraser Forster and myself are just two examples ;)

    However, Pete Docherty also comes from there so I guess it’s pot luck.

    As for the court? Pass. I was only born there. If the other bus turned up first I would have been born in Newcastle general :)

  17. batty,
    he could mate, but taking it to crown on a not guilty plea is risky, cos if it goes against him, he’ll get a much heavier sentence like.
    Would you gan oot on the hoy a week before going to court for gbh?
    & risk getting in more shit. & if shit did kick off, would you hang around waiting for it to hit the fan, or split out of there?
    The best we can say about him is he’s a thick get.

  18. Jay Jay – Sold out straight away so they did mate. I doubt they even made the members sale.

    Makes a mockery of these 12th man memberships IMO. £20 for priority ticketing? Aye alright then ;)

  19. NUFC articles are starting to make painful reading again. Poor results on the pitch and now more distractions off the pitch. The media love to get thier claws into us. You would of thought discression would be preached or practiced at our club a bit more. Carroll a stupid way to behave, put that aggression into making goals, he has failed to do that of late. We build up players and expect results for rewards i.e. new contract and more money. How hard is it to be better than some gobby fool in town? only to jeopardise his club and country future.
    He only has whats coming to him, just like you and me!
    P.S the worst thing we could of done last year is go unbeaten at home. Too much expectation now to continue that record.

  20. toonsy – me and my mates just got bolton tickets like a few days ago, we were lucky, i couldn’t go up with them to sort it because i had the worst hangover! but they had to ring me for my suporter number because it was 1 per person and then they found i was in a different friendship griup to me mates :S it’s easy supporting newcastle init :D

  21. There were still tickets available yesterday so I think they probably made it to membership period but not for long.

  22. ahh! surely they should keep some back for members, this will be my first game since wolves :)

  23. I refuse to to let his destructive behaviour worry me!Once again he has dissapointed us all despite the enormous support he has been given from the fans.I think his last hope of rehabilitation is some long months in prison.

  24. bottom line is just the same as joey is worse then jeoy did..about glass some1 that has been said in the court week..going down going is not newcastle lol.

  25. Now who’s over reacting, toonsy?

    If this is true, the lad obviously has serious issues.

    The question is, do the club turn their back on him and sack him or do they help the lad? He needs some sort of anger management councilling it would appear…

    Again if true, this would mean he’s had more ‘incidents’ than Barton. I suspect they’ll stick with him – If only because we couldn’t afford to sack him.

  26. batty @ 18 it’s common assault m8 coz he’s doing it regular – the long string of piss.

  27. Stuart – How am I over-reacting? All I have said in the article is that “It’s stupidity of the highest order in my book given the hole that Carroll is already in.”

    What is reactionary about that? Are you saying it isn’t stupid a week before his trial to get into yet mor trouble?

  28. Stuart – He isn’t allegedly in court today, he is. He isn’t allegedly in court next week, again, he is.

  29. batty do you reckon your m8 (stardust) will be rubbing his hands with glee owa this ? – he hates AC like.

  30. You don’t know what he’s done though, toonsy. He might be completely innocent.

    Baring in mind he still played on Saturday so unless Hughton is a complete wimp (which I doubt) he wouldn’t have played if he had done anything seriously wrong, or that would jeapodise his up coming court case, would he?

  31. he likes using his hands! how about playing in net..he would punch every thing that came into the box..he would be a player would challenge him or they would have their head taken off..

  32. right gotta nip oot and rob a new oven mine f ukin went yesterday half way through cooking dinner ,there fitting some nice 1s in on the new estate down the road ,there always leaving things lying around :)

  33. “he likes using his hands! how about playing in net..he would punch every thing that came into the box..he would be a player would challenge him or they would have their head taken off..”


  34. Stuart – Allegedly this happened on Saturday evening, after the game….

    And as for court, it’s not alleged that he may be there, he will be there, fact.

  35. Why? By saying that Carroll will allegedly be in court, when in actual fact he will be there. There is no alleged to it ;)

    He needs to get his facts straight first like….

    I agree with him about the not judging until i’s all over like, but it doesn’t soud good does it?

  36. carrol is a big lad so people are gonna have a go at him , what do you want him too do cower in a corner pleading dont hit me , like some of you would do on here ? hes a f ukin hard geordie man who dusent take no shit ,good on ya andy

  37. Batty – So that make it fine to, allegedly, bray a woman does it? Because he is a big hard Geordie it gives him a right to, allegedly, smash a glass in someones a face?

    Give over man.

    Sorry bud, but I was brought up to never hit a woman and fight fair if I have to. I haven’t lost one yet sticking to them rules, well I did lose one but it was 5 lads kicking the shit out of me :)

  38. 61 batty says:
    October 18, 2010 at 11:03 am
    carrol is a big lad so people are gonna have a go at him , what do you want him too do cower in a corner pleading dont hit me , like some of you would do on here ? hes a f ukin hard geordie man who dusent take no shit ,good on ya andy

    Thats all well n good him been a hard geordie man , but he has to grow up, he is a premiership footballer and he has to learn to walk away from things ,

  39. Carroll and Lovenkrands need to both be dropped. Promote Ranger and Xisco, who I actually think can offer us a different dimension. Can’t be any worse, can it? It’s not like either Andy or Peter are scoring goals.

  40. ~ El Toro ~ – So you are happy that Lovenkrands can be discarde after his one apppearance this season?

  41. if we cant beat sides around us..we are going down.that what some people have said..andy carrol is in the same boat..but we have 30 games to get many does handy have..he needs to win both games lol.

  42. Carrolls a kin idiot if this is true – yeah a proper geordie hard man beating up his missus and classing some bloke in the face – he should be a real tough guy and give his kid a right beating as well
    However I’ll reserve judgement until he’s been proved guilty :-)

  43. The lad shoulda been at hyem in bed, getting ready for training & his court case.
    He just doesn’t get it!
    Stay out of trouble ya’ big daft get.
    At least give the judges chance to let you off.

  44. Andy Carroll, despite being only 21? (or 22 now?) has the world at his feet.

    He’s at his hometown club, in the Premier League, has the chance to stake a claim to the England squad with 33 year olds getting called up to solve a striking crisis, is given the number 9 shirt to show the resposibility we’re trusting him with, is on money ordinary folk could only dream of, and is a father too…

    … And he goes and does this? In honesty whatever definition of commonc assault you can give – whether it be just ‘threatening behaviour’, it’s all behaviour to me that Carroll just simply needs to avoid at all under the circumstances. I can tell you quite easily after seeing the lad he glassed too that this will look very bad for him, it may just tip the balance in some respects against him in the courts.

    I’m sick of people inside and outside of this club dragging it through the dirt, not least somebody who should understand maybe even more than the rest of the players. For me, i’ve heard one too many incidents now about his lashing out and poor attitude to really believe he’s going to turn into a real number 9.

    Shame, he could really be some player for us, but like I said now I just don’t think his head is screwed on for any chance of real success.

  45. if this is true, which it would seem then clearly a tit! he has the world at his feet, why waste such an opportunity??
    it does not look like he will ba available on Sat now!!
    he would have been so valuable against the mackems!!
    what a dick if this is true!!
    such a waste, clearly he to immature to understand what the club or famous nmbr 9 shirt means!!

  46. workyticket says:
    October 18, 2010 at 11:03 am
    batty says:
    October 18, 2010 at 10:53 am

    “roy are you stardust ?”

    batty, Roy definitely isn’t Stardust.<<<< just a joke work i know who roy is :) so do u :lol:

  47. By all accounts an 18 yr old girl suffered a minor head injury. That could mean anything. He could have scratched her with his nail when he was snogging the face off her. She may just want a quick buck by reporting him and trying to get a bit of cash from him.

    Who knows…

  48. carrol is a big lad so people are gonna have a go at him , what do you want him too do cower in a corner pleading dont hit me , like some of you would do on here ? hes a f ukin hard geordie man who dusent take no shit ,good on ya andy<<<< lost count how many bites ive had but ile reel them all in starting with toonsy :lol:

  49. BATTY did you get that oven m8,any spares?

    as sir alan says its not just how you go on the pitch that makes a great players theres more to it,true al true

  50. Toonsy

    No, Toonsy. I am writing off Lovenkrands as he has been anonymous every time he has featured this season. He has also missed sitters. He is finished.

  51. he went out all night doing good knows what, with god knows who, got home to have his lass all up in his grill, he pushed her away, she fell over and banged her head. police called.

    Sound about right?

  52. batty says:
    October 18, 2010 at 12:29 pm
    aye stu alot on here have hung him oot to dry before he has even gone too trial like

    Aye, batty. It’s ok for them to jump the gun with him, but when I start having major concerns about our team this early in the season I’m treated like a pariah!

    Double standards me thinks…

  53. Stuart – Where has anyone said he is guilty like?

    All I read is ‘if this is true’ and comments of that ilk…

    Remember what you said last night, about twisting comments? Try taking your own advice…..

  54. toonsy says:
    October 18, 2010 at 12:37 pm
    Stuart – Where has anyone said he is guilty like<<<< toonsy there is a lot on here who are ready too hang the lad m8 ,iam not saying you like

  55. Part of Carroll’s bail is that he must live with Kevin Nolan :lol:

    On SSN news just a minute ago. Quality. He has been bailed, they didn’t say he wouldn’t face further charges…

  56. I’m with Stu: we know nowt yet beyond what he’s been accused of, so any slaggings-off are unjustified. So far.

    This 6am thing worries me, though – if that is true, then you do have to ask: what was he doing at someone’s house at 6am? If he’s been on an all-night bender, then CH needs to come down on him like a ton of bricks. Nobody at this level should be doing owt but looking after themselves during season. Plenty of time for getting spudged and sleep-deprived come May.

  57. icedog says:
    October 18, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    “as sir alan says its not just how you go on the pitch that makes a great players theres more to it,true al true”

    I divven’t knaa like, Ice. One of my favourite players ever was a chronic alcoholic who lost his virginity to a goat and made half of Brazil pregnant.

  58. ILM – Serious n all. I’m not making that up, even though I do like a wind up :lol:

    Men Behaving Badly springs to mind :lol:

    See, all those sayiong that Nolan is useless……. ;)

  59. when cops are on your arse you get nee peace, the kid must have spit on the mat,some posh sods live in hexham

  60. toonsy wrong part of his bail he must live with joey barton..nolan would be 2 slow to stop him going forward to sort his life out..

  61. So now 9 has been besmirched all because they thought it might keep him on the straight and narrow and achieve more goal production. Let’s see, by my count wrong on both. Remember, this is No. friggin’ 9!
    Decisions, decisions, decisions..

  62. Acrosstheppnd – No decision whatsoever. He will be No9 for the forseeable future….

    As for the goalscoring, it would help him if he had a fair crack of chances created for him….. something he hasn’t had in recent weeks.

  63. Well he missed a few on satda.
    It’s not that chances aren’t being created for him, he hasn’t been putting ’em away.
    He needs to get his heed on the game, not the aftershow party. Clearly.

  64. @toonsy – he missed a few on sat, a goalscorer is meant to make the most of the few opportunities he gets, he’s been well over hyped this season rather than just letting him get on with his game and learn his trade.
    to be honest if he’s out until 6 in the morning then CH needs to get a grip of him

  65. icedog says:
    October 18, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    “WORKY thanks for that really loved it,takes all sorts they say eh”

    Ice, if you only read one biography of a footballer, read Garrincha’s

    “The first story tells us that Manoel ‘Garrincha’ dos Santos died in 1983, 49 years old, from liver failure due to an excessive absorption of sugarcane derivatives with high alcohol content, i.e. cachaça or pinga. Some might remember that Garrincha was with Pelé one of the most famous members of the Brazilian World Champion team of 1958 and 1962. Long after his death, in 1995, a biographer disclosed that not only did he have remarkable ability with a football, but he also seemed to be effective on other types of round surfaces with his 10 inch (25 cm) penis. His daughters sued the biographer, but not because he disclosed that their mother was not the only one with whom Garrincha shared his passion and his phallus. We have had the opportunity to discuss the wisdom of judges in these pages, and this time we present the words of wisdom of the Brazilian judge, who after 6 (yes, six) years of reflection stated that: “a long male sex organ, in this country at least, is not an object of shame. The daughters should take no offense in this disclosure, they should be proud of their virile father”.

  66. I agree about Saturday, but take that away and Carroll has been feeding largely on scraps….

    Edit – He’ll have the same problem at the dinner table at Tugboats house :lol:

  67. Heard this on the Radio and thought they’d cocked up and were meant to be reporting he was in court next week. Absolutly ridiculous if true. The lad needs to sort himself out. Being a popular figure throughout Newcastle doesn’t mean he can bray whoever he likes whenever he likes. Get it sorted man FFS. Huge future ahead of him but all he’s doing is tainting it before he’s properly got going.

  68. No one is saying he’s guilty yet.
    But he is guilty of bringing this crap to the door of NUFC.
    It’s boring, predictable crap & it has to stop. Otherwise we’re our own worst enemy.
    He’s just signed an improved contract, he’s got a bairn at home, the football world at his feet.
    & the mackems up soon, give it to them.

  69. CLINT ime saying nowt about carroll yet until we know all the facts,but agree it does nowt for the toon.

    but we have a new derby to look forward to,
    smogs v hartlepool :)

  70. Toonsy, my comments stand. Re:the “decision” part, I was referring to the decision to bestow the number on him in the first place. We may all want him to be the number nine with all that implies yet what may have been well-intentioned was in my mind premature. He may need a shrink more than he needs a number.

  71. Assault means the threat of actual bodily harm. If he actually struck this girl, surely he would be charged with battery as well.

  72. He deserves everything he gets if he is guilty. I knew you would know the ins and outs of being a violent thug batty.